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🤖 | Summer Anime "Utawarerumono Two White Emperors" Series All the mysteries are unraveled!Final chapter, opening --...

Photo "Utawarerumono Two White Emperors" Episode 1 "With an Iron Fan" Preceding Scene Cut (C) Utawarerumono Two White Emperors Production Committee

All the mysteries of the summer anime "Utawarerumono Two White Emperors" series are unveiled!Final chapter, opening --...

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The first episode of "Utawarerumono Two White Emperors" "With the Iron Fan" will be broadcast on TOKYO MX and others from July 1nd.

From the summer anime "Utawarerumono Two White Emperors", the first episode "With the Iron Fan" broadcast from Saturday, July 2022, 7 ... → Continue reading

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