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📺 | The real thrill of Taiga Nakano's way of life as an "actor"

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The real thrill of the "actor" way of life that Taiga Nakano thinks

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One of the biggest changes is that he appeared on the stage by Ryo Iwamatsu.

A drama of the semi-autobiographical essay of actor Satoru Matsuo, "The Man Picked Up", blessed with good luck and ties, continues to be "picked up" by others ... → Continue reading

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Ryo Iwamatsu

Ryo Iwamatsu(Iwamatsu Ryo,19523/26 -) isJapan OfPlaywright,Director,An actor,Film director.NagasakiHigashisonogi-gunKawatana TownI'm fromNagasaki Prefectural Kawatana High Schoolgraduate,Tokyo University of Foreign StudiesForeign language departmentRussianDropped out of the department.

On theaterFree theater→Tokyo KandenchiThroughDull cow clubBelongs.


Since the latter half of the 1980s, he has emerged as a playwright and director.

1989, In "Gamdan and Tatsuma"Kishida Prize for DramaAward.

1993,Kinokuniya Theater AwardAward.

1998, In "TV Days"Yomiuri Literature AwardAward.

Since the 1990s, he has also been active as a screenwriter and director for TV dramas and movies.

Appearance as a supporting role is also active,Satoshi MikiHe has appeared regularly in the work.

Naoto TakenakaWith, since 1990Honda TheaterPerformed the stage "" at. He has written and directed nine times, including "Moonlight Tsusumi" and "Jeux d'eau".

Since 2009Hyogo Prefectural Piccolo Theater CompanyReceived the Hyogo Prefectural Cultural Award in 2018 because he is the representative of[1]

Work / appearance

Movie (starring)

Movie (director's work)

Movie (screenplay)

Radio drama (screenplay)

  • FM Radio Theater (broadcast on March 1982, 3,NHK Tokyo)[5]

TV drama (screenplay, appearance, director, direction)

Delivery drama


Original video (director's work)

  • Stupid! Is V Etch Bad? Episode 1994 "Midnight Breakfast" (XNUMX)


  • Breaking Man (1993, Written and Directed)
  • Moonlight Tsusumi (1994, produced and directed)
  • TV Days (1996, produced and directed)
  • Woman crossing the rainbow (1998, produced and directed)
  • Jeux d'eau (1998, produced and directed)
  • Mischief (2000, written and directed)
  • Hiding Woman (2000, Written and Directed)
  • Summer Hotel (2001, produced and directed)
  • Wuthering Heights (2002, Screenplay / Direction)
  • The story of Tousenbuff, who was banished from the "three sisters" (written and directed in 2002)
  • Moonlight Tsutsumi (2002, written and directed)
  • How to catch a crocodile with bare hands (2003, production / direction)
  • Far from Shibuya(2004, product)
  • Ice Cream Man (2005, produced and directed)
  • The man next door (2005, produced and directed)
  • Material Mama (2006, produced and directed)
  • Picnic on board (2007, product)
  • Shakespeare Sonata (2007, produced and directed)
  • Short time to death (2007, produced and directed)
  • Pregnant woman in love (2008, produced and directed)
  • Woman in the box (2008, written and directed)
  • Illusion of Murray Hill (2009, produced and directed)
  • Flock of ferns (2010, produced and directed)
  • National Umbrella (2011, produced and directed)
  • Route 99 (2011, product)
  • Idol, Kaku no Nashi (2011, production, direction, appearance)
  • Cascade (2012, produced and directed)
  • Flock of ferns Junjou pilgrimage edition (2012, written and directed)
  • Bubbles (2013, produced and directed)
  • Immoral classroom (2013, production and direction)
  • Fern Flock 3 Port Female Singer Edition (2013, Written and Directed)
  • Takuetsu and Oiwa (2014, produced and directed)
  • Juliet Street (2014, produced and directed)
  • Knotting Garden (2015, production, direction, appearance)
  • Blue eyes (2015, written and directed)
  • Disappearance in the home (2016, production / direction) --Mochizuki [12]
  • Light pink lump (2017, written and directed) * Received the 21st Tsuruya Nanboku Drama Award[13]
  • Ichigao no Saka-The Legendary Rainbow Three Brothers (2018, Written and Directed)
  • Second summer (2019, production, direction, appearance)
  • M & Oplays Produce "Lifeless" (written, directed and performed, October 2021, 10 Tokyo performance, Honda Theater, November 22 Miyagi performance, 11th --14st Osaka performance, 11rd Shimane performance , 18th Yamaguchi performance, 20th Kumamoto performance, 21th Hiroshima performance, December 23th-25th Aichi performance) --Anzai[14]
  • The day after tomorrow, "Aozora is a proof of regret" (2022, written and directed, May 2022-5, 14 Theater Tram / June 29 and 6 Umeda Arts Theater Theater Drama City)[15]
  • "Crank in!" Produced by M & Oplays (2022, produced and directed)[16]


  • Gamdan and Tatsuma (1989, Hakusuisha)
  • Tea and Preaching On the Moral Value of Indifference (1989, Metashi Shobo)
  • Kitchen Lights Towards the Signs of People and Their Generality (1989, Metashi Shobo)
  • Dramatic Seizures of Love Law Degree Waste and Honesty (1989, Metashi Shobo)
  • Neighboring Man Drama Collection (1992, Shitate Shobo)
  • Ichigao no Saka The Legendary Rainbow Three Brothers (1994, Shiritsu Shobo)
  • Ice Cream Man A dramatic rest for the middle class (1994, Shiritsu Shobo)
  • Starman Dad's Dad (1995, Peyotoru Kobo)
  • Moonlight Tsushimi (1996, Shiritsu Shobo)
  • Pregnant woman in love (1996, Shiritsu Shobo)
  • Hesitation of love (1997, Benesse Corporation)
  • Movie weather Naoto Takenaka(1997, Magazine House)
  • Umbrellas and sandals (1998, Pot Publishing)
  • TV Days (1998, Shogakukan)
  • Gobanji Waterfall (1998, Benesse Corporation)
  • Sisters who keep pigeons (1999, Shiritsu Shobo)
  • House of the Red Stairs F. Schubert "Death and the Maiden" About the Second Movement (1999, Shitate Shobo)
  • See you at the table (1999, Pot Publishing)
  • Jeux d'eau (2000, Pot Publishing)
  • Summer Hotel (2003, Pot Publishing)
  • Far from Shibuya (2004, Pot Publishing)
  • The story of Tousenbuff exiled from "three sisters" (2006, Pot Publishing)
  • Material Mama (2006, Pot Publishing)


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