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🤖 | Synopsis of the 4th episode of the anime "Black Summoner" "Devil" & the ban on the preceding cut


Anime "Black Summoner" Episode 4 "Devil" Synopsis & Preceding Cut Lifted

If you write the contents roughly
The original novel is also on sale from Overlap Bunko to Volume 17.

The synopsis and preceding cut of the 4th episode "Devil" of the animation "Black Summoner" from Overlap Bunko has been released. 【the 4th… → Continue reading

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Overlap library

Overlap library(Overlap Bunko)Ltd.OverlapPublished byLight novelsystemPaperbacklabel.20134/25Was published in[1][2].. Also, prior to the first issue,Overlap paperback kickoff awardRecruitment has also started[1].


The first issue of the textbook was announced in December 2012.[1][2].. At the same time as the first issue,Bowstring isleof"IS <Infinite Stratos>"WhenChiyomaru Shikuraof"Occultic;Nine] Will be published on this label, and recruitment for the "Overlap Bunko Kickoff Award" will be announced prior to the first issue.[1][2].

Work list

  • Black is a work posted on the Web, green isNovelization(Non-original) work.


title著者イ ラ ス トNumber of turnsRemarks
Akihabara Dungeon Adventure KitanKumin NakanoRei Kuwashima3 volumes
Villain startedChiki autumn leavesHatori Piyoko1 volumes
Azur Lane-Ayanami, I'm going to Kekkon-Takano KogaMirea1 volumes
World's strongest in a common occupationWhite riceTakaya Ki12 volumes already published
World's strongest zero in a common occupation6 volumes already published
The world's strongest collection of small stories in a common occupation1 volumes already published
Arcadia-Garden I ~Age of heaveN~Kanata Yanagino
Utopia Project
Ao Nekobe
Senbon sea island
Masato Yoshimura
1 volumes
Akashine Change!Tina KurisuDust2 volumes
My status as an assassin is obviously stronger than my hero,Akai FestivalEast and west4 volumes already published
Assassin laughs at twilightMeguri KukuruMinako Iwasaki1 volumes already published8th Overlap Bunko Grand Prize Gold Award
Ensemble Girls! Student Council MayhemDay after dayHappy Elements Co., Ltd.2 volumes
Ensemble Girls! Heroines Selection Kokai Seikai1 volumes
Izumoso is always OctoberSanmon Iron WolfAkabane2 volumes
Different World Causal TravelogueHime Noki AkiraKaguyuz3 volumes
Uncle returning to another world makes father daughters trotoro with paternity skillsSayu Ayuma3 volumes already published
Different World Mixed Bathing StoryDaily flowersHagiya7 volumes
I was reincarnated in a different world, but am I mistaken for a genius?NyunFish3 volumes already published
Opened a different world nursery ~The strongest loli spirits with paternity skills are Deledere~Tomohashi KametsuAmacha4 volumes already published
Different world magic is late!Hiji Tsujihimesuz (Volume 1-6)
Ao Nenabe (Volume 7-8)
Yunagi(Volume 9)
9 volumes already published
Aim for the deepest part of the different world labyrinthWariuchi TarisaUkai Saki16 volumes already published
IS <Infinite Stratos>Bowstring isleCHOCO12 volumes already publishedMF Bunko JTransferred from.
Reborn "Kensei" wants to be easierGoro SasatoAlex3 volumes already published
My daughters, S-rank adventurers, were severe fatheronsTomohashi KametsuHope swallow2 volumes already published
Eroge Reincarnation The Struggle of a Golden Pig Aristocrat Against FateAnonymous Gonbeistar evening3 volumes already published
Princess Princess seems to be angryYatsuhashi AkiraNagi whiteness6 volumes already published
"Demon King" instructor of the Royal Academy of Witchcraft and WizardryRyo Endo1 volumes already published
Occultic;NineChiyomaru Shikurapako3 volumes already published
Fallen sword princess and instructor of the Theological AcademyTakashi MorohoshiCoffee cat1 volumes
The musician dances with deathLunch boxHidetoshi Iwamoto2 volumes already published
I am the villainous lord of the interstellar nation!Yomu MishimaTakamine Nadare5 volumes already published
Hot spring dragon kingdomSusumu YamakawaKodama rooster3 volumes

