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🎥 | Hiccorohee, Nishiki-koi, Watanabe's mother role in the drama "Swim! Nishikigoi" appearance Watanabe family cast announcement

Photo Ken Mitsuishi, Hiccorohee, Yumena Yanai, Masato Ibu, who play the family of Nishiki-koi and Watanabe – (C) NTV

Hiccorohee appears in the drama "Swim! Nishikigoi" as the mother of Nishiki-koi and Watanabe.

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In addition, Hiccorohee, who often co-stars with Nishiki-koi, said, "I may be able to cooperate with you because it is a story of Nishiki-koi who has smoked many shikemoku together at an old live venue that was dim for many years. If so, I accepted it with the feeling.

Manzai combination Nishiki-koi (Masaki Hasegawa, Wataru ...), which will start on July 7th in the information program "ZIP!" (NTV). → Continue reading

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