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🤖 | Animation "Is It Wrong to Seek a Dungeon? IV New Chapter Labyrinth Edition" with Special Talk ...


Anime "Is It Wrong to Seek a Dungeon? IV New Chapter Labyrinth Edition" with Special Talk ...

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The original novel "Is It Wrong to Seek a Dungeon?" Is also on sale from GA Bunko to Volume 17.

Prior to the broadcast of the anime "Is It Wrong to Seek a Dungeon? IV New Chapter Labyrinth Edition" from GA Bunko ... → Continue reading

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Ranobe News Online is a light novel general information site that delivers news related to light novels. The latest news about light novels such as works that are selling now, works that are attracting attention, works that are media mixing now, events in the light novel industry, etc. are delivered.

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GA library

GA library(GA Bunko)SB CreativePublished by (former company name, Softbank Creative)Light novelSystemPaperbacklabel.20061/14First issue.


At the beginning of the publication, the editorial department only accepted submissions of works.2008In February, as a public recruitment newcomer awardGA Bunko AwardAnd the GA Bunko Theme Award was established. From August of the same yearMook"GA Magazine" is published.

It mainly deals with works for boys and girls, and is popular with a wide range of people. In recent years, the development of media mix has been progressing one after another. There is no official explanation of what the label name "GA" stands for.

In addition to the original works, the recorded works are the "" series (first appearance:Kadokawa sneaker libraryAnd) and "" (First appearance:Circle library), "" (First appearance:ニ ッ ク ス ク ウ ェ ア ス · エ/EX Novels), Etc., reprints of works published by other companies in the past, "", "With John Taira and me"", Etc., which is rare at the time of the first issueOnline novelThere are relatively many works announced as. Often found on other labelsComic,Anime-Computer games OfNovelizationThe work is the main title for about a year since the first issue, "Shinkyoku Sokai PolyphonicaDid not exist except for2007"Ar tonelicoSince the publication of ""Black magic"Or"Maps"SuchComicOriginalShared worldThe work was also published, and the 2008 issue of "Shinkyoku Sokai Polyphonica RPG"soTable talk RPGThe target genre is also expanded to related.

Manga that was once released by Softbank CreativeBooklabel·Flex comicsIn addition to mutually placing advertisements on both leaflets,Web comicsmagazine"FlexComix Blood"and"FlexComix NEXT"Shinkyoku Sokai Polyphonica" "Maid detective""Oto x MahoEtc.CartoonizationAlthough the work was serialized[Note 1],2011Before and after Flex Comix withdrew from Softbankニ ッ ク ス ク ウ ェ ア ス · エManga works are often published in (Square Enix) magazines. The exchange between Gangan ONLINE and GA Bunko gradually deepened, and a special site called "Gangan GA" was set up in the form of contract collaboration. Therefore, novels, manga, videos, games, commercialization, etc. are the source of profit improvement for both companies. In addition, the paperback original workTelevision AnimationIt has been in a competitive relationship in the light novel market since before and after the announcement of the conversion.KADOKAWA(Kadokawa Shoten-Fujimi Shobo) AndShueishaThe manga version is also serialized in the magazine. Only the works serialized in "GA Bunko Magazine" are sold in-house.

AnimeThe conversion work is the original game for a long time (however,Media mixThe center of the story was moved to the novel, and only "Shinkyoku Sokai Polyphonica" was reflected in the OP credits as the original by GA Bunko.2012From Bunko original work "Crawling! Nyaruko"series,"Oda Shina's ambition'[Note 2]"My Girlfriend and Childhood Friend Fight Too MuchEtc. were animated one after another[Note 3].. In addition, in the live-action film, "Maid Deka"Drama, "Light Novel Fun WritingIs made into a movie.

The GA Bunko editorial department is in charge of producing art books, setting materials, fan books, etc.Xanadu Complete Collection] And some game reprints are also published on the "GA Bunko" label, although the size is not in the paperback format.

Sub-labelGA novel 2016It was first published in. October 2019 is ``Witches journeys"When"300 years after defeating slime, I reached level MAX without knowing itWas announced as the first GA novel to be animated. As of 2020, about half of the labelsShinkoshotoIt is occupied by works, and some works are released every month.

Initially, we mainly sent out romantic comedies and everyday life, but since the GA novel was launched, "Let's become a novelistThe number of different-world fantasy works published in "" has increased rapidly.

Main works

Visualized work


Television Animation
worksBroadcast yearAnimation productionRemarks
Crawling! Nyaruko2012 (1st term)XEBECWith OVA
2013 (2st term)
Oda Shina's ambition2012Studio XNUMX groups
Mad house
My Girlfriend and Childhood Friend Fight Too Much2013A-1 Pictures
Unique battle is a daily life2014TRIGGER
Holy swordsman curse casting2015Diomedia
Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?(Anime)2015 (1st term)JCSTAFFSpin-off, movie, OVA available
2019 (2st term)
2020 (3st term)
2022 (4st term)
Fallen Knight Hero Tan2015SILVER LINK.
The weakest undefeated Shinsoiki2016Lerche
Hundred2016Production ims
Is It Wrong to Seek a Dungeon? Gaiden
Sword Oratoria
2017JCSTAFFSpin-off novel original
Ryuou's work!2018project No.9
Goblin Slayer2018 (1st term)WHITE FOXWith OVA
Unpublished (2rd term)unpublished
Superhuman high school students seem to be able to survive in another world easily!2019project No.9
For example, a story about a boy in a village in front of the last dungeon living in the city in the early stages2021Leiden film
The Genius Prince's Deficit National Regeneration Technique-Yes, let's sell the country-2022Yokohama Animation Laboratory
The way the executioner girl lives2022JCSTAFF
The thing that the angel next door made me useless2023project No.9
My friend's sister is only for meunpublishedunpublished

TV drama

worksBroadcast yearProductionRemarks
Maid detective2009TV Asahi,Toei

Live-action movie

worksRelease yeardirected bydistributionRemarks
Light Novel Fun Writing2010Kenichi OmoriArt port

Mook / Magazine

GA Magazine

2008Published in AugustMook.. Irregular publication.

