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🤖 | The final pre-screening and radio public recording event of the anime "Skeleton Knight in Another World" is on June 6th ...


The final pre-screening and radio public recording event of the anime "Skeleton Knight, Now Going to Another World" will be held on June 6th ...

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The anime "Skeleton Knight, Now Going to Another World" is being broadcast.

As a special just before the final episode of the anime "Skeleton Knight in Another World" from Overlap Novels ... → Continue reading

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Skeleton Knight, now going out to another world

"Skeleton Knight, now going out to another world』(Gaikotsuki-sama, go out to Isekai) is by Enki HakariJapan OfLight novel.イ ラ ス トIs in charge of KeG. ""Let's become a novelistWas serialized from October 2014 to July 10.The book versionOverlap novels(Overlap) Has been published since June 2015.

The manga version is the WEB comic site "Comic garde』(Overlap), serialized from February 2017[1].

As of October 2022, the cumulative circulation of the series has exceeded 5 million.[2].


The protagonist fell asleep while playing an online game, but the next time he wakes up, he somehow enters the world of the online game and is his own game character.arcIt was transferred by the appearance and ability of.With the strongest weapons and armor equipped in the game, you can use the magic you remembered before becoming a knight, and you trained your character to the maximum level of 255 in the game, so what is Ark's life in another world? I didn't feel inconvenienced.

However, since the figure in the armor was in a skeleton state that reproduced the character as it was, it could not be taken off even carelessly because it would be mistaken for a monster in public.But Ark doesn't worry deeply, the dark elf'sArianeAnd spirit beastsPonta, Beastman'sChiyomeAt the same time, I decided to travel to another world at will.

Volume 1
Having grasped his situation, Ark first registers as a mercenary to obtain funds.While he is subduing wild boars and orcs as a test, he sees and rescues a nobleman being attacked by bandits.After that, he made several requests such as escorting herbs and destroying bandits, and after being fond of the spirit beast Ponta, he encountered an elf man.He learns about fluffy foxes and elf hunting.Hired by the Dark Elven Arian, Ark succeeds in a successful elf recapture operation in the city of Dient in the Kingdom of Roden.After that, he reveals his skeleton to Arian, who invites him to the village of Laratia, and moves to the village of Laratia, the hometown of Arian.
Volume 2
At the request of the Beastman Ninja Chiyome, Ark releases the Beastman trapped in the royal city of Orave.
Volume 3
In Leibnizza, the city of the Holy Leblanc Empire, following the kidnapped elves, Ark summons Ifrit and defeats Hydra, the demon messenger.
Volume 4
Ark seeks out a hot spring called the "Fountain of the Curse" that breaks all the curses.Soaking in hot water temporarily restores the dark elf-like appearance he used before the skeleton in the game.At the same time, the emotions of one month that had been suppressed after transferring to another world revived at once, and I was at the mercy of the mental load and fell into a coma for a week.It was a kind of curse that Ark was able to spend in a different world without being distracted by negative emotions such as anger, worries, and fear.Ark, who was in danger of life in accumulating his emotions, decides to relieve his load at the fountain on a regular basis.He will also be aware of his circumstances as a "flower".
Volume 5
He traveled to the southern continent in search of ingredients common to the Earth, such as tomatoes and capsicum, and wiped out the black giants who attacked the village of the Tigers and the town of Tajent, which was ruled by the Great Leblanc Empire.Chiyome also becomes undead and bury his brother Sasuke, who led the black giant to the city.In addition, Ark defeated Charos Acadia Industria, one of the Seven Cardinals of the Hirck State, who transformed into a giant frog-like figure.
Volume 6
Volume 7
Volume 8
Volume 9


The voice section is for the TV anime versionVoice actor.

