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🎥 | The beginning of everything is a red meteorite- "Welcome to the Occult Forest THE MOVIE" notice lifted

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The beginning of everything is a red meteorite- "Welcome to the Occult Forest THE MOVIE" notice lifted

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It's a non-stop roller coaster horror adventure where Kuroishi's camera keeps shooting horrifying events.

It's all the beginning from the movie "Welcome to the Occult Forest THE MOVIE" starring actress Mayu Hotta ... → Continue reading

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roller coaster

roller coaster (British: roller coaster) Isamusement parkIs installed inAttractionIs a kind ofScreaming machineOne of the types of vehicles called (thrill ride).

in Japanroller coaster(Japanglish: jet coaster) Is often called. This is a name derived from accelerating like a jet injection, but in realityJet engineAre not used. Formerly Korakuen Yuenchi (Present:Tokyo Dome City Attractions) Derived from the name of the attraction that existed in.

Passengers on a roller coaster enjoy the play equipment by running at high speed on curved rails with steep slopes and angles, and sometimes making one revolution while enjoying the thrill of turning upside down.

How it works

In a roller coaster, there is basically no power in the train itself with passengers, and in general, a chain lift is used to wind the vehicle up to the highest point on the rail and run downhill from here.Potential energyThePhysical energyTurn to and increase speed. Then, when it falls to some extent, the slope is run up again to convert kinetic energy into potential energy. During this time, the kinetic energyfriction,Air resistanceSince it is attenuated by such factors, the summit is gradually placed at a lower position after the second mountain. By repeating this operation, the roller coaster went on, and finally the metal plate attached to the vehicle was installed on the rail.Brake padBetween them, causing friction, and mainly kinetic energyHeat energyTo release and stop.

These days, not the chainFlywheel,Linear motorIt is common to use compressed air or the like to appropriately add kinetic energy at the start or during running. By this method,catapultThe feeling of acceleration that is emitted by the conventional type and the unexpectedness of acceleration in the section that is not accelerated by the conventional type are produced, and it is also possible to produce a speed that can not be realized by the chain method.In addition, the chain method requires a fairly large-scale winding to increase the speed of the coaster, and the land and construction costs are also considerably enormous.In that respect as well, methods such as linear motors are advantageous.Regarding the brake system,electromagnet,permanent magnetUsingEddy currentIntroducing a non-contact type that generates noise, it has become possible to smoothly decelerate and stop, and to significantly reduce noise when the brakes are activated.

The roller coaster course has mountains, valley bottoms, and left and right curves.Centrifugal forceIt takes. Roller coasterspecAs the centrifugal force on the passengers重力 OfHeli TheG(Acceleration of gravity) May be expressed in multiples of that. thisPowerThe change in the roller coaster is one of the real pleasures of the roller coaster, and it is sometimes used to evaluate the ride quality in addition to the height and speed.However, the force exerted on the passengers is a burden on the body, soClothoid curveSuch asRelaxation curveTo shorten the time it takes a strong force,CantBy adding (tilt of rails) and dispersing centrifugal force in the lateral direction of passengers in the vertical direction, the influence of the force applied to passengers is adjusted to reduce the burden on the body.

in Japan,1959(Showa34 years) roller coasterBuilding Standards LawIt is now treated as a "workpiece", and safety standards and regular inspections are implemented based on laws and ministerial ordinances. What is treated as a "workpiece", that is, a building, and not treated as a vehicle, is that the passengers have the same boarding point and exit point, and the boarding and exit points are different. Is believed to be from.

As an application of a roller coaster, paying attention to the fact that there is no drive unit on the vehicle side, a gently sloping rail is provided on the road etc.New transportation systemResearch of "eco-ride" to be used as2006From (18) degree to 2009 (Heisei 21) degreeNew Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)2009(21) From degree2010(22) up toMinistry of Economy, Trade and IndustryIt is carried out as a consignment business of[1][2].


There are many combinations of the following several elements.

Course structure
  • Camelback-the basic structure.Drive on a mountainous course, like the back of a camel.When crossing a mountain while maintaining speed, you can feel weightlessness (zero G), and the feeling of floating at this time is called "air time".This camelback that rotates the rail 360 degrees is called "Zero G Roll", and the one that reverses 180 degrees is called "Zero G Stall".
  • Cyclone-A structure that passes through the rail inside the structure that supports the rail. You can enjoy the thrill of hitting a structure.
  • Horizontal Loop / Helix-A high-speed horizontal turn of a spiral course with a cant attached. Some descend from top to bottom and some climb from bottom to top.
  • Vertical Loop-A structure that "rotates 360 degrees vertically" to make somersaults.A coaster that includes this vertical loop is called a loop coaster.
  • Corkscrew- Wine OfCorkscrewIt has a structure that "rotates 360 degrees in a spiral" like.
  • Mouse-As the name suggests, it moves like a mouse. 2 --Many small single-seater vehicles with a capacity of 4 people have curves without a cant.In some cases, there is a 360-degree vertical loop, or the vehicle rotates 360 degrees horizontally.
  • Wooden-Structures such as stanchions that hold rails are made of wood.Due to its unique appearance and creaking and bending due to the characteristics of wood, it has a unique vibration and floating feeling (air time) that is different from steel.Also, many of them run in a wooden frame.There is a growing tendency to replace hybrid coasters around the world, but many are still popular, such as The Adventurers'El Toro and Everland's T Express.In Japan, it was introduced all over the country, starting with "Jupiter" at Kijima Kogen Park.
  • Hybrid-A combination of steel and wood.The rails are made of wood and the stanchions are made of steel, or vice versa.The vibration is less than that of wood, but it is possible to create a complicated course structure that is impossible with wood.Outside Japan, construction work is underway to hybridize the existing wooden coaster (using steel for the rail and the columns in contact with it), and in Japan, the Nagashima Spa Land wooden coaster `` White Cyclone'' will be hybridized as `` Hakugei'' 2019 It opened on March 3, 28.
  • Bobsled-A half-piped course, like a bobsleigh.Since there is no rail to fix the vehicle, the feature is that the vehicle swings from side to side while driving on a curve.It was seen all over the world in the old days, but it is rarely newly created after 2000 due to reasons such as obstruction of visibility and difficulty in speeding up, and the number of operating vehicles is decreasing.
  • Racing-A type that allows two vehicles to run side by side.
  • Round Trip / Shuttle-Traveling back and forth on a course with large slopes at both ends.Also called boomerang outside Japan.
  • Single rail-Only one rail is in the state of a monorail, and the machine runs so as to cover it.While it is possible to take complicated rails, the speed is not so high.
Vehicle structure
  • Standing-Those that are fixed while standing on the ride. in JapanYomiuri Land,Washuzan HighlandSome examples.Magic Mountain's "Riddlers Revenge" is known outside Japan, but it has hardly been produced outside Japan since the fatal accident of Expoland's Fujin Raijin II.
  • Suspended-As the name suggests, the vehicle is suspended at the bottom of the rail, and the difference from the inverted one is that there is a scaffolding.So to speak, it's like a gondola.The seat is not fixed to the rail surface, and it is characterized by being swung left and right like a pendulum by centrifugal force on a curve.Therefore, there are no rotating elements such as vertical loops. It became popular outside Japan from 1981, and several units were in operation in Japan, but it was removed due to cost problems such as Everland's "Eagle Fortress" because the turnover rate is not good for the maintenance cost. There are many things.
  • Inverted-The name means "reverse" and is a type of vehicle suspended on rails that does not have a scaffolding.It's like a ski lift.Since the body is difficult to fix except for the limbs, it can withstand complicated rail structures, so it is easy to install loops and screws, and a unique gimmick called pretzel is also adopted.In Japan, there is an advantage that a small site can be effectively used, so from the 1990s, starting with "Diablo" in Himeji Central Park, Shima Spain Village ("Pyrenees"), Nasu Highland Park ("F2"), etc. Introduced in. Manufactured by B & M and Becoma, it seats four and two per row, respectively.In a narrow sense, it refers to the same model manufactured by B & M, and the one manufactured by Becoma is called SLC (suspended loop coaster).
  • Floorless-Developed by B & M.The rail is the same as the conventional type that exists underneath, but the foot is lost at the time of departure and the foot runs in a dangling state. Manufactured by Intamin in 1998 and introduced outside Japan, it has not been introduced in Japan and has not been introduced much because of the high capital investment cost outside Japan.On the other hand, coasters with a shape that raises the seats of ordinary coasters so that they do not get on their feet have been developed.
  • Flying-A seat that faces down at the time of departure and always runs prone.You can feel as if you are flying in the sky.Introduced in Universal Studios Japan and Nagashima Spa Land in Japan.It was once introduced at Fuji-Q Highland, but it was remodeled into a non-flying type due to a passenger fracture accident.
  • Diving-A thing that suddenly falls vertically after pausing while facing straight down at the top.The vehicle has seats for 8 to 10 people, and both ends are completely off the rails.Not introduced in Japan.
  • Motorbike-A motorcycle that straddles a vehicle in a forward leaning position and runs with the body fixed from the back.Due to the structure of the vehicle, there are no rotating elements such as loops.
  • Wing-A seat that sticks out of the rail, like a bird's wing.There is nothing blocking the view, and there is a feeling of openness.Although it has not been introduced in Japan, there is a four-dimensional type that is similar in ride shape, which will be described later, and Fuji-Q Highland's "Ee ja nai ka" is a similar shape.
  • 3D-A coaster developed by Arrow Dynamics of the United States.Regardless of the behavior of the rails, the seat itself has its own mechanically controlled rotational movement.As a result, it has become possible to perform movements that were not possible with any type of thing up to now.In addition, the four-dimensional is derived from the fact that the rotation of the seat is newly added as the fourth to the three-dimensional movement of the coaster that advances along the shape of the rail and moves up, down, left and right.However, since Arrow Dynamics went out of business in 4, only a few were manufactured, such as the Magic Mountain X2002.
  • New 4D / XNUMXD Spin-SwissInterminA coaster developed by S & S in the United States and S & S in the United States.Often referred to as a spin coaster to differentiate it from a four-dimensional coaster.In the fourth dimension, the controlled rotational motion is not controlled and changes depending on the weight balance of the front and rear seats.Therefore, every time you get on the train (the combination of passengers changes), not only the rotation but also the speed is different, and the movement is always unpredictable.In Japan, it appeared as "2017D Spin Coaster Arashi (ARASHI)" in Nagashima Spa Land on March 3, 10.
  • Self-propelled --- The vehicle is equipped with power such as a motor.


