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🎥 | "Kingdom" 7.15 Friday Road Show 45 minutes expansion ・ Main story uncut broadcast 2019 live-action Japanese movie No.1

Photographs of the movie "Kingdom" (from left) Kanna Hashimoto, Kento Yamazaki, Ryo Yoshizawa (C) Yasuhisa Hara / Shueisha (C) 2019 Movie "Kingdom" Production Committee

`` Kingdom'' 7.15 Friday Road Show expanded for 45 minutes ・ Uncut broadcast of the main story 2019 Live-action Japanese Movies No.1

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Including Kento Yamazaki, who starred, Ryo Yoshizawa, Kanna Hashimoto, Kanata Hongo, Takao Osawa, Masami Nagasawa, Masahiro Takashima, Takashi Ukaji and other talented actors gathered.

To commemorate the release of the movie "Kingdom 2 To the Far Land" starring Kento Yamazaki on July 7, "Friday Ro ... → Continue reading

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Kanna Hashimoto

Hashimoto(Kanna Hashimoto,1999Heisei11 years>2/3 -) isJapan Ofactress[10].Fukuoka[10]Fukuoka City[2]I'm fromDiscovery NextAffiliation[Note 2].


Zygosity OfGeminiBorn as a twin brother and older brother 7 years old[13].. Of a pipe organ playerRyoko MorookaIs an aunt[14].

In 2007 (when I was in the third grade of elementary school), I wanted to appear on TV, so I asked my mother to work at the entertainment agency in Fukuoka.Active hakataBelong to[15].. At first, I focused on working in local commercials, but I think it would be fun to stand on stage, so in 2009, the office-run dance and vocal unit "DVL"attend to[16].

Hirokazu Koreedadirected by"奇跡First audition for the movie[17][Note 3].. After that, the office managementChildren's troupeStage of[Note 4],Drama of local TV station[Note 5]Appeared in. Elementary schoolGraduation collectionWrote that his future dream is "actress"[16][22][Note 6].

May 2013 in FukuokaHakata RiverainTo the event that was held inRev. from DVLI participated as a member of (successor unit of DVL), and it was decided that a picture corresponding to "one miracle" that would trigger the rapid rise in popularity will be taken there.[23].

"One of the miracles" and its response

A photo of dancing at an event from November 2013rd to 3th, 11 (at the time of the third year of junior high school) is posted on the Internet bulletin board "channel 2"Or"TwitterRapidly spread[25].. Due to the spread of this photo that was said to be a "miracle"Local idolIt becomes a transportation that attracts attention as "and one talent in 1000 years"[24][26].. The origin of the latter catch phrase "NAVER summary"[One person in a thousand years] Hakata's local idol makes a fuss over the Internet when it is too cute [Kana Hashimoto image]" The article that was summarized on November 11 exceeded 7 views , OfficeActive Hakata official websiteServer is down due to excessive access[27][28].. NHK's late-night news program "NEWS WEB"Tweet Big Data" and the search engine "Google"Indicates the number of searches forGoogle trendIt also appeared in the rapid rise ranking of "," and even spread to Chinese Internet users[29].. 『good! Morning』(TV AsahiSystem) and "Mezamashi TV』(Fuji Television Network, IncAccording to the office of the affiliated office, it was flooded with offers for TV commercial appearances and interviews in response to this "buzz on the Internet" situation.[30].

I also saw this "one piece of miracle"KADOKAWACEO·Shinichiro InoueIs "love at first sightAnd immediately send an email to my office saying "I want to film a movie with her."[Note 7].. Live event at Fukuoka station on weekends[Note 8]I went to and sang on the hot stage and said, "Come on, in my moviestarringThe movie "I want you to do it"Sailor suit and machine gun -graduation-』Revealed at the press conference[31][33][34].

Hashimoto himself said that "I do not understand even 1 mm of goodness" about this photo that triggered the break, and directly told the president of the office that the stage that was shot was initially excluded from the members. He told me what he had received and said, "I think it was because of my disappointment, so I think he was showing up on his face."[35].

2014 year 1 month,Discovery NextStarted business alliance with[Note 9].. Fashion magazine released on January 1, "an ・ an』(No.1891) appeared alone on the cover[40].. Display the top page of the idol special feature "Secretly Idol Research!" As "One Idol in 1000"[41].. February broadcastNippon TVTV program "Legal counseling service"soEntertainment showsFirst appearance in[42].. TV commercials of 3 major companies will be appointed by March[43].

