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🎥 | What is Nanoka Hara selected for "Suzume no Tojima" directed by Makoto Shinkai?

Photo Photo taken in August 2021

What is Nanoka Hara selected for "Suzume no Tojima" directed by Makoto Shinkai?

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In the drama "Guilty Flag," which was broadcast for two courses from October 2021 and the criminal prediction was unfolded, the main character's daughter role played by Hidetoshi Nishijima and appearances in topical works are appearing one after another.

To be the voice actor of Suzume no Tojima, the heroine of Makoto Shinkai's new animated movie "Suzume no Tojima" (released on November 11th) ... → Continue reading

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True criminal flag

"True criminal flag』(Shinhannin flag) is202110/10から20223/13UntilNTV"Sunday dramaWas broadcast in the frameTV drama[1][2].. StarringHidetoshi Nishijima[1][2].

April 2019-September period broadcast in the same frameIt's your turn』Production team is reunited and produced[1][2], Also aired in 2 cools[3].

In addition, Miyazawa RieThis work became a commercial TV drama series for the first time in 17 years[4][Annotation 1].


Carrier"Kameda TransportWork forRyosuke Sagara[6]..One day his wife and child went missing[6],Social MediaAbove, there were many reactions such as sympathy for him.[6]..But as time goes on, some suspicions (flag) Emerged and it was "The true criminal is RyosukeWas something like[6]..Can he know the truth of the turmoil while such suspicions and speculations are widespread?[6].


NTV Official HP CHART Correlation Chart


A family whose wife and child are missing.

Ryosuke Sagara <48>
Performance- Hidetoshi Nishijima[1][2]
Kameda Transport Tokyo Branch Customer Service Department Administration Section / Chief.He has a good-natured personality and a good reputation, but he is "too good".He has the side of taking things too purely. He was assigned to Osaka alone 11 years ago.Later, he and Mizuho and Issei begin investigating the disappearance of his wife and children.A few days later, a photo of Maho and Yoichi Hayashi in the mailbox (Suspicion of adultery ②), Find the form with "Do you still look for it?" And call Hayashi home to hear the story directly.After hearing his excuse, I decided to believe in Hayashi.Maho was harassed by a boss mom 11 years ago in connection with Mitsuri's examination, and 11 years ago he was invited by a junior Hayashi at a college soccer club alumni association and got drunk at the hotel and did not remember anything. Tomoko later revealed that she had consulted with her mom friend Tomoko Hishida about the fact that Hayashi refused to test her DNA because she was worried that it might be related to the birth of her son Atsuto.She confessed to Mizuho that she had done her own DNA test a few days later. She was unaware that she had received an envelope containing the results of the DNA test, and she was opened by Tomoko Hishida, who came to the Sagara family, but Ryosuke did not see it.She was later arrested on suspicion of killing Yoichi Hayashi when a kitchen knife, which appears to be the weapon in which Hayashi was killed, was found in the Sagara family's kitchen.During a police interrogation, she was presented with a DNA test envelope and test report by Akutsu and found that the results were 0%, telling her that she had seen it for the first time.Akutsu was disappointed to find out about it.She was later released by the testimony of Toshio Kawamura, who proved the alibi.
Maho Sagara <48>
Performance- Miyazawa Rie[2][4]
Ryosuke Sagara's wife.She is sociable and has a good reputation around her.She has a maiden name: Tateno.She works in a supermarket as a part-time job.On the eve of her disappearance, she was calling someone and said, "It says that work is lateIt becomes clear from the testimony at the time of questioning by the police of Mitsuri who was admitted to the police hospital that he had a lie.
Hikari Sagara <16>
Performance- Haruna Nohana[7](Childhood: Airi Kunimatsu[8]
The eldest daughter of the Sagara family.She was born on March 17, 3.She is a sophomore in a private high school.She is cheerful and kind.She later turns out she is the lover of Issei Tachibana.After her disappearance, her father, Ryosuke, protected her from the place of confinement and was immediately admitted to a police hospital.After being hospitalized, the police began questioning when it was a little calm, and his disappearance was initially runaway, confessing that it was a self-made performance planned and executed with Ichiboshi and the circumstances, and then from Ichiboshi's home. Being abducted and confined by a stranger womanI want you to kill my dadExplain to Akutsu, Ochiai, and Ryosuke in the hospital room that the video was forcibly taken.Later, Mitsuri's abduction and confinement turned out to be the crime of her lover, one-star stalker, Yoko Motoki.
Atsuto Sagara <10>
Performance- Yuhito Kobayashi[7](Childhood: Atsuhiro Kobayashi[9]
The eldest son of the Sagara family.Born August 23, 8.He is a fourth grader at Aoba Higashi Elementary School and a classmate of Kiyoaki Hishida.He loves soccer, attends soccer classes, and is a popular player.His nickname is "Achan".
At the end of the first part, someone sent him to Kameda Transport Tokyo branch office by frozen flight, but Ryosuke noticed that he was breathing slightly and was taken to the hospital and barely survived.In a hearing by Akutsu and Ochiai of the Yokohama North Police Station, he said, "Daddy (Ryosuke) killed Mama (Maho)" and showed a strong rejection reaction to Ryosuke, but these words and actions later became Kibata. After reuniting with Mitsuri, who had been kidnapped and under house arrest by Yuka, after being found to be the effect of "brainwashing" by Yumi, the rejection of Ryosuke has eased.

