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🎥 | [Hot topic] What is the appeal of "Stranger Things Unknown World" Season 4?


[Hot topic] What is the appeal of "Stranger Things Unknown World" Season 4?

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In Season 4, a completely different horror movie-like mysterious phenomenon occurs.

"Stranger Things Unknown World", the latest season of which has been released for the first time in three years since the previous season.world… → Continue reading


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    Mysterious phenomenon

    horror film

    horror film(Horror screen) orHorror movie(Kyoufueiga) ismovies OfGenreone of. Who is watchingFearIt broadly refers to things that are designed to be enjoyed by tasting (Horror, Fear, Terror, etc. in English).again,zombie,murderer,幽 霊,monsterUsed in horror movies to scare the audience, such asMaterial,Subject matterWhat contains (whether it is for fear) may be a horror movie.


    In addition to horror, the name of the genre is also the name of emotionSuspense movieThriller movieHowever, these are closely related to horror. When dare to call separately, those that deal with supernatural elements such as zombies and occults are narrowly bound as horror movies, and those that describe murderers and criminals in the real world are often called suspense movies and thriller movies, but strictly speaking NaDefinitionThere is no. Also,Splatter movieIs typically a direct depiction of blood splatters or slaughtered corpses (SlasherIt is also a genre defined by (also called), but this is also often used as a means to cause fear, so basically it is a horrorSub genreIs considered. Similar to suspenseSexSuch asEroticismMany are also included. Also, as a sub-genre, it is in contrast to horror.comedyWas adopted as one element(English editionOr on holidaysHoliday horrorAnd so on.


    In the early days of the movie19st centurySince the end, there are many production records of horror works. In 1891EdisonBut"KinetoscopeInventedLumiere brothersImproved it "CinematographWas announced in 1895 by Alfred Clark of the United States, "Queen of Scotland,メ ア リ ーThe Execution of Mary, Queen of Scots or The Execution of Mary Stuart is the world's first horror movie. However, this work was very short at 14 seconds, and it was completely different from the movie style of "popular entertainment in the dark", where you can watch the image through the peephole and enjoy it alone. As a founder who had a great influence on later horror movies,1920 OfGerman movies"Dr. Caligari"It has been known.1922of"Vampire Nosferatu』Is also an unofficial film without the permission of the copyright holder, but it is positioned as an important movie.

    1925American movie ofOpera Phantom] Is a famous actor who was called a man with a thousand facesRon CheneyPlays the phantom with a scary make-up like a skull,Silent horrorIt became a legendary work of.GothicWith a romantic theme, a mysterious star with a strong personality decided the style of the horror movie that will be the signboard.

    TalkieThe age of1931,America'sUniversal movieIsMajin Dracula"When"FrankensteinBecame a leading horror company.1930Instead of the early Cheney,DraculaPlayedBella LugosiWhen,Frankenstein・Played a monsterBoris KarlovBecame the two most mysterious stars. Following other companies,vampire,mummy,Wolf ManMonsters,エ ド ガ ー · ア ラ ン · ポ ーthe work,"Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde] Many horror masterpieces were made on the subject.

    the 1940sWhen I entered, I was Cheney's sonWolf ManIs a representative workRon Cheney Jr.Has emerged as a mysterious star. In the mid-40sUniversal horrorAppears multiple monsters in one workEntertainmentAlthough strong-colored works have become mainstream, this line has resulted in the decline of horror.

    the 1960s

    Second World Warrear,FantasyThe mainstream of moviesSFThe horror is sluggish. What made it reviveUnited Kingdom OfHummer film productionMet.With universal horror color filmRemakePositioned as "Frankenstein's Counterattack(1957) andVampire dracula(1958) was a worldwide hit and appeared in both films.Peter cashingChristopher LeeBecame a new star.Then the mummy, werewolves, etc.Universal monstersHas revived one after another.

