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🤖 | Spring 2022 "Kaguya-sama" has the highest cumulative number of views and the top number of comments is "SPY x FAMILY" ABEM ...

Photo "Kaguya wants to tell-Ultra Romantic-" (C) Akasaka Aka / Shueisha, Kaguya wants to tell the production committee

In the spring of 2022, "Kaguya-sama" ranked first in the cumulative number of viewers, and the top number of comments was "SPY x FAMILY" ABEM ...

If you write the contents roughly
"Trapped in a Dating World is a tough world for mobs" was the first in the cumulative audience category to enter the TOP5, showing the excitement towards the end.

The new future TV "ABEMA" is ranked high in the "final ranking" of the new spring animation broadcast from April 2022 ... → Continue reading

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