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Coordinate: 44°30'N 89 degrees 30 minutes west longitude /44.5 N, 89.5 W / 44.5; -89.5;

State of Wisconsin
Wisconsin State FlagWisconsin sign
(State flag(State emblem)
State nickname: American badgerState (The Badger State)
Dairy Country
State motto: move on
Location in Wisconsin
State capitalMadison
Largest cityMilwaukee
Governor(English edition
Official terminologyEnglish(in fact)
No legal designation
 - Grand total
 -Water area
23th in the US
169,639 km²
140,663 km²
28,977 km² (17.1%)
 - Grand total
 - Population density
20th in the US
41.9 people/km²
Join US
 -Date of subscription

Time zoneUTC -6
STD -5
latitudeNorth latitude 42°37'-47°05'
longitudeWest longitude 86°46'-92°53'
East-west width420 km
North-south length500 km
 -Highest altitude
 -Average elevation
 -Lowest altitude

595 m
320 m
176 m
Abbreviation (ISO 3166-2: US)US-WI
WebsiteWisconsin State Government
SenatorRon Johnson
Tammy Baldwin

Wisconsin(Wisconsin,British: State of Wisconsin [wɪsˈkɒnsɨn] ( Audio file)) IsThe United States of America OfMidwestLocated in the northernmost part ofState.Great Lakes areaIs also included.It ranks 50rd in land area and 23th in population among the 20 states of the United States.PredecessorWisconsin TerritoryWas promoted to the 1848th state of the United States on May 5, 29. On the east sideLake MichiganTo the northeastミ シ ガ ン 州On the west sideMinnesotaIowaOn the south sideIllinoisOn the north sideLake SuperiorIs in contact with. State capitalMadison City, The city with the largest populationMilwaukeeIt is a city.

Nicknamed "Dairy Country" or "The Badger State".American badger(Badja) is also a state symbol, and in the first half of the 19th century, Wisconsin was domestic.leadDuring the lead rush era, which produced more than half of the[1].

Languages ​​spoken at home (Wisconsin) 2010[2]
Race Composition (Wisconsin) 2010
イ ン デ ィ ア ン

Origin of the state name

The state's name comes from the Wisconsin River, and "Wisconsin"イ ン デ ィ ア ンTribeOjibwe Ofword"Miskwasiniing" meaning "land of red stones"FrenchIt is said that the words in the wind are the basis[3].

1673, French explorerJack MarquetteBecame the first European to reach the Wisconsin River and named the river in its journal. Meskousing Was recorded[4].. Later French explorers wrote the spelling Ouisconsin After that, over the years, it became the French name of the river and the surrounding area. When many British immigrants came to this area in the early 19th century, their names were changed to English-style spelling,Wisconsin Became. The spelling was officially made by the Parliament when the Wisconsin Territory was founded in 1845.[5].

The Indian language that corresponds to "Wisconsin" has also become ambiguous in its original meaning. The most well-supported theory is the red sandstone on the river and its banks. In the words of the Miami Illinois Meskousing , Which means "laying red". This depicts the Wisconsin River flowing alongside the reddish sandstone of Wisconsin Dell.[6].. In other theoriesOjibweMeans "a place of red stones", "a place where water gathers", or "a large rock".[7].


Main article:Wisconsin History

In the region of Wisconsin, various cultures have emerged over the last 12,000 years. The first humans were around 10,000 BC, where the Wisconsin Glacier was located. They arePareo indianAnd was hunting ice-era animals that are now extinct. This is due to the prehistory found with a spear in the southwestern part of the stateMastodonBacked by the skeleton of Boaz Mastodon[8].. With the end of the Ice Age around 8,000 BC, people began to hunt, fish, and collect wild plants. During the Woodland period from 1,000 BC to 1,000 BC, an agricultural society gradually emerged. Around the end of that period, it became the center of the "Effiji Mound Culture," which built many animal-shaped mounds in the area.[9].. 1000 to 1500 AD,Mississippi cultureAnd the Oneota culture, there were considerable settlements such as the protected villages in Aztaran, southeastern Wisconsin.[10].. The Oneota were considered to be the ancestors of the modern Iowa and Hochunk tribes and shared the region with the Menominee when they were contacted by Europeans.[11].. Besides, as a tribe who lived in this area,OjibweTribe,Soak,Fox,KikapoTribe,PotawatomiAnd moved from the eastern part between 1500 and 1700[12].

1634, French Jean Nicolet(Jean Nicolet) Is believed to be the first Caucasian explorer to visit Wisconsin today.Great LakesThroughLake Huron OfGeorgia BayIt is a common theory that he canoeed to the west and landed near Red Banks in Green Bay.[13].. Pierre Radisson and Medal de Grosseilleur visited the Gulf of Green from 1654 to 1666 and Shiwa Migan Bay from 1659 to 1660 for fur trade with local Indians.[14].. 1673, French explorerJack MarquetteLouis JolietThrough the Fox Wisconsin WaterwayMississippi RiverBecame the first to reach near Prairie Ducine and leave the journal[15].. In the 17th and 18th centuries, Frenchmen such as Nicholas Perrault continued to trade fur throughout the region, but France did not establish a permanent settlement.

French indian warAfter,FranceIs the same placeUnited KingdomTransferred to (1763). Nevertheless, French traders continued to operate in the region and were dominated by Britain, like Charles de Langreid.CanadaSome chose to stay permanently in Wisconsin rather than returning to[16].

after that,Revolutionary WarAfter that, the area including Wisconsin was incorporated into the territory of the United States. However, even after that, Britain was still in effective control of the region,US-UK warThe United States came to rule through[17].. The local economy has moved from trading to lead mining. Many Americans and Europeans were attracted to the region, who were attracted by the prospect of easy fortune at Mineral Point and the lead deposits in and around Dodgeville. Some miners also dug a hole into their homes and were given the name "badger". This is the origin of Wisconsin's state name "Anaguma State"[18].. The large influx of white miners created tensions with local Indians. 1827 Winnebago War, 1832Black hawk warResulted in the expulsion of Indians from most parts of the state[19].. Wisconsin1836ToWisconsin Territory,1848Was promoted to the 30th state.

