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🤖 | Interview with "Sura-chanzu △", a public relations unit for "My Isekai Life"! "Members ...

Photo "My Isekai Life in a Different World" Public Relations Unit "Surachanzu △"

Interview with "Sura-chanzu △", a public relations unit for "My Isekai Life"! "Members ...

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Omori: It was a mood maker that created the air in the dubbing booth like that.

The TV anime "My Isekai Life" scheduled to be broadcast from July 7th.This work is known for "The Strongest Sage with Disqualification Crest" ... → Continue reading

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    Dubbing booth

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      Mood makers

      Mood makers(Japanglish: mood maker) Refers to a person who has the power to brighten, excite, and improve the atmosphere and atmosphere of the place just by being there.[1][2][3].

      The main features are bright, positive, amiable, good listeners, etc., as well as being able to be attentive and attentive due to high insight into the surroundings.[4][2][1]..In sports, etc., it is an ability that can be possessed separately from the ability as a player, and apart from the ability to contribute with technology, it is an existence that gives a plus to the overall strength such as the atmosphere of the team.[5][3]..However, players who have the ability to lead the team with an overwhelming presence often function as mood makers as a result of their attitude.

      In English, icebreaker (Wiktionary English version), Life of the party (Wiktionary English version), Life and soul (Wiktionary English version) Etc. is an expression equivalent to a mood maker.


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