Twitter started on March 2014, 3, a few days before the graduation ceremony of middle school[44].. On the 3th day, the second day of establishment, the number of followers exceeded 11.[45].

High School days

In April 2014, variety program "Everyone's youth peep TV TEEN!TEEN!(Monday 19:00 -,RKB Mainichi Broadcasting System[46]) Regular,Comedy Peace OfNaoki Matayoshi,Yuji AyabeWill be hosting the program together with[47].A high school student[Note 10]Hashimoto said, "I'm thrilled that the first regular program will start.[47]..I'm nervous because it's my first time to host, but I'll do my best so please take a look! "[47]. AlsoDaiichi Kosho OfOnline karaoke"DAM channel"ofMCThe 11th generation, the youngest in historyMCServed as[50].. Fashion magazine "April release"PopteenIn the (May issue), it made its first appearance, and independently decorated the cover, and received a 5-page special feature in the magazine.[51]..Released at the same time "Weekly Young MagazineAlso appeared on the cover and intro gravure, showing off his first gravure activity[52].. July, Fuji TV series "Water polo yankeesFirst appearance in a national drama series[53].Ryota FujinoThe producer said, "I have an overwhelming presence and transparency, and I am confident that she will move the characters and the story," Hashimoto said.[54].. Starring in episode 6Yusho NakajimaCo-starred with[55]..Hashimoto, who attended the full-scale play, said, "I was very nervous yesterday and this morning, but surprisingly, yesterday and today's shooting was finished in a blink of an eye." When asked if there was a role he would like to try in the future, he also showed his motivation for the actress business, saying, "I haven't done it at all, so I really want to do anything!"[55].. October,"An angel who is too angelic in a gourmet town that is too exquisite!』(14:00 -,TBSsystem,Live broadcastSpecial program) MaineMCFor about one and a half hours[56].. October,"Nikkei Trendy』Of the actors who were elected as "2014 hits"Tsuyoshi MuroWith[57].. "201430 best hit products"ofCommentatorAs the facilitator of the presentation[57][58].

A movie released in March 2015Assassination Classroom]Autonomous thought fixed battery "Ritsu"Appearing in a role[59].. Fuji TVUehara JuichiThe producer said, "To play the peculiar character called "Ritsu" that also has outstanding cuteness, it must have a miraculous presence that has both perfection and cuteness," he said about the reason for using Hashimoto. Was[59]..Variety show "Rev. from DVL Hokago』(RKB Mainichi Broadcasting)[60]And "The magic that changes the world!』(NHK E Tele[61]Appeared as a program host.Cup NoodlesIn the CM, the popular "cool" technique was shown among high school students and became a hot topic.[62]. AlsoMentholatumIn the CM, the bright and fluffy “angel” played a sexy and glamorous “devil” and quickly became a hot topic on the net.[63][Note 11].January,Shinagawa Prince HotelThe movie "Sailor suit and machine gun -graduation-] It was announced that the protagonist will play the role of "Hoshizumi Izumi", the XNUMXth generation chief of the Mt.[65].. Hashimoto, who was the first starring this film, said, "Because it is a work played by famous actress seniors, I want to act like Kana Hashimoto, not like who, but myself." I would like to come to film a movie with courage and a positive heart."[33].. Also, when asked about his future goals, he showed a sincere gaze, saying, "I want to be an actress who can play a wide variety of roles, regardless of what one image is."[33].In the trailer released in DecemberYakushimaru Hiroko,Masami NagasawaFollowing the theme song "Sailor suit and machine gun] Will make its solo debut[66].. February 2016, 2, [MV] The theme song "Sailor clothes and machine gun" is limited to one weekU-NEXTFirst exclusive distribution at[67].. From the 11th of the next weekRev. from DVL official channelOpen to the public[68].. Again on 8thNHK General"MUSIC JAPANWas recorded publicly[69].. Hashimoto, who will stand on the stage by himself, reveals his feelings, "It's very nervous to sing to everyone on such a big stage MJ, where everyone dreams of appearing."[70].. "But I'm not standing alone, I have all the people involved in'Sailor Clothes and Machine Guns -Graduation-'," he said.[70][71].. 20th Fuji Television "Music fairThe theme song "Sailor clothes and machine gun"[72].. The theme song "Sailor Suit and Machine Gun" released on February 2Oricon Daily ChartGet first place in[73].. On the first day of the movie release on March 3, Hashimoto said, "Thanks to all the people involved in this movie, I love the job of being a movie and an actress. , I feel that I have taken the first step as an actress this time. "Sailor clothes and machine gun" Hoshizumi will graduate today, but with all the things taught in this work as important food, I will start walking towards new works and roles," and sent a message of thanks and determination to the fans and the people involved.[74].