Kameda Transport

A carrier that Ryosuke works for at the Tokyo branch office.

Mizuho Ninomiya <28>
Performance- Kyoko Yoshine[3]
Ryosuke's subordinates.He handles complaints quickly in the customer service department.Born in Kansai.He can make calm judgments and supports Ryosuke.He later began investigating the disappearance of the Sagara family's wife and children with Ryosuke and Issei Tachibana.He is a little amazed at Ryosuke's insensitivity.He was invited to the online salon event "Ultimate" in the circle of one star, and was proposed to form an alliance to find clues to the disappearance case without Ryosuke in some cases.One day, on the way home after exchanging information at the bar "Supreme Time", someone attacked me "Shichiha GojurokuHowever, Ichiboshi, who is a little late, helps me. He asked Issei, who tried to number 110, to tell him that he knew this and didn't want to worry about Ryosuke.Shortly afterwards, she reported to Ryosuke that she had been attacked on her way home at "the supreme time."Then when he attacked, "Shichiha GojurokuIt turns out that it was Hayashi who said.A photo of Maho and Hayashi together (Suspicion of adultery ②) Was found on SNS, and on the printed paper, "Are you still looking for it?" I will explain the process to Ryosuke and Kotaro.When she met Todoroki Marina to explore Hayashi's behavior the day before her disappearance, she said she was her youngest.He often listens to cassettes when he is worried or depressed.She later told Ryosuke that the contents of the cassette were a recording of her sister's rakugo.
Yoshiharu Otaguro <52>
Performance- Shona Bokuzo[7]
Ryosuke's boss.Customer Service Department / Manager.He is single and has no history of divorce. Sensitive to "harassment", his desire is zero.He tends to be jealous and sarcastic about Ryosuke, who has a happy family.Later, on SNS, I found out that I was leaking information to Probin with an account called "Aphrodite's servant", and Mizuho and others asked me, and I confessed that I was wearing a wig as to what I misunderstood, but at the same time it was leaking. I confessed.After that, he changed his behavior to show her remorse in action, and worked without a wig.
Haruko Kamoi <41>
Performance- Kinako Kobayashi[7]
Ryosuke's subordinates.He has a stable job and is not in a hurry for most things.I like rumors.He later came to praise Otakuro, who had removed the wig.
Yuji Komine <35>
Performance- Kanro Morita[7]
Ryosuke's subordinates.A habit of being in a good mood.Ota black waist purse.He has a dull side and can't read the air.He is interested in Haruko.
Konatsu Mejiro <27>
Performance- Atsumi Yurie[7]
Ryosuke's subordinates.Currently in marriage.
Fuyuko Tomiyama <32>
Performance- Miho Nakanishi[7]
Telephone operator.Veteran and not scared.
Akino Ishikawa (Akino Ishikawa) <20>
Performance-Ai Machida[7]
New operator.He is weak.In particular, he struggled to deal with complaints from Yumi Kibata (commonly known as Batako) and became tajitaji, but Mizuho helped him many times.
Kotaro Mochizuki <23>
Performance- Ryota Bando[7]
Delivery staff.In charge of the area around Ryosuke's home.It's a good-looking guy who is also popular with the wives of the housing complex, but there is some shadow.He later became concerned about Qingming.

Weekly pursuit

The best-selling product in Japan that investigates the disappearance of the Sagara clan and calls for information.weekly magazine.

Toshio Kawamura <50>
Performance- Tetsuji Tanaka[7]
Editor-in-chief.Ryosuke's best friend since he was a student, and a member of the university's literary circle.Maho is also an old friend.He is single and has never been married.He later heard from Ryosuke about the disappearance of his family and cooperated by writing articles to gather information.He later found out that he had known Gora Makoto for a long time and had contact with him, so he did not have a good impression.One day, I visited a soccer class with Keita Uehara for an interview, showed the woman in the smartphone to Motoya Yamada, the coach of the class, and asked him to tell me that he was "Mr. Nakamura". Pointing to the poster on the bulletin board in the soccer classroom athletic field, I was told that I went to see my son five or six years ago, that my son died in a car accident, and that I still happened to come to see it, but I haven't seen it recently. My son's name isKeijuI knew it.
Takeshi Morozumi <33>
Performance- Nagaya Shigeya[7]
Photographer.Any means can be used for scoops.
Keita Uehara <43>
Performance- Chito Takemori[7]
Reporter.Married.He has the calmness to take things objectively.
Osamu Iida <45>
Performance- Ryo Iwase[10]
desk.He's a cool guy, and most of the time he doesn't move.


An IT venture run by a college student entrepreneur, Issei Tachibana.