There are various theories on its origin (America OfDollyAndRussiaDeveloped from the ice slides). The basis of the current roller coaster is(English edition 1884ToConey IslandIt was built inPatentTo get. Early roller coasters were made of wood, and today there are a few wooden coasters in existence and in operation.

JapanThen.1890(Meiji"Automatic railway" (roller coaster) landed for the first time at the 23rd Domestic Expo (Ueno) in 3) and was relocated to Imamiya Gyuryukan in Osaka in the fall. In 1925 (Taisho 14)TamagawaenA permanent "shore wave ride" (roller coaster) was installed in. In 1935 (Showa 10)Ayame Pond Amusement ParkWas installed in[3].

1952(Showa27 years)12The Takarazuka Shin Onsen Amusement Park (laterTakarazuka Family Land) Was permanently installed for the first time under the name "Wave Coaster". This is also said to be a coaster imported from the United States[4].. The first roller coaster made in Japan,Sadaichi Yamada[5]Developed by Toyo Amusement Machine, the oldest in existenceAsakusa HanayashikiIt is a "roller coaster".

1955(30)7/9Opened inKorakuen YuenchiThen.JetIt is named after the roller coaster and becomes popular. This design and developmentShinmeiwa Industry(Kawanishi Aircraft) Made the best use of aircraft development technology from prewar days[5][6].. From here, the name "roller coaster" became commonly used, and this day was designated as "roller coaster day".

1977(Showa 52) (3/13From the start of business)Yatsu YuenIntroduced Japan's first 360 degree rotating coaster "Corkscrew". With this as a triggerthe 1980sからthe 2000sTo the present (now), large-scale roller coasters will be installed in various places as the main attraction of the amusement park.

2007(Heisei19 years)5/5ToExpolandIn the standing coaster "Fujin Raijin II", the axle ruptured during commercial driving, and the car body tilted significantly after derailing, resulting in the death of one passenger woman and serious and minor injuries to other passengers.[7][8]..Due to poor maintenance (which is also said to be a structural defect such as durability), coasters at other amusement park facilities will also be thoroughly inspected, and there will be situations where the operation will be suspended for a medium to long term. bottom.

Well-known coasters outside Japan

In this section, we will talk about famous roller coasters outside Japan that have become the best in the world in terms of total length, maximum speed, maximum point, maximum inclination angle, number of revolutions, and other awards, or whose source is clearly stated. Describe.