Early Wisconsin politicsSlaveryWas involved in a nationwide debate about. Wisconsin has been a free state since its inception andAbolition of slaveryBecame the center of. 1854, named Joshua GloverMissouriHave fled fromslave Racine CityThe discussion was heated when caught in. Glover in 1850Escape Slave LawHowever, a mob of abolitionist slaves rushed into jail, securing Grover's identity and helping him escape to Canada. In a trial following this case, the Wisconsin Supreme Court declared the escape slave law unconstitutional[20].. Formed on March 1854, 3 by activists against expanding slavery in RiponRepublican PartyCame to dominate state politics after these events[21].Civil WarAt that time, about 91,000 soldiers from WisconsinUnion ArmyFought in[22].

The Wisconsin economy diversified early in the state's promotion.With the decline of lead mining, agriculture has become a major industry in the southern part of the state.Railroads were built in the state to bring crops to the market, and the city of Racine created manufacturing industries like JI Case & Company to make agricultural machinery. Although it was a short period in the 1860s, it became one of the largest wheat producers in Japan.[23].. On the other hand, sawmills flourished in the wooded regions of the northern part of the state, and sawmills were established in cities such as La Crosse, Eau Claire and Wausau. Environmental problems were also caused by these economic activities. By the end of the 19th century, large-scale farming had exhausted soil and the lumber industry had completely used up forests in the state.[24].. Wheat agriculture and sawmills were rapidly declining.

Since the 1890s, farmers have been using wheat to make their land more sustainable and profitable.dairyI moved to the product. Many immigrantscheeseAnd that the local topography was suitable,University of WisconsinThere was also research on dairy farming by Steven Babcock in England[25].. Meanwhile, environmentalists such as Aldo Leopold contributed to forest restoration in the early 20th century.[26], Paved the way for the reconstruction of the lumber industry and the creation of the paper industry, and further contributed to tourism development in the northern forest area. The manufacturing industry also grew rapidly in the early 20th century. This made many immigrants from Europe a labor force. In an industrial city like Milwaukee, it has grown from brewing and food processing to heavy machinery and tool manufacturing, and in 1910 reached the 8th highest total production in the United States.[27].

In the early 20th centuryRobert M. LaforetIs the firstProgressiveismIt was also the time when Wisconsin's Progressive Republicans are the first comprehensive statewidePrimary electionIntroduced,[28], First substantialIndustrial Accident Compensation ActEstablished[29], The first as state taxincome taxSet[30], Taxation system according to income. With the progressive idea called the Wisconsin idea, the University of Wisconsin expansion plan expanded the state-wide Wisconsin network at that time.[31].. Later 1932, Professor of Economics at the University of WisconsinJohn R. CommonsHarold GrovesUnemployment compensation lawProduced[32].

Wisconsin had several political polemics in the mid-20th century. In the 1950sJoseph McCarthySenateAnti-communist movementJoin theUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonThe anti-war movement at the peak of the Sterling Hall bombing in August 1970. Politics in recent years has been relatively calm, but it has continued to promote new concepts, among which it became a leader in the welfare reforms promoted by Governor Tommy Thompson (Republican Party) in the 8s.[33].. By the end of the 20th century, the state economy was further transformed, the heavy industry and the manufacturing industry declined, and the service industry economy based on medical care, education, agribusiness and tourism emerged.

Two USS battleships have been used in the past.WisconsinWas named (BB-9BB-64). August 2012,SikhismThere was a shooting incident in the temple.


reference:List of counties in Wisconsin

North of WisconsinLake SuperiorAnd on the Montreal Riverミ シ ガ ン 州On the east sideLake MichiganOver Michigan, to the westMinnesotaIowaOn the south sideIllinoisIs in contact with. The state border dispute with Michigan was settled in the 1934 and 1935 "Wisconsin v. Michigan Cases" trial. Eastern state borderMississippi River, The western border is the St. Croix river, and the southeastern border is the Menominee river. It is the northernmost state without a land border with Canada.

Wisconsin lies between the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River and has a diverse terrain. It is geographically divided into 5 regions. In the north, the Lake Superior lowland is a zonal zone on the shore. To the south, the Northern Highlands (Northern Highlands) cover an area of ​​150 million acres (6,100 km).2It is covered with mixed hardwood and coniferous forests, including the Shiwa Migan-Nikolai National Forest, Thousands of glacial lakes, and the state's highest point, the Tims Hills. The central part of the state is the Central Plain, which features fertile farmland and Wisconsin River Dells.sandstoneThere is terrain. Many of the state's largest cities are located in the eastern ridges and lowlands of the southeast. On that ridgeNew York StateIncludes Niagara Cliffs, Black River Cliffs and Magnesian Cliffs[34][35].. The bedrock of the Niagara CliffsDolomite, The other twoLimestoneIs. In the southwestern region, Western Uplands is a rocky landscape with forests and farmland, and many cliffs on the Mississippi River. This region belongs to the driftless region, which also extends to Iowa, Illinois, and Minnesota. This area was not covered by glaciers during the last glacial period, the Wisconsin Ice Age.

Overall, 46% of Wisconsin's land is forested.Langgrade CountyThe soil is an Antigo silt loam layer, which is rarely seen elsewhere.

United States National Park ServiceThe areas covered by[36].

The National Forest, managed by the United States Forest Service, is one of the forests of the Siwamigan-Nikolay National.

Madison CityAs a beautiful city between the lakesAmericaIt is well known in the country and is built on the very best city planning.University of CaliforniaThere is the main school ofBerkeleyIt is a university town called Little Berkeley in comparison with.University of Wisconsin-MadisonIs famous for its biochemistry, and is one of the top domestic universities as a state university, including the 1st place in the sociology department in the graduate school ranking book. It is a land blessed with nature that changes with the seasons and is a popular tourist destination in the United States. In the U.S.beer,cheeseIt is also known as a famous place of origin. There are many German and Northern European residents, and local beer and sausages called Bratz (Bratworth) are famous.


The climate in Wisconsin isWet continental climateIs. The highest temperature ever recorded in the state was recorded in Wisconsin Dells on July 1936, 7 13.° F (46 °C), and the lowest temperature ever recorded was -1996 (-2 °C) recorded in Coudray Village on February 2 and 4, 55.[37].. Although there are many days when it is easy to spend summer, the difference in temperature is great, and it is famous as a cold state in the United States along with Minnesota. January is the coldest month in winter, and it is usually below -1°C at night, and sometimes below -20°C.