Issei Tachibana <23>
Performance- Yuto Sano[7]
A mysterious fourth grader at university.After studying in the United States, he is a young entrepreneur who launched "Proxima" two years ago.He runs his company in a corner of a shared office in the city center.He created an online salon for the circle and provided a place for interaction.He secretly puts a book on Ryosuke Sagara at the cafe and talks about wanting to witness him.He confesses to Ryosuke with Mitsuri's lover.He later begins investigating the disappearance of the Sagara family's wife and children with Ryosuke and Mizuho.He invited Mizuho to the online salon event "Ultimate" in a circle, and proposed and agreed to form an alliance, sometimes and in some cases without Ryosuke, looking for clues to the disappearance.
Homare Aikawa <26>
Performance-Ayaka Minami[7]
Web designer.
Junji Kaieda <36>
A talented programmer.A member of the online salon.
Mitsunobu Kinjo <25>
Performance- Aoki Akira[7]
System Engineer.A member of the online salon.The president, Ichiboshi, is an old friend.
Doi Koshiro <20>
Performance --Satoshi Horinouchi[7]
part-time job.A member of the online salon.

People around the Sagara family

Tomoko Hishida <34>
Performance- Yuki Sakurai[7]
Kiyoaki Hishida's mother.She is a chiropractor.She is the same as the SagaraHousing complexA single mother who lives in.Maho's best mom friend.At first, he is one of the few people on Ryosuke's side who is suspicious, but he is taking strange actions such as entering the Sagara family without permission with the key given by Maho while Ryosuke is away.Later, Ryosuke explained that Maho also had the Hishida family's master key with mutual consent.
It seems that he shares some "secret" about Atsuto with the soccer class coach Motoya Yamada, and in a secret talk with Motoya immediately after the "kidnapping of Atsuto" threatened by Yumi Kibata ended in failure. "It's over when Achan (Atsuto) talks," he said, and at home, he was squeezing a towel soaked with "red liquid" many times while muttering "quickly ... quickly ... I have to erase everything ..." Has been witnessed by his son Kiyoaki.
Kiyoaki Hishida <10>
Performance-Aito Kuwana[11]
Tomoko's son.His nickname is "Kiyo-kun".Aoba Higashi Elementary School 4th grade and Atsuto's classmate.He attends the same soccer class as Atsuto.
Wataru Hino <48>
Performance- Takaya Sakoda[7]
Ryosuke's best friend since he was a student, and a member of the university's literary circle.Maho is also an old friend.He escapes and opens his long-cherished dream bar, "The Supreme Time."A bright mood maker who loves books and sake.She later turned out she was married.He provides his own shop for exchanging information on the disappearance of the Sagara clan and his wife, and cooperates with Ryosuke and others.She said "Gora-kun" to Makoto Gora who came to the store later, so it seems that she has some contact.
Motoya Yamada <30>
Performance- Kakizawa Hayato[7]
A soccer class coach attended by Atsuto and Kiyoaki.He is pure and enthusiastic, but a little idle.He is interested in Kiyoaki's mother, Tomoko.It turns out that he had purchased soccer uniform No. 10 later.One day, when Toshio Kawamura and Keita Uehara, who pursued the weekly magazine, came to the soccer class for an interview, she was shown a woman on her smartphone and answered that she was "Mr. Nakamura."When Kawamura asked me why I knew it, I pointed to the poster on the bulletin board at the soccer classroom playground, and I happened to see that I went with my boy five or six years ago and that he died in a car accident. I told him I haven't seen him recently, but my son's name isKeijuI told you that.
Saburo Tateno <76>
Performance- Akira Hamada[7]
Maho's father.Former hot-blooded securities man.He is a little old-fashioned and impatient, but has vitality.
Shinobu Tateno <73>
Performance- Mitsuko Oka[7]
Maho's mother.A good wife and wise mother who has set up her husband and protected her family.She was unfussy and she couldn't respond when the press rushed to her home.
Mr. Ikegami (Ikegami) <?>
Performance-Fumiko Saka[12]
Residents of the same housing complex as the Sagara family.It is an old stock in the housing complex, and the rules are strict.

Sumiai Home

A housing manufacturer in charge of building a new house for the Sagara family.

