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🤖 | The first key visual & PV of the anime "I tried to keep a last boss because I'm a villain daughter" is released Broadcasting station ...


The first key visual and PV of the anime "I tried to keep a last boss because I'm a villain daughter" is released Broadcasting station ...

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The anime "Because I'm a villain daughter, I tried to keep a last boss" started broadcasting in October 2022.

The key visuals and PV that will be the first of the animation "I tried to keep a last boss because I am a villain daughter" from Beans Bunko ... → Continue reading

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Villainous daughter

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Villainous daughter What is (Akuyakureijo)?Novel,Comic,Anime,Computer gamesSuch asfictionAppear inCharacter typeIn one of the works悪 役A daughter who is treated as.

Also in JapanOnline novelThe work genre with the theme of the villain daughterVillain daughter thing(Akuyakureijomono), but this is also dealt with in this article.


"Villain daughter" is in the world of fiction worksheroineAppeared as an adversary ofpedigree,identity,appearance,AssetIt is a role that stands in an advantageous position such as, and stands in the heroine's love road, and attacks the heroine using power and surroundings, but it is the target of capture in the heroine and the game (princeAnd the Duke's son,Knight CaptainIt is an existence that may be counterattacked by an old man, etc., and eventually defeated and ruined ().[1].

The work genre based on the villain daughter is called "villain daughter thing"[1], For some reasonPrevious lifeI remembered my memoryheroBut I amReincarnationWhile realizing that he is the "villain daughter" in the otome game he was playing before and acting to avoid the fate of in-game ruin such as death and downfall, the development of relationships and stories Is a basic flow that changes to something different from the game.[2]..Instead of otome gamesNovel,ComicThere are also works that have become[2].

The content of the ruin varies,Death penalty, Deportation,Engagement abandonment, The hero struggles to avoid ruin by making full use of the knowledge and wisdom of the previous life, but as soon as he survives the crisis, he faces another crisis or sets another unexpected ruin flag. Stand up or struggle[1]..There are various ways of dealing with ruin, and some protagonists take fate as inevitable and feed them to prepare for the post-ruin, while others dare to act radically as villains to challenge possibilities other than ruin.[1]..With beautiful targets such as princes and sons of the duke familyloveWorks with many elements and rushing into a pinchcomedyThere is a wide range of works, and there are various variations.[1].

The first commercial work to use the word "villain daughter" in the title was2009Seems to be the published work ""[3][4]However, it is not a work like the above pattern[5]..As a work genre,the 2010sAround the first halfNovel posting site"Let's become a novelist』Established in[2].Naro systemIs a kind of[6], Originally there were many on the site "Reincarnation in another worldIn the genre,For WomenLove gamesThe "Otome Game" genre with the background of the world view of[2]Has grown into a major genre[2]..On the same site, "The story of the villain daughter Gomiya』, And although it is not a transfer reincarnation, it seems that it influenced the subsequent work of the villain daughter[7]..In the works for women before that, it was often reincarnated as a supporting role in the otome game world, but probably because it was difficult to move the story, the hero's action power increased significantly.[8].

2013The feature-length work "" (chick cake), which began serialization in "Become a Novelist" in July, is ranked in the cumulative ranking while the works for women were thought to be disadvantageous in "Become a Novelist". It is a popular work that was attached to the second place[9]..This work is about the main character who noticed that he was reincarnated as a girl's manga "nasty villain daughter", aiming for a "peaceful and safe life" by avoiding the downfall, but it has been updated since 2017. Despite the fact that it has been cut off and has not been made into a book2020It has been popular for a long time even after reaching, and it is sometimes described as a monumental work of "villain daughter thing".[2].. In 2020,I was reincarnated as a villain girl with only the ruined flag of the maiden game...』(Satoru Yamaguchi) Was animated and attracted attention[10].



  • No one can stop bullying because they have the power to obey others like royalty, politicians, aristocrats, and rich daughters.[8].
  • The status, class, hero's fiancée, someone with some ability, surroundings, school stage, student organization officers such as royalty and aristocratic relatives[8].
  • Love the hero or hate the heroine[8].

Because it is an enemy, the ability and setting are opposite to the original heroine, and because the status and financial power are high, it is often the fiancée of the prince to be captured, the bride candidate, beautiful but cold impression, rather cute Negative, perfectionist and harsh to others[11].

Story development

The theme of the story is how the villain daughter loses her status when the heroine is tied to someone, how to resist the ruin according to the game scenario such as deportation, death penalty, etc. And the love that exists as a game scenario, the ruinflagIt is mainly divided into patterns that support the heroine's romance, both of which avoid ruin with pre-incarnation game strategy knowledge.[11]..From the villain's point of view, it doesn't look like a villain, and the original heroine may feel like a villain.[12], The heroine is wearing a cat and can fall into others[13], Overseas drama "HaremThere are also works that depict the squeaky mounting battles between women and the power struggles of aristocrats.[14].