Monthly average high and low temperatures in each city in the state [° F (° C)]
Green bay25/10

(-4 / -12)


(-2 / -11)


(5 / -5)
















(6 / -2)


(-1 / -9)


(-3 / -14)


(0 / -11)


(7 / -4)
















(7 / -3)


(-1 / -10)


(-3 / -12)


(0 / -9)


(7 / -4)
















(7 / -2)


(-1 / -9)


(-2 / -9)


(0 / -7)


(6 / -2)


















(0 / -7)


Population transition
18303,635+ 151.7 %
184030,945+ 751.3 %
1850305,391+ 886.9 %
1860775,881+ 154.1 %
18701,054,670+ 35.9 %
18801,315,497+ 24.7 %
18901,693,330+ 28.7 %
19002,069,042+ 22.2 %
19102,333,860+ 12.8 %
19202,632,067+ 12.8 %
19302,939,006+ 11.7 %
19403,137,587+ 6.8 %
19503,434,575+ 9.5 %
19603,951,777+ 15.1 %
19704,417,731+ 11.8 %
19804,705,767+ 6.5 %
19904,891,769+ 4.0 %
20005,363,675+ 9.6 %
20105,686,986+ 6.0 %
20205,893,718+ 3.6 %

According to the 2020 census, Wisconsin has a population of 5,893,718, 2010.Census3.64% increase from the time[38]..According to the United States Census Bureau, WisconsinCenter of gravity TheGreen Lake CountyMarket SunIt is a city[2].

As of 2004, there were 229,800 foreign-born residents (4.2% of the state's population) in the state, and 18 illegal immigrants, or 41,000% of foreign-born residents, live there. 71.7% were born in the state, 23.0% were born in another state in the country, and 0.7% were born abroad in Puerto Rico, US islands, and American parents.[39].

6.4% of Wisconsin's population is 5 or younger, 25.5% is 18 or younger, and 13.1% is 65 or older. Women represent approximately 50.6% of the population.

Race and ancestry

Wisconsin has been ethnically diverse since its establishment. Following the days of the French fur traders, a wave of miners came, many entering the southwestern stateCornwallI was from England. The next wave of immigrants was at the beginning of the stateNew England,Upstate New YorkFrom the so-called "YankeeMany dominated heavy industry, finance, politics and education. A large number of European immigrants continued between 1850 and 1900, of which Germans and Northern Europeans (of which Norwegian were the majority) were the majority, with a small number being Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Finland, Ireland, Poland and Italy. There were immigrants from such. In the 20th century, large numbers of Mexican and African-Americans mainly entered Milwaukee. furtherVietnam WarAfter the end of the warMiao(Mon people) flowed in.

As of 2010, the composition of races in Wisconsin is as follows:[40].

  • 86.2% White (83.3% in Hispanic)
  • 6.3% Black
  • 2.3% Asian
  • 1.0% イ ン デ ィ ア ン
  • 1.8% mixed race
  • 5.9% Hispanic regardless of race

The composition ratio by ancestors declared in the state in 2010 was as follows:[41][42].. The largest percentage of people from Poland are in Japan[41].

latestCensusReports that about half of the Caucasian population in the state has at least some German descent. German-Americans are the largest ethnic group in the state, and Wisconsin is widely regarded as the most German ("German-American") state in the United States (but 43.9% of German ancestry). There isNorth DakotaCan also claim this). Declining Scandinavian populations, especially Norwegian populations, are concentrated in several western regions of the state. Groups of various ethnic groups settled in various parts of the state. Germans are in the entire state, but are highly concentrated in Milwaukee. Norwegian descent has entered the northern and western lumber and agricultural areas. Small groups such as Belgium, Switzerland and Finland have entered certain areas, while those from Ireland, Italy and Poland have mainly entered urban areas.[43].. African Americans have been in Milwaukee since 1940 in particular.Menominee CountyIs the only Indian county in the eastern half of the United States.

86% of African Americans live in four cities: Milwaukee, Racine, Beloit and Kenosha. In particular, Milwaukee is home to nearly three-quarters of the state's blacks. In the Great Lakes region, as a city showing a higher composition ratio of African Americans than MilwaukeeDetroitCity andCleveland CityThere is only.

WisconsinAsia33% of the ancestral populationMiao(Hmong), Milwaukee,Warsaw,Green bay,Sheboygan,AppletonMadison,Lacrosse,Eau Claire, Oshkosh andManitowakLiving in each city with a considerable amount of society[44].. This is the result of accepting Vietnamese and Miao refugees after the Vietnam War.


The composition of Wisconsin residents by religious denomination is shown in the list below.[45].

Indian tribe

Chippewa tribe,Dakota,Haus Tonic,,,Iroquois,Kikapo,Mahican,Miami,Muncie,,,,Ottawa,Potawatomi,,,Soak,WyandotteOnce more than 20イ ン デ ィ ア ンA tribe indigenous,WigwamBuilt a village, and ran a farming and gathering life.

In the 19th century,Andrew JacksonPresident'sIndian immigration lawSuch asEthnic cleansingBy policySoak,KikapoMost of themOklahomaWas forced to relocate to another state. Wisconsin town "La Crosse" is an Indian sportLacrosseOriginating from competition.

In 1954 the U.S. Congress of the Menominees of WisconsinReservation placeWas passed, and on April 1961, 4, it was officially designated as an "extinct tribe." Their reserves were sold to a private forestry company, Menominee Enterprise (MEI). Losing territory and falling to the bottom of poverty, the Menominees organized a federal recertification request. December 30, 1973,Richard NixonBy the presidentMenominee Revival MethodWas signed and the 1954 Hold Cancellation Act was abolished. On January 1975, 1, the “Menominee Warrior Society” occupied an abandoned monastery in Gresham, Wisconsin and requested it as a medical facility for tribes. "American indian movement(AIM)" and the actorMarlon BrandEven with the support of the castle, intense protests continued for a month. In 1, the tribe was finally recertified and officially "revivaled." The Menominees are traditionally tribes with excellent afforestation skills, and the Menominee Tribal University (CMN), which was opened in their reserves in 1976, has a high reputation in the field of technology research.