Top thrill dragster (Top Thrill Dragster)
Location:Ohio"Cedar point] / Material: Iron / Open: 2003
Drag racingCoaster with the theme of. At the time of opening, it was certified by Guinness with three items of height 128 m, head 121.9 m, maximum speed 193.1 km/h, until then the highest speed in the world "Do Donpa" (Fuji-Q Highland) and the highest in height and height in the world It surpassed the record of "Steel Dragon 3" (Nagashima Spa Land). Currently, second only to Kinda Ka, the top speed is third in the world, and the height and head are the second highest in the world.
Magnum XL-200 (Mugnum XL-200)
Location: "Cedar Point", Ohio / Material: Iron / Open: 1989
The world's first coaster to exceed 200 feet (about 60 m) in height. It drops from a height of 62.5m at an angle of 60 degrees and reaches a maximum speed of 116km/h. Tunnels are installed at each point of the course. This coaster is a model of the "Titan (currently Titan MAX)" (Space World) that opened in Japan in 1994.
Millennium Force
Location: "Cedar Point", Ohio / Material: Iron / Open: 2000
The world's first coaster with a height of over 300 feet (about 90 m). It falls at an angle of 94.5 degrees from a height of 80 m.The head is 91.4m and the maximum speed is 149.7km / h.It features less vibration and smooth running.At the time of its appearance, it boasted the world's highest specifications in height, head, and speed, but since the "Steel Dragon 2000" and "Fury 325" that surpassed them appeared in the same year, it is now the third largest in the world for roll-up coasters. Is.
Steel Vengeance
Location: "Cedar Point", Ohio / Material: Hybrid / Open: 2018
It is a hybrid of the original wooden coaster "Mean Streak".As a hybrid coaster, it is the world's best in height, head, maximum speed, fall angle, rotation speed, etc., and it is the world's best in all coasters in terms of total air time (floating time).
X2 (X2)
Location:California"Six Flags Magic Mountain] / Material: Iron
Initially opened in 2002 as the world's first four-dimensional coaster "X (X)" with a mechanism that rotates the seat in the front-back direction.After that, the color of the rails and columns was changed, a vehicle equipped with an audio function was introduced, special effects such as flames were added, and it was reopened in 2008. "Eejanaika" (Fuji-Q Highland) is the successor to this coaster.
Superman: Escape from Krypton
Location: California "Six Flags Magic Mountain" / Material: Iron
SupermanThemed coaster.Originally appeared in 1997 under the name "Superman the Escape".It was a coaster that accelerated to a maximum speed of 7 km / h in 161 seconds by a linear motor, climbed the tower that rises vertically with that momentum, and fell backward from a height of 100 m in a zero gravity state and returned to the original course.
Renewed to the current name in 2011. We changed the coloring of the rails and columns, and changed the vehicle that was accelerating in the forward direction to the backward direction this time. It became the world's first rearwardly accelerating coaster.
July 2012, 7, is a villain of SupermanRex lutherThe world's largest (122m high) free fall "Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom" was opened with the theme of "Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom" sharing the tower part of the coaster.
Location: California "Six Flags Magic Mountain" / Material: Iron
It is a flying type coaster in which the seat tilts as soon as it departs and the rider is crawling. With a height of 51.8m and a maximum speed of 99.8km/h, it is the largest flying coaster in the world. The name Tatsu isJapaneseComes from the "dragon".
Full Throttle
Location: California "Six Flags Magic Mountain" / Material: Iron / Open: 2013
Immediately after the start, the linear motor accelerates to 112.7 km/h and passes through a loop of 48.8 m in height and 38.75 m in diameter. At the time of opening, it had the highest speed and loop diameter in the world as a pure loop coaster. Other points include a point where you stop halfway, accelerate backwards and then move forward, and a camelback that passes over the above-mentioned loop.
Riddler's Revenge
Location: California "Six Flags Magic Mountain" / Material: Iron
バ ッ ト マ ンAppear inRiddlerCoaster with the motif. It is the largest standing coaster in the world that runs on a course with huge loops and twists.
Twisted Colossus
Location: California Six Flags Magic Mountain / Material: Hybrid / Open: 2015
A hybrid of the original wooden coaster "Colossus".As the name suggests, it flips in two places in the course.In addition, the total length is longer because the two courses that originally ran side by side were connected into one.
Location: California "Six Flags Magic Mountain" / Material: Iron / Open: 1976
The world's first vertical loop coaster, renewed in 2006, continues to operate as The New Revolution, which allows you to ride while wearing VR goggles.
Matterhorn Bobsleds
Location: California “Tokyo Disneyland] / Material: Iron
as its name suggestsBobsledSit side by side in a vertical row likeMatterhornSprinting in the mountains, the climax lands on the pond. The one that opened1959And of the worldDisney parkIt is the oldest roller coaster.
California Screamin'
Location: California “Disney California Adventure] / Material: Iron
Large coaster. The vehicle is equipped with speakers, and music and sound effects are played. The course is equipped with a linear acceleration that reaches 4km/h in 88.5 seconds and a 360-degree loop along the sun symbol. Previously not the sun,Mickey MouseWas the silhouette of his face. In 2018Mr. IncrediblesWith the motifIncredible coasterWas renewed.
Location: California “Nuts berry farm] / Material: Iron
World's firstIntermin・Introduced as an accelerator. The hydraulic motor produces a sudden acceleration of over 2.3 km/h in 130 seconds, and immediately after that, it vertically ascends and vertically falls. Then, turn into a figure eight and drive.
Kingda Ka (Kingda Ka)
Location:New Jersey"Six Flags Great Adventure] / Material: Iron / Open: 2005
A coaster in "Six Flags Great Adventure" in New Jersey.2005The height of 139m, the drop of 127.4m, and the maximum speed of 206km/h.GuinnessCertified by. Although the highest speed was the second highest in the world, the height and the drop are still the highest in the world. It takes 2 seconds to reach the maximum speed.
On July 2014, 7, the tower part of the world's largest (height 4m)Free fall"Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom" has opened.
El Toro
Location: "Six Flags Great Adventure" / Material: Wooden / Open: 2006
Large wooden coaster.Total length 1340m. It fell from a height of 55m at an angle of 76 degrees, and at that time the fall angle was the highest in the world for wood.In addition, general wooden coasters are characterized by strong vibration, but this coaster is made so that vibration is hardly felt, and it was nominated for the annual award of the Golden Ticket and competed with Voyage until the end. rice field.By the way, what is El Toro?SpanishIt means "bull".
Location: USAIllinois"Six Flags Great America" ​​/ Material: Wooden / Open: 2014
With a maximum speed of 115.9km / h, a maximum head of 54.9m, and a maximum drop angle of 85 degrees, it is the best existing wooden coaster in the world.There are also rare wooden rotations such as a dive loop that flips 180 degrees and then falls, and the world's first Zero-g Stall that flips 180 degrees at the top of the camelback.There is also a model called "Goliath" in Magic Mountain, but it is a completely different, roll-up iron coaster.
Location:New York State"Coney Island" / Material: Wooden / Open: 1927
It is said to be particularly old among roller coasters.
Incredible Hulk
Location:Florida"Islands of Adventure/ Material: Iron / Open: May 1999
Opened when the park openedHulkA large coaster with the motif. When it starts, it slowly rises in the darkness, but it accelerates suddenly from the middle, jumps out, and at the same time rotates 360 degrees. After that, it will run on a course with various loops and twists.
Dragon Challenge
Location: Florida "Universal's Islands of Adventure" / Material: Iron
Inverted coaster. There are two courses, the red rail "Chinese Fireball" and the blue rail "Hungarian Horntail", each with different loops and twists.
Originally named "Dueling Dragons", it opened at the same time as the park opened.The course names were also "Fire Dragon" and "Ice Dragon". New area "Wizarding World of Harry PotterIt became an attraction in "and was renewed.
Expedition Everest
Location: Florida "Disney Animal Kingdom] / Material: Iron
Large coaster. As the name implies, it is the highest mountain in the worldEverestIs a motif, and everywhereYetiAppears. Also, run backwards on the waySwitchbackHas been introduced. The total construction cost is $1 million, the highest of any Disney Park coaster.
Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit
Location: Florida "Universal Studios Florida] / Material: Iron / Open: 2009
A speaker is built into the ear of the seat so that you can listen to music while riding. For music, you can select one of the preset songs. The course is equipped with vertical winding that rises while looking up at the sky, and a "non-inverted loop" that does not turn upside down at the top of the world's first loop.
Fury 325
Location:North carolina () / Material: Iron / Open: 2015
The world's largest roll-up hyper coaster.From the height of 325 feet (99 m), which is the origin of the name, it slides downhill at an inclination angle of 81 °. Except for "Kingda Ka" and "Top Thrill Dragster", it is the highest in the world, and it is still the number one in the world as a winding type as of 2022.In addition, the speed is 1km / h and the total length is 152m, all of which have specifications that exceed the "Millennium Force".
Location: CanadaOntario"Canada's Wonderland" / Material: Iron / Open: May 2012
The third largest roll-up coaster in the world.It has a total length of 3 km and falls from a height of 1.67 m at an angle of 93.3 degrees, reaching a maximum speed of 85 km / h.The name is "The Old TestamentThe monster that appears in "Leviathan"From."
Location: "Canada's Wonderland", Ontario, Canada / Material: Iron / Open: 2008
The seats and safety bar are the same as Leviathan, but while there are four people in a row, the seats at both ends are lowered by one, and the seats are installed in a V shape when viewed from above. ..It was a large roll-up coaster and had the highest specs in Canada in terms of total length, maximum speed, and maximum altitude, but it was repainted with "Leviathan" in the park.The total length is 1km, the maximum speed is 4km / h, the height is 1m, the total length is 1.62m, and the steep slope with an inclination angle of 123 ° runs through to the very limit of the ground. I've been ranked number one in the scary coaster rankings.The name is the monster "Old Testament"Behemoth"From."
The Voyage
Location: USAIndiana"Holiday World" / Material: Hybrid / Open: 2006
A hybrid coaster with wooden rails and steel stanchions runs through the natural forest.With a total length of 1.96km, it boasts one of the best total lengths in the world even on a hybrid coaster, with a maximum point of 48m and a maximum inclination angle of 66 °, making it one of the best in the world.In the first half, it crosses a large camelback, and after the middle stage, it runs through a course with continuous curves and drops at high speed.There are also multiple tunnels that go underground on the way.You can feel the air time (weightlessness) of 24 seconds throughout the course.It is one of the most popular coasters in the world and has won the Golden Ticket Highest Award.
TMNT Shell laser
Location: New Jersey (Nickelodeon Universe American Dream) / Material: Iron / Open: 2019
An indoor coaster with the world's largest inclination angle of 121.5 °, surpassing the "high-flying vehicle" of Fuji-Q Highland.The coaster is a small single vehicle that seats eight people, runs through a total length of 8 m at a maximum speed of 999 km / h, and has seven rotating elements. As with the "High Flying Car", Gerstrauer is in charge of the design, and the rough layout is the same.


