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🎥 | The 10-tube PR video made by the Japan Coast Guard Officer has a reputation for being "perfect like a movie."

Photo Naohiro Iwata

The 10-tube PR video made by the Japan Coast Guard Officer has a reputation for being "perfect like a movie."

If you write the contents roughly
I decided to become a coast guard officer because of the movie "Umizaru".

■ Naohiro Iwata (from Satsumasendai City, Kagoshima Prefecture) who produced the PR video for the 10th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters 10th Regional Coast Guard ... → Continue reading

 Minami Nihon Shimbun

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Maritime Sheriff

Maritime Sheriff(Kaijo Hoankan,Japan Coast Guard Officer) IsSea OfSafeas well as the SecurityThe mission is to secureJapanese government agencyIsJapan Coast Guard OfStaffOut ofdecreeEnforcement at sea,Salvage,Marine pollutionPrevention, etc., at seacrimePrevention and suppression ofCriminal Ofinvestigationas well as the Arrest, At seaShipTransportationAboutRegulation,waterway,Route signAboutOffice workOther affairs related to ensuring maritime safety and affairs related to these matters (government official) (Points toJapan Coast Guard ActArticle 2, Article 14).In Article 31 of the Japan Coast Guard LawJudicial police officerAs a Coast Guard Officer (Judicial police officer)WhenAssistant Coast Guard Officer(Judicial police officer) Is specified.


The main duties areSeaIncrimeCrackdown,Salvage,Marine pollutionPrevention ofMaritime trafficIt is said to ensure the safety of[1]..About the incident that occurred at seaPolice officerHas almost the same authority asPolice Officer Execution LawIt is also allowed to apply mutatis mutandis and arm as necessary.[2]. Also,PirateAbout JapanWatersAs wellHigh seasTracked aboveCaptureandSuspect OfArrestRelated toAsset OfSeizedYou can

Coast Guard OfficerSalaryIs "Law Concerning Salary of General Staff""Public security"Salary table (XNUMX)" is applied, but the main office andDistrict HeadquartersOf the staff working atSecurity DepartmentIf you belong to other thanAdministrative positionSalary table (XNUMX) "may be applied (HR rules9-2).

In addition to acquiring various qualifications necessary for work at an educational institution within the agency, ship-related (Marine engineerEtc.), wireless (etc.), wirelessGeneral radio operator,Maritime radio operatorEtc.), Aircraft-related (Commercial pilot,Aviation mechanicEtc.) are regularly hired.

Status and rank of Coast Guard Officer and Assistant Coast Guard Officer

Many of the staffCoast Guard SchoolOrCoast Guard CollegeGraduated from, but considered to be the highestCommissioner of the Japan Coast GuardIs consistently a senior government agency until the 43rd Secretary is appointed as a staff member of the Japan Coast Guard.Ministry of TransportAnd its successorMinistry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism OfDirector levelCareer bureaucratHas been appointed as Secretary.again,District HeadquartersBureaucrats such as the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and staff of other ministries and agencies through exchanges between ministries and agencies may be staff members of the Japan Coast Guard.Although it is a small number, there are some who become coast guard officers from the type XNUMX and type XNUMX recruitment (physical and technical) staff employed by the Japan Coast Guard.

According to Article 9 of the Japan Coast Guard Law Enforcement Ordinance, the first-class coast guard superintendent is the highest rank, and up to the third-class coast guard assistant 12classIs stipulated.However, the rank of the first-class coast guard, which is the highest rank in the Cabinet Order, ishuman resourcesIn addition, because it is divided into A and B according to its responsibilities, there are two classes in the class system, only the class of the first-class coast guard.In addition, the Secretary as a position to direct his subordinates,Deputy headas well as the Japan Coast GuardAlso, in the Japan Coast Guard staff dressing system (Ministry of Transport Ordinance No. 23 of 33), the above three jobsuniformIn effect, the number of students is 13 when the secretary is the highest rank and students are included.Since 2, no Japan Coast Guard Officer has been in office, and the appointment of "Assistant Coast Guard Officer" from "Assistant Coast Guard Officer", which is the rank of Assistant Coast Guard Officer, has also been announced. It has not been.

History of class and official title

The list below shows the transition of organizations from the past to the present and the ratio of classes based on the class names of coast guard officers.Although the organization head column is not the official rank name but the official title[3]For convenience, the English translation uses a class-like name.Although it is compared with the military class, it is not an attempt to determine the class with the military organization as shown in the notes on the outside.Class notation is rarely used in the public relations of the Japan Coast Guard, but captains, navigators, telegraphists, specialists, etc., who represent the duties and responsibilities of staff, are used.

