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🧑‍🎨 | [Shimamura] Retro mermaid skirt with cute floral pattern is 1969 yen! "movie"


[Shimamura] A retro mermaid skirt with a cute floral pattern is 1969 yen! "movie"

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I also found red (4: 24 ~) A mermaid skirt with a beautiful line and a Marimekko-like design (5: 10 ~) Height 160 cm and a little above the ankle.

Shimamura's "Retro Mermaid Skirt" is recommended!I want to read it together This time Shimamura's "Retro Mermaid ... → Continue reading


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    Design (5: 10 ~) Height 160cm


    Skirts(British: skirt) Is a tubular shape that covers below the waistclothesIs.If you just say "skirt"FemaleOften refers to a skirt.pantsUnlike, the tube is not separated at the crotch, and both legs are wrapped in one tube (however, the culottes that are separated at the crotch may be put in the skirt).

    TennisSuch asSportsSomething like a short skirt that you can wear inSquatThe etymology is the same as the skirt.

    Skirt classification

    Classification by length

    Due to its lengthLong skirt,Mini skirt, Divided into midi skirts.The relationship between the fashion of skirt length and economic trends may be taken up.

    Long skirts are longer than the wearer's knees, and are often referred to as those with a total length of 70 cm or more.Even if it's long, it's even longer, and anything more than ankleMaxi skirtCalled.

    Miniskirts have a total length above the knees, and most of them have a total length of 45 cm to 50 cm.Even shorter miniskirtsMicro mini skirtIt is called (micro mini).

    The one with a total length just about the kneeMidi skirt(Knee long skirts, knee length skirts, etc.).

    • (Spanish version(British: microskirt, Also known as: micro mini skirt)
      Extremely short skirt that just covers your hips[1]..A length that exposes the thighs 20 to 30 cm above the knee.Inseam lengths are called ultra-micro minis and ultra-micro minis.
    • Mini skirt(British: miniskirt
      A skirt that is above the knee.Generally, it refers to a thigh length of about 10 cm to 20 cm above the knee.Supported by women who express youth, freedom, boldness and adventure, it was all the rage from the 1962s to the 1970s.[1].. It became popular again from around 1986 and became established as an expression of skirt length.[2].
    • Midi skirt(British: midi skirt
      A skirt with a length below the knee that hides the knee.It is between the mini skirt and the maxi skirt, and has a standard normal length.The nickname gradually permeated and spread in the late 1960s and was accepted as a general name.[1].
    • Mimore length skirt(Mimore skirt)
      Medium-length calf skirt.Mi-mollet is French.
    • Maxi skirt(British: maxi skirt
      Ankle-length long skirt that reaches the floor from the ankle. It was born as a rival to the miniskirts that were popular in the 1960s.Many were skirts that spread out generously, often paired with boots.[1].

    Classification by wearing method

    • Wrap skirt(British: wrapped skirt, Also known as: rolled skirt)
      A simple item wrapped with a piece of cloth and fastened at the waist. Made of a single rectangular cloth, wrap it around your body once and wrap it in front of you[2].Pareo,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu OfQuiltEtc. also fall into this category.
    • Suspenders skirt(British: suspender skirt,alias:Suspender skirt
      A general term for skirts that are hung from the shoulders with a pair of left and right thin strings (hanging strings) attached to the waist.The string isSelf-fabricIt is made of, and many of them cross the cross on the back.JapanThen, since it became popular before the war, elementary and junior high schoolsuniformIt was mainly used mainly for girls' clothes.
    • Salopette skirt(Breastplate skirt)
      The salopette skirt is in Japanese English, which is a combination of the English salopette and skirt.overallsThe bottom of the skirt[3]..A suspender skirt with a breastplate.Made of jeansOverallThe skirt is also called a salopette skirt, but the salopette was originally a skirt with hanging strings crossed on the back, and the current mainstream high-back type was not classified as a salopette.
    • Jumper skirt
      The jumper skirt is a Japanese-made English that combines the English jumper and skirt, and is often confused with a suspender skirt, but this one has no sleeves with both front and back.DressesA shaped skirt.Underblouse,shirtOften wear[3]..Widely used as school and corporate uniforms and maternity dresses.It differs from a dress in that it has no sleeves.
    • (English edition(Pannierskirt)
      Baleen bones made of baleen or plastic (crinoline,Bustle, Pannier, etc.) and spread out like an umbrella.Generally, it is a long skirt and often forms part of a dress.In medieval Europe, before the completion of hygienic toilets, upper class women generally urinate in a standing position while wearing hoop skirts.For this reason, underwear that adheres to the lower abdomen at that time (pantiesEtc.) were not customarily worn.
    • Low slang skirt(British: low-slung skirt
      Low slang means "hanging at a low position", and a skirt worn so that it can be hooked at a low waist position.Fashion designerKenzo TakadaThe women's wear daily (WWD) magazine named the skirt that was wrapped around the waist in the Spring / Summer 1976 collection.[2].

