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📺 | Kyoka Suzuki, Matsuya Onoe, Eiji Wentz and others on the stage of Koki Mitani's revival for the first time in 28 years "Show Must Go O ...

Photo Kyoka Suzuki, Matsuya Onoe, Eiji Wentz, Sylvia Grab, Kazuyuki Asano

Kyoka Suzuki, Matsuya Onoe, Eiji Wentz and others on the stage of Koki Mitani's revival for the first time in 28 years "Show Must Go O ...

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From the stage "The Show Must Go On" directed by Koki Mitani, which will be performed from November this year, Kyoka Suzuki, Onoe ... → Continue reading

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11/20(XNUMX years old, XNUMX years old)Gregorian calendarAnd the 324th day from the beginning of the year (leap yearThen, on the 325th day), there are 41 days until the end of the year.



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    Kyoto Theater

    Kyoto Theater(Kyoto Gekijo) isKyotoKyoto CityShimogyo Ward OfKyoto StationOn the premisestheater.


    Kyoto Station BuildingWe are located on the 2nd to 6th floors of the East Zone.Troupe four seasons musicalEtc. are being performed.

    At the same time as the opening of the station building in 1997, it opened as Japan's first theater in the station building, "Kyoto Theater 1200".at the same timeJohnny's Office,Yoshimoto KogyoThe operating company "Theater Arts 1200" was established through joint investment such as, and the former performances were mainly performed, but the company was dissolved after the above companies withdrew from management in 1999.JR West GroupIt was directly managed by "Kyoto Station Building Development", which operates the Kyoto Station Building, and was operated as a rental building under the name of "Kyoto Station Building Theater / Theater 1200".

    After that, it underwent a major renovation from the summer of 2001 with the advice of Shiki Theater Company, which had a close relationship with the JR Group, and reopened in January 2002 under its current name.EclipseThe performance is "Phantom of the OperaHowever, the scheduled performance period, which was initially half a year, was extended to more than a year due to its popularity.In addition, the Shiki Theater Company performance on October 1, 2010 "Spring awakening], The cumulative number of visitors since the reopening was 200 million.

    After the renovation, it was used only by Shiki Theater Company until 2012, but since it is not a dedicated theater, it only performs.Only same-day tickets are available at the sales counter (ticket box) in the theater, and advance tickets including performances at other theaters are adjacent.Ticket PiaIt is sold at.The number of seats varies depending on the performance.

    The Shiki Theater Company has been performing all year since the 2002 Kokeraotoshi performance, but the performance was completed all year with "Momojiro no Adventure" Chiakigaku in October 2012, and from now on, the performance will be rented from this theater at each performance timing. Changed to the format to do[1]..Since then, plays and concerts other than the Shiki Theater Company have been held.

    Started long-term use as a semi-dedicated theater from November 2016[2]..However, at the same time, plays and concerts other than Shiki Theater Company are still being held.

    On-site facilities

    [3] * For details on individual stores (restaurants), refer to the official website.

    Around the entrance outside the latch (theater entrance) on the 1st and 2nd floors, you can issue tickets for Shiki Theater Company, advance tickets, etc. in addition to multiple restaurants.Ticket Pia"Is installed.In the pastOsamu TezukaThe exhibition facility "KYOTO Osamu Tezuka World" was occupied, but it was closed in January 2011.[4].

    In addition to the audience seats (2nd floor structure), there are ancillary services related to theater such as buffets selling light meals, cloakroom coin lockers, programs and goods sales corners, and groups for lovers (Four Seasons Association) counters. ..

    Shiki Theater Company Performance Record

    Location and transportation


    2000Until aboutNakagyo WardIn Kawaramachi SanjoToeiThe same name that existed as the opening hallMovie theaterIt has nothing to do with (the current Peking Opera Bowl).


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