Coast Guard Officer, etc.class-Official titleTransition
ClassificationMaritime GuardFormer Japan Coast GuardSecurity AgencyMaritime Public Security BureauJapan Coast GuardEnglish notation of each official position and class at the Japan Coast GuardDuties at the Japan Coast Guard
Organization head(Former) Commissioner of the Japan Coast GuardMaritime Public Security Bureau DirectorCommissioner of the Japan Coast Guard[4]CommandantAdministrative organization (Agency)
Top of Japan Coast Guard staff
General Manager[5]
Deputy General Manager[5]
Deputy head
Security and rescue superintendent
Deputy head  Deputy head[4]
Japan Coast Guard[6][4]
Vice Commandant
Vice Commandant for Operations
Assistant Secretary (Deputy Director of the Agency)
Assistant Secretary (Operational Commander)
SergeantgeneralMaritime Guard (Seaman)---Maritime Public Security BureauFirst Class Coast Guard (A)Coast Guard Superintendent First Grade Upper HalfHeadquarters Headquarters / District Headquarters
Maritime security assistant (Rear Admiral)First-class coast guardAssistant Maritime Public SecurityFirst Class Coast Guard (B)Coast Guard Superintentent First Grade Lower HalfMain officeCounselor・ Deputy General Manager of District Headquarters ・ General Manager of Osaka Coast Guard ・ General Manager of Large-scale Coast Guard
OfficerFirst-class maritime security (1)Second-class coast guardFirst-class maritime public securitySecond-class coast guardCoast Guard Superintendent Second gradeChief of the main office / chief of the district headquarters
Coast Guard Director / Director / Base Director /Harbourmaster
Patrol boatCaptain・ Chief of the district headquarters
Chief / PL type (voyage / operation command / communication) chief
Chief of the main officechief(Navigation / Operation Command / Communication)
PM type (voyage / operation command / communication) captain / PS type captain
Headquarters expert / chief (voyage / operation command / communication)
Main office staffPatrol boatCaptain
Coast Guard CollegeGraduates of this department are executives
Second-class maritime security (2)Third Class Coast GuardSecond-class maritime public securityThird Class Coast GuardCoast Guard Superintendent Third Grade
Third-class maritime security (3)First Class Coast GuardThird-class maritime public securityFirst Class Coast GuardCoast Guard Officer First Grade
LieutenantFirst-class maritime guard (1 Lieutenant)Second Class Coast GuardFirst-class maritime public security officerSecond Class Coast GuardCoast Guard Officer Second Grade
Second-class maritime guard (2 Lieutenant)Third Class Coast GuardSecond Class Maritime Public Security OfficerThird Class Coast Guard[7]Coast Guard Officer Third Grade
Third-class maritime guard (3 Lieutenant)---Third Class Maritime Public Security Officer↓
Class adjustment →
Associate officer(Warrant Officer)---↑
Class adjustment →
Staff / Assistant (Navigation / Operation Command / Communication)[8]
Coast Guard Officer Class:
First prize or higherJudicial police officer[9]
Second class or lessJudicial police officer[10]
Third class is for the novice class
Moji branch school trainee[11]
Noncommissioned officer(Chief of Sergeant[12])
First Class Maritime Security Assistant (1 Sou)First-class coast guardFirst Class Assistant Maritime Public Security OfficerFirst-class coast guardJunior Coast Guard Officer First Grade
Second Class Maritime Security Assistant (2 Sou)Second-class coast guardSecond Class Assistant Maritime Public Security OfficerSecond-class coast guardJunior Coast Guard Officer Second Grade
Assistant Third Class Maritime Security Officer (3 Sou)Third-class coast guardAssistant to the Third Class Maritime Public Security BureauThird-class coast guard[13]Junior Coast Guard Officer Third Grade
TroopsChief Maritime Guard (Chief of the seaman)First Class Coast Guard Assistant[14]Chief of Maritime Public Security[15]First Class Coast Guard AssistantAssistant Coast Guard Officer First Grade(No assistants since 2)

Class of Assistant Coast Guard Officer:
Rank insigniaEtc. are made of gold[17]

First-class maritime guard (1 person)Second Class Coast Guard AssistantFirst-class maritime public security officerSecond Class Coast Guard AssistantAssistant Coast Guard Officer Second Grade
Second-class maritime guard (2 person)Assistant Coast GuardSecond-class maritime public security officerAssistant Coast GuardAssistant Coast Guard Officer Third Grade
Third-class maritime guardThird-class maritime public security officer
More informationsShip staff
General crew is made of silver[18]
Japan Coast Guard AcademyDedicated to pre-school and extra curricularRaw rank insignia[19]
・ Japan Coast Guard Academy students are golden
・ Coast Guard School students are silver
  • The above table was created in April 1952 (Showa 27).Maritime Guard(Coast Guard), In parentheses, indicate the rank of the Coastal Safety Force according to the classification.JMSDFWith the addition of class軍隊Although it is in the style ofJapan Coast GuardThe class system isSailor OfShipBecause of the class system that comes from the division of duties within the company, it does not correspond to the duties and job contents of the military system, and the ratio with the military class does not make much sense.In addition, the Commissioner of the Japan Coast Guard, the Deputy Director, and the Commissioner of the Japan Coast Guard are not the upper ranks of the law but the titles, but they have their own rank badges and are treated according to the ranks, so they are listed here for convenience.The official highest rank is the First Class Coast Guard, whose responsibilities are "A" and "B", and both have their own rank insignia.Above these ranks, they rarely board ships and take command.As an example of comparison with the seafarer system, PM typePatrol boatIn the nautical department ofCaptain(Third-class Coast Guard), Master (First-class Coast Guard), Chief Officer (Second-class Coast Guard), Chief Officer (Third-class Coast Guard),NavigatorClasses are assigned according to the order of (first-class coast guard), assistant navigator (first-class coast guard-third-class coast guard) and seafarers.Other institutional departments, communication departments,Main accountThe same applies to families.
  • Former Commissioner of the Japan Coast GuardIt is,Ministry of TransportOuter officeAs the head of the coast guard, he oversaw the members of the Coast Guard and the staff of the Japan Coast Guard.He alsoMaritime Public Security Bureau LawAt the time of promulgationSecurity AgencyThe secretary as wellGuardsWith jurisdictionMaritime Public Security BureauThe rank of the Japan Coast Guard Officer has been changed to match the rank of the Security Force.As a result, it became an organization different from the conventional Japan Coast Guard, and it is nowJMSDFAlthough it became a class of military system close to, it was not reorganized due to strong resistance of the Japan Coast Guard, and the class system is still in the old form.
  • When the Japan Coast Guard was founded,Peace Treaty with JapanBefore the conclusion of (April 1952 "Convention No. 4 of 27"), for that reasonJapan Coast Guard Act(Act No. 23 of 28) includes organizations and staff (crew members) at sea.sovereigntyNot assumed as an institution or personnel to exercise, eachSDFHave jurisdiction overMinistry of DefenseThere is no provision for exercising sovereignty as described in[20], Article 25 of the Japan Coast Guard Law, "Employees are organized and trained as an army, or perform the function of the army ..." is also added.