"Stockbridge Indians ("Mahikakan")"MohicanKnown as. It was the white writers who called them the “Mohicans”James Fenimore CooperThen, the popular novel "Last MohawkIt is often mistaken for "completely extinguished tribe" because it became so famous, and their official website has an immutable title based on the novel "The Last of the Mohicans" written by a writer named Cooper. We are sometimes fed up because of the premise (of the extinct tribes) of."

Currently certified by the US federal government,Reservation placeThe following 6 tribes have the following tribes:

≪Indian tribes and tribal councils officially recognized by the US federal government≫

  • "Chippewa (Ojibwe)
    • "Red Cliff Tribal Conference"
    • "Lake Superior, Chippewa, La Du Franview Band"
    • "Lake Superior, Chippewa, La Cote O'Reilly Band"
    • "Bud River Tribal Conference"
    • "Soka Gong Chippewa tribe"

  • ""
  • ""
  • "(Ho Chunk)" *Recertified in 2003
  • "Forest CountyPotawatomiCommunity"
  • "Stockbridge-Muncie Community"

≪Indian tribe requested to be certified by the US federal government≫

Return of Indians and remains

Since the end of the 19th century, traditional Indian cemeteries have been exposed in the United States for "research" by researchers from white universities one after another, and the remains of their bodies have been taken. This act of trampling on the dignity of the nation has been openly carried out until the end of the 20th century. In particular, the Indian tribe, which had been officially dismissed by the Union and deemed "extinct", had no legal protest against the destruction of the traditional cemetery because it had even confiscated ownership of the traditional cemetery. At the same time, the people's daily life tools and important ceremonial tools were also confiscated and displayed and displayed at universities and "Indian Museums" in each state.

The movement to demand the return of the confiscated and confiscated remains and folk tools from the Indians began around the 1980s, and a similar movement was being carried out by the black African countries on Europe, and was rising as a global trend. In 1990, in response to this demand, the US federal government enacted a law aimed at returning these relics to the tribes, the American Indian Cemetery Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA). As a result, the museums in each state, the remains from the university, folk tools such as moccasins and headdresses, and even the curse were returned to their respective tribes. However, various problems have been raised regarding the return of a huge number of this relic.

In September 2009, the "Public Museum" in Milwaukee, based on the "NAGPRA", began the process of returning the remains of Indians from the millennia that had been stored in the museum. Remains collected from uncovering traditional Indian cemeteries around the state are individually packed in plastic bags that are randomly written as "children" and sleeping in a warehouse.First, Lake Superior of the Chippewa tribe The remains of the du france band and the La Cote O'Reilly band will be returned to the two tribes. This return of remains is a heavy burden on both the return side and the return side. The Chippewa tribe must plan whether to re-burial or preserve the remains, and the public museum must determine which tribe the remains belong to by thousands. The Chippewa tribe, La Du Franview Band, "will need at least 9 years" for this work.

Indian Casino

Industrial WisconsinReservation place In (Reservation),Indian CasinoThe operation is thriving. There are many planned casinos, and it is expected that the number will increase in the future.

<<Wisconsin Indian Casino and Management Tribe>>

  • "Chippewa tribe"
    • "Chippewa Lodge & Bingo on the Bad River"-"Bad River Tribal Conference"
    • "San Claw Casino & Hotel"-"San Claw Chippewa"
    • "Casino in the waterfall hole"-"San Claw Chippewa"
    • "The Little Turtle Express"
    • "Isle Vista Casino"-"Lake Superior/Red Cliff Band"
    • "Mall Lakeside Casino"-"Lake Superior, Sokogon Band"
    • "The Stone Stream Casino"-"Lake Superior La Cote O'Reilly Band"
    • "LCO Casino"-"Lake Superior La Cote O'Reilly Band"
    • "Lakeside Torch Resort & Casino"-"Lake Superior La du Franview Band"

  • "Oneida"
    • "Onida Bingo & Casino"
  • "Ho Chunk ()"
    • "Dejoupe gambling place"
    • "Dignified Pine Casino & Casino"
    • "Casino at white-tailed intersection"
    • "Ho Chunk Casino & Bingo"
    • "Rainbow Casino"

  • "Pottawa Tomi"
    • "Pottawa Tomi-North Light Casino"
    • "Pottawa Tomi Bingo Casino"
  • "The Menominees"
    • "The Menominee Casino Bingo Hotel"
  • "Stockbridge Muncie (Mohegan)"
    • "Mohawk North Star Casino & Bingo"

Major cities and towns

More than 68% of Wisconsin residents live in urbanized areas, with approximately a third of the state's population concentrated in the Milwaukee metropolitan area alone[46].. Milwaukee is southwest of Lake MichiganChicagoIn metropolitan areasIndianaIt extends to the northwest and is located on the northern outskirts of the metropolitan area with a population of 1,100 million.With more than 57 inhabitants, it is the 31st largest city in the country.[38].. Cities along the west coast of Lake Michigan are generallyMegalopolisIt is considered to be an example.Madison CityIs a state capital and a university town, and has a rich culture that cannot be seen in its size.The population of the city area is about 27, and the population of the metropolitan area is about 68.[38], The growth rate is also high.The city of Middleton, on the outskirts of Madison, was ranked as a "city I want to live in in the United States" by the 2007 magazine "Money."Medium-sized cities are scattered throughout the state and are the center of the regional network that surrounds them. As of 2020, there are 5 cities with a population of over 12, accounting for 73% of employment.[47].

Wisconsin has a city, a village, a town and three municipalities. Cities and villages are incorporated and urbanized areas. Towncounty OfLower administrative divisionAnd the scope of autonomy is limited.

2020Currently, the cities and metropolitan areas in Wisconsin with a population of 50,000 or more are:[38].