March 2016, 3, movie ``Haruchka"soSato victoryDouble starringAnnounced to serve.Hashimoto, who will be the second starring work, said, "I entered high school again and caused a lot of turmoil (laughs). It changes rapidly from graduation to enrollment, but this time I will play a life-sized high school student, so Please look forward to Chika, who will play more natural Kanna Hashimoto! "[75].. October,"Flower path of test New Benz seminar] (Monday 19:25 -, NHK E Tele)TOKYO OfShigeru Jojima,BakarismAppeared as a program host with[76].. Hashimoto himself participated in the video production by making various study methods unique videos and acting as a moderator from the viewpoint of active high school students.[77].. August, the movie "Gintama]'S popularityheroine・ ""Shinto musicI knew I would play a part[78].. In expressing the world view of "Gintama," Hashimoto said, "I'm a strong, lovable, and self-paced Kagura.[78]..Please look forward to it! "[78]. AlsoNatural hairIt was also a topic that I dyed orange[79][Note 12]. Shinzo MatsuhashiAccording to the producer, the heroine KaguracastingAs for "I'm a little bit holding my head"FukudaOguriMr. Kana Hashimoto told me that there would be only Mr. Hashimoto, I thought "I see," and decided as it was. "[81][Note 13].. August, the movie "Saiki Kusuo's Ψ difficulty"ButCrank in[83].. A perfect beautiful girl loved by God as well as an idol of PK schoolShinhashi Teruhashi"[84]I knew I would play a role[85][Note 14].. July 12, ``2016 FNS Song FestivalAppeared on the first night. Movie theme songSailor suit and machine gun"soYakushimaru HirokoPlay with[87].

March 2017, 3 in "Sailor Clothes and Machine Gun -Graduation-"Japan Academy Award New Actor AwardAward[88].. I would like to thank the staff members who were involved in this movie, saying, "I would like to continue to devote myself to this award, humbly and honestly, and with the determination to devote my life to the world of film and acting."[89].. December 3,"HaruchkaIs released[90].. From this spring, I decided to work as an actress, and I said, "I wish I could be someone who gives me courage. "I want to"[91].. Same month,UniversityGraduate from[Note 15]..Regular for 23 years on the 3rd of the same monthMCServed asTEEN! TEEN!』Broadcast[94].. Also on the 27th broadcastBakarismWithFlower path of test New Benz seminarGraduated from[95]..On the 31st of the same month, at the last live held in Fukuoka, "Rev. from DVLGraduated[96][97][Note 16].

From Tokyo to the present

In April 2017, at an event in Tokyo, to get the actress business in full swingTokyoIs preparing[98].. May, Fuji TV system "9""Aristocratic detective"Episode 3Guest appearance in[99].. Fuji TV series in June and JulyDay 9""Metropolitan Police Department Ikimono"Atsuro WatanabePlayed by(I.e.Buddy, newbie policeman for animal enthusiasts, “Thin Keiko"It was announced to play the role[100].. Hashimoto will be the first heroine in the serial drama(I.e.In the same way as the original, I try to have a speedy and comical conversation with Mr.A combination of Sudo and KeikoI hope to build a good shape. With all my strength[100].. AlsoProduction producer OfSatoko Hirakawa"The thin partner Keiko, who plays the sidekickheroineAlthough it is a very unique character, I am convinced that it will be a very lovable existence by being played by Mr. Kanna Hashimoto who feels the core strength in the strongest cuteness. He explained the reason for using Hashimoto[101].. Posted on Twitter on the 5th, "Dating her. You can use it for 😆 lol"[102]Collected about 9 likes in 48 days and became a hot topic[93].. Made on the 24thMetropolitan election PR eventLiving in Tokyo[103]On my TwitterMetropolitan electionBy reporting that I have voted for[104]TokyoToResident cardIt becomes clear that there is[Note 17].. In July, the movie "Gintama" is released[107].. Hashimoto says that he was able to grow himself by looking back at the shooting and playing "Kagura"[Note 18].. Hashimoto's seriousness that he challenged acting by himselfheroineThe charm as a role co-starredOguri,SugadaI fully understood from these words[80][107].. October,"Metropolitan Police Department Ikimono"ButCrank up[109].. The first heroine of a serial drama,Mood makersAs staffChair OfAtsuro WatanabeI sent a thank-you message from the beginning to the end with enthusiasm[109].. October, TokyoRoppongi Hills ArenaHeld in30 Tokyo International Film Festival] At the opening ceremony, we will convey the charm of the movie to the younger generation.AmbassadorServed as the top batter of the ceremony as[1].. In December, in my hometown of FukuokaPrefectural Police Central OfficeServed as the chief of the day and publicized special cautions during the year-end and New Year holidays[110].

