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🎥 | Tatari Forest Connected to the Other World The horrifying video recorded by the camera "Welcome to the Occult Forest THE MOV…


The horrifying video recorded by the camera, "Welcome to the Occult Forest THE MOV ..."

If you write the contents roughly
The drama version will be broadcast and distributed on WOWOW on July 7nd.

The movie "Welcome to the Occult Forest THE MOVIE", which will be released in theaters and digitally distributed from August 8, ... → Continue reading

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"Movie Square" is a site that publishes movie introductions, news, and reviews.We will actively take up not only the latest works but also old works.

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2022 7(July
365 days
Each month 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

7/22(Every day) isGregorian calendarAnd the 203th day from the beginning of the year (leap yearThen, on the 204th day), there are 162 days until the end of the year.



1D line.svg

Death day

Anniversary/Annual event

  • Day of pi approximation
    PiApproximate value of22/7Because it is.
  • Bastille DayGambia flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu
    1994This dayYahya JammehA bloodless military coup by the lieutenant occurred, and it was a long-term governmentDawda JawaraTo commemorate the president's resignation and asylum.
  • 下 駄s Day(Japanese flag Japan
    Established by the National Federation of Wooden Footwear Industry Associations to have them review the goodness of geta. Because 7 is often used to express the dimensions of clogs such as "XNUMX inch XNUMX minutes", and when you walk on a snowy road with clogs, you can see traces similar to the two characters of Chinese characters.[12].
  • Nuts day(Japanese flag Japan
    Established by the Japan Nuts Association. "Na (7) tsu (2) tsu (2)" puns.
  • CopyrightSystem day (Japanese flag Japan
    1899On this day in Japan (old)Copyright lawCommemorating that was established.
  • ONE-PIECEs Day(Japanese flag Japan
    Ltd.ShueishaEstablished.1997In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the serialization, in connection with the serialization start date of2017Established in[13].
  • Discos Day(Japanese flag Japan)
    1978Movie on July 7nd (Saturday Night Fever) Was released in Japan to commemorate that day.DJ OSSHYEstablished.

The event of fiction

Birthday (fiction)


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