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📺 | Keita Machida "Tepachi! The love story of 』is real !? Self-Defense Forces" in-house marriage "and" marriage service "circumstances

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Keita Machida "Tepachi! The love story of 』is real !? Self-Defense Forces" in-house marriage "and" marriage service "circumstances

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According to the editor-in-chief, Hiroshi Takahisa, who is in charge of the project, there are many SDF personnel who have been flooded with about 80 applications, a record high, and many couples who actually met and got married in the project.

The serial drama "Tepachi!" Starring Keita Machida, the theater company EXILE. 』(Fuji TV system) from 7 pm on July 6th today ... → Continue reading

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    Editor-in-chief Hiroshi Takahisa

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      SDF(Self-defense official,British: Self-Defense Official) IsJapan OfMinistry of Defense OfSpecial institutionIsSDFA staff member of the Ministry of Defense who carries out the duties ofFull timeSpecial service national civil servantandPart-time jobSpecial service national civil servant.

      Self-defense personnelThe rank and uniform are specified in the above, and the personnel who are armed and engaged in battle (military attache)[1].

      Self Defense Force ActBy "lifeIn response to the mission of the Self-Defense Forces, "it is stipulated that it is an individual organization.Japan Ground Self-Defense Force,JMSDF,Japan Air Self-Defense ForceBelong to one of.

      Supreme commander ThePrime Minister.


      In the armed forces of other countriessoldier(Soldier-Noncommissioned officer-Sergeant).The Self-Defense ForcesVolunteer systemSo everyonemilitary attache.

      Japan Ground Self-Defense ForceSelf-Defense Forces officerGround Self Defense Force"(Rikujojieikan),JMSDFSelf-Defense Forces officerJMSDF"(Kaijojieikan),Japan Air Self-Defense ForceSelf-Defense Forces officerJASDF"(Kokuujieikan), which is also called by the Ministry of Defense and the SDF.

      Land, sea and air SDF personnel are individualSchool corps,Executive candidate schoolEnlisted in such as, and in each Self-Defense ForceAppointmentDue to differences in the term of appointment and technical education, the SDF personnel who have been enlisted are usually among the SDF personnel enlisted.TermDo you want to quitRetirement ageYou will spend time in the Self-Defense Forces until (depending on the class)[Note 1].

      The term SDF refers only to full-time SDF personnel in a narrow sense, but part-time SDF personnel in a broader sense (Reserve SDF,Responsive Reserve SDF,Assistant SDF) May be included.

      As of 2017, the total number of SDF personnel is about 24 (including about 12,300 women).This accounts for more than 58.5% of the national civil servants (about XNUMX).The ratio of fixed-term SDF personnel to the total number of personnel is high,SamuraiMost of the classes marked with "" are fixed-term SDF personnel.

      Self-Defense Forces, Self-Defense ForcesOfficial nameage,classAccording to the different names of, it is supposed to "belong to the capacity" to the land, sea, air or the Joint Staff Office (Administrative Vice-Minister).Notice)[2].

      the government,1990(2)10/18House of RepresentativesAt the plenary sessionMinister of Foreign AffairsIn the answer, "The Self-Defense ForcesConstitutionThere are strict restrictions such as not being able to maintain the ability that exceeds the minimum required.Think of it as a normal idea軍隊Not, butInternational lawThe above is treated as an army, and SDF personnel are members of the army. (The Cabinet of Time isFirst Kaifu Cabinet, MinisterTaro Nakayama).For this reason, according to the usual government view, those who are actually SDF personnel areciviliannotmilitary attacheAnd,Article 66 of the Constitution of JapanItem 2Civilian controlAccording to the provisions ofPrime Ministeras well as the Minister of DefenseincludingSecretary of StateNot qualified to be.

      Former SDF officerShigeto NaganoBecame the Minister of Justice or a former SDF officerNakatani,Satoshi MorimotoHas become a defense minister (Minister of Defense / Minister of Defense), but since he was appointed as a minister after losing his position as a SDF officer, it was said that there was no problem.also,Public office election lawAccording to Article 89, it is not possible to run for election with the status of a full-time SDF officer, and if you run for election under Article 90 of the Public Offices Election Act, you will be automatically unemployed.As an exampleMasahisa SatoAfter retiring, he ran for the Upper House election and was elected.

      According to Article 89 of the Public Offices Election Law and Article 90 of the Public Offices Election Law Enforcement Ordinance, it is possible for SDF reserve personnel, ready reserve self-defense officials, and assistant SDF reserve personnel to run for election while still in office.Diet lawIn the legal provisions such asMember of ParliamentIs prohibited from concurrently serving as a civil servant in principle, and at the same timeSpecial occupationAll civil servants other thanObligation to concentrate on dutiesEven if the SDF reserve personnel run for national elections and are elected, they will continue to serve concurrently as members of the Diet and SDF reserve personnel.Article 55 of the ConstitutionThere is a possibility that the members of the Diet will be unemployed due to the proceedings of the qualification proceedings.Local government lawBecause there is no provision prohibiting the SDF reserve personnel from concurrently serving as local public offices (local chiefs and members of the local assembly).[Note 2]It is legally no problem for the SDF reserve personnel, etc. to be elected in the local elections and concurrently serve as the SDF reserve personnel, etc. and local public offices (local chiefs and members of the local assembly).However, the Reserve Self-Defense Forces, Ready Reserve Self-Defense Forces, and Assistant Reserve Self-Defense Forces are engaged in political activities during the period convened by the training convocation order under Article 75, Article 75-8, and Article 75-13 of the Self-Defense Forces Act. It is stipulated that it must not be done, and political activities are restricted during the period convened by the training convocation order.

      Old army(Imperial Japanese Army-Imperial Japanese Navy) Active duty personnel did not have both the right to vote and the right to be elected[Note 3]However, SDF personnel are similar to civilians in terms of voting rights, and can vote in the general constituency to which their address (including the dormitory of the garrison) belongs.

      Uniforms specified during work (≒Military uniform), Because you are wearingDistinctionAnd commonly, "Uniform group』(Seifukugumi) is called.forCivil servantIsClerkIs basicallySuit-suit-tieEspecially because I work as a figureCareer group(Career Gumi) says "Suit』(Sebirogumi) is called.This term is also used by SDF personnel.[3]It is also used for overseas military officers.[4].

      Recruitment test

      National Personnel AuthorityBecomes a testing institutionRecruitment test for general public employeesSeparately, the Ministry of Defense will act as a testing institution to conduct tests.