Recruitment and education

In order to become a coast guard officer, there are several types of recruitment courses, mainly recruitment from those who have passed the student recruitment examination of the Japan Coast Guard Academy or the Japan Coast Guard Academy, and the recruitment examination for qualified personnel such as maritime qualifications. There are also hires from those who have passed the selection of the national civil service employment examination.[21]..Japan Coast Guard Academy will provide education as a candidate for executive staff for 4 years, and Japan Coast Guard Academy will provide education for professional staff for 1 to 2 years.[21]..Japan Coast Guard Academy is a general public4-year universityLike at graduationBachelor's degreeTo acquire the advanced knowledge and skills required as an executive coast guard officer for a total of 4 years and 6 months, including 3 years of the main course, 4 months of the advanced course, and 9 months of the international business course. become.The difficulty level isNational public universitiesIt is about the same as taking an examination.The Japan Coast Guard Academy also has a first-time science student recruitment test for 4-year university graduates.2020/This is a new course established in (Reiwa 2nd year). It is divided according to each major course of "voyage" and "institution".Maritime diplomaWhile aiming for acquisition, he will acquire the advanced professional skills necessary for a senior coast guard officer for two years.The difficulty level is about the same as that of university graduate national general profession and national profession.The period of study at the Japan Coast Guard School differs depending on the course, with one year for "ship operation system," "aviation," and "marine science," and two years for "information system" and "control."Difficulty is about the same as high school graduate national general employment[22].

Commendation for Coast Guard Officer

Against the Coast Guard OfficerRecognitionIt is,Prime MinisterWith the award at the topMinister of Land, Infrastructure and TransportAwards and othersSecretary of StateThere are commendations, and othersCommissioner of the Japan Coast GuardThere are awards including commendations.The following are the awards given by the Japan Coast Guard.Award insigniaIn addition to the awards that accompany the awards, there are various awards such as for individuals and groups.The staff who received various awardsJapan Coast Guard Award Commemorative MedalCan be used.

Incidentally,Dangerous work worker honorIt is also the target of.

Related laws and regulations

Japan Coast Guard Law (excerpt of only important parts)