Gravity Max (fr: Gravity Max)
Location:Taiwan"zh: Reitarakuen] / Open: 2002
The rail is cut in the middle, and when the coaster rides, the rail tilts and becomes vertical, it connects with the lower rail and it falls. Made by Vekoma.
T Express
Location: South Korea"Everland/ Material: Wooden / Open: 2008
It falls from a height of 56m at an angle of 77 degrees.It was the world's largest wooden height difference, and at that time it was also the world's largest wooden drop angle.Investor in South KoreaMobile phoneThis is the name because the logo of the brand "SK Telecom" is used.
Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars
Location:Hong Kong"Hong Kong Disneyland/ Material: Iron / Open: July 2012, 7
Opened at the same time as the new theme land "Grizzly Gulch"Disney parkThe newest large coaster in the world.Big Thunder MountainSimilar to that, there is a common point of running in a mine by train, but the theme isGrizzlyIt is a living area for people, and there are switchbacks and sudden acceleration on the course.
Formula Rossa
Location:United Arab Emirates-Abu Dhabi"Ferrari world/ Material: Iron / Open: July 2010, 11
It reaches a maximum speed of 4km / h in 240 seconds from the start and runs a course with a total length of about 2km. As of 2020, it is the fastest coaster in the world.It is obligatory to wear special goggles to protect the eyes from wind pressure and dust during acceleration.


Tower of Terror II (Tower of Terror II)
Location:Australia"Dream World" / Material: Iron / Open: 1997
All over the worldDisney parkIt is in"Twilight Zone Tower of TerrorOrTokyo Disney SeaIt is inAttractions of the same nameUnrelated to
At the time of opening, it was called "Tower of Terror" and was a coaster with the same system as "Superman the Escape" (Six Flags Magic Mountain). In 2010, it was renewed to extend the length of the tunnel in the acceleration part to just before the tower, and it became the current name. In 2011, like Superman, the seats were changed backwards.The tower is shared with the 120m high free fall "The Giant Drop".
Green Lantern Coaster
Location: AustraliaWarner Bros Movie World] / Material: Iron / Open: 201112/23
DC ComicsIs the hero ofGreen lanternIs used as a motif. The maximum fall angle was 122.4 degrees, which was the best in the world until thendomineeringIt was planned to exceed 121 degrees of (Fuji-Q Highland), but it was not updated because it was actually 120.5 degrees.


Ring racer
Location:Germany-Rhineland-Palatinate"Nürburgring] / Material: Iron / Open: 2013
It reached a maximum speed of 2.5km/h in 217 seconds from the start due to air lunch, was scheduled to open in 2009 as the fastest coaster in the world and the second fastest after Dodonpa (Fuji-Q Highland), but troubles have taken place 4 years before opening Not only did it take more time, but the acceleration power also dropped significantly to 2km/h in 160 seconds from the start.
The Smiler
Location: Alton Towers, England / Material: Iron / Open: 2013
There are 360 14-degree twists on the rail, and the total number of revolutions of the iron coaster is the highest in the world (excluding the four-dimensional rotation mechanism).With a total length of 1170m and a maximum speed of 85km / h, it is also characterized by a spectacular production because it seeks the cooperation of psychologists to elicit fear when introducing it.

Prominent roller coaster in Japan

This section describes prominent roller coasters in Japan, which have their own articles about park coasters in the Japanese version of Wikipedia, or whose sources are specified.

Those in operation

All over the country

Describe models with the same layout in Japan.

Opened: 1977
Japan's first 360-degree rotary coaster. It features two consecutive twist rotations.Developed by Arrow Development in the United States, in 2 in JapanYatsu YuenStarting with the introduction in[9], Toshimaen and other parts of the country.ToshimaenThe vehicle was changed in 1993[10]..In addition, after the Yatsu Amusement Park is closed, it will be in Hokkaido.Rusutsu ResortWas relocated to and is still in operation[11]..Currently, Yagiyama Benyland,Nagashima Spa LandIt is installed in.There is also a derivative type with a vertical loop added, and in Japan there was an Expoland "Space Zaramander" in the past.
Ultra twister
Opened: 1986
Domestic manufacturer,ト ー ゴA coaster developed by.Unlike conventional coasters, a single 6-seater vehicle runs with the rails on both sides sandwiched between them.First, it was wound vertically up to a height of 30m while facing straight up, then turned at the top, dropped almost vertically, crossed the camelback, rotated 360 degrees and stopped.SwitchbackThe rail tilts backwards in the same way as, and rotates backwards for two consecutive times to finish.[12].. The first unit was delivered to the United States in 1985, and in Japan in 1, Korakuen Yuenchi (currently)Tokyo Dome City Attractions) First appearance[12], Now Nagashima Spa Land,Washuzan Highland,Greenland, Located at Rusutsu Resort.
Of these, only the Rusutsu Resort aircraft has a different layout, and the switchback part falls to the part immediately after being flipped 180 degrees.[11]..Therefore, before vertical windingTurntableIs installed.
Suspended looping coaster
Opened: 1995
A hanging coaster developed by Becoma.Incorporating various loops and twists, in Japan, multiple standard types with a total length of 689 m, a speed of 80 km / h, and 5 rotating elements have been introduced since 1995 at Nasu Highland Park "F2", Rusutsu Resort "Hurricane" and Greenland "Hurricane". In addition to operating as "NIO", in the pastSuzuka Circuit"Blackout"International Dream Exchange ExpoBut it was working.