      To see the abilities according to the hiring categorycomposition, SelectiveGeneral educationAnd descriptiveWritten test,Interview test,Physical examination[Note 4][5]Before and after the recruitment test[Note 5]To see the ability of the person to select the desired occupationAptitude test"Physical examination and career evaluation" medical history "," surgical history ", etc."[6]There is.The venue for the recruitment test will be the garrison or the conference room at the base.PrefecturesAt least one place is secured in.

      Incidentally,Police officer-Firefighter-Maritime SheriffWaithigh schoolThere is a physical fitness test in the graduation level employment test, but in addition to the written test and interview test, the SDF graduation level employment test is limited to the aptitude test "physical examination and career evaluation" medical history "," surgical history ", etc." There is no physical fitness test, and the acceptance criteria for physical examinations are "applicable items,Self-Defense Forces executive candidate(Excluding flight personnel),Medical officer,Dental officer,Maritime Self-Defense Force Technical Maritime Officer and Air Self-Defense Force Technical Aviation Officer,Maritime Self-Defense Force Technical Sergeant and Air Self-Defense Force Technical Sergeant(Air traffic controlSkill certificate holders andAir traffic controlThose other than those who passed the basic exam),General sergeant candidate,Self-defense officer candidate,National Defense Academystudent,National Defense Medical CollegeMedical science student,Defense Medical College Nursing Science Student(SDF course),Ground Self-Defense Force High Technical School students,Self-Defense Forces rental student,Assistant SDF'[7][8](Men's 150 cm or more, Women's 140 cm or more, Students' 150 cm or more) and police officers (Men's 160 cm or more, Women's 154 cm or more)[9], Firefighters (boys over 160 cm, girls over 155 cm)[10], Coast Guard Officer (Men's 157 cm or more, Women's 150 cm or more)[11]Since the standard for boys and girls is looser than that, it is a standard to pass if the average physical condition is good.In addition, since many occupations are not restricted by height, an error of about 2 to 3 cm or 0 to 5 cm in height of male female students is overlooked (Reiwa 4 April 2022, 4 1 years old after new adults). Only for minors less than).

      Executive Candidate (Flight Personnel),Aviation student, Maritime Self-Defense Force Technical Sergeant and Air Self-Defense Force Technical Sergeant (Air traffic controlSkill certificate holders andAir traffic controlThose who passed the basic exam[12]) Physical examination is based on aviation medical examination, so the acceptance criteria are strict.[13](There are many female hires).

      Since the Self-Defense Forces are volunteers, applicants are selected by examination,SDF physical education schoolIs scouting for sports powerhouses.Other,Self-Defense Forces rental studentIf you are hired by, you will be enlisted without an examination.[Note 6]. "Ministry of Defense"Or"Ministry of Defense staffSee also.

      Self-defense officials are over 19 years oldLarge carSince it deals with (21 years old and over except for SDF personnel), the SDFDriver's licenseIn the aptitude test, you can see the perspective of your eyesight, just like when you got a medium-sized car license or above.

      2007 Year of 6 MonthRoad Traffic LawDue to revisionMedium-sized carWith the establishment of a driver's license classification (other than SDF personnel aged 20 and over), large training vehicles used at designated driving schools within the SDF fall under the category of medium-sized vehicles, so SDF personnel who obtained a license after the revision of the law. Is a large vehicle that can be operated even if you obtain a large vehicle license within the Self-Defense ForcesLimited to SDF vehicles(A driver's license with the condition that "large vehicles are limited to SDF vehicles" is issued), and you cannot drive a large private vehicle unless you pass the examination to cancel the limitation condition of the driver's license by the Public Safety Commission. ..

      Status, treatment, etc.

      Maritime Self-Defense Force (A) rank badge
      (Chief of Staff)
      willMajor General123
      JMSDF Admiral insignia (a) .svgJMSDF Vice Admiral insignia (a) .svgJMSDF Rear Admiral insignia (a) .svgJMSDF Captain insignia (a) .svgJMSDF Commander insignia (a) .svgJMSDF Lieutenant Commander insignia (a) .svg
      1 Lieutenant2 Lieutenant3 LieutenantWarrant OfficerSergeant1 Sou
      JMSDF Lieutenant insignia (a) .svgJMSDF Lieutenant Junior Grade insignia (a) .svgJMSDF Ensign insignia (a) .svgJMSDF Warrant Officer insignia (a) .svgJMSDF Chief Petty Officer insignia (a) .svgJMSDF Petty Officer 1st Class insignia (a) .svg
      2 Sou3 SouChief1 person2 personCandidate
      JMSDF Petty Officer 2nd Class insignia (a) .svgJMSDF Petty Officer 3rd Class insignia (a) .svgJMSDF Leading Seaman insignia (a) .svgJMSDF Seaman insignia (a) .svgJMSDF Seaman Apprentice insignia (a) .svgJMSDF self defense official cadet insignia (a) 1.svg

      Self-Defense Forces rank

      The ranks of the Self-Defense Forces of the Ground Self-Defense Force, Maritime Self-Defense Force, and Air Self-Defense Force areSelf Defense Force ActArticle 32 stipulates 16 ranks, with the divisional general, divisional general, and divisional general at the highest rank.According to affiliation, class and uniform, respectivelyRank insigniaIs also defined.

      Regarding promotion, the principle of the period of employment until promotion is stipulated, which is 2 months for 6 officers and 1 years for 6 officer.During these periods, performance appraisal and job service,MartyrIt may be shortened depending on the situation such as[14]..In addition, special promotion will be carried out if the work performance is excellent due to normal retirement or retirement, or if the employee retires due to an injury to public affairs.[15][16][17].