  • (* Partial editor's note)
  • Article 14 A Japan Coast Guard Officer and an Assistant Coast Guard Officer shall be appointed by the Japan Coast Guard.
  • 2 The ranks of Coast Guard Officer and Assistant Coast Guard Officer are:Cabinet OrderTo determine this.
  • 3 The Coast Guard Officer, at the order of his superior, is in charge of the affairs prescribed in Article 2, Paragraph 1.
  • 4 The Assistant Coast Guard Officer assists in the duties of the Coast Guard Officer.
  • Article 15 When a coast guard officer performs affairs related to the enforcement of laws and regulations pursuant to the provisions of this law, thatAuthorityThe coast guard officer is considered to be the official of the administrative agency that has jurisdiction over the affairs related to the enforcement of each 〃 law, and the administrative agency establishes the affairs related to the enforcement of the relevant laws and regulations.RuleShall be subject to the application of.
  • Article 16 The Coast Guard Officer shall perform the duties listed in Article 5, item 5 orCriminalTheArrestIn the event of an emergency or in the event of an emergency, we may ask people and vessels in the vicinity for cooperation.
  • Article 17 The Maritime Security Officer, when necessary to perform his duties, orders the master or the person commanding the vessel on behalf of the master to submit documents to be kept on the vessel by law, and the identity of the vessel. , The port of registration, the name of the master, the port of departure or departure point immediately before, the port or destination of the destination, the nature of the cargo or the presence or absence of cargo, and other matters deemed important regarding the ship, cargo and voyage. You can conduct on-site inspections or ask the crew and passengers the questions necessary to perform their duties.
  • (2) A coast guard officer must wear a uniform or carry a voucher showing his / her identity when conducting an on-site inspection or asking a question pursuant to the provisions of the preceding paragraph.
  • 3 The coast guard officer's dress isMinistry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismmakeDetermined by.
  • Article 18 Coast Guard Officers at seacrimeIf you admit that is going to be done rightNatural disasterIncident,Marine accident, Damage to the work,Hazardous Material Of爆 発In the case of a dangerous situation such as, if there is a risk of danger to human life or body, or serious damage to property, and if it is urgent, other than those stipulated by other laws and regulations. , The following measures can be taken.
    • 1 To start, stop, or suspend the departure of a ship.
    • 2 Change the route or move the ship to the designated place.
    • 3 Disembark crew members, passengers and other persons on board (hereinafter referred to as "crew members, etc."), or restrict or prohibit disembarkation.
    • 4 Landing a cargo, or restricting or prohibiting its landing.
    • 5 Restricting or prohibiting traffic with other ships or land.
    • 6 In addition to the measures listed in the preceding items, stop acts that may cause danger to human life or body or serious damage to property at sea.
  • 2 The Coast Guard Officer may reasonably judge from the appearance of the ship, the mode of voyage, the abnormal behavior of the crew, and other surrounding circumstances, and if it is deemed clear that a crime at sea will be committed, other maritime conditions. If it is recognized that the public order in Japan may be significantly disturbed and there is no other appropriate means, the measures listed in item 1 or 2 of the preceding paragraph may be taken.
  • Article 19 Coast Guard Officers and Assistant Coast Guard Officers may carry weapons to perform their duties.
  • Article 20 Regarding the use of the weapons of the Japan Coast Guard Officer and the Assistant Coast Guard Officer,Police Officer Execution Law(Act No. 23 of 136) The provisions of Article 7Mutatis mutandisTo do.
  • 2 In addition to the case of using a weapon pursuant to the provisions of Article 7 of the Coast Guard Officer Duties Execution Law, which is applied mutatis mutandis in the preceding paragraph, even if the crew, etc. repeatedly orders the suspension of the progress of the vessel based on the provisions of Article 17, Paragraph 1, the crew, etc. When the Commissioner of the Japan Coast Guard resists the execution of duties of the Japan Coast Guard Officer or the Assistant Coast Guard Officer or tries to escape, the Commissioner of the Japan Coast Guard has anomalous behavior such as the appearance of the ship, the mode of voyage, and the crew. If it is reasonably judged from other surrounding circumstances and information related to these that the situation falls under all of the following items, the Coast Guard Officer or Assistant Coast Guard Officer will proceed with the vessel. When there is good reason to believe that there is no other way to stop it, the weapon may be used to the extent reasonably deemed necessary in the circumstances.
  • Article 21 The Commissioner of the Japan Coast Guard is from among the Coast Guard Officers.HarbourmasterOrder.
  • 2 HarbourmasterUnder the direction and supervision of the Commissioner of the Japan Coast Guard, is in charge of the affairs stipulated in the laws and regulations related to the Port Regulations.
  • Article 31 The Coast Guard Officer and Assistant Coast Guard Officer shall, pursuant to the provisions of the Commissioner of the Japan Coast Guard, regarding crimes at sea.Criminal procedure codeAccording to the provisions of (Act No. 23 of 131)Judicial police officerDo the job as.
  • 2 The Coast Guard Officer and the Assistant Coast Guard Officer shall be criminal in the case prescribed in Article 28-2, Paragraph 1, pursuant to the provisions of the Commissioner of the Japan Coast Guard in consultation with the Commissioner of the National Police Agency regarding crimes on remote islands under the same paragraph. Performs duties as a judicial police officer pursuant to the provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure.

Disaster Countermeasures Basic Law (excerpt only related parts)