  • Vol.1 20088/9Release
    appendix:"Shinkyoku Sokai PolyphonicaCorticarteBody pillowCover "Oto x Maho" image song CD
  • Vol.2 20095/21Release
    Appendix: "Shinkyoku Sokai Polyphonica" & "CARNELIAN" special poster
  • Vol.3 200912/19Release
    Appendix: "Shinkyoku Sokai Polyphonica" Corticarte Dakimakura cover navel ・ "Shinkyoku Sokai Polyphonica Maaburu"
    "Crawling! Nyaruani" New DVD
  • Vol.4 20108/10Release
    Appendix: "Shinkyoku Sokai Polyphonica" Corticarte Dakimakura Cover Underwear, 2nd GA Bunko Award Winning Anthology "Fresshu !!"
    "Crawl! Nyaruko-san" 3D fan that pops out

GA Magazine Creators

I summarized the illustrations of GA BunkoMook.. Irregular publication.

  • Vol.1 20103/24Release
    Appendix: "Kamikyoku Sokai Polyphonica" Corticarte Dakimakura cover
  • Vol.2 20114/6Release
    Appendix: "Kamikyoku Sokai Polyphonica" Corticarte Dakimakura cover (Illustration:Red apple)

GA Bunko Magazine

2012Delivered from January 1thE-bookIsMonthly magazineWas,2014From the April 4 issuePublished twice a month(Updated on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month). It seems that it will be separated in the December 2015, 12 issue, and it has not been distributed since then. All 24 books.

Web show

Unless otherwise noted, the offer is GA Bunko.

GA Bunko Official Channel

Yuka Otsubo's Tsubonju-le ☆

A web program that began distribution on October 2012, 10. Broadcast time is 15 minutes or more. It was regularly broadcast almost once a month (twice a month from the 40st to the 2015th) until December 12, 26. Even after the end, it recovered once a year until 1 in the form of a special program. A program that broadcasts the promotion of GA Bunko's works, introduction of letters, and how guests are invited to play.

Gangan GA Channel

A web program that began distribution on April 2014, 4. Broadcast time is about 3 minutes. The personality was initially fixed, but one year after the start, it became a replacement system with new members.

On October 2019, 10, a large-scale live broadcast entitled "Gangan GA Channel Special GA FES!" Was held.

Good night mermaid of Nichika Omori

A web program that began distribution on August 2014, 8. GA Bunko This is a program of "cooperation" rather than "offering", and this broadcast is ListenRadio "Maison de Eikoe-If there is an apartment full of voice actors-It is a radio program that was broadcast on the channel, but before each broadcast, a comment message video of less than 3 minutes (excluding the 58th and 59th) was broadcast on the GA Bunko official channel.Later, the main broadcast will move to Super! A & G +, but this comment message video has not been continued.

Chan Yui and Chan Rina-chan Raji !!

A web program that began distribution on July 2020, 7.Last Friday of every monthGA Bunko YouTube channel from 21:XNUMXManga UP!,Nico NicoBroadcast on Bergamo TALKS.Broadcast time is about 40 minutes.PersonalityYui OguraとRina Hidaka..Initially it was planned to start in April 2020New coronavirus infectionDelayed to July due to spread. The first broadcast on July 7st will be the 7th pre-broadcast, and the tentative title of "Yui Ogura & Rina Hidaka New Radio (tentative)" will be officially decided as the current name.It was the first broadcast from the delivery on August 31th of the following month.The distribution on GA Bunko YouTube channel and Manga UP! will end with the 0th broadcast (broadcast on July 8, 28), and until the 1th broadcast (scheduled to be broadcast on October 12, 2021) Nico Nico Continuing the program on Bergamo TALKS and YouTube Bergamo channel.


  • On May 2015, 5, as the 10th anniversary of the label's establishment横 浜 市 OfKanagawa Prefectural Hall"GA Bunko 10th Anniversary Festa!" Was held at.AkihabaraUnlike the KADOKAWA-type events held at, there was a charge, and it consisted of two parts, day and night.
  • March 2016, 3Maihama AmphitheaterGan Gan GA FES. Is held at. Because it is a joint project with Square Enix, although it has nothing to do with GA Bunko, TV animation was being broadcast at that time.dimension WWas also exhibited.
  • Although irregular until the winter of 2015Comic market(In 2015, as "Chivalry of a Failed Knight" x "The Weakest Undefeated Bahamian Machine Dragon").


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注 釈

  1. ^ Incidentally,Bbmf magazineGA comics published by2008Old merged with Bbmf MagazineGreen Arrow PublisherIt is a label name derived from the company name of, and has nothing to do with GA Bunko.
  2. ^ At the time of airing in 2012. The work later moved to KADOKAWA.
  3. ^ "Crawling! Nyaruko-san" was produced as a FLASH animation before it was made into a terrestrial animation.BS11 digitalWas being broadcast on.


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