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🎥 | Additional cast announcement for the movie "At the Window" starring Goro Inagaki Yuri Nakamura "I felt kindness in the work"

Yuri Nakamura, Mirai Shida and others have been selected as additional cast members for the photo movie "At the Window" [Photo: (C) 2022 "At the Window" Production Committee]

An additional cast of the movie "At the Window" starring Goro Inagaki Yuri Nakamura "I felt kindness in my work"

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○ Ryuya Wakaba
"During the shooting, I should have played while thinking" This guy is a good guy "and" I'm honest "...

Announcing the appearances of Yuri Nakamura, Tina Tamashiro, Ryuya Wakaba, Mirai Shida, and Shion Sasaki The movie "Window ..." starring actor Goro Inagaki. → Continue reading


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    good person

    Tatsuya Wakaba

    Ryuya Wakaba(Wakabaryuya,19896/10 -) isJapan OfAn actor..His real name is Ryuya Mogami.

    TokyoNerimaI'm fromMass theaterKnown as the Chibitama Three Brothers.5 brothers and sistersThird son.Horikoshi High Schoolgraduate.noraBelongs.


    I have a female pug.Her name is Bell.Her parents' home is a troupe of popular theater, and since her childhood she has been on the stage with her brothers and played an active role as a child actor. He was nicknamed "Chibitama 3 Brothers", and his appearance was featured in a documentary project on a television program.After that, he appeared in TV dramas and movies. Broadcast in July 2007Detective school QAppeared as a guest in episodes 4 and 5, and his younger brotherKatsumi WakabaCo-starred with (there was no scene to co-star in the episode 4 broadcast content).


    TV drama

    WEB drama





    • GReeeEN "Me, me, GReeeeN." "" Haruka "homecoming, mother's car" (2017)
    • yonige`` Revolver'' (2018)
    • yonige "Oujougiwa" * Director (2019)
    • yonige "Healthy Morning" (2020)
    • yonige "She on the opposite bank" * Director (2021)


    • Japan Encaphone Record"Kaze ni Dakarete (Do your best! Three Chibitama Brothers)" (1994, written by Isao Shinohara, composed by Katsuaki Ishiyama)



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