East Japan

Roller coaster (former rocket coaster)
Location:Asakusa Hanayashiki / Open: 1953
The oldest roller coaster in operation in Japan.It is also the first domestic coaster[13].
Family coaster
Location:Arakawa Amusement Park
Hornworm type coaster.Age limit 3 years or older, height limit 80 cm or more.Make two laps of 138m in total length[14].
Raging Spirits
Location:Tokyo Disney Sea
A coaster with the image of an archaeological site.Tokyo Disney ResortFor the first time, a 360-degree vertical loop was installed.
Big Thunder Mountain
Location:Tokyo Disneyland(Located at Disney Parks around the world.)
The story is about running through an abandoned mine on a runaway minecart.
Thunder Dolphin
Location:Tokyo Dome City Attractions
Ferris wheelBig oThe feature is that it passes through the center of the car and runs smoothly. Height 80.5m, drop 66.5m, drop angle 74 degrees, maximum speed 127km/h are the best specifications in Tokyo. It features a steep winding angle of 45 degrees and a high speed. In December 2010, a bolt that dropped from a vehicle bounced and hit a customer who passed by[15]Has been suspended since the occurrence of the accident, but resumed in August 2013[16].
Location:Hybrid Leisure Land Tobu Zoological Park / Open: 2008
Also known as "Shin Glide Water Coaster". Driving is very smooth. Many large and small camel bags are arranged on the course, giving you a strong floating feeling. There are two types of camel bags, one is straight and the other is twisted at the top.
Big burn coaster
Location: Nasu Highland Park
The feature is that the angle of the first drop is 40 degrees for the height of less than 75m, and it falls like being dragged in order to make a run-up before falling.The height, head and speed are the highest specs on the coaster in the park.There is also a 360 degree vertical loop.Although the total length is short, it takes time to wind up, so the boarding time exceeds 3 minutes.
Mega coaster four dimensions
Location:Lake Hamana Pal Pal
Made by Togo."First drop" with a maximum inclination of 60 degrees, "Boomerang turn" with a maximum speed of 82 km / h, "Twist dive" that falls immediately after the body bends, "Heart line roll" with a sharp rotation, and a maximum cant angle of 85 degrees There is a turning "double spiral".Maximum acceleration 4G.Height 38m, total length 800m.The name was decided by open call for participants.
King of Coaster FUJIYAMA
Location:Fujikyu Highland / Open: 1996
At the time of opening, it was recognized by Guinness with four items of height 79 m, hoisting height 71.5 m, drop 70 m, maximum speed 130 km / h and became a hot topic. The maximum inclination is 4 degrees and the total length is 65 m. A major playground equipment manufacturer that is now closed,ト ー ゴIt is the last large coaster made by the company, and is called a masterpiece of Togo along with the surf coaster and bandit manufactured by the company, and even now, nearly 20 years after its appearance, many fans still visit.Despite its large size, it has a low backrest and is equipped with simple equipment.
Come on, it's ok
Location: Fuji-Q Highland / Open: 2006
A "four-dimensional coaster" that rotates the seat in the front-back direction, certified by Guinness for a total of 2 rotations, including 5 rail loops, 7 rail twists, and 14 seat rotations.The position and number of rotations are the same no matter how many times you ride.There is "X 2" (Six Flags Magic Mountain) in the coaster of the same type, but the overall specifications are higher than this machine.The two coasters outside Japan mentioned above are colored with black pillars and red rails, but since 2, Mt. Fuji'sWorld heritage registrationIt is a dark brown rail due to the landscape regulation by. The service had been suspended since the accident in which a bolt fell from the vehicle in April 2012 and injured a customer walking underneath, but it resumed operation in July of the same year.It was ranked second in the world's scariest coaster ranking.
Location: Fuji-Q Highland / Open: July 2011, 7
There is linear acceleration by a linear motor that reaches a maximum speed of 2 km / h in 100 seconds, and a fall from a height of 43 m due to winding.In particular, the latter has a maximum fall angle of 121 degrees and falls so as to gouge inward.By the time it falls, it will be rolled up vertically, and when it reaches the summit, it will move downward and pause.In addition to this, indoor dark running and 7 types of twist rotation are prepared for the course with a total length of 1,004 m.The maximum drop angle of 121 degrees is the largest in the world except for the indoor type.
De dodonpa
Location: Fuji-Q Highland
The fastest coaster in Japan. In 2001DodonpaAppeared as. Temporarily closed in 2016 and renewed in 2017.It uses an air launch that uses compressed air for acceleration, and is characterized by accelerating at once with air pressure.Therefore, the maximum speed reaches 1.56km / h in just 180 seconds from the start.In addition, there is the world's largest vertical loop with a diameter of 39.7 m.
Aero 5
Location:Yagiyama Benny Land
Hanging coaster.The slowest coaster in Japan.
Surf coaster leviathan
Location:Yokohama / Hakkeijima Sea Paradise
It features a part of the course protruding above the sea and three horizontal loops.There is a feeling of rushing into the sea when gliding, with a slightly strong wind blowing on a daily basis.After sunset, the area around the course becomes dark, creating another sense of fear.
On March 2014, 3, the new vehicle "BLADE" was introduced, and the water column, light and sound were added, and it was reopened under the current name.
Location:Yomiuri Land / Open: 1988
Made by Togo.At the time of opening, it recorded the world's highest speed of 110km, and the height difference is still 78m, which is the second highest in Japan.What is a bandit?BanditMeaning, denseTama HillsRun through the forest.As a limited-time event so far, "Wrong-way bandit" that runs on the course with a backward-facing vehicle, "Splash bandit" that gets wet while riding in the summer only, "Fire bandit" that installed a device that raises the pillar of fire during the course , When open at nightLEDA "starlight banded", in which a vehicle equipped with a car runs while shining, is being held.
Loop the loop
Location:Rusutsu Resort / Open: 1983
It is equipped with a vertical loop with a diameter of 25 m and a large slope with a height of 45 m at both ends. It rises by winding up with a cable, and when it reaches the top, it falls backward and reaches a maximum speed of about 90 km / h.Japan's largest reciprocating loop coaster that goes around the loop with that momentum and rises the slope on the other side, this time looping forward[17]..Rusutsu's aircraft developed by Meisho Special Industry'82 Hokkaido ExpoIntroduced in 1983 and relocated in XNUMX.In the past, it was introduced to Tojoko Land (The Loop Coaster) as the first domestically produced reciprocating loop coaster.[18], Sendai Highland, Suntopia World, Kappapia (somersault roller coaster), Tedori Fish Land[19](Roller coaster), Hiroshima Natalie, '84 Kochi / Kuroshio Expo, Nasu Highland Park (Highland coaster)[20]The rails of Nasu Highland Park have been diverted to a part of "Big Burn Coaster".Moonsault Scramble in Fuji-Q Highland is a development of this coaster.