  • Article 54 disasterAnyone who discovers an abnormal phenomenon that may causeMayorOrPolice officerOr you must notify the Coast Guard Officer.
  • 3 The police officer or coast guard officer who receives the report in paragraph 1 must promptly notify the mayor of the municipality to that effect.
  • Article 58 The mayor of a municipality may, when there is a risk of a disaster, by law or市町村According to the provisions of the regional disaster prevention planFire departmentOrFlood control teamTo request or have to request the person in charge of disaster emergency measures, such as preparing for dispatch or ordering dispatch, or requesting the dispatch of a police officer or coast guard officer, to make necessary preparations for implementing first aid measures. Must be.
  • Article 60 When a disaster occurs or is likely to occur, the mayor of the municipality is necessary when he / she finds it particularly necessary to protect the life or body of a person from the disaster and prevent the spread of other disasters. Residents, residents and other persons in the area recognized as evacuated may be advised to evict for evacuation, and if they are found to be urgent, they may be instructed to evacuate for evacuation. ..
  • (2) In the case of recommending or instructing evacuation for evacuation pursuant to the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the mayor of the municipality may instruct the eviction destination when he / she finds it necessary.
  • Article 61 In the case of paragraph 1 of the preceding Article, when the mayor of the municipality finds that he / she cannot instruct evacuation for evacuation prescribed in the same paragraph, or when the mayor of the municipality requests, a police officer or coast guard officer The official may instruct residents, residents and others in the area deemed necessary to evacuate for evacuation.The provisions of Paragraph 2 of the preceding Article shall apply mutatis mutandis to this case.
  • (2) When a police officer or a coast guard officer has instructed eviction for evacuation pursuant to the provisions of the preceding paragraph, he / she must immediately notify the mayor of the municipality to that effect.
  • Article 63 When a disaster has occurred or is about to occur, the mayor of the municipality may set a caution zone and take emergency measures when he / she finds it particularly necessary to prevent danger to human life or body. Persons other than those engaged in the area may be restricted or prohibited from entering the area, or may be ordered to leave the area.
  • 2 In the case of the preceding paragraph, when the mayor of the municipality or a member of the municipality who is entrusted by the mayor to perform the authority prescribed in the same paragraph is not at the scene, or when there is a request from these persons, a police officer or a coast guard officer A sheriff may exercise the authority of the mayor of the municipality prescribed in the same paragraph.In this case, when the mayor of the municipality prescribed in the same paragraph has exercised the authority, the police officer or coast guard officer shall immediately notify the mayor of the municipality to that effect.
  • Article 64 When the mayor of a municipality finds that there is an urgent need to implement emergency measures in the event that a disaster has occurred or is about to occur in the area of ​​the municipality, he / she shall, pursuant to the provisions of a Cabinet Order. The land, buildings and other structures of others in the area of ​​the municipality may be temporarily used, or earth and stone, bamboo trees and other properties may be used or expropriated.
  • 9 Police officer, coast guard officer orDisaster dispatchOf the troops orderedSDFWhen the work, etc. is removed pursuant to the provisions of Paragraph 7 of the preceding Article, which is applied mutatis mutandis in Paragraph 2, or the first sentence of Paragraph 2, which is applied mutatis mutandis in the preceding paragraph, the said work, etc. has jurisdiction over the place where the work, etc. was installed. doChief of PoliceEtc. orCabinet OfficemakeDetermined bySelf Defense Force ActIt must be presented to the head of the unit, etc. prescribed in Article 8 (hereinafter referred to as "the head of the unit, etc. of the Self-Defense Forces" in this Article).In this case, the chief of the police station, etc. or the chief of the SDF unit, etc. shall keep the work, etc.
  • Article 84 The provisions of Article 65, Paragraph 1 (including the cases where it is applied mutatis mutandis in Article 3, Paragraph 2) or the same by the mayor of a municipality, a police officer, a coast guard officer, or a self-defense official such as a unit ordered to dispatch a disaster. According to the provisions of Article 63, Paragraph 2, which is applied mutatis mutandis in Article XNUMX, Paragraph XNUMX, when a resident in the area of ​​the relevant municipality or a person at the site where the first-aid measures should be implemented is engaged in the first-aid measures work, the relevant work is carried out. If the person engaged in the event died, was injured, became ill, or became in a state of disability, the relevant municipality shall be informed.Cabinet OrderIn accordance with the criteria set forth inOrdinanceThe person or the bereaved family of the person orDependentsWill suffer damage due to these causescompensationMust.
  • Article 116 Persons who fall under any of the following items are 10 yen or lessfineOrdetentionTo be processed.
    • 1 A person who unnecessarily uses a signal related to disaster prevention specified by a Cabinet Office Ordinance based on the provisions of Article 52, Paragraph 1 or uses a signal similar to this.
    • 2 The mayor of the municipality pursuant to the provisions of Article 63, Paragraph 1 (on behalf of the mayor of the municipality pursuant to the provisions of Article 73, Paragraph 1)Prefectural governorincluding. ), Prohibition of police officers or coast guard officers pursuant to the provisions of Article 63, Paragraph 2, or SDF personnel such as units ordered to dispatch disasters pursuant to the provisions of Paragraph 3 of the same Article, which is applied mutatis mutandis in Paragraph XNUMX of the same Article. Those who did not comply with restrictions or evacuation orders

National Protection Law (excerpt of related parts only)