A villainous daughter other than an online novel

Characters in positions like villain daughters did not often appear in actual otome games, but in a style that was uniquely developed in the Narō-kei system.[15][16], In the original otome game, it is a bit part to imitate the hero in a cowardly manner, it is rare to say that it is a villain or the end of ruin, the enemy role eventually reconciles and becomes a friend, in fact a good person Sometimes more attractive than a good heroine[17]..There is a possibility that even those who do not know the otome game have a villain-like existence that does not actually appear in order to make the villain daughter easy to understand, and the most common sense person in the game is neither a heroine nor a male character It is pointed out that it is a character like a villain daughter[17].

from before"CinderellaThe main character's older sister, "Candy candyEliza, "Princess SarahIn works with a girl as the main character, such as Lavinia, a female character who teases the heroine appears, but although Cinderella's sister has a pattern of blindness, Eliza and Lavinia do not receive a big punishment.[18].

As a villainous daughter of a otome game, numan said,AMNESIA』Rika (Ikki route)[19]Although it is not atrocious but has a strong sense of hitting horses,Wand of Fortune』Cynthia Whitford is mentioned[20]..The first otome game "AngeliqueRosalia de Cartagena and "Albarea Maiden』There is a rival character like Fana, but it is a character who fights the heroine openly without bullying.[8].. Cynthia from "Wand of Fortune", "Tokimeki Memorial Girl's SideThere are characters like Mizuki Sudo who participate in the battle over heroes, but the appearance time is short and the presence is thin, because there are multiple heroes in the otome game and there are multiple routes, only one of them is a rival. Is[8].. 『Atsumi Yumeso Minerive] Is a heroine fighting against the rivals of a clear villainous daughter, a nouveau riche lady, a flirty hungry duke daughter, and a manly and cool lady.[8]..Bad rumors may be disseminated during the film, and rivals may sprinkle aphrodisiacs on heroes.[8]..The heroine also crafts letters and dismisses rivals who did not take the invitation as "unusable guys".[8].. 『Fantastic FortuneSome villain daughters hate heroes like Mirière[8].

In the manga, "Glass castle』(Masako Watanabe) Is absent from the hero, but his sister Isadra, who knew that his sister Marisa was actually the Countess, took over and bullied Marisa as a servant and hated the hero.[8].. 『Countess』(Chieko HosokawaIn Ando Fu-Min), Anna, who was a pickpocket, becomes a daughter in place of Corinne who has lost her memory, and Anna aims for Corinne's life.[8].. 『Boys Over Flowers』(Yoko Kamio) Was bullied by the heroines of the common people who attended rich schools, but it can be said that it is one of the origins of the villain daughter that it is gradually recognized by the surroundings, "I live with the motto of humility and solidity. It is possible that the relationship between Wakaba Takamichi and Masaya Kaburagi in the manga "Kimi wa My Dolce" in the play "!" Imaged Tsukushi Makino and Tsukasa Doumyou in "Boys Over Flowers".[8]..However, there is no strong rival position in this work[8].. 『Mei's Butler』(Riko Miyagi) Is the heroine May's rival, Shiori is a villain daughter, and like the same work, there is a young lady school, a common heroine, and a butler.Butler's favorite』(,) Is[8].

TV drama"Homeless child 2Erika Kizaki was a chaebol daughter, a flirts, and hated heroines because she liked heroes, but eventually she was dismissed by her heroine's friends and faded out.[8].

As a work with a villain woman as the main character, "Lady series』(Natsuko Mori)[3].

In historical factMarie AntoinetteIs "If you don't have bread, you should eat sweetsThe line that is said to have said is just like a villain, and the guillotine sentence at the end may have an effect on the villain's daughter.[8]..The villain daughter is by manyCollective intelligenceIt can be said that it is a fictitious original created[8]Many of the Narō-kei template settings have unclear roots and somehow spontaneously form into a common pattern, but no author has a clear precursor, only promises.[21].


Regarding the so-called "villain daughter thing", the writer said, "The main character is favored by various characters, but basicallyMain heroIs often fixed.A slightly eccentric (but special) girl acts with wisdom, love and courage to overcome her destined destiny, which in turn captures the hero's heart. "[10],Cobalt library"Princess bride" and "dotting" loved by "the only hero" that he worked on in the latter half of the 2000s.Kadokawa Beans Library,Beads log libraryby"Fantasy"When"love(Love comedy) ”, Pointing out the relationship with the fusion withGirl novelPositioned as inheriting the genealogy of[10]..However, there are criticisms that if the work from "Become a Novelist" is regarded as a girl's novel, the range of acceptance of the work will be narrowed.Book LiveIn the light novel ranking for men, the main character is a girl and there are many female readers, and it may have been published on a girl novel label before.Book lover''Every one of the drugstores』Entered the top 10, and the target audience has become wider due to the shrinking book market, and gender distinction is no longer practical, but it still feels like a girl's novel as entertainment that fully responds to the desires of girls.[10].