      Self-Defense Forces rank, etc.
      ClassificationGround Self Defense ForceJMSDFJASDFAbbreviationRetirement age[Note 7][Note 8]
      ExecutivegeneralJoint Chief of StaffTaru landlordChief of Staff, Joint StaffChief of Staff, Joint StaffChief of Staff62
      Chief of Ground StaffTaru landlordChief of StaffTaru KaishoChief of Flight StaffTaru Sky GeneralChief of Staff, Chief of Staff, Chief of Staff, Chief of Staff
      generalSeamanAir generalwill60
      Rear AdmiralRear AdmiralRear AdmiralMajor General
      OfficerFirst class RikusaFirst-class KaisaFirst class157
      Second class RikusaSecond class seamanSecond class256
      Third class RikusaThird class KaisaThird class3
      LieutenantFirst class lieutenantFirst LieutenantFirst class lieutenant1 Lieutenant55
      Second class lieutenantSecond LieutenantSecond-class junior officer2 Lieutenant
      Third Class LieutenantLieutenant Third ClassThird Officer3 Lieutenant
      Warrant OfficerWarrant OfficerWarrant OfficerWarrant OfficerWarrant Officer
      CaoChief of SergeantChief of SergeantSergeant GeneralSergeant
      First Class SergeantFirst Class SergeantFirst Class Soda1 Sou
      Second SergeantSecond class sergeantSecond class sergeant2 Sou54
      Third class land sergeantThird class sergeantThird class sergeant3 Sou
      SamuraiChief officerChief of the seamanAirmanChiefTenure system
      First-class landmanFirst class seamanFirst-class airman1 person
      Second land officerSecond class seamanSecond class airman2 person
      • According to Article 32 of the Self-Defense Forces Law, the characters are classified as first-class, second-class (formal).Chinese numeralIs used.Procedure for creating official sentences(Showa 27 Cabinet Cabinet No. 16 <>) About the third writing method When writing numbers horizontally according to 3.Arabic numeralsSince it is written as "1st grade" etc. using, it is written according to it.
      • The Chief of Staff, Joint Staff, Army General, Marine General, or Air General is not a rank above the Self-Defense Forces Act (Article 32), but is considered to be at the top of the Self-Defense Forces officers according to the latter part of Article 21, Paragraph 2 of the Ministry of Defense Establishment Act. Has been done.The rank chapter is also different from the usual chapter, and the English translation of the rank is also equivalent to the general.
      • In the view of the government, the SDF is supposed to be an army or an army-like one.Therefore, the classification of SDF personnel is considered to be consistent with that of the general military.
      • Although the SDF's rank designation is different from that of the former Japanese Army and Navy before the war, it is similar to that.In addition, the fact that the grade system is used as "first-class, second-class, third-class" instead of "large, medium, and small" has been seen in history as an officer equivalent to the former Army and a non-commissioned officer of the former Navy. It is an example, and it is not unprecedented as a class name for the Japanese army.
      • The predecessor of the Self-Defense ForcesSecurity forces,GuardsThen, "supervisor, regular, scholar"Civil servant, Early army officer equivalent or1919(Taisho8 years) It used a class designation similar to that of previous naval officers.When the Self-Defense Forces were later established, the former army such as "General, Sa, Lieutenant, Sergeant"Military departmentWhat was used as the rank designation of military personnel will be used.However, the character "army" cannot be entered in the non-commissioned officer equivalent class because it is not an army.
      • Regardless of the above, the retirement age of SDF personnel who are doctors, dentists and pharmacists, and SDF personnel who are involved in duties such as music is set at 60 years old.[19].
      • In addition to this in the class of swordsmen3 personThere was, but of the United NationsBoy soldierDue to reasons such as the treaty and the reduction of total labor costs in the government, a drastic review was urged.2009(21) It was abolished by the Ministry of Defense Establishment Law and the Self-Defense Forces Law promulgated on June 6.

      Salary and allowances

      It is determined by the SDF salary table, not the salary table of general public employees.It is composed of class and salary, and is determined by two factors: class and years of service (work performance).When deciding the starting salary, both private and civil servants have an addition of age, educational background, and work history, but in the case of SDF personnel, if the SDF recruitment categories are the same, there is an age difference, educational background difference, and whether or not there is a previous job. Therefore, it will be calculated based on the salary at the time of hiring.High school graduates are stipulated as No. 1 salary, vocational school graduates are stipulated as No. 2 salary, and cases of enlistment after graduating from university or working adults are stipulated as No. 3 salary. The salary adjustment amount in the clerk, the special salary adjustment amount paid to the manager / supervisor of the designated position, etc., and the starting salary adjustment allowance paid to the SDF doctors / dentists are other SDF personnel. Not in).The starting salary for two general employees is around 2 yen, which is slightly higher than that for administrative positions.This is because the SDF salary table is similar to the work system for 15 to 2 SDF personnel.Public securityThis is because it is established according to the salary table, and due to the characteristics of work, it includes an overtime (overtime) allowance of 21 hours and 30 minutes (SDF adjustment rate).Therefore, sleepless turn etc.Overtime allowanceWill not be paid to SDF personnel[Note 9]..In addition to salary, you can also receive in-kind benefits such as medical care and meals.[Note 10][Note 11].

      Self-defense officials under the sergeant master sergeant live in the building (Home Affairs Group(Internal group)) is the principle (in-house group)), so if you are promoted to the rank of 2 sergeants and reach the age of 30 or older, you will be allowed to live outside the building.[20].. ), Utilities, water, meals, etc. for living in the corps and ships are deducted in advance at the salary calculation stage.The amount specified in the SDF salary table is the amount after deducting those costs.Married people and executive self-defense officials who have obtained permission are allowed to live outside the building, and are for self-defense officials.Government buildingYou can also live in an apartment, etc., but since you will have to pay for utilities and water, etc. Is paid as a "non-business allowance" in addition to the salary as a monthly amount of 6,350 yen (Article 18).On the other hand, meals will not be provided, so you can apply for lunch and eat at the cafeteria.Box lunchPrepare or base or garrisonPXAnd so on.If you use the cafeteria, you will be deducted from your salary instead of paying on the spot.[Note 12].

      The salary is paid on the 18th of every month.[Note 13]However, since salary calculation is based on the period from the 1st to the end of each month, if you have to retire for your own convenience between the salary payment date and the end of the month, you must return a part of the paid salary. Do not become[Note 14].

      In addition, if the members work on weekends and holidays, they will be given a rest on a substitute day.[Note 15], Those who are in the position of commander can receive the undigested portion of the substitute leave as an additional salary according to the class and position.[Note 16].

      Salaries are subject to addition depending on these other positions and various qualifications, and commuting allowances are also provided for commuting over a certain distance.

      Separately stipulated for members who have performed special work such as disaster dispatch or overseas dispatch.Special work allowanceWill be paid in addition.There is also an additional charge for working on aircraft and ships.For example, if you board an escort ship and work, you will be paid a crew allowance of 33% of the basic salary (45.5% for submarines).In addition, a voyage allowance will be paid each time the port departs.As of 2016, 1 yen a day is paid to members dispatched overseas as an international peace cooperation allowance.SDF South Sudan dispatchThe policy was to provide an additional 1 yen per day to the members who carried out the rush guard, and if they engaged in the rush guard work, the total amount of payment would be 8000 yen.SDF Iraq dispatchWill be the same amount.With the SDF personnel allowance,Great East Japan EarthquakeSometimesTEPCOFukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant AccidentIt is the best that 1 yen was paid a day to the members who were involved in the water discharge work.United Nations peacekeeping operationsIn (PKO)SDF dispatch to Cambodia,Self-Defense Forces Rwanda Refugee Relief DispatchでZaire(CurrentCongo) Was paid 2 yen[21].