West Japan

Steel Dragon 2000
Location:Nagashima Spa Land
It is one of the largest coasters in the world and the only giga coaster in Japan with a height of 300 feet or more.At the time of opening, it was certified by Guinness for four items: height, head, overall length, and maximum speed.Currently, only the total length is the highest in the world, and until the appearance of the "Fury 4" as a roll-up coaster, it is the highest in the world, and as of 325, the total length and maximum speed are the highest in the world.The business was suspended from August 2021 due to the injury caused by the accident.After repeated trial runs, operation resumed on September 2003, 8.Height 2006m, maximum head 9m, maximum slope 3 °,Total length 2479m (the longest in the world), Maximum speed 153km / h (the fastest in the world in the winding type).
In 2013, the vehicle was renewed from Morgan to B & M.The seat has a feeling of openness with the feet not touching the floor, and the thrill has doubled.
Flying coaster acrobatics
Location: Nagashima Spa Land / Open: July 2015
As the name implies, the seats run face down.The course has a pretzel-shaped loop, three rounds of drilling, and a production where the fountain rises as soon as it passes the surface of the water.This is the first large flying coaster in Japan.The total length is 3m and the maximum speed is 1021km / h.
Hybrid coaster Hakugei
Location: Nagashima Spa Land / Open: March 2019, 3
The first hybrid coaster in Japan that combines wood and steel with the renewal of the wooden coaster "White Cyclone". It is characterized by a course screw made of steel and a 90-degree bank in which the vehicle leans to the side. The maximum point is 55m, the maximum speed is 107km/h, the maximum inclination is 80°, and the total length is 1530m.
Shuttle loop
Location: Nagashima Spa Land / Open: 1980
A reciprocating coaster that accelerates at the same time as the start and rises, falls, and loops forward and backward.Developed by Schwarzkopf of West Germany and used as an acceleratorFlywheelUsing in Japan in 1979Yokohama DreamlandFirst appearance in[21], The loop coaster was introduced at the same time as the year when it was first introduced in Japan.In the next yearToshimaen, Koyama Yuenchi, was introduced in Nagashima Spa Land, but was removed due to closure and aging, and now exists only in Nagashima Spa Land.It can be said that it is a pioneer of the linear acceleration type coasters that are currently popular.
Location:Parque Espana
Inverted coaster made by Boliger & Mabilard (B & M).At the time of opening, it was the longest, fastest and highest in the world as a hanging type (inverted) coaster. Even as of 2021, the specs of the same type coaster in Japan are the best in Japan, and the inverted type is one of the best in the world.The name is located on the border between Spain and Franceピ レ ネ ー 山脈Derived from.The total length is 1234m, the maximum speed is 100km, and the number of rotating elements is 6.
デ ィ ア ブ ロ
Location:Himeji Central Park
Made by B & M.The first inverted coaster introduced in Japan.The feature is that many spirals and twists are prepared.The name comes from the Spanish devil.The total length is 794m, the maximum speed is 78m, and the number of rotating elements is 5.
The Flying Dinosaur
Location:Universal Studios Japan / Open: March 2016, 3
Large coaster.As a flying coaster with its seats lying down, it is the largest in the world with a total length of 1,124m and a maximum head of 37.8m.
Hollywood Dream The Ride
Location: Universal Studios Japan
Japan's first and Asia's first mega coaster by B & M.In camelbackWeightlessnessYou can enjoy a feeling close to. The world's first system to select music to listen to while riding. The vehicle is also equipped with 350 LEDs, which shine like a shooting star at night. In 2013, the "Backdrop" vehicle, which runs backwards, appeared.
Venus GP
Location: Himeji Central Park
Appeared under the name of "Spiral Comet Venus" at Space World in 1996.It was said to be the god of the coasterAnton SchwarzkopfDesigned by.With a structure in which various curves continue, including a huge vertical loop, the space shuttle "DiscoveryA full-scale model of "" was placed in the course. It was renewed in 2007, and the staff began to shout before departure, adding the effect that the time changes depending on the loudness of the passenger's shout. Operation ended due to closure in 2017, relocated to Himeji Central Park and reopened in July 2022.
Back nanger
Location:Washuzan Highland
The world's first reverse-way coaster with a loop, a roller coaster that goes backwards.The origin of the back nangerOkayama dialectFrom. In 2001, two passengers continued to ride on the roller coaster for 2 times, 1050 hours and 35 minutes, and were certified by Guinness.[22]..By the way, there is also a "standing coaster" that runs on the same course as the back nanger while standing (this is positive).at firstInternational Science and Technology ExpoAfter operating as a standing coaster "Star Jet" at "Hoshimaru Land", it was relocated to Mt. Washuzan.
Milky Way Coaster "Milky Way"
Location:Greenland(Former Mitsui Greenland)
Two vehicles, a sitting "Orihime" and a standing "Hikoboshi," run side by side. Initially, it was called "Fujin Raijin", but after being dismantled and inspected, it was renamed and restarted after being affected by the accident at the brother "Fujin Raijin II" in Expoland.
Dinosaur coaster "GAO"
Location: Greenland
The longest coaster in Kyushu. Due to the length of the course and speed, the boarding time exceeds 4 minutes. In March 2008, the vehicle and the course were extensively renewed.
Location:Jojima Kogen Park
Made by Intamin.It is the first wooden coaster introduced in Japan and has the best specifications in Japan.With a total length of 1600m, it is the longest wooden coaster in Japan and the 5th largest in the world, with continuous camelback.Maximum tilt angle 45 °.

Coasters that have closed their domestic business

Here, we will pick up coasters that are no longer in business in Japan (including those that were sold to amusement park facilities outside Japan and are still in operation as of 2021).