January 2018, Fuji TV system (Kansai TV) “Fire 9""FINAL CUT』Appeared in[111].. In addition, variety program "Round and round nine nine(Thursday 19:56 -, Nippon Television)Gourmet chicken race 19It was decided to appear as a new member of[Note 19].. April, in the previous yearLive actionJapanese moviesBox office"Gintama" which recorded the first big hit[112]Sequel toGintama 2 The law is to break"[Note 20]Officially announced to continue to[113]..In addition, Nippon Television's "October period"Sunday drama""From today I am!!], the originalYankee OfFemale chief,heroine·"Kyoko Hayakawa"It was announced that I would appear as a character[114].. In this workYuichi FukudaThis is the fourth work to be appointed as a director's work. It was scheduled to appear at the school festival for the first time on November 4rd.Rikkyo UniversityThe school festival event was canceled due to the police's guidance due to the situation that the safety of the outdoor special stage was not secured due to the crowds of spectators.[115].. Six women pushed in the turmoil fell to implantation and suffered minor injuries to their feet[116].. December 12, variety show "Round and round nine nine(Thursday 19:56 -, Nippon Television)Gourmet chicken race 19』And become a fire (falling program), graduated. As a regular, he appeared for only one year.[117].. December 12, the movie "Twelve children who want to die』(Warner BrothersMovie)castWas released on January 4, the following year, when he found out that he was acting as the only unclear "1 Ryoko"[118].

On July 2019, 7, the official fan club "Hashimoto Junjou Internal Medicine" was launched.[119][120].. The following month, the first fan meetings were held in Osaka and Tokyo[120].. "Kaguya wants to tell you ~ Geniuses' love brain battle ~Will be the first appearance in the number of spectators on the weekend[121].. Aug. 9,Discovery NextIt was announced that it would be an exclusive contract[12].. December 12th, Twitter Japan[Note 21]By2019 ``It became a hot topic in the worldactor8thIt was announced that[122].

On January 2020, 1, the “17 Ellandor Award New Face AwardHas been announced[Note 22][7].. The award ceremony will be held in Tokyo on February 2th.Keio Plaza HotelThe movie "Screen Debut" that was the reason for aiming to become an actress奇跡"ofHirokazu KoreedaDirector gave a blessing as a presenter[123].

August 2021, 1,Video researchThan,Kanto areaWas aired on5 commercial broadcasters"TV commercial breaking news" that summarizes the TV commercial trends of.same year,New year three dayMost appeared in the commercial broadcast ontalentWas reported to be[124].. On February 2th, from Video Research, in the Kanto area on-air CM in 18 (January 2020st-December 1st), the number of appointed companies was the highest, and the amount of advertisements wasRyoko YonekuraIt was reported that it was second only to[125].. Aug. 2,Studio Ghibli,Hayao MiyazakiThe animated movie "Spirited AwayIs a work commemorating the 2022th anniversary of Toho's founding in February 2.John CairdStaged by the main characterChihiroPlay a roleShang Baishi Meng YinDouble castWas reported to play in[126][127].. Variety program broadcast on June 6 "1 million SHOW channels』(Nippon TV system, Saturday 9 pm) challenged" the maximum number of facial tissues pulled out of the box in 1 minute ".He became the Guinness World Record holder by achieving a record of 140, exceeding the Guinness World Record of 157 (achieved on June 6, the same year. However, as linked to, after that, by other challengers. The record has been updated)[128].. In the "Actress Ranking that seems to be fun if you drink together", which was held in July and 7 people participated in the vote, it surpassed Asami Mizukawa and Yuriko Yoshitaka to take first place.[129].. Aug. 8,Hirano ShiayaThe movie "Kaguya wants to tell you ~ Genius's love brain battle ~ Final] Will be released.



