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📺 | Why did Minamoto no Yoritomo die?Various causes of death theory "Ieyasu erased the record?" [13 people of Kamakura]


Why did Minamoto no Yoritomo die?Various causes of death theory "Ieyasu erased the record?" [13 people of Kamakura]

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"The 13 Lords of the Kamakura" is an excellent drama that was made interesting as an entertainment while studying historical materials well. Why was it drawn like this?

Minamoto no Yoritomo.The world of samurai may have started with his conch. Genryo, who was called a "ruthless politician" ... → Continue reading

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      Kamakura-dono(Kamakura) isKamakura Shogunate OfMasterAlso, from there, it may refer to the Kamakura Shogunate itself.Source meaningOr of that childYoshitomoLaterGen Seiwa(samurai)ofMasterWas also called the Kamakura family, Kamakura-dono, and Kamakura style. In "The Tale of the Heike", "Kamakura-dono" refers to Yoritomo, and historicallyYoritomo GengenIt is a word strongly associated with.

      "ShogunateIs the wordMid-Edo periodIt has been used since then, and was used during the Kamakura period.samuraiCalled the Kamakura Shogunate "Kamakura-dono".

      In addition, Muromachi ShogunateIs the head ofGeneral AshikagaWas also regarded as the successor to the Kamakura Shogunate, and initially the names "Kamakura-dono" and "Kamakura Shogun" were used.for example,Ryoki NijoWritten by "" (KoyasanThe third shogun in the Shochi-in bookYoshimitsu AshikagaIs called "General Kamakura".Yoshimitsu later京都When I set up my house in Muromachi, General Muromachi Shogunate said, "MuromachiIt came to be called, and instead it was a branch of the Muromachi palace.Kamakura publicCame to be called "Kamakura-dono".

      Relationship with Shogun

      With Kamakura-dono during the Kamakura Shogunate eraLordWithMaster-slave relationshipWas private and not publicly backed.This is Minamoto no YoritomoConqueror GeneralIt is a relationship before being appointed to.Therefore, Kamakura-dono is not exactly the same as the position of Shogun General, and the position of Shogun General itself is not directly related to the existence of the Kamakura Shogunate.

      It is generally believed that the status of Shogun General is to publicly secure the status of "Kamakura-dono".In fact, it became the second generation Kamakura-dono.Source sourceWas in the position of Shogun General three years after the inheritance of the family, and became Kamakura-dono after the death of Minamoto no Sanetomo.Fujiwara YoritsukeIt was seven years after Kamakura's downward movement that he took up the post of Shogun General (Kamakura Shogunate official record "Azuma mirror』In the real morning after deathMasako HojoWas Kamakura-dono for 6 years), during which time the Shogun General was vacant, but it was still "Kamakura-dono" and was not a problem.

      In addition, it is not the Shogun General who publicly secures the status of "Kamakura-den",

      • Japanese tsuibushi (Japanese tsuibushi, tsuibushi)Pursuit messenger(AfterGuardian) Has the right to appoint and dismiss)
      • Jito, Japan (GroundHas the right to appoint and dismiss)

      There is also a theory that these two positions are (both of these two positions).1185It was obtained by Yoritomo, and these positions are inherited by Kamakura-dono).

      Genji ridge and Kamakura

      Kawachi countryBased in TsuboiGen Kawachi2nd generationMinamotoIs a 舅FlatnessAfter taking over the mansion of Kamakura, he became a base in the eastern country during Minamoto no Yoshitomo and reached Yoritomo (Yoritomo was exiled to Izu in 1160, but he raised troops in 1180 and settled in Kamakura). ..Kamakura-dono refers to the lord of the Genji family (Genji ridge), from YoritomoRight generalHouse-Shogun family (Master of the samurai) Has become a popular name.

      List of successive Kamakura-dono

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