      The bonus payment is in the same form as the bonus of the national public employee, and the payment date is the same as the bonus payment date of the national public employee.A combination of a term-end allowance and a diligence allowance whose payment rate fluctuates according to work performance is paid as a bonus. There is.

      Members hired as fixed-term members are paid a term expiration allowance at the time of retirement, but this is directly linked to the retirement allowance paid at the time of retirement, and if they receive the term expiration allowance, they will be paid at the time of retirement. The allowance will be reduced by that amount, and there is a provision that a part of the full-time allowance received when the status is transferred from a fixed-term member to a non-term member must be returned.[Note 17].

      MartyrIt will be paid to the person or the bereaved family when the service is recognized especially in the case of injury or injury.Death gratuityIt is,Minister of Defense OfInstruction(Royal instructions regarding prize money)[22].Public affairs disastercompensationExpenses are also paid according to salary grade, but in-kind salary (food expenses, clothing expenses, etc.) is not included.

      Explosives disposal allowance is 1 yen to 250 yen a day.The aviation allowance is 1% of the first salary of the class.Special operations group member allowance is 400% or 60% of the first salary.Special guard allowance, 33% or 16.5% of the first salary.The Antarctic allowance is 49.6 to 39.6 yen per day depending on the class.The parachute descent allowance is 1800 to 4100 yen each time.The Ogasawara allowance (business in the Ogasawara Islands) ranges from 1 yen to 3400 yen depending on the class.The corpse disposal allowance is 6300 yen, 300 yen, and 5510 yen per day.Snow removal allowance is 1000 to 1600 yen per day.Jet crew is 3200% of the first salary. (The first salary of each allowance refers to the lowest salary of the class)[23]

      Self-Defense Forces Regional Cooperation Headquarters OfPublic relations officerIs also a self-defense official, so the target number of recruitment for self-defense officials is alsoQuotaHowever, there is no equivalent to the business allowance of a private company.Equivalent to overtime payOvertimeNo allowance, business tripTravel expenses[24]Is only paid.


      Working hours are from 8:15 am to 5:XNUMX pm in principle[25]It is a two-day work week, but it varies greatly depending on the department. To maintain a 2-hour posture (described later)#Special work),Shift workThere is also a department that takes.All departments are suffering from chronic vacancies, and the fact that there are many enrollments and trainings is accelerating.This can be dealt with by overtime work, but since there is no concept of overtime work in the system, it is impossible to calculate overtime hours.Regardless of the department, there are long working hours that last for a full day or more during training and exercises.In principle, except for executive self-defense officials, residence inside the building is allowed (you can apply for residence outside the building when you are promoted to the rank of 1 SDF and reach the age of 2 years or older. Recently, it is also permitted to take care of your family for long-term care.[20].. ), And going out is also permitted.From such working conditions, the concept of overtime does not exist, and the above-mentioned overtime allowance is not set.Strict restrictions are also imposed on life itself, especially when going out or staying out.Home Affairs GroupReceive focused guidance at.Previously, going out under Article 33-2 of the Ground Self-Defense Force Service Regulations was within the range of 1/2 of the resident on weekdays (excluding Saturdays) and 2/3 on Saturdays, rest days and holidays. Although it was permitted in Japan and the permission to go out was strict, the curfew and the number of times of going out were relaxed.Brightness planAfter that, now, Article 64 of the Ground Self-Defense Force's detailed service regulations, "The licensee is a land sergeant who lives in the camp except for the driver at the time of emergency contact and the on-site monitoring personnel, etc. 2. It is possible to allow the GSDF to go out. 51 people such as internal monitoring personnel, 1 to 6 units (internal personnel), 31 driver at the time of emergency contact, 50 internal monitoring personnel, 1 or less unit scale (internal personnel), emergency contact There will be one driver at the time and two on-site monitoring personnel, etc. 4. If it is extremely difficult to comply with the residual standards set forth in the preceding paragraph, the minimum necessary personnel, etc. shall be retained based on the purpose of the standards. I will do it. "2 days a weekThe number of people allowed to go out is increasing.For members who have made mistakes or scandals, measures such as "prohibition of going out" may be taken with disciplinary implications.Prohibition of going out is a measure at the level of the licensee, and there is no legal basis.Therefore, even if there is an objection to this measure, there is no organization to offer it.Residents in the building are obliged to live in the designated placeLunchIs provided free of charge, and residents outside the building can eat for a fee.

      At a garrison, etc.Mobile phone-SmartphoneIf the screen is 5.5 inches or morecomputerIt was considered to be prohibited to bring in, but it was relaxed to 2017 inches from October 10[26]..During the education unit, lack of sleep will hinder education, so it will be collected after the lights are turned off.[27].JMSDFWas prohibited from use on ships to conceal location information, but plans to be able to contact family members via wireless LAN and leased lines inside the ship.[28].submarineIn the case of work, due to the nature of work, no communication is possible between departure and arrival (communication itself is not possible unless the communication antenna and mast are exposed to the sea surface).[29].

      In addition, the Self-Defense Forces Law stipulates the following obligations.

      • Obligation to live in a designated place (Article 55 of the Self-Defense Forces Act)
      • Obligation to perform duties (Article 56)
      • Obligation to submit to the duties of superiors (Article 57)
      • Obligation to maintain dignity (Article 58)
      • Obligation to keep secret (Article 59)
      • Obligation to concentrate on duties (Article 60)

      In addition, general SDF personnel read the oath with the following sentences at the time of enlistment in accordance with Article XNUMX of the Self-Defense Forces Act and Article XNUMX of the Self-Defense Forces Act Enforcement Regulations.signatureSealIs obliged to do (Oath of service).

      “I am aware of the mission of the Self-Defense Forces to protect the peace and independence of our country,The Constitution of JapanAnd comply with laws and regulations, maintain unity, strict discipline, always cultivate virtue, respect personality, strengthen mind and body, hone skills, do not participate in political activities, and have a strong sense of responsibility. In carrying out this, I pledge that I will not take risks in doing things, will fulfill my responsibilities by myself, and will fulfill the mandate of the people. ”

      Also, "Before the SDF's heart"1961(36)6/28There is compliance with mental education in the Self-Defense Forces enacted in[30]..The following five virtues are listed.

