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🎥 | Producing music for the movie "Oshorin" in Fukui Prefecture


Produced the movie "Oshorin" music in Fukui prefecture

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This is an account for "Fukui Television Broadcasting" (Fuji TV series) news.

Recording of the music used in the movie "Oshorin", which depicts the struggles of Gozaemon Masunaga and others who laid the foundation of Fukui's eyeglass industry ... → Continue reading

 Fukui TV

"Fukui Television Broadcasting" (Fuji Television affiliate) news account. We will send you the latest news from Fukui Prefecture.

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(Fuji TV series) News

    Fukui Television Broadcast

    Fukui Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd.(Fukui Television Hosou,British: Fukui Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd.) IsFukuiTheBroadcast target areaage,Television broadcastingDoing businessSpecific terrestrial backbone broadcaster.

    Abbreviation TheFTB(From the time of openingThe alphabetLowercaseftb[4][5]Is used), but it is rarely used[6],Popular nameIsFukui TVIs mainly used.


    • Company Name-Fukui Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
    • Location-Fukui PrefectureFukui City410-XNUMX, Toiyacho
    • Company formation - 19691/29
    • Capital-3 million yen
    • Employees-161 (as of April 2018, 4)
    • Opened --196910/1
    • callsign --JOFI-DTV
    • Transmission station-Fukui City (Asuwayama
    • Affiliated station- FNN(Fuji TV series


    Capital structure

    The names of companies and organizations and the titles of individuals are as of the time. Source:[7][8][9][10]

    April 2021, 3

    CapitalTotal number of issued sharesNumber of shareholders
    300 million yen600,000 share54
    ShareholderNumber of sharesratio
    Fukui Shimbun124,000 share20.66%
    Chunichi Shimbun094,600 share15.76%
    Tokai Broadcasting Center042,000 share07.00%
    Asahi Shimbun042,000 share07.00%
    Fukui Bow025,000 share04.16%
    Fukui Bank024,000 share04.00%
    Mitani Corporation022,000 share03.66%

    Past capital structure

    Company history/commemorative magazine

    Fukui Television publishes the following three volumes (as of December 3, all three volumes are Fukui Television Broadcasting / Edition).

    • "Fukui Television Broadcasting" (published in May 1981, page 5)
    • "Ayumi of Fukui Television 33 Years toward the Rainbow-Colored Future" (published in March 2003, p. 3)
    • "Fukui Television 33 Years Ayumi Material Edition / Chronology Edition" (published in March 2003, page 3)

    Relationship with newspapers

    Fukui Shimbun holds a 20.7% stake and Chunichi Shimbun holds a 15.8% stake.Daily Fukui(Published by Chunichi Shimbun Fukui Branch)[13]Deep connection with[14]..The first president, Ya Yoshida, was the former president of Fukui Shimbun.[3][14]..National newspapers have a capital relationship with the Asahi Shimbun.

    Fukui Shimbun, Chunichi Shimbun, Asahi Shimbun, etc. are the second TV stations in Fukui Prefecture.Sokoku ShimbunEach media such as was applying for a license, but at that timeHouse of CouncilorsWas a member of the DietTasaburo KumagaiThe company was established under the unification[15]..Kumagai was appointed as the first chairman when the company was established.[3]..After the opening of the station, the conflict between Fukui Shimbun and Chunichi Shimbun intensified[14], Chunichi Shimbun at the end of January 1972Tokai TV broadcastingI fell into a situation where I was able to withdraw the employees seconded from.After that, in 1973 to improve relations with Tokai Television.11/5Than"Chunichi NewsWas broadcast[16].

    The handling of Fukui TV in the TV program list of each newspaper is as follows.

    1. Chunichi-affiliated newspapers (Nikkan Kenmin Fukui, the Chunichi Shimbun Fukui edition published by Nagoya, which is sold together with Nikkan Kenmin Fukui in some areas,Chunichi Sports) Is posted on the left end of commercial broadcasting.This "Fukushi version" of Chunichi SportsShigaKyotoBecause it is also sold in a part of, the left end of commercial broadcasting in Shiga Prefecture's Chunichi Sports program table is also in Osaka stationBiwako BroadcastingButKyoto broadcastingNot (KBS Kyoto), but Fukui Television.
    2. Sankei sportsHowever, it is posted in a small size at the bottom of the program section of the version for the Kinki, Tokai, and Hokuriku regions.Previously, it was posted in half size on the general sports competition page in the editions of areas other than the Kinki region under the jurisdiction of the Osaka head office = Tokai, Hokuriku, Chugoku, Shikoku.Of the same seriesSankei ShimbunTokai / Mie version (Tokai prefectureThe TV section of (for) also has a program section in half size (small size until July 2011, 7), although it is outside the area (for).Iga regionexcept for).