Ark (Ark Laratia)
Voice- Tomoaki Maeno[3]
The main character who fell asleep during an online game and woke up in a different world similar to an online game, in the same appearance as his avatar.[4].She has a mischievous and good-natured personality.
Since the avatar of the game character was a "whole body skeleton", the appearance of the living body is the skeleton itself.Equipped with the strongest equipment of the game, "Belenus's sacred armor", "Night heaven's cloak", "Toutatis's heavenly shield", and "Sacred thunder sword (Caladbolg)", the armor and helmet are covered with armor. Unless you take off the armor, you cannot tell that the contents are skeletons.Since the level and stats have been grown to the maximum, there is extraordinary power, and the attack magic, transfer magic, summoning magic, recovery magic, and revival magic that were learned by the heavenly knight, which is the job set in the game, All can be used.
Complete skeleton condition[Annotation 1]However, it is possible to eat and drink, and it seems that the food and drink has disappeared somewhere, but it is completely unknown to the person himself.
At first, he planned to hide the fact that the skeleton was under the armor, but revealed it to Arian after the rescue of the elf in the town of Dient.At this time, I couldn't say that it was a character of the game, but it was deceived as a curse, but when I tried to cast a curse on my arm later, it returned to its original state for a moment, and it was really a curse. Will be found, and we will look for a way to dispel the curse in earnest.
By touching or drinking the hot springs that had the effect of dispelling the company, you can temporarily return to life, but at that time, you will receive the emotions that you should have felt at the time of the skeleton at once, so first When I returned, I was in a coma for a week.After that, I deal with it by returning to life on a regular basis.When he returned to life, he was not a human being, but an avatar before he became a skeleton, and it looked like a dark elf in a game with dark skin and red eyes.
According to Ryuo, the original body is in a different world, and Ark himself is expected to remain in the original world.
Later, he belonged to the village of Laratia and was named Ark Laratia.
Although his ability is at the highest level, common sense is a little off from the perspective of another world, and what he does is out of the standard, and he often inadvertently does something outrageous.Since he has no experience of fighting just by operating in an online game, the main fighting method is to push the ball with his own power and status.Since the technical aspect is low, it will be difficult for opponents with high technical skills.
He is very dexterous, such as making a kamado on his own and baking pizza, or attaching a saddle that has a suspension function that uses the elasticity of wood to Shiden.AlsoMaillard reactionHe has a lot of knowledge, such as making soy sauce modoki using.
The reason why I made the avatar a "whole body skeleton" is because I made a setting in my brain that "I was originally a paladin, but I was cursed and turned into a skeleton."The above-mentioned deception is also based on this.By the way, it was said by friends in the game that "it doesn't make any sense because you can't see it."
No mention is made of the age of the original human, but the elf girl who helped from the elf hunting in Udran said, "Uncle or Mister(In the anime, "Uncle in armor") "had no particular reaction (I wasn't even shocked in my heart, not suppressed), so it seems to be about middle-aged.
Arian Glenis Maple (Arian Glennis Laratia)
Voice- Files love[3]
A dark elf female warrior with lilac skin, long white hair, and golden eyes.She excels in magic, swordsmanship, and martial arts.She is struggling to release the elf, releasing the captured elf.
Ark encounters Ark in the form of taking a hostage when helping an elf from Udran's elf hunting, and Ark interrupts there.At first, he does not trust Ark because he does not show his true face and points his sword at Ark, but after seeing Ponta, he trusts and asks for cooperation in rescuing the elf in the town of Dient after the liberation of the elf. Acting on.He uses the "Sword of the Lion King" given by Ark.
Immediately after arriving at Lala Toia, he applied for a change of affiliation under the pretext of Ark's Metsuke, and changed his affiliation from Maple Village to his hometown of Lala Toia, so he changed his name according to the customs of elves (Ark is a Tajent Beastman). I didn't know until after the slaves were released).
In the anime version, in the first episode, Ark discovers that he is trying to get information about the elves in the back alleys, and when he tries to chase them, he loses sight of them.This makes her her first encounter with an elf in the anime version.After that, in the third episode, the scene where he encountered Danka was replaced by Ariane, and after Ark attacked the cave, which was the hideout of the thieves, he misunderstood that he was a fellow bandit and attacked when he came out of the cave, and saw Ponta on the way. A truce and an explanation of Ponta and elf hunting.Since she had already met Ark during Udran's elf hunt after that, there was no particular trouble with Ark, and she successfully rescued the elf.