      • Awareness of mission
      • Personal fulfillment
      • Execution of responsibility
      • Strict adherence to discipline
      • Strengthening unity

      Physical fitness / health

      In the oath, "heartbodySelf-defense officials are required to maintain their physical abilities according to their age, as stated in "Train."For this reasonSelf-Defense Forces Physical Fitness TestImmediately after joining the army, I received a physical fitness test called[31], Must be taken at least once a year while being a SDF personnel[32]..The content is for all agespush ups,Abs,3000m run3 species[32], Further for under 40 years oldoverhang,Long jump,Softball throwAlso do[32]..The Maritime Self-Defense Force also tests swimming ability.

      Those who have achieved a certain level of grade in the physical fitness test can qualify to wear the skill badge called "Physical Fitness Emblem".[33].

      Although drinking is basically prohibited in the facility[34], May be allowed only at night in certain places[35]..The Imperial Japanese Navy allowed drinking on board the ship due to the influence of the Royal Navy, but the Maritime Self-Defense Force prohibits drinking on board.

      smokingIt is said that there is no problem for adults, and smoking areas are set up at garrison and bases.On the other hand, because it is a facility of a government officeHealth promotionThe smoke is being separated.[36]. AlsoSDF hospitalIs basically non-smoking throughout the building for SDF personnel禁煙 外来Some hospitals set up[37].

      Self-defense officials are obliged to vaccinate against the following diseases because they may be infected with infectious diseases by dispatching disasters or PKOs.[38][39].

      • Acute poliomyelitis
      • Rubella
      • cholera
      • influenza
      • Japanese encephalitis
      • Rabies
      • Tetanus (regular inoculation)
      • Hepatitis A
      • Hepatitis B (regular vaccination only for healthcare professionals)
      • yellow fever
      • malaria
      • tuberculosis

      Special work

      SDF personnel are assigned special work to work regardless of job type, and work on duty (I do not know when I will enter).Disaster dispatch(Preparing for requests), guard work, out-of-office patrols, sleepless shifts, and runners are stipulated as special work.On-duty work is for one week or less (half a week), and it is possible to prevent trespassing from the outside and prevent SDF personnel (residents in the garrison) who are obliged to live in the garrison from going out, managing curfew, and preventing fires.・ Provide lifestyle guidance.The guard duty isGarrison GuardSee.Off-site patrols are patrols outside the garrison to prevent crimes by SDF personnel.As for the non-sleeping turn, the SDF personnel (residents in the building) who are obliged to live in the garrison take turns and change every hour (or every 1 hours) from the turn-off time to the wake-up time (2st shift, 1nd after the turn-off time). Is called 1 shifts) to prevent fires and prevent illegal invasion from the outside.The messenger conveys the order[Note 15].

      Self-defense officials guarding at garrison guard stations and gatesGuardNot a full-time member (excluding the Ichigaya station of the Ministry of Defense)exerciseIf a combat occupation such as an ordinary course leaves the garrison except for the shift, the business corps and the accounting corps will also work as guards.

      Female SDF personnel also work specially according to the actual situation of the garrison, so if it is not suitable for the purpose of special work, the SDF will be assigned to the reception desk for those who visit the garrison from outside only during the working hours. With the exception of, work is designated for special work such as shift work.

      Limitation, disciplinary action and identity security

      Young retirement age system

      Civil servants, including police officers, work on an individual basis, so the retirement age is 60 years old, but SDF personnel work on a unit basis (group), so both 20s and 50s must be trained at the same pace. It has a youth retirement age system.The youth retirement age system is established for the purpose of being physically strong and maintaining strength as a defense organization.[40]..For SDF personnel in the rank of 3 or above, the retirement age is the age specified by the Self-Defense Forces Law Enforcement Ordinance (54 to 62 years old). To compensate for the disadvantage of pension payments due to early retirement in the 50sYoung retirement benefitsA system has been established.A support organization for reemployment up to the pension payment age has also been established, and the Self-Defense Forces Support Association and others will provide support with the cooperation of the Support Division within the Self-Defense Forces.[Note 18].

      In enlistment as a SDF candidate, the GSDF will treat 2 years and the JMSDF / ASDF will treat 3 years (only the first term) as one term.Even when entering the next term, the retirement allowance can be paid under the name of the maturity allowance, which is said to be aimed at maintaining and improving the strength by securing a large number of young members.Problems are also pointed out in the age of declining birthrate and aging population.When the economy deteriorates, it may be difficult to secure a new job after retirement.

      SamuraiIs automatically promoted in a certain number of years until the chief (Ground Self-Defense Force, NCO, NCO), unless disciplinary action is taken, etc. In order to be promoted to the Ground Self-Defense ForceLand Sergeant CandidateIt is necessary to take a promotion test in the selection test, the Maritime Self-Defense Force and the Air Self-Defense Force (general sergeant candidates also take the same test), pass, and take a certain education in the education corps.[Note 19]..Regardless of non-term members such as fixed-term members and general sergeant candidates, if there is no prospect of promotion to sergeant, they will be discharged.[Note 20]..Considering the difficulty of re-employment due to the recent recession and the risk of changing to a private company, the number of members who want to be promoted to Cao is increasing, and the ratio of Cao promotion examination is increasing.[41].

      For aircraft pilots who retired from the front line around the age of 40 even before retirement age, there is a system of "utilization of SDF pilots in the private sector (omitted)" to mediate to private airlines.[42].

      The average age of SDF personnel is 36 years old (2014), which tends to be slightly higher than in Europe and the United States. Are[42]..Of each countryOfficerRetirement ageUnited Kingdom ThegeneralからLieutenantIs 55 years oldFranceFrom the generalBrigadier generalIs 63 years oldColonelEnsign is 59 years old,AmericaFrom the generalMajor GeneralIs 64 years old, and from brigadier general to second lieutenant is 62 years old, but there are differences in pension payment conditions and retirement allowance systems in each country, and the general society of Japanlifetime employmentBecause it is premised on, simple comparison is not possible[43].

      From December 2019 to December 12, the retirement age was gradually raised for SDF personnel with 2021 or less and 12 or more SDF personnel (1-year-old retirement age).Medical officer-Police-Music・ Excluding occupations such as information and communication)[44][45].

