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🎥 | Rio Ohmori starring movie production announcement "If you can make use of the experience of the former last idol"

From the left of the photo, Keika, Ojasu, Rio Omori, Erika Ayase, Kazuo Majima (Tokyo Sports Web)

Announcing the production of a movie starring Rio Ohmori "If you can make use of the experience of the former last idol"

If you write the contents roughly
The role this time is set to win the junior karate tournament in junior high school.

A press conference to announce the production of the movie "Gakuen Detective Rose Warrior" starring former last idol Rio Ohmori (XNUMX) will be held in Tokyo on the XNUMXth ... → Continue reading

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    Junior Karate Tournament

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      Middle school

      "Middle school』(Chugakujidai)19814/6から19853/11UntilNHK educational TVFor junior high school students who were broadcast onSchool broadcast(Subject:Special activity)[1].


      BothJapan Standard Time, In another time zonere-airYes.

      • Monday 14:20-14:40 (April 1981, 4-March 6, 1982)
      • 月曜 14:25 - 14:45 (1982å¹´4月5日 - 1985å¹´3月11日) - 新作の放送は1985å¹´2月25日まで。3月4日放送分と3月11日放送分は過去の内容の再放送。


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      NHK educational TV Monday 14:20 frame
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      (December 1971, 4-February 12, 1981)
      Middle school
      (December 1981, 4-February 6, 1982)
      Masterpiece album(Monday)
      (December 1982, 4-February 5, 1983)
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      Science Class Junior High School 3rd Grade
      (December 1980, 4-February 14, 1982)
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      6th grade elementary school
      (December 1985, 4-February 8, 1990)
      High school course Japanese History
      (December 1985, 4-February 8, 1990)


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