  1. Milwaukee ――Population 577,222 (1,574,731 in the metropolitan area, 2,053,232 in the wide-area metropolitan area including Racine, which will be described later), with the largest population in the state and the center of economy and culture.Places the campus.
  2. Madison --Population 269,840 (680,796 in the metropolitan area, 910,246 in the metropolitan area including Janesville and others described below),State capital,University of WisconsinIs the university town where the Madison school, which is the headquarters campus, is located.
  3. Green bay --Population 107,395,NFL OfGreen Bay PackersHome of.
  4. Kenosha --Population 99,986,Chicago metropolitan areaIt forms the northern end.1927The Kenosha Velodrome, which opened in, is the oldest bicycle racetrack in the United States that is still in use today. internationalBarber shop musicMeeting2007It had its headquarters until.
  5. Racine --Population 77,816,Frank Lloyd WrightDesignSC Johnson & Sun(Former Johnson Wax Company) has its headquarters building. OnceNational Women's Professional Baseball LeagueRacine Bells (Racine Belles) Was the headquarters.
  6. Appleton --Population 75,644, north shore of Lake Winnebego.Lawrence UniversityHarry HoudiniThere is a history center.2004The exhibition, where the latter uncovered the secrets of the famous Houdini's "Metamorphosis" trick, was controversial.
  7. Woki Show --A suburban city of Milwaukee with a population of 71,158.
  8. Eau Claire --Population 69,421.The central city of the northwestern part of the state.
  9. Oshkosh --Population 66,816, west bank of Lake Winnebago."Experimental Aircraft Association" (Aircraft Production Mania Association)Experimental Aircraft Association) Is the Oshkosh Air Show (Oshkosh AirshowThere are some of the busiest airports in the world during the week.
  10. Janesville --Population 65,615, total area 3500 million squaresフ ィ ー ト (32Ha)General MotorsThere are major assembly plants in.
  11. --A suburban city of Milwaukee with a population of 60,325.Petit National Ice Center (Pettit National Ice Center, Former West Alice Olympic Ice Rink).2005Home to the West Alice Speed ​​Skating Club and the United States Olympic Speed ​​Skating Team, which has produced 17 Olympic contestants and 95 national champions[48]
  12. Lacrosse - population52,680 people, the central city of the southwestern part of the state.

reference:List of municipalities in Wisconsin by population,Political subdivisions of Wisconsin

Other than the above, other cities of high importance in the state areLake MichiganA resort on the shoreSheboygan, On the south shore of Lake WinnebegoFond du Lac, A central city in the central part of the state and one of the leading settlements in the United StatesWarsaw, Maritime town on the shores of Lake MichiganManitowak, Across the bankMinnesotaDuluthWithLake SuperiorForm an important port citySuperiorEtc.

Law and administration

The Wisconsin Constitution stipulates the structure and function of the state government. The provincial government is divided into three parts: administrative, legislative and judicial.

Executive branch

The head of the executive branch is the governor.It is currently held by Democrat Tony Evers, who took office on January 2019, 1.Besides the governor, the lieutenant governor, secretary of state, attorney general, treasurer, and superintendent of public education are elected.

Legislative office

See: Wisconsin State Assembly Wisconsin State Legislature

The Wisconsin Legislature is the legislature. It has both a lower house and a upper house.


Related item:Wisconsin Supreme Court Wisconsin Supreme Court

The Wisconsin Department of Justice has four stages: a district court, a circuit court, an appeals court, and a Supreme Court. District courts deal with cases involving local ordinances. The Circuit Court is the usual court of first instance and handles all civil and criminal cases in the state first. Appeal to the Court of Appeal if you are not satisfied with the ruling by the Circuit Court. There are 4 judges, and usually three people make a pair. The highest court of the state judicial office is the Supreme Court, which hears appeal cases from both the lower court and the original disposition. Besides the ruling, the Supreme Court is responsible for managing the judiciary and controlling the enforcement of state law.[49].

State Law

Currently in WisconsinDeath penaltyHas been abolished.


Results of the presidential election
YearsRepublican PartyDemocratic Party
201647.22% 1,405,28446.45% 1,382,536
201245.89% 1,407,96652.83% 1,620,985
200842.31% 1,262,39356.22% 1,677,211
200449.31% 1,478,12049.71% 1,489,504
200047.56% 1,237,27947.83% 1,242,987
199638.48% 845,02948.81% 1,071,971
199236.78% 930,85541.13% 1,041,066
198847.80% 1,047,79451.41% 1,126,794

Wisconsin during the Civil WarRepublican PartyWas a state that supported. In fact, Wisconsin was the birthplace of the Republican Party, but in the latter half of the 19th century, due to ethnic and religious issues, the Republican Party was split for a short time. In the first half of the 20th centuryRobert M. Laforet SeniorAnd his sons dominated the Republican Party, but later revived the Progressive Party. After 1945 with the Republican PartyDemocratic PartyHave been antagonizing. Republican Senator in the early 1950sJoseph McCarthyWas a controversial national figure. Former Republican leader is Tommy Thompson, former Governor2012 presidential electionWas nominated as a Vice Presidential Candidate forPaul RyanAnd the Democratic Party with Senator Herb ColeRuss Finegold, House of Representatives David Obey[50].

The most famous controversy in state political history was about teaching foreign languages ​​in schools. When the Republicans supported Bennett during the 1890 Bennett law movement, German immigrants switched to the Democratic Party, leading to a major victory for the Democratic Party.

Wisconsin cities have made it easier to obtain political information on the Internet, thereby increasing government transparency. Three of the five largest metropolitan cities in the state now have access to all public records directly from the city's database. It was originally started by Milwaukee City in 5[51], Each city followed suit. The city of Madison is advocating "the digital city of the digital government"[52].

2008 United States Presidential ElectionWisconsin is a Democratic presidential candidate, and Illinois elected US SenatorBarack ObamaSupported. Obama gained 56% of the state's total votes, with strong support from large cities such as Milwaukee and Madison. Located in Green Bay CityBrown CountyAnd the city of AppletonOutagami CountyBut contrary to historical trends, the Republican candidateJohn McCainChose Obama over. McCain gained 42% across the state, only winning in 72 of the 13 counties. Among them, only 55 districts had the approval rating of 5% or more. Obama conquered 59 counties, surpassing the east-west disparity and urban, suburban, and rural disparities that existed within the state. At that time, the voting rate was the second highest in the country after Minnesota.