    Classification by shape

    Skirt with a distinctive silhouette

    • Tight Skirt(British: tight skirt
      Tight means "fit"WaistA skirt that fits from the waist to the waist and has the same hip dimensions straight to the hem.Almost agree with straight skirt[4]..Models with a slightly wider hem silhouette than tight skirtsSemi-tight skirtBecomes
      • Pencil skirt(British: pencil skirt): A type of tight skirt with a slim silhouette that is straight like a pencil from the waist to the hem. A skirt that began to spread in the 1940s because it used less fabric and was economical, and became known by this name in the 1950s.[1].
    • flare skirt(British: flared skirt
      Rippling from the tight waist to the hemMorning gloryA skirt with a wide shape like a petal[5]..The ones whose spread is suppressed compared to flaresSemi-flareBecomes
    • Bubble skirt(British: bubble skirt
      A above-knee length skirt with gathers gathered from the waist to inflate the waist and narrowed at the hem.From a tulip-like shapeTulip skirt(British: tulip skirt) Also called[5].
    • Trumpet skirt(British: trumpet skirt,alias:Release cartBritish: lily skirt〉)
      The skirt has a straight line hem with a large frill and pleats, and is called because the hem shape is like a trumpet trumpet.[4]..Also, the hemYuriSince it looks like a petal, it is also called a "release cart".
    • High waist skirt(British: high waistline skirt
      A skirt with a waistline that is even higher than the waistline of a regular skirt.By making the waist position look high, the effect of making the legs look longer is expected.In English, it's called a high waistline skirt[4].
    • Balloon skirt(British: ballon skirt
      Balloon means "balloon / balloon" and is a balloon-shaped skirt that appeared after the 1960s.A skirt with a voluminous silhouette as a whole, with a belt-shaped hem attached to the hem so that the gathered waist to knees are shaped like balloons.[5]..There are various variations from long to mini length depending on the fashion.
    • Mermaid skirt(Mermaid line skirt <British: mermaid line skirt〉)
      It is called this because it has a shape similar to the lower body of a mermaid.A skirt with a silhouette that stretches from the waist to the hem like a mermaid's tail fin while staying along the body like a tight skirt.The hem has flares, pleats, gathers, etc.[1]..A combination of a tight skirt pattern and a flared design.Because it has a feminine silhouette, it is often used for dresses.
    • Umbrella skirt(British: umbrella skirt, Alias: Parasol skirt <British: parasol skirt>, Parachute skirtBritish: parachute skirt〉))
      The waist is squeezed and the hem is flared to give it a voluminous feel.umbrellaA skirt with a silhouette that looks like when you open it.It is made by sewing several pieces of triangular cloth vertically.Umbrellas,parachuteIt is also called a parasol skirt or parachute skirt because it resembles the shape of[5].
    • Culotte skirt
      At first glance, a knee-length skirt with split crotch like trousers that looks like a normal skirt.Culotte is a French word compounded with an English skirt.[6]..It is actually in the form of pants, but it is also classified as a skirt because it looks like a skirt when it is stationary.[3]..There are various names such as split skirts, pants skirts, and divadit skirts.[3].
    • A-line skirt(Aline skirt,British: A line skirt
      A skirt with a length below the knee that spreads out like the letter A.Christian DiorWas announced in the early 1960s[6].
    • Hobble skirt(en: Hobble skirt
      A skirt with an extremely squeezed hem and gathers between the waist and hem.

    Skirt with characteristic sewing

    • Goard skirt(British: gored skirt
      A skirt made by joining several skirts (town = Gore).The waist fits and spreads over the hem.Godit skirt derived from Godet, which means gusset in FrenchBritish: godet skirt) Agree[3].
    • Tiered skirt
      A general term for skirts that use waist switching.Most skirts have a switch with one to several steps in parallel with the waist and hem.
    • Circular skirt(British: circular skirt
      Circular (British: circular) Means "round / round", and as the name suggests, a skirt made by sewing so that the fabric when spread around the waist becomes circular.Classified as one of the flared skirts[3].. 90 pieces of 4 degree doughbiasBecause it is cut, a lot of flare enters from the waist when you wear it, and the way it undulates is large.
    • Pleated skirt(British: pleated skirt
      Pleats (British: pleatsSkirts with folds (folds) (short for all-around pleated skirts).The number of pleats is from 1 to the whole pleats.Depending on the type of pleating, it is classified into box pleated skirts, car folds (one-way pleated) skirts, front fold skirts, accordion pleated skirts, sun berth pleated skirts, and the like.In addition, it may be classified into side pleats, back pleats, etc. depending on the position of the folds.
      • Accordion pleated skirt(British: accordion pleated skirt): Full circle skirt folded with pleats evenly narrow like an accordion of a musical instrument[6].
      • Inverted pleated skirt(British: inverted pleated skirt): Skirt with inverted pleats (pleats with folds butted) on either the front or back centerline or front and back[6].
      • Box pleated skirt(Box printed skirt,British: box pleated skirt): Skirt with box pleats folded[1].
    • Gathered skirt(British: gather skirt
      A skirt made by sewing a rectangular piece of cloth and squeezing the waist.[6]..Gather means to gather, collect, and shrink.A skirt with a squeezed waist and a crisp hem.
      • Flare gathered skirt(Gather flared skirt,British: gathered and flared skirt): A type of gathered skirt made by sewing flared cloth together.[6], The hem is wider than a general gathered skirt.
    • Hipbone skirt(Also known as hip hanger skirt)
      A skirt designed to fit the top of the skirt below the original waist position and above the hipbone[5]..In many cases, the waist belt is not made at the waist position, and the back is sewn on the back.Regardless of length, it is categorized by waist detail.

