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🎥 | Yui Aragaki, asked to "tell me about studying" but shouted "it was useless"

Yui Aragaki cranked in at the premiere of the photo movie "Ghost Book Ghost Book"!

Yui Aragaki, asked to "tell me about studying", but shouted "it was useless"

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The day was also attended by Shirohi, Kaede Shibasaki, Sunny McRendon, Fumika Yoshimura, and Takashi Yamazaki.

Actress Yui Aragaki attended the premiere of the movie "Ghost Book Ghost Book" held in Tokyo on the 27th ... → Continue reading

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    Kaede Shibasaki

    Kaede Shibasaki(Shibazaki Fuuga,20084/22[1]-) isJapan OfA child.Stardust Promotion Production Part 1Affiliation[1].


    TokyoI'm from. In the summer of 2017, when I was in the third grade of elementary schoolFutakotamagawaScouted while eating at.Originally the movie "Rurouni Kenshin』And because I liked action works such as detective dramas, I belonged to the current office thinking" I want to try it ", debuted in 2018[2].

    2020 years,Sunday Theater"Theseus Ship』Plays Miki Kato boy who tosses the hero, and is attracting attention for his devilish acting[3][4].

    In addition, the 7th episode of the same work was broadcast on the same day and at the same time (from 3:1 on March 21).Sunday Prime"Drama Special Smiler]Tori Matsuzaka"Back cover" that tends to occur in popular actors by playing the main character's elementary school days[Note 1] And became a hot topic as "seasonal actor!"[5].

    Main appearance work

    TV drama



    • No.9 -Immortal Rhythm-<Replay> (December 2020, 12-Scheduled for January 13, 2021 (* December 1 isABEMA ,E +Live distribution will also be performed from.[10][11]), TBS Akasaka ACT Theater / [November, Vienna, Austria (Volkstheater) * The performance was scheduled to start as a commemorative performance for the 11th anniversary of Beethoven's birth, but the performance was canceled due to the infection status of the new coronavirus.[12]】) --Carl van Beethoven (boy)


    Internet TV



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    1. ^ The same actor and the same talent will be broadcast on the same day and at the same timeBack programTo appear in.


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    Castle clerk

    Castle(Jokairi,20069/6[2] -) isJapan OfAn actor-singer.TokyoBackground[2].Stardust promotionBelongs to the second production department.Stardust Promotion Male Artist GroupEBiDANDance & Vocal GroupSTA * MFormer member of.The member color at the time of enrollment ispurple.


    When I was 7Stardust promotionScouted and started performing arts activities[3].

    A group of male artists composed of young actors belonging to Stardust "EBiDANWhile working as a research student member, in 2015EBiDANThe only elementary school group "Stamen KiDS(At that time, now "STA * M"), and made his CD debut in 2016 with the mini album "Terakoya EP".[4].

    after that,NetflixDrama"A city without me"[5]And the movie "My neighbor's monster"[6]In 2018, he started his activities as a child actor, and in XNUMX, he was selected as the first main cast in the audition.Shoplifting family"But71th Cannes International Film FestivalHighest award in the competition categoryPalme d'OrAward[7]..He plays the role of Shota Shibata, who plays an important role in the work, and receives a lot of attention from home and abroad.

    March 2021, 7, movie ``Urban Tom & Sawyer』, Starred in the movie for the first time in the role of Naito Uchito[Annotation 1][8].

    With the live performance on March 2022, 3, to concentrate on the actor businessSTA * Mgraduated from[9].


    Height is 169 cm[1]..My hobby is Rubik's Cube[10]So, my special skills are sprinting and dancing[2]..I like spicy foods, and especially the mapo tofu made by my mother is said to be "I like it because it's just the right amount of spiciness."[10].

    I have a younger brother who is 8 years younger on the same birthday[11], In interviews with magazines, he often talks about episodes with his younger brother.

    Of "Shoplifting Family"Hirokazu KoreedaThe director said about Shirohi, "It's just my favorite face. The moment he entered the audition venue and sat down, he thought," I'm this kid. " "Because his eyes are strong, he wanted to take a look at him."[12].


    * Of the role nameTaiziIs the leading work.

    TV drama




    Delivery drama


    • Shochiku Policy Cinema "My Friends" Hen-Takuji
    • YoutubeLive streaming event "The Promised Neverland" online festival to commemorate the completion of the movie! (December 2020, 12,TohoMOVIE channel)[29]
    • movies"The Promised Neverland"Public Memorial Special" The Promised Neverland "(December 2020, 12, Fuji TV)
    • YoutubeLive Streaming Event Movie "The Promised Neverland" New Year Live Streaming (January 2021, 1)TohoMOVIE channel)[30]


    注 釈

    [How to use footnotes]
    1. ^ Due to the influence of the new corona infection, the release was postponed from the summer 2020 release to July 2021, 7.


    [How to use footnotes]
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