Voice- Miyu Tomita[5]
Appearance is a ninja, a beast race with animal ears and a tail.A descendant of the Jinshin clan rescued by the first Hanzo.He infiltrated various places to free the oppressed beastmen, gathered information and rescued them, and met the Ark during the liberation of the elves. "Chiyome" is not his real name, but one of the names inherited by excellent ninjas from generation to generation, and his real name is "Mia".I'm looking for the whereabouts of his brother, Sasuke.
You will know that the contents of Ark's armor are skeletons when Ark inadvertently appears with his armor removed just before going to search for the Fountain of Curse. It is indistinguishable from the undead, such as saying "a skeleton before being a man" and trying to crush and bury it when it is stunned and cannot move after being immersed in a fountain of curse.
In the anime version, the timing to know the contents of Ark was earlier, and I learned by removing the helmet after the Hydra subjugation in episode 12, and I was trembling with surprise and fear.
Voice- Nene Hieda[3]
A spirit beast called Fluffy Fox, whose official name is "Bentuvolpies.[Annotation 2]’.It looks like a yellow-green fox with a tail that looks like an open flower with hair in bundles, and it has a membrane between its front and hind legs that allows it to fly in the wind like a flying squirrel.After being rescued by a bandit and receiving treatment for her injuries, she became attached to Ark and works with him.The name comes from the shape of the arc's tailDandelion(By the way, the other candidates are associated with Oage, Tempura and Tsune Udon, and were rejected by Ponta himself).
Fluffy foxes are vigilant and rarely even elf nostalgic, so nostalgia itself is a proof of the person's personality.[Annotation 3].
Compared to other fluffy foxes, they are friendly and prefer to eat nuts and fruits.[Annotation 4]..Ark's helmet and shoulders are in place, and when it comes to combat, he comes to his neck and looks like a muffler.
Once, I was forced to go on a diet because I became extremely fat due to overeating and couldn't even jump up due to the wind I caused.When Ark made soy sauce modoki, smell the scentFramen reactionIs waking up.
In the animation, the development was different and he was not caught by the bandits, and in the second episode, he was found injured when he was asked to escort Marca's herb collection, and he was treated by Ark and nostalgic.The cause of the injury is also attributed to the giant basilisk trying to attack Marca.
A large reptile called a drift dragon that lives on the southern continent and has a six-legged appearance.TriceratopsIs.Although it is herbivorous, its power is so strong that it can not be suppressed unless the arc is seriously opposed, and the running speed is also considerably faster with 6 legs.However, in order to ride, it is necessary to fight one-on-one as a power test to recognize the power, and it becomes possible to ride for the first time by winning.
It was originally owned by the tiger people, but when it got lost, it was protected by a merchant and handed over to Ark on the condition that it be returned to the tiger people.After that, the tiger people misunderstood that Ark had stolen it and caused trouble, but it was officially handed over to Ark as a proof of friendship after the release of beastman slaves in Tajient.He usually lives around the company that Ark is restoring as a residence, and is useful as a means of long-distance transportation.
Danka Neil Maple
Voice- Takuya Eguchi
An elf male warrior, he travels around the world as a spy to find out where the captive elf is.He is the first elf that Ark meets in the story, and he hears stories about the characteristics of fluffy foxes and elf hunting.After that, he reunites with Ark at the request of Arian in the town of Dient, and together he rescues the elf.He usually behaves differently from Ark and his friends.His hobby is to eat and walk around the specialties to take a break, and the comicalized version of the book, Volume 3 and later, is drawn down and the heroine's different world gourmet comic "Dankameshi" is published.
In the anime, the first encounter in episode 3 was replaced by Ariane, so it did not appear, and the elf rescue in the town of Dient in episode 4 was the first meeting.
Voice- Kosuke Toriumi
Ariane's father.Elder of the elf village of Laratoia.He wants to see Ark's abilities and offers him a match[6].
Voice- Yuko Minaguchi
Arian's mother.
Voice- Rumi Okubo
Arian's sister.
Voice- Kengo Kasai
First Prince of the Kingdom of Roden.
Voice- Daiki Hamano
Second Prince of the Kingdom of Roden.
Voice- Saori Onishi
The second princess of the Kingdom of Roden.
Voice- Ishida Akira
Emperor of the Holy Leblanc Empire.