      Reappointment of SDF personnel

      After maintaining the current retirement age, those who have the motivation and ability to work as SDF personnel even after retirement will be reappointed to the posts that carry out the duties specified by the Minister.Appointment form is limited to full-time.The term of office can be renewed within one year.Defense dispatchIn such cases, it can be extended for a certain period (1 year to 6 months).The maximum age for appointment is 65 years or older (13 years from 15 to 61, and then gradually increased by one year every three years).The salary level is 3 to 1% of the annual salary at the time of retirement (when appointed in the same job class). [46][Note 21]

      Fixed-term self-defense officer


      The retirement age of SDF personnel is 60 years old for major generals and above, which is the same as that of national civil servants in general positions.Cabinet Personnel DepartmentHowever, the Ministry of Defense is prohibited from arranging reemployment. Since the retirement age is under 1 years old, a employment support member designated by the Minister of Defense can request the company to hire a retired employee.If the company has no business interests, prospective retirees may seek employment by themselves.[47][48].

      Disciplinary action

      According to the Self-Defense Forces Law, instructions, and rules, if a member falls under any of the following items, he / she will be dismissed (=).Disgrace), Resignation, suspension, salary reduction or disciplinary action.

      • If you violate your duties or neglect your duties
      • In the case of an act that is not suitable for being a member
      • Violation of clothing, abuse of rank insignia
      • In the event of a breach of command and supervision obligations, corruption of subordinates, financial fraud, weapon damage, secret leakage, fire accidents or other serious accidents
      • In the case of mental and physical disorders, mental illness, dementia, and physical disabilities requiring daily assistance
      • If you violate the law with a SDF vehicle, you may not be asked if you are driving a privately owned vehicle.
      • When used to kill firearms, gunpowder, swords or other direct humans, or as a means of armed struggle
      • If your ID or police notebook is fraudulent or lost
      • Timed delay, if there is no good reason by the specified time and it is delayed
      • When a member who is obliged to live in a designated place goes out illegally from a garrison without permission
      • Injury or death due to negligence during the performance of duties
      • Have your subordinates do what they are not obliged to do (Power harassment), Infringement of human rights, or other significant deviations from the scope of job authority
      • Injury, assault or intimidation, rebellion or disobedience to an order, abuse or insult to a superior
      • If you are absent from work for 20 days or more without notice, you will be dismissed from disciplinary action.
      • Other cases of violating this Act, the Self-Defense Forces Personnel Ethics Act (Act No. XNUMX of XNUMX), or orders based on these laws.

      In addition, he was treated for illness due to mental illness such as depression, but he may be retired (so-called shoulder tapping) when he cannot expect improvement and cannot return to work.

      This is a measure on personnel records, and for minor things that do not reach this, measures such as prohibiting going out as an extension of guidance are taken at the discretion of the manager (so-called).(English edition)).

      Taking an examination such as a selection test

      Self-defense officials retain their positionJapan Aerospace Exploration Agency(JAXA)宇宙 飛行 士Although it is possible to take a selection test[49]If you pass, you will need to retire from the Self-Defense Forces to become a JAXA employee. By 2015Kimiya YuiとNorishige KanaiHas been selected as an astronaut and retired[50].U.S. ForcesIn the army of many countries including, you can become an astronaut while maintaining the military status.

      Comparison of SDF personnel with bureaucrats of the Ministry of Defense and other ministries

      Designated position (as of April 2021)
      No. salarySelf-Defense Forces (military officer / uniform group)Ministry of Defense Internal Bureau, etc.[Note 22]Other ministries (civilian officials)
      8 No.Joint Chief of StaffUnder Secretary of DefenseEach ministryUnder Secretary
      Financial Services Agency-Consumer Affairs Agency-Immigration Control Agency-National Police Agency
      Assistant Secretary of the Cabinet Secretariat-Cabinet Intelligence Officer-Cabinet spokesman
      Cabinet Legal Affairs Bureau-Deputy Director of the Imperial Household Agency
      7 No.Chief of Ground Staff-Chief of Staff-Chief of Flight StaffDefense Deputy Director
      National Defense Academylong
      Police commander-Commissioner of the Japan Coast Guard
      Deputy Director General[Note 23]
      6 No.Defense Equipment AgencySecretaryMinistry of FinanceAccounting stationLengthDeputy Chief of National Police Agency
      Outer officeSecretary of
      Director, Cabinet Satellite Information Center
      5 No.Ground Component Commander[51], Ground Self-Defense ForceArmy General Manager,Self-Defense Fleet Commander,Yokosuka District Chief,Sasebo District Chief[52]
      Air Defense Command Commander,Air support groupCommander[53],Aviation Education GroupCommander,Information Headquarterslong[54]
      National Defense Medical Collegelong
      Defense inspector
      Chief Cabinet Secretary
      Director of Defense Policy Bureau
      Director of Regional Cooperation Bureau
      Defense Equipment Agency Defense Technical Supervisor
      Main MinistrySecretary
      4 No.Kure District Chief,Air Self-Defense Force Supply HeadquarterslongDefense Research Institutelong
      SDF Central Hospitallong
      Director of Personnel Education
      Maintenance Planning Bureau Director
      Director of the Ministry
      National Police Academy・ Deputy General Manager of the Metropolitan Police Department
      -Osaka Prefectural Police Headquarters-Kanto District Police Departmentlong
      3 No.Deputy Chief of Staff, Integration, Land, Maritime, and Air Staff,Maizuru-Ominato District General Manager,
      Ground Self-Defense Force Education and Training Research Headquarterslong[51],Ground Self-Defense Force Supply Control Headquarterslong
      Aviation corpsDeputy commander
      Deputy Director General of Policy Planning, Minister's Secretariat
      Joint Staff Office
      Secretariat SummaryCounselor
      Hyogo,FukuokaChief of each police headquartersImperial Guard Headquarters
      Japan Coast GuardDeputy DirectorJapan Coast Guard
      2 No.第 1,第 2,第 3,第 4,第 6Each ofDivision leader,JGSDF Fuji SchoolLong,
      Escort fleet-Submarine fleet-Aviation group-Education aviation groupCommander,Maritime Self-Defense Force Supply HeadquartersLong,Maritime Self-Defense Force Executive Schoollong
      Air Defense ForceCommander,Aviation Development Experiment GroupCommander,Air Self-Defense Force executive schoollong
      Deputy Principal of National Defense Academy (former Secretary of National Defense Academy),Togobakuryo Schoollong
      Defense Policy Bureau Deputy Director
      Deputy Director, Regional Cooperation Bureau
      Minister's Secretariat Hygiene Supervisor
      Minister's SecretariatSpokesman
      Minister's Office Document Supervisor
      Minister's Secretariat Cyber ​​Security
      ・ Deputy Director General
      Minister's SecretariatCounselor
      South Kanto,Kyushu Defense Bureau,OkinawaDefense Bureaulong
      Defense Equipment Agency Commissioner-General's Secretariat Equipment Officer, Commissioner-General's Secretariat Deputy Director,
      Project Management Manager, Aviation Equipment Research Institute Director, Next Generation Equipment Research Institute Director
      HeadquartersDeputy head
      District Police DepartmentChief (excluding Kanto Regional Police Bureau)
      1 No.第 7,第 8,第 9,第 10Each ofDivision leader,Brigade leader,Chief of Staff, Ground Component Command,Kanto Supply Manager
      Chief of Staff, Self-Defense Fleet Command,Air Defense Command Commander
      General Manager of Joint Staff Office,Director of the Joint Staff Office Defense Program-Secretary of National Defense Medical College,Deputy Director, National Institute for Defense Studies, Chief of each act
      Minister's Secretariat Facility Supervisor
      Hokkaido,Tohoku,North Kanto,Kinki Chubu,
      Chugoku and ShikokuDefense Director
      General Manager of Acquisition, Technology and Logistics Agency (excluding General Manager of Project Management Department)
      Land Equipment, Acquisition, Technology and Logistics Agency, Director of Ship Equipment Research Institute,
      Next Generation Equipment Research Institute Advanced Function Research Supervisor
      Local branch officelong

