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🎥 | "Sakana no Ko" starring Non "Love" overflows Book poster & book notice lifted Theme song is decided to CHAI

Photo Movie "Sakana no Ko" Book Poster (C) 2022 "Sakana no Ko" Production Committee

"Sakana no Ko" starring Non "Love" overflows Book poster & book notice lifted Theme song is decided to CHAI

If you write the contents roughly
Director Okita, a playwright and film director, Shiro Maeda, wrote the original story about Sakana-kun, who has loved fish since he was a child, until he eventually became "Sakana-kun" in many encounters. I arranged it boldly as a scenario.

From the movie "Sakana no Ko" starring actress Non, the poster and this preview video have been unveiled.At the same time, the theme song is a 4-member band ... → Continue reading

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Playwright(Gekisaka,(British: playwright,dramatist) IstheaterWritten for a performanceDramaAuthor.PlaywrightSometimes called.JapanInDirectorThere are many people who also serve as.The oldest playwright whose work remains to date is around the 5th century BC.Aeschylus,Sophocles,EuripidesSuch asThe Ancient GreekThe tragedy writers in.That workDramaIs usuallyAn actorByaudiencein front oftheaterWritten to perform as.Some of the plays were written for the purpose of being read, not for the purpose of performance.Reze dramaThere are also works that are in the form of drama but are not intended to be performed.

Historical playwright

The oldest playwright in Western literature to this day isThe Ancient GreekPlaywrights.These early plays began around the 5th century BCAthensWritten for the playwrights' competition held annually in[1].Aeschylus,Sopocles,Euripides,Aristophanes Famous playwrights such as have established various forms that are still followed today.

Modern playwright

現代 のThe United States of AmericaPlaywrights often fall short of their predecessors in terms of fame and cultural status.Theater is no longer the only circuit that provides the audience with serious dramas and entertaining comedies.movies,tv set,インターネットAnd we have to compete for the audience.In addition, the crisis of funding art in the United States,Non profit organizationThe reality that the sales of tickets that depend on the theaters run by the company have to be the source of income has brought many playwrights into a situation where it is difficult to release new works.for example,ニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク OfOff BroadwayNon-profit theater in Playwrights horizons It is,1973-74There were 31 plays in the season,2002-03Only 6 pieces could be performed in this season[2]..It is also a rival, and large-scale production is donemusicalIs a "must-see"BroadwayWork (orOff BroadwayAlthough it is a work), it is not easy for the playwright to earn enough income here, and it is unexpected that he will get great success.

However, the most successful playwrights often occupy a high position in the theater world.this is,HollywoodIn the movie world such asWriterIt is in symmetry with the position occupied by.Dramatists Guild (American Playwrights Union)Dramatists Guild of America) Claims that the playwright has the right to decide on the performance of the play.In the movie, in contrast to this,directed byIs "作家You can freely change the script.


English playwright Was coined byEnglandPoetBen JohnsonLike, hisepigram49 "To the Playwright (TO PLAY WRIGHT)"[3]Then, "playwright" was used as an expression that looked down on the playwright who created the work as if it were just a business.Johnson himself wrote plays, but he always said "poets (poet) ".The play at that time was alwaysProsodyIt was thought that it was the poet's job to make it.This view existed until the beginning of the 19th century.But after that,playwright The negative implications of the word are gone.


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