Yoichi Hayashi <39>
Performance- Motoki deep water[7]
A salesman in charge of the new Sagara family.Ryosuke and Maho's college juniors.An athletic club that is energetic in the soccer club.He gets along with Atsuto, who loves soccer.Later, Marina Todoroki, the daughter of the president of "Todoroki Building Materials," was found to be her fiancée.He continued to give encouragement to Ryosuke even after the disappearance of his wife and children, but due to the incident, his boss ordered him to stop the construction of his new house. I was exhausted.Ichiboshi Tachibana, who was in the store, told him that he had leaked information on insurance money for Maho Ryosuke to the police at a bar.Photo taken with Maho (Suspicion of adultery ②) Was spread on SNS, and it was an excuse to meet Ryosuke directly about the paper that was also in the post of the Sagara family.A detective asked about the disappearance of the Sagara clan's wife and child, and gave a false testimony that he was at home for half a day, even though there was an alibi related to the SDGs. She took a picture of her 11 years ago when she invited Maho to a college soccer reunion and was with her in front of the hotel room door (Suspicion of adultery ①) Was sent to my smartphone and I got angry when I wore it and shouted, "I'll kill you."Attacking Mizuho, ​​at that time, "Shichiha GojurokuIt turns out later.A weekly photographer, Takeshi Ryokaku, took a picture of taking out the wallet from a coin locker, and was scrutinized by Ryosuke, Mizuho, ​​Issei, Hino, and Kawamura who were gathering at the "Supreme Time", and Maho Kawamura provided information to the detective when he found out that he was using it, and as a result of the police investigating the coin locker, Maho's driver's license was found in his wallet, and he was wanted as an important reference for the disappearance of his wife and child.She escapes with a sense of crisis because she was photographed with a coin locker.When she escapes, she has been cooperating many times, such as riding in a red car driven by Marina.During the flight, Gora Makoto's photo (Suspicion of adultery ①) Is requested to be investigated.While she is on the run, Yoko Motoki takes a picture of her calling in a red car borrowed from Marina and spreads it on SNS.At a lodge, she sent an email to Kawamura's personal address with a photo saying, "If you can prove your innocence, tell me the truth."Later, a police investigation revealed that the lodge was rented by Gora.In a red car that seems to belong to Marina, who is parked at a car wash machine at a gas station in Kanagawa Prefecture, Kawamura finds her neck cut with a knife and killed.Later, the weapon knife was found in the Sagara family's kitchen.
In fact, Hayashi was engaged to Mizuho's older sister, Nagisa, but Hayashi, who was seriously in love with Maho, was thinking about "changing the saddle" from Nagisa to Maho, but the wedding with Nagisa was imminent. I was worried about the impact on my career.So he asked his long-time acquaintance, Makoto Gora, to send fake news that "Ninomiya Nagisa was a mistress and had a connection with the antisocial forces" and brought her to abandon her engagement and forced Nagisa to commit suicide. is.Hayashi, who was aware that he was resented by Mizuho in this case, is the above-mentioned photo (Suspicion of adultery ①I thought it was Mizuho who sent).
Kosaku Inoue <52>
Performance- Masahiro Toda[7]
Hayashi's boss.He doesn't like things that are sloppy and troublesome.He was later murdered by someone and will be exhibited as a wax figure at the exhibition "Gora Makoto Exhibition" held by Gora Makoto.
Kenjiro Baba <38>
Performance- Mizuho Takasugi[13]
Hayashi's colleague.Hayashi's synchronization is a good counselor, but basically he is a type who does not care.
After leaving the company with anxiety about the workplace due to news that Hayashi was killed by someone and his boss Inoue suddenly disappeared, he interviewed Uehara and Ryokaku, who pursued weekly, on the condition that they would receive an information fee. When Ninomiya Nagisa heard that she had committed suicide after her engagement with Hayashi was abandoned and invited her to drink, she was seriously in love with Maho from Hayashi and asked Gora Makoto to engage Nagisa with fake news. Tell him that he was the one who forced him to abandon and commit suicide.

Todoroki building materials

Todoroki Marina <27>
Performance- Miyu Hayashida[14](Episode 5 -)
The president's daughter.She is Yoichi Hayashi's fiancée.She has a young lady's temperament and is victorious.It seems that she knows the work behind her father, Kozo.
Todoroki Kozo <62>
Performance- Kimihiko Hasegawa[14](Episode 5 -)
president.He is asking Gora Makoto for a dangerous back-office job.

The person who fuels the case

Probin <28>
Performance- Tokio Emoto[7]
My real name isHajime Tokutake.. Omnivore system that operates "Probin Channel"YouTuber.. He's a YouTuber, but the channel isn't very popular and doesn't seem to be making stable profits (he's also aware that he's a bottom YouTuber).He wants to stand out and do anything if the number of views is likely to increase.TypicalPleasant criminalIt is extremely rude and treats everyone with a provocative and licking attitude.On the other hand, she has a selfish personality, such as being criticized for her own actions and being struck by a painful part.According to his companion, Daiki, "Because of the selfish personality of Probin, the channel is not popular and the number of views does not increase."Relentlessly deliver the disappearance of the Sagara family's wife and children.I have a strong impression that he is a human being, but when Mitsuri continued to doubt his father, Ryosuke, he said, "Believe me because you are a father in your own family! He showed his conscience by encouraging him (however, immediately after that, he instigated Mitsuri who got angry, "Come with the intention of killing him").He later YouTuber "Tokai on air'[15]And collaborate with you. "Probin Channel season 2" will be distributed to the new religious movement "The World of Brightness".
Daiki Machiyama <22>
Performance- Ryotaro[7]
He is the companion to Probin and is in charge of shooting and editing the "Probin Channel".He is stubbornly behind the scenes at his own pace.He is more afraid of account freezes than Probin.
Chiharu Shizukuishi <44>
Performance- Toshimasa Komatsu[7]
Professor of sociology at a private university.He is a commentator on the information program "Asatobi!".He speaks indiscriminately and incites fights between the parties.He calls himself an acquaintance of Ryosuke when he was a student, but Ryosuke and Kawamura / Hino have no idea.