  • Article 63 In the case of Paragraph 1 of the preceding Article, when the mayor of a municipality finds it necessary to guide evacuees, he / she may be the Chief of Police, the Chief of Maritime Security Department, etc. or the Self-Defense Forces Act, Article 76, Paragraph 1, Article 78. Of the SDF units ordered to be dispatched pursuant to the provisions of Paragraph 1 or Article 81, Paragraph 2, the SDF units ordered to implement measures for the protection of the people or Article 77-4 of the same Act. For the head of the SDF units, etc. ordered to be dispatched pursuant to the provisions of paragraph 1 (hereinafter referred to as "the SDF units, etc. ordered to be dispatched, etc.") (limited to the head of the SDF units, etc. specified by the government ordinance) It is possible to request that the evacuees be guided by police officers, maritime security officers, or SDF personnel (hereinafter referred to as "police officers, etc.").In this case, the mayor of the municipality shall notify the governor of the prefecture to which the municipality belongs.
  • Article 66 A police officer who guides evacuees or a person who guides evacuees pursuant to the provisions of Article 62, Paragraph 1 or 2 (including the cases where it is applied mutatis mutandis in Article 5, Paragraph XNUMX) is accompanied by evacuation. When it is recognized that a dangerous situation may occur due to congestion, etc., necessary warnings are given to those who may cause or be harmed in order to prevent the occurrence of the dangerous situation. Or you can give instructions.
  • 2 In the case of the preceding paragraph, a police officer or a coast guard officer, when he / she finds it particularly necessary, prohibits entry into a dangerous place, or removes him / her from that place, or on a road that may cause the danger. Vehicles and other properties can be removed and other necessary measures can be taken.
  • 3 The provisions of the preceding paragraph shall apply mutatis mutandis to the execution of duties by firefighters or SDF personnel who are guiding evacuees only when police officers and coast guard officers are not present.
  • Article 98 A person who discovers a sign of an armed attack disaster shall notify the mayor of the municipality or that fact without delay.Firefighter, Police officers or coast guard officers (referred to as "firefighters, etc." in the next and fourth paragraphs) must be notified.
  • Article 102 Prefectural governorIs a facility that falls under any of the following items and is specified by a Cabinet Order in order to prevent the occurrence or spread of an armed attack disaster in an armed attack situation, etc. (hereinafter referred to as "living-related facilities" in this Article. ), When it is deemed necessary to ensure the safety of those located in the area of ​​the prefecture, listen to the opinions of related organizations and ask the manager of the facility related to living, etc. You can request that you take the necessary steps to ensure your safety.
  • 7 Police officers or coast guard officers, when the restricted area in Paragraph 5 is designated, especially for persons other than those who have obtained the permission of the manager of the facility such as living-related facilities, to enter the restricted area. May be restricted or prohibited, or ordered to leave the restricted area.
  • Article 193 Restrictions, prohibitions or evacuation orders of police officers or coast guard officers pursuant to the provisions of Article 102, Paragraph 7 (including the cases where they are applied mutatis mutandis in Article 183) or Article 114 (when applied mutatis mutandis in Article 183). (Including)) XNUMX persons who did not comply with the restrictions, prohibitions, or evacuation orders of SDF personnel such as mayors, prefectural governors, police officers, coast guard officers, or SDF units ordered to be dispatched, etc. You will be punished by a fine of not more than yen or detention.


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外部 リンク

Sea monkey

"Sea monkey』(Umizaru) is the authorHideto Sato, Draft / coverageYouichi KomoribyJapan OfComicIs.Although this original manga was serialized in 1999 and completed in 2001, it was made into a TV drama in 2002, then made into a movie in 2004, and several sequels were produced.


Maritime SheriffIsDaisuke SenzakiAs the main characterSalvageIt depicts the activities of the Japan Coast Guard Officer. From 1999 to 2001Shogakukan"Weekly Young Sunday』Serialized.The book is a total of 12 volumes of Shogakukan Young Sunday Comics. In 2006, all five volumes of Shogakukan Bunko were published.

Some of the accidents during the work are based on the motif of what actually occurred, and the craft ship at the end of the series (Suspicious ship) Timely topics such as incidents were also incorporated.

It has been made into a live-action film multiple times based on the manga, and in 2002 and 2003.NHK(Daiei TVAfter being made into a one-shot TV drama (produced), in June 2004Fuji Television Network, Inc-Mech robotIt was made into a live-action movie in production.Furthermore, from 2005 to 2012, as a sequel to the movie (Part 1), one TV drama and three movies with a series of stories were produced, and it became a series work for eight years.The live-action version is an original story.

Origin of Umizaru

DiverIt is a creation in this work to use "Umizaru" to refer to, and it is underwater.(I.e.It is said to be a coined word derived from the image of being active in agility like this (there is also a theory that monkeys are treated as a jargon because it is a business that often clenches teeth and is associated with the gums of monkeys).However, since the hits of a series of movies and dramas, there have been some cases where the media and the general public use "Umizaru" to refer to the coast guard officer's diver.The Japan Coast Guard itself may use this term in public relations, etc.[1].

In addition, the actual monkey does not dive into the sea and act agilely (and even more).Sea monkeyHas nothing to do with).Also, by high pressure air in the seaBreatheIf you are doing vigorous exercise or sudden changes in depth,Nitrogen narcosis,Diving illnessIt is refrained because it causes.


Daisuke Senzaki
At the time of first appearance (Episode 1) 19 years old.He is an assistant navigator.
Miharu Urabe
At the time of first appearance (Episode 1), 22 years old.He is a newspaper reporter every morning.
Kotaro Katsuta
At the time of first appearance (Episode 1) 45 years old.He is the captain of the flow.
Michio Saeki
At the time of first appearance (Episode 1) 41 years old.He is the master of the flow.
Masaki Ikezawa
At the time of the first appearance (Episode 1), he was 30 years old.Nagare navigator / diver → Later, line of duty.
Kenji Miike
At the time of first appearance (Episode 1) 24 years old.He is an assistant telegraphist.
Naoto Sakai
At the time of first appearance (name is episode 2)? Years old.Captain Sea Hawk.
One of the stowaways in Horai.
Seventh District Coast Guard HeadquartersFukuoka Coast Guard StationA security specialist belonging to the Security Division.He went to buy cigarettes during an investigation into Nam's smuggling, and has been quitting smoking since his subordinates, who took arbitrary actions during the investigation, were killed.
Nam Wan Chai
Vietnamese carrier.Smuggling pistols on the Miles timber carrier
Fukuoka Prefectural Police HeadquartersPolice officer.Arrested Senzaki, who is following Nam, as a suspicious person.He is dressed like a police officer.
Chief of the Security Division, Fukuoka Coast Guard Department, XNUMXth Regional Coast Guard Headquarters.

Appearance patrol boats, etc.