    Classification by material

    • wool
      • Pure hair, blended spinning, wool surge
    • cotton
      • Denim, corduroy, velveteen
    • hemp
    • Synthetic fiber
      • Polyester, rayon, acrylic, etc.
    • leather
      • Pig leather, cowhide, crocodile leather, etc.

    Classification by use

    • Formal wear
      • Tight skirts, flared skirts, etc.
    • School uniform
      • Pleated skirts, suspender skirts, jumper skirts, etc.
    • Corporate uniform
      • Tight skirts, jumper skirts, etc.
    • Work clothes
      • Salopette skirt etc.
    • Gym clothes
    • Other costumes, etc.



    At the end of Roman times, men's clothing began to permeate the trouser style derived from northern costumes.[7]..On the other hand, at the end of Romanesque, women's clothing began to use "string tightening" to narrow the waist, and men's clothing began to use trousers.[7]..This formal symmetry of men's and women's costumes became apparent in the early modern period, from the Gothic period to the Renaissance period, and has influenced us to the present day.[7].

    In the Gothic period, skirts with long pull hem, which is a kind of Gothic skirt, have appeared.[7]..Also, during the Renaissance, skirts that looked like they were greatly inflated by farthingale appeared.[7].

    Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu

    Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euTraditional costume "QuiltIs a historic skirt of the Gaelic and Celtic tribes and is one of the Scottish folk costumes.It is worn in formal occasions and rarely in informal occasions.


    GreeceEtc.Fustanella(In English, fustanella)[8]There is.

    Indonesia and Malay Peninsula

    Clothing that covers the waist like a skirtsalon(Sarong)[8]There is.Salons are known by many names in various cultures, on the Big Island of Hawaii and Polynesia (Samoa, Tonga, Tahiti, Fiji).Pareo,Lavalava, In IndiaDhoti-Lungi, In South India mundu And so on.

    ブ ー タ タ

    Bhutanese men's national costume "Is long to the kneeRobeIs.It is required to wear national clothing all day at government agencies, schools, and public places.[9].


    Culture around skirts

    previousJapanMost of the women wore skirts, which was widely seen as a common outfit for adult women.the 1980sSince then, the stereotype that women wear skirts has broken down.

    On the other hand, even if you're a man and just like skirtsWomen's clothingCould be considered (Gender identity disorderHowever, as of 2021, it can be said that the permissible range has expanded, and it has not yet been understood by the public.Don QuixoteAnd mail order etc.DisguiseSold asSailor suit,Maid clothesIt may be specified as a unisex or men's costume.[10]

    There is a culture in which young Japanese people prefer to "put up with thinness" and wear skirts even in the cold as part of their fashion.[11].

    Double bottom

    Skirts are usuallyshorts,girdleOn top ofstockings-tightsWear on top.In other words, it is worn directly on the underwear, and it is worn underneath for the purpose of protecting against the cold.Shorts-Bloomers-spatsEven when wearing skirts, skirts that are shorter than skirts have been used,2000Longer than the skirt lengthleggings(Long spats) ・pants(Skinny jeansEtc.) and layering is widespread.

    またHigh school girlAs a fashion to do when you are in uniform, temporarily under the skirt in cold outdoors etc.JerseyThe so-called "Haniwa look", which is worn repeatedly, is also a type of this.

    2007IsDaily GendaiMentioned the fashion of wearing leggings and spats under miniskirts and shorts as "super strange fashion of young women who stand out in the city"[12].

    In recent years, the length of the "hips" is very short, assuming that they are worn with trousers, especially for the purpose of hiding the hip line that tends to look thick with thick bottoms such as jeans and the crotch line that adheres to the lower abdomen. Skirts called "cover skirts" are also made.TunicIt is often worn as a layer under the tunic if the length is too short to cover the hips, or with slender tops and trousers to emphasize the waistline.

    Men's skirt

    There are long items and accessories with double bottoms that men can wear, so-called men's skirts.In a broad sense, it is a skirt that matches fashion design for men.


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