However, in the 2010 mid-term elections, the Republicans had a major rollback and gained control of the Governor and the House of Representatives. In the United States Senate election, Ron Johnson defeated the Democratic incumbent Ras Finegold, and in the House of Representatives election, the number of seats was increased by 1 to 5 to 3.

On February 2011, 2, a voice of protest occurred in the State Capitol when deliberating a bill to address collective bargaining rights for state employees, excluding wages, to address a $14 billion financial deficiency. The protest attracted tens of thousands of people every day and received international attention. Parliament passed the Senate on March 36th, 3-9 in the House of Representatives on 10th, seeking the signature of the governor[53].

In response to this law, signatures have been gathered demanding a recall of Governor Scott Walker. The Democratic opponent of the 2010 Governor's Election, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, won the Democratic primary and again opposed Walker. The result of the re-election was Walker 53% and Burrett 46%, making Walker the first governor in the country to retain its chair after a recall.


Related item:Wisconsin State House of Representatives US Congressional Delegations from WisconsinSenator from Wisconsin, USA US Senators from Wisconsin

The United States Senators from Wisconsin are Republican Ron Johnson and Democrat Tammy Baldwin.The House of Representatives is elected from eight constituencies, with five Republicans and three Democrats as of 8.

Wisconsin Policy Maker

Related item:Political party strength in Wisconsin

Wisconsin has often been a close battle in recent presidential elections, and Wisconsin has received a lot of attention as it has been reported nationwide as the state that decides the outcome. In the case of 2000Al GoreIs 5,700 votes difference, in the case of 2004John KellyWon Wisconsin by 11,000 votes. But in 2008Barack ObamaWon by 56 votes with 381,000% support. Obama also won in 2012 with 52%.

In 2016, it turned aroundDonald Trump,Hillary ClintonVictory in both states was so close that it meant victory in the presidential election.Opinion polls before the election consistently regarded it as a supporter of the Democratic Party, but when I opened the lid, Trump won by a close margin of 0.76%, and as a result, it also won the entire presidential election, shocking the United States. Gave (Trump phenomenon).This includes the stateLast beltTrump's election strategy to appeal to white workers has been successful, while liberal media continues to underestimate white workers' voting power, and Hillary's camp does not doubt victory in the state. It has been pointed out that the cause is a fatal mistake of never stepping into the end of the election campaign.

Fox Valley was a solid Republican base, but in the 2006 US House of Representatives election, he chose Steve Cagan, a Democrat from Appleton.However, Cagan could only sustain two terms and lost to Republican Reid Ribble in the November 2 elections.It was the first Republican Party to win a big victory this year, regain the majority of both Houses of State, and elect the governor at the same time.RepublicansWaukesha CountyDominated. The city of Milwaukee is at the top of the Democratic ground, but this isIndian settlementIs also included. Seven of the largest congressional constituencies in the state have been supporting the Democratic Party since 7. Its elected legislator David Obey was a strong chair of the House Budget Committee[54].. However, he decided to retire after losing to Republican Sean Duffy in this November 2010 election.

  • Called "Fighting Bob" in Wisconsin's political historyRobert M. Laforet SeniorAnd its progressive movement, while the Republican anti-CommunistJoseph McCarthyThere was
  • Early 20th century,American Socialist PartyWas based in Milwaukee City. This phenomenon is because the elected officials were more interested in public works and reform than in the revolution.Sewer socialismWas called. Its influence diminished in the latter half of the 1950s due to the racial problem of “red terror”.[55].. The first Socialist Party mayor in the United States was the Mayor of Milwaukee, who was elected in 1910.Emil Seidelwas. OtherDaniel HornFrom 1916 to 1940,Frank P. ZuidlerWas the mayor of Milwaukee from 1948 to 1960. Socialist newspaper editorVictor BurgerWas repeatedly elected to the United States House of Representatives,World War II was often prevented from going to the hospital because I opposed him.
  • William Proxmaier served as a United States Senate for many years (1957-1989) and long ruled the Democratic Party. Known for wasting federal budget and attacking fraud.
  • DemocraticRuss FinegoldOf 2001Patriot ActBecame the senator who voted against.
  • Democratic party Tammy Baldwin from Madison is the first and only member of the United States House of Representatives to declare himself a lesbian for the first time.[56].
  • RepublicanPaul RyanWas the youngest member at the age of 1999 when he became a member of the United States House of Representatives in January 1. Republican candidate in the 28 presidential electionMitt RomneyWas elected as Vice Presidential candidate.
  • In 2004, Democrat Gwen Moore from Milwaukee became the first African-American House of Representatives in Wisconsin.

In 2006, the Democratic PartyIraq warHe pushed the opposition against and won a big victory nationwide. Mark Green, from Green Bay and in the 8th congressional district of the United States, challenged incumbent governor Jim Doyle. Green lost 8% and the Democratic Party re-elected the governor for the first time in 32 years. Republicans also lost control of the State Senate. The Democratic Party increased eight seats in the House of Representatives, but the Republican Party maintained the majority with a five-vote difference. In 8, the Democratic Party regained the House of Representatives 5-2008, controlling both the governor and the state legislature since 52. However, it was also the first time that the Republican Party regained both houses and the governor in 46 and the three were upset in one election.


Economic Analysis BureauEstimated 2010 gross domestic product was US$2,483 billion, ranking 21st in the country[57].. Wisconsin's economy is driven by manufacturing, agriculture and healthcare. Manufacturing output was $2008 billion in 489, ranking 10th in the country[58].. The manufacturing industry accounts for about 20% of the gross domestic product, which is the third largest in the country.[59].. Per capita income was $2008 in 35,239.

The unemployment rate was 2010% as of June 6[60].

Major companies, etc.