      Granting special skill qualifications to SDF personnel

      Some of the special skills that SDF personnel need for their duties (Doctor,Aircraft pilotEtc.) are trained within the corps because qualifications are required.Examiners are dispatched from the competent ministries and agencies for some qualification examinations.

      The acquired qualifications are basically valid even after retirement, but with regard to aircraft pilot qualifications, if you retire after retirement, you will be prohibited from working as a pilot for two years after retirement.[42]There are some restrictions.

      Self-Defense Forces Automobile Training Center Designated driving schoolIs treated the same as.
      * Large car("Self-Defense Forces vehicle only”) ・ Large sizespecial-Towing-Motorcycle(Complete the required courses in the driving school course) (Free of charge)[55]・ Paid)
      • Aviation
      The Self-Defense Forces have been designated as an aviation worker training facility by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
      * Aircraft pilot (Complete the pilot training course) (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismCommercial pilot)
      * Aviation mechanic (Complete the training course for aircraft maintenance technicians)
      * Air traffic controller (Training education is conducted by the Self-Defense Forces, but the exam isMinistry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismImplemented)

      Job category

      In the armed forces of other countriesMilitary departmentIn the Ground Self-Defense Force,Job category", At sea and in the Japan Air Self-Defense Force"Work area".

      As of 2017, it is divided into 49 species[56].

      In addition to the following occupationsAviation student,Land Sergeant Aviation Flight Student,School corps,Technical schoolDuring training at such places, students will be treated as students regardless of occupation and will concentrate on education and training.

      Ground Self Defense Force

      15 jobs.16 jobs if special departments are classified.

      • ordinary
      • Armor
      • Special course
        • Field warfare special course
        • High-firing special course
      • 情报
      • aviation
      • Facility
      • communication
      • arms
      • Quartermaster
      • 輸送
      • Chemical
      • Police
      • Accounting
      • health
      • Music


      There are more than 50 different jobs for executives and sergeants.The following mainly shows the occupations of sergeants.[57].

      • Attack personnel
        • shooting
        • Shooting tube
        • Operation
        • torpedo
        • Water measurement
        • Minesweeper mine
      • Nautical and shipping personnel
        • navigation
        • Operations specialist
        • communication
        • Meteorological ocean
        • Electronic maintenance
      • Engine personnel
        • Steam (boiler / steamer)
        • diesel
        • gas turbine
        • Motor
        • Emergency work
      • Aviation personnel
      • Accounting / supply personnel
        • accounting
        • Supply
        • School lunch
        • health
      • Other land personnel, etc.


      17 jobs in the largest group.The sergeant has a huge subdivision feat under this.

      • Flight
      • Air traffic control
      • Alert control
      • High fire
      • Computer processing
      • weather
      • communication
      • Weapons and ammunition
      • Aircraft maintenance
      • Facility
      • health
      • Supply
      • security
      • Music
      • 輸送
      • Accounting
      • Legal affairs

      Job title of female SDF personnel

      The occupation of female SDF personnel (previously female SDF personnel before March 2003) was 3.Security forcesIn the era, a nurse (a nurse at that time), a senior self-defense officer who graduated from a university in 1967, a SDF officer in 1968, the Ground Self-Defense Force, accounting department, communication department, document department (Japanese typewriterTypist. After being abolished in the 1980s, it began with a transfer to a non-combat occupation except for retirees whose term has expired. From 1974, the recruitment of female SDF personnel began in the sea and sky.

      Unlike men, skirts were used as uniforms.She is still the first female general of the Self-Defense ForcesHikaru SaekiBy the idea of妊娠For the female SDF personnel insideMaternity dressType uniforms will be provided[58]..If you become pregnant, you will be excluded from some tasks such as boarding an aircraft, but you can return if you pass a physical examination after childcare leave.[59].

      Parade of Japan Self-Defense ForceThen, female SDF personnel (about 100 people) of the military class temporarily convened from land, sea and air form a female SDF walking unit.[60].

      Ministry of Defense The1993"SDFAll ofWork areaIs open to female SDF personnel. "however20127/11At the time of the "Ministry of Defense Gender Equality Promotion Headquarters Decision", the following women's self-defense for the reasons of "protection of motherhood", "possibility of close-quarters combat", "ensuring privacy between men and women", and "economic efficiency" There were restrictions on the placement of officials.Japan Ground Self-Defense Forceaboutgeneral courseCompany,tankCompany,reconnaissanceCorps,FacilityCompany,Anti-tank helicopter flight team,Chemical protection(platoon,tunnelCompany, etc.JMSDFThen.submarine,Missile boat,Minesweeper(Boat),Special guard,Japan Air Self-Defense ForceThen.Fighter,Reconnaissance aircraftPlacement to[61][62][63].

      Maritime GuardThe Maritime Self-Defense Force's march song "Going to the Sea," which had been sung since its inception, was traditionally sung "Born with a Man" and was sung by female SDF personnel as it was.However, because the lyrics did not match the times and the song was not originally established as a corps song, it was officially changed to a publicly recruited lyrics that does not include gender in 50, which is the 2002th anniversary of the establishment of the Maritime Self-Defense Force. It became a corps song[64].