A vehicle imitating a log repeats ups and downs, and at the end of the race, it runs in a dark tunnel.It appeared as old as 1965, and at that time it was labeled as "the largest coaster in the Orient".Another feature is that the seats are made of brushed material. In the 1970sFuji TV affiliateWas being broadcast onStar reportIt has also been used in interviews while riding. Closed on August 2020, 8 due to Toshimaen closing.
2WAY roller coaster
Location: Coasterland in Korakuen Yuenchi (now LaQua in Tokyo Dome City Attractions)
Two cars facing forward and two cars facing backward are connected and run in the coaster land. Winding is done twice, the first and the middle.
Introduced in 1955. The name "roller coaster" was used for the first time. In 1993, it was renewed to a vehicle that was connected forward and backward.
Linear gale
Location: Tokyo Dome City Attractions Parachute Land / Open: 1998
The world's first hanging linear coaster.Repeats vertical ascent and fall in forward and backward directions.The business was closed at the end of October 2010 due to the renewal of the parachute land.
Spinning coaster Maihime
Location: Tokyo Dome City Attractions Tower Land
Mad mouse type coaster. For the first time in Japan, we adopted a seat that sits back to back. The feature is that the seat rotates sideways 360° while driving. A fatal accident occurred on January 2011, 1[23]However, the operation was stopped. It was removed while Tokyo Dome City Attractions was closed.
Location:Tokyo Summerland
One of the few suspended coasters in Japan. The feature was that the vehicle was shaken greatly when traveling on a curve.
White canyon
Location: Yomiuri Land
The third wooden coaster in East Japan, the first in Japan. The biggest feature is the world's largest horizontal G, which is 3G when curved.重力It takes.On the first downhill, it falls while twisting to the left.It is also characterized by the fact that there are many parts that run in the wooden frame. It closed on January 2013, 1.
Twist coaster robin
Location: Yomiuri Land / Open: March 2014, 3
In addition to a first drop with a drop angle of 93 degrees, a 360-degree spiral, a twist dive that flips and falls, and Japan's first reverse cant curve that tilts outward and turns.By the way, what is Robin?RobinThat is.On the day of the opening, the car was suspended due to an accident that caused it to run backwards at the winding part and collide with a vehicle that had stopped behind.We were considering resuming the course layout by changing some course layouts such as loosening the angle of the first drop, but it was dismantled in January 2016 without resuming operation.
Mount Rocky Coaster
Location:Tobu Zoological Park
Coaster running on the pond. It looks like a wooden coaster but is actually made of steel. Closed in 2003. A kingfisher opened on the site in 2008.
Water wooden coaster Regina
Location: Tobu Zoological Park / 2000-2019
The world's first floating wooden coaster. The total track length is 1334m. What is ReginaItalianqueenMeans. There was a photo shoot on the fourth fall.For a limited time, there was an event called "Dark Regina" that runs in the dark at night.
Location:Odakyu Gotemba Family Land
Inverted coaster made by B & M.The layout was similar to Diablo in Himeji Central Park, but it was symmetrical.After the park closesGotemba Premium OutletsIt continued to operate as the amusement park area "Gotemba Thrill Valley" until May 2002, 5 (end of Golden Week).It was later sold to "Six Flags New Orleans" and was operating as "Batman", but it closed due to the influence of Hurricane Katrina in 6 and closed again.After that, it moved to the same series "Six Flags Fiesta Texas" and continues to operate as "Goliath".
Location: Odakyu Gotemba Family Land
As the name suggests, somersault coasters facing the cliffs in the park.There were sitting and standing.Closed due to the closing of the park.
Giant coaster
Location: Fuji-Q Highland
At the time of opening, the total length of the course was the longest in the world and was certified by Guinness.1973ToThe first Tenko HikitaIt was used for the first TV broadcast "Roller Coaster Escape" as the third escape illusion. Closed by replacing with FUJIYAMA.
World Butch Gili Coaster Dodonpa
Location: Fuji-Q Highland / Open: 2001
The fastest coaster in Japan.It uses an air launch that uses compressed air for acceleration, and is characterized by accelerating at once with air pressure.Therefore, the maximum speed reaches 1.8km / h in just 172 seconds from the start.In addition, there was the first vertical tower with a height of 52m in Japan.The maximum speed was certified by Guinness in 2001.Although the maximum speed was overtaken, the acceleration power of the air lunch was also the best in the world. Closed on October 2016, 10 due to renewal.The course layout was changed and it reopened as Do Dodonpa in July 2.
Flying Coaster Birdmen
Location: Fuji-Q Highland
The first coaster in Japan to lie on its stomach. It is a two-seater, with a total length of 480m, which is one-fifth that of FUJIYAMA. Suspended due to an accident caused by a sudden stop in the brake zone in May 5. The ride is changed to a sitting type and business is resumed as a "fluffy sky adventure". The only coaster in Fuji-Q Highland that was closed due to an accident.
Moonsalt scramble
Location: Fuji-Q Highland
Reciprocating loop coaster. It has a unique element called "pretzel knot" and boasts the strongest G of 6.5G in the world. It was so radical that the age limit was less than 50, the toughest of the park. Removed in 2000 to build Dodongpa.
White cyclone
Location: Nagashima Spa Land / Open: July 1994
The world's largest wooden coaster with overall length and altitude.Height 45m, maximum slope 50 °, total length 1715m, maximum speed 102km / h[24]..The name comes from the spiral course structure[25].. Closed due to renewal only in January 2018[26].. It was renewed as a hybrid coaster Hakugei in March 2019.
Location:Suzuka Circuit / Open: July 1995[27]
Inverted coaster made by Becoma. In September 2007, an accident occurred in which a user broke his bones, and he was closed, and no equipment or operational problems were found.[28][29],F1 Japan Grand PrixRemoved in January 2008 without resuming operation ahead of schedule to improve facilities for re-holding[28]..It was sold to an amusement park facility in Santa Catarina, Brazil, and continued to operate as a "fire whip," and the color was changed from red to yellow. It is the same model as the "F2021" and "NIO" that are in operation in Japan as of 2, and was the second introduction in Japan.[27].
Mad cobra
Location: Suzuka Circuit / Open: March 1998[30]
Japan's first coaster that uses a linear motor as an accelerator[30]..Drive at a maximum speed of 70km / h on a total of 822.9m course that is intricately intertwined with the image of a straight 90m linear acceleration and an attacking snake.[30].. After closing in September 2003, it was sold to an amusement park facility in Dalian and was operating as a crazy cobra, but it ended operation around 9.
Delpis the Coaster
Location:Festival gate
Designed by incorporating it into an urban building, the feeling of suddenly seeing the city or entering the building is unique. It was the fastest indoor coaster, but it stopped driving due to the accident at Expoland.
Location:Expoland / Open: July 1996[31]
B & M's longest-class inverted coaster in the world at the time of completion[31]..A sister machine of the "Raptor" that was a hit in the world.Closed due to the closure of the park. It was removed in August 2009, but was later relocated to the French amusement park "Walygator Grand Est" with the same layout, and has been operating as "The Monster" since 8.The total length of 2010m was the second longest after "Pyrenees".
Location: Expoland
Osaka World ExpositionAppeared in 1970 when was held, and five courses were prepared. By 5, two courses were left, but in 1999, the two courses were combined to commemorate the 2th anniversary of the Expo.As a result, the total length reached 2000m, which was the second longest after the Steel Dragon, but the speed was not so high for the total length, and the boarding time was as long as 30 minutes, which was the longest in Japan as well as in the world. Removed in 2.
Wind God Raijin II
Location: Expoland / Open: 1992[31]
Standing coaster. Due to a fatal accident on May 2007, 5, operation was suspended. Removal started on March 5, 2008. After the removal was completed, the garden closed in February 3.
Munich autobahn
Location:Kobe Portopia Land
The only Bob Surdo coaster in Japan without rails.At the time of its appearance, it was a hot topic.The course looks like a waterslide and you can't see much of the scenery because it blocks your view.
ASKA (Asuka)
Location:Nara Dreamland
Wooden coaster.It is the only wooden coaster in Japan that has been highly evaluated as a regular in the roller coaster ranking by a US magazine, and was known outside Japan.The operation was terminated due to the closure of the park.
Titan MAX
Location:Space world
Large coaster. It appeared in 1994 under the name of “Meteor Liner Titan” and boasts the highest altitude and fastest speed in Japan until FUJIYAMA appeared.
In 2007, it was renewed to "Titan V", and the element of the treasure hunt "Adding three hidden keywords while driving" was added. Accident on December 3, 2007[32]Due to this, it will be suspended for a long time. The service was resumed on May 2010, 5.Temporarily suspended on January 1, 2015 due to vehicle renewal.
Reopened as "Titan MAX" on March 2015, 3.The vehicle has been significantly changed, and there is no wall surrounding it, giving it a feeling of openness.In addition, the seats in the front row of each vehicle are difficult to reach and there is a sense of fear.In addition, the seat is equipped with a speaker, and you can select one of the five preset songs and listen to it while riding.The song can be changed while riding.By the way, the name "MAX" means the best (MAX) coaster that allows you to play (X) in the air (X) while listening to music (Music).Operation ended due to the closure of the park.
The turn
Location: Space World / Open: April 2006
The 8th in the world, Japan's first linear acceleration coaster using a hydraulic motor. After the start, it accelerates to about 2.5 km/h in about 130 seconds, and ascends and descends while twisting a tower of about 65 m in height at an angle of 89 degrees. The operation was completed when the park closed.
roller coaster
Location:Misaki Park
It has been running since the opening of the park in 1957, and is the oldest coaster in western Japan and the second oldest coaster in Japan after Asakusa Hanayashiki.The forehead of the terminal vehiclesteam locomotiveWas imitating.Operation ended due to the closure of the park.
Atomic coaster
Location: Greenland and others
A roller coaster developed by Senyo Kogyo.Unlike loop the loop, the winding is a chain type and the top is flat.[33], There is a slope between the station building and the loop.At Izumiyo, the series name of "Atomic Coaster" was given to 5 types of loop coasters, but it was introduced mainly for the B2 type, which has a raised platform in response to the undulations of the land.[34], Greenland, Japan Monkey Park, Skyland Ikoma (Skyloop), Misaki Park (Dolphin), Odakyu Mukogaoka Amusement Park (Sky Hurricane)[33][20]It was installed in the History Village of Coal, but it was completely abolished at the end of business in Greenland in May 2009, and only the loop part remains as a monument in Greenland.[35][36].
Loop coaster MOMOnGA
Location: Yomiuri Land / Open: 1979
Opened in 1979 as a "loop coaster"[37]In 1982, it became the world's first standing coaster by retrofitting a standing vehicle.Therefore, basically, the seated vehicle and the standing vehicle are alternately driven on the same course, and the vehicle is switched by using the traverser. In 2002, the paint on the rails was changed and the name was changed. Due to the impact of the 2007 Fujin Raijin II accident, the standing was temporarily suspended, but after resuming operation, it closed in September 2021.In addition, "Merry Dolphin" existed as the first machine of the same type in Odakyu Gotemba Family Land.[37], Homomorphic machine'84 Otaru ExpoIntroduced as a "standing coaster" only with standing vehicles, it has been operating at Rusutsu Resort after the exposition.