Wisconsin-based companies include:

In the fourth quarter of 2011, the top 4 employers (organizations) in the state were:

  1. Walmart
  2. University of Wisconsin-Madison
  3. Milwaukee Public School District
  4. United States Postal Service
  5. Wisconsin Department of Correction
  6. Menards
  7. Marshfield Clinic
  8. Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs
  9. target
  10. Milwaukee City Hall[61]

Main industries


Although Wisconsin's major industries are manufacturing, agriculture and health, and manufacturing is much more productive than agriculture, it is considered an agricultural state. Wisconsin is famous for dairy cattle breeding, and there are many events such as dairy festivals. Dairy products such as cheese and milk are specialty products. It produces about one-fourth of the domestic production of cheese and is the number one in Japan.[62][63].. It is commonly said that Wisconsin has more cows than humans, but in reality, the population is more than 550 million, but there are about two million cows. Previously, milk was number one in the US, but nowCaliforniaIs the first place[64].. In milk production per personIdahoVermont3rd place after[65].. Butter production is the second largest, producing about a quarter of the domestic production[66].. Besides dairy products,feedusecorn,cranberry[67],American carrot(GinsengRelated species)[68]For processingGreen beansIs the number one domestic production. In the case of cranberries, more than half of the domestic[67], American carrots produce 97%[68].Oat,Potatoes,carrot,Sour cherry,Maple syrupThe production of sweet corn for processing is also large. Reflecting the importance of agricultural production, the Wisconsin quarter-quarter coin depicts Holstein beef, corn ear and cheese rings.[69].

Manufacturing industry

Food processing is thrivingOscar MayerOf frozen pizzaTombstoneOf sausageJohnsonvilleThere are companies such as.Craft foodsEmploys more than 5 people in the state.MilwaukeeIs famous for beer and the second largest beer company in the USMirror beerThere was a head office, but it merged with Coors. PreviouslySchlitzBratz and Pubst were the key brewers in Milwaukee.

Other manufacturing industries include the manufacture of transportation equipment and capital equipment.In companies in this fieldKohler, Mercury Marine,Rockwell Automation,Johnson Controls, Seagrave Fire Extinguisher, Pierce (Firefighting Equipment), Briggs & Stratton, Miller Electric, Milwaukee Electric Tour, Basilas International, Joy Global, Manitowoc Company, Modine Manufacturing, Reliance Controls, Super Steel Products, Radishes, Oshkosh Trucks,Harley-Davidson, Ashley Furniture, and Arene's Company.

The production of consumer goods such as paper and packaging is also large. Companies include SC Johnson and Diversity. It is the No. 1 domestic producer of paper products. Down the Fox RiverLake WinnebagoThere are 39 paper mills 62 miles (24 km) between the and the Green Bay.

Health and medical device manufacturing and software development are growth areas,GE Healthcare, Epic Systems,TomotherapyThere are companies such as.


Tourism is Wisconsin's main industry, and according to the State Department of Tourism, it is the third-largest sector in terms of sales. Rich in nature, overhanging Lake Michigan, in the eastern part of the stateDoor peninsulaIs famous as a scenic spot. The season of autumn leavesDoor countyMany people drive to. Skiing, ice fishing and snowmobiles are popular in winter. Wisconsin Dells(Wisconsin DellsThere are many swimming pools, attractions, and amphibious vehicles for sightseeing in Duckboat, and is famous as a tourist destination in summer. Canoeing and boating are popular in the summer. Near thatDevils lakeThere is a state park where you can enjoy camping, boating and skiing. Nearbyイ ン デ ィ ア ンTribalHochunkRun by a tribecasinoThere is also.MadisonThe nearby town of Neuglais is a Swiss village with food and antique shops. There are also tourist facilities such as the Mustard Museum in the town near Madison. House on the Rock near Spring Green and the Circus World Museum in Baraboo are also attracting tourists. Many tourists have also been attracting international attention for events such as the Summer Fest and the Oshkosh Air Show.

Movie industry

August 2008, 1,Movie industryTax incentives have been enforced.The first work to take advantage of thisMichael manDirector'sPublic enemies』(2009 work). The producers spent $1,800 million, most of which was reportedly paid to out-of-state workers and businesses. Wisconsin has a $460 million grant, and only $500 million has been earned from making this film[70].

Energy industry

Wisconsin on landWind-power generationAt 103,751 MW to 255,266 GW, and 80,672 MW to 317,755 GW with wind power on Lake Superior and Lake Michigan, and moreSolar powerCould generate from 12,262 MW to 13,939 GW[71].

Wind power generation in Wisconsin (GW)
Grand total123456789101112


State tax

Wisconsin is a progressive tax systemincome taxThe tax rate is 4.6% to 7.75%.consumption taxAnd the tax rate of use tax is 5.0%. 59 counties impose an additional 0.5% tax on this[75].Milwaukee County5 surrounding counties were completed in 2001Mirror parkFor the baseball field construction fund, 0.1% was temporarily added. County-retailed retailers must collect and collect this rate on their merchandise.

A common property tax is the property tax. Although the property tax is not imposed on automobiles, the annual registration fee is charged. Property taxes are an important source of income for local governments, as well as school districts, vocational schools, special purpose districts, and tax-increasing financial districts. Except for agricultural land, all taxable assets are valued at market prices. There is a property tax relief for farmers, and the value of the agricultural land is assessed by the utility value, not the development potential price. Equal value of land is used to distribute subsidies to counties, municipalities and vocational schools. Assessments by local assessors are used to distribute property tax burdens to individual municipalities.

Intangible assets are not taxed. The inheritance tax is not collected either. Until January 2008, 1, the state property tax was separate from the federal property tax. So the state imposed its own property tax on certain large assets[76].

There are no toll roads in the state. Construction and maintenance of high-grade roads is partly fueled by taxes and the rest under state general tax sources. Construction and maintenance of roads that are not of high standard is financed by local government.


Colleges and universities

After the Civil War, Wisconsin, along with Minnesota and Michigan, was the Midwest leader in the emerging state university movement. By the turn of the 20th century, he had proposed the "Wisconsin State Idea" that emphasized the service to state pins. This idea became the paradigm of the progressive movement in colleges and universities of that time[77].. Today, Wisconsin's Higher Education in MadisonUniversity of WisconsinHeadquarters CampusMadison SchoolThe University of Wisconsin University consists of 26 campuses and the University of Wisconsin Institute of Technology consists of 16 campuses. Well-known private colleges and universities include Beloit University, Cardinal Stritch University, Carroll University, Carthage College, Concordia University Wisconsin, Edgewood University,Lakeland University,Lawrence University,(English edition, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee Institute of Technology, Ripon College,(English editionand so on.