Mysterious person

Yoko Motoki (Haruka Motoki) <23>
Performance- Rina Ikoma[7]
A woman who came into contact with Ryosuke on the day of the disappearance of her wife and child.She works at a funeral company.She was later found to be a member of the Circle's online salon, and she was also involved in "Ultimate," and she turned out to be a star stalker.She was then pretending to be a nurse named "Takaba Hana".She was later arrested on suspicion of abduction and confinement after being questioned and investigated by Mitsuri's police, who had been admitted to a police hospital.In her post-arrest interrogation, in her school days flashbacks, she was bullied by students attending the same school and she was starring as she was trying to commit suicide on a train platform. Can be stopped.She gradually disappeared from bullying by pretending to be her lover at the suggestion from Issei, and it turns out that she had a unilateral favor for Issei.
Aunt Cat <?>
Performance- Hirata Atsuko[7]
Real name, age, occupation unknown.He lives near the new house of the Sagara family.CatClassical musicI love.He is a demon and repeats mysterious remarks.
In the fall of three years before the disappearance of the Sagara family's wife and child, when Kawamura, who visited the store with information from Makoto Gora, asked about Mizuho when it was found in episode 18 that his occupation was a "fortune teller". She reveals that she came to a fortune-telling shop with Maho and told them a "sinister prophecy."
Mitsuru Nakamura <35>
Performance- Tomoya Maeno[16][17](Episode 5 -)
I think there was a point of contact more than 10 years ago, so I follow Ryosuke.He was later found to be Yumi Kibata's ex-husband and Keiki Nakamura's father.He was visiting the Yokohama North Police Station to hear information about the frozen body and persuading his ex-wife, Kibata. It was dug up as a corpse from the mountains near the cult by the "World of Brightness".
About 17 years before the disappearance of the Sagara wife and child, when Yumi, a former wife, gave birth to her son Keiki, she happened to meet Maho and Ryosuke, who gave birth to Mitsuri in the same room of the same obstetrics and gynecology department. However, Ryosuke didn't remember that he had an acquaintance with Mitsuru and Yumi until he saw the home video he was shooting when Mitsuri was born in episode 18 as Atsuto and Mitsuri.
Guru <?>
Performance- Akiko Aizuki[18](Episode 8 -)
Guru of the new religious movement "The World of Brightness".When Akutsu and Ochiai who came to investigate Yumi Kibata came to the cult facilityHachisuka ArisuI called myself.He was later arrested on the "Probin Channel" for a video of digging up two bodies in the mountains near the cult.And when he was interrogated, his real nameYoshie SatoIt turns out.
He always showed a resolute and relaxed attitude, but when he was arrested and interrogated by the police for digging up Nakamura Mitsuru's corpse, he realized that the reality of the "world of brilliance" was a MLM organization. While acting like a different person, such as taking an attitude of reopening even if pursued, he denies that his relationship with Yumi, who abandoned the corpse, was "only unilaterally involved, not an accomplice."However, Yumi's testimony later reveals that he ordered Yumi to send Atsuto back.
Yumi Kobata <37>
Performance- Karina[19](Episode 9[Annotation 2] -)
Known as: Batako.Continue to call Kameda Transport Tokyo branch office for complaints and send Mizuho a suspicious "bright soil".She later turns out to be Keiki's mother, she is the ex-wife of Mitsuru Nakamura.For some reason she has an unusual murderous intent towards Ryosuke. It turns out that she had stored the frozen body of her son, Keiki, who died in a car accident six years ago, in a freezer in a closet at her home.
He has a strong attachment to Atsuto Sagara, and intentionally activates the fire alarm of the police hospital where Atsuto is hospitalized, and tries to kidnap Atsuto in the turmoil, but contacts Atsuto for another purpose. He rubbed violently with Tomoko, who had been doing it, but gave up because the hospital staff was about to notice it, and escaped by a different route from Tomoko.After that, Ryosuke who came to visit AtsutotetrodotoxinAttempts to kill with tea containing (blowfish poison), but fails.
With this case and the fact that fingerprints were detected in Keiki's body and Atsuto's "frozen stool" box, even if he was wanted, his intention to pull Atsuto into himself did not change, and Tomoko and Motoya He threatens to kidnap Atsuto, and then shoots a blowgun smeared with blowfish poison into Ryosuke's neck to kill him again.However, "Kidnapping of Atsuto" and "Killing of Ryosuke" failed due to the formation of poisonous antibodies in Ryosuke's body and the arrest by a police officer who was patrolling the area around the hospital. ..Later, it turns out that he was brainwashed in the form of involving the "world of brilliance" in an attempt to kidnap and confine Atsuto and break his relationship with Ryosuke.
Makoto Gora <58>
Performance- Ryuhei Ueshima[20](Episode 10 -)
Yoichi Hayashi's long-time acquaintance. I have been patronized by Kozo, the president of "Todoroki Building Materials".He also has contact with Toshio Kawamura and does not have a good impression.He was involved in the work and had his friend say "Gora-kun".He put the hot coffee he had asked Hayashi to buy in the trash can, and kicked the trash can over and over again.In the past, Mizuho also made a statement that seems to have contact, and in episode 19, it is a black curtain that forced her sister Nagisa to commit suicide at the request of Hayashi, and actually made fake news. It turns out that he was watching the questions and answers of the shed Kinwa and Mizuho from behind.Later, at the exhibition "Gora Makoto Exhibition" held by himself, Kosaku Inoue of "Sumiai Home" was exhibited as a wax figure, and Kozo came to see it with two duralumin cases. He answered, "I'm good at craftsmanship," and Kozo laughed, saying, "Don't resent. It's better than going to the trash can."Later, he will move into the same housing complex where the Sagara family lives.