    Network transition

    At the time of its establishment, the Chunichi Shimbun, Sankei Shimbun, and Asahi Shimbun were listed as shareholders, so it became a Fuji TV affiliate.NET TV (currently TV Asahi) seriesWithCross net stationHowever, in July 1969, just before the opening of the station, it was changed to the Fuji TV-based independent network.Fuji News Network-Fuji networkJoin.

    At the time of opening, broadcasting stations in the prefectureFukui BroadcastingFrom NET series programs andTBS seriesPart of the general program of.After that, both stations shared the programs of both series.Although it is consistently a Fuji TV affiliated station, Fukui Broadcasting was released in 1989.TV Asahi seriesIs a member of, and even after joiningNTV seriesSince the program is mainly organized, TV Asahi series programs and TBS series that are not broadcast on Fukui Broadcasting due to reasons such as organization and sponsorsTV Tokyo seriesThe program is being broadcast by program sales.

    About G Guide in Fukui Prefecture

    G guideIs originally from all over the worldTBS TV(JNN) The affiliated station is the host station, but since the affiliated station does not exist in Fukui Prefecture, the main station distributes the program data of G Guide.[17].


    • 1969(Showa44 years)
      • 1/29 - Company formation.Headquarters Fukui Shimbun Headquarters (Fukui City)Haruyama, Established in the current Fukui Shimbun Sakuradori Building)[18].
      • 9/4 - Service broadcastingStart[19].
      • 10/1 --Opened as the second commercial TV station in Fukui Prefecture (of the same FNN affiliate)Akita TV(AKT) and same day)[20].. Joined FNN / FNS.
    • 1977(52)4/26 --Moved the head office to Wadanaka-cho, Fukui City (currently Toiya-cho, Fukui City)[21].
    • 1989(HeiseiFirst year) June 10- CIWith the introduction, the logo mark will be the current one.It was due to the expansion and renovation of the head office and the 20th anniversary of the opening of the station at that time.
    • 2005(17)9/1 - Digital terrestrial broadcastingUpdated to the master control room (master) equipment corresponding toToshibaMade).
    • 2006(18)5/1 --Start of terrestrial digital broadcasting.
    • 2010(22)7/5 --In principle, all programs in analog broadcastingLetter boxConversion.
    • 2011(23)7/24 --The analog broadcast ends at 12:25. The transmission of radio waves also stopped at midnight on the 0th, and analog broadcasting was completely terminated.
    • 2022(Reiwa4 years)3/7 - Main adjustment room(Master) Updated equipment. (Made by Toshiba)

    Digital terrestrial broadcasting

    From January 2006, 5NHK Fukui Broadcasting Station・ Started terrestrial digital broadcasting at the same time as Fukui Broadcasting.Prior to that, the change to Digital Master was completed on September 2005, 9.Also, in anticipation of the start of digital broadcasting, from January 1catch copyThe"Dream is good."change to.The current catch phrase is"Power to exceed".

    From September 2008, 9, the company logo mark will be displayed in the upper right corner of the screen.WatermarkThe display has started.

    TV channel

    Remote control key ID"8".


    • Fukui(Asuwayama) 22ch 1kW JOFI-DTV --The transmitter isHitachi Kokusai ElectricMade.Taking advantage of the digitization work, the transmitting antenna of Mt. Asuwa (6L)Twin loop3 steps and 4 sides) have been changed to those shared by Digiana.The transmitting antenna that had been used until then is now on display on the premises of the head office.

    Relay station

    • Ohno 42ch 10w
    • Katsuyama 30ch 3w
    • Mikuni 31ch 3w
    • Sabae Kawada 42ch 1w
    • Takefu Minami 32ch 3w
    • Echizen 51ch
    • Fukui Kunimi 22ch
    • Fukui Kawanishi 32ch
    • Japan Post 32ch
    • Shimouzaka 30ch
    • Hanyu 30ch
    • Koshino 30ch
    • Takefu Shingu 30ch
    • Sabae Kita 32ch
    • Katsuyama Heisenji 36ch
    • Ohno Sakatani 51ch
    • Fukui Ikeda 30ch
    • Imajo 42ch
    • Awara Hamasaka 41ch
    • Kanazu Hosorogi 42ch
    • Mikuni Kita 51ch
    • Tsuruga 26ch 10w
    • Obama 31ch 10w
    • Mihama 26ch 10w
    • Upper middle 33ch 3w
    • Takahama 42ch

    Analog broadcasting

    Ends on May 2011, 7.


