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🤖 | TV anime "Aoashi", 2nd cool visual & additional cast information released


TV animation "Aoashi", 2nd cool visual & additional cast information released

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Takuya Eguchi played the role of Akira Kaneda, Kotaro Nishiyama played the role of Junnosuke Nakano, Tomoki Ono played the role of Chiaki Muto, the commander of the Tokyo Musashino Kicking Team Youth, and Koji Satake played the role of director. Tomoaki Maeno, Soichiro Tachibana's sister, and Kei Shindo will play the role of Miyako Tachibana, who belongs to the Tokyo Musashino Kicking Team Ladies.

Set in the soccer J-League youth team, the TV anime "Aoa ..." depicts the youth of high school students struggling to become professionals. → Continue reading

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