Yokohama North Police Station

The police station in charge of the district investigating the disappearance of the Sagara clan.

Koji Akutsu <47>
Performance- Kiyohiko Shibukawa[7]
Investigate the disappearance of a wife and child of the Sagara familyDetective..It is usually elusive, but in fact it boasts a high arrest rate in a steady investigation.When he listens or interviews, she tends to choose "A? B? Which?", And Mizuho calls her "two-choice deca."He is a former runaway tribe, he says.When he was in high school, he had a part-time job at a tavern.He is called "Akutsu" by his wife from the Philippines.At the time of questioning with Atsuto, he calls himself "Cozy."
Kazuya Ochiai <26>
Performance- Kengo Yoshida[7]
A detective investigating the disappearance of a wife and child of the Sagara clan.Since he has just been assigned to the Criminal Division, he tends to get caught up in big incidents.He respects Akutsu, but he wants to say something extra.

Other people

Frozen corpse boy
Performance-Akito Murakami[21](Episode 1 and 2) (Frozen corpse: Divine Otomo (Episode 2-Episode 6 and 17))
It was frozen, iced in cardboard, and sent to Kameda Transport Tokyo branch office.Later, the name was that he was the son of Mitsuru Nakamura and Yumi Kibata.Keiju NakamuraIt turned out that it was, and he died in a traffic accident six years ago and was stored frozen.Also, in episode 6, it turns out that she was born in the same obstetrics and gynecology department as Maho gave birth to Mitsuri about 18 years before her disappearance.
A student in a soccer class coached by Motoya Yamada, he had a dream of becoming a soccer player. I was encouraged by the encouragement of.However, six years before the disappearance, when I chased a soccer ball that had kicked into a T-junction on the way to the ground after sneaking out of the cram school to participate in the test to decide the starting lineup of the soccer tournament, I was near. He was run over by a running car and died.
Performance- Yoshiko Nakayama[22](Episode 1, Episode 4, Episode 15, Episode 16)
Second grader of a private high school.She is Mitsuri and her classmate and friend.
Dai Momiyama
Performance- Masaru Yahagi[23](Episode 3, 7th, 18th episode)
Mitsuri's stalker.
Sumire Tachibana (Sumire Tachibana)
Performance- Risa Sudo[24](Episode 6, Episode 9, Episode 14, Episode 15, Episode 17-Final Episode)
Tachibana Issei's mother. She runs a set meal restaurant called "Easy rice, she is violet."She later found out that she had refurbished her store by crowdfunding, at the suggestion of Ichiboshi, who was worried about the fuss of the store.
Nanae Miyajima
Performance- Erika Shumoto[25][26](Episode 11-Episode 13, Episode 17, Episode 18)
counselor.PTSDHe is close to Atsuto's heart and supports his recovery.
Yoshiko Tama
Performance- Camellia[27](Episode 11, Episode 12, Episode 14, Episode 15, Episode 17, Episode 18, Final Episode)
Life coach essayist.His books are "Accumulating Positive Life" and "Happiness of" Natural "".She is a commentator who co-stars with Shizukuishi on the information program "Asatobi!".
In the final episode, it turns out to be Hino's wife[28].
Ninomiya Nagisa
Performance- Noriko Iriyama[29](Episode 17 and 19)
Mizuho Ninomiya's older sister.Hayashi's former fiancée.
When I was a student, I was in Rakugo (Rakugo Study Group) and practiced with my sister Mizuho as a guest.After graduating, he was employed at a company in Tokyo, but Gora Makoto and Kinwa, who were asked by Hayashi to "change his engagement" to Maho, said, "(Ninomiya Nagisa) was connected to the anti-company as a genre." He was forced to abandon his engagement and retire due to the fake news, and committed suicide three months before his wedding.


Episode 1

Hikari Sagara's classmate
Performance-Rina Miura (Episode 4, Episode 5, Episode 15)[30][31][32]
Second grader of a private high school.She is Mitsuri and her classmate and friend.
Anime "Shibetsu! (Role name)
Voice appearance- Koichi Yamadera(Kyogoku),Uchida Aya(Mukawa),Hana Satou(Shibetsu),Yukari Shimotsuki(Yakumo[33][34]
An anime that the Sagara family was addicted to.