    American filmmaker against the rise of HummerAIP The1960ThanVincent PriceStarringエ ド ガ ー · ア ラ ン · ポ ーIt made a series of hits of horror masterpieces based on the work. Meanwhile, an independent professionalHerschel Gordon LewisThe director makes a bizarre movie that emphasizes the visual impact of the cruel depiction rather than the story.Special makeupEmphasized the extreme bloody depiction bySplatter movieWas born. After "The Bloody Holidays" (1963) in 1963, Lewis mass-produced this kind of "bloody movie" until the 1970s, but those films were only recognized as vulgar Kiwamono movies.

    the 1970s

    But,the 1970sWhen you enter, until then,Bloody tombstone(1960) in Italy, known for classic Gothic bizarre filmsMario barvaThe director announces "Blood Green Irie" (1971), which incorporates extreme cruel depictions with special makeup. Unlike H.G.Lewis' work, which looks like an amateur actor cast and made by amateur actors, it shocked the world as the first splatter movie produced by the appearance of a world-famous actor and top-notch technology.

    It was popular in Italy at the time, starting with Bava's "Blood Cove"JarloA so-called detective suspense movie begins to actively incorporate a lively cruel depiction. Sergio Martino's "Shadowless Beast" (1973)Dario ArgentoBy the directorSusperia PART2'(1975), an Italian thriller of the 70's, received the support of a young audience hungry for stimulus by expressing the bloody splatter depiction openly while pretending to be a detective mystery in search of a criminal. More AmericanToby HooperBy the directorSatan's sacrifice(1974), BritishPete WalkerDirected by "Flightmare" (1974), CanadianDavid CronenbergBy the directorRabid(1977)Bob ClarkBy the directorThe bell rings in the dark(1974), many modern cruel horrors supported by high technology and precise script/directing are produced. These works not only stimulated by H.G.Lewis' mere mere superficial bloody depiction, but also drew the horrificity of insanity and anomaly hidden in human psychology through the painfulness of the cruel scene. It can be said that it was a horror movie with a real and modern feeling at that time.

    またAlfred HitchcockDirector's(I.e.』(1963), in the mid-70sPanic movieA boom occurs.Among them, the blockbuster work "Jaws(1975), and then "Grizzly(1976)Orca(1977)Swarm(1978) and other works in which various animals and insects attack humans have been released one after another.

    On the other hand, in the 1970sBaby rosemary(1968) as the origin,William FriedkinBy the directorexorcist(1973) is an explosive hit. Starting with that,Occult movieA big boom occurs.Has been attracting attention for some timeHoroscopeOr self-proclaimedSupernatural powerPerson ofYuri GellerBeing supported by the supernatural power boom set by, people's interest in the mysterious things such as demons, psychic phenomena, and supernatural powers increased, and movie companies around the world actively announced occult movies. Hollywood isHell house(1973),Omen(1976),carry(1976),Home(1976),Audrey rose』(1977) and mass-produced occult movies dealing with psychic phenomena, demons, psychic powers, etc., and achieved great results in terms of both business and criticism.EntertainmentMovie industryThe Italian film industry, which had a lot of momentum, also took advantage of the boom and mass-produced occult films depicting the horrors of demons and witches.Especially, directed by Dario Argento, "Susperia(1976) was a huge success, comparable to Hollywood blockbusters. There were not as many popular works as in Italy, but from the Spanish film worldThe Child(1976) was announced and attracted much attention. It's a movie that looks like an occult movie but is absurd satire, but the allegorical and shocking story that children suddenly started killing adults shocked the world.

    Pushed by the splatter and occult movie trends, classical Hummer and AIP works are declining. Horror movies were entering a new era.

    the 1980s

    the 1980s The demand for horror movies increased, backed by the video rental bubble. Above allJohn Carpenterof"Halloween』(1978) was a big hit, imitating the format that murderers attack young peopleSlasher movieWill enter the golden age. 『Friday the 13th(1980),Nightmare on Elm Street(1984),Child play(1988),Candy man(1992),Scream(1996),Last summer] (1997) and various types of slasher movies have been mass-produced. In particular, "Friday the 13th" is said to be one of the most influential series in the 1980s movie series, and the production of 11 movies, novelize, comicalize and various collectible goods, It was a legendary series.