      Long term in 2002Childcare leaveTemporarily hire a former SDF as an alternative to the SDF insideFixed-term self-defense officerWas founded.東 テ モ ー ルInPKOA female SDF officer participated for the first time in.(I.e.Engaged in physical examinations for women to support humanitarian reconstruction[65].

      2008ToDestroyerWork at[66].

      2012January,Miho OtaniBecame the first female deputy chief of the escort ship. (Escort ship "Asagiri")

      201511/13, Ministry of Defense Gender Equality Promotion Headquarters and Ministry of Defense Female Staff Active and Work-Life Balance Promotion Headquarters have decided to lift restrictions on the placement of female SDF personnel on JASDF fighters and reconnaissance aircraft.[67][68]..As a result, the Japan Air Self-Defense Force has no restrictions on female SDF personnel.U.S. ForcesIn the 4th Army, the gender restrictions on pilots have been lifted, and not only fighters and attack helicopters, but also fighter pilot instructors,Thunderbirds(Aerobatic corps) Also has a female pilot.

      2015Departed Yokosuka Port on November 11thNewsA female SDF officer boarded the ship[69].

      2016To the Ground Self-Defense ForceAttack helicopterWas released[66]..The Maritime Self-Defense Force was opened except for submarines[70].

      In February 2016, Miho Otani said, "Yamagiri”Auxiliary to the captain.She became the first female escort captain.

      As of the end of 2016, female SDF personnel accounted for 6.1% of all SDF personnel.[71]..At the beginning of the establishment of the Self-Defense Forces, there were 144 people (0.1%), but the number is increasing year by year.[72]..In addition, 23.4% of the clerks are women.[73].

      On April 2017, 4, the Ministry of Defense is considering to actually start deploying to the Ground Self-Defense Force Infantry Squadron, Tank Squadron, and Reconnaissance Squadron as early as 18.As a result, occupations with gender restrictions are available in the Ground Self-Defense Force.Special Weapons Protection CorpsWork with personnel who handle radiation in the area where dust is generatedMine company, In the Maritime Self-Defense ForcesubmarineOnly the crew[71]..The measure to increase the number of female SDF personnel is called the "Women's Self-Defense Forces Active Promotion Initiative" so that they can respond to double-income work.Childcare leave-Nursing care leaveTo strengthen the acquisition of[66]..In line with this, go to the garrison or basenurseryMaintenance was promoted in terms of hardware, such as maintenance.[63]

      In August 2017, a female Ground Self-Defense Force officer (8st class Rikusa) was appointed as the 15th generation commander of the 6th Logistics Regiment.She became the first female regimental commander of the Ground Self-Defense Force[74].

      In August 2018, the Japan Air Self-Defense Force changed its course from transport aircraft to fighter aircraft following the removal of restrictions in 8.Misa MatsushimaCompleted the fighter flight course, and the first Japanese female fighter pilot was born.[63].

      In August 2018, the Maritime Self-Defense Force confirmed the problems by embarking on a short voyage in preparation for the placement of women on submarines.

      In December 2018, restrictions on submarines were lifted, allowing women to work in all areas of the Maritime Self-Defense Force.[75][76][77]..In addition, after 2019, we are planning to install women's toilets etc. in the submarine education and training corps.[78][79].

      On August 2019, 8, a female SDF officer (1st class Rikusa) was appointed as the commander of the 9th Special Regiment and the commander of the Iwate station, which is a combat occupation.[80].

      December 2019, 12, Miho OtaniMissile escort ship(Aegis ship) "MyokoI was appointed as the captain.She is the captain of the first female flagship-class destroyer.

      Since January 2020, female SDF personnel, executives and sergeants, have been enrolled in the Submarine Education and Training Corps. In October 1, five female SDF personnel were awarded the submarine emblem and became the first female submarine crew member.After education, aim for promotion around 2020[81]..As a result, the restrictions on the placement of female SDF personnel will be completely abolished, except for some areas of the GSDF where the placement is restricted due to legal restrictions.In the US Navy and the Royal Navy, women are also assigned to nuclear submarines that sail for a long time, but nuclear submarines have ample power and fresh water, a large internal volume, and a hygienic and comfortable living space.However, it is estimated that there are many difficulties because the environment of the conventional submarines owned by the Maritime Self-Defense Force is the opposite.[82][83].

      In March 2020, one female SDF personnel (3rd class SDF)1st Airborne BrigadeCompleted the training course and became the first female member of the 1st Airborne Brigade[84][85].

      According to the results up to August 2018, the number of female SDF personnel who have risen to the rank of general officer isHikaru Saeki,Michiko Kajita,Keiko Kashihara,Natsue Kondo,Yasuko OnoOf 5 peopleæµ·-Our SkyMajor GeneralOnly.

      As of 2020, what is not open to women in the recruitment / appointment categoryJapan Ground Self-Defense Force OfHigh technical school studentOnly.


      Basic knowledge of modern terminologyIn the 2016 editorial postscript, if a SDF personnel working overseas accidentally kills or injures a local inhabitant, at this stage,Criminal lawSince there is no domestic law development on the Japanese side other than the application outside the region, it is said that it is a future issue.[86].

      2017 edition published on August 8, 8Defense White PaperIn the column "Risks of SDF personnel", after acknowledging the possibility of new risks associated with new missions such as rush guard and joint defense of campsites, activities are suspended at "actual battle sites". He emphasizes that risks are "minimized and localized" by doing things and collecting information in advance.[87].

      Kenji Isesaki"The Self-Defense ForcesDefense dispatchIf you accidentally kill a civilian, there is no law to judge it, and there is no court to judge it.Criminal lawThere is a claim that it is not a crime because it falls under the legitimate defense of Article 35, but there is no basis.尖 閣 諸島If a bullet hits a Chinese fishing boat or a civilian, China willWar crimesInsisted that it became a diplomatic problem, and the Ground Self-Defense Force's overseas baseジブチIn Islamic State (HEAT) Will be a problem if the Djibouti people are hit by a defensive bullet.In order to occupy a prestigious position in the international community, we should hurry to improve domestic laws before an accident occurs. "[88]It has said.


      [How to use footnotes]

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      2. ^ In Article 141 of the Local Autonomy Law, there is a provision that the local chief cannot be a member of the Diet, a member of the local assembly, a full-time employee of the local government, or a short-time employee of the local government. There is a provision that it cannot be used as a member of parliament, a local chief, a full-time employee of a local government, or a short-time employee of a local government, but there is no explicit provision prohibiting the concurrent appointment of a local public office and a reserve self-defense official.
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