A patrol boat belonging to the 03th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters.She is number PSXNUMX.[2]
A patrol boat belonging to the 31th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters.She is number PLH1.The ship that was announced in service in the first episode.
A patrol boat belonging to the 22th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters.She is number PLHXNUMX.
Sea Hawk No. 1
A helicopter belonging to the 6256th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters.Number JAXNUMX.
Sea swallow
A helicopter belonging to the XNUMXth Regional Coast Guard Headquarters.Unknown number.Installed on the patrol boat "Kaikou".

Appearance distress ship

Chinese-registered vessels.In the first episode, the rudder broke down and drifted.A fire had already broke out when I arrived at the site.She was actually a smuggler.


Smuggling ship rescue edition
The Horai-go broke down the rudder and drifted near the Kurinoue reef.A request for dispatch is made to the patrol boat flow.Upon arriving at the scene, the Horai was on fire.A coast guard officer rescued everyone on her crew list.However, Senzaki discovers a stowaway in a container with a welded lid.The maximum time left until sinking is 15 minutes.There is not enough time to open the welded container and help the stowaway. (Applicable to the Fuji TV version drama club in the first half of Volume 1).
Land investigation
Senzaki, who took arbitrary actions in the case of a smuggling ship, was dismissed.However, his disposition was lifted on the way and he was convened at the security department.There was no flow in the security department, and there was a security officer in charge of land investigation.Senzaki's mission is to stake out in the form of an angler at the scene where smuggling of pistols is suspected.However, there was Miharu who was left alone for several hours at the scene and was angry (the latter half of Volume 1).
Take-chan family rescue edition
Take-chan's family, who live in the neighborhood of Senzaki, set sail on a cruiser on a high wave day.Take-chan's mother's remarriage was decided, and this was an opportunity for her last four parents and children to get together.The cruiser capsized after leaving the breakwater.Take-chan was playing hide-and-seek inside the cruiser and was drifting along with the cruiser. She barely gets caught in two rocks and escapes sinking, but she could sink if she moves the hull even a little (Volume 4-2, first part, TV drama club, but the victim is Shimokawa's daughter). ..
Conflict between Senzaki and Miharu
Senzaki and Miharu continue to worry after the death of Take-chan's mother.Senzaki is injured by working hard if he does not want to see the death of a person again.In addition, Miharu decides to retire from the newspaper because she can't write her own articles, although she only tells her facts.To overcome this conflict, Senzaki saves Miharu, and Miharu saves Senzaki (middle of Volume 2).
Diver training
Senzaki and his colleagues participated in the diving technology course training at the Japan Coast Guard Academy in Kure to become divers.Mishima cannot dive to a depth of 40m because it cannot remove ears.Synchronous people who were doing voluntary diving training called leisure diving to overcome their weaknesses.However, due to a sudden change in the tide, Mishima and Kudo were in distress.Mishima and Kudo cannot surface due to Mishima's injury or cylinder failure.Kudo hands the cylinder to Mishima and performs an emergency ascent ignoring the decompression time.Senzaki and his friends rescued Mishima under the guidance of Kudo.However, Kudo died of pulmonary hemorrhage due to decompression sickness due to emergency ascent (the latter part of Volume 3 to the first part of Volume 5, which corresponds to the first movie, but the history of Kudo's line of duty is different from the original).
Hakata Gion Yamakasa edition
Suspicious ship tracking
It corresponds to the Fuji TV version drama, but the development after the menacing shooting is significantly different (occurred between the original and the drama)Kyushu Southwest Seacraft Ship IncidentIs the model).
Asian Trip
December 1999, 12, 22:13, Kanmon Strait.The large ferry "Kuroba" changed its route in an attempt to overtake the small steamer, but there was a sunken ship Asian Trip on that route.The Kuroba tries to navigate between the Asian Trip and her steamer, but fails and touches the top of the Asian Trip.The bottom of her ship was cracked and flooded.The Accident Countermeasures Headquarters recognizes it as a large-scale marine accident, and Tatsu Senzaki and divers also guide passengers to evacuate.Meanwhile, passengers in line panic to transfer to the boat, one passenger hits a pregnant woman, and the pregnant woman injures her face.The pregnant woman was Megumi Honma, a salesperson at the Kuroba-go shop.Senzaki discovers the missing Master of the Kuroba when sending Honma, who has completed her treatment, to the escape exit.A withdrawal order was given to the scene, and Senzaki was left behind by the Kuroba-go, which was sinking with the two of them. (Corresponds to the second volume of the NHK version drama and the second movie of the middle volume of volume 58 to the first stage of volume 1)
Nagare disembarkation edition
Senzaki and Ikezawa are handed over to the patrol boat Kaikou.Kaikou is a rescue-enhanced patrol boat, and Senzaki and his friends will be added to the diving team.Senzaki, who misses the farewell to Nagare, is encouraged by Ikezawa and Katsuta, saying, "It's not a big deal to transfer" (middle of Volume 7).
Pirate Ship Tracking
Kanezen fishing boat distress edition
Iriya's Anguish
J-WING machine distress edition
The last day of the 20th century2000/12/31..J-WING206 flight from Haneda to Fukuoka is as usualHaneda airportTake off, butVertical tailIt becomes difficult to maneuver due to the damage of. Flight 206Fukuoka AirportI request a landing, but Fukuoka Airport may be close to the city area, and it is disappointing.Therefore, at the suggestion of Senzaki, a landing guide light was installed off the coast of Fukuoka to go to the sea.Crash landingWill be done.At the time of the emergency landing, Flight 206 landed, but the aircraft was split into two.Rescue activities began immediately, but while there were many survivors, there were a considerable number of victims.Iriya is caught in the aircraft during the search for the nose.The water depth at this point is about 2m.It exceeds the limit of being able to dive safely with normal equipment.Senzaki also handed his cylinder to Iriya and escaped once.I decided to go deep diving (Volume 50, middle to volume 10, corresponding to the 12th movie).