Or row

title著者イ ラ ス トNumber of turnsRemarks
Thus, the Holy Beast <Unicorn> sings with a maidenAkira RikuKurosawa Tetsu1 volumes
Shadow userFuneral directorsalamander3 volumes already published
Guns burst onlineAzusa HoshizakiGamiran2 volumes
The hero genealogy inherited from you <Brave Chronicle>Kenya Atsuiwingheart2 volumes
You tooFalse Love(Geek)Even if. 1Tsunehiko WatanabeToyota fabric2 volumes
Take off today as well! Mr. Nikaido!Toru Takasakikino1 volumes
Kiniro Quartet!Yuho New DreamDS miles3 volumes
Galactic Senki Live Weapon <Antique>GibsonFujimaru2 volumes already published
Black Iron WizardLabyrinth tofuNyumu7 volumes already published
The Saint of the Black Kitten ~An exiled healing magician masters dark magic with her excess magical power~Masami teaIkomochi4 volumes already published
Black summonerLabyrinth tofuBlack silver (1 volume-)
Die ext (7 volumes-)
17 volumes already published
Rebuilding Kingdom of Realistic HeroDozemaruWinter snow17 volumes already published
Professor CourtneySakurayama HouseFruit punch2 volumes
Cosmic AliveKoichi MakoOgi pote1 volumes

Sa line

title著者イ ラ ス トNumber of turnsRemarks
Warriors domination of the lowest overlordAkatsuki Ten episodesHIMA1 volumes
The strongest gamer, playing live in a different worldShinobu YukiItou Kato2 volumes
As the worst supporter [speaker], I follow the strongest clans in the world.Jakifame4 volumes already published
The farthest PaladinKanata YanaginoDullness5 volumes already published
Demon kid hero performanceTakashi OizumiSense1 volumes
A girl brought up by the Shinigami holds a jet-black sword in her chestAyamine MaitoSierra7 volumes already published
The End of the World Salvation Candidate <Saber Code>Miyuki MiyamaNiritsu2 volumes
When I quit my 10-year pulling neet and went outTaro BandoBenio5 volumes
16:00 summon magicNiorefeia2 volumes
The common hero was abandonedGiamanYuko3 volumes already published
White Sparkle Princess and Inquisitive Magic Platoon <Cheat Force>Kiryu KyosukeMatsuno bell style2 volumes
Aion of ShintoNorio TakeoMuririn1 volumes
A different world capture that begins with the goddess Sama of the believer zeroOsaki IsleTam-U9 volumes already published
Erosion reconquistaKurusuInuke Shinsuke1 volumes
The different world of mythological legendary heroesBongMiyukiruria13 volumes
World of holy swords and demonsKenji SaitoBlack silver6 volumes
Savers Garden I ~Age of grounD~Ten Sui
Utopia Project
Senbon sea island
Kurosawa Tetsu
Masato Yoshimura
1 volumes
No matter how the sacred magic of recovery is seen, it's my degraded version.Kinako Sergeantparsley2 volumes already published
Sacred Tree Land of the CurseShinozaki〆Saba Kohada9 volumes already published
Ryuo, the One-eyed Eye, and Senki, the Crystal-equipment <Christa Walkure>Tsukasa TsuchiyaJaco1 volumes
Until the dungeon master who never wants to work devours drowsinessOnikage spannerYouta17 volumes
Senka no MaihimeKishi KanekaAo Nekobe3 volumes
Senjin no Kamijin (Double Ix)Kurusu ShishiBLADE2 volumes
Centrain SenkiMorita Seasonnauribon2 volumes
Twin starHeresy knight(Hexen Ritter)Kazuki KaoriNanao Rio2 volumes
Blue silver yuriaIiyama MitsuruIs II1 volumes
Blue sky samuraiHirohiko Tashironaji2 volumes


title著者イ ラ ス トNumber of turnsRemarks
What's wrong with a great hero unemployedJumonji blueTouch3 volumes already published
Tamafu! Department of Essays Attached to Tama UniversityOba NorikatsuChronomikki1 volumes
Exiled S-class appraiser creates the strongest guildNatsuki SetoFull6 volumes already published
Even if I get 50 a month, my next sister who is not worth living is hired for 30 and the job of saying "Welcome back" is funYellow wave Toi ShouriAsahina lizard3 volumes already published
TsugihagiFate wing(バ タ フ ラ イ)Jun KumagaiShuji Sokabe[FiFS]1 volumes
TRPG player aims for the strongest build in another world ~ Mr. Henderson's gospel ~DebtLansane6 volumes already published
I'm a D-class adventurer, and for some reason I was invited to a brave party, and I'm obsessed with the princessWhite blue tabbyYuzu4 volumes already published
Misunderstanding of the bottom lord Hero Tan ~ If you were kind to the common people, you would have been in a war with the country before you knew it ~Umaji ManjiFal Maro3 volumes
Death need roundAsauraTerai Akai3 volumes
Reincarnation! With Love from a Different WorldLunch boxH2SO41 volumes
TokyoUnderground circuit(Under circuit) ~Magical Girl War~Yuji KobayashiLet's go1 volumes
Tokyo Oni Musume -TOKYO DEVIL GIRLS-Fuji Dario×Brains baseYoko Sato1 volumes
Timely<Red Knights Knights>(Scarlet Knights)Takashi Morohoshiparsley2 volumes
I want to marry a student who lives next door, how can I get OK?Ryo Endo2 volumes