Episode 2

Housing complex wife
Performance- View Ayumi[35][36](Episode 10)

Episode 4

Kameda Transport, Tokyo Branch President
Performance- Hajime Inoue[37](Episode 5 and 11)
Performance- Abe Yuji[38]
Mitsuri's classmate
Performance- Ryoka Ihara[39][40](Episode 16)
Second grader of a private high school.She is Mitsuri and her classmate and friend.

Episode 7

Atsushi Fujii
Performance- Hitoshi Katagiri[Annotation 3][41](Special edition)
An orthopedic doctor at Too University Hospital.Investigate Ryosuke who collapsed while responding to the media.He later made a reservation at the bar "Supreme Time" and came to the store as a guest with Tatsu Kuzumi.
Ruri Sakuragi
Performance- Miwako Atsumi[Annotation 3][41]
A nurse at Too University Hospital.Have a medical examination with Fujii.

Episode 8

Nana Tezuka
Performance- Tomoyo Harada[Annotation 3][42]
Come to the store as a customer with Shota at "the best time".
Shota Tezuka
Performance- Kei Tanaka[Annotation 3][42]
Come to the store as a customer with Nana at the "best time".She encourages and hugs Ryosuke, who came to the store a little later.

Episode 9

Yuzuru Kuzumi
Performance- Yoshihiko Hakamada[Annotation 3][43](Special edition)
In the flashback scene 11 years ago, it turned out to be a soccer club as a junior at Maho's university.He is also called "Kuzu no Kuju" by Maho.He is at the same university as Ryosuke, but he didn't even know the literary circle to which Ryosuke, Kawamura, and Hino belonged.At a university reunion, I witnessed Hayashi taking a fierce approach to Maho.
Later, I made a reservation at "Supreme Time" and came to the store as a customer with Tatsu Fujii.At that time, he immediately replied to Hino, "I'm Kuzumi!", Being mistaken for "actor Yoshihiko Hakamada."

Episode 10

Onodera Nurse
Performance- Shiho Fukasawa[36]
A nurse at Yokohama Police Hospital.He examines Atsuto, who was brought unconscious, and explains his condition to Ryosuke.

Special edition

Lin Shin Yi
Performance- Miho Kanazawa[Annotation 3][44]
Make a reservation at "the best time" and come to the store as a customer with Fujii and others.It turns out that it was the Tezuka couple who introduced the store.
Mikiha Ono
Performance- Nao[Annotation 3][44]
Make a reservation at "the best time" and come to the store as a customer with Shinyi and others.She is a pregnant woman.
I didn't watch TV or the internet because I was worried about the effects of electromagnetic waves on the fetus, so I didn't know about the disappearance of the Sagara family.
Misato Akaike
Performance- Rie Minemura[Annotation 3][44]
Make a reservation at "the best time" and come to the store as a customer with Ono and others. She is a viewer and fan of "Probin Channel".
Sanae Enomoto (Sanae Enomoto)
Performance- Kimura Tae[Annotation 3][44]
Masashi's wife.She comes to the store as a customer at the "best time" a little later and joins Misato and others.
When Ono suddenly mentioned the "exchange murder game" while discussing the disappearance of the Sagara clan and his wife, Hino and her husband said that it was a "card game with the theme of" killing each other "." I was explaining to Masashi.
Masashi Enomoto
Performance- Masanobu Sakata[Annotation 3][44]
Sanae's husband.He comes to the store as a couple as a guest at "the supreme time" a little later.

Episode 11

The woman who committed suicide
Performance- Matsunaga Nagisa[45]
At workPower harassmentBefore trying to commit suicide, he wrote a suicide note of the accusation and asked Gora to help him commit suicide.

Episode 12

High school girl who pushed down Ryosuke Sagara
Performance-Noai Nakata[46]
In the wake of Mitsuri's video "I want you to kill my dad," Ryosuke was pushed down the stairs of the overpass from the victim's consciousness by overlapping himself with his mother with the DV received from his father.

Episode 13

Kazumi Okano
Performance- Yuri Kawakami[47]
Takuya's wife.She asks Gora to work on a divorce from her husband.
Takuya Okano
Performance- Wataru Murakami[48]
Kazumi's husband.She is entangled by Karen and stamps her divorce notice.
Performance-Rika Makino[49]
A farewell shop sent to Gora.

Episode 14

Chizue Kobata
Performance- Tajima Reiko[50]
Kibata's mother.
Takashi Kobata
Performance- Taijiro Tamura[51]
Kibata's father. He runs a fish store called "Fresh Fish Uobata".

Episode 16

Hikari Sagara's classmate
Performance- Nagi Hasegawa[52]
Second grader of a private high school.She is Mitsuri and her classmate and friend.
Takaba Hana
Performance- Karen Masaki[53]
A nurse working at Fukuse Hospital.She was threatened by Yoka for a long time, and was forced to hand over medical equipment and medicines, and to be spoofed by using personal information without permission.