Related information:

Art and culture

Dairy farming and cheese making have long been famous in the rural economy of Wisconsin. AutomotiveLicense plateHas been written as "American dairy farm" since 1940[78].. This gave the people the name "cheesehead" (cheesehead also has a derogatory meaning). There was also a “cheesehead hat” made of yellow foam in the shape of a chunk of cheese.

Many ethnic festivals are held in the state to celebrate the historical heritage of citizens. Summerfest, Oktoberfest, Polish Fest, Festa Italiana, Irish Fest, Bastille Days, Sittende May (Norwegian Constitution Day), Bullto (Wurst) Day in Sheboygan, Monroe City and Mekong. Cheese Days in the city, African World Festival, Indian Summer, Arab Fest, etc.

Museums, etc.

The Milwaukee Art MuseumSantiago CalatravaThere is a "Briz Soleil" (sunshade) designed by, and it is famous for its magnificent design, and it is impressive on a large scale. Milwaukee County Zoo is 200 acres (0.8 km2) Above, it is at the western end of the city. Other highlights are Dome StadiumAmerican family fieldAnd a factory tour of Miller Beer. There is also a historic townscape preservation district in the town. The city of Madison has the Vilas Zoo, which is free to enter. There is also the Olbritch Garden Greenhouse, which is also the center of cultural activity at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

There is Monona Terrace, a conference hall designed by Taliesin architect Anthony Putnam.[79].. This is a world-famous architect, born in the state's Richland CenterFrank Lloyd WrightIt is based in part on what he designed in the 1930s. Wright's house and studio is located in Taliesin, south of Spring Green. Decades after Wright's death, Taliesin became the architect's office and school of its followers.

The National Railway Museum in Green BayNational Railroad Museum).NFLTickets are hard to come by because Green Bay Packers is a popular team, but you can see an exhibition about Packers in the Hall of Fame of Green Bay Packers. Oneida Nation Museumイ ン デ ィ ア ンTribal (Oneida tribeThere is also a history museum called Heritage Hill State Park.

The Museum of Art at the University of Wisconsin-Madison was mainly collected by architect Frank Lloyd Wright as well as various Western art.Ukiyo-eThe collection is also large.

NovelistLaura Ingalls WilderWas born and spent his childhood in Pepin, in northwestern Wisconsin (Pepin) In a town calledSmall house in a big forestIs the stage. Pepin has a log cabin replica "Little House Wayside". On the third street of the center of Pepin, there is the Pepin Historical Museum, which is associated with "small houses". There is also the Laura Ingalls Wilder Park and the Pepin Railway Museum. Walnut Grove of Minnesota(Walnut Grove) To the highwayAmerican National RoadLine 14 is named "Laura Ingalls Wilder Historical Highway".

Born in La Crosse, Larry Pedersen is a world-famous portrait painter and is appreciated by many private galleries. Painted portraits of company executives, military commanders, religious figures and civilians. It combines old-world technology with modern colors and construction methods.


Wisconsin has more country music festivals than any other state[80], Mirror Light Presents Country Fest, Bad Light Presents Country Jam USA, Coors Hodag Country Festival, Porterfield Country Music Festival, Twin Lakes Country Thunder USA[80], Ford Presents Country, USA, etc.

Milwaukee, the largest city in the state, holds a summer festival, which is also called the "world's largest music festival". Just south of the city centre, on the shores of the Henry Meier Festival Park, there is also a summer festival of folk music, like the Milwaukee Irish Fest.

The Wisconsin Regional Music Industry holds annual events and recognizes outstanding artists.

Alcohol and culture

Drinking is considered an important part of the state's culture and is one of the top in Japan in terms of per capita consumption, drinking, driving, and the ratio of drinkers.[81].. There are many German immigrants, Milwaukee has long had a major brewery, and cultural elements such as the cold climate are often associated with drinking. Alcohol consumption under the age of 21 is illegal without the supervision of parents, parents and spouse.

The Wisconsin Tavern Alliance has strong political power, and the state legislature has been hesitant to lower its drinking-driving standards from blood alcohol levels of 0.10 to 0.08 and raise alcohol taxes. The magazine "Milwaukee Journal Sentinel" has examined this situation in a series article entitled "Drunken Wisconsin".[82].

レ ク リ エ ー シ ョ ン

Wisconsin's diverse landscapes make it a popular destination for outdoor recreation. In winter you can enjoy skiing, ice fishing and snowmobiles. There are lakes of various sizes with a total area of ​​11.188 square miles (29,000 km2), followed by Alaska, Michigan and Florida, the fourth largest in the country.

Especially hunting and fishing are popular activities. There is a white-tailed deer as a target for hunting. More than 60 deer hunting permits are sold in the state each year[83].. In 2008, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources estimated the pre-hunting deer population to be 150 to 170 million.

Sports team

Special event

At the Radisson Paper Valley Hotel in AppletonFox Con]Anime conventionIs held every year.

Relationship with Japan

1990,ChibaHas formed a tie-up with the state and sister prefectures.For this allianceNoda-shiHeadquartered inSoy sauceSuch asFoodRun manufacturingKikkomanTo the stateDirect investmentThen,1973Has built an American factory as the first overseas production base in[84]..After that, the private sister exchange organization "Chiba Wisconsin Association" was established and is in the state.Due to the large number of Germans in this state, during World War II, soldiers from the state were often sent to the Japanese front instead of the German front.Perhaps because of this, there are quite a few former soldiers who have experience in Japan.It is said that the state still has its descendants of Nikkei.Laura Ingalls Wilder's "Small house on the prairieWas televised in Japan and became very popular.The first work of this original "Small house in a big forestThe Big Forest is Pepin, Wisconsin (Pepin) Around.Also, JapanFuji Television Network, IncBroadcast on the systemWorld Masterpiece Theaterof"Raccoon Rascal] Is also an anime work set in Wisconsin.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison has a well-developed graduate school and has 200 international students from Japan, and is famous for its Japanese language education major.In sheboyganLakeland UniversityIn 1991Lakeland University Japan CampusIs open, and international students travel to the United States every year.


Celebrities from Wisconsin


JapanBecause there are no direct flights from Wisconsin toNarita International AirportFromChicago/O'Hare-Detroit-MinneapolisEach ofInternational airportI will transfer at and enter.

State symbols, etc.

Sister prefectures, states, etc.

Japan's sister cities


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