"" (Hiroro AkisakuraThe editor in charge of) has a clear purpose that it is a story to avoid the bad end, and there is a sense of security, and it is reversed without effort.HaremI think that it is easy for modern female readers to sympathize with the development that opens the way by working hard instead of forming[22].

Ogihara torpedoIn this kind of different world, men are the strongest, women are preferred to be in a difficult setting, and what is common to villain daughters is the desire for independence, and the heroine's concern for homosexuality also reflects the present age.[23].

There are often happy endings where the heroine is tied to a man without losing to the villain daughter, but the villain daughter work confronts the original heroine who was destined to be protected by the character who was in a losing position as the main character.promiseCan be said to be a counter to[24].. However,ChiyuThe traditional heroine is a healthy person who works hard in poverty, but the main character of the villain daughter's work is different even if it is high in status but friendly to maids and ordinary people, but even if the position is different, it goes out of the promised range The common development of the existence of a male character who is misunderstood by false accusations due to the heroine on the front and back of the villain's daughter's work but understands the truth is not much different from "Candy Candy". It is pointed out that the base is the same because the hero correction has moved, even if the character that becomes a pinch due to the wet clothes is different.[13], The surface looks new, but the fact is that it is classic[7].

Naoki YoshidaMay be the fact that in 2020, the top three search words on the posting site were villainous daughters, well, abandoned engagement, and then "the daughter, that is, the one who achieved the position with rear charge, is an evil person." There is no illusion, but I have lowered my drinking after seeing my daughter's engagement abandoned, and I was barely projected on the conventional reincarnated in another world, but around 3, an ordinary high school boy was reincarnated. Is changing, and it is this genre that has nothing to do with me that the silent majority, which even the author does not understand well, has come to read, and I am already good, I can see that there is no future, so at least it is working well Driven by the desire to see those who are miserableTsunehiro UnoYoshida agreed, saying that it is the same as throwing stones and drinking when a scandal occurs to a person who is sucking sweeter juice than himself, which is done in wide shows, weekly magazines, and SNS.[25].

Also, among the villain daughters, the important villain daughter's turn is very scarce, but rather the former fiancé who said to abandon the engagement and the positive heroine who fell asleep on him will fall and ruin. Not a few are focusing on it.In other words, the heroine and hero of the romance game, who are promised future happiness, will fall and ruin, and the drinking will be reduced.In the first place, as mentioned above, the otome game itself in which a character corresponding to the villain daughter appears is rare, and there are also few otome games in which there is a fiancée as a target for capture.If you think about it for a moment, you can understand it, and as mentioned in the villain's daughter's thing, a man with a wife or fiancé will overtake another woman, even if it is a political marriage, and one woman will be a man with a wife or fiancé. Neither of them has a good image.Unless it is a work with the theme of adultery or predatory love, there is no merit to make such a setting, so there are few things with such a setting even in otome games.Despite this, most of the villain daughters have a fiancé as the main target of capture, which is set as a villain lady.It seems that this is to make the villain daughter a victim and to make her ex-fiancé and positive heroine cheating and sleeping.

Bad girl

South KoreaIn the online novels of 2012, the number of works in the genre of romance fantasy with a villain as the main character has increased, and the author is mostly amateurs.[26].. Started in 2014, "Abandoned empressThe popularity of villains has risen as a result of[26].

The protagonist is often reincarnated as a villain in the novel world, and the villain often goes back to the past and starts over, and it is not a maiden game like the Japanese villain daughter's in Korea.Kakao pageThen.WebtoonIt seems that the author thinks that novels are more popular and readers are more likely to be novels, and that it is better for readers to reincarnate in them, and that otome games are not as popular in Korea as in Japan and are commonly recognized. It is said that it is weaker than the novel in that[26].

The villain's daughter is often set in a school, but the villain's is rare, and there are comedy elements, but the story is basically serious.[26]..Delivering villainous comicsPiccomaSMARTOON is a vertical reading manga, so the width is narrow, and there are many heroines who often use the monologue of one of the main characters, think about their own measures, pave the way, and think very much with their heads.[26].

A work about a villain daughter

Including the villain princess. ☆ is an animated work, ○ is a planned animation work.

From becoming a novelist

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Original cartoon

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Table talk RPG

Card games

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Computer games


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