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🎥 | DEAN FUJIOKA's words of SKY-HI, which are "truthful"


DEAN FUJIOKA's words of SKY-HI, which pierce the truth, remain strong in his heart

If you write the contents roughly
I think that human beings have continued to update and have the current social system.

DEAN FUJIOKA, his young self, new single "Apple", and his first planning and production... → Continue reading


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Social system(Demolition, Social system) IsSociologythe termone of. This is maintained社会In particularprincipleIt means the state of being ordered.FeudalSystem資本主義The form such as system is a division of social system. The concept of social system isDistinctionIt means that if the social system isSystemTheHistoryTypicalconceptIs used to grasp asword.

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