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🤖 | Anime "The Devil is a Part-Timer! !! 』Episode 1" Demon King shouts at Sasazuka "& Episode 2" Demon King and Hero, to parents without remembering ...


Anime "The Devil is a Part-Timer! !! 』Episode 1" Demon King shouts at Sasazuka "& Episode 2" Demon King and Hero, to parents without remembering ...

If you write the contents roughly
As Ashiya lamented the household budget under pressure by Neat Urushihara, Maoku sensed something from the shoe box.

The anime "The Devil is a Part-Timer!" From Dengeki Bunko! !! The first episode, "The Demon King, yells at Sasazuka," and the second episode, "The Demon King and the Hero, Remember ..." → Continue reading

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shoe rack

shoe rack(Getabako) isshoesSuch asfootwearFor storingFurniture[1].Public bath,vaudevilleIn places where the old masses gatherLower leg boxAlso called (gesokubako), in large-scale places, "Lower footThere may be a footwear keeper called.下 駄The name of the geta box is still used even in the present age when people who wear geta are rare.Shoe boxAlso called (shoe box).シ ュ ー ズ ボ ッ ク スUse SB for floor plans, etc.[2].


In areas such as Japan where it is customary to take off shoes in a houseEntranceIt is installed and used in.Indoor shoesIt is also installed in a place where you can change shoes that you wear outdoors.in JapanMeiji EraAfter that mainlyMachiyaIt is a popular folk tool mainly in[1].

Most household geta boxes are made of wood and may be built into the front door of the house.It is partitioned by several middle shelves and shared by the family.Some clog boxes have only shelves, and some have fishing doors or sliding doors.[1].

Most of the clog boxes installed in public facilities and commercial facilities are made of steel, but wooden clog boxes are used in old facilities and taverns.In addition to those shared for home use, there are also those that are individually divided into areas for one or two pairs.Clog boxes with individual partitions may have doors or doors with locks.Some clog boxes partitioned by individual areas have middle shelves attached to each individual area and are divided into upper and lower tiers. Mainly, the lower tier is worn outdoors, and the upper tier is inside the facility or building. wearslipper,UwabakiStore indoor shoes such as.

Many of the geta boxessneakersEtc.ankleIt is high enough to store footwear that protects the footwear.BootsIn order to store large shoes such as these, a large space may be provided in the shoe box in a vertical manner.

Depending on the facilityUpTo storeLockerIt may also be used as.The bottom is usually the space for shoes.

Geta box installed in the school

school(primary school,Junior high school,University) Allows each student to allocate their own space.Taking advantage of this characteristic that only a specific individual uses, it is sometimes used to convey intentions by putting something in a shoe box.It is a popular place in school-based stories.It is also an everyday place, and is sometimes used in scenes where new developments are taking place.

On the other hand insidiousBullyingIt may be the target of.

  • Hide your lower legs and slippers
  • Graffiti etc.


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