Each volume / recorded story

各巻First edition issue datesubtitleRecording story
Volume 11998/6/5driftingEpisodes 1 and 9
Volume 21999/8/5CapsizeEpisodes 10 and 19
Volume 31999/11/5ReturnEpisodes 20 and 29
Volume 42000/2/5FriendEpisodes 30 and 39
Volume 52000/5/5the TEAMEpisodes 40 and 49
Volume 62000/7/5爆 発Episodes 50 and 59
Volume 72000/10/5TearsEpisodes 60 and 69
Volume 82001/1/5surviveEpisodes 70 and 79
Volume 92001/3/5NameEpisodes 80 and 89
Volume 102001/6/5lightsEpisodes 90 and 99
Volume 112001/9/5Water landingEpisodes 100 and 109
Volume 122001/10/5DepartureEpisode 110-Final Episode

TV drama (NHK)

High definitionSuspense"Umizaru-Umizaru" / "Umizaru 2"

General TVHowever, it was broadcast in trimming size on the following dates and times.

  • Umizaru ~ Umizaru --Part 2002 = Mysterious shipboard Shinju incident: November 11, 24 20:00 --20:45, Part 21 = Rescue the boy !: Same day 15:22 --00:XNUMX
  • Umizaru 2 --Part 2003 = Coast Guard Officer who challenges the sea of ​​flames: August 8, 18 20:00 --20:45, Part 21 = Ferry on fire! Escape from death: 15:22 --00:XNUMX on the same day


Umizaru ~ Umizaru
Was drifting on the seaPleasure boatThen, the body of the couple and the child were found.Daisuke and Miharu question the announcement of "suicide" and follow the truth of the case.
Umizaru 2
A robber with a gun appears on the ferry where Ikezawa rides with his wife and children.Daisuke and his colleagues go to the ferry where the fire broke out due to the shooting of the criminal.

The suspense element is stronger than the original.Both are set in Kagoshima.


ス タ ッ フ

Fuji TV production version

Fuji Television Network, IncBy productionHideaki ItoIt was visualized in the lead role.2004/ToSea monkeyIn July 2005, the serial TV drama "Sea monkey UMIZARU EVOLUTION] Was broadcast.2006/The second movie "LIMIT OF LOVE Sea MonkeyIs released.2010/9/18The third movie "The final version of the Fuji TV version"THE LAST MESSAGE-UmizaruWas released.

2008'sSaturday PremiumThe sequel was announced after the two movies in the "Umizaru" series were aired in the frame, and "THE LAST MESSAGE-Umizaru" was positioned as the final version, but in July 2, the sequel "Umizaru" was announced.BRAVE HEARTS Sea MonkeyWas released.

This series of movies and Fuji TV version is very different from the original, from the image of the main character and the setting of the lover to the story.

main character

Daisuke Senzaki- Hideaki Ito
The main character of this work.Originally, he was an excellent salesman in the department of a health food company, but he was disgusted with the life of selling to friends and because he likes the sea.Japan Coast GuardI changed my job to.He has a tough part, but he has a hard-lined and straightforward personality.He is qualified as a dive master[3].
Aspiring to be active on the front line, he devoted himself to training in Kure with the aim of becoming a diver. Will be strengthened.He became a diver and worked for the Fukuoka Coast Guard for a year, then transferred to the patrol boat "Nagare" of the 1rd Regional Coast Guard, where he experienced his first lifesaving experience.He came from abroadSuspicious shipHe grows up as a diver through offense and defense, saving lives, and interacting with various people.However, at the time of Ikezawa's death as a buddy, he lost the significance of saving his life and lost his self-confidence, but he recovered by knowing Ikezawa's true intention through Kansai.
After the "Nagare" ship was abandoned, he moved to Kagoshima with Yoshioka and belonged to the Mobile Rescue Team.When a plane crash occurs, she tries to rescue a parent and child left behind in the sea during a storm, but fails to rescue her father.That hurt her heart and went wrong with her engaged Kansai.However, she realized the importance of Kansai again in the wreck of the Kuroba, and even though she was in the middle of the accident, she proposed again.
Kansai Senzaki- Ai Kato
The heroine of this work.HiroshimaKurewhere one is from.He has a maiden name: Izawa.He has a cheerful and carefree personality, but he also has a deep side to romance.For the reasons described below, he was assigned to the page of the magazine when he returned to Kure, but his own page was replaced with another article and his contract was terminated.So he tried to give up his dream, but decided to make his own clothes due to the influence of Senzaki, and after working at a vocational school, joined the sewing studio "Lianrian" as a designer.
My mother, Utako, had a broken leg and was hospitalized, so she returned to Wu in the middle of her work, where she met Senzaki, