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🤖 | "Anime Expo" held face-to-face for the first time in 3 years in LA, fans enthusiastic about Japanese animation such as "Kimetsu no Yaiba"


Fans are enthusiastic about Japanese animation such as "Anime Expo" held face-to-face for the first time in 3 years in LA, "Kimetsu no Yaiba"

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Fans were taking pictures and buying goods at the anime booth, including the movie "Kimetsu no Yaiba", which was a hit in the United States.

The largest event in North America, "Anime Expo," with the theme of Japanese animation, opens in Los Angeles, western United States ... → Continue reading


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    Demon Blade

    "Demon Blade』(Kimetsu no yaiba) isGotoge YoseibyJapan OfComicthe work. 『Weekly Shonen Jump』(Shueisha) From the 2016th issue of 11 to the 2020th issue of 24[1].. The abbreviation is "Destruction'[2].


    JapaneseTaisho eraOn the stage of the main characterjuvenile DemonTurned intosisterTheA humanDraw a figure fighting demons to return to[3],Japanese style OfSwashbuckler[4].BookThe cumulative circulation of (23 volumes in total) is2021As of April1 million copiesIs breaking through[Note 1][5].

    In 2019ufotableIn productionTelevision AnimationThe first period "Kamijiro Jiro, RishiWas broadcast[6].

    Draw the middle of the story in 2020Theater animation"Infinite trainWas released.The same work in Japanperformance incomeReached 404.3 billion yen,Japan's box office revenue1Became[7].. From October 2021 to February 10, the re-edited version of "Infinite Train Edition" and its sequel to the second season of TV animation "Yukaku editionWas broadcast[7]..Furthermore, "Swordsmith Village Edition』It has also been decided to make it into a TV animation[8].

    Other,stageChangeGameBecomingtoyBecomingCompany,Theme parkWithcollaborationSuch,Media mixIs being developed in various ways.

    Production background


    "Over-hunting hunting"

    The origin of this work isGotoge YoseiThe first one-shot work that was drawn by 2013Overhunting hunting"Met[9][10].

    This work is from the Meiji era to the Taisho eraJapanFrom overseasvampire,JapaneseDemonIt is a work that depicts the battle between "Oni Hunting" and[10], Some of themCharacterAnd techniques have been taken over by this work "Kimetsu no Yaiba".

    Gotouge thought that the work would not be evaluated anyway, but his family urged him to post it in his favorite magazine anyway, and he himself was a fan of "Gintama", which will be described later. Is serialized,Weekly Shonen JumpPosted to[9].

    The same work is the frontispiecehero OffaceDue to the peculiar composition such as hiddenJumpIn the editorial department, it became a hot topic that "the manga I was interested in came from the first page"[10][11]..As a result, the work is the 70thJUMP Treasure Newcomer Manga Award(Judges for the fiscal year ended April 2013:Kenta Shinohara) Won the honorable mention[9].

    Koyoharu Onishi, the first editor in charge of Gotouge, said, "It's a rare type among writers who want to jump. Can you do it? "[12].

    Tatsuhiko Katayama, who later became the first editor in charge of this work, said, "It was difficult to understand at first glance, but when I read it twice, I noticed the skill of composition and swing." I also felt it. "[9].

    "The flow of demon killing"

    Furthermore, in 2015, Gotouge added the settings for "Breathing" and "Demon Killing Corps" to the serialized work "Demon killing flow"ofnameIt was created.This is the predecessor of this work.However, due to "the severeness of the world view and the silence of the main character", he was rejected at the serialization meeting by the editorial department and did not appear in the magazine.[9].

    The main character of the work isBlindness,Arm, Both feetProsthetic footMet.The world setting got a reputation as "easier to read",heroCharacteristic was an issue[9].

    Change of hero

    Then, Katayama's senior editor said, ""HUNTER × HUNTERIt would be easier for readers to embrace emotions and make other people stand out if the main character is an ordinary person and an abnormal person is placed around it. "[9].

    When Katayama asked Gotouge, "Is there a more ordinary person in this story?", Gotouge said.Supporting roleHe revealed that he thought, "There is a boy who sells charcoal. He kills the whole family by a demon, and his sister becomes a demon. He becomes a'demon hunter'to return his sister to humans." ..Katayama thought that the person was suitable for the hero, and proposed to change the hero, saying that "a character carrying a fate will be a driving force to move the story."Gotouge accepted the proposal[9].

    Immediately before serialization

    And Gotouge said, "Demon Blade』Toward the serializationnameWrote.Compared to the previous work, the main character is easier to get close to, the story is adjusted in an easy-to-understand manner, and in the first episode, the scene where the big brother rebukes the main character, etc.linesKatayama was overwhelmed by the power of[9].

    The name was almost the same as the content when it was posted on the paper, and it was completed, but a personKimonoKatayama responded to the fact thatTaishoWhen he suggested, "I want something like that," Gotouge said, "Stuffed collarToHaoriI devised the current design.Another opinion from Katayama is "noticeable.DesignI hope there is some charm point because it will be received by the reader "," It is interesting if there is a person who is not close to the hero's synchronization "[9]..As a result, "Kimetsu no Yaiba" was approved by the editorial department and serialization started.[9].

    Attitude toward the opinions of the editor

    At the meeting between Gotouge and the editor in charge, in response to the opinions and suggestions of the editor, Gotouge may draw as planned without giving up his belief, or he may flexibly incorporate his opinions and revise the manuscript. Sometimes[9]..Regarding this, Tatsuhiko Katayama, the first editor in charge, speculates that "Gotouge places the highest priority on'whether it is established as a story'."[9].

    For example, the main character in the early part of the workTrainingKatayama pointed out that "the pull is weak to put it in the early stages", but Gotouge said "normalA humanI did not give up my theory that "will not become stronger immediately", and drew it as planned.In addition, when the main character was subsequently challenged, Katayama suggested, "Why don't you add a depiction of the big brother watching over the main character?", But Gotouge said, "The big brother is not in that position." Refused[9].

    On the other hand, when Katayama pointed out that there was no impact on the appearance of the main character's master, Gotouge corrected his appearance in response.Also, regarding the scene where the hero is pitifully holding his hand after killing his hateful enemy, Gotouge said, "I think I should delete it because it is not like a boy's magazine," but Katayama was impressed and said, "Here. I should definitely put it in. I have never seen such a hero. "[9].

    Works influenced by this work

    As a work that this work is influenced by, GotougeFansProclaiming thatJoJo's Bizarre Adventure"Immortalvampire"Or"Ripples OfBreatheTatsuhiko Katayama, the editor, points out the relationship with the motif.[9]..In addition, Gotouge said, "GintamaI also love it, so I like to draw comedy elements.[9].

    In addition, as mentioned above, "HUNTER × HUNTER』Incorporates the element that" the main character is an ordinary person and puts an abnormal person around[9].

    Reader popularity

    This work is "Weekly Shonen Jump』Serialized from the 2016th issue of 11 to the 2020th issue of 24[1].

    Until the middle of the serialization, popularity is modest compared to other ordinary jump works, and the meticulousness of drawing the picture and the story that the main character mercilessly dies is not for everyone but a cruel depiction is a manga that chooses readers[13]..Therefore, some rumors say, "In the early days, it was unpopular.CensoredIt was on the verge of being ", but in reality there was no such concern.[9].

    It is said that the time when the popularity was established was when the main character finished the trial in the early stage and when the two main characters were in sync.[9].

    Popular explosion after animation

    Then in 2019Television AnimationAs a result, it became even more explosively popular.[9].

    Many of the popular works in the past continued to be highly popular from the beginning to the end of the series, but this work was an unusual existence that the popularity accelerated steadily.It is said that he has never seen such an example in the 10 years since Katayama joined the company.Also, Katayama never expected it to become such a popular work.[9].

    The reason why it gained popularity is that it is a work that has both easy-to-understand and writer-like characteristics that even elementary and junior high school students can understand. Katayama analyzes that it is the result of overlapping talents that Gotouge had. "[9].


    The mini-corner "Onibusoutaiho" is published in the serialized magazine. Official jumpBy"School of jump], The ages and behind-the-scenes episodes of the main characters in this work have been announced and are officially set.

    In 2019, a color version of the story by coloring J Networks is posted as a privilege only for the electronic version of the Weekly Shonen Jump series.After the serialization, "Weekly Shonen Jump" No. 2020, 44, featured a special one-shot depicting the first mission of the flame pillar, Ren 󠄁 Jigoku Anjuro.


    Tanjiro Kamado Ritsushi ed. (Volume 1-6)

    Enlisted in the demon slaughter corps (Volume 1-2)
    Time is Taisho. hero·Kamen KajiroInherits the traces of his deceased father,carbonIt was baked to support the family's life. One day, when Jijiro vacated his house, his family was slaughtered by an demon, and his only surviving sister,砈門禰 󠄀 MamekoAlso turns into a demon. What saved Jijiro who was attacked by MamekoYoshioka TomiokaIt was a swordsman who called himself. Yoshiyuki tries to "defeat" Mameko, but realizes that the bond between his brother and sister remains, and puts his sword in.
    "Nurturing" under the guidance of YoshiyukiRinkaki SakonjiJiro, who came to the site, seeks a method to return Mameko to the human and devotes himself to practicing swordsman to chase the demon. Two years later, Jiro Jiro joins the "Oni Sousakutai" after undergoing a screening test, which is the final barrier to life.
    Asakusa: Encounter with Oni Maitsuji 󠄀 Miserable (Volumes 2 and 3)
    After completing his first job, subjugating the Numaoni, and heading to Asakusa for the next job, Sumijiro senses the same odor as when Mameko became a demon, and follows it to become the demon's ancestors.Oni Mai Tsuji 󠄀 MiserableContact with.Miserable was masquerading as a human being, and he escaped by demonizing a passing person, and Kanjiro could not get his hands on it.
    After that, even though he is a demon, he thinks about killing misery.Pearl worldShiroHowever, miserable also sends thugs and becomes a battle.Sumijiro has a new purpose of forming a cooperative relationship with Tamashii and collecting the blood of a demon that is close to miserable.
    Koyashiki: Encounter with friends (Volumes 3-4)
    Sumijiro is a demon swordsman/Good wifeMeet again. In response to a new command, he will forcibly take the illness that exposes the ugly state, but in the mansion, the demons will go around the boy of "rare blood" and kill each other. In addition, a new demon sword fencerBehei InosukeAlso breaks in. Zenyoku and Inosuke both killed demons, and Sumijiro was also the former Twelve Onitsuki.HikyoDefeat.
    Mt. Natagumo: Spider Demon (Volumes 4-6)
    After a temporary rest, the three coal miners were ordered to support the battle at Nada Spider Mountain. However, the advance team was on the verge of annihilation in front of the demon family who uses the spider's ability. The demons attack the swordsmen in pieces. Sumijiro is Twelve OnitsukitiredConfront. It is possible to catch up with its overwhelming strength, but he turns into a counterattack with the demon technique of "Hinokami Kagura" and 砰  瀄 Mameko handed down by his father. However, he was evaded by a quick tie, and Zenyō and Inosuke also suffered from the danger of their lives. The ones who saved them were the pillars, the highest power of the demon slaughter group, TomiokaShinobu Phalaenopsiswas.
    In this way, the battle of Nada Spider Mountain ends, but Minjiro Susumu and Mameko Susumu are subjected to the “Pillar Judgment” over treatment. After being severely pursued by the “pillars”, they were the brothers and sisters of the gate, but since Mameko was able to endure his desire and anger for blood,Yoya MansionUnder the circumstances, enrollment is accepted.
    Butterfly House: Functional recovery training (Volumes 6-7)
    Minjiro Jiro and others, who were seriously injured in the previous battle, are treated at "Butterfly Mansion" owned by Shinchobu. The swordsman of the same period, who was recognized as a "step child" because of its quality in the mansion,Kurihana KanawoThere was Although the treatment is proceeding smoothly, the ability difference with Kanawo was shown in the functional recovery training, and Jinjiro and his colleagues were depressed. Minjiro listens to the past of Phalaenopsis and makes a new determination with the aim of gaining a “total focus and Jochu”.
    On the other hand, the misery that boiled down the work of the defeat of the "Lower String Samurai" purged the four lower string demons to no avail, strengthened the last lower string "Shimoichi", and became a follower to Sumijiro. Release.

    Infinite Train Edition (Volumes 7-8)

    Ichi of the lower string, Participation of the first string (Volumes 7-8)
    The Jinjiro and others are looking for clues to the Hinokami KaguraPurgatory AnjuroTo get on the infinite train. Although I could meet Anjuro, I could not get information about the Hinokami Kagura, and the train is in the middle of the demon-related incident. The three people and Anjuro are sleeping demons of "The Last Moon".DreamsI am trapped in my dream. Successfully manages to awaken, defeating Yume while protecting passengers.
    However, "Goryu no Gin" that appeared immediately afterwardsAquariusIn the battle with Kyoujuro, he is killed.Kyoujuro admits Kanjiro and Tanjiro Kamado, and Akaza becomes a target for Kanjiro.

    Yukaku (Volumes 8-11)

    First-string land (Volumes 8-11)
    Four months after the infinite train incident,Umedi Tengen'S wife disappears during an undercover investigation into the Yukaku “Yoshihara”. Tengen forms a corps for rescue, and makes Jiro, Zenyoku, and Inosuke dress as women. Jiro Jiro is "First Quarter Land"Fallen princessInfiltration investigation turns into a mission to subdue the first string.The difference in ability with the fallen princess and the skill of water breathing and Hinokami Kagura that do not suit you make you struggle.Tengen and his friends joined and managed to drop the neck of the fallen princess, but not only did she not die, but another demon from her body.Yutaro TaroAppears. The true identity of "Land of the First String" was a brother and sister demon who shared each other's lives.The swordfighters were injured inevitably by the collaborative attack between Taro and the fallen princess who manipulated the poison, but they defeated it with a fighting spirit that exceeded the limit.
    This will bring victory for the demon slaughter corps for the first time in XNUMX years, and the sick Yaya will be delighted.Miserable gathers the five demons of the first string and directs the next operation.

    Swordsmith Village (Volumes 12-15)

    First string 輍 ・ 肆 (Volume 12-15)
    For Jiro Shiro, who folds a sword every time he fights against a strong enemy,Hotaru TetsuzukaDeclares that the patience bag will not make a sword. To directly contact Kotetsuka, Jijiro goes to the hidden swordsmith village. There, I touch on the footprints of the "swordsman with earrings" that I often see in my dreams.
    In addition, Sumijiro is a love pillar who visited the village.Kanroji MitsuriAnd KasumiToichiro MuichiroIs the younger brother of the wind pillar with the two pillars ofGenya Immortal RiverAnd meet again.
    Although it was a peaceful village of swordsmiths, it received a terrible life and became a "first-class corpse".Ball potAnd "The upper strings"Half-tenguIs attacking. The ball pot aims for swordsmithing, and the semi-tengu attacks the swordsman. Despite the casualties, at the end of the defense game, Muichiro subjugates the ball pot and Minjiro subjugates the half-tengu.
    Pillar training (Volumes 15-16)
    砰 󠄀 Miko overcame the sun. Upon knowing it, the misery rejoices and changes the target from "blue cluster amaryllis" to "禰  Mameko". By eating her, she also overcomes the sun. Miserable retreats the demons and prepares for a full-scale war over Mameko.
    Meanwhile, Hashira Meeting.In the Warring States period, the swordfighters who hunted down the misery to the next level had all the "bruises" that resembled the patterns of demons.Amane MansionSays. Muichiro had a concrete understanding of the conditions for producing "bruises" from his own experience. In response to this,Screaming islandProposes a joint rehabilitation training “Pillar Rehearsal” that mobilizes all the pillars. The members aim to strengthen their abilities and the pillars aim to develop "bruises".

    Mugenjo Hen (Volume 16-23)

    Miserable finds out the maternity house and visits at midnight to take the life of Yaya.Yaya, who had survived the death and illness with energy, used himself as a trap and exploded the mansion.With the support of an ambush who has an unknown blood demon technique, Tamashii miserably absorbs the "medicine that returns demons to humans."Furthermore, even if the screams chase after him, the misery does not die.In the emergency situation of the mansion, Kanjiro and his pillars gather one after another and launch a total attack on the weakening misery.In the situation of being able to bring it to the endurance battle until dawn, the entire demon slaughter corps is dropped to the infinite castle by Narujo, and the total war between the demon slaughter corps and the demons begins.The demon slaughter corps hides Mameko, Shiro Shiro establishes a communication network, and Teruya Sanyashiki, who inherited the master of the mansion, takes command.Miserable leaves the battle to the demons and tries to detoxify them in a meat cocoon.

    vs New Shinsetsu no Riku/Mt. Shiadake (17 volumes)
    Zenyaku encountered his sibling, Mt. Shiadake, who had fallen into a demon. While each other is abusive, Zenyaku is attacked by a mixture of thunder breathing and demon art. Zhen Yi decides and destroys Mt. Shio with his own "lacquer mold".
    vs First String Participation / Fossa (Volumes 17-18)
    Akaza, who sensed the sign of Sumijiro, goes out.Akaza praises Kanjiro's growth and strength of courage, and insults Kyoujuro as "I'm glad I died that night (= thanks to Kanjiro's growth)".Yoshiyuki awakens the bruises, and Sumijiro squeezes the neck of Akaza with a new technique that does not pretend to be murderous.Nonetheless, Akaza eats to overcome even the decapitation and continue the battle, but regains his memory of human age, understands his own emptiness, and chooses suicide.
    vs First string No. 16 Douma (Volumes 19-XNUMX)
    Shinobu encounters his sister, Doma.Shinobu pushes the blade of poison one after another to defeat Douma, but Doma doesn't care.Shinobu's deadly attack does not work for Douma, and he is defeated and absorbed in front of Kanawo.
    Kanawo and Doma are involved in the battle as they are, but Inosuke breaks in during that time.After seeing Inosuke's true face, Doma remembers "a woman who looks just like Inosuke" and concludes that she is Inosuke's mother.Doma also killed Inosuke's mother.Kanawo and Inosuke burn with hatred for their death.Kanawo and Inosuke defeated Doma and defeated him in the form of boosting the preparation of Shinobu, who was a line of duty.
    vs First String Ichi, Black Death (Volume 19-21)
    Narujo's technique divides the demon slaughter corps.Muichiro, Genya, and Miya are sent to the room of the Black Death, and the sword technique of "Moon Breathing" that the Black Death wields easily dismisses them.A scream rushes into the crisis of desperation, and the curtain of "Islet of the first string" vs. "The strongest of the demon slaughter corps" is over.Screaming screams at the cost of his life, but still has no power, and the demon slaughter corps of full-blown wounds challenges the black death corps 4: 1.He stopped moving with Genya's blood demon technique, and defeated the Black Death by a total attack of the three pillars' bruises, the transparent world, and the sword.However, Muichiro and Genya die.
    Succession country relationship Ichi (between curtains)
    An episode of "The Swordfighter of the Breathing of the Sun".Engraved in the memory of Tanjiro Kamado's blood, he recalls the black death and the demon Maitsuji 󠄀 misery.Although Enichi meets with misery, he fails to finish it, and Miserable who is afraid of Enichi disappears.Enichi heads for Sekikichi Kamon, who once helped from a demon.Decades later, the old Enichi reunites with his older brother, who has become a demon, but ends his life on the verge of slashing.It was thought that the breathing and pattern of Enichi had died, but it was handed down as a kagura by the Kagura family.
    vs Oni Mai Tsuji 󠄀 Miserable (Volume 21-23)
    The soldiers siege the miserable meat cocoons, but after detoxification, the miserable eats them and recovers, proclaiming the annihilation of the demon hunt.Although Sumijiro and his Yoshiyuki fought against misery, misery was overwhelmingly strong.However, when Shiro Shiro captures Narujo, Mugenjo collapses, and the demon slaughter corps and misery are discharged to the ground.One hour until dawn.
    Miserable injects blood into Kanjiro and tries to poison him.While the swordfighters are fighting miserable, the dying Sumijiro dreams of the succession of the nation and the breathing pattern of the sun from his blood memory, and gets up and challenges the battle again.In addition, the multiple effects that Kyusei had hidden in the medicine gradually eroded the misery.After blocking the miserable escape, Asahi finally burns miserable, and Charcoal Jiro and his Yoshiyuki stab the end miserably.Many people were killed in action, and everyone was in a fierce battle for full-blown wounds.
    However, on the verge of death, Miserable pours all of his remaining power and his thoughts into turning Sumijiro into a demon king.Awakened as the king of demons, Kanjiro easily overcomes the sunlight and attacks the swordfighters, but Kanawo drives him into a "medicine that returns demons to humans."In Sumijiro, miserable blood and medicines compete with each other, and eventually Sumijiro wakes up as a human being.Miserable and the demons perish, the demon slaughter corps ends their activities, and Kanjiro and Nezuko 󠄀 Mameko go home.
    A world without demons (final story)
    Time has passed and the story of the descendants of the demon slaughter corps in modern Tokyo.


    Voice is an anime versionVoice actor.. The performance is a stage versionAn actor[Note 2].. The names of the characters were not only original, but also their surnames, which seem strange and exist.

    main character

    Kamado Tanjiro
    Voice- Natsuki Hanae[14][15],Satomi Satomi(childhood)
    Performance- Ryota Kobayashi[16], * Hanano Takahara[17](childhood)
    Of this workhero[3]..Age is 13 years old → 15 years old[18]..She is 156 → 165 cm tall.She weighs 53 → 61 kg.The eldest son of the Kamon family, a charcoal-burning family, and a family-friendly boy.A bruise on the left side of his forehead and a sunflower were drawnHanafudaThe wind earrings are characteristic.The bruise on the forehead is a burn scar that was made by hiding his younger brother when he was young. It changes into a bruise like that and becomes a true bruise.Hair and eyes were reddish "KaorukoIt is said that it is a good luck to be born in a family that does fire work.[19].. Stubborn and stiff in two senses[20], Sometimes behaves too seriously and misaligned[21].
    Sense of smellIs very good[22], You can even sniff out the emotions of the other person.This also functions as the ability to read the signs of the enemy during battle, and after training, "Thread of the gapWas visualized as[23].. Sniff out demons and humans, and see through the terrible misery[24].. In addition, he has excellent intuition and flexible thinking ability in battle.
    On the other hand, he is very kind and can't be cruel in the face of demons.[23][25][26].. Openly disagree with how the demon slaughter squashing away demons without questions and answers, and even the pillars are regarded as heretical.[27].
    On the troupeCheckered patternWearing a haori coat and carrying a box made of Kiriunsugi, which is specially made by Rakutaki, which contains Mameko.[28]..Currently, the top priority is to defeat the Twelve Onitsuki and send the blood to Tamashii.[21].
    On the way home from the charcoal sellerSaburoThe night I stayed at my house and left home overnight[22], 禰 󠄀 The whole family except Mameko is murdered[3].. Yoshitomi Tomioka visits the origin of Rintaki to introduce the beast that has barely survived to the demonization[20][22][29]..Seeking the power to chase demons, after two years of training, "Breathing waterTo wear[30][31]..In addition, "" that is handed down to the birthplaceHinokami Kagura”Is converted from a battle with the lower string sword and Kasane to a sword technique, and begins to use it.[32][33].
    The swordsmith in charge is Hotaru Tetsuzuka. The color of the sun sword is jet black[19]In addition to the openwork tsuba reminiscent of the sun, the sword fittings are based on black and silver, including the handle and scabbard.Since the breathing of water does not match the qualities, it cannot be mastered, and the handed down Hinokami Kagura does not keep up with the power of the technique.[34]..From that awareness, I searched for a new way of breathing.[35], In the battle with the fallen princess and the prostitute Taro, he created a complex type of breathing that combines Hinokami Kagura with the body of water breathing.The sword has been broken or lost in a fierce battle.The latest sword is a re-sharpened sword from the Warring States period that was housed inside the Enichi Zero type aircraft.[36][37]..The tsuba is a relic of Purgatory Anjuro[37].
    At Mugenjo, he and Tomioka engage in a battle with Akaza, the first string.Although he is forced to be inferior in front of Akaza, which boasts overwhelming ability, he gains a "clear world" in the middle of the battle and wins hard.
    In the battle against misery, he called the demon slaughter corps "a gathering of abnormal people", and even the killed people said "I think he had suffered a catastrophe". You are a creature that shouldn't exist, "he said, and although he engaged with the same people and pillars, he lost his right eye and left arm in a terrible onslaught.However, through his dream, he learned the truth about Hinokami Kagura and succeeded in defeating him after a deadly battle.He was transformed into a "king of demons" by the last power of misery, and even though he stripped his fangs to his friends, he returned to humans by the desperate call of Mameko and the "medicine that returns demons to humans" released by Kanawo.
    After the war, after interacting with the people concerned and visiting the graves of the soldiers who died in the war, he returned to his parents' house with Zenitsu, Inosuke, and Sadako.His right eye and left arm were regenerated when he became the king of demons, but his senses did not return and he suffered from sequelae.
    Initially, it was a sub-character scheduled to be released in "Oni-Kai no Ryu", but after the name submitted for the serialization died, the main character was changed to a more ordinary person, and Gotouge said, "The whole family When I talked about "a charcoal-selling boy who joined the demon slaughter corps to return his sister who was killed and became a demon", he felt that the person in charge was "a character carrying a fate" and was selected as the main character.[9].
    Nezuko Kamado
    Voice- Akira Kitou[14][15]
    Performance- Akari Takaishi[16](1st and 2nd works), Karen Takahashi[38](From the 3rd work)
    Of this workheroine..Age is 12 years old → 14 years old[18]..She is 150 → 153 cm tall.She weighs 39 → 45 kg.She is the sister of Tanjiro Kamado[3], The eldest daughter of the Kamon family.When she was a human, she had a family-friendly personality, she was easy to understand, and she never said anything about herself.[39]..When Sumijiro is absent, he is attacked by Oni Maitsuji 󠄀, but he survives as a demon because the blood is mixed in from the wound.It is different from ordinary demons, such as attacking Kanjiro who came to help with the demon's habit, but shedding tears with a desperate call, protecting Kanjiro who was defeated by Tomioka while starving and needing human blood and flesh. It is overlooked by showing the situation.After that, a bamboo cangue is attached and the consciousness becomes cloudy.
    As one of the demon's abilities, you can increase or decrease your height to some extent.Normally, he avoids the sun and is carried to Kanjiro with his body a little smaller and in a backpack, but when fighting, he returns to the size of his body and fights mainly with kicks.Also, when he met his mother who died during the battle with Kasane with deep consciousness, the blood demon technique "Blood burns and explodes."Explosive blood(Baketsu) ”blooms[33].
    He usually hates the sun and shows some of the demon's instincts, but he is often vague.However, when Sumijiro is in danger or is strongly called for, he becomes active.Implications from the scale waterfall make humans look like their own family and recognize demons as enemies.[Note 3]..The human desire for blood remains strong, but it is forcibly suppressed by a strong self-consciousness.However, when the miserable blood in herself responds, she becomes as physique as an adult female, with horns on her right side of the head and patterns like branches and leaves in various parts of her body.In this state, the fighting power of the first string is awakened, but the appetite for humans also increases and it tries to attack.[Note 4]..After a deadly battle with the first string in the village of swordsmiths, he overcomes the sunlight and becomes able to speak words in one word.
    Rin-taki sees that the place where ordinary demons get vitality from human blood is replaced by sleep.The physical regeneration ability is slower than that of a normal demon, but if the demonization progresses, it will surpass even the fallen princess of "Land of the First String", and even if the five bodies are cut, they can connect the condensed blood and pull back each one to restore it.It is also speculated that Tamashii changed the demon nature of Mameko during the first two years of sleep.
    Also, although he had few facial expressions at the beginning, he head-butted him who was sleeping because he wanted Sumijiro to stroke his head, and his forehead cracked from the stone head and started crying, and he was struck by Kanroji and made him happy. It has become more expressive than in the early days.
    After overcoming the sun, it remained in the form of being entrusted to Rakutaki et al.After that, he desperately called on Kanjiro, who had become the "king of demons," and Kanjiro returned safely to humans.After the decisive battle, he returned to his parents' house with Hashibira, Zenitsu, and Inosuke.He finally accepts the feelings of goodness and is united.
    My wife Yoshitsugu
    Voice- Hiro Shimono[40][15]
    Performance- Keisuke Ueda[16]
    A demon swordfighter who is in sync with Tanjiro Kamado.He is 16 years old[18]..She is 164.5 cm tall.She weighs 58 kg.She is very timid, passive and negative thinkingselfishStrong boy[41].
    Characterized by golden (yellow) hair and thick eyebrows[41]..Wear a haori with a scale pattern on top of the troupe[41]..The sunflower sword is like a lightning bolt on the bladeBladeThe tsuba is a Yotsugi melon type, and the tsuba is based on white.For some reason only hecrowInstead of being attached with "Chuntaro of the sparrow"[41][42].. It is said that he cannot be strong even though he is evaluated by his talent and has the ability to match it.InferiorityTied up with, feeling emotionally unstable[41].. Very obsessed with women, often performing facials and verbs[41].. I'm in love with Mameko[43].
    "Lightning breathingDefeat the demon with "(Kaminari no Kokyu)". Of the six types of "thunder breathing", I could only get "Ichino type Kasumi Ippen", but I trained only that.lightningIt has reached a speed that can be compared to.At the beginning of the work, it is vulnerable to pressure, and when tension and fear rise to the limit, it falls asleep like fainting, but it becomes a semi-awakening state, and it exerts its original strength by being released from tension.In the work, he will build up his strength through battle experience and pillar training with Sumijiro and others, and in the battle with Odake at Mugen Castle, his skill and judgment will grow to the extent that he defeats Odake with a single horse while being self-conscious. ..
    HearingIs very good, and its ability to read the feelings of others[44].. Moreover, I have been deceived many times because I give priority to what I want to believe. After being deceived by a woman and in debt, she was saved by her later teacher, Kuwashima, and trained as a swordsman.[45].. I was hit by lightning during my training and changed from black hair to blonde hair.[46].. Shortly after passing the final selection, I reunited with the same time, Jiro Jiro, and later worked with him.[41].
    Lamentation for one's weakness is the reverse of a desire to help someone[47]..From the background mentioned above, I am not motivated by the negative feelings towards demons.Even if he is chased by a demon, he will not leave his child and run away. After knowing that he was taking him from the beginning, he said that he believed in Kanjiro, who made a "gentle sound that made him want to cry," and showed one side of protecting the box with all his might.[48][44].
    Participated in the Spider Mountain Edition, Infinite Train Edition, and Yukaku Edition.At Mugenjo, engage with his brother, Odake, who became a demon, and bury him with the new technique "Urushi no Kata".[49]..He also participated in the battle against misery and survived to the end.After the war, he moved to his parents' house with Kanjiro and others, and was tied to Tanjiro Kamado.
    Breathing of lightning
    Ichino-type Hakureki Issen
    From stepping on God speedIai cut..It also has its drawbacks because it only rushes in a straight line.Good luck can only be used with a flash of haze, but due to application and growth, it is a continuous technique.Six reams,Eight, Enhanced versionFast(Shinsoku) and so on.
    Lacquer-shaped fire thunder god
    A new technique devised by good luck.A dragon-shaped thunder slash is launched.With this technique, he defeated his fate, Odake.
    Beihei Inosuke
    Voice- Matsuoka Teijo[40][15]
    Performance- Yugo Sato[16]
    A demon swordfighter who is in sync with Tanjiro Kamado.He is 15 years old[18]..She is 164 cm tall.She weighs 63 kg.Abandoned child raised in a wild boar[50].. Name is real name[51][50].. Old woman of "Fuji no Ie"Hisa(Voice- Ikuko Tani) MadetempuraI became a favorite after eating.
    BizarreboarShe is wearing a headgear, but her real face is very feminine and tidy.[51]The upper body is naked, and the trousers are the only clothes[51].. I have fur on my waist and shin[51]..At first, the Nichirin sword has no brim and handle that was obtained from other soldiers, and it is a sword with two spilled blades that is simply wrapped with cloth directly around the stem.[52]..Wrap a cloth like a stem when there is no sheath and in non-combat[53]..After being broken in the battle of Mt. Similarly, I returned to the shape of the blade spill and bought the wrath of Tetsuanamori.[54].
    He compared his strength with the demon swordsmen, robbed him of the Japanese sword, and heard about the final selection and the demons.A masterpiece who survived the final selection without the guidance of a grower and joined the demon slaughter corps. "Rare blood" boyKiyoshi(Voice- Toichi Junichi), violently interrupts the battle with Hibiki[55]..Although it is in sync with Sumijiro, he survived in the final selection and descended earlier than anyone else after passing the test, so he had no acquaintance with Sumijiro at that time, and the first meeting was during the battle of Koyashiki.
    A warlike wild child who fights because he wants to fight, he laughs loudly and shouts "Insane rush, Ino rush" and swings his sword noisily.[55]..UnconventionalilliteracyBut[51], The vocabulary is abundant, and suddenly I sometimes use esoteric idioms.This is influenced by the storytelling of an old man who took care of him for a while when he was a child and the interaction with his grandchildren.[50]..I can't remember the names of others, so I call them by giving them nicknames.I can say my name properly about once every seven times.
    It's rough, but it's mentally struck and weak, and I can't get out of my hands or legs, and when I lose, I feel like a different person.[56]..On the other hand, there are some people who are superior to me, and when they are fanned by others, they get motivated.I didn't understand them because I grew up without knowing the compassion and kindness of people.[43], By acting with Sumijiro and others, emotions begin to grow and you become confused by your own changes.[43][57].
    My style of breathingIsBeast breathing(Kokumono no Kokyu) ”defeats the demon.Tactile senseIs very good, and by concentrating, it can detect even the slightest fluctuations in the air, and even those that are not in direct contact can be captured.The upper body is always naked because the tactile sensation becomes dull when wearing clothes.[Note 5]..Constitution that poison and medicine are hard to work.Shows tricks such as softening due to joint attachment and detachment and moving internal organs to avoid fatal injuries.
    Participated in the Spider Mountain Edition, Infinite Train Edition, and Yukaku Edition.He encounters Doma at Mugenjo and is informed of his birth and the existence of his mother, Kotoha.He fights with Kanawo to decapitate Douma, and takes the grace of his mother.He also participated in the battle against misery and survived to the end.After the final battle, he will live together at Kanjiro's house.

    Devil squad


    Yoshioka Tomioka
    Voice- Takahiro Sakurai[40][15]
    Performance- Rei Honda[16]
    "Breathing waterTo useWater column (Mizubashira)..Age is 19 years old → 21 years old[18]..The Nichirin sword is a bluish sword that indicates the suitability for breathing water, and the sword is a hexagonal sword, and the overall color is white, black, and magenta.
    The first appearance is one episode.Appears in front of Kanjiro, who is attacked by Nezuko Kamado, and tries to kill the demonized Nezuko Kamado.However, he draws a sword when he sees Kanjiro's will to win in order to help his sister and Tanjiro Kamado who tries to protect his brother even in starvation.Encourages him to be trained as a demon slaughter corps as a way to help her sister, and sends a letter of introduction to Sakonji Urokodaki.
    He shows a realistic and cold atmosphere and rarely expresses his emotions, but he intentionally says something harsh in order to bring out the energy and determination of Sumijiro, and he overlooks Mameko from the above-mentioned circumstances. The roots are gentle and affectionate.However, because he is expressionless and poor at speaking, it is misleading and often causes trouble.It tends to give the impression of a disgusting person to others, and it is pointed out by Shinobu Kocho that he is "disliked by everyone".[58], I am not aware of it and strongly deny it.
    He is co-sponsoring Sumijiro and Mameko along with Rakutaki, and it is clear from the letter of Rakutaki read out at the pillar trial that he is prepared to "sepuku and apologize if Mameko eats a person." become.
    Wear a haori coat that looks like a different pattern on the left and right.The right half is a colored plain color that is a keepsake of Tsutako, which will be described later, and the left half is a kimono that is a keepsake of a rusted rabbit.
    My sister who is about to congratulateTsutakoHave a past killed by a demon[59]..At the same time as Sabito, he entered Rakutaki and was a close friend of mine.At the second Hashira meeting in the works, he said to the other pillars, "It has nothing to do with me" and "I'm different from you", and bought a sword by not appearing in the pillar training.However, this was due to the fact that he did not break through the final selection by his own ability, but was only survived by being protected by rust 󠄀 rabbits.[60].. He had a feeling of inferiority and self-loathing, saying, "I'm not a person who can stand side by side with other pillars."[60]However, when asked by Sumijiro, "Why don't you connect what the rust 󠄀 rabbit left behind?" Remind me[59].
    Although his self-evaluation is low, he has the ability to be suitable for a pillar.The swordsmanship of water surpassed that of Kanjiro, and he also created his own "Tanjiro Kamado".
    At Infinite Castle, engages with Jinjiro Minamoto and Goryu's Gourd[61]..Awakens as a bruise, but still lacks ability[62]..Although Akaza defeated Akaza, he could not defeat him, desperately defending his disciples of full-blown wounds, and eventually Akaza himself accepted the loss and death.[63].
    In the battle against misery, he lost his right arm but fought to the end with Miya.After the fight, she has her long hair cut.
    In "Tomioka Giyu Gaiden", it is depicted as the main character.
    In the initial plan, he wore a kimono, but Katayama, who was in charge of it, requested that he want a "Taisho feeling", so he changed to a haori coat with a stuffed collar.[9].
    Phalaenopsis Shinobu
    Voice- Saori Hayami[64]
    Performance- Yoko Kadoyama[65]
    "Breathing bugs(Mushi no Kokyu) "is usedMushi pillar..年齢は18歳Age is XNUMX years old[66][67]..Wear hair ornaments and haori that imitate the wings of butterflies.PharmacyFamiliar withWisteria flowersCreated "poison that can kill demons"[68].. Have Kurihana Kanawo as the stepchild[69]..In addition to Kanawo, there were three stepchildren, all of whom were killed by demons.[70].
    The first appearance is Mt. Natagumo.The main character in the butterfly house edition.
    Although he is a particularly small and delicate female soldier, he has excellent instantaneous power and movement speed.The only swordfighter in the pillar who cannot cut the demon's neck because his sword is weak, but his sword is so strong that he can penetrate rocks.[71]..Since the Nichirin sword makes the best use of its ability, the blade has less warpage,harpoonIt has a unique shape like, and fights specializing in piercing techniques.[71].. You can't kill demons with a piercing, so you can poison the demons by mixing the poisons with different formulations into the blade.[68].. The swordsmith in charge is Tetsuji Kawara Tetsujin[71].. There is a blade on the heel of the sandals.[72].
    A soft-mannered woman who always smiles and keeps honorifics for everyone. He advocates the theory that "both demons and people should get along with each other", and there is a pretense to help the demon who has begged for life, but presents the condition that "you can get along with each other by torturing only the murderer". It may show fierceness or distorted values ​​that do not match what you say or do.[68].
    Attempt to kill Mameko, who met for the first time, at Nada Spider Mountain[72]..After the Hashira Meeting, he will be one of the few understanding people of Kanjiro along with him.[73].. It operates a facility called "Butterfly House" like a hospital specializing in demon squad units, and is in charge of treating and rehabilitating seriously injured members.[69].. Children in the mansion are loved like their sisters.
    He lived happily with his sister Kanae and his parents, but his parents were killed by a demon and helped by a scream.[70].. In order to protect the happiness of someone who has not been destroyed, he has become a demon killer with his sister.[70].
    Kanae, her beloved sister, was a swordsman who had a dream of wanting to get along with the demon, but was slaughtered.[73]..While thinking that he must inherit the dream that his sister liked, he has a terrible disgust toward the demon who lie to protect himself and attack people with his bare instinct. As a result of the conflict, it began to behave as described above.[73]..The contradictory feelings are entrusted to Kanjiro, who has the same past as himself but never shakes his belief in saving demons.[73].
    In the infinite castle edition, I encountered the second string, Doma.Enlightenment and battle with Kanae's death[74][75]However, neither poison nor full power sword technique is reached, and at the end, the bones of the whole body are crushed in front of Kanawo and absorbed by Douma as it is.[70]..In fact, he is remodeling his body by continuing to ingest wisteria flowers little by little due to his obsession with Douma, and it has become a lump of poison that is said to be 700 times the lethal dose.[76]..By letting Douma eat himself, he is extremely poisonous and entrusts Kanawo with the decapitation.[76].. After Doma's death, his soul praises Kanawo with Kanae and then reunites with his parents[77].
    Purgatory Anjuro
    Voice- Satoshi Hino[78],Mariya Ise(childhood)
    Performance- Hiroshi Yazaki[65][38]
    "Breath of flame(Honokokyu) ”is usedPillar of fire..年齢は20歳Age is XNUMX years old[79]..The Nichirin sword has a red blade, and the sword has a flame-shaped tsuba.The main character of the infinite train edition.
    From the top of the corps clothes, the lower tip is wearing a white cloak-like haori with a design reminiscent of flames.
    Insist on the decapitation of Sumijiro who violated the law and the demon, 砰 󠄀 Miko, but without showing any grudge or hatred for the demon, he prefers the theory.[27].. After the cross-legal trial, we also showed how Jinjiro Minami's heartfelt feeling[80], When we meet again later, solicit to stepchild[53].. Also, in the final stage, he admits that Mameko, who fought to protect humans, is a member of the demon squadron.[81].
    Born in the purgatory family, a famous family who has produced successive "flame pillars".From an early age, he was honing his skills as a demon hunter under the guidance of his father, but suddenly he abandoned his sword and was thrown out by his lethargic father. While guiding Toshiro, he also supported the demon slaughter corps as one of the pillars.[82].
    The fighting power is tremendous, it moves between five cars in an instant in an infinite train, and it has the ability to soften the impact of rollover with the power of skill.[83][84]..He has excellent leadership and judgment, and gives accurate instructions to Kojiro and others to manage the situation of the train.[83]..Highly evaluated by other pillars[83].
    Going to investigate the infinite train, fighting with Sumijiro and others to defeat Kanmu, but immediately afterwards, he is attacked by the first-string sword, Inouza.[85]..He praised his outstanding fighting ability, sword skills, and spirituality, and even though he was repeatedly invited to become a demon, he bounced off this and fought as a human being.[85][86].. As a result, he suffered a fatal injury and escaped from Cygnus, but he crossed over with the demons of the upper strings who killed many pillars and tried to protect them without damaging anyone other than himself.[86][84].. Leave a testament to Jinjiro and the others at the end of the day, holding his thoughts for his family in his chest and disappearing with a smile[84]..Although he was the first killed in action in the pillars of this generation, his fighting attitude and belief had a great influence on Kanjiro and others, and he continues to be respected even after his death.[79].
    Depicted as the main character in "Purgatory Anjuro Gaiden"[87].
    Uzushi Tengen
    Voice- Katsuyuki Konishi[78]
    Performance- Tsuji 󠄀 Ryoshiro Tsuji[65]
    "Sound breathing(Otonokokyu) ”is usedOtobashira..年齢は23歳Age is XNUMX years old[88].. A large swordfighter with a flashy appearance, who has a habit of "flashy", wears a forehead pad studded with jewels, and wears makeup around his left eye.[88]..Self-proclaimed "God of the Festival"[89]..Her true face is very neat, but she hates "because it's sober" and makes a flashy look with makeup.He has three wives, Suma, Maki, and Hinazuru.The main character in the Yukaku edition.
    The specialty is two swords that are wide like a large kitchen knife connected by a chain, and a thin cloth is wrapped around the blade and carried on the back except during battle.[34].. Use gunpowder balls to assist[90].
    The physique and strength are the second most important pillars. ExShinobiTherefore, it has the best agility and concealment of the pillar, which is contrary to the large physique, and has high resistance to poison.Excellent hearing (the derivation of thunder is sound, goodness is thunder).Converts the enemy's attack action into a rhythm of sound, and grasps the habit and blind spot of the attack.Musical scoreBy constructing a unique battle calculation formula, it has the ability to deal with any difficult enemy.[88]..Born as a clan of Shinobi, Shinobi itself is obsolete, and many brothers have died in the rigorous training of his father, who was impatient for his survival.[91].. The wives were also treated as "tools".[92]..Rejecting his father, quitting Shinobi, meeting Teruya Sanyashiki and gaining a place in the demon slaughter corps[91][35].
    At the time of the pillar trial, he claimed to decapitate Minjiro[27], The root is a dynamic and nice personality.Considering the safety of his wives from the bottom of his heart, he has the capacity to easily listen to the direct complaints of Kanjiro and others who protect Kanzaki who is trying to forcibly take him to the mission at the butterfly mansion.[93]..I say it's not a big deal in the pillars[91], The leading figure who defeated the demon of the first string for the first time in 113 years in this generation.
    In Yoshiwara Yukaku, he fights against the fallen princess, Yukaku Taro, who is the land of the first string of the XNUMX demon moon, but is affected by the deadly poison of blood demon art.[94].. 砰   㠄 Miko's blood demon technique detoxifies and saves one life, but seriously injured[94][95].
    In the pillar training, the members are trained in Sparta as the first trial and in charge of improving basic physical strength.[60].. After retiring the pillars, the hair is put down, the forehead rest is removed, and it is styled in the eye patch with the same jewel.[60]..Behind the infinite castle battle, escort Teruya Sanyashiki with Purgatory Jigoku Maki Juro, the former flame pillar.[96].
    Muichiro Tokiru
    Voice- Kengo Kasai[78]
    Performance- Okuda Yumeka[65]
    "Breath of haze(Kasumi no Kokyu) "Kasumibashira..年齢は14歳Age is XNUMX years old[97]..A genius who was the youngest pillar of his time and became a pillar in just two months after holding a sword. It is said to be a descendant of the "Swordfighter of the Breathing of the Sun", but to be exact, it is a descendant of his twin brother, Iwakatsu Tsugukuni (Ichi of the first string, Black Death).[98]..The sunflower sword is a white sword like a haze.The swordsmith in charge is an iron well, and later Tetsuanamori Kozo.The main character in the swordsmith's village edition.
    The first person is a mixture of "I" and "I", and is unstable. His character is always expressionless and has little interest in others. In many cases, he was thinking about things that were unrelated to the occasion, and he did not show interest in the treatment of Kamen and his brothers at the Pilai meeting, saying "I don't care which I will forget soon". On the other hand, it also has some kind of ruthlessness that is willing to exercise power to those who obey the thorough rationalism and obstruct the activity as a pillar, but this is the inside out of his sense of responsibility and justice, and there is no malicious intent ..
    He suffers from memory problems, has no memory before holding the sword, and cannot remember new things for a long time even after becoming a soldier.It is one of the causes of self-paced behavior.
    It used to be a family of four, a father, a mother, and a twin brother, Yuichiro.杣 人He lived while helping his father, but lost his parents at the age of 10 and has lived with Yuichiro since then.[99].. Amane Mamiyashiki, who visited around the spring of 11 years old, told me that they were descendants of the "Swordfighter of the Beginning Breathing" and had a longing for the swordfighter, but Yuichiro strongly opposed him, and Yuichiro imitated him. The water makes me quarrel and I can't speak[99].. However, in the summer of the same year, when the demon suddenly attacked, I was angry with the words of the demon that was released in front of Yuichiro who was deeply entrenched, and engaged in battle until the rising sun rose and the demon became dust.[99].. After that, he heard the real intention from the dying Yuichiro, and he was protected by the mimicry where he was faint after his death. From this one suffers from memory impairment.
    At the swordsmith's village, he was attacked by the first-stringed 肆, Hantengu, and the first-stringed sword, Tamatsubo.He regained himself and began to act again in an attempt to rescue the chief of the village, who has the best skills, with the highest priority.Along the way, he witnesses Kotetsu being attacked by a familiar of a ball jar, but tries to abandon him, who has a low priority.However, he recalled the words of Sumijiro, "What I did for people goes around and returns to me," and rescued him.Then, in the hut where Kotetsuzuka sharpens his sword, he and Kotetsu are protected and engaged in a battle with the jar.His breathing is blocked and he instinctively feels dead if there is no way to do it, but he escapes from the crisis due to the actions and wit of Kotetsu, who is deadly.He regains his memory and cuts off the neck of the jar because he awakens as a bruise.At this time, by grasping the conditions of bruises, the pillars will also know.
    After regaining my memory, I began to show a cheerful side, and I am deeply grateful to Kanjiro, who was the catalyst for regaining my memory. ing.On the other hand, it is still harsh for a soldier who has a bad swallow.
    At Mugenjo, I met the first-string plague, Black Death.After being taught that he was his ancestor, he was dismissed without any help even though he engaged in battle, and he lost his body and suffered a fatal injury.However, he was prepared to die and joined Genya and Screaming with Miya, and although the body was cut through the body of the black death sword, he contributed to the victory by expressing the sword.After the battle, he died exhausted and his soul reunited with Yuichiro.
    Kanroji Mitsuri
    Voice- Hanazawa Kana[78]
    Performance- Aikari Kawasaki[65]
    "Breath of love(Koinokokyu) "is usedKoibashira..年齢は19歳Age is XNUMX years old[100][101]..Originally the stepchild of the prison.
    He is sociable and kind, and has a delicate personality that makes him cry when ignored.He is very adorable and is thrilled by everyone around him, regardless of gender.It seems that Iguro is regarded as special[102]..The main character in the swordsmith's village edition.
    Although she looks pretty, she has eight times the density of muscles as a normal person due to her idiosyncratic constitution, and has superhuman strength that does not suit her appearance.[100]..This body is supported by a strong appetite[100].. I have braided long hair, and my hair color has changed to cherry blossom and green due to overeating of Sakura mochi[101].. The chest of the team uniform is exposed.
    In battle, produced by Tetsuji KawaharaUrumiUse a sun sword that looks like[101][103].
    Among the pillars, he is the most fond of Mameko, and he is very fond of stroking his head and playing with tickles.[101]..I'm not fighting for revenge, but I'm resolutely confronting the demons that hurt people.[101].
    The reason for joining the demon slaughter corps is "to find a lord to follow."The family is five siblings and is close to each other, and has nothing to do with demons. I met him at the age of 17, but after breaking up due to his constitution and hair color, he began to lie to himself in order to get married, such as pretending to be weak and dyeing his hair black and putting up with meals.[100]..However, he began to think that it was strange to pretend that he was not himself, and he joined the demon slaughter corps because he wanted to help others.[100][102].. I cherished the demon squad and the people who accept me as I was, but I couldn't show my true potential because I was afraid of being rejected again.[102]..However, in the predicament with Hanten, the first-stringed hanten, he stopped suppressing his power when he was told by Sumijiro that he was "the light of hope," stopped Hatred Ten, and greatly contributed to the subjugation of Hanten.[102]..In the first half of the Mugenjo decisive battle, he fights with Narujo with Iguro, but struggles with her blood demon technique.
    Although he faced miserably during the final battle, he was seriously injured and once left the front line.He confronts and damages miserably, but suffers fatal injuries.Immediately after the miserable disappearance, he conveys his feelings to Iguro and becomes bothered.
    Ikuro Kobayashi (Aunt Iguro)
    Voice- Kenichi Suzumura[78]
    Performance- Kosuke Miyamoto[65]
    "Snake breath(Snake no Kokyu) "Snake pillar..年齢は21歳Age is XNUMX years old[104]..A relatively petite man with different eye colors on the left and right, with his mouth covered with bandages.His right eye is amblyopia and his mouth is torn under his bandage (see below for reasons).He speaks blamelessly and persistently. "Turnip MaruHe is accompanied by a male white snake called "(described later)" to assist Iguro, who has poor eyesight.He likes honey.
    The sun swordFlambergeA sword blade that swells like.The scabbard is openable because the sword cannot be pulled out.
    Born into a female clan dominated by a serpentine female demon.The clan earned a living from the money that the snake demon killed and stole, and offered the baby they gave birth as a sacrifice.Kobayashi was born for the first time in 370 years, and because he had different colored eyes on the left and right, he was raised in a tatami room as a sacrifice to increase the amount of food he eats.When Kobayashi was once met by a snake demon, he was slammed to drink live blood.After that, he decided to escape in order to live, and spent days shaving the wooden lattice of the tatami room little by little with a stolen hairpin, and at this time he also met Kamaru.He is captured after escape and saved by Purgatory Makijuro.There were about 50 relatives, but they were killed by a snake demon who was angry at the escape in Kobayashi and were wiped out.Her only surviving cousin has been cursed for unreasonable reasons[105].
    I think my blood is dirty and will not disappear until I die because of my upbringing.He is attracted to honey, but she doesn't think it's balanced or tied, and she doesn't intend to convey her feelings.
    He collided with Kanjiro at the Hashira meeting and rushed to the Yukaku edition, but the battle had already ended.His full-scale activity is not until a miserable battle.In the decisive battle with misery, he fights with a sword, but his eyes are cut and he loses his eyesight.He was the first to intervene in the battle between Miserable and Sumijiro, sharing his sight with Kamaru with the support of Kamaru and the paper-eyed tag that is the blood demon of Tanjiro Kamado, and miserable with Sumijiro and other soldiers. Hunt down.After the miserable disappearance, she conveys her feelings to Mitsuri, promises to keep up with her in the afterlife, and works hard together.Kamaru, who lost his friend, was entrusted to Kanawo via Miya.[106][107].
    Fumiko Fushikawa (Sanezu Shinagawa)
    Voice- Tomokazu Seki[78]
    Performance- Ryutaro Maeda[65]
    "Breath of the wind(Kaze no Kokyu) "Wind column..年齢は21歳Age is XNUMX years old[108]..Genya Shinazugawa's older brother.A young man with short white hair who has scars all over his body.Very rough and fierce words and deeds stand out, and even among the pillars, hatred and hostility to demons are by far the strongest.Wear the wide open clothing in front of you.The Japanese sword has a green blade, and the sword iswindmillIt has a tsuba reminiscent of.
    Among the pillars, he most strongly denies the existence of Mameko, and tries to bring out the true nature of the demon by hurting himself and showing blood. Will be officially made[80].
    It has blood that makes demons drunk with a rare smell even among rare blood. In addition, he has a lot of experience in combat and is able to handle the technique of the black mortal that chops Muichiro in an instant.
    His brother was killed by his demonized mother, and he has a past of fighting with his mother until dawn to protect the only remaining Genya.[109].. The big scratch on the face was the one at that time[109].. However, Genya who survived was confused by his mother's death and abused Mitsuya as "a murderer".[109]..After that, while continuing to defeat the demons with the unreasonable fighting method of stalling and killing until dawn with rare blood and fighting killing method, he meets Masanori Kumeno and learns the existence of the demon slaughter corps.He joined the army and defeated the lower string Ichi at that time to enter the pillar, but at that time he lost the great grace Kumeno.Until I met him, I was dissatisfied with Teruya, who just ordered and was not on the front line, but was surprised to find out that he remembered all the names of the demon slaughterers who died, and changed his consciousness.
    For Genya, he said, "I don't have a younger brother." I urged him to quit the demon slaughter corps because of his lack of talent.[110], When he finds out that he is fighting to eat a demon, he gets angry and tries to close his eyes.[110]..It developed into a brawl with Kanjiro who helped there, and was ordered to ban access with him.[110]..I also hate Giyu because of his behavior and his willingness to cooperate with other pillars.[37][111].
    At Mugenjo, he rescues Genya, who is about to be killed by the first string, Black Death, and after talking about his true intentions, he confronts Genya's carved Black Death.Even though he gets drunk with the smell of rare blood, he is saved by a scream at the place where he was cornered without slowing down his sword technique.Although he struggles with the strength of the Black Death, he wins with the support of Muichiro and Genya, and at the same time he died from Genya.Even in the battle against misery, he survived to the end with Tomioka, and after the decisive battle, he apologized to Nezuko for his disrespect, and gently looked at Genya with a pure and gentle smile (and a statement that he likes to sleep). I was stroking my head.
    In the novel "Kaze no Michi Shirube", he is depicted as the main character.
    Himejima Gyomei
    Voice- Tomokazu Sugita[78]
    Performance- Changhe[65]
    "Rock breathing(Iwanokokyu) "is usedIwabashira..年齢は27歳Age is XNUMX years old[112][113].. A blind man with a style reminiscent of a monk[114]..Blindness is due to high fever in childhood.She has a gentle personality, gentle and fragile tears.
    He is the oldest organizer among the pillars and has a great deal of trust from Yaya.[115]..His physique and strength are one of the pillars, he has excellent mental skills, and his overall combat power is outstandingly high.Not only is he evaluated by multiple swordfighters as the strongest in the demon slaughter corps, but he also praises him for his first-string Ichi, Black Death.[116][91][117]..Genya was in his forgiveness as a disciple[111].
    At the time of battle, he becomes Shura, and at the forefront, he resolutely takes command of the battle.He is sensitive to the subtleties of the love affairs of others.
    HatchetA special sun-shaped sword, which is a chain of iron balls with thorns, is used as a weapon.Hit this chain iron ball and crush the demon's head[112].
    He was familiar with the negative aspects of "children" and was suspicious of Kanjiro when he first met at the Hashira Meeting, but he clearly admitted Kanjiro when he practiced pillars.[114].
    A lonely person who lost all his parents and siblings due to illness and hunger.Raised in a temple, he lived by caring for nine unaffiliated children.[114].. However, because the demon came over, one person[Note 6]Betrayed to save himself, four were killed immediately, and three were killed without hearing[114]..She continues to crush her demon's head until the sun rises to protect the last girl, but unfortunately she is shocked and unable to explain her accurately. But the testimony is misunderstood and she is imprisoned as a murderer[114][119]..With the help of Teruya who noticed that it was a demon's crime, he joined the demon slaughter corps.[114][112].
    At Mugenjo, engage with the first-string Ichi, Black Death.He bruises and is praised for his strength, but is forced to inferior before his overwhelming ability.Although he was told that he had one night to live due to bruises, he did not move and won with the help of Miya, Genya, and Muichiro.He was fatally injured in a tragic war, met the souls of his former children on the verge of his death, heard words of apology, and died when both misunderstandings were resolved.

    My family

    Uyasashiki Kaguya
    Voice- Tomoyuki Morikawa[120][15]
    Performance- Tomoki Hirose[65]
    The head of the demon slaughter corps, the 97th head of the maternity house. 23 years old[115]..The swordsmen of the demon slaughter corps are called "my children" by the soldiers.
    A short-lived family has been affected for generations, and the skin on the upper part of the face has deteriorated. He lost his eyesight at the time of his first appearance at the Pilai Conference. Furthermore, the disease progresses with the passage of time, and the body is debilitated. Voice quality is "1/f fluctuation”(Efubun no Ichiyuragi) to comfortably uplift the listener[80]..All of the "pillars" who are too strong to be united with me are intoxicated and respect him.[121].. Although he knew the existence of the demon, Rei Miko, he tolerated the actions of Jinjiro, but he did not deny the opposition from the pillars' autonomy and sense of mission. To be systematically recognized. In addition, the pillars also secretly know the existence of the Pearl World.[69].
    In fact, he is a descendant of the clan who caused misery a thousand years ago, and regarded the clan's illness as a curse for the sin that produced misery, and has maintained a short-lived bloodline and a demon slaughter corps for a thousand years.He is sick but knowledgeable, and he supports the demon slaughter corps with the goods he has built.The miserable overthrow is the clan's long-cherished wish.[122].. The faces of the two of them are "two gourds like twins."[123].. When Tengen and Sanjiro defeated "August Land", he exulted while vomiting blood.
    Although he hid the place of the mansion, he was miserably located and faced with him in a state where he could not speak due to the progress of his condition.[124][111]..However, he predicted that misery would come, and he was devising a plan to subdue the misery that decoyed himself.[115]..In response to the misery that seeks eternal life, he talks about the fact that "eternally immortal things" are "human feelings", and with the words "thank you miserable", both his wife and daughter self-destruct.[122][112]..Although he felt that "something was being done", he did not expect "to self-destruct his family with his companion" and said that "that man is completely out of the ordinary".[122][112].
    Umayashiki Amane
    Voice- Rina Sato
    The wife of Kagaya Ubuyashiki. 27 years old.The maiden name is Himorogi.Originally from a priesthood family for generations, he sometimes had fragmentary dreams of precognition.[125]..Muichiro, who met her for the first time because of her natural white hair and beautiful appearance, called her "Shirakaba no Sei".Acting for Yaya, who has become unable to appear in public due to worsening medical conditions[126]..Married to Yaya on the occasion of a matchmaking.As mentioned above, I shared my fate with Yaya and my two daughters.[122][112].
    Ukiyashiki Kiriya[127]
    Voice- Yuki Aoi[120][15]
    Performance- Hisashie[16]
    A black-haired child who has only one of the five children of the maternity house[128][129].. The only boy and the heir[128].. It has a large pupil and is similar to mothers and sisters. Like the father, he is sick and wears a girl's kimono because of the evil-guarding custom.[128].
    At the time of the final selection when he was Jinjiro, he served as a guide with his sisters.[23][129].. At this time, I was introduced on the bonus page as "One of the two is a boy"[130]Later, it turns out that he is a real child of Yaya and a boy who succeeds him.[128][131].. After the death of his father, he became the 8th head of the family at the age of eight.[131].. Behind Mugen Castle, take command from Shiro and the crow, drawing information on Mugen Castle.[131]..He is still alive at the time of the final episode of the stage, and is introduced on TV as "Mr. Sanyashiki, who set the oldest record in Japan."[132].
    Ubuyashiki Hinaki, Ubuyashiki Nichika, Ubuyashiki Kuina, Ubuyashiki Kanata, Ubuyashiki Kanata[131]
    Voice- Yumori Hanamoru(Hinaki),Ai Ozawa(Nichika),Izawa Shiori[40][15](Kana)
    Performance-Yuria Kakizawa[16](Kanata), * Hanano Takahara[133], * Harusa[134]
    The quintuplet of the wife and wife[129]Out of which there are four white-haired children[128]..All are girls.Hinaki and Nichika are Teruya's older sisters, and Kuina and Kanata are Teruya's younger sisters.The two older sisters mainly take care of Yaya, and the two younger sisters mainly assist the successor, Teruya.They are so similar that they are indistinguishable except for the type and position of the hair ornament.[128].. In the final selection when she was Jinjiro, her sister Kanata served as a guide with her eldest son Teriya.[23]..Two older sisters self-destruct with their parents[131][122][112], Two younger sisters support Teruya's command at Mugenjo[131].


    Chestnut flower drop Kanawo (Tsuyuri Kana)
    Voice- Reina Ueda[15]
    Performance- Mai Umi[135][Note 7],Mirai Uchida(2st work[65]
    A female swordfighter of the demon swordsman who is in sync with Kanjiro.She is 16 years old.Recognized for her talent, she has become the "stepchild" of the insect pillar, Shinobu Kocho.Same as Kocho Kanae "Flower breath(Hana no Kokyu) ”swordfighter.It has a better physique and strength than Shinobu, and has a different way of fighting.
    VisualIs very good, especially with outstanding reaction speed and dynamic visual acuity, and it is expected that its potential will exceed Shinobu.[56].
    He is excellent in his mission, but he is usually vague and has a poor expression.He had a kind of emptiness in everything, "I can't decide anything because I don't care", and all actions other than receiving instructions were the result of throwing a bronze coin (coin toss)[136][137]However, the encounter with Sumijiro throws a stone in his heart.[136]..Since I met Sumijiro, I have been able to see myself acting on my own initiative without flipping a coin toss, and I am growing.[93].
    As a child, after being abused by his real parents, he feels nothing.After that, it was sold to her parents, and the Kocho sisters protected and took over the place where the buyer was carrying.She is named "Kanawo" by Kanae, but because of the circumstances mentioned above she can no longer assert herself.[138], Received a bronze coin from Kanae[137].
    Although it was difficult to show his attitude, Kanae and Shinobu were so adored that they were their relatives.She also became angry with the demons she killed Aoiya and Kiyo's family, and the stepchildren of Shinobu and the soldiers who were kind to them, and without permission in the final selection. I was participating in.
    After the selection test, it reappeared at Mt. Natagumo, but there was no battle scene for a long time.At Mugenjo, Shinobu was shown to be killed by the first string, Douma, and the emotions he had suppressed until now exploded, provoking Doma who had no emotions.[70]..Although it was entangled in the battle as it was, it was gradually cornered[139][140]..However, due to Inosuke's invasion, he will fight 2 to 1, and he has been told about the strategy in advance, and succeeded in slashing Doma's neck, which began to collapse due to Shinobu's poison during the battle, with Inosuke. do[76][77]..The last medicine is driven into Kanjiro, who became the king of demons, and returned to humans.
    The load on the final type, Higan Aki, was heavy, and the right eye was blinded in the Douma battle, and the left eye's eyesight was greatly reduced in the Oni no Ou battle.After the war, Miya was entrusted with Kamaru.
    Genya Immortal River
    Voice- Nobuhiko Okamoto[120][15]
    Performance-* Rikito Morita[141]
    A demon swordsman who is in sync with Kanjiro.He is 16 years old.The younger brother of the wind pillar, Immortal River Miya.A disciple of the screaming Islet.The main character in the swordsmith's village edition.
    He has a big scar on his face, sharp eyes, and a mohawk hairstyle.It tends to be seen as a reticent and rough personality, but in reality it is surprisingly common sense and people like it, and it is often drawn around full of weirdos.After the selection, he hit a girl and urged a Japanese sword, but was stopped by the furious Sumijiro and his arm was broken.[26]..At the time of sorting, he was about the same height as Sumijiro, but when he met again at the butterfly house, his physique improved dramatically.[136]..At the swordsmith's village, he meets Sumijiro again, but he has the above-mentioned matter as his root and initially exposed his hostility.[36]..But reconciled in the battle[142]After that, the person's taste has come to the fore.Although it is stretched, its roots are vulnerable to women and children.
    He has a good physique but has no breathing talent.His weapon is a Nanban gun (horizontal double-barreled type) that shoots a special large bullet.Sawed-off shotgun), I have a sun sword as an aid, but the color has not changed and the blade is short.It is a unique human resource for the demon slaughter corps who has an idiosyncratic constitution, has a powerful jaw and a special digestive organ, and can temporarily use its power by eating the demon's flesh.[102]..Fight forcibly with the regenerative power of a demon.
    The second son of the Immortal River family.In order to apologize for saying "murder" to his brother, Miya, who protected him from his mother who became a demon, he joined the demon slaughter corps after using various hands even though he was not talented.[109]..Although he reunited with his long-sought brother in pillar training, he was criticized for quitting the demon slaughter corps, and was furious when he told him about demon eating.[143][110].
    At Mugenjo, he confronts the Black Death, but he is unilaterally slashed without becoming an opponent, and after being saved by Miya, he sheds tears when he hears Miya's true intentions.Although he was injured, he returned to the front by eating the black death mortal hair and the blade of the ghost god, and learned the blood demon technique of "blood-sucking tree".He stops the movement of the Black Death and contributes to the victory of his teachers and brothers, but is fatally injured by being cut off from the brain.At the cost of demon-eating, his body collapsed like a demon, and at this time he died, telling Miya about her past apologies and gratitude.


    Phalaenopsis Kanae
    Voice- Ai Chino
    Shinobu's older sister and a member of the demon slaughter corps.She uses flower breathingHanabashira..17 years old.Gentle and kind personality.He protected and raised a young Kanawo who was being taken to buy people with Shinobu.He knew that demons were originally humans, and had a heretical ideal theory as a demon slaughterer who wanted to "get along with demons." Four years ago, he was killed by the first string, Douma, but he was also merciful.At this time, he advised Shinobu to quit the demon slaughter corps and live normally, but he was defeated by his sister who killed the enemy and told him the characteristics of Douma who attacked himself.[74].. After Doma's death, his soul praises Kanawo with Shinobu and then reunites with his parents[77].
    Her current thought is strongly reflected in her current appearance. Also, Shinobu's haori and Kanawo's hair ornaments are her relics.
    Voice- Yuki Miyata
    Performance-* Ryota Kakegawa
    Demon murderer. The black and silky hair is a trademark. A nice senior member.
    Joined the demon slaughter corps at the same time as Tomioka when he became lonely for the rest of his life because his relatives were killed by demons.[144][145].. Water breather[144]..An average swordfighter who does not have the skills to visualize water.[144]..He has a rank of "Geng".
    The first appearance is the Nada Spider Mountain edition, and he survives even though he dies several times.He often appears as a supporting character after that.In the Infinite Castle Battle, he teams up with several swordfighters and struggles quietly against odd-shaped demons (lower string class).In the final battle with Miserable, Tomioka asked for the treatment of Kanjiro, and after treating Kanjiro with Takeuchi and Tanjiro, he devoted himself to the treatment of the pillars and soldiers who were attacked miserably with them.
    Aoi Kanzaki (Aoi Kanzaki[146]
    Voice- Yuri Ehara
    Performance-*Makiura Oto Aoi
    Demon slaughterer.A female member who directs the treatment and training of soldiers injured in the butterfly house.The guidance is quite strict.
    He himself became an orphan due to the appearance of a demon, and was taken over by the butterfly mansion before Kanawo.Water breathing user[147]So, he is a regular member who passed the final selection.However, because of his fear of demons, he was unable to fight on the front line, so he is now turning to logistical support.
    At the beginning of the Yoshiwara Yukaku edition, when a female soldier was needed for the mission to infiltrate the Yukaku, Sumijiro helped him to be forcibly taken away by Umeda, and as a result, Sumijiro, Zeni, and Inosuke She will dress up as a woman and infiltrate the Yukaku.After the mission of the Yukaku edition, when the unconscious Sumijiro woke up at the butterfly mansion, he was crying.
    Voice- Shin Furukawa
    Belonging to the demon hunting post-processing unit "Hidden" (Kakshi). 23 years old The face is hidden with a mask for the hidden forces. Although a regular member, he lacked the talent to fight and became a post-processing unit.
    The rank is unknown, but at the time of the Nada Spider Mountain edition, it is below Kanawo and above Kanjiro.[Note 8]..It appeared from the time of waking up Kanjiro at the Hashira meeting, and even in the Yoshihara / Yukaku edition, there is a decent connection such as finding unconscious Kanjiro after the end of the battle.Although he is younger than himself, he respects the charcoal heroes who fight for their lives as swordfighters.
    When there were no more people to fight the misery, he rushed into the car while being a non-combatant and took the lead in the other hideouts.
    Masao Maeda
    Demon slaughter corps clothes sewing clerk.His nickname is "Guess Glasses".The women's clothing he makes is highly exposed.When he is questioned, he makes a long excuse.He has been afraid of him since he found such an act on a female member and he was squeezed into the Immortal River.
    Kasuno Masachika
    Demon slaughterer.A person who introduced a grower to Miya who was a user of wind breathing and was hunting demons while using rare blood.[151].. Although I challenged the first-class Ichi at that time with Miya[152].. She was layered on her younger brother, Miya.
    Engraved soldiers
    Voice- Yasuto Saka
    Performance-* Kei Torii
    The name and class are unknown.Item names are as described in the fan book[153].."Dice steak senior" in the popular character vote[154][155]Is called.
    He has the idea of ​​"I want to advance safely", and appears when Kasane encounters Kasane at Mt. Natagumo. Engraved in[156].
    Demon slaughterer.In the final battle at Mugenjo, he will act with Murata and Shiro.He knew that Shiro was a demon, and when he went out to take over the sight of Narujo, he tried to cooperate with Shiro who was competing with the miserable cell manipulation, and he advised him to eat himself, but he was accused by Shiro. Ru[Note 9]..After returning to the ground, he rescued Shiro, who was buried alive in the house, with Murata and others, and devoted himself to treating the injured pillars and soldiers with Murata and Shiro.

    Demon Slayer related


    Rinkaki Sakonji
    Voice- Yoshitsuka Otsuka[120][15]
    Performance- Takagi Tomoyuki[16]
    A tenguI put on the face of[Note 10]Former of the demon slaughter corpsWater column[29][121]..After retiring from the front line, he will be a nurturer to raise candidates for the next generation of demon slaughterers.In addition to Sumijiro and Yoshiyuki, the students have 13 children, including Sabito and Shinko, who were killed by the demons.
    "Breathing waterI teach swordsmanship using.Like Sumijiro, he was nose-savvy, sniffed out his personality that he couldn't be ruthless because he was too serious, and was initially reluctant to make him a disciple.[29]..To the disciples who broke through the task, "ExterminationAs a "face of the fox", we are giving a fox face that matches the disciple.[23]..However, this became a mark for the demon in the final examination, and all 13 of the disciples so far had been killed by him except Yoshiyuki and Sumijiro.[25].
    Recognized him as a disciple because the visiting Jinjiro broke the trial, and gave him a Spartan training that felt even murder for a year[29][30]..In addition, during the training period and final selection of Sumijiro, he continues to imply that "human beings are your family, life to be protected" to Sadako who has been in sleep for a long time.The reason why Sadako, who has become a demon, tries to protect humans while having a desire for human blood is due to her innate kindness and family feelings, but it is an object to be protected by the suggestion that Sakonji continued to apply. Has expanded to all ordinary people, not just Kanjiro.
    Before the final selection, Sumijiro will be tasked with slashing Oiwa using the techniques he taught.[30]..This task was unreasonably imposed in order to force Kanjiro to give up becoming a swordfighter so as not to kill his disciples anymore.[23].
    In a letter reporting the details of his brother and sister to the maternity house, he stated that he was prepared to apologize with Yoshiyuki when Mameko attacked a person, and appealed for his life.[121].
    At first, he was an ordinary old man without a face, but the person in charge pointed out that there was no impact, and he decided to wear a tengu face.[9]..Although there is a real face setting, it is said that only Katayama, who was in charge of the first generation, has seen other than Gotouge.[9].
    Jigoro Kuwashima[157]
    Voice- Chiba Shigeru
    Performance-* Kenta Hoshi
    A former pillar grower along with scale waterfalls.An old man with a large scar under his left eye and a prosthesis on his right leg.Once upon a time, I was able to breathe lightning.SyllableWas active as (Narabashira)[157]However, at the age of 35, he retired due to the above-mentioned injury to his right leg.Since then, he runs a peach farm and also trains his disciples.Although it is a "master of goodness" in the credit of the animation, his first and last name is known in the novel version and the 17th volume of the book.[157].
    His training did not progress slowly, and he treated the goodness who often escaped from the harshness with a very strict attitude, and he was also a means of rough treatment, but on the other hand, he evaluated his talent more than anyone else. He never abandoned him and continued to teach him to master one technique.I repeatedly say that I should call myself a "master", but in reality it seems that he is not completely enthusiastic about being "grandpa", and when he shows his favor, he shows a shy expression. For some reason, he has a deep affection for his disciples.
    I apologize for the fact that my disciple, Odake, became a demon.AccusedTo[131]..When Zenitsu defeated Odake and was dyingThree Way RiverHe showed up in a place that looked like it, and shed tears and praised him.
    Purgatory Juro Maki
    Voice- Rikiya Koyama
    Performance- Daisuke Hosomi[38]
    The father of the Anjuro and Senjuro brothers.The flame pillar of the predecessor.He is the only person in the film who knows the existence of the breath of the day.
    He knew the existence of the breath of the day from the books of the flame pillars of the past, and he was drowning in sake together with his beloved wife, Rui, who died of illness where he had lost his energy due to his helplessness.Kyoujuro's obituary says, "I died because I became a swordfighter even though I didn't have much talent," and "stupid son." Looking at the earrings of the sunflower that he was wearing, he thought that he was a breather of the sun, and even more painfully hit him, but he got angry and fell down with a head butt.After that, I regretted my actions up to that point with tears when I heard the will of Anjuro who was caring to take good care of my body without saying a grudge against myself who had pushed me away, and a letter to Sumijiro After apologizing for the above-mentioned rudeness, he revealed his true intentions.After that, he regained his spirit and escorted Teruya Sanyashiki along with Rakutaki and Umeda in the Infinite Castle Battle.After the final battle, he reunited with Kanjiro in the hospital room and thanked him for fighting with Kyoujuro's tsuba.
    During the pillar era, he saved the childhood Obanai Iguro.
    Yukichi Tsugoku
    Voice- Kazuhiko Inoue[Note 11]
    "The swordfighter of the beginning breath".A demon hunter who used the breath of the sun and laid the foundation for the current demon slaughter corps during the Warring States period.[Note 12]..She was born with a fiery bruise from her forehead to her eyes, and was in the "clear world" when she was aware of it.She wears Hanafuda-style earrings with sunflowers on them.The color of the blade of the Nichirin sword is jet black (much blacker than Kanjiro), and it becomes a sword in battle.The sword is a Yotsugi melon-shaped tsuba, a shark-type handle, and a black scabbard.
    While having a sword talent that dazzled others, his life was full of anguish and misery.Born in a samurai / succession nation as twins, at that time the twins were considered ominous because they caused a quarrel, and because they were born with bruises, their father made them creepy. On condition of that, he was raised as a priest with a clear difference in treatment from his older brother, Iwakatsu.While being pitied by Iwakatsu's appearance of sticking to his mother's left armpit, he was playing with Iwakatsu who visited the room and receiving a handmade whistle where his father did not see. .. It was thought that Iwakatsu and his mother could not hear him because he did not speak a word until he was seven years old.To Iwakatsu, who wants to be the strongest samurai in this country, he said that he would be the second strongest samurai, and he was watching Iwakatsu's training. It was judged that it was impossible because of the appearance of clinging to him immediately.However, when he was held by the role of Shinai, he was fainted by hitting him with four shots just by being told lightly how to hold and hold him.His brother was so sword-savvy that he felt a sense of crisis, but Enichi himself felt an unbearable disgust for the feeling of hitting a person and did not want to be a samurai.Over time, his mother sneaked up and took this opportunity to leave at the age of seven.It seemed to cling to his mother's left armpit to support her mother, who was ill and his left half was crippled.[162].
    Lost family due to epidemic illness after leavingSongI met a girl named, and started living together at a house in the mountains.She sings to her wife ten years later, but is killed by a demon when she is vacant to call her midwife in preparation for the birth of her song. He became a demon hunter when he met a demon hunting swordfighter in a stunned place while holding the corpse of his wife and child for 10 days.He teaches the swordfighters how to breathe, and while Iwakatsu joins and achieves good results, he encounters the devil Tsuji 󠄀 miserable and Tamashii.[159].
    The moment he meets miserable, he realizes that "I was born to defeat this man", and in the fight he sees that there are multiple hearts and brains and completes the breathing pattern of the day. ..He hunted down the misery without being attacked by a scratch that would be fatal, but he failed to kill it due to a miserable tactic.Although he was asked to take responsibility for failing to subdue miserably, overlooking Tamashii, and killing the betrayal master of the mansion by his older brother who became a demon, he just became the new owner. The request was stopped by the master of the mansion, and Enichi was banished from the demon slaughter corps.[160].
    I lived anew when I stopped by the Abara family who lived with the songSumiyoshi KamonAnd my wife who is about to give birthSayakoBecome friends with the couple by saving them from the demons[161]..She tells Sumiyoshi about her life and expresses her feelings of continuing to blame her failure, but she loses sight of her because she smiles innocently when her two daughters, Sumire, are lifted up. I remember what I wanted to protect and tear.She showed the breathing pattern of the day to Sumiyoshi and others as a farewell, and handed earrings at the time of farewell.[163]..He didn't even die prematurely at the cost of bruises, and 60 years later he reunited with Black Death (brother Iwakatsu), showing tears in his strange appearance, but preparing to die with his unabated sword technique. But it runs out of life[164].
    He is very humble despite his high ability, and positively responds to his brother who laments that there is no talented person to teach sword skills, that the next generation will soon appear.[165].
    Like her mother, she has a relaxed personality that doesn't like fighting, and she has a straightforward and simple personality that makes her happy when others make her happy.Uta was able to read the emotions of Enichi from other than facial expressions.She loved only songs in her life and remained single after her bereavement, so she has no direct descendants.[166]..I carried the whistle I got from his brother in a bag made from his singing kimono.
    Breath of the day
    The beginning breathing method.The name of the technique is related to the sun and fire, and in the Warring States period, it was the only sword that hindered the demon's ability to regenerate.The type that was the source of the Hinokami Kagura of Sumijiro.
    Pick-up type
    The strongest technique that Enichi completed in a miserable battle.Enichi unleashed a pick-up type at a speed of less than a moment, and cornered the misery to the point of death.
    A transparent world
    Technology that allows the other person's body to be seen through and predicts the next movement from the movement of muscles and skeleton.Enichi had already learned at the stage when he was aware of it.

    Swordsmith village

    The swordsmiths of the demon slaughter corps who live in the hidden village.EveryoneHyottokoCover the face.

    Hotaru Tetsuzuka
    Voice- Namikawa Daisuke[120][15]
    Performance-Yugo Sato[Note 13], Okuda Yumeka[Note 14]
    Demon swordsmith.A man with a hyottoko face with several wind chimes hanging on his hat.His real face is fearless and well-organized, but he is single due to the personality described below. 37 years old[167].
    Egocentric and very tantrum personality, such as being restless and speaking unilaterally without listening to others[167]..He has an extremely strong affection for his sword, and every time Kanjiro breaks his sword in a fierce battle, he chases him with a knife.[54][168]..Although his skill is certain, these personalities are bad, and he is often disliked by swordfighters and removed from charge.
    Mitarashi dumplingI like it, and when I give it out, my mood subsides, and when I tickle my sides, I grow older.
    My parents have been too addicted since childhoodneurosisI was entrusted to Tetsuchin and raised.She named Firefly her name by her Tetsuchin, and she lamented that she was "too cute."
    After that, in the swordsmith's village edition, he bent his navel from the above-mentioned event, and when Sumijiro visited the village for a direct interview, he had a tantrum and was missing.However, when he hears the importance of swordsmithing that Kanjiro explained to Muichiro, he renews his thoughts.When he re-sharpened the sword that was housed in the Enichi Zero style, he focused his mind and body so much that he didn't even care about the surroundings of the war.
    Iron hole forest Kozo (Kanamori Kozo)
    Voice- Takemoto Hideshi
    Demon swordsmith[54].. 26 years old
    He usually has a calm and calm personality, but if his sword is injured, his speech will become quite rough.[54].. He is one of the few people who understands Kotozuka, and speaks for his feelings to Sumojiro.LeadThere is a wife named, and they are so close to each other that their facial features resemble each other.
    The swordfighters in charge are Hashibira Inosuke and Tokito Muichiro.Both of them will take over and maintain the Japanese swords struck by different swordsmiths.He repairs the damaged Inosuke's two swords, but immediately after transferring them to Inosuke, he gets angry when he uses a stone to spill his sword himself.[54].
    Swordsmith's village child. Battle Engagement Doll "Enichi Zero TypeThe descendants of the entanglement engineer who made ".
    Feeling the limit of his talent, he tried to give up the engineer, but he was encouraged by Sumijiro and gave him a special training with the Enichi Zero ceremony.In fact, he is a stubborn and quite poisonous tongue, such as hunting down if he decides to do it. Also imposed spartan training not to feed.
    Tetsujikawara Tetsuchin
    The swordsmith scholar. A petite, light-hearted grandfather and the godfather of Hotaru Tetsuzuka.
    The swordsmen in charge are Kanroji honey and Phalaenopsis, and forged a special sword that maximizes their characteristics.
    The technique of sword smithing is the best in the village, and he has a high professionalism, such as dismissing Mr. Sumijiro who reflects on breaking the sword, saying, "It is bad to make a sword that can be broken immediately (steel iron mound)". ..
    Responsible for the sword in Iguro KobayashiGantetsuI have a son[169].
    Enichi Zero Type
    Karakuri doll for sword training.Both ears are decorated with sun rings.The model is a swordfighter who once existed, and in order to reproduce the movement of the swordfighter with a mechanism, it has a strange shape of holding six swords with six arms.It deteriorated severely over time and was tattered.It was destroyed by the training of Sumijiro, but it was found that the sword of Enichi during the Warring States period was stored in the aircraft, and it was re-sharpened by Kotetsuzuka to become Sumijiro's sword.
    Iron well
    Tokitomu Ichiro's predecessor swordsmith.deceased.I was worried about Muichiro who had a memory disorder until the end, and I entrusted my will to Tetsuanamori[170].

    Butterfly house

    Kiyo Terauchi (Suyo Nakahara), Naho Takada (Naho Takada)
    Voice- Nanami Yamashita(praise),Ayumi Mano(Sumi),Yuki Kuwahara(Naho)
    Performance-* Shiori Homma, * Hanano Takahara, * Naho Haruka
    Girls working in the butterfly house.The faces of all three tend to be deformed.Strictly speaking, they are not members but nurses or rescue personnel, and assist the treatment and training of Sumijiro and others.Earlysexual harassmentDespite the widespread remarks of goodness and violent Inosuke, he is often fond of sincere Sumijiro, and devotedly cooperates with the acquisition of "total concentration and constant".
    All three became orphans due to the appearance of demons, and were taken over by Kanae Toshinobu to the butterfly mansion.
    Shinobu's stepchildren
    The girls of the demon slaughterers that Shinobu was instructing as a stepchild before Kanawo.All of them are killed by demons during their mission and are in the line of duty.
    Three girls appeared in the film, wearing the same butterfly hair ornaments as Shinobu and Kanawo.


    Gourd crow
    Voice- Takagi Wataru,Nobuyuki Hiyama
    A crow mainly used for communication between the demon slaughter corps headquarters and demon slaughter corps members.An important presence that is indispensable in the battle with demons, transmitting information on the next mission, the direction of the scene, the results of battles and life and death of the soldiers.
    Each member has a full-time crow, but for some reason, only good luck is a sparrow.It is intelligent enough not only to repeat the messenger in human language but also to have a self-conscious conversation.[Note 15]..Although some parts cannot be distinguished from each other on the outside, each has its own individuality and varies from those that resemble the members provided to those that are the exact opposite.Basically, male crows are assigned to male crows, and female crows are assigned to female crows, but there are exceptions such as Tokito Muichiro.
    If he withdrew (retired) from the demon slaughter corps, the right to use the crows would also be canceled, so Rakutaki did not know that Kanjiro survived in the final selection until he returned to himself.[Note 16]..However, in the Purgatory family, even after Kyoujuro's death, Chijuro was flying a crow to interact with Kanjiro, so it is expected that the contract of use will continue depending on the conditions.
    Tennoji Shoemon (Tennouji Matsuemon)
    Voice- Takumi Yamazaki[120][15]
    Kasugai Crow attached to Sumijiro.Gender is male.The name will be revealed from the next notice of the animation[171]..It is rare among Kasugai, and even has a surname.He has an excellent but irreverent personality, a lot of words, and even talks about things that have nothing to do with his mission.[172]There is a thing.After Mugenjo, he later became a married couple by comforting Ginko who was thin from the shock of Muichiro's death.
    Ukogi / Chuntaro[42]
    Voice- Mika Iwami
    Kasugai sparrow attached to goodness.Gender is male.The origin of the real nameGinseng riceThe reason why is a favorite is revealed in the next notice of the 15th episode of animation[173]..The first person is "I".
    I can't speak, but I understand people's words. Naturally, the messenger is not transmitted at all, but I am able to communicate with Susumu Jiro who can sense emotions just by sniffing[41].. It is given a much richer character than the mechanical hail crow, and there are many scenes where it is inspiring while scolding good luck.
    His family has been killed by demons, and he volunteers to become a messenger because he wants to help him even a little. It is loved by other crows.
    A crow attached to Tokito Muichiro.A female crow with long eyelashes, she loves Muichiro.He has a bad relationship with other crows such as Tennoji Matsuemon.Muichiro can't keep animals because Ginko is jealous.
    After the final battle at Mugenjo, he became emaciated and thin from the shock of Muichiro's death, but he recovered as Matsuemon devotedly comforted him and later became a married couple with Matsuemon.
    Kasugai attached to Yoshiyuki Tomioka.Gender is male.He is quite old, and he misunderstands the messenger and appears in battle even though there is no messenger, which is annoying his courage.
    Acorn circle
    A crow attached to Inosuke Beak.Gender is male.Inosuke recognizes it as food, and every time he shows up, he seems to be eaten, so he is quite good at hiding himself.[174].
    Kasugai Crow attached to Kurihana Ochi Kanawo.Gender is female.I'm secretly worried about Kanawo, who lacks emotional expression.
    Gender is male.A crow attached to Immortal Genya, but when it was provided, he was driven away saying "I don't care!".I'm not on good terms with Matsuemon.
    A crow attached to the butterfly Shinobu.Gender is female.He became a messenger when connecting Sumijiro and Purgatory Anjuro.
    Voice- Chiba progress
    Kasugai Crow attached to Purgatory Anjuro.Gender is male.He was called "Kyoujuro-sama" and longed for him. He shed tears when he died (in the movie version), and quietly showed the way of the purgatory, with the intention of the deceased.
    Nijimaru (beginning)
    A crow attached to Umeda Tengen.Gender is male.Like Umeda, he likes to be flashy and is dressed up with jewels, and he is a fashionable person in the crow world.
    Rei (Urara)
    A crow attached to the honeydew temple honeydew.The sex is female and the heart of the head is characteristic.Rumor has it that he has become a sweet tooth because he has a shy personality and often makes tea with honey.
    A crow attached to Iguro Kobauchi.Gender is male.It tells Kobashi that Muichiro Tokito has gone to the blade.
    A crow attached to Immortal River Miya.Gender is male.It has a strong face similar to Miya.He swiftly reported the attack on the mansion house of Onimaitsuji.
    A crow attached to a screaming crow.Gender is male.In the infinite castle, the changing war situation was reported to the screams one by one.
    Crow of Teruya Sanyashiki
    It is wrapped with something like a muffler and conveys the message accurately word for word.
    A partner who has been with Obanai Iguro since childhoodWhite snake[105]..He is very smart, and his face is exposed from the right side so as to cover the right eye in the small bait.It seems that when Kobayashi fell in love with honey, he panicked and chewed Kobayashi.After the death of Kobauchi in the final battle, Miya was entrusted to Kanawo.[106][107].
    Mukimuki Mouse
    Voice- Kimura Subaru
    Umeda Tengen usesA mouse..As the name suggests, the muscles are muscular.A specially trained "ninja beast" who is responsible for carrying the swords of the soldiers.[175]..In order for a mouse to become a muscular mouse, it seems that in addition to muscle strength, it also needs a narcissist part that is self-respecting for its own muscles.


    Kamaju Tanjuro
    Voice- Shinichiro Miki
    Performance --Tomoki Hirose[Note 17]
    The father of Sumijiro and Mameko.Sick and long lying on the floor, dying before the story begins[22]..The Kamado family has been around for generationsCharcoal grillIn the family line, the earrings of the sun and the Hinokami Kagura are handed down.[176]..In addition, it is said that the folklore had a bruise by nature as a manifestation of his talent.The boy who succeeded the Kamon family has a similar face.Also, a huge human eater that appeared near the Honmon family in the middle of winter.bearIn addition to defeating him with an overwhelming force using an ax as a weapon, he said to Kanjiro, who had a heavy burden on his body when using the breathing of Hinokami Kagura. It is suggested that the suitability of Hinokami Kagura was higher than that of Kanjiro, such as saying, "I never thought Kagura was painful."
    Kamado Kie, Takeo, Hanako, Shigeru, Rokuta
    Voice- Noriko Kuwashima(Aoi),Earth leaf(Takeo),Yoshimi Ohara(Hanako),Kaede Hondo(Shigeru),Koga Aoi[177](Rokuta)
    Performance-Mimi Maihane (Aoe)[Note 18], Shori (Takeo)[Note 19], * Yu Maekawa (Shigeru), Kokoro Kuge (Hanako)[Note 20]
    The family of Sumijiro and Mameko.In turn, mother, second son, second daughter, third son, fourth son.I made a living by selling charcoal[22]..While he was away, he was attacked and killed by misery, and was buried by him and Mameko.
    Even after his death, he appears as a phantom under Tanjiro Kamado and encourages him.
    Kamado Sumiyoshi
    The ancestor of Sumijiro during the Warring States period.He and his wife, Sayako, settled in the Abaraya where Enichi and Uta lived, but when Enichi helped him when he was attacked by a demon, he became friends with him. Reunited with him a year later.He talked about his background and deeply sympathized with Enichi who continued to blame his failure, but he could not find a word to hang on, but he tried to show off the breathing pattern of the day and leave his earrings from under them. He promises to pass on the breath of the day and his earrings to posterity, and encourages him, saying, "You are not a worthless person."
    This edge is engraved in the memory of Sumijiro's blood.
    Kamado Shrine
    Sumikichi's wife.A demon attacked the place where he was full of violets, but both her husband and Sumikichi were saved by Enichi.With a cheerful personality, he asks Enichi, who was living there, to show the pattern of the breathing of the day, and burns the beauty with his husband.
    Kamado Sumire
    Sumikichi and Sayako's daughter.When he visits the Kamon family again, he begs for a hug, is hugged by him, shows an innocent smile, and creates an opportunity to save Enichi's heart.
    Purgatory Ruka
    Voice- Megumi Toyoguchi
    Purgatory Jigoku Maki Juro's wife and mother of Kyoujuro and Senjuro brothers.deceased.A wise and strong woman, she explained to Kyoujuro the responsibilities of a person who was born strongly while lying on the floor due to illness and realizing that he was about to die, which had a great influence on his outlook on life.
    Purgatory Senjuro
    Voice- Junya Enoki
    Performance- Kyohei Shimokawa[38]
    Anjuro's younger brother.He has a gentle and polite personality.He was originally a stepchild of the Flame Pillar, but he gave up his career as a swordfighter because he was not blessed with swordsmanship.[Note 21], I decided to find a way to help others in my own way.He presents his sword guard to Sumijiro, who talked about his brother's last will and his will.Since then, he has been communicating with Tanjiro by letter.
    Voice- Nao Higashiyama[178]
    One of Tengen's three brides. 3 years old.Weak and crybabyKunoichi..A quarrel over Tengen with a courageous Maki.PlaygroundIn order to search for a demon that eats in the nest, he infiltrated "Tokitoya" as a prostitute, but was found by a fallen princess and was sealed in a blood demon obi.She was imprisoned in an underground grocery store, but she was rescued by Inosuke.According to her second fan book, she was actually Suma's younger sister who she married to Tengen, but she broke through her sliding doors while crying, "I really want to go!" She became Suma because she was crying.Both men and women seem to like it, I should have come to visit Kanjiro after the final battle, but I can see the situation because I was hugging Mameko with Kanjiro over there.
    Voice- Shizuka Ishigami[178]
    He was one of Tengen's three brides, and was originally a relative of Tengen. She is 3 years old.She is strong and impatient, and her sister's skin is Kunoichi.She competes with the weak Suma over Tengen.She infiltrates "Ogimotoya" as a prostitute in order to search for a demon that nests in the Yukaku, but she is found by the fallen princess and she is sealed in a blood demon band.She was imprisoned in an underground grocery store, but she was rescued by Inosuke.
    Voice- Atsumi Tanezaki[178]
    One of Tengen's three daughter-in-law. She is 3 years old.She is the daughter of a family in the ranks next to the Umeda family in Shinobi no Sato.She has a serious and gentle personality, and she acts as an arbitrator between Suma and Maki, who often quarrel.She infiltrates "Kyogokuya" as a prostitute in order to search for a demon that nests in the Yukaku.She realizes that Warabihime Oiran is a demon, but she is stuck because she is suspicious from the other side.She is poisoned and she pretends to be ill and she tries to leave the Kyogokuya, but she is trained with a blood demon belt.She came to the rescue, she got her medicine from Tengen, recovered, and gave her information.In the battle with her husband Taro, she supported her with a wisteria-poisoned kunai.There is a crying mole under her left eye.
    Yuichiro Tokiru
    Tokito Muichiro's twin brother.He looks almost like a melon, but he has sharper eyes than Muichiro and has hanging eyebrows.He is the first person "I", and as Muichiro recalls, "I feel like I was like his brother when I have no memory," he is a person who speaks and acts realistically and bitterly. rice field.He is 11 years old.
    He went to collect medicinal herbs for his mother who died from a cold and her, and criticized his father who fell from a cliff and died as "the fool's extreme." Muichiro, who blames him for such an attitude, also ridicules, saying, "Muichiro's nothing is incompetent, meaningless", and was very aggressive in responding to Ami who visited. Although his brother was awkward and had fights on a daily basis, he was originally a kind boy who cares for his family, and he also treated Amane as an evil man because he didn't want to lose his left brother. He suffered a fatal injury after being attacked by the demon, and at the end, he told Muichiro his true intention and that "Muichiro's nothing is infinite," and died while praying for his safety.
    Immortal River Kyogo, Shizu, Sumi, Sadako, Koto, Hiroshi, Shuya
    The family of Genya Shinazugawa.Father, mother, eldest daughter, second daughter, third son, fourth son, fifth son in order.The father was murdered by a person with a grudge, the younger brothers and sisters were murdered by the mother who became a demon, and the mother was murdered by Miya.Family relationships during his lifetime were extremely good except for his violent father.
    Miya, who was wandering around the border between life and death after the tragic war, reunites with her mother, Shizu.He returns to his sanity and tries to go to hell with his mother who regrets having his own child, but he is told that his father, Kyosuke, who appears there, has not died yet because he inherited his tough body. At the same time, she was forcibly released with her mother, and Miya was repelled to this world.
    Beppe Kotoha
    Voice- Mamiko Noto[Note 22]
    Beihei Inosuke's mother[180]..It looks similar to Inosuke.He was singing a pinky swear song for Inosuke.According to Doma, his head is dull, but his intuition is sharp.[180].
    He was violent by his husband and mother-in-law, but when his husband tried to violence against Inosuke, he left the house and took Inosuke to the "Mansei Gokurakukyo" with Douma as his guru.[180].. At the beginning, he wasn't targeted for predation by Doma, but he was killed because he witnessed the scene of eating devotees.[180].. While trying to escape with Inosuke while he was chased by Doma, he eventually threw him off the cliff to protect Inosuke and he was eaten by himself.[180].


    Oni Mai Tsuji 󠄀 Miserable (Kibutsuji Muzan)
    Voice- Seki Toshihiko[181][182]
    Performance- Yoshihide Sasaki[16]
    A man who was the founder of a demon born over a thousand years ago.The absolute ruler of the demons, he gave humans his own blood and created a large number of demons.He killed Kanjiro's family and turned Tanjiro Kamado into a demon.
    Dominating the demons with a curse in their blood, they are called "that person" and are feared.You are free to look and attack, and you can kill immortal demons.His personality is ruthless and dominant, he never forgives those who do not follow his will, and he is a demon among the demons who murders the demons of the lower strings who obeyed faithfully without any hesitation.It is ironic from Tamashii that the figure is "a coward who is always scared of something."He often uses tantrums to violence and to put himself on the shelf.
    Heian periodBorn as an aristocrat.He is an ancestor of the maternity house.He was weak and was said to die by the age of twenty.He prescribes a new drug in hopes of recovery, but he murders the doctor with a tantrum when his condition does not improve.Ironically, however, the effects of the drug began to appear shortly thereafter, and although he had a tough body, he could not get out in the sunlight.He is thus the first human-eating demon to desire human blood and flesh.
    The purpose is to overcome the sunlight and become completely immortal.To that end, we will proceed with two plans: "Produce and absorb the demon that has overcome the sun" and "Search for the blue cluster amaryllis (the raw material for the new drug that made you a demon)".Continuing to make demons is unavoidable because I use them, and my true intention is "the same kind that I do not want to increase" including the first strings such as demons other than myself.[183].
    No one even touched the pillars because they were unidentified.It turns out that Sumijiro has blended into human society by following the scent and encountering it.He uses several appearances and statuses properly and walks around.Wife's(Rei / Voice- Yuko Minaguchi) And daughter (voice-- Haruka Shiraishi) Is a businessman (trading company) ・ "TsukihikoAnd the adopted child of a wealthy manTokuni, The figure of a geisha woman used when searching for a blue cluster amaryllis using humans, and so on.She cannot walk in the sunlight, so she disguises herself as ill.
    "The swordsman who wore the earrings of the sun", and has a deep connection with Ichigo Ichimei. Swordsman Jiro Jiro, who has the same earrings, and Jyoyo and Mako, who are out of control, are especially wary and targeted for erasure.
    The visible human-shaped neck is not the key point as it is, it regenerates even if the whole head is crushed, and there are multiple spares with 5 brains and 7 hearts in the body, and the position has moved and it can not be aimed. ..At the time of battle, it transforms into a deformed figure with multiple mouths and fangs on the whole body, and the body crush becomes a predatory attack as it is.In addition, it swings innumerable tentacles at high speed to cut through surrounding enemies.Its strength is enough to push against 5 people including 9 pillars at the same time.Even so, he was completely sick of Enichi, did not aim for a rematch, escaped to the death of Enichi's life, and then killed all the people involved in the breathing of the day with Black Death.[184][185].
    After receiving a suicide bombing of Yaya, a medicine for humanization of the pearl world, and a full blow to the neck of the screaming ridge, he dropped a demon slaughter corps in the infinite castle and then revived waiting for recovery with a cocoon of meat.His hair is dyed white, and most of his body transforms into a strange figure covered with a red-black object with a large amount of mouth, proclaiming that he will annihilate the demon slaughter corps with his own hands.
    After a fierce battle with the demon slaughter corps, he was finally exposed to the morning sun and was defeated.On the verge of perishing, he selfishly distorted Yaya's words, "Thoughts are immortal and eternal," and after being moved and weeping, he poured his blood and power into Kanjiro and turned him into a "demon king." He entrusts his thoughts of destroying hunting and falls into hell.

    Twelve Onitsuki

    First quarter

    Kokushibo / Succession Country Iwakatsu
    First quarter Ichi..A strange demon with three to six eyes on his face.Standing out of a samurai, his bruise emerges from his left forehead and right neck to his right chin.[186].. Became the twin brother of the step-by-step relationship, and the ancestor of Toichiro Muichiro[98]..According to the fan book, he is always on the lookout for trends in the remnants of being a samurai in the Warring States period.[187]In addition, it seems that patience is required to have a conversation because the conversation is long and polite.Miserable business partner[188].
    Moon breathing swordfighter.He has a crying god.He has also learned the movement of his muscles visually.
    When I was a human, Iwakatsu Ikoku[98]..Born as a twin with his younger brother, Enichi, in the samurai and succession nations of the Warring States period.See that because his background overlaps with the succession of the country.After seeing off Enichi, who died of his mother's illness, he found out that he was supporting his mother's left half of the body, and became jealous and hatred.[162]..He inherited the reign of the successor country and had a wife and children.He was attacked by a demon while he was camp, and was saved by Enichi, who had been hunting demons.He wants the strength and sword skills of his younger brother who has resumed, so he abandons his position and family and becomes a demon hunter.After his enlistment, he learns to breathe his own moon and develops bruises, but finds that bruises leave little of his life expectancy.After that, he meets miserable and becomes a demon to master his skill. Sixty years later, he reunites with the old Enichi and realizes that he is dead due to the difference in ability, but Enichi dies for the rest of his life.He recovered the whistle from the body of Enichi and kept it until the end.
    At Mugenjo, Muichiro and Genya are easily defeated, and Miya is also hunted down, but he engages with Screaming, the strongest pillar of the demon slaughter corps that appeared as a reinforcement, and is still superior to Miya and Screaming who became bruises. However, he was decapitated by Muichiro's sword and Genya's blood demon technique.[165]..Even though he overcame even the decapitation and regenerated in a strange shape (a figure that transcended the demon), the swordfighters were upset when he saw himself reflected in the blade of Miya and became a shape far from the samurai. Finally disappeared after being exposed to the total attack of[189]..He realized that he wanted to be a match at the end, and became dust while asking why he existed.[190].
    Kyokoku Kamusari
    The sword of the Black Death.The blade has innumerable eyes.It is a product of demon blood and flesh, and even if it breaks, it will regenerate immediately.In addition, the blade is branched and can be expanded and contracted freely.
    Voice- Mamoru Miyano[Note 23]
    Second quarter..A young demon who wears a Western-style remodeled kimono with long hair that looks like blood from his head.He is born with iridescent eyes.He is the guru of Mansei Paradise.His appearance is the same as in the human era, and he is active with the title of the table as a human being.
    A cheerful person who is easygoing and always smiles and is close to demon hunting.He is often indifferent to the pain and emotions of others and unknowingly strokes the emotions of the other person, and although he is floating among the demons, he thinks he is on good terms with everyone.[187]..He is miserably intoxicated and calls his senior demons in the first row "○○ den".
    Emotions and sorrows are only superficial, and their true character is a very inorganic and nihilistic personality, not even aware of their own physical damage.
    When he was XNUMX years old, he met miserably and became a demon.As a demon, he is newer than Akaza, but he caught up and became the second in the first string.He scouted Taro and the Fallen Princess as demons during the land era of the first string.
    When he was a human, his parents carried him up as a child prodigy, but he never believed in paradise or hell.AtheistSo, he was a guru with the belief that "I have to save the stupid and poor people."After becoming a demon, under the pretext of freeing himself from suffering, he eats believers by calling the "good deeds" of being an eternal existence as a part of himself and rescuing him as a principle of action.Basically, men do not eat, but women prefer to eat because they are rich in nutrition.I like women, but my tastes are quite distorted.
    Iron fanUses cold blood demons as a weapon.By spreading the technique in a mist, it affects and weakens the enemy's sensory organs and respiratory system.The big skill by the ice sculpture is also powerful.It's rational and tries to get the enemy to do their best to gather information before killing them.
    A demon who once killed Kanae Kocho, and confronts Shinobu at Mugenjo.[74].. Eat her poison[75], Take the whole body into the body after killing[70]..However, after that, during the battle between Kanawo and Inosuke, Shinobu's poison was effective, and the weakened part was defeated and defeated.He reunites with Shinobu's soul at this moment, falls in love with her and argues, "Let's go to hell together," but is rejected and perishes.[192].
    Aquarius / Komaji
    Voice- Ishida Akira
    Performance- Aokijin[38]
    First quarter..A young demon with red plum-colored short hair with a tattoo on the whole body.The first string that first appeared in the film.Miserable loves the faithful and serious pit[188]..It is silent in Mugenjo, but it becomes talkative when it comes to interpersonal relations.He has stated that he likes to talk to humans, and those who are recognized as strong are called by the names below.According to the fan book, it was rare for demons to be a remnant of the human era, and they spent more time training than eating people.[187].
    He has a martial arts-like side that continues to seek strength in a straightforward manner, and while he has respect for the powerful even if he is an enemy, he blatantly looks down on those who he considers to be weak and tries to kill him first for a trivial reason. ..He continues to train for hundreds of years while still young and strong, praising becoming a strong demon like himself as the "Supreme Realm", and conversely for any kind of human being weakened by "old age". I have a feeling of disgust.Respect those who have high abilities because of their values, and invite them to become the same demon.
    It is called "Kenoni", and the battle style is a manual battle that fights with your own body. In addition, the demon technique that senses fighting spirit is used.
    Its predecessor was a young man named "Komaji" who was born in the Edo period.He earned money from pickpockets for his sick father, but his heart-wrenching father committed suicide and was banished from Edo as a sinner.He runs a martial arts dojo where he fights with his bare hands where he has been fighting against the world.KeizoPicked up by that daughterKoyukiI swear that I will be stronger than anyone else in order to protect Koiyuki.However, Keizo and Koiyuki died when the well was poisoned by the harassment of the adjacent Kendo Dojo, and 67 people in the Kendo Dojo were slaughtered in a rage.He was miserably turned into a demon when he was desperate, and lost his memory, turning him into a ghost who only seeks strength.The stance, the snow team, and the techniques associated with fireworks are based on the memories of when he was a human being.Even if it turns into a demon, the feelings for Koiyuki still remain, which is the opposite of Doma and does not eat women at all.[193]..For that reason, I hate Douma, including the one-sided friendship. Both "Komaji and Akaza"DogThe title of episode 155, which is named after him and delves into his past, is "Useless guardian dog".
    Immediately after the dream is defeated, it appears with a miserable command.Recognizing the strength of the prison and soliciting him to become a demon, he broke down and engaged in battle.He is fatally injured, but his movements are blocked.He was impatient with the sunlight that began to shine and the sun sword that pierced his neck, and withdrew from the battlefield with his own arm.After seeing the action, he was called a coward by Sumijiro, and when he reported the result of his mission miserably, he was accused of failing to kill the demon hunter who was there and was sanctioned.From this, I will target Tanjiro Kamado.
    In the Mugenjo edition, fight 2 to 1 with Sumijiro and Yoshiyuki.[61].. Even the hero who is awakened to the bruise and even Minjiro, who has the ability to follow the pillars, surpasses in abilities, but he is not able to detect the spirit of Minjiro's "clear world" and is beheaded.[62][194]..Even so, he tries to regenerate his neck with the obsession of a demon, but the memory of his time as a human being revived and he has already lost the reason for becoming stronger, and the weak who hated to kill himself could not protect his loved one. Realizing that there was, he accepted death, attacked himself, and collapsed.[63]..After his death, he reunited with his father, Keizo, and Koiyuki, and apologized with tears for not being able to protect Koiyuki.I was surrounded by the fire of hell with her who was waiting for me.
    In the comic "Kimetsu Gakuen"Komaji Motoyama (Soyama Hakuji)Although he is in the third year of high school, he is already married to Koiyuki.
    Half Tengu
    First quarter..A demon in the shape of an old man with a large bump on his forehead and two horns.He looks like 87 years old.He always seems to be afraid of something, and he screams "hey" every time.
    The pillars are so good at assimilating the signs that you can't see them until you see them, and you're light.When he is cornered, he embodies the emotions of the moment and uses blood demons to create new splits.When the neck is cut during the work, the tongue says "喜怒 哀 楽The pattern increased when the four tengu demons were divided into four tengu demons, each engraved with a single character.The battle side is left to the alter ego, and the "small body" hides itself.Emotions and sorrows have different abilities, and the combined hatred heaven can be used in combination by strengthening all abilities.According to the fan book, the split demons look like half-tengu when they were young.[187].
    He has the character of being a "good and weak victim" and a person who comes toward him as a "perpetrator who oppresses the weak". , A small villain who was acting blind and stealing.In the human era, he was bullied, and there was a gloomy part that he was revenge so that he could not understand himself, and he was a sneaky man who tried to justify the wrongdoing that Hanten himself worked on. From the magistrate of the dog, he was thrown away as "a big liar with two tongues".He killed it after being blamed by a blind man, was taken to a magistrate's office and sentenced to death, but was demonized by misery and killed the magistrate who punished himself. Time will surely come. "
    In response to a miserable life, he went to the swordsmith's village with a jar and was in charge of cleaning up the swordsmith.Fighting Muichiro, Sumijiro, Ryo 󠄀 Mameko, and Genya, he splits into four people, "emotions and sorrows," because his neck was cut.The main body was hidden, but it was cornered by Sumijiro and others who noticed the entanglement of their abilities, and created a new hatred.The newly entered Mitsuri saves time by preventing the attack of Hatred.The rest of the members chased the main body, and finally, as the magistrate who killed him mentioned above, the neck was cut by Kanjiro and disappeared while watching the magic lantern.
    The main body of the semi-tengu. On the tongueAfraidThe demon on which the character "" is engraved. It's only about the size of a rat, but its neck is so hard that it breaks a forged sword.
    "Angry" demon. Has a look that exudes anger. Has a tin cane that shoots lightning. The leader case in the division. I try to stop it properly without being immersed in the joy of fighting with the opponent.
    After the division, it mainly gives instructions to the other 3 demons and provides support such as interfering with the pursuit of the enemy.When the main body part is found, it absorbs the other three bodies in response to the emotions of the main body and becomes a hatred.
    "Raku" demon.He has a grinning expression on his face.It has a tengu fan that gives off a gust of wind.Uchiwa can also cause a blast.He has a personality that prioritizes the joy of fighting with his opponent, and he is always amazed by his anger.Mainly engaged with Mameko.
    The demon of "joy". Has a happy look. Owner with a temperament similar to Kaku. A half-bird who has wings on his back and the tips of his limbs are the claws of the bird. Ultrasound is emitted from the mouth. Mainly engages in Minjiro.
    Demon of "sorrow". I have a sad expression somewhere. Swipe the cross spear and engage in demon slaughter in close-range combat. Mainly engaged in Genya Immortal River. Although he should have been fatally injured, he is puzzled by Genya who is approaching without dying.
    Demon of "Grudge"
    A large, muscular demon in the form of a semi-tengu. A demon made to protect the body. I didn't use blood art. A small body lurks in the heart of the body. At first glance, the body seems to have become huge, but even that is a falsehood, and it also protects against direct sunlight.
    Hatred heaven
    "Hate" demon.A petite demon born from anger absorbing emotions.He has a thunder-like drum with the word "hate" written on his back.He uses the blood demon technique of emotions and the technique of manipulating new trees.
    It protects the semi-tengu of the main body "Tei" as a "small and weak person" and unilaterally condemns the enemy as "a villainous person" "a devil's business". The alter-ego embodying the semi-tengu's intensely self-serving nature. The attack power is high, and even the honey liquor with bruise appears in the defense.
    Gyokko / Managi
    First quarter corpse..A strange demon with two mouths on both eyes and both eyes on the forehead and mouth, with the jar and body connected. ..Multiple small arms grow from the head.The jar is also a miserable financial resource[188]..I especially like children's meat.
    An arrogant personality who calls himself "the supreme artist" and looks down on humans.He has a very strong desire to reveal himself, especially when he has a twisted attachment to the work and is insulted by others.Its essence is that it tramples not only human life but also the dignity of the dead, such as transforming the body of the victim horribly in order to create a work, and it has a prominent anomaly among demons.On the other hand, the narrowness and sweetness of the stuffing can be seen, such as licking the young Muichiro and not stabbing the end, and allowing his counterattack too much to get absorbed in trying to reduce the concentration of the steel mound.
    His colleague, Akaza, is still irreverent, and he has a rude attitude toward Akaza, which is higher than himself.His loyalty to misery is high, but his feelings are distorted, such as being ecstatic when he gets angry.There is a habit of adding "that is also good!" To the end of the word.
    When he was a human, his name was Managi, and he was born and raised in a fishing village.Her bizarreness was her innate, and she was hated for being touched.She was once stabbed by the parents of her child when she learned that she had killed and packed her teasing child into a jar, and was demonized by the misery that passed by where she had been left dying. Was made.
    In battle, he uses tricky tactics using vases created from his own palm.It is possible to teleport from jar to jar, and the jar that is the medium of movement also appears in the devil's death, so it is highly agile and excellent in avoidance.By molting, it can be transformed into a "perfectly beautiful figure" according to the person himself, and after transformation it is tough.Half fish personIt has a snake-like lower body on the upper body like.In this form, it comes to fight directly, and the scales and the springs of the body enable agile movements, and it is boasted that the scales are harder than diamonds.
    Finding the whereabouts of the swordsmith's village, he receives a miserable life and launches an assault with a half-tengu.Aiming to annihilate the swordsmiths, Muichiro who has intervened is caught in a water prison bowl and aims to drown without sticking a stop.Seeing him as he invaded the house where Kotetsuzuka was, but concentrated to the limit to sharpen his sword, he burned a sense of opposition, saying, "I'm losing as an artist, I want to reduce the concentration of this man." , Immediately hurt without killing.In the meantime, he rematches with Muichiro who has regained his memory with the help of Kotetsu, and although he releases his true appearance, he is completely defeated by Muichiro who has a bruise.
    Fallen princess, Gyutaro
    First quarter of land..A demon brother and sister who makes a leap to Nejo from Yoshiwara.The pillars killed were 7 fallen princesses and 15 prostitutes Taro.The fallen princess is the main movement, and Taro Kou appears during battle.
    If two people are one demon and one of them is alive, it will not disappear even if the neck is cut.However, there was a clear difference in ability between the brothers and sisters, and it was thought that the fallen princess was a miserable prostitute Taro's footsteps.The miserable evaluation is a foolish child for the fallen princess, and the prostitute Taro highly evaluates the greedy personality and makes it a favorite[188].
    When both his brother and sister were dying, he became a demon with the help of Doma (then land of the first string).Defeated by Tanjiro Kamado and Tanjiro Kamado, he became the first loser in 113 years.
    In the comic "Kimetsu Gakuen"Yuka Taro (Sabatana Gyutaro), Ume SahanaThe surname is attached.
    Fallen Princess / Ume
    Voice- Sawashiro Miyuki[195]
    A demon in the shape of a bewitching beauty, she usually turns into an oiran.He has a very ill-mannered and arrogant personality, but in front of his older brother, his tone becomes younger, and he has a crying personality.
    At the time of Oiran, he wears a kimono, but in the form of a demon, he wears lingerie-style clothes, three-tooth clogs, and a kimono sash on his body.I have a habit of tilting my head and glaring from below when I don't like it.He doesn't seem to be very smart, and his brother, Taro Kou, often says, "I'm not good enough."
    Hiding in Yoshiwara for nearly 100 years, he was masquerading as an Oiran named "Princess" depending on the times. Kana in modern timesWarabihime Oiran..He hates ugly humans and repeats remarks such as "(the ugly) is not worth living."Among the demons, he has an unbalanced diet and likes to eat beautiful women.The flames are traumatic because they were burned alive when they were humans.
    Blood demon art is "obi" (voice- Shizuka Ito[196]) Is used.This obi is an alter ego that she has separated her power, and when she collects all the obi, her hair color changes to silver and it becomes even stronger.It is difficult to slash because it protects by softening the neck in a band shape, and even if the decapitation is successful, the prostitute Taro supplements his life and regenerates without dying.
    The ability of a single unit is much higher than that of the demon of the lower string, but it is insufficient for the demon of the upper string, and when it loses, it is said that "Sure enough, the fallen princess was a stumbling block" from misery.It surpasses the extreme state of Kanjiro's Hinokami Kagura at that time, but is criticized by Tanjiro Kamado as "It's not the first string, it's too weak."
    When I was a human, my name was "Ume".Born on the banks of the Rashomon River, the lowest layer of the Yukaku.The name of the deceased mother's illnesssyphilisIt was named after ", but my brother saved me when my mother had a creepy hair and eye color when I was a baby and I was about to be hanged.She was called "Shiraume-chan" because of her hair color, etc., because she was a beautiful girl who could flinch around her from an early age.The grown plum becomes a prostitute, but in retaliation for having blinded her by poking the left eye of the samurai who insulted her husband Taro with a hairpin, she was burned alive and was dying. Ma is given blood and becomes a demon with her brother.
    He was asked to kill Mameko because of his misery.Tengen captured the brides who had infiltrated the Yukaku, and Zenitsu, who dressed as a newcomer Yoshiko who came to search, was also caught as a demon hunter.To eat Koi Natsu Oiran leaving Yoshiwara, he goes to Tokitoya himself and encounters and engages with Sumijiro.Although he overwhelms Sumijiro, he struggles with Mameko, and his neck is easily cut by the pillar Tengen.After the appearance of Taro Kaoru, he mainly engaged with Zenitsu and Inosuke.He moves his left eye to the forehead and powers up, but his neck is cut before the cooperation.
    At the same time, after a quarrel with Taro Taro who had his neck cut, he disappears first. Reunited by telling Kotaro Taro, who reunited with Taro Taro in a human figure in the dark and was about to go to hell alone, saying "I'll be with you all the time" and "become your sister's sister no matter how many times you are reborn" Then they disappeared into the hellfire.
    Yutaro Taro
    Voice- Ryota Osaka[197]
    The demon of the younger brother of the Fallen Princess brother. The tip of the hair is green, and there are numerous spots on the face and body. Moreover, although the area below the ribs is abnormally thin, the arms and pectoral muscles are more developed than normal.
    It is usually fused and stuck to the back of the fallen princess.He is the true "land of the first string" and is an order of magnitude stronger than the fallen princess.He uses a sickle produced from his own blood and a deadly poisonous blood demon that uses his own blood.He can also lend her left eye to the fallen princess, and while controlling her remotely, she is capable of fighting only with her right vision and still overwhelming the demon slaughter corps.
    There is a peculiar habit of speaking, and the ending is extended with "~ naa".He reveals a strong jealousy towards the beautiful Umeda Tengen and repeats asking him to die.The fallen princess is called "Onii-chan", and the fallen princess is called "Cute little sister".Spoiling the fallen princess.
    The name is from the human era, but this name is almost the same as the role name in the Yukaku[Note 24]It means that it was not treated as a human being.At first glance, it looks like a strange demon, but this appearance is the same as in the human era, and since I think that it is an advantage to be scared, I leave it as it is, and if I trace the origin, it is a congenital infected mother and child.syphilisIt is a medical condition of.Born in the Edo period on the banks of the Rashomon River (the lowest layer of the Yukaku).In the Yukaku, children are treated as an obstacle, and in the poverty and unsanitary environment of Rashomon Riverbank, they are denied the fact that they were born, and they are ridiculed for their appearance and grow up with abusive words while being hated.Eventually, after her younger sister, Ume, was born, she protected and raised her, while taking advantage of her ugly appearance and the strength of her fight to open her collection shop.I was proud of Ume, but when Ume was 13 years old, he was burned alive by a customer's samurai, and he himself was estranged by repeated excessive collections, so he was attacked by a samurai who had blinded him, but he had it. Killed the samurai and the landlady who asked him to avenge himself with a sickle.After that, he was saved by Doma, who was wandering around the Yukaku at midnight while holding a charred plum and was dying, and became a demon with her sister.
    He wakes up from sleep when the fallen princess is cornered and the neck is beheaded by Tengen.She sticks the fallen princess's neck and heals her burns, after which she engages with Tengen and Kanjiro.He poisons Tengen, cuts his arm, and pierces Inosuke's heart, showing his ability in the first string.Although he invites him to become a demon and tries to break his heart, he is still cut off his neck by the confronting Kamado.
    At the same time, he sweared at the fallen princess who was killed, but the name he called when the fallen princess disappeared reminds me of the time when he was a human being.A person who reunites with Ume who has returned to the original human form in the darkness that reminds me of the regret that made Ume walk on the same path as me because I grew up, and only she has light Although I pushed it out once to make him go to, he accepted her feelings when Ume said, "I'll be with you forever" and "I'll be my brother's sister no matter how many times I'm reborn." It disappeared inside.
    A female demon with long black hair that hides her eyes.Below the hair is a large monocular.From the twelve demon moons, they are called "Biwajo" and "Biwa no Kimi".Miserable makes Narujo a favorite in the sense of convenience[188].
    He doesn't want to have more conversation than necessary, and answers questions shortly even when a corpse is gathered from the Izu of the upper strings. I thought that I was thinking "I'm going home soon"[198].
    Although he was an aide to the Twelve Onitsuki, he became vacant due to the death of the half-tengu.First quarterBe promoted to.
    By playing Biwa, he can freely manipulate the innumerable rooms of different spaces and infinite castles, and although he does not have the direct killing ability, his ability to manipulate the vast space far surpasses Hibiki.It has a high ability to interfere with demons, and even the first string is not noticed and is called to Mugen Castle, and the demons and humans in the castle can be moved from room to room with just one performance of biwa.TeleportYou can also let it.After becoming the first stringDetective blood artIt is possible to detect remotely by a familiar with the three tentacles on the eyeball.
    Although he was unknown in the human era, he earned daily money by playing Biwa, but he was poor because his husband only gambling, and he turned upside down because his husband was used for gambling by selling kimono for playing Biwa without permission. I beat him to death.After killing a person because he was praised for his subsequent performance, he chose a miserable opponent to kill, and after meeting him in return, he liked it and made him a demon.
    At the time of the infinite castle decisive battle, you cannot move the roots on the wall with your hair, but you can move the room freely and divide the demon slaughter corps.Even though he was captured by Mitsuri and Kobashi, he continued to surpass the onslaught and gained time until his recovery was miserable. The sight was manipulated by the brain being hijacked by Shiro, who was approaching her in this gap, and the control of the infinite castle was taken away. He died because his head was ruptured by activating it.As a result, the infinite castle that fell out of control collapsed and was exposed to the ground.
    In "Kimetsu Gakuen"Naruto Otokawa (Nakime Otokawa)The surname is attached.
    Mt. Shiadake
    Voice- Yoshimasa Hosoya
    Performance-Masahiro Chiba[199]
    A former demon swordfighter who is a brother of good luck.He wears a kimono and obi on the demon slaughter corps clothes, and wears a magatama necklace.When he was a human, he was a sword with a different color from good luck, but since he became a demon, he carries a sword made from his own blood and bones.
    He has a serious and hard-working personality, but has a strong self-esteem, is arrogant, and has a strong desire for approval.He was respected by his dedication to his dedication, but he was dissatisfied with his immaturity and not being evaluated by others.It is said by Yoshiyasu that "there is always a frustrating sound, and there is a hole in the box that holds happiness in my heart."
    He was an orphan at the temple that Screaming was taking care of, but one day he was blamed by other children for stealing the money from the temple and was expelled from the temple.Having a past that guided the demons when they met the demons that night and gave them the lives of the screams and his children.[118]..After that, he was picked up by Kuwashima and learned to breathe thunder and became a swordfighter of the demon slaughter corps.He was timid and looked down on the goodness that only the Ichino type could be used, but on the contrary, he was told by other swordfighters that it was not a big deal because he could not use the Ichino type, which is the basis of all types. .. From the idea that you can win as long as you live, when you encounter a black death demon, you feel its overwhelming ability without fighting, begging for life and becoming a demon.[49].. Guangfu Taro, vacant because Fallen Princess diedFirst quarter of landHowever, it is ironic that Yoshiyasu says, "The lower end of the upper string that is filled in with an appropriate hole."
    Use a technique that combines the breathing of thunder and blood demons, which consist of the second to land types that you have learned.The body of the recipient will crack[131].
    Engage with Zeni at Mugen Castle.At the end of each other's provocation, they lose to the new lightning breath "Shichinokata" created by Zeni.[49]..However, he still couldn't accept his defeat, and he laughed at him because he tried to fall and die with all his might. Those who will eventually get nothing from others. "" The one who just wants has nothing in the end, because he can't produce anything by himself. " The self-esteem that I was trying to keep until I trampled on was broken in an irreversible way.[49].
    Although he was defeated by Zeni alone while he was on the land of the first string, Shiro said, "The reason why Zeni survived was because Odake hadn't mastered his blood demon technique yet." If the battle was a year later, he would have died instantly. "[61].
    In "Kimetsu Gakuen"Inadama KaigakuThe surname is attached, and it is set as a spy of Oni Maitsuji.

    Last quarter

    Voice- Hirakawa Daisuke
    Performance-* Ryota Kakegawa (2nd work),Naiki Daiki[38]
    First quarter Ichi.. A devil in the style of Yuu. After the blood has been increased, the blood vessels are floating throughout.
    The deformed left hand with the eyeball and mouth can be separated from the body as an alter and act independently. Above all, he likes to see the misery and suffering of others.
    At first, Takumu was hungry and miserable, but after he died with a fatal wound and no pain, he envied the misery and died, and then the misery turned into a demon on a whim.
    Called a "sleeping demon," he is also good at creating gimmicks that have the effect of the art, using blood demon art related to dreams.In order to wake up from a trapped dream, it is necessary to have the courage to commit suicide.
    At the time of the purge of the demons of the lower strings due to misery, he said, "I was happy to hear the death demons of other demons," and was the only one overlooked because he liked the distorted Kyojun. rice field.On an infinite train, put humans under your control so as not to face the demon slaughter corps directly.Using the conductor, he tries to put the demon slaughter party to sleep and let the children destroy the "core of the spirit" of the unconscious space, but it is only a time-saver, and when Sumijiro awakens, it is the train itself. The fusion was complete. He was planning to use 200 passengers as hostages and food, but was blocked by purgatory and good luck, Mameko, and was hidden under the floor of the train cab by Sumijiro and Inosuke. The bones are destroyed.As a result, he couldn't eat even one person and was defeated without doing his best, and disappeared while lamenting "What a miserable nightmare".
    In "Kimetsu Gakuen"Enmu TamioIt has become a character called Railway Metamorphosis Otaku.Repeating transformations on the railroad 6 criminal records, which often delays the train.Not to mention other railroad nerds, they are hated by everyone because they don't care about people's inconvenience.The manga of the traditional Chinese bookbinding recorded in Jump GIGA depicts the actual situation of the transformation.
    Voice- Ukiyama[200]
    Performance- Hitoshi Akutsu
    The Last Quarter.. HobbyString figure..The youngest child of a demon family living in Mt. Natagumo, a petite boy with a spider-like hairstyle.It's been less than XNUMX years since I became a demon.It is said that there were as many as Ichi (Tanmu) and II (Rotter's wheel) in the lower strings, and he was highly capable and was miserably liked.Basically, he has a calm personality, but he is an emotional type when blood rises in his head, and his attacks become monotonous.
    There are demons who play the roles of "mother," "father," "brother," and "sister" under their control, and they claim a bond with them as being the "youngest brother" of the family, but the reality is that they are forced to obey by violence. Not too much, he is obsessed with his mouth and content.There seemed to be more families before, but they were executed to four because they weren't able to play the family as they wanted.The appearance of the demons who play the role of family is originally different, and Kasane has stripped the skin of his face and forcibly remade it.Kasane hated the family's return to its original form and frequently abused the mother spider, which frequently returned to its original child form.
    By putting blood on the thread that is fed out, it has a demon technique that gives it hardness higher than steel. It is also possible to make a net shape with the sharpness.
    The names of human beings are also cumulative.When he was a human, he was so sick that he couldn't get up from the floor and even walked hard, but one day he was miserably given blood and became a demon.After becoming a demon, I had to continue eating people, and my parents (voice-) who knew that fact Shinnosuke Tachibana,Natsuko Kuwaya)IrrationalHowever, he has a past that has been driven back by a temporary passion.
    Engaged with Sumijiro and Mameko in the mountains of Mt. Natagumo.Impressed by Mameko's bond with her brother, she finds herself as her new "younger sister".He showed a desperate difference in strength, such as destroying Sumijiro's Nichirin sword with a thread of blood demon art, and was counterattacked by the brothers and sisters who woke up to a new power. Avoidance.Although he was furious and tried to kill his brother and sister, Tomioka who came to the rescue stabbed him.
    As his body collapsed, he realized that he had once turned down his love for his life, and his soul reunited with his parents after his death.After apologizing, they both disappear into the fire of hell.In this battle, Sumijiro fails to collect blood from the Twelve Onitsuki.
    By the way, "family pretend" is a miserably recognized act, and it is admitted that the number of demons who can be taken as a subordinate of the miserable who intentionally gives the habit of cannibalism because of fear that the rebels will form a clique will increase. This is because he was aware of the childishness of Kasane, such as "I'm looking for a substitute for my parents" and "I throw away the substitutes I don't like."
    In "Kimetsu Gakuen" at the end of the comicAyaki RuiThe surname is attached. The grade is unknown. Winning the Ayatori tournament and being featured in the Kimetsu Shimbun, it was a great time for a breakthrough. It seems to be a topic on the Internet if the unique mole is cute.
    Second quarter, San, Hajime, Riku
    Potter's wheel(Rokuro, voice-- Kusunoki / Performance-Masahide Kabata),Diseased leaves(Wakuba, voice-- Soichiro Hoshi / Performance-Kenta Hoshi),Zero child(Mukago, voice- Kana Ueda / Performance-Oto Aoi Makiura),Kama Nue(Kamanue, voice-- KENN / Performance-Kei Torii).
    In orderSecond quarter, San, Hajime, Riku..After being subdued, he was convened with Yume by misery, and all of them were killed after being blamed for their weaknesses.

    Nata Spider Mountain Demon Family

    Each of them plays the roles of mother, father, brother, and sister, but the demons who have shown a lot of order have just changed their appearance as they are told, and they have no blood ties.Everyone uses spider- and thread-related techniques, but they were originally given in the form of swallowing the spider-shaped power from Kasane, not the blood demon technique that they acquired themselves.By the way, the face is peeled off and remade by Kasane.There were other family members, but there were only four at the time of the Nada Spider Mountain edition, because those who did not fit, those who opposed, and those who could not be performed were dismissed by being jealous or chopped by sunlight.Only the anime version is in the works The demon (voice-) who played the older sister of "sister" in the past Kanae Ito) Is out.

    Voice- Ami Koshimizu[200]
    Performance-* Hanano Takahara
    The demon that first appeared on Nada Spider Mountain. It looks like a bewitching woman. Has the blood art of manipulating humans using threads.
    Originally a little girl demon, she changed her appearance to become an adult female at the command of Susumu.Since his mental age is still a young girl, he often cannot meet the demands of Kasane, and was dominated by fear of being violent by his "father."He is often abused because he returns to his original appearance as a little girl, and his mother is just his name, and he is the lowest in the family.
    Ozaki and other demon slaughterers who entered Mt. Natagumo were manipulated to kill each other, but after Inosuke grasped the position, he was beheaded by Sumijiro.At that time, he did not make any resistance from the desire to be released from Kasane, and by holding out his head himself, he was merciful to Kanjiro with "a goddamn type, dry weather."When Sumijiro was a human being with a gentle look toward himself, he was a little girl, and although he was loved by a woman who seems to be his mother at this time, he remembered that he seemed to have eaten her. When he died, there was a twelve demon moon, and he disappeared peacefully without pain while calling attention.
    Voice- Tohru Inada[200]
    Performance-* Masahide Kabata
    A spider that boasts a tough physique. The face is transformed into a spider itself, so it has a strange shape.
    Kasane has deprived him of his intellect and is manipulating it in a good way.If you hit the bottom of the river, water will blow to the bottom and you will swing a thick log like a bat, and it has an extraordinary physical ability and resilience.It can be strengthened by molting, making the body one size larger and stronger.
    He beats Inosuke in the mountains and drives him to the point where he is about to kill him, but Tomioka appears and he is instantly killed and falls apart.
    Voice- Shotaro Morikubo[200]
    Performance-* Kei Torii
    A strange demon with a human head attached to the body of a spider.I was ridiculing my mother demon.I usually stay in a hut that floats in a spider web.
    A blood demon that turns a person who has been poisoned into a "spider", and a blood demon that spits out a strongly acidic venom.Mottled sputum(Fudokutan) ”.
    Engage with Yoshiyasu in the mountains. Poison is infused in good faith with spider humans. Even though he intercepts with vigilance when the atmosphere suddenly changes despite being weakened by poison, he is decapitated in an instant with "Kasane-Ye Ippen XNUMX Ren" that surpasses even that.
    Voice- Ryoko Shiraishi[200]
    Performance-* Haruka
    A girl demon in a white kimono.A blood demon technique that wraps prey in a cocoon created from the palm, dissolves it in digestive juices, and preys on it.Melting cocoon"have.
    At first glance, he seems to be quiet, but in reality he is a cunning, sneaky, and villainous egoist who tells lies with a self-centered personality that he only needs to be himself.Since he is not a strong demon by nature, he is afraid of being thrown away, and when he becomes interested in Mameko, he desperately insists that he is an "elder sister".
    In the anime version, the demon who played his sister confided the escape plan and escaped together, but in fact, because he had informed the plan, the story that his "sister" demon was executed is added.
    Murata, who survived in the advance corps, was about to be wrapped in a blood demon cocoon and melted, and he encountered Kocho Shinobu.He begs for life after being shown the difference in ability, but he is sentenced to atonement for torture after being found out of a lie, and even though he tries to fight back, he is poisoned by the poison of the wisteria flower of the demon slayer, and the body is abandoned on the spot. ing.

    Pearl school

    Voice- Sakamoto Maaya[201]
    Performance- Mai Umi[16]
    A female demon who has lived for over XNUMX years[Note 25]..Physical age is 19 years old.I usually work as a doctor.
    He survived by being turned into a demon by misery when he was originally dying from illness, but because he himself ate up his beloved son and husband, he was in a position to be chased by the grudge against the demon Maitsuji 󠄀. be.On her own, she lifted the miserable curse and escaped control, allowing her to live by drinking a small amount of blood without eating people.You can perform illusions through his own blood.
    Ask Sumijiro to collect the demon's blood in order to establish a way to return the demon to humans.He doesn't stay in one place for a long time because he hesitates to chase after him while hiding that he is a demon.
    While studying the blood of Sadako and Twelve Onitsuki, he succeeded in regaining the demonized human ego, and speculates that Sadako will soon overcome the sun.At the same time as Mameko's overcoming Nikko, Yaya called out and set a trap for misery.After that, he was taken in and killed even though he uttered a grudge.However, the miserably released "drugs that return demons to humans," "drugs that promote aging," "drugs that inhibit division," and "drugs that destroy cells" have greatly contributed to the miserable subjugation.
    Appeared continuously from the predecessor short story "Overhunting Hunting".
    Voice- Daiki Yamashita[201]
    Performance- Naganori Sato[16]
    A young demon who follows Tamashii.It is the only demon that is not of miserable origin, and it is possible to live by drinking a smaller amount of blood than Tamashii without eating people.The actual age is 35 years old.
    The place that was dying due to illness is saved by being made a demon by Tamashii.From that time on, he has been fascinated by Tamashii, and has a poisonous and aggressive attitude other than Tamashii.He seems to be writing a pearl diary every day.
    Use blood demons related to visibility.You can also lend the eyesight of yourself or a crow by using a blindfold that applies the tag technique or by sticking the tag on the target's face.He also developed a blood sampler based on his engineering knowledge and manual dexterity, and sent the cat "Chachamaru" who disappeared by the technique when collecting the demon blood collected by Sumijiro.
    Understand the determination of Tamashii and participate in the infinite castle battle.He was in charge of rescue and support in Murata's team under the guise of a demon slaughterer.He establishes a communication network by giving the crows a paper eye tag of blood demon art, and provides information to Teruya Sanyashiki, who is in charge of the command.He also fought with Kanroji Temple, captured Narujo and destroyed Mugen Castle.After returning to the ground, he will be engaged in the treatment of his soldiers.After this battle he became friends with Takeuchi.
    After the final battle, he went to visit Tanjiro Kamado and worked hard for his achievements.After that, "Yushiro YamamotoChoosing a way to live under the name of ", he continues to paint the paintings of Tamashii as a painter, and is highly regarded worldwide in modern times.[202]..Teruya is still a friend today.
    Appeared continuously from the predecessor short story "Overhunting Hunting".
    An extremely rare male cat who is a messenger of the pearl world.Calico catIs.It is responsible for transporting blood collected from the demon that Tanjiro Kamado defeated.Before the final battle, it was turned into a demon by Tamashii and became the only cat demon.Tamashii was sorry because he couldn't choose whether Chachamaru would become a demon, but Chachamaru himself agreed not to be lonely and lonely.[203].
    He has a blood demon tag on his neck and a small bag on his back.It disappears until it squeals due to Shiro's blood demon technique, and disappears when it squeals again after collecting blood.
    He had a strong sense of mission to carry the blood of the demons, and when he was unable to collect blood due to injury, he was glaring at him with a grudge.

    Other demons

    Demon of the temple
    Voice- Hikari Midorikawa[120][15]
    Performance-* Kenta Hoshi[204]
    Tentative name.Tanjiro Kamado encountered him shortly after his departure.
    The demon that first appeared in the film.Even if his neck is cut, he grows his arm from his temporal region and resists.He was defeated by Kanjiro and fainted, and while Kanjiro hesitated to stop at the question and answer of Rakutaki, he was exposed to the sunlight at dawn and died.
    Hand demon
    Voice- Takeyasu Koyasu[120][15],Ayo Toyosaki(childhood)
    Performance-* Shintaro Takemura[205][206]
    Tentative name. 47 years agoEdo Period-KeioA demon caught in a scale waterfall around the year.As the tentative name suggests, a large, unusual demon with many arms all over his body.
    Although it is sealed in the final trial site "Mt. Fujisatsu", it survived and ate as many as 50 humans.He hates the scale waterfall that caught him, and kills 13 disciples using his carved fox face as a landmark.
    The weak point is that the neck is very hard, probably because many arms are clinging to it, and when the rust 󠄀 rabbit cuts it, the sword broke.However, the demon in the mountains (voice-- Satoshi Tsuruoka,Jun Fukushima Others) were also defeated by the power of Kanjiro, who had been defeated by being defeated by the "Ichino-type water surface slash".Imawano Kiwa's older brother (voice- Koichi Makoto) And disappears with tears.
    Boss enemy in the special screening version of the anime theater. Also,"(MeijiからTaishoThe year number has changed."[207], Broadcast time in TV animationHeisei-ReiwaIt became a hot topic because it was the same asLater), this character was also made into a goods.
    Numa no Oni
    Voice- Ryohei Kimura[182]
    Tentative name. A demon that acts as one with one, two, and three horns.It is not a triplet but a kind of alter ego / division by ability, and each other is called "I".[208].
    He likes to eat and kill his XNUMX-year-old daughter, and collects hairpins and hair ornaments worn by the killed daughters as a collection.[208]..An extraordinary demon that can handle blood demons, it can generate swamps against walls and the ground and move around freely in the swamps.[28]..According to the character bookNarcissistso,BruxismThe habit seems to be a remnant from the human era[187].
    The demon that Sumijiro defeated in his first job.Tokie(Voice- Misako Tomioka) When attackingKazumi(Voice- Hirohiro Sakai) And collaborate with Sumijiro, who investigates the disappearance case.[208]..Two people were defeated by "Rikuno-type twisted vortex" by Sumijiro who jumped into the swamp, and the last one was also decapitated and annihilated.[209][210]..Extremely afraid to answer the cross-examination from Sumijiro about Oni Maitsuji 󠄀 misery[210].
    Voice- Mikako Komatsu[182]
    Performance-* Ayaka Nishibun[211]
    Under the direct control of miserable.A girl's demon with a bob-head, an old-fashioned tone and behaves like a baby girl.He calls himself Twelve Onitsuki, but he is only miserably accused.
    Blood demon art "Temari"Use to throw or kick a Temari to attack, or duplicate a Temari.Arms and Temari are increased to 6 each by blood demon technique.Also, the destructive power is unusual.
    Along with Yaba, he receives a miserable life and attacks Tanjiro Kamado and Tamashii in Asakusa.He was able to use his blood demon technique to pierce the walls of the building, shatter Shiro's head into pieces, and blow off the legs of Sadako who tried to kick the ball back. After Yahaha was defeated, he was struck by the art of the pearl world and spoke a miserable name, which triggered a "curse", and a huge hand grew from his mouth, and the miserable that remained in his body. The body is destroyed by cells like minced meat, and it becomes dust when illuminated by the morning sun.When he was a human being, he thought that he was just a girl who liked playing Temari.
    According to the fan book, Temari was bought by his father during his human days.[187].
    In "Kimetsu Gakuen", he is the director of the volleyball club of the Toryu group in the third year of high school. She has "Akasa" as her surname and "Maru" as her name.She laughs and throws her ball at Zenitsu Agatsuma, who was careful not to bring a ball (made of steel). In episode 3, she was chasing after school trying to get Kanawo into the volleyball club.
    Voice- Jun Fukuyama[182]
    Performance-*Yuta Hoshino[212]
    Under the direct control of miserable.A young demon with pupils on both palms of which is the centerpiece of an arrow.His eyes are closed.He is first person.He is nervous and morbid.
    The palm eyes were not blind in the human era, but because it was easier to use the abilities in the palm than in the normal eyes.
    Received a miserable life with Shusamaru and attacked Kanjiro and Tamashii in Asakusa.At first, the combo of the invisible arrow of blood demons and the sword of Shusamaru afflicted Sumijiro, but with the help of Shiro Shiro's eyesight, the arrow was cut off, and the technique was taken in the wrong direction to close the distance. He was decapitated, and in a rage, he fired blood demons as the last scratch, and tried to take Sumijiro with him, but he was defeated.
    Blood demon technique "Red Arrow"Uses the technique of manipulating the invisible arrow (vector) activated by the eyes existing in both palms and the tracking / detecting ability.In addition, the arrows cannot be cut with a sun sword, and can only be activated in the order in which they are released.There are two weaknesses: you can use the technique in the direction of the arrow to offset the impact, and if you move in the same direction as the arrow, you can wind it up.
    In "Kimetsu Gakuen", he is the director of the Kyudo club in the 3rd grade of the high school.He seems to be the son of a tofu shop.
    Voice- Junichi Suwabe[213]
    Act-Tomoyuki Takagi[214][Note 27]
    Former Twelve OnitsukiLast quarter of land..From both shoulders, belly and legsdrumThe demon that grew up.
    The first person is me or me.Planned and wise, but gloomy, nervous and prideful, such as muttering in a sloppy manner.In addition, he is also annoyed by the courtesy of the demon slaughterers who have climbed into the house with their feet.
    The owner of the mansion where Tanjiro Kamado and Zeni went to receive orders.
    By striking the drums of each part of the body, he has a space-dominated blood demon that rotates the room and shoots slashes.I also had a drum on my back that transferred the space of the room, but I smelled blood.Tongue demon(Voice- Aragaki Tarsuke),Horn demon(Voice- Yoshihisa Kawahara) Dropped one of the drums, which was taken cleanly and used ironically.
    When I was a humanSatomi HachimidenI was a writer who wrote bizarre novels because I liked it, and even after becoming a demon, I was writing.[187], Has a history of murdering an acquaintance who trampled on manuscript paper after criticizing his work.
    In the past, he was a powerful person who climbed up to the first quarter moon (land) of the twelve demon moon, but eventually his body stopped accepting human flesh, and if no further improvement was expected, it was limited by Oni Maitsuji miserable, and the number. Was stripped.He aims for Kiyoshi, who has "rare blood", in order to be reinstated in the twelve demon moon.
    Qing's younger brother and sister couldn't catch Kiyoshi, who uses the drum of the transfer in reverse.Shoichi(Voice- Mitsuhiro Ichiki),Teruko(Voice- Miho Okazaki) And Kanjiro, who had been acting together, became a single combat and suffered from the above-mentioned blood demon technique, but was captured and defeated by the "Ku-no-kata water splash / turbulence".Even during the battle, he did not step on the handwritten manuscript paper and the words of praise for Sumijiro's blood demon technique disappeared with tears, saying "I was recognized".
    At "Kimetsu Gakuen", he is a teacher and his subject is high school music.He mainly teaches with drums.It seems that the students of Hibiki can't sing the songs in recent textbooks because he is made to play Nagauta and Hayashi.
    Snake ghost
    A female demon who ruled the Iguro clan for 300 years.
    Although it is a temporary name, as the name suggests, the lower body is a snake and the upper body is a human, but only the face looks like a human face.
    Babies are his favorite food, and he sees Obanai as a rare male sacrifice.After Obanai escaped, he killed 50 members of his family.After that, when Obanai was cornered, he was annihilated by Rengoku Makijuro, the flame pillar at the time.
    An old demon who manipulates a whistle
    The demon who fought in Rengoku Anjuro's first mission, written in "Rengoku Zero Story" in the official fan book "Demon Slayer Corps Observations XNUMX".
    A demon with thick and long eight-shaped eyebrows, and looks and talks like an old man even more than a half-tengu.From what he said when he collapsed, it seems that he was aiming for the Twelve Demon Moon.
    He can manipulate the tone of the flute with blood arts, and by listening to the tone he can drive the nerves that move his body out of order.You can also summon a black-haired dog (whose ribs are sticking out) to fight with the sound.
    He kills 5 out of 4 children and 9 soldiers, but one of the ambassadors tells Kyojuro Rengoku how to deal with it by handwriting, so Kyojuro deals with it by breaking his eardrum, so he doesn't listen to the technique. , was easily decapitated.
    A demon wearing a military uniform that appeared in "Purgatory Anjuro Gaiden".
    Encountered before Kyoujuro became a pillar of fireSecond stringAnd use the blood demon technique to manipulate the shadow.He also has a heavy weapon hidden in the shadow.
    When he encountered Makijuro, who was once a pillar of fire, he was almost killed, and when he managed to escape, he was called a "coward" and decided to take revenge on Makijuro. ..
    Due to the above-mentioned events, his emotions are unstable, and he has a habit of shooting himself through his head and mouth and becoming calm when his emotions are overwhelmed.
    In order to attract Maki Juro, he encountered an indiscriminate bombing incident in a town and was attacking people with a wolf made in the shadow. It will be cornered as soon as it is played.
    And when the only weapon I prepared in the shadow was a sword, IShinsengumiI remember the past of the human era when I was about to be killed by a gun because I was totally denied my Bushido and that I belonged to.
    Recalling his pride as a samurai, he acknowledged Kyoujuro's ability, and although he was defeated by a single combat with a sword, he praised Kyoujuro's sword technique and disappeared satisfactorily.
    In addition, due to the achievements of this battle, Anjuro will be promoted to a new flame pillar to replace Makijuro.
    Ubume / Yae
    A petite female demon wearing a kimono that appeared in the novel "Kaze no Michi Shirube".
    Encountered before Miya became a wind pillarFirst quarter IchiTherefore, he uses blood demon art to show illusion to those who burn incense and smell it.It preys on many children, including those with rare blood.
    By kidnapping children and soldiers who were not blessed with the love of their parents, they manipulated their spirits with incense, played their mothers, raised children with self-satisfaction, weakened them, and then ate the kidnapped humans under the pretext of returning them to their wombs. There is.For those who do not accept their favor, they rant and ruthlessly dispose of them.
    When he was a human, he inherited mansions and antiques from his parents who died early and lived with several servants, but his husband sold his property without permission and was violent, and the servants also escaped. ..Later, her husband was drowned in the river, but this time the devoted care was vacant and her daughter died of illness.
    However, in reality, he is a selfish person who can trample others to be happy with his family, and according to the diary left by his daughter, he poisons his daughter to play "a healthy mother who serves her". I was abusive if I tried to debilitate myself and push myself away, so-called nowProxy Munchausen syndromeI was doing something like that.In addition, it is said from his own mouth that he killed his daughter who tried to escape from himself and her husband who tried to elope with another woman.
    When she encountered Miya and Tadashi who visited the mansion, she found out that she had been abused by her father and tried to make her a new child. Due to the rare blood of Miya, she falls into a state of drunkenness and is cornered.
    However, a girl who was supposed to be her mother breaks into the battle and tries to protect the girl, causing Tadashi to be fatally injured.Immediately after, Miya dropped her head and died with a fake smile on her face.
    In addition, due to the achievements of this battle, Miya will be promoted to a wind pillar, but the death of Tadashi will leave a big scar on his heart.
    Ripped Demon Demon
    Voice- Kentaro Ito
    The name is unknown and is a tentative name.Anime original.A shaved-headed demon with a tattoo on his body.
    Appeared in the first episode of the Infinite Train edition.Confident in his own speed, his tattoos glow blue when demonstrating that speed.
    It was attacking people indiscriminately near the station where the infinite train arrives and departs.Since becoming a demon, he has come to dislike even smelling human food.He encounters Kyojuro at the Mugen Train maintenance yard and takes one of the maintenance staff hostage, but before he can get rid of it, his wrist is dropped and he withdraws.
    At the end, he ran to the station to get revenge for disturbing the murder and attacked Tomi and Fuku, but he was decapitated by Anjuro and disappeared without a second thought.[215].

    Descendants of the demon slaughter corps, modern people

    Sumihiko Kamado
    The main character of the modern edition, the grandson of Sumijiro and Kanawo.Owner of outstanding motor nerves[216][217]..I often oversleep, but with my own motor nerves, I use my own motor nerves to build buildings, etc.ParkourGo to school by the shortest connecting route.He believes in the story of Kanjiro and Kanawo that he heard from his grandmother, and inherits Hinokami Kagura with Kanata, but he does not know the form of swordsmanship in which Hinokami Kagura defeats demons.[218].
    Kamado Kanata
    Sumihiko's older brother.With a calm personality and the nickname of the first love thief[216][217]..I regret not being able to be honest with my deceased grandmother and try to speak honestly about my feelings.Like Sumihiko, it inherits the Hinokami Kagura.[218].
    Yoshiteru My wife
    禰 󠄀 Mameko and the great-grandson of goodness.He admires the novel "Zenyetsuden" written by Zeni, and has a wealth of knowledge related to it.Indiscriminate woman lovers are sick of balls[216][217]..She isn't smart about Toko and wants to know why she's stronger than her two sisters.
    Toko Agatsuma
    Yoshiteru's older sister.Unlike Zensho, he does not believe in the content of his great-grandfather's novel, which was extremely scary.He is angry and strict with Yoshiteru, who has a sloppy personality, but basically he has a handsome personality.[216][217].
    Beak Aoba
    A botanist and great-grandson of Inosuke and Aoi.I was studying blue cluster amaryllis, but it died[216][217]..Taking that responsibility, he became unemployed and began to mourn that he wanted to live alone in the mountains.
    A descendant of Senjuro, a kendo enthusiast who can't hear anything when he is absorbed in training[216][217]..He is on good terms with Sumiko and often recommends joining the Kendo club.
    Yoshikazu Tomioka
    A descendant of Yoshiyuki, an elementary school student[216][217]..He has a kind personality that makes him feel like a friend.I go to a swimming school and am addicted to fox-faced toys.
    Uzui Tenma
    A descendant of Tengen, a gymnast who is very popular with women. She is 20 years old.However, I tightened the reporter's neckRaise your middle fingerEtc., the behavior is not very good.There are 7 brothers and sisters[216][217].
    A descendant of Miya, a police officer[216][217]..He has a bad mouth and is angry.The scar on his face was made when he caught a man wielding a knife with his juniors.
    Ukiyashiki Kiriya
    The last head of the maternity house, who was eight years old at the time of the Battle of Mugenjo.As a result of being released from the short-lived curse that has continued for generations due to the misery, he boasted a longevity that is still alive even after more than 8 years.In the final episode, it was introduced on TV as "Mr. Sanyashiki, who set the oldest record in Japan."[216][217]In addition, he continues to associate with Shiro as a friend.[132].

    Other people

    Rust 󠄀 Rust
    Voice- Kaji Yuki[120][15]
    Performance- Star[16]
    Sumijiro's siblings. I attached a fox face with a big scar on the right cheek[31],ShishikiBoy with hair[25][60].. There is a scar on the bare face at the same position as the fox face[31].. Strict but strong sense of justice, gentle personality[31].. Oiwa Slashing Appeared in front of Minjiro, who had a difficult task, and trained for swords for half a year.[31].. Owner of sword skill that is exquisite and elegant, which is highly acclaimed by Jiro Sumitomo[31].
    Although he encountered a hand demon in the final selection, he was a ghost who trained Sumijiro because his sword was broken without tearing his hard neck and his head was crushed and killed.[25].
    Strongest among 13 successive waterfalls[25].. Introduced to Rikidaki with loneliness[60].. Yoshioka Tomioka is a close friend of the same age group[60]..He sternly scolded Yoshiyuki, who lamented that he had survived because of his sister's eaves, and advised that she would continue to live up to her life.[59].. At the age of 13, he received the final selection with Yoshiyuki and died in the battle with the demon as mentioned above, but he was the only one who died in the selection that year because he had defeated the demon of Mt. rice field[60].. In addition, this past will drop deeply into the heart of loyalty.[60][59].
    Voice- Ai Kakuma[120][15]
    Performance- Arisa Sohara[16]
    Sumijiro's sister and apprentice.A pretty girl with a mysterious atmosphere wearing a floral kimono[31][25]..Rust 󠄀 Rabbit has no blood relationship.A flower is drawn on the right cheek on the fox face[31]..Appeared in front of Sumijiro with Rust 󠄀 Rabbit, and pointed out points for improvement in physical fitness and taught full-concentrated breathing to strengthen physical ability.[31].. As a swordsman, he was quick but small and weak.[25].
    I was fond of Rin waterfall that brought up the orphans[26], Encountered a hand demon in the final selection, and was upset by the fact that he was aiming and killing his seniors with the aspect of extermination from the scale waterfall as a mark, and he was killed[25].
    Voice- Terasoma Saki
    An old man who lives at the foot of Mt. Uncho, where the Kamon family lives.The profession is unknown, but when he first appeared, he was making Japanese umbrellas.He has lived alone since he lost his family, and originally had exchanges with Sumijiro and Mameko.
    He was also the first person to mention the existence of a demon in the story, and at the beginning of the story, he tried to sell charcoal and went back to the night road. It will not be in the hands of.Also, when he talked to Sumijiro about demons, he also talked about the demon slaughter corps, saying, "The demon hunter will kill the demons."
    It seems that he was thinking about the body of Kanjiro and his friends after leaving his house, and at the end of the story, when Kanjiro and Mameko and his friends returned to Untoriyama, they cried with joy. I was greeted while.
    Voice- Mitsuo Iwata
    Sumijiro who came to Asakusa stopped byUdonThe owner of the shop.He offered Yamakake udon to Sumijiro, but he was furious because he couldn't eat the udon when he sniffed the miserable smell.After that, he forced Kanjiro to eat Yamakake Udon, but he was convinced that he had eaten Udon and sent it out.
    Buyer man
    Voice- Horii Chawatari
    A person who was walking with Kanawo in his childhood, who was sold off by his parents after being abused.Meet Kanae Kocho and Shinobu sisters at the bridge on the way to the customer with Kanawo.Although he demanded the price from the two who tried to make a contract for Kanawo, he was scattered by Shinobu, and when he was distracted by it, he was robbed of Kanawo.
    In the drama CD recorded in the 10th volume of the anime DVD, he encountered Kanawo, who had come to the fair with his sisters, and tried to catch him again and sell it, but he was defeated by Kanae who rushed.
    Carp summer
    Voice- Chiwa Saito
    Work at the Tokitoya in Yubara YoshiwaraHua Kui.
    In addition to handing out sweets to Kanjiro who carried his luggage to his room, even if he knew from the beginning that he was a man, he would tolerate the situation and the safety of Suma who had disappeared. A gentle and gentle woman who cares from the bottom of her heart.Because of her personality, she is very much liked by people, and she spoils the girls too much and gets angry at the landlady.RedemptionHe was attacked by a fallen princess who knew it at the point where the destination was decided, and was taken into her obi, but was rescued by Sumijiro.
    Voice- Kikuko Inoue[215]
    Anime original character.Infinite train edition ・ Appeared in the first episode.She is an elderly woman who sells ekiben at stations where infinite trains arrive and depart.She was saved by Maki Juro where she was once attacked by a demon, and when Kyoujuro defeated the demon demon, she remembered Maki Juro from her sword technique and tears. She expressed her gratitude to Anjuro.When she departed the infinite train, she handed her a large number of ekiben while praying for the safety of her boarding Kyoujuro.[215].
    Voice- 水 瀬 い の り[215]
    Anime original character.Infinite train edition ・ Appeared in the first episode.She is Tomi's grandson and a girl who helps sell ekiben.When she first met Kyoujuro, she didn't believe in the demon itself, so she misunderstood him as a suspicious person, but she later saw her being attacked by a demon demon. Saved by Juro[215].

    the term

    Demon Squad related

    Demon Squad (Kisatsutai)
    A non-governmental organization that aims to eradicate demons. The name "Oni Sousakutai" is rarely used by non-members, and it has been consistently used by outsiders regardless of foes or foes since ancient times.Demon huntingIs called[Note 28].
    There are hundreds of members.The swordfighterTohoThe rank of (from the instep to the 癸) is assigned, and there is also a master called "Master of the Mansion" and an executive-class soldier called "Pillar".[Note 29].
    Although he has acquired superhuman skills through training, he is hurt and painful because he is a living human being.
    After being trained by "nurturing hands" scattered all over the country, enlistment is admitted if they pass the "final selection" held at Mt. Fujisatsu.
    Members are provided with a "sun sword" and clothing, and take on duties according to the messenger of "Kasugai Crow" who speaks human language.[Note 30].
    The corps clothes are Western-style, and the word "destruction" is written on the back.Made of special fibers, it is much stronger than regular clothing.Many of the soldiers wear their own haori over their clothes, and it seems that there are no strict regulations.On the other hand, the act of overlooking a demon, such as "obstructing demon killing," is a serious violation of the corps rules.Decapitation by corps and seppuku to show responsibility are performed.
    Since it is not officially recognized by the government, it causes inconveniences such as not being able to wear a sword openly in the city.There are also female soldiers, but the percentage is low.
    After defeating the ultimate goal of Oni Maitsuji Miserable, the curtain was closed on a thousand years of history with the extinction of human-eating demons.
    Ubuyashiki House
    A clan that controls the demon slaughter corps.The successive owners are the highest commanders of the demon slaughter corps (master of the mansion), and they have longed for a miserable subjugation.The location of the maternity residence is kept secret even within the squad, so it cannot be reached without the guidance of "hidden".[219].
    Perhaps because of his ancestors, he has been carrying a curse for over a thousand years.In the past, the clan was about to die from the early death of the curse, but after the priest's advice, he founded a demon slaughter corps and began to welcome his wife from the priesthood, but he escaped the crisis, but since then he has been under 30 years old Died in.Due to his illness, a boy in a maternity house is raised as a girl until the age of 13 as a talisman.But,Eldest son inheritanceTherefore, if you are 13 years or younger and become the main person, you will be dressed in full. The 97th generation owner is Yoya Ushiyashiki. The 98th generation owner is Teruya Ushiyashiki, the eldest son of Youya.
    The curse of the clan is lifted by defeating Onimai Tsuji Miserable[Note 31].
    Breathing method
    A general term for the art of martial arts worn by the demon squadron to defeat demons.
    By significantly increasing cardiorespiratory activity, a large amount of oxygen is taken into the blood at once, thereby instantaneously and significantly increasing physical ability, and delivering a sword more than equal to the demon.[220]. this"Total focus breathing", And use it for sword skills to hunt demons.
    The founder was "Breathing of the Sun", from which the basic five schools of "water", "thunder", "flame", "rock", and "wind" were derived. We are developing.From the color of the sun sword, you can guess to some extent which system's characteristics match.It has been handed down to the present day, and is dedicated as a dance once a year at a shrine managed by the maternity house.
    In addition, there are technologies such as "Jyochu", a technology that normalizes and continues to breathe in full concentration, and "Hampukudosa", which strengthens the body and mind.
    The skill of a swordsman with a high level of proficiency is explained by the effects becoming visible (invisible when breathing is thin)[144]).
    Breath of the day (Hinokokyu)
    The beginning breath[220]..All breaths are derived from here.In other words, other breathing techniques are just variants that mimic this.[Note 32]..The learners are Jikuni Enichi, Sekijuro Kamon, and Jiro Sumi. It has 13 types, but unlike other breathing methods, the types are numbered only for the pick-up types described below.[221][222]..There is no technical name for this pick-up type, and it refers to the movement itself that continuously connects the 12 types from circle dance to flame dance, which were devised to nail the misery to the sun until dawn.The color of the sun sword is black.
    It was the beginning of other breathing methods that was once used only by the successor country Ichi, and since no one else could master the breathing of the day, it was told while arranging according to the characteristics.
    Possessed by MinjiroHanafuda-style earrings with sunflowersIs a proof of the successor, and it is said that a talented user has a red bruise on his forehead by nature. The bruise is a fake or overwritten and invisible.However, later, it changed to a fiery red bruise in the battle with the fallen princess and the prostitute Taro.
    Hinokami Kagura
    It is a Shinto ritual that has been passed down from generation to generation, and is dedicated to the ancestors and the god of Sumigama on New Year's Day.Seven swordsIt is a harsh ritual that continues to dance Kagura from the sunset of the New Year to the dawn of the next morning, and is a life-threatening Shinto ritual that may shorten the lifespan.
    The true identity of Sumiyoshi, who was once shown the breathing pattern of the day from Enichi during the Warring States period, was exceptionally passed on to the Kamon family under the promise he made with Enichi to "pass on to posterity" and quietly. It was the breath of the day that was inherited.The breathing method is related to the "breathing of the sun" and there is even a type of picking up, but only the type is inherited by the Kagura family, and the Kagura dance that the Kagura family has performed for generations will be visited eventually. In the decisive battle with misery, it turns out that it was a battle training to connect to the "thirteenth type" and restrain the misery that can not be killed even if the neck is cut off to the ground until sunrise.When Sumijiro uses it for sword technique with full concentration breathing, it exerts more power than water breathing, but the reaction was too strong and the body could not keep up at first, but in the battle in the playground, water breathing was adjusted. Originally devised a compound breathing method[223]..It is speculated that Sumikichi was named after the sword type of Enichi because it looks like a spirit dance.
    It has been passed down to the present day, and both Kanata and Sumihiko dance at a shrine managed by the Sanyashiki family once a year.
    Moon breath (Tsukinokokyu)
    A direct derivative of "Breathing of the Sun".The master is Ikatsu Iwakatsu (Black Death).It has 16 types, which is the largest number among breathing methods.The color of the sun sword is purple.It is difficult to avoid because it shoots a blade with an irregular crescent-shaped trajectory with a single swing.
    Breathing of water (mizunokokyu)
    One of the basic breathing methods[224]..The masters in the work are Tanjiro Kamado, Yoshiyuki Tomioka, and Sakonji Urokodaki.There are 10 basic types.The color of the sun sword is blue.Like water that can change its shape freely depending on the container, it hunts the demon's neck with techniques that correspond to all situations, such as using the opponent's attack and making a mess.In addition, the variation of techniques will increase by applying and combining basic types. The eleventh type "Nagi" is Yoshiyuki's original technique.
    Of the five basic breathing methods, there are many techniques that follow the basics. Most acquired[144].
    Snake Breathing
    Derivation of "water breathing"[224]..The master (founder) is Obanai Iguro.The color of the sun sword is bluish purple.There are 6 basic types.It features a swelling blow that can be transformed with an accurate sword muscle that can slip through narrow gaps that take advantage of the softness of the joints.
    Flower breath (Hanakokyu)
    Derivation of "water breathing"[224]..The masters in the work are Kurihana Ochi Kanawo and Kocho Kanae.There are 6 basic types.The color of the sun sword is cherry blossom.Since high physical ability is required and there are many continuous techniques, it is important to train the breathing method.
    Breeding of Mushi
    Derivation of "Flower Breath"[224]..The master (founder) is Shinobu Kocho.There are 6 basic types.The color of the sunflower sword is mauve.It is the only breathing method that does not have a slashing technique to slash the demon's neck, and is characterized by an exceptional attack method in which wisteria poison, which is harmful to the demon, is injected by making full use of the piercing technique.Since all the techniques are piercing techniques, quick physical handling is required.Also, the name of the technique is not "type" like other breathing methods, but "mai".
    Breathing of flames
    One of the basic breathing methods[224]..The masters in the work are Purgatory Anjuro and Purgatory Makijuro.There are nine basic types.The color of the sun sword is red.There are many fierce rushing techniques such as fiery fire, and the stepping on the lower body like traditional swordsmanship also jumps up the running train. It is strictly forbidden to call it "fire breathing" because it leads to "day breathing".Among the basic five schools, it seems that it is closely related to the breathing of the sun, and the material was handed down to the purgatory family.
    Breath of love (Koi no Kokyu)
    Derivation of "breath of flame"[224]..The master (founder) is Kanroji Mitsuri.There are 6 basic types.The color of the sun sword is pink.Focusing on sound and flexibility, we made full use of its flexibility, wide range of motion of joints, and our own thin and soft sun sword.Rhythmic gymnasticsIt features a high attack speed reminiscent of.
    Breathing of the wind
    One of the basic breathing methods[224]..The master of the work is Miya Immortal River.There are nine basic types.The color of the sun sword is green.It is an aggressive breathing method characterized by a fierce continuous attack and a nimble body, and it also requires a flexible core that takes on a quick swing and endurance that can withstand the continuous attack.In addition, the water and flames visualized by other breathing methods are only effects, but in the case of wind breathing, a sword-shaped gust is actually generated by swinging the sword.
    Breath of haze (Kasumi no Kokyu)
    Derivation of "breathing method of wind"[224]..The master in the work is Muichiro Tokito.The color of the sun sword is white.There are 6 basic types. The seventh type, "Oboro," is Muichiro's original technique.It is characterized by high-speed movement that makes use of accurate and unrivaled foot handling that is always conscious of muscle relaxation and tension to play with the enemy.
    Beast breath (Kedamono no Kokyu)
    The master is Inosuke Beak.The color of the sunflower sword is indigo[54]..There are 10 basic types.Inosuke himself learned the breathing method in his own way, and although simple slashing and thrusting are conspicuous, he boasts a very high attack power due to his high physical ability and strengthening by full-concentration breathing.Inosuke calls the attack technique "Fang" and the others "Kata".Inosuke's own style, but it's close to "breathing the wind"[224].
    Breathing of lightning
    One of the basic breathing methods[224]..The masters in the work are Zenitsu Agatsuma, Odake, and Jigoro Kuwashima.There are 6 basic types.The color of the sun sword is yellow.It is an aggressive breathing method with many techniques that emphasize speed, and it is said that it will move like a lightning bolt by being aware of the muscle fibers of the legs and even one blood vessel.In addition, there is no active pillar among the five basic breathing methods.
    Sound breathing
    Derivation of "breathing of thunder"[224]..The master (founder) is Umeda Tengen.There are 6 basic types.There are many techniques that combine physical and swordsmanship, and high athletic ability based on basic physical strength such as running ability and jumping ability is required.In addition, every time a slash is hit, a roaring sound is heard because a gunpowder ball that ignites with the slight friction is used together.The color of the sun sword is orange.
    Breathing of rocks
    One of the basic breathing methods[224]..The master in the work is Screaming Islet.There are 6 basic types.The color of the sun sword is gray.It is an offensive and defensive integrated breathing method that utilizes high muscle strength, and it is important to improve muscle strength or to bring out explosive power by combining correct breathing and repetitive movements.In addition, there is no derived breathing method among the five basic breathing methods.
    It is a mark that shows that the demon swordfighter can compete with the demon of the first string, and when it appears, the fighting power will increase to the limit.
    OnceSengoku period, The swordfighters who hunted down the misery to the next step all resembled the pattern of a demon.moleWas appearing[126].
    It first manifests when Sanjiro engages with the upper-class Lu and Taro Taro[225]..At that time, the cause was not clarified, but in the battle at the swordsmith's village, he became a "bruises person (bruises person)", and when he defeated the bruises of the first string, he was acquired by satisfying the conditions. Turns out to be[170][126].. The shape of the bruise varies depending on the breath.
    The requirements for manifestation of bruise, which has become clear, are "body temperature above 39°C" and "heart rate above 200".[37]..However, not only is the body intolerant of such a condition, but the onset of bruises is a "pre-borrowing of life", so those who fight in this condition will be short-lived without exception and will survive over the age of 25. Cases of this are rare.In addition, there are some who are born with bruises, such as Kamado Shrine and Kamado Shrine.
    The highest rank of demon swordsmen[27]..It is the main force among the hundreds of members of the demon slaughter corps, and has 9 seats.Literally the name of the pillar that "supports the corps"[27]..The strongest person takes the position, not the hereditary system.Currently in the Taisho era, nine swordfighters of the "water", "mushi", "flame", "sound", "rock", "love", "haze", "snake", and "wind" are the pillars, and "◯ pillar" according to each school. Is awarded the rank[27](There are some exceptions. Thunder pillars, etc.).
    Members with less than pillars have a very high mortality rate, and paradoxically, pillar swordfighters are powerful people who do not die even if they fight demons.It is strong enough to overwhelm even the demon of the first quarter of the twelve demon moon.Even so, the mission is so harsh that it is rare that the face does not change at each Hashira meeting, and no pillar has defeated the demon of the first string for more than 100 years.
    The pillar swordfighter's Nichirin sword is specially engraved with the four characters "Killing the Demon" on the blade edge.When you become a pillar, you are given the right to choose and raise a stepchild, the right to get a large salary and a mansion, the right to have an audience with the master of the mansion, and the right (duty) to participate in the Hashira meeting.The conditions for promotion to a pillar are that there is a vacancy in 9 slots, and that you have achieved "subjugation of the 50 demon moon" or "subjugation of XNUMX demons" in the rank instep, and in addition, it is recognized as suitable for a pillar.Many people have too much personality, and are terribly feared by general members and "hidden" units.
    Step child
    A direct disciple of an active pillar.The next pillar candidate, but not limited to class or class.The stepchild of Shinobu Kocho is Kanawo Kurihana.The stepchild of Purgatory Anjuro was Kanroji Mitsuri.
    Oni Evil Swordsman
    Tentative name.A person who can temporarily use the power of a demon by taking in the blood and flesh of a demon.Gain stiff arms and regenerative ability.The users are extremely rare, and only two people, Genya Shinazugawa and the swordfighter who existed more than 300 years ago, have been confirmed by the Taisho era. It is called "Swordfighter who eats demons"[226]..The closer the demon you eat is to the miserable, the more susceptible it is to demonization, and you may learn blood demon art.
    Non-combatant corps of the demon slaughter corps."Hidden" was written on the backKurokoWear special clothing such as, and wear a black hood.
    Specializes in post-processing and logistical support.A person who is inferior in the quality of the sword takes charge.Like the swordfighter, there is a class.
    The name of the person who literally raises a swordfighter.There are various growers in various places, and each method is used to raise a swordfighter.The pillar of the active role works as a nurturer for the stepchild mentioned above, but basically it seems that a person who has retired from the demon swordfighter will take office.Sakonji Urokodaki and Jigoro Kuwashima are considered to be rare and former pillar growers.
    Final selection
    The final exam to become a demon swordfighter.To be correct, it is called "Demon Killing Corps Final Selection" and is held several times a year at Fujikasaneyama.There are demons caught alive in the mountains, and if you survive for 7 days here, you will be qualified as a swordfighter.[Note 33]..The magnification (survivor / participant) at the time of Kanjiro was 5/28, but it is still said to be higher than usual.
    It is said that there are only "weak demons" in the mountains that eat only a few people, but in reality, there are some non-standard strong demons called hand demons.
    Wisteria house
    Facilities supporting the demon slaughter team are scattered all over the place. Wisteria flowersCrestIs used as a landmark.It is run by a clan whose lives have been saved by the demon slaughter corps, and if it is a demon slaughter corps member, it will give a place of rest free of charge, arrange doctors for the treatment of injuries, as well as supplies necessary for the operation.[Note 34]..It first appeared in episode 27 in the film.
    Blood collector (Saiketsuki)
    An instrument for collecting demon blood developed by Shiro.There is an inflow path in the center of the double-edged dagger-shaped blade, and in the center there is a space that can be seen as a defoaming ball.It has the function of automatically sucking blood when it is stabbed in an object and storing it in the handle.
    Every time Kanjiro defeated the demon, the data of the demon was sent to the world, and it was very useful for the generation of poison that eventually annihilated the demon Maitsuji misery.
    The main equipment of the demon swordfighter.Made from special stones that store sunlight, such as Shojo Hisatetsu and Shojo Hikouseki, which are collected from Mt. Sunshine.Jade steelMore swords are made.For a pure combat swordBladeIs a "straight blade (immediately)".It is a weapon that kills an immortal demon by dropping its neck.Demon Blade] Is a metaphor for this sword.The specific weapons vary depending on the swordsmith and swordsmith, but they are all sunflower swords.
    The color changes depending on the suitability of the owner's breathing, and the characteristics of the sword change, so it is called a "color-changing sword."The color of the sword does not change even if it is handed by a person without a talent for breathing.
    It is said that a black sun sword like Kanjiro is a swordfighter who cannot advance because the appropriateness of the breathing method is unknown and the details are unknown.This black sword is the proof of the breathing aptitude of the day.He was hunted carefully because he was wary of misery, and the breath of the day was lost in the demon slaughter corps, so even if there was a person with a suitable black sword, he could not learn the sword technique of the day. ..
    Combat sword
    A sun sword that can hinder the demon's ability to regenerate.Originally, the color of the sunflower sword differs depending on the user, but in this state, the blade of any sunflower sword turns red.Initially, it was thought to occur only to those who use the breath of the sun, but in reality, those who have bruises apply some physical pressure such as a vise grip strength or a sword collision between bruises. Express.In the Warring States period, the only person who was a successor was Ichi, but in the Taisho era, Tanjiro Kamado and Muichiro Tokito, Obanai Iguro, Screaming Minoru, Yoshiyuki Tomioka, and Immortal River It is expressed by Miya.
    Among them, the sword of Enichi is exceptional, and it not only hinders the regenerative ability of the terrible, but also continues to burn the terrible cells like sunlight for hundreds of years.

    Demon related

    Oni-Matsuji 󠄀 An existence whose ancestor is miserable and whose staple food is people.
    When the demon Maitsuji 󠄀 miserable blood enters the human body, it transforms into a human-eating demon.When starved, it becomes even more ferocious and even eats and kills relatives.Normally, it is said that the memory of human beings becomes ambiguous and the instinct is exposed, but those who have vivid memories of human beings such as Shiro Shiro, Kuroshitsumu, Doma, and Odake. Also exists.Unlike unknown life forms, he speaks human language because he was originally a human being, and if he is not starved, he can exchange words normally.Not only does it have tremendous physical ability, but it also has an unusually strong vitality, and it regenerates in a hurry, not to mention the wounds that would be fatal to humans, even if the neck and limbs are bald.[Note 35]Don't get sick, and don't even die old[Note 36]..The fatal weaknesses are Nikko and the sun sword.When exposed to direct sunlight or the neck is cut with a sun sword, it collapses into dust and disappears.At that time, the lost memory and reason are often regained.
    It has the nature of cannibalism and basically does not swarm (exceptions such as cumulative). Cannibalism is a deliberately given habit and is a measure to prevent a revolt in a group.
    There is a habit of hating wisteria flowers.Even a fairly strong demon cannot get out of the wisteria barrier.Like Shinobu, the demon slaughter corps has a swordfighter who uses poison extracted from wisteria flowers.
    Basically, the more people eat a demon, the stronger it becomes, and the more you can demonstrate the extraordinary ability of "blood demon art".In addition, it transforms the shape of the body and becomes a strange appearance.There is a difference in the growth margin depending on the qualities of each demon, and when the upper limit is reached, it becomes difficult for the body to accept human eating.
    Miserable is cursing the demons, and when the demon speaks his name, it activates and seals his mouth.
    Shiro Shiro is the only demon that doesn't eat people.Tamashii and Mameko suppress the instinct of the cannibal with a strong will, but the danger still remains.Also, the only demons who have overcome the sun are Nezuko Kamado and Kanjiro.
    When demons were humans, many of them had deep darkness in their hearts due to unspeakable misfortunes such as poverty, illness, and unreasonable murder of loved ones. Those who cursed their destiny, calling them salvation, chose to become demons with the desire to escape from hell.Born and raised in a wealthy samurai family like Ikatsu Iwakatsu (later the Black Death), there are only a minority of people who have become demons just to seek strength from the tube while having a healthy spirit.
    The "demon" in this work follows the settings of the so-called "demon extermination" and "vampire extermination", and is set to "weakness of the sun" and "blood infection only from misery".
    Twelve Kizuki
    Oni Mai Tsuji 󠄀 Twelve demons who report directly to the miserable.With twelve executive frames made by misery during the Edo periodTsuzukiA name likened to.The ability is much higher than other demons, and the proof of the twelve demon moon is called "number".
    Divided into 6 "first strings" and 6 "lower strings", each ranked by "6 ​​numbers from Ichi to Land"[Note 37].. "First string Ichi" is the strongest, and "Lower string land" is the weakest.The demon of the lower string is engraved with two Chinese characters only in the left pupil (example: landing / lower)[Note 38], The demon of the first string has the letters "first string" engraved on one eye and the "number" engraved on the other eye.In addition, it is commonly known as "Twelve Demon Month".Blood battleThere is a system called ", and by proving strength, the rank changes and you can get a higher rank.[Note 39].
    The first string has a strong blood flow all over the body, and by letting the blood drink, it has the same ability to generate demons, and the demons of the first string make it a demon at their own discretion.However, because he has a strong blood of misery, he remembers when he was cornered by the successor country Ichi when he was on the verge of defeat.FlashbackResulting in.
    There is a considerable difference in ability between the first and second strings during the production period.The six first-strings haven't changed their faces for more than 6 years, and even the fallen princess in the last seat has killed seven pillars.On the other hand, the lower strings may be defeated by the demon slaughter corps, or the numbers may be stripped because it is judged that growth cannot be expected miserably, so the replacement is intense.Since the defeat of Tsutomu, the existence of the "lower string" is finally limited, and it is purged miserably.The last lower string, Yume, was also defeated by the battle of Sumijiro and others, and the "lower string" was destroyed.
    In the Yukaku edition, Umeda Tengen and others defeated the land of the first string, but it was the first time in 113 years that the first string was defeated.
    Blood art (Kekkojutsu)
    Apart from the immortality and superhuman strength of demons, the so-called "different abilities" that appear in each individual.Just as the demon swordfighter emits "○○ breathing type," technique name "" when performing a technique, demons also use "blood demon technique," technique name "" when activating blood demon technique. To say.Multiple abilities may be manifested, and abilities can be shared with other demons through blood.There are various blood demons, mainly those that physically attack and destroy enemies and those that make defense walls appear to protect themselves, but those that lead to self-destruction by mental attacks and those that decompose poison in an instant There are things that go beyond human knowledge, such as going back and forth between different dimensional spaces and manipulating the space itself.It seems that these are deeply related to the deep consciousness of the demons, strongly reflecting the regrets and commitments of human beings.
    Blue cluster amaryllis
    A mysterious thing that misery makes the first strings search.It is said that the demon who drank this will not die even in the sun.The importance of the mission is also regarded as an important matter along with the annihilation of the demon slaughter corps and the search for the house of the maternity house.It was included in the medicine prescribed by the doctor miserably when he was still a human being in the Heian period, and it is uncertain whether it is a literal "blue cluster amaryllis" or something metaphorical. Existence.
    According to the second fan book, Sumijiro was the only brother among his brothers to see a blue cluster amaryllis at a place known to his mother, Aoe, and it was a little among the magic lanterns I saw in the war. He said he remembered it.In addition, the place was the place where the wife of Enichi, Uta, was buried.Regarding ecology, depending on the conditions such as climate, it may not even bloom once a year, and even if the flower blooms, the moment it blooms is the daytime when the demons cannot act, and it takes only a few minutes to tens of minutes. It closes with, and when it is closed, it looks like only a large horsetail, and there is a reason why it could not be found even after more than 2 years of misery.In addition, Aoba, a descendant of Inosuke, died, the seeds did not grow, and the things that remained in the mountain were also withered, probably because the nearby things were collected, and it is said that they became extinct. Are[227].
    Rare blood
    Literally, the owner of rare blood.Rare blood is a treat for demons, and it is said that one person with rare blood can get the same high nutrition as eating dozens of ordinary people.Hibiki was unable to eat humans, so his power was sluggish, and he was planning to power up by preying on rare blood.
    At the moment, Qing and Immortal River Miya have been confirmed.Both of them have siblings, but only they are considered to be rare blood, and it is due to their mutational constitution, not their bloodline.The effect of that blood varies from person to person, and some, like Miya, have rare blood that makes demons drunk.
    Demon King
    A new demon born by pouring all of his power to lose to the demon slaughter corps and the misery that is about to disappear and his desire to "destroy the demon hunt" into Kanjiro[228]..The regenerative ability peculiar to the demon inherits some of the miserable abilities such as the tube that grows from the back and the shock wave generated from the mouth.[229].
    Overcoming the demon's weakness, the sunlight, in a short amount of time, it becomes the "perfect life form" that the miserables once aimed for, and attacks the demon slaughter corps that has exhausted almost all of its strength in the battle with the miserable. , A medicine that returns a small amount of the remaining ego of Kanjiro and the demon that Kanawo has driven to humans, and disappeared when Kanjiro returned to sanity by the voices of many friends.[230].


    Destructive Blade Happy Flower
    A novel version by Aya Yajima.Publication isJump jay booksReleased on February 2019, 2. The settings, names of people, etc., which were not released in the original work, are revealed.
    Destruction Blade One Butterfly
    The second novel version by Aya Yajima. Published by Jump Jay Books on October 2, 2019.
    Devil's blade Wind guidepost
    The second novel version by Aya Yajima. Published by Jump Jay Books on October 3, 2020.
    Kimetsu no Aima!
    The authorRyoji Hirano.Boy jump +Was serialized on the web from April 2019th to September 4th, 7. All 9 episodes. Full color 28 page, 26 frames & 1 vertical frame, double head deformed gag format. It is a project linked with TV animation, and it is in the form of being updated with the contents related to the story at 4:1 on Sunday after broadcasting at 23:30 on Saturday.
    Yoshioka Tomioka Gaiden
    The author is Ryoji Hirano. Published in Weekly Shonen Jump's 2019th and 18th issue of 19. 45 pages of the first part and 31 pages of the second part.
    Purgatory Anjuro Gaiden
    The author is Ryoji Hirano.Published in Weekly Shonen Jump 2020 Nos. 45 and 46[1].
    Kimetsu Gakuen![231]
    Natsuki HogamiCartoon version by.Strongest jumpIt has been serialized since the September 2021 issue.


    As a background of popularity, Naoshi Kazuto became a simple drawing in order to give a sense of movement in animation.[13]As for the setting, the confrontation relationship between the demon and the devil squad is simple and easy to enter, and the devil squad divided into multiple corps can make various settings depending on the relationship between the pillar and the members such as friendship, rival, senior junior What you can do isSaint Seiya] OrTakarazuka RevueIt is also a system common to all, and it is mentioned that the shortage of books after the fall of 2019 became a hot topic and spread on the Internet.[232].

    Unlike his lover, Hiroshi Morishita can support Sumijiro and Mameko with peace of mind.Yu Yu White Paper"ofTobikageAnd "The man is painful] As an example, the relationship with my sister is a royal road motif throughout the postwar period.In the jump, "Rurouni Kenshin -Meiji Kenkaku Romantan-And 'GintamaThere is a certain popularity for Japanese-style action like "Yes kara passesAnd 'Sakura warsUnlike, the poverty and miserable past of both the enemy and the ally are carefully portrayed, and while showing understanding to those who chose the path as a demon, the soundness of pointing out as evil, the sense of security that the hero does not shake, the present age It is drawn so that readers can easily embrace emotions, and it is said that it is connected to inheriting the coolness of the past and creating the latest violent expression as a royal road fantasy that seems to be a jump.[233].

    Hot linkIn a data survey on Twitter, after the end of the 1st season of the animation, we caught the heart of both the light layer and the core layer by developing related information such as stage version ticket information, spinoff, art book, gift planning to promote subscription of Shonen Jump + Was analyzed[234].

    In March 2017, a person who claims to be the main character of this work, “Kamijiro Kamon”, delivered sweets and green tea beverages to Toyota City Hall in Aichi Prefecture as a donation to a nursing home.[235].

    Among celebrities and celebrities, Kimetsu no Yaiba characterCosplay InstagramSuch asSocial MediaHas been uploaded to and is gathering a lot of attention[236].

    国会Also on November 2020, 11House of RepresentativesBudget Committeeso,Kenji EdaTo the questionPrime minister-Yoshii KanSaid, "I will answer with'total concentration of breathing'."[237]..Also at the committee on November 11thKiyomi TsujimotoIs a miserable line[238]Criticized the administration's stance[239].

    2020 year 11 month,Hong Kong policeIs a police mascot character dressed as SumijiroFacebookMainly for what was introduced aboveHong KongCitizens criticized "police infringing copyright"[240].

    Since it was published in Weekly Shonen Jump, the reader base is wide, and there are some who are negative to this work and its fans.For example, it is reported that the author, Gotouge, is a woman.[241][Note 40]"Disillusioned" and "disappointed" were raised.[242]..Such "light mouth" is "female disdain" and "Miss GenieIt has been pointed out that "" may have been expressed by SNS.[242]Especially a long time ago, there were people who refused because the author was just a woman, so there were many female cartoonists who used their pen names as male names.[243]..In addition, some argue that there is an act that imposes an appreciation of this work and an atmosphere that is difficult to criticize, and it is said that the word "Kimehara" is abbreviated as "'Kimetsu no Yaiba' harassment".[244].

    Evaluation of experts

    Suzuki OsamuSaid that the tempo was faster than the past jump works, and reading how the demon did so in each situation gave a tremendous feeling to the villain.[245].

    Nikkei Entertainment!Although it is serious, it also has a comical character, and it seems that Gotouge's unique word selection and dialogue rotation are established in an exquisite balance, creating an overwhelming after-reading feeling and a desire to know the continuation quickly.[246].

    Kazushi Shimada, while taking advantage of the friendship effort victory, is not thinking about the next issue with a strong pull every time as much as possible for the sales of the magazine, but when reading it in a book, he is greatly moved and surprised. I pointed out the possibility that the direction of the jump is to make a generous name that is foreshadowed to give.[247].

    Ryo KoaraiInstead of winning the friendship effort, there is a solid relief of humanity, the humanity that is connected by the edge, the solidity that works hard because the special training is not superhuman but the eldest son, and the relief of the demon that suffers from defeating the demon, rather than a boy's mangaMorning doraIt is assumed that there is an element that is easily accepted not only by anime fans but also by men and women of all ages.

    Tsuyoshi ItoAlthough recent battle comics have complicated battle rules and wisdom, this work is simple and easy for children to understand, but it is also a work that does not seem to be a jump.Character design and colors have been criticized as being creepy on both sides and once criticized as vulgar, but that is not the case.The uniqueness and different contents of the design are "Attack on Titan』, but there is something that is easy to explain, such as a sense of obstruction, but this work can not be explained well, and the selfless kindness of Sumijiro to the demon seems to have expressed social friction until now. Feels more than ideology beyond the criticism of[248]..In addition, Ito has many cruel depictions, but the criticism is not so great because the good boys of Sumijiro and others add clarity to the whole, and even if you defeat the demon after a fierce battle, you can hold your hand or hold your hand. Taking the scene of attaching a Temari, which was a weapon, to a corpse as an example, it is assumed that people and demons are in close contact with each other.[249].

    Hideo ShinadaThe characteristic of the work that is close to the circumstances of the evil side is the formerVietnam WarAnti-war activity againstAmerican new cinemaThe protagonist's way of living has a sympathy,Cultural RevolutionIs a phenomenon that occurred mainly in young people, and it was justified that it was justified to face authority and system.Lone Wolf and Cub』The family was killedSwordIs the only surviving son,DaigoroAccompanied by, he is active as a swordsman, and through the story that he accepts without denying that there is a place to see even evil, this work appears around the era, and in the present age, it is a recoil that tends to feel obstruction and stress I think it is psychologically inevitable[250].

    From the perspective of manga and anime production, Ken Takano of the Weekly Shonen Jump editorial department, who was in charge of editing this work from October 2016 to March 10, has become a fan of many people because of the animation, Gotouge. Emphasis is placed on the analysis of questionnaires in order to cherish the readers, and Gotouge's honest personality is related to the hard development, and the strength of the demon that humans can not always win in order to draw a realistic battle By doing so, the world view is trying to depict the exchange of life realistically, the lines that are memorable, the rhythm is good, and the usage of repetition and inversion method is attractive, and the "power of words" common to "ONE PIECE" I think there is[251].

    Yusuke Asai, another editor in charge, also said that it is a big attraction to be drawn in by seeing the hard work of real bargaining, getting energized and cheering, spilling tears and various emotions.[246].

    Jump editorHiroyuki NakanoSaid that in the last 10 years, the hit of this work was not special and suddenly became interesting, but it was finally transmitted through animation, and in the current jump where the main character's side is big, it is a little that the enemy of demons is carefully described. There must have been a voice that it was off and wanted to see more depictions of the hero at the beginning, but I feel that it was stabbed as a strong point.[252].

    Anime version producerYuma TakahashiAnalyzed that it is a jumping royal road work of friendship effort victory, not just mere poetic justice, but a sad past for the characters' enemies and allies, and the character modeling is deep.[233].


    Decide on popular words on the webDwango-PixivIn 2019Net buzz 100, Many words about this work were nominated.pixivAmong the tags attached to the works posted in, "Kimetsu no Yaiba" was selected for the pixiv award, which selects the most words compared to 2018, and "Gatsuma Zeni" was also selected for the top 20 word award. (2nd place), "Kimetsu no Yaiba" (4th place), "Tanjiro Kamado" (8th place), "Pillar (Kimetsu no Yaiba)" (9th place), "Twelve Demon Moon" (13th place) , "Kocho Shinobu" (17th place) ranked in[253].. In 2020 as well, 100 out of 19 nominated words were related to this work, and "Kimaitsuji 󠄀 Miserable" won the annual grand prize.In addition, the top 20 word awards include "Purgatory Anjuro" (3rd place), "King of Demon" (4th place), "Mameko" (9th place), and "Successor Country Ichi" (11th place). , "First-string demon" (14th) ranked in[254].

    2020 announced on December 12, 1Yu Can New and Buzzword Award"Kimetsu no Yaiba" was selected as one of the top 10[255]..Announced on the same dayGadget communicationbyNet buzzword awardIn 2020, "Kimetsu no Yaiba" won the gold medal, and in the anime buzzword award 2020, the gold medal "◯◯ breathing", the silver medal "total concentration", and the bronze medal "Purgatory-san 200 billion men" Ward was swept over[256]..Announced on December 12th of the same yearYahoo! JAPANIn the "Yahoo! Search Awards 2020", "Kimetsu no Yaiba" is in the anime category, "Theatrical version" Kimetsu no Yaiba "Infinite Train Edition" is in the movie category, and "Natsuki Hanae", who plays the main character, Tanjiro Kamado, is in the voice actor category. Was elected. "Kimetsu no Yaiba" has been awarded for the second consecutive year following 2019, and the number of searches has exceeded the previous year.[257].

    2021th in 50Japan Cartoonists Association AwardWon the grand prize in the comic category[258].

    About the swordfighter who appeared in the Nada Mt.Dice steak seniorBecame a hot topic with the name[259], October 2020, 10, September 17, 2021Fuji Television Network, IncWhen the special edition version of Mt. Natagumo was broadcast on the system, it was at the top of the trend on Twitter.[155]..Also, in the popular character vote, in the first vote, it was 1th with 10 votes.[154], In the second vote, collected 2 votes and ranked 223th[259]..Also on December 2020, 12DwangoPixivAnnounced "Net buzz 100 "Senior Dice Steak" ranked 2020th in "13"[260].



    The cumulative circulation of manga books exceeded 2019 million as of the 3th volume in March 14 before the anime broadcast, but as of the 450th volume on September 9, 29 immediately after the end of the anime broadcast. Over 16 million copies, cumulative circulation increased by 1200 million during the anime broadcasting period[261][262][263].

    As of October 1, about one month after the end of the broadcast, the cumulative circulation exceeded 10 million, and the cumulative circulation increased by 23 million in about one month.[264]..About a month later, on November 1, the cumulative circulation exceeded 11 million, and Volume 27 recorded the first edition of the series, 2500 million.[265].. As of December 12, sales of all 23 volumes already published exceeded 18 million copies, and sales increased in a short period of time due to the synergistic effect of TV animation.[266].. 『OriconIn the yearly comic ranking 2019, the number of sales in the period was 1205.8 million, and the first TOP 10 in the series was ranked first for the first time.[267].. In the weekly Oricon ranking dated February 2020, 2, this work has achieved the first record in history that monopolizes 10st to 1th place.[268].

    The 2020th volume released in May 5 was the first edition with 20 million copies, and at that time the cumulative circulation exceeded 280 million copies.[269].. Also,"OriconIn "Annual Comic Ranking 2019", sales during the period recorded 1205.8 copies and became the first place.[267]In the 2019 Shueisha Book Ranking, sales during the period recorded 1270 million copies.ONE-PIECE』Was number one, and this work, which recorded 1 million copies, was number two[270]..In the following Volume 21, the first edition was published with 300 million copies, and the cumulative circulation exceeded 8000 million.[271]..In Volume 22, the first edition printed 370 million copies, which increased the cumulative circulation.1 millionIt was decided to break through the base of[272]..It has been decided that the first edition of Volume 23, the final volume, will have a circulation of 395 million, and the cumulative circulation of the series will be XNUMX million.1 million copies (including electronic version)Break through[273]..Furthermore, in February 2021, the cumulative circulation of the series will increase.1 million copies (including electronic version)Has achieved an increase of 2 million copies in about two months since the final volume was released.[274].


    The novels "Flower of Happiness" and "Kataha no Butterflies" have been reprinted on February 2020, 2, and the cumulative circulation has reached 19 million, surpassing 116 million, the fastest in the history of the label.[275].. The reason why it is popular is that stories that are not drawn in this volume can be read with illustrations by Ao Toge.[275].. As of July 2020, the cumulative circulation of the novel series has exceeded 7 million.[276]..In addition, as of June 2021, the cumulative circulation of the series of "Kimetsu no Yaiba Novelize" (Shueisha Mirai Bunko) has exceeded 11 million.[277].


    The cumulative circulation of the "Kimetsu no Yaiba Paint Book" series has exceeded 2021 million as of October 10.[278].


    FansElementary and junior high school studentsThere are many men and women[246]Women in their teens to 10s drove the boom,TSUTAYAThen, before the anime broadcast, there were many male purchasers, but the number of women increased rapidly during the broadcast, as a reasonNikkei MJAccording to the survey of the past, unlike the jump works of the past, both men and women are strongly in the battlefield, and the heat of the scene where people who seem weak at first glance can help is caught by working people, and the misery is twelve demons. The scene of purging the lower quarter of the moon is "Power harassmentIt became a hot topic under the common name of "meeting"On the other hand, a teacherIt captured the hearts of women who are modern business people, even though there is a royal road such as learning as[279].

    Ryoji IshiokaIs a popular "Attack on Titan" in recent yearsTokyo Ghoul''AlienThere is some cruelty in fighting human-eating enemies like ``, but the grotesqueness that women and children are not good at is suppressed, and the technique of deathblow is to use a large sesame seed that is full of externality that is similar to the royal road of jumping. One of the attractions is that many female fans are a good compromise between Japanese and Western styles and it depicts the darkness of modern times.Izumi Kyoka OfFantastic literatureI think that it became popular because of the air like that and the development with gorgeous visuals.[280], The fact that the characters often die like the old jump works also raised the possibility that it was reflected freshly to the younger generation.[281].

    Naoshi Sadochi is a young adult (13 to 19 years old) woman who is not able to make electronic payments and buys a book in print, and is weak from a young adult (XNUMX to XNUMX years old) woman but exerts strength in an emergency. A wide variety of characters are popular and receive wide support from men of the same generation and older men and women.[13],Captain Tsubasa』Was enthusiastic support from young women as well as children and young men, and was for girlsSailor Moon'' was popular among men and women of the young adult age group, and a boom occurred because it was empathized regardless of children, adults, men and women beyond the assumed layer.[232].

    Ryo Koarai has attractive characters such as gorgeous voice actors in anime, but even those who do not get stuck receive family love, muddy training and growth, powerful sword plays and sometimes ruthless exchange of lives It is also attractive, and it is easy to recommend regardless of whether you are interested in manga or anime of any age or sex, and it is easy for people who are recommended to do so, and it became popular because it was spread as a universal element that seems to be interested. thinking[282].


    The exact relationship has not been revealed by Gotouge or Shueisha, and although it is not depicted in the work, the following three "Tanjiro Shrines" have the same surname as the main character, Kamado Shrine. Is the blade of devilSacred placeThe number of worshipers is increasing rapidly, attracting a lot of attention.

    Kamado Shrine(Fukuoka PrefectureDazaifu City[283][284]

    • Dazaifu OfDemon gateWas erected as a seal
    • Uemiya OfHomanzanWearing the trainees who practice inCheckered patternThe costume of SumijiroHaoriMatches the pattern of
    • In the middle of the stone steps of the shrine, it is called KongobeiSwordsmithThere is a grave
    • The main deity of the shrine has the same reading as the doctor "Tamayo" under construction.Tamayoi Princess Life(Tamayori Hime no Mikoto)
    • In the same cityDazaifu TenmanguuguSo, there is a "demon-sube" ritual that exposes demons with fire.
    • The author, Koyoharu Gotouge, is from Fukuoka Prefecture.

    Hachiman Kamado Shrine(Oita PrefectureBeppu[285][286]

    • There is a tradition that the stairs of the shrine were made by a cannibal demon, and the demon that is said to have escaped when it was made up to XNUMX steps at dawn is linked to the fact that the demon under construction will perish when exposed to sunlight.
    • At the same shrine, there is a picture similar to the dragon that appears in the technique that Tanjiro Kamado unleashes.
    • The tomb of Mr. Kamon, who ruled the surrounding area, is in the city
    • Reminiscent of the butterflies that appear in the filmAsagi Madara TheHimejimaYou can see it in the city by flying from
    • Of the city's iron wheelFurnace hellThe tengu at the entrance of the house is associated with the grower's scale waterfall Sakonji

    Mizonokuchikamō Shrine(Fukuoka PrefectureChikugo[286][287]

    • In the 7th volume of the book, there is a scene where Purgatory Anjuro mistakenly calls Tanjiro Kamado "Mizokuchi Shonen".
    • The main deity of the shrine is Tamayorihime, who has the same reading as the doctor "Tamayo" in the works.
    • The Shinto ritual at the shrine is in the cityKoiki ShrineThis is also associated with the priest of the priest
    • The pattern in the hall of worship at the shrine is similar to the depiction of the swordsmanship type "water breathing" used by Sumijiro.
    • At the Shinto ritual "Kiseru Matsuri" at the shrine, a mask similar to the Tengu mask of Sakonji Rakutaki, who trained Sumijiro, is used.
    • The gourd produced in the Mizoguchi area and the cluster amaryllis that inhabit a lot are depicted in the work.

    Other Kamado Shrines (Kamado Shrines)

    • Kamado Shrine (Fukuoka Prefecture)Ogori
    • Nishijimakamado Shrine (Ogori City, Fukuoka Prefecture)
    • Kogakamado Shrine (Ogori City, Fukuoka Prefecture)
    • Shimotakahashi Kamado Shrine (Fukuoka Prefecture)Otoarai Town
    • Miyata Kamado Shrine (Fukuoka Prefecture)Ukiha City
    • Tachibana Kamado Shrine (Ukiha City, Fukuoka Prefecture)
    • Kamado Sugawara Shrine (Kumamoto Prefecture)Wasui Town[288]
    • Kamado Shrine (Kagoshima Prefecture)Satsumasendai[289]
    • Kamado Shrine (Kagoshima Prefecture)Kirishima[290]
    • Kamado Shrine (Nagano Prefecture)Omachi[291][292]: It was erected as a demon gate ward.
    • Kamado Shrine (Hiroshima Prefecture)Etajima City[293]
    • Kamado Shrine(Iwate PrefectureOshu City

    Nearby Tourist Spots
    A rock similar to Oiwa, which was cut by Sumijiro in the training of Mt. Sagiri in a year.
    Exhibition of "steam locomotive" with the same format and "infinite" decoration as the vehicle appearing in the movie version
    • HokkaidoShintoku・ Karikatsu Kogen Garden
      • You can rent an "infinite" plate for free and attach it to the steam locomotive on display to take pictures.[307][308].
    • YamagataTokamachi 4-chome, Daini Park
    • FukushimaFukushima・ On the premises of the Iino Learning Center
      • A steam locomotive with a plate labeled "Infinity" is on display[310].
    • Chiba佐 倉 市・ Takasakigawaminami Park
      • The model of the steam locomotive (SL) that appears in "Infinite Train Edition"Type 8620 (Hachiroku)Can be seen in parks in Chiba prefecture[311].
    • ChibaMobara・ Hagiwara Park
      • The "8620 type (Hachiroku)", which is a model of the steam locomotive (SL) that appears in the "Infinite Train Edition", can be seen in a park in Chiba Prefecture.[311].
    • ToyamaUozu・ Muraki Public Hall
      • An exhibition of steam locomotives manufactured in the Taisho era, which is the setting of the movie.A plate marked "Infinity" is installed to resemble a movie train.[312].
    • NaraGojo City・ In front of the folk museum
      • It looks exactly like the "Infinite Train" that appears in "The Movie" Kimetsu no Yaiba "Infinite Train Edition"steam locomotiveIs on display[313].
    • HiroshimaMiyoshi City-Youkai Museum
      • The same type of vehicle as the one that appears in "Theatrical Version" Kimetsu no Yaiba "Infinite Train Edition"steam locomotiveIs on display[314].
    • TokushimaTokushima-Tokushima Central Park
      • The same format as the vehicle that appears in "Theatrical Version" Kimetsu no Yaiba "Infinite Train Edition"steam locomotiveIs on display[315].
    • FukuokaAshiya Town・ Takahama Town Park[316]
    Other hot spots

    Besides this,MiyagiShiogamaOn the official website of ""ofstroke orderThe number of accesses to the page of "About the character of" Kamado "" that explains "Kamado" has increased sharply since the movie version was released because it is a difficult character that is also used by the main character, Tanjiro Kamado.[328][329]..The Citizens' Safety Division of the city also distributed a printed matter called "How to write the characters of Shiogama City", which also attracted a lot of attention.[330].


    JR Kyushu
    • September 2020th-December 9th, 29, the limited express "Kimetsu no Yaiba" infinite train editionSeagull"SonicThe wrapping train of the same work[Note 41]Carry out the operation of[331][332].
    • October 2020th-December 10th, 26, "JR Kyushu x TV Anime" Kimetsu no Yaiba "Collaboration Special Bento"Hakata StationSold at[333].
    • November 2020st-November 11rd, 1, "SL Hitoyoshi"ofsteam locomotive・ Specially designed special train "SL Kimetsu no Yaiba" using passenger carsKumamoto - HakataOperated between[334][335][336].
    • December 2020-12, 19, "SL Devil's Blade" additional operation[337].
    JR East / Oginoya
    • October 2020th-December 10st, 9, "Kimetsu no Yaiba x SL Gunma-Infinite Train Daisakusen-"[338]
    • October 2020, 10-October 9, the first "Infinite Train Ekiben ~Toge no Kamameshi Two items are on sale: "Tanjiro Kamado Edition" and "Infinite Train Ekiben-Toge no Kamameshi Tanjiro Kamado Edition"[339].
    • November 2020st-November 11th, 1, 11nd edition "Mugen Train Ekiben-Toge no Kamameshi Gazuma Zeni Hen-" and "Mugen Train Ekiben-Toge no Kamameshi Kohei Inosuke Hen-" will be on sale[340].
    • December 2020st-December 12st, 1, the 12rd "Infinite Train Ekiben-Toge no Kamameshi Purgatory 󠄁 Jigoku Anjuro Hen-" is on sale[341].
    Toei Kyoto Studio Park / Randen / Kyoto Municipal Transportation Bureau
    • "Kimetsu no Yaiba Kyono Work" (August 2019, 8-October 3, 10)[342]
    Kyoto Railway Museum / Toei Kyoto Studio Park / Randen
    Universal Studios Japan
    Hotel New Otani
    Tokyo Sky Tree
    • "Kimetsu no Yaiba" Wish for the skyTOKYO SKYTREE[352]
      • From October 2021st, 10 to January 21th, 2022, limited goods by Sumijiro, shooting spots for Mameko, and special lighting[353]
    • Devil's Blade ×au"Kokoro, Yusaburu Gono Sekai."[354]
      • September 2021, 9, the world of "Kimetsu no Yaiba"ARCollaboration between the anime "Kimetsu no Yaiba" and au, which can be enjoyed even more with technology[355]
    • June 2020, 6, the first campaign such as sales of tie-up foods[356].
    • August 2020, 8, the second campaign such as sales of original products and tie-up foods[357].
    • December 2020, 12-January 15, 2021, "Kimetsu no Yaiba"EhomakiReservation sale[358].
    • August 2021, 2,Tyrolean chocolate"Kimetsu no Yaiba" crunchy caramel crunch released[359].
    • October 2021, 10, Fall 21 "Kimetsu no Yaiba" Campaign[360]
    • December 2021, 12, I'm going to go flashy from January 14! "Kimetsu no Yaiba" campaign[361]
    Kura Sushi
    • Devil's Blade x UnattachedKura Sushi Collaboration Campaign Bikkura Pon! Win Kura Sushi Limited "Kimetsu no Yaiba" Goods![362]
      • 1st (July 2021, 7 ~) 30 types of underlay[363]
      • 2nd (August 2021, 8 ~) 6 types of Uchiwa[364]
      • 3rd (August 2021, 8 ~) 13 types of key chains[365]
      • 4th (August 2021, 8 ~) 20 types of clear files[366]
      • 5st (July 2021, 8 ~) 27 types of underlay[367]
    • Kimetsu no Yaiba x Kura Sushi Collaboration Campaign (2nd) Bikkura Pon! Dekura Sushi Limited "Kimetsu no Yaiba" goods will be won![368][369]
      • 1st (July 2021, 11 ~) 3 types of underlay[370]
      • 2th (August 2021, 11 ~) 12 types of clear files[371]
      • 3rd (November 2021, 11 ~) 19 calendars[372]
      • 4th (August 2021, 12 ~) 3 types of clear files[373]
      • 5th (December 2021, 12 ~) 10 types of notebooks[374]
      • 6th (December 2021, 12 ~) 17 kinds of playing cards[375][376]
    • April 2021, 4, Devil's Blade: Sumijiro, Sadako becomes Tomica[377].
    • May 2021, 5, Devil's Blade: Infinite Train on Plarail[378].
    Dy Drinco
    • Canned coffee in collaboration with "Kimetsu no Yaiba" on October 2020, 10Daido blend Released "Kimetsu no Yaiba Collaboration Can (Kimetsu Can)" of "Dydo Blend Coffee Original", "Dydo Blend Exquisite Fine Sugar", and "Dydo Blend Exquisite Cafe Ole" [379][380].
    UHA taste sugar
    • April 2020, 4, "Oni" with a full-concentration energy drink flavor that imagines full-concentrationShigekix "Full intensive energy drink taste" released[381][382].
    • On May 2020, 5, Kimetsu no Yaiba x e-ma throat lozenge will be released.
    • May 2020, 5, Devil's Blade ×Puccho Release
    • June 2020, 6, Devil's Blade x Kororo released
    • On July 2020, 7, Kimetsu no Yaiba x Puccho World will be released.
    • On September 2020, 9, the second release of Kimetsu no Yaiba x Puccho
    • On January 2021, 1, the second release of Kimetsu no Yaiba x Kororo
    • August 2020, 11,Surprised manAnd collaboration. "Kimetsu no Yaiba Man" chocolate released[383]
    • August 2021, 2,Ghana milkAnd collaboration. "Kimetsu no Yaiba" Ghana Milk 2 pieces (4 types of sticker designs) released[384].
    • On August 2020, 8, the first Devil's Blade UT was released.[385]
    • On August 2020, 8, the first Devil's Blade UT was released.[386]
    • November 2020, 11, GU "Kimetsu no Yaiba" collaboration collection 20nd sale[387][388]
    • On July 2021, 7, the third collaboration item of "Kimetsu no Yaiba" will be released![389]
    • January 2022, 1, Devil's Blade: GU Collaboration 1th[390]
    • Devil's Blade ×Namjatown ~ Calm days with cats ~[395]
      • February 2021th-April 2th, 5 Sale of desserts & foods and original goods.
    Takada textile
    • On November 2020, 11, "Kimetsu no Yaiba Tatami" and "Tatami Edge Kit", which are based on the TV anime "Kimetsu no Yaiba", will be on sale.[396].
    Komeda's Coffee
    • Devil's Blade ×Coffee shop komeda coffee shop Relax with Komeda and destroy the demons!
      • January 2021th, 1st-February 8th, a comedy cushion clear file will be presented, and a devilish design bean confectionery will also appear[397][398].
    • A collaboration between Kimetsu no Yaiba and Happy Meal
      • On March 2021, 3, limited stickers such as Sumijiro Sadako and "Yoshiyu & Shinobu" will be released.[399].
    Benesse Corporation
    • Devil's Blade and Correspondence Course "Shinken seminar"Elementary school course" is a collaboration.Free Kanji calculation drill for elementary school students nationwide[400].


    TV Anime Kimetsu no Yaiba "All Intensive Exhibition"

    Exhibitions of the TV anime "Kimetsu no Yaiba" "Tanjiro Kamado" and the movie version "Kimetsu no Yaiba" infinite train will be held in various places.[401].

    "TV Anime" Kimetsu no Yaiba "x" Kyoto Minamiza Kabuki Nokan ""

    November 2020th-November 11rd, 6, KyotoMinamiza13 characters of Kimetsu no Yaiba set up panels wearing Kabuki character costumes that are close to their characteristics.[402].

    "Kimetsu no Yaiba" Original Painting Exhibition

    "Kimetsu no Yaiba" Gotouge Koyoharu Original Painting Exhibition Held[403][404].

    Bibliographic information


    Main story

    In addition to the main story, the comic also includes bonus rough "Taisho Kosokoso", a four-frame comic book on a trip posted on Jump GIGA, and a bonus at the end of the book "Nakataka Consistent!! Kimetsu Gakuen Monogatari".

    Gotoge Yosei "Devil's Blade" ShueishaJump Comics>, all 23 volumes
    subtitleIssue date (release date)ISBN
    1.cruel(FollowDecember 2016, 6 (December 8[Collection 1]978-4-08-880723-2
    2.Contact(Before December 2016, 8 (December 9[Collection 2]978-4-08-880755-3
    3.Myself(OoreTheInspire(KelpGoDecember 2016, 10 (December 9[Collection 3]978-4-08-880795-9
    4.tough(TodayIblade(YabaDecember 2016, 12 (December 7[Collection 4]978-4-08-880826-0
    5.hell(HellDecember 2017, 3 (December 8[Collection 5]978-4-08-881026-3
    6.Demon Slayer Pilgrimage(Kisatsu Takyugo UsaibanDecember 2017, 5 (December 7[Collection 6]978-4-08-881076-8
    7.Narrow place(Today OfOffense and defense(KoboDecember 2017, 8 (December 9[Collection 7]978-4-08-881193-2
    8.First quarter(JOGEN OfPower(Power-Pillar(Basically OfPower(PowerDecember 2017, 10 (December 9[Collection 8]978-4-08-881212-0
    9.Yukaku infiltration large operation(Office.December 2017, 12 (December 9[Collection 9]978-4-08-881283-0
    10A human(Green beansDemon(OniDecember 2018, 3 (December 7[Collection 10]978-4-08-881355-4
    11Melee(KonsenDecember 2018, 6 (December 9[Collection 11]978-4-08-881399-8
    12First quarter gathering(InformationDecember 2018, 8 (December 8[Collection 12]978-4-08-881540-4
    13Transition(TeacherDecember 2018, 11 (December 7[Collection 13]978-4-08-881626-5
    14Muichiro(Muichirou OfNo(NothingDecember 2019, 1 (December 9[Collection 14]978-4-08-881695-1
    15(I.e.(Or TheWho(Todoroki-Morning(morningBlurDecember 2019, 4 (December 9[Collection 15]978-4-08-881799-6
    16immortal(FumetsuDecember 2019, 7 (December 9[Collection 16]978-4-08-881867-2
    17Subject to(CormorantSuccession(OneGuA person(thing(I.e.December 2019, 10 (December 9[Collection 17]978-4-08-882080-4
    18Nostalgic assault(Daily lifeDecember 2019, 12 (December 9[Collection 18]978-4-08-882141-2
    19(Butterfly Ofwing( TheFlappingDecember 2020, 2 (December 9[Collection 19]978-4-08-882204-4
    20Boar stone heart(The heart of hiseki Open(FlatKuroad(RoadDecember 2020, 5 (December 18[Collection 20][Collection 21]978-4-08-882282-2
    978-4-08-882306-5(Special Edition)
    21ancient(Ancient OfMemory(KeepDecember 2020, 7 (December 8[Collection 22][Collection 23]978-4-08-882349-2
    978-4-08-882363-8(Special Edition)
    22Rotation(MawaThatedge(yenDecember 2020, 10 (December 7[Collection 24][Collection 25]978-4-08-882424-6
    978-4-08-908381-9(Special Edition)
    23Ikuboshi frost(I'm goingTheHuang(SparklingFlutterlife(LifeDecember 2020, 12 (December 9[Collection 26][Collection 27]978-4-08-882495-6
    978-4-08-908379-6(Special Edition)

    Side Story

    In addition to the two Gaiden, "Kimetsu no Aima!" Is also included.



    Official fan book

    Official art book

    Paint book


    Animation productionufotable[405].

    The first period "Kamijiro Jiro, RishiWas broadcast from April to September 2019[406][407].

    As a sequel to the first season of the TV anime "Tanjiro Kamado Ritsushi Hen", the theatrical anime "Movie version "Kimetsu no Yaiba" infinite train editionWas released in theaters on October 2020, 10[408][409].

    "The way for Anjuro Purgatory to board the infinite train" that was not mentioned in "Theatrical version" Kimetsu no Yaiba "Infinite Train Edition", unreleased scenes, and a new notice for the next time have been added. "Kimetsu no Yaiba" Infinite Train Edition "was broadcast in all 2021 episodes from October 10, 10.

    As a sequel to the theatrical anime, the second term "Yukaku editionFrom December 2021, 12 to February 5, 2022,Fuji TV series・ Broadcast on TOKYO MX and others.

    Also,"Swordsmith Village Edition』It has also been decided to make it into a TV animation[8].

    Stage version

    Announced stage on September 2019, 9[410].. Two works were performed by 2021. The third performance is scheduled to be performed from September to October 2022[411]..The script and directionKenichi Suemitsu[412], MusicSyunsuke Wada[413].

    Outline of the performance

    Stage "Kimetsu no Yaiba"
    Premiere work[412].. From October 2020nd to 1th, 18Tennozu Galaxy TheaterFrom March 1st to March 31thAiiA 2.5 Theater KobeIt was performed at (20 performances in total).In addition, the Chiaki music performance will be held at movie theaters all over the country.Live viewing,andDMM.comIt was delivered live on.
    Stage "Kimetsu no Yaiba" Part XNUMX Kizuna
    Second work[414].. August 2021th to 8th, 7 Tennozu Galaxy Theater, 15th to 20ndUmeda Arts Theater Main Hall, As a Tokyo triumphal performance from 27th to 31stTACHIKAWA STAGE GARDENIt was performed at (22 performances in total).In addition, the Chiaki Raku performance was live-viewed at 45 movie theaters nationwide, and live-streamed on DMM.com centering on the first day of Raku Day.
    Stage "Kimetsu no Yaiba" Part No. Infinite Dream Train
    Third work[411].. Scheduled to be performed in Tokyo and Kyoto from September to October 2022.
    From this work, Karen Takahashi will play the role of Mameko.[415](The first and second works areAkari Takaishi).

    Video work

    titleRelease dateStandard product number
    Stage "Kimetsu no Yaiba"2020/7/22ANZX-10175 ~ 10176ANZB-10175 ~ 10176
    Stage "Kimetsu no Yaiba" Part XNUMX Kizuna2022/3/23ANZX-10218 ~ 10219ANZB-10218 ~ 10219


    Computer games

    Devil's Blade Hinoki Blood
    XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayAniplexReleased byPlayStation 4/PlayStation 5/Steam/Xbox One/Xbox Series X/Xbox series sGames for[416].. In addition, on April 2022, 6Nintendo SwitchEdition released[417].
    Devil's Blade Blood Wind Kenji Royal
    A smartphone game scheduled to be delivered from Aniplex.Delivery date undecided[418].

    Real mystery solving game

    Devil's Blade x Real Mystery Solving Game Kill the demons in the toy store!
    From January 2020 to June 1, 23 DomesticAnimateMystery solving kits on sale at all stores[419].. We solve the mystery under the scenario of aiming to achieve the mission together with Minoru Kamon, by simulating animate as a "toy store in the Taisho era".
    As a take-out mystery, a mystery-solving clear file "Gatsuma Zeni Hen" Fear! Search for the Mystery of Girls' School! "" And "Inosuke Inosuke Hen" Inotsu Rush! In March of the same year, "Yoshiyuki Tomioka," Defeat the Eating Salmon Demon! "" And "Shinobu Kocho," Rescue the Devil's Soldier! "" Were released.
    Devil's Blade x Sunshine City ~ Total Concentration! Urban Legend of the Sun ~
    From January 2020th to March 10th, 2,Sunshine CityHeld as a collaboration with[420]..A scenario of exploring the ruins in search of the treasure left by the demons subdued by the demon slaughter corps.Sunshine Aquarium-Sunshine 60Observatory·AlpaIt is divided into three mysteries, and if you solve all of them, you can challenge the final trial.
    Also, from October 10th to December 30th, "Online Urban Legend of the Sun-Find the Hidden Treasure of the Phantom!"[421]..In addition to viewing the exhibition at the Sunshine 60 Observatory online, you can enjoy solving the mystery only at the online exhibition.
    Real Escape Game x Kimetsu no Yaiba Escape from the Demon Living Nada Spider Mountain
    From January 2021th to March 6th, 10,Real escape gameHeld as a collaboration with[422]..Participation kitSCRAPThe fan club pre-sale will start from May 2021th to May 5th, 24, and general sales will take place from May 5th to August 26th at the Real Escape Game store and SCRAP GOODS SHOP (mail order). Also, a real mystery solving game that can be played anywhere there is an online environment.As a member who is good at solving the mystery and code of the demon slaughter corps post-processing unit "hidden", read the literature that describes how to fight the demons hidden in Mt. The scenario of doing.

    Noh Kyogen

    Noh Kyogen "Kimetsu no Yaiba"It will be performed in Tokyo in the summer of 2022 and in Osaka in the winter of 2022.Directing and appearingNomura Mansai[423].


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