An accident may occur on a roller coaster (roller coaster), and safety management may become a social problem.

DateFacilitySituation at the time of the accidentAccident contentCauseRemarks
2007/5/5Wind God Raijin II
open for businessThe vehicle tilts 45 degrees and collides with the handrail. 1 dead, 19 injured[38].Breakage due to metal fatigue of axle[7][38].Removed in March 2008
(Suzuka Circuit)
open for businessGirl has a chest fracture due to vibration[29].Removed in March 2008
2007/12/31Titan V
(Space World)
open for businessThe coupler came off and the following vehicle collided with the vehicle in front, causing minor injuries to 13 passengers.Removed in 2018
2010/12/5Thunder Dolphin
(Tokyo Dome City Attractions)
open for businessA part was dropped from a running vehicle and bounced off the ground, hitting a girl walking underneath and injured slightly[15]
2011/1/30Spinning coaster Maihime
(Tokyo Dome City Attractions)
open for businessCustomers fall from a height of about 8 meters and die[23]The safety bar appears to have been inadequately lockedRemoved in 2011
2011/3/29Brewer engine
open for businessA woman is seriously injured with her left foot caught between the roller coaster and the platform part of the platform[39]
2012/4/29Come on, it's ok
(Fuji-Q Highland)
open for businessA bolt dropped from a running vehicle and hit the forehead of a woman walking down, causing minor injuryIt is believed that metal fatigue is caused by the local force applied to the bolts of the vehicle's reverse-way driving prevention device.[40]
2012/6/17open for businessA boy falls from a vehicle and is seriously injured[41]
2012/6/27Mad mouse
(Rusutsu Resort)
open for businessThe running vehicle did not slow down at the start and end points, and 5 people were slightly injured by billiards.Brake malfunction due to deterioration of proximity sensor over time[42]
2012/9/8Koriyama Culture ParkUnder inspectionWorkers were killed by being pinched between the coaster and the track during on-orbit inspection[43]
2013/2/8Shuttle loop
(Nagashima Spa Land)
Under inspectionEmployee falls because the safety bar was not locked during the test runSafety bar check error[44]
2013/4/30Space coaster
open for businessA boy falls and is seriously injured[45]A mistake in checking the belt. Suspected that the belt itself was not working. The coaster has had three accidents in the past[46].Order to prohibit use of 5 playground equipment next month
2015/5/2Thunder coaster
(Nasu Highland Park)
open for businessA part of the parts fell and hit a man in the vicinity[47]
2015/5/18Lady bird coaster
(NEW Reoma World
open for businessFracture accident occurred[48]
2015/6/13Lady bird coaster
(NEW Reoma World)
open for businessA serious injury that an employee was shaken by a sharp curve and hit the body strongly inside the vehicle and broke a rib[48]
(Cedar point)
open for businessA man who entered a fenced-out restricted area collided with a coaster and died[49]
2017/7/17De dodonpa
(Fuji-Q Highland)
open for businessWhile running, with 7 passengers on it, it could not go around the loop and went backwards, then stopped sideways at the curve[50]One of the tires is flat while driving[50]
2017/8/12Ultra twister
(Washuyama Highland)
open for businessThe safety bar that restrains the body comes off, and one passenger who has lost his posture contacts the structure of the facility and burns[51]
(Kijima Kogen Park)
Under inspectionTwo workers were hit and one died during commissioning[52]
2018/6/16roller coaster
(Daytona Beach Boardwalk)
open for businessDerailed and two passengers fell to the ground about 2 meters below[53]
2019/5/12Standing coaster
(Washuyama Highland)
open for businessNo part of the seat at the end fell off and no injuries[54]
2019/8/4Surf coaster leviathan
(Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise)
open for businessRear-end collision with an unmanned vehicle that had stopped, two men and women hit their thighs with minor injuries
2020 year 12 month to 2021 year 8 monthDe dodonpa
(Fuji-Q Highland)
open for businessSix men and women complain of neck and back fractures during the periodPassengers were riding in a forward leaning position without putting their heads on the seats[55]
2022/3/7Jungle mouse
(Lake Hamana Pal Pal
open for businessWhen one of the passengers returned home and stopped, he struck his chest against the safety bar and was seriously injured for four weeks.[56]

Manufacturing company

A well-known company that has manufactured roller coasters is listed.


Outside Japan

  • S & S Worldwide(S & S Worldwide, America)-Acquired by Sansei Technologies
  • Arrow Dynamics (USA) --Bankruptcy in 2001, acquired by S & S the following year
  • Morgan (USA)
  • CCI (Custom Coasters International, USA)-Mainly made of wooden coasters
  • The Gravity Group, USA-Founded by a former CCI employee
  • RMC (Rocky Mountain Construction, USA)-Focusing on hybridizing wooden coasters
  • Intermin(Intamin AG, Switzerland
  • B & M (Bolliger & Mabillard, Switzerland)
  • Anton Schwarzkopf(Anton Schwarzkopf, Germany
  • Maurer Söhne, Germany
  • Gerstrauer (Gerstlauer, Germany)
  • Mack (Mack Rides, Germany)
  • (Vekoma, Netherlands)-Acquired by Sansei Technologies


Roller coaster is afraid of the seat behind
When a vehicle starts to dive, a vehicle in front starts to descend first, and a vehicle in the rear descends while accelerating so as to be pulled by it. At that time, a zero G or a negative G occurs, so that passengers feel strongly drawn in or jumped upward, so that the rear seat is generally scared. The longer the vehicles are connected, the greater the fear. Many thrill-seeking enthusiasts prefer rear seats.
Roller coaster speed changes depending on the season and temperature
On the wheels of the roller coaster,greaseと 呼 ば れ るlubricantIs painted. When the temperature is low, such as in winter, the grease becomes hard and it becomes slow because it becomes a resistance of the wheel. On the contrary, when the temperature is high such as in summer, the grease becomes softer and the speed is higher than in winter. Even in the same season, the speed tends to increase after noon when the maximum temperature reaches morning and evening. For this reason, Fujikyu Highland's FUJIYAMA is taking measures to put special wheels in the winter and heat them with a heater on the platform.
Roller coaster loops and turns are scarier the smaller the diameter
If you pass through the loop at the same speed, the smaller the diameter, the more you rotate without slowing down and the stronger G is generated, so the thrill becomes higher. Even in the case of horizontal turning, the smaller the diameter, the slower the speed and the tendency for G to become stronger.


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