Social evaluation

Volumes 2, 3, and 5 of the book書 泉 ブ ッ ク タ ワ ーIn the light novel weekly ranking by[7][8][9].

This light novel is amazing! In 2017, it was described as "I'm excited about the success of the friendly skeleton knight who will lend me a hand if there is an incident. ing[10].

Previous list


Comic version

Television Animation

From January to March 2022AT-XWas broadcast elsewhere[12]..Even the battle with Hydra operated by the demon beast magician Humba in the original volume 3 has been animated.

After each episode is broadcast, an anime-linked extra edition comic drawn by Akira Sawano, who is in charge of the comicalized version, is released for free on the app "Comic Gardo +" for two weeks (even on the website "Comic Gardo", one week later. Weekly release)[13].

ス タ ッ フ

Theme song

"Ah, my romantic road"
(Norwegian version)Opening theme by (Perkey).The lyrics arehotaru, Composition and arrangementEba.. Pelle K is a Japanese anime song and special effects song "tried singingA Norwegian singer who has posted videos for over 9 years and has over 388 million subscribers, "I was really surprised when I was offered to sing the OP theme of Japanese anime. I'm a big anime fan. It was the moment when my dream came true. "[15][16].
"Who said we are stupid'[17]
DIALOGUE +The ending theme by.Lyrics and compositionTomoya Tabuchi, The arrangementkz.

List of stories

Number of storiessubtitlescenarioStoryboardShowAnimation directorTotal drawing directorFirst broadcast date
Episode 1Wandering Knight, on a Journey to Reform the World候ふ(Sorrow)Takeshi KikuchiKatsumi OnoShigazu Yoshikawa
  • Toru Imanishi
  • Ken Obata
Episode 2First job, girl's wish and creeping shadowShigazu Yoshikawa
  • Akiko Kumada
  • Chisa Shibata
Toru Imanishi4/14
Episode 3The dignified elf dances for his compatriotsTsukuda TaisukeKei Miura
  • Kazuto Wakayama
  • Ryota Higashi
  • Tomi Nakayama
  • Eiko Mishima
  • Bunritsu Tsukita
  • Naoko Nakai
  • Minoru Tanaka
  • Akiko Kumada
Episode 4Infiltrate, slave trader! Search for the evil that is prevalent in the worldTakumi NaritaYukio Takahashi
  • Akiko Kumada
  • Chisa Shibata
  • Hideki Inoue
Toru Imanishi4/28
Episode 5The secret that is revealed and the bond that is spunKatsumi OnoYoshinori OdakaMinoru Tanaka5/5
Episode 6The depths of another world touched by the elf villageToshizo NemotoToshiki FukushimaNishizuki Arata
  • Chisa Shibata
  • Noriyasu Murata
  • Minoru Tanaka
  • Akiko Kumada
Episode 7A miracle has fallen to the ideally burning princessYoshinori Odaka
  • Yoshiko Shimizu
  • Takeuchi Kei
Episode 8Fight together! Run through the dark night with a beastman's friendOhara MinoruYukio Takahashi
  • Tomoyuki Matsumoto
  • Yuji Kondo
Episode 9The swaying royal capital and the maiden's oathSatoru Fujimoto-6/2
Episode 10Hope for tomorrow found in the desertTakeshi KikuchiShigazu Yoshikawa
  • Koji Hirama
  • Takeuchi Kei
  • Hiroaki Kawaguchi
  • Kazuyuki Iidai
  • Studio Ever Green
  • Minoru Tanaka
  • Akiko Kumada
Episode 11The barbarian demon messenger screams in the darknessOhara MinoruToshiki Fukushima
  • Yoshiko Shimizu
  • Takeuchi Kei
  • Yamashina Wakana
  • Minoru Tanaka
  • 4tune
  • Minoru Tanaka
  • Akiko Kumada
  • Toru Imanishi
Episode 12Different world(This)I will slash the evil of!Katsumi OnoYukio Takahashi
  • Akiko Kumada
  • Sakurano Sagano
  • Yuko Ishizaki
  • Mizue Ogawa
Toru Imanishi6/23


Japanese TV / Broadcast period and time[12]
Broadcast period Airtime Broadcaster Target area [18] Remarks
May 2022-June 4, 7 Thursday 23:30-Friday 0:00 AT-X All over Japan Production participation / CS broadcasting / Subtitled broadcasting[19] / With repeat broadcast
May 2022-June 4, 8 Friday 0:30-1:00 (Thursday midnight) TOKYO MX Tokyo
Sun TV Hyogo
Friday 1:00-1:30 (Thursday midnight) BS11 All over Japan BS broadcasting /ANIME +"frame
Internet in Japan / Broadcast period and time[12]
Delivery start date Delivery time Delivery site
April 2022, 4 Updated Friday 0:00 (midnight on Thursday)
April 2022, 4 Thursday 23:30 update
Thursday 23:30-Friday 0:00 ABEMA[21]
Nico Nico Live Broadcast[20]

Web radio

Web radioSkeleton Knight, now going out to the radioIs from January 2022, 1OtozumiDelivered once a month at.Personality is the role of ArkTomoaki MaenoAnd the role of PontaNene Hieda[22].


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注 釈

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