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🎥 | "Listen to your ears" Hiroki Kabuki will play the role of Sugimura at the age of 25, and Rio Uchida will play the role of the child.

Photo Movie "Whisper of the Heart" Scene Photo (C) Aoi Hiiragi / Shueisha (C) 2022 "Whisper of the Heart" Production Committee

"Listen to your ears" Hiroki Kabuki will play the role of Sugimura at the age of 25, and Rio Uchida will play the role of the child.

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Sugimura, who belongs to the baseball club and likes his childhood friend Shizuku, and Yuko, Shizuku's best friend who is in love with Sugimura.

As an additional cast of the movie "Whisper of the Heart" starring actress Nana Seino and actor Tori Matsuzaka, Yuki Yamada, Uchi ... → Continue reading

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    Student baseball

    Student baseballWhat is (Gakuseiyakyu)?CountryInUniversity,high schoolAnd thoseSchool corporationHeld mainly by baseball teams that belong to the organizationbaseballCompetitionIs the general name of.JapanIn a narrow senseCollege baseballHowever, due to the structural relationship of the operating organization, the general treatment in Japan ishigh school baseballI call the one that combined.


    This article describes the situation in Japan.

    First, in terms of Japanese vocabulary interpretation,StudentIs generallyUniversity studentsThatRepresentsstudentIs generallyA high school studentThatHowever, there is no definition that a student represents only a college student (a high school student is not a student).Japan Student Baseball AssociationIt is named and positioned. (In Japan, regarding the following after the war,Youth baseball-BaseballIt is regarded as a position. )

    From the perspective of the organizational system that operates, the definition is the same as above.School systembyHigh school baseball,Vocational schoolsbaseball,Normal schoolBaseball is also student baseball,School reformA vocational school with a new school systemVocational school,Various schoolsAlsoClub activitiesSince the baseball club in exists, it is still student baseball. On the system of the operating organizationJapan Student Baseball AssociationDoes not target them.

    Based on the above explanation of definitions, in general, the structure of the operating organization is often presupposed in Japan. Therefore, student baseball is only a combination of college baseball and high school baseball (however, there are special cases, so please refer to the description about the relationship with other groups below for details). It is safe to assume that most of the time students will distinguish it from club activities, which are club activities. When using the same term to explain and introduce other student baseball, it is desirable to explain using special notes after understanding the historical background and the current operating conditions at the scene.


    * Regarding the baseball club's founding, only the creation period (before the Taisho era) is listed from the viewpoint of historical material value. (For other teams, refer to other relevant materials.) Also, the school name will be the current school name, not the school name at that time.

    MeijiPeriod (1868-1911)

    TaishoPeriod (1912-1925)

    ShowaPeriod (1926-1988)

    HeiseiPeriod (1989-)

    Note 1: It has been confirmed that the baseball team of Meiji Gakuin was already formed at the same time, but it is not stated because the proof of the age has not been obtained. (Only in 1945, the year when the baseball club was established as a new university)

    Relationship with other sports organizations

    All student baseball-related groups (whether high school/university, hard/soft/semi-hard), unlike many other sports competition federations,Japan Olympic Committee(JOC) andJapan Athletic AssociationMost of them are not affiliated with and operate based on their own principles and norms. With regard to various issues related to participation in comprehensive international competitions, a separate organization has been established jointly with other related organizations at a higher level, and it will be dealt with by becoming a member organization.

    Relationships between student baseball groups and other amateur baseball groups

    JapaneseStudent baseballincludingAmateur baseballThe world has long beenAdult baseball-College baseball-high school baseball-Youth baseball-Baseball-Women's baseball·OtherStudent baseball(Vocational schools,Technical college) Groups have developed intricately intertwined and each has been operated independently. Therefore,Weaving system of student baseball and related organizationsWhen explaining, since it is easier to understand as a whole composition and there are many overlapping parts, it is better to explain in the relation as the amateur baseball world.The explanation in the section of amateur baseballSee.

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