Na row

title著者イ ラ ス トNumber of turnsRemarks
Raw poanikiAsauraTerai Akai2 volumes

Is line

title著者イ ラ ス トNumber of turnsRemarks
The boy who got the off-map skill [map] challenges the strongest party and dungeonKamono udonShizuku Issei7 volumes already published
Until I overrun everything that became the strongest with the [Status Abnormal Skill] of the loss frameShinozakiKWKM9 volumes already published
Ashes and Illusions of GrimgarJumonji blueShirai Sharp19 volumes already published
2 short story
Bugge Breaker!-It's Lv99, but I'm not serious yet-Susumu YamakawaMaria Kawai2 volumes
Solo world captureGoji ShojiBooota(Volume 1-2)
Enomaru Saku (Volume 3-)
10 volumes already published
Pretty girl alien and mysterious tool collection should be collected but skin color development is too dangerousTono NagisaHina Enomoto1 volumes
100 Ways to Flag Her <Heroine>During the long waitDust1 volumes
Floating Academy Alice & ShirleyMurasaki YukiyaShirabi4 volumes
A slave of the Black Knights was pulled out by the White Adventurer's Guild and became S rank.Temple KingYuya7 volumes already published
Flame Kingdom HistorySolitary sunYugen(Volume 1-4)
Niritsu (5 volumes-)
6 volumes already published
Don't follow the adventure, mom!IbarakiKagiyama/Clave2 volumes already published
Overeating Princess's swordNekokoSWAV3 volumes already published
I'm the maiden!Amakusa WhiteShinonome Dragon2 volumes
Me, her, and girlfriendNorio TakeoPillow water3 volumes
Unification with Nobunaga starting from Honnoji TempleHiroyuki HitachinosukeIbarano8 volumes already published


title著者イ ラ ス トNumber of turnsRemarks
There are too many devils to tell the worldAmami ShiraichiMakino2 volumes
Magic SwordYu AitoSikorsky3 volumes already published
Masochistic ecstasyTachibana PanAtsushi Shinozuka3 volumes
The story of the three towersAkayuki TonaWisteria choco3 volumes

Ya line

title著者イ ラ ス トNumber of turnsRemarks
I'm a friend characterThe best in the world(Volume 1-2)
Chief Tom (Vol. 3-)
4 volumes already published
Yulia Caesar's decision 1 War of GaulRyo Endo1 volumes already published
Yorozuya repayment planSOWTsunegi Kotone3 volumes

Ra row

title著者イ ラ ス トNumber of turnsRemarks
Ragnarok: ReKentaro Yasui4 volumes already published
From the school of LingradEkokeiAmanoyu3 volumes already published
StormyMagician(merge)And summon warMorita SeasonKurosawa Tetsu4 volumes
Incapacity(Level E)Orbit gameDaisuke Hatadacorporal2 volumes
Lorihime's founding diaryJun MinosakiShugaku3 volumes
Lonely Myself SagaHayama YukiOne leaf mocha2 volumes

Wa line

title著者イ ラ ス トNumber of turnsRemarks
World Teacher -A Different World Education Agent-Cat KoichiNardack15 volumes already published

Animated works

Television Animation

worksBroadcast yearAnimation productionRemarks
IS <Infinite Stratos>2013 (2st term)Eight bitThe first term is before the label transfer
Ashes and Illusions of Grimgar2016A-1 Pictures
Occultic;Nine2016A-1 Pictures
World's strongest in a common occupation2019 (1st term)as read.
2022 (2st term)as read.
studio MOTHER
Rebuilding Kingdom of Realistic Hero2021 (Part 1)JCSTAFF
2022 (Part 2)
The farthest Paladin2021-2022 (Phase 1)Children's Playground Entertainment
2023 (2st term)Diomedia
Black summoner2022satellite


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