    Relay station

    • FukuiKunimi 40ch 3W (vertical polarization)
    • Fukui Kawanishi 41ch 3W (vertical polarization)
    • Fukui Hasaka 44ch 0.1W
    • Fukui Emori 57ch 1W
    • Fukui Fuyuno 48ch 0.1W (vertical polarization)
    • Fukui Minami 57ch 1W-Used only by Fukui TV.
    • Koshino 56ch 3W (vertical polarization)
    • Fukui Shimizu 55ch 0.1W
    • Japan Post 40ch 1W
    • Shimouzaka 60ch 3W
    • Hanyu 57ch 3W
    • Eiheiji Temple 48ch 0.1W
    • Eiheiji Koshizaka 60ch 0.1W
    • Awara Hamasaka 44ch 0.1W
    • Kanazu Hosorogi 58ch 0.1W
    • Mikuni 55ch 10W (vertical polarization)
    • Kaji Sakai 60ch 0.5W
    • (I.e. 37ch 100W
    • Ohno Sakatani 27ch 3W
    • Katsuyama 57ch 30W
    • SabaeNorth 29ch 10W
    • Sabae Kawada 37ch 10W
    • Takefu Minami 41ch 10W (vertical polarization)
    • Echizen Shingu 57ch 10W
    • Imajo 57ch 10W
    • Fukui(I.e. 57ch 3W
    • Echizen 53ch 3W
    • Tsuruga 38ch 100W
    • Tsuruga Kutsumi 57ch 1W
    • Tsuruga Hikida 58ch 3W
    • Mihama 49ch 100W --Used jointly with FM Fukui.
    • Mihama Sakajiri 42ch 10W
    • Obama 58ch 100W
    • Wakasa 40ch 30W
    • Takahama 22ch 10W

    Programs currently on air

    For details on the current program, see the official websiteProgram introductionOrWeekly program guideSee.

    Taizi TheSubtitled broadcasting.

    In-house program

    • FNN Fukui Television News(Refer to the relevant item for broadcast time)
    • Fukui Newspaper News(Refer to the relevant item for broadcast time)
    • Chunichi Shimbun News(Monday-Friday 14:50-14:54)
    • Fukui TV News It!(Monday-Friday 16:50-19:00, Saturday and Sunday 17:30-18:00)
    • Cinema Near Plus(Saturday 0:55 --1:10 (Friday midnight), rebroadcast: Saturday 11:30 --11:45)
    • Shine! Fukui Challenger (1st and 3rd Saturday of every month 17: 00-17: 15, Fukui Prefecture Public Relations Program)[22]
    • Fukumusubi all over Japan(Saturday 18:00 --18:29, rebroadcast: Tuesday 0:25 --0:55 (Monday midnight))
    • The Museum of Story Seeds What? Wonder! (Saturday 18:29 --18: 55, Rebroadcast: Sunday 1:20 --1: 50 (midnight on the day of the broadcast))
    • Timely wipe(Sunday 8:30-9:00, Rebroadcast: Wednesday 0:25-0:55 (Tuesday midnight))
    • E Ku Bo News (Sunday 13:55 --14:00)
    • KEYWORD ~ People / Things / Thoughts ~ (3rd Sunday of every month 17:25 --17:30)
    • Fukui Full TV (irregular broadcast, Fukui City public relations program)[23]

    Fuji TV series program

    Programs without the production station notation are produced by Fuji TV.

    Other series of programs

    TBS system

    TV Asahi

    TV Tokyo


    Programs broadcast in the past

    In-house program


    Fuji TV programs (programs that are discontinued in the middle)


    TV Asahi program


    TV TOKYO series program


    TBS programs

    * Most of the dramas are broadcast on Fukui Broadcasting.


    Nippon TV programs

    * The following Nippon TV programs have not been broadcast on Fukui Broadcasting, which is a cross-net station with the TV Asahi series, mainly based on the local Nippon TV series in Fukui Prefecture.


    Independent station program







    Mascot character

    • The character of the station is "THE AGE"Ear Ear-chan", which is also a serialized manga.Produced by Fukui PrefectureSakai CityOriginal art directorSeiju TodaIs working on it.In addition to Iya-chan, Shin, Gun, Sosou, Minmin, Tenten, etc. are introduced on the official website of Fukui Television.


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