Episode 17

Akiko Nakamura
Performance-Eriko Aso (Episode 18 and 17 are photo appearances)[54]
A corpse excavated from the mountains near the cult by the new religious movement "The World of Brightness".Mitsuru's mother and Kibata's mother-in-law.Keiki's grandmother.
Regarding the education of his grandson Keiki, he thinks that study should be prioritized, and when Mitsuru's wife, Kibata, sends Keiki to a soccer class, he says, "(Keiki) cannot be a soccer player." It was so negative.When he learned that one of the causes of Keiki's death in a car accident was "playing with a soccer ball," he said to Kibata, who was standing beside Keiki's body in the morgue, "Keiki died because you played soccer. "Because I'm going to learn something!", He called her "murderer" many times.

Episode 19

Gold ring
Performance- Noriyuki Hanawa(Knights[55][56]
Gora Makoto's companion.He sent fake news and drove Mizuho Ninomiya's older sister, Nagisa.

ス タ ッ フ

Broadcast schedule

Number of storiesAirdatesubtitle[59]Latte column[60]ShowAudience rating
The 1 partEpisode 12021/10/10Family disappeared ... !!
Fear of a tragic husband!
The mystery solving begins !!
A family that suddenly disappeared ... A tragic husband turns into a suspected husband
Noriyoshi Sakuma8.4%[61]
Episode 210/17In the midst of suspicion ... !!
The second message from the true criminal !!
Fearful frozen stool !!
A collaborator appears to her husband who fights suspicion ... A new trap
Episode 310/24Enemy or ally !?
The identity of the mysterious man is discovered !!
The buried truth ... !!
The identity of the mysterious man and the tunnel of horror
Episode 411/7A press conference full of traps !!
Dangerous secrets of your neighbors
Will the suspicion be dispelled !?
Trapped interviews and dangerous neighbor secrets
Satoru Nakajima7.0%[62]
Episode 511/14Justice addiction and runaway
What is your neighbor's secret !?
Malice attacking ... !!
Justice addiction and runaway neighbors' secrets
Episode 611/21The whereabouts of the family are revealed!
The nature of a runaway neighbor
The whereabouts of the family are revealed ... !!
Infiltration investigation of alleged runaway neighbors
Naoko Komuro6.6%[63]
Episode 711/28Will my daughter be rescued !?
Affair alleged trap
Rescue the captive daughter !!
A trap of alleged infidelity that suddenly emerges !!
Noriyoshi Sakuma6.6%
Episode 812/5Wife's betrayal !?
Believe it? Don't believe it? Which one?
My wife's betrayal is discovered !?
Is the mastermind behind the disappearance a beloved wife?
Naoko Komuro6.8%
Episode 912/12[Truth / Introduction] Reunited with family!
Wife's secret and dangerous woman
The secret of my wife and the identity of the dangerous person !!
Suddenly reunited with family
Satoru Nakajima5.9%
Episode 1012/19Part 1 final episode!
The fate of my son and the unexpected criminal !!
The final episode of Part 1 !! The criminal was found !?
Son, live
Noriyoshi Sakuma6.6%
Special edition12/26A new drama in which the inhabitants infer the disappearance of their family !!
Who is the culprit !?
Naoko Komuro
The 2 part
The truth
Episode 112022/1/9Runaway murderous intention !!
Who will be killed !?
The truth story starts !!
Madness goes wild !? The victim of the new murder
Noriyoshi Sakuma6.7%[64]
Episode 121/16The kidnapper is found!
Ryosuke gets poisonous fangs ...!
The kidnapper turned out !!
Uncovered murderous intentions and family truth ... Beauty battle
Makoto Naganuma7.4%[65]
Episode 131/23Call from my wife!
Burn out the true identity of the poisonous woman !!
The identity of the poisonous woman is revealed !!
Fearful blood sampling confinement ... Call from my wife !?
Satoru Nakajima7.4%[66]
Episode 141/30"Reunion" with another family!
What is the poisonous woman's past !?
Another family survives tonight !?
The past of the poisonous woman is revealed !!
Noriyoshi Sakuma8.1%[67]
Episode 152/6The whole story of my daughter's disappearance!
Who is the betrayal companion !?
The whole story of the disappearance of my daughter is revealed !!
Who is the traitor's companion !?
Naoko Komuro8.6%[68]
Episode 162/13Raging arrest drama and suspicion of friends !!Raging arrest drama and dangerous plans !!
Can you wipe out the suspicions of your friends !?
Satoru Nakajima8.4%
Episode 172/20Fearful captivity!
The bond between father and son and the shocking past of friends!
Regeneration of the bond between father and son ...
The whole picture of confinement revealed !! The shocking past of friends
Makoto Naganuma9.0%
Episode 182/27The traitor is arrested for confession!
What is the disappearing companion !?
A new arrester for guilty confession !!
The secret of the traitor and the disappeared companion
Satoru Nakajima8.6%
Episode 193/6Last answer ...
Astonishing murderous intent and truth !!
The final answer will begin !!
Neighbor's Secret ... Killing and Truth
Naoko Komuro8.9%[69]
The last episode of3/13Finally completed!
Witness the true criminal and the truth!
Finally completed !!
Who is the real culprit !? Witness all the truth !!
Noriyoshi Sakuma12.4%[70]
Average audience rating 7.7%Video researchLook up,Kanto area・Household/real time)


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Kindaichi Shonen Case Files
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