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🤖 | Anime "Harlem in a Different World Labyrinth" Akiba Jack Campaign Held Postcards at 30 Target Stores ...


Anime "Harlem in a Different World Labyrinth" Akiba Jack Campaign Held Postcards at 30 Target Stores ...

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This work is a work from the novel posting site "Let's become a novelist", and the hero who somehow wakes up in a different world after making a character of the game on a strange site, knows the "slave" system and dreams A different world fantasy work aiming for a Harlem life.

An Akiba Jack campaign will be held by the anime "Harlem in a Different World Labyrinth" x "Akikaru" from Hero Bunko ... → Continue reading

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Ranobe News Online is a light novel general information site that delivers news related to light novels. The latest news about light novels such as works that are selling now, works that are attracting attention, works that are media mixing now, events in the light novel industry, etc. are delivered.

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      There are two types of sites, one that aims to exchange impressions and criticisms, and the other that aims to publish works. In the former, the published novel (Online novel), The aim is to improve writing ability and technical ability by knowing the ability from the impressions, evaluations, and scores from readers and other writers. Depending on the siteEveryistaWorks other than novels, such asComic-写真-RecipesEtc.) and whereMagic i landlikeMobile novelThere are also sites that have evolved from.

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