TV drama

Web drama


Music program

Regular program

Current appearance program

Past appearance programs

Other TV programs



  • Brightness at the age of 17-Kanna Hashimoto, sprinting!- (February 2016, 2, NHK BS Premium)[20][191]

Online delivery

  • 3rd Idol Yokocho Festival!! Junior high school student Utahime deciding match (December 2012, 12,Nico Nico Live Broadcast)-MC[192][193]
  • Kanna Hashimoto's Rev. from DVL close-up exclusive video ~ Hot topic on the Internet!! One beautiful girl in 1000 ~ (Distribution started on January 1, 2014,U-NEXTExclusive)[194]
  • DAM channel(April-December 2014,Daiichi Kosho)-MC[50]
  • Rev. from DVL Hokago (April 2015, 4-, U-NEXT)[60][195](November 2015, 8 -,Kawaiian TV[196] -MC
  • Kei Tanaka 24-hour TV (December 2018-12, 15,Abema SPECIAL2)-Shooting of the insert cut used in the drama "Kippi WANTED" that was shot during distribution. As Kanna Hashimoto (person)[197][198]


Advertising/public relations

Tie-up etc.

Appearance work (movies-TV drama-CM)ofTie-up-collaborationPlanning,Advertising campaignWait


Fan meeting

2019"Director's round! vol.01"8/23OsakaGrand Front OsakaNorth Building 4F Knowledge Theater[120]
8/25TokyoYamano Hall[120]
"Director's round! vol.02"12/21FukuokaDenki Building Mirai Hall[416]
12/22OsakaMatsushita IMP Hall[416]
12/23TokyoHarajuku Quest Hall[Note 53][416]



Release datetitleHighest rank[417]
1st2016/2/23Sailor suit and machine gun[418]11th place (Oricon

Tie-up song

Song titleTie-up
Sailor suit and machine gunmovies"Sailor suit and machine gun -graduation-] Theme song[418]
Devil CannaRohto Pharmaceutical"Mentholatum Lip Baby Crayon" CM Song[418]

Video work


Photo album


  • Kanna Hashimoto Calendar 2016 collaborate with “Sailor Suit and Machine Gun -Graduation-” (beginning in March) (February 3, 2016, Media Pal)ISBN 978-4-8021-9130-2
  • Kanna Hashimoto Weekly photo stand type calendar collaborate with "Sailor and machine gun -graduation-" (School calendar) (February 2016, 2, Media Pal)ISBN 978-4-8021-9131-9
  • Kanna Hashimoto Official Calendar 2018 (November 2017, 11, KADOKAWA)ISBN 978-4-0489-6080-9[423]
  • Kanna Hashimoto 2020 calendar (starting April, B4 calendar, desk calendar) (February 2, 2020,Discovery Next[Note 54][424]

Magazine serialization

Serialized magazine

Related books


  • 25th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix Spring Drama Supporting Actress Award "Nemesis"[435]


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外部 リンク

Hongo Kanata

Hongo Kanata(Hongo Kanata,199011/15[1] -) isJapan OfAn actor,YouTuber.

MiyagiSendai cityBackground[1]. Stardust promotionBelongs.Hiji High School,Nihon University College of ArtDepartment of Photographygraduate[3].


Since I was in kindergarten, I have been in Sendai City.Sendai SOS model agency(Current:Morado Company) ”As a kids model.afterwards,Stardust promotionBelong to.

The movie "Theatrical release in 2002"Returner』, Actor debut. In 2005, the movie "HINOKIO』, Played the first starring at the age of 14, in the same yearTBSDrama broadcast onI love you』, Played the role of Shin Nagumo, one of the rainbow-colored warriors and the main character, and became a hot topic in his cool acting.


  • It is said that the time when you feel at ease is when you are with your dog "L'ami" (from L'ami, which means friend in French).[4].
  • HobbyGunpla[Note 1],Trading Card[Note 2],Video games,survival game, Cartoon, listening to music, tennis, bass, guitar, photography, billiards, darts, etc.[5][6]..Hongo's YouTube channel introduces these hobbies and shows how they are enjoying themselves.By the way, on YouTube, Hongo himself handles not only shooting but also editing.
  • Gundam seriesA big fan of.FavoriteMobile suit TheQubeley.. In 2014, the TV anime "Gundam Build Fighters』Appeared as Julian Mackenzie.As mentioned above, he has a hobby of Gunpla and has extremely skillful production techniques.[7]..In addition, the Gunpla "V2 Gundam Imagine Full Bernian" used by Julian in the gaiden manga "Gundam Build Fighters AR" of the same work uses the production aircraft of Hongo.
  • The name "Kanata" is his real name, and when his brother was born, the doctor told him that he was a girl, and his delighted parents were thinking about the girl's name, but in reality it was a boy. Was born.However, the name I was thinking of was named "Haruka" as it was, and it seems that my parents thought "I don't mind" Haruka Kanata "(wordplay) because my brother was named" Haruka "." ".At first, it was planned to be "Sota", but it became this kanji because my grandfather said "I like" Sota "because the number of strokes is bad."[8].
  • "MOON CHILDIn the wake of the co-starring inhyde,GacktI get along with each other enough to exchange emails.Also,L'Arc ~ en ~ CielI like to listen to the songs of the song and often go to live[5].
  • He says that hyde has been a deep friendship since he was a child, as he often takes meals and photo booths with him and sometimes sleeps with him.She is also a fan of hyde and says, "I am very pleased that I have a friendship with hyde."[9].
  • He says that the most important thing when appearing in the original manga is "the viewpoint as an original fan", and even if it is a work with a strong impression of animation that values ​​the most attractive part of the character to be played. For example, he is studying the dialogue of voice actors.Hongo is proud of himself as an "actor with a high respect for the original" because of this commitment.[10].
  • With a complete e-book sectComic SeymourI love it.According to his own speech, he "lives on the basis of rational thinking."[10].
  • A big sweet tooth, he says, "Sweets are the staple food," and at the same time, "I always eat three pieces a day."He hates tomatoes and natto, and likes sweets.As for tomatoes and natto, "Eating it is" the world will be saved if you are the only one sacrificed! I'm not good enough to say, "It's the same thing that I'm in trouble with being told."[11].
  • "NANA2When I played the role of Shin inBaseI couldn't play at all, but with this work as a trigger, the bassGuitarI can now play.Furthermore, with this work as a triggerVivienne WestwoodBecome a favorite of many items[5].
  • My favorite type is a woman who has common sense, is elegant, and is smart.[12].
  • It is often mistaken for "sota" from the kanji in the name.[Source required].
  • Tatsuya KishidaIs a close friendship that Hongo meets through the graduation work of an acquaintance when he was in school[13].
  • YouTuber group ・Tokai on airIntroduced by Tatsuya Kishida, he deepened his friendship with the members. As of 2021DreamingI have acquaintance with members other thanall nighter,RyoI have stayed at my home.In particular, Tetsuya called him "Tecchan" and played a survival game with Hongo's older brother and other friends, and Hongo himself painted it in the video of Hongo's YouTube channel.Nintendo SwitchI gave a Pro controller as a gift.


TaiziIs the star.


TV drama

WEB drama

Radio Drama

Television Animation

Theater animation



Entertainment shows


  • Gift of horse (December 2018, 12, TV TOKYO)
  • NHK Documentary "The Truth 400 Years Later: Approaching the Mystery of the Keicho Mission to Europe" (January 2018, 1, NHK) --Narration
  • NHK Documentary "Imagine There is no" boundary "there" (March 2018, 3, NHK) --Narration
  • Telementary 2020"City of Zero Victims-The Miracle of the Collapsed Osato-" (July 0,East Japan Broadcasting) - Narration[34]

Web tv


"Vietnam Noi Bai Airport" (voice actor appearance)





Photo album

  • 1st photo book "Kanata." Kanata Hongo meets JUNON (January 2009,Shufutoseikatsusha
  • Photobook "KANATA HONGO 2016" (May 2016, 5,Pia[37]


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