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📺 | What is so interesting about the original drama "Itaewon Class" of "Roppongi Class"?


What is so interesting about the original drama "Itaewon Class" of "Roppongi Class"?

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And Yoo Jaemyung, who played the chairman of the long family with an overwhelming presence, is now a great supporting player.

The TV Asahi drama "Roppongi Class", which will start on July 7, is the Korean drama "Itaewon Class" (reading: ... → Continue reading

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    Cho(Choshi) issamurai-Ethnic familywasJapanOne of the clans of.Noto OfChineseLord.Hatakeyama Seven PeopleWithKaga Hachiyaone of.After the Meiji RestorationBaronBecome a home.



    At first, the surname is not "chief" but "Hasebe"Met.Kamakura Period,Kamakura Shogunate OfLordBecameHasebe NobutsuneIt is said to start from.ShinrenKamakura ShogunateGiven Noto from, he became a lord.His descendants changed to "chief" surnames.

    Muromachi/Sengoku period

    Muromachi PeriodWhen you enterMr. Hatakeyama NotoServe as a vassal of.The most prominent person in the Cho clan became the 19th head of the family.Long-lasting ream, The 20th head of the family, his sonCho Tsunatatsu, 21st head of the familyCho TsuratatsuParents and children.

    Cho Tsugutsura is NotoAnami CastleHe was the second son of the main family, but he was adopted by the 17th head of the family and succeeded the Cho.Cho TsugutsuraYoshitsugu HatakeyamaFrom the age ofHatakeyama Seven PeopleI made a leap as one of the people.He eventually went to NotoOda NobunagaWith Nobunaga when the power of誼(Yoshimi)ThroughKenshin UesugiLed toYusa TsugumitsuKeep them away from the center, and with the child Cho TsunatatsuHatakeyama HaruomaruUnder the control of the real power.

    Tensho4 years(1576),Kenshin UesugiInvaded by Noto, but under the leadership of Cho TsugutsuraNanao CastleRepel once with a standing basket (Battle of Nanao Castle).However, in the 5th year of Tensho (1577), Following the re-invasion of Kenshin, a plague spread in the castle during the siege battle, and it was difficult to advance and retreat.Yusa TsugumitsuMost of the Cho Tsugutsura clan, including Tsugutsura and Tsugutsura, were killed.

    At this time, the one who survived in the Cho Tsugutsura was the second son of the Cho Tsugutsura, who had gone to Nobunaga to request reinforcements, so he died.Cho TsuratatsuAnd from Nanao Castle, the youngest child of TsunatatsuNannyI just escaped while being embraced by.The latter later became a monk at the Kyoto Jyoin.Renryu is the Cho's after the death of his father and brotherFamilyTake overOda NobunagaAs a vassal of Noto, he has made outstanding achievements in attacking Noto and is defeating his father, Yusa Zokumitsu.
    Tensho 10 (1582), When Nobunaga died, he became the owner of Nanao Castle.Maeda ToshiieAfter that, he obeyed the Kaga Maeda family.

    Edo Period

    Even after his vassal Maeda, he owned 3 stones, half of Kashima-gun, and was a semi-daimyo.Maeda TsunaTaken up the sovereignty of the Cho clan in Kashima Hangun.After that, Mr. Cho survived as Shigeomi Maeda (Rokudaka: 3 stones) living in Kanazawa.

    After the Meiji Restoration

    After the Meiji Restoration, Mr. ChoBaronI was struck by.again,Ichiro ShimadaAt Kioisaka in Tokyo with 5 peopleToshimichi OkuboTheassassination officialCho Tsurahide,Pacific WarAt that time, I fought the Battle of OkinawaImperial ArmyChief of Staff of the 32nd ArmyIsamu ChoThe lieutenant general is a descendant of the Cho.

    2013(Heisei26), the 34th head of the family, ChoshorenAnamizu TownBecame an honorary townsman[1].



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    注 釈

    1. ^ Gen SeiwaManchu styleThere was a time when it was also called.



    • "Cho Clan Genealogy Book of Cho Clan History", 1938

    Supporting role

    Supporting roleWhat is (supporting character)?movies-TV drama-stagetheaterEtc,ProtagonistA role that is secondary to.

    There are various types of supporting characters, and the main characters and other major characters are continuously played.Supporting actorIf there is a role to playSerial dramaThere are also roles that appear only a specific time or irregularly, roles that appear in only one scene in movies, etc., and roles that appear more frequently as semi-regular or regular, although they are less involved in the story.

    When a big actor plays a supporting role, it may be paraphrased as a guest appearance instead of being called a supporting role.However, since all the one-time emergency performers may be collectively referred to as guest appearances, in the case of big guests, it may be paraphrased as special guest, special appearance, friendship appearance, etc.

    moviesAlsoDramaNeither the play nor the play is performed by the main character alone, but it is established only when there is a supporting character around the main character, and the supporting character that leaves an impression on the viewer while successfully enhancing the main character is called "Meiwakiyaku".In addition, he has appeared in many TV dramas and is a popular supporting character.An actorWhen referring to, avoid the expression "supporting character" and "Supporting player(Byplayer) "(Japanglish) May be said.

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