    On the other hand,Ridley ScottBy the directorエ イ リ ア ン』(1979) was a big hit,SF horrorEstablish a new genre.continue"Object X from planet(1982) andPredator』(1984) and other hits in quick succession, SF horror is immediately absorbed into SF action, disappears.

    the 1990s

    the 1990sIsMisery(1990) andseven(1995)Psychological thrillerThe fashion changes to. In 1991,Jody Foster,Anthony HopkinsIs a horror movie starringThe silence of the sheep"But,64th Academy Awards5 major departmentsAwarded, the first ever horror movieAcademy AwardIt achieved the feat.

    In Japan, the word "horror" was hardly known until the 1990s,Strange movieWas commonly used.1998ToringWas released, andGrudge(2003),One Missed Call』(2003), etc.Japanese horrorIt served as a spark for the boom. "ringJapanese horror includingHong KongSwept[1]The reason is that the cultural identity of Japan and Hong Kong is mentioned, and the characters areBlack hairnotBlondeAnd if you have almond-colored eyes, there are opinions that "it is not credible" and "it is difficult for us to get hooked on them".[1].

    1997of"CubeAfter the hit, the story unfolds in a limited space in the 2000s.Solid situation horrorBecomes a big boom.Above all, "Saw] Was a huge hit in the horror movie world. It drew attention as a movie that sought to express the ultimate pain by diversifying the cruel scenes by thoroughly expressing human fears. afterwards,"hostel』(2005), etc.Torture pornA horror movie of a genre specializing in cruel scenes called (torture pornography) gains momentum.

    the 2000s

    On the other hand, it was released in 1999.Blair Witch ProjectAfter the hit, in the 2000s, a full-length video camera was used.POV (Documentary)the workWill increase. In 2007, "Paranormal activity] Became a hot topic even though it was an ultra-low budget, and it was a huge hit that could be called a social phenomenon. other"REC/REC(2007),Clover field/HAKAISHA(2008),Grave Encounters(2011) and so on.

    In 2003Freddy vs JasonA collaborative work such as ”appeared in the theater and received a lot of attention around the world. This work created a new type in the movie world, starting with this workAlien VS PredatorThe work that goes beyond the boundaries of the movie company, in which the characters of other works, such as, are confronted with each other is being produced. Another notable trend in horror movies of the 2000s is remake.ringAnd 'GrudgeJapanese horror remakes such as "are being produced one after another in the United States.

    In Western movies,Satan's sacrifice], [Friday the 13th], [Nightmare on Elm Street], [Halloween] The famous works of the past were remade one after another. Especially"IT(1990) is a remake ofIT/It If you see it, you're done.(2017) was a blockbuster record of the No. 1 box office record in horror film history.

    Also"High tension』(2003), based on radical Gore depiction and stylishnessFrench horrorBecomes a boom.Will be released laterInsider(2007)Frontier(2007)Martyrs』(2008), including the four major French horror (French horror four heavenly kings) came to be called.


    the 2010sIsDon't Breeze(2016) andQuiet Place"(2018), "Don't make noise,"Light/off"(2016) "Do not turn off the electricity", "Bye bye man(2017), we focused on new ideas such as "Don't say or think about your name."New sense horrorThere are many works called.

    In addition, it is a kind of sweet and sour youth horrorIt Follows(2014), or a horror movie that was highly evaluated as a black movie.Get out』(2017) and many other genreless orthodox horror appeared. Especially"Heredary/Succession(2018) is "The best masterpiece in the last 50 years of horror movies.[2]"The best horror movie of the 21st century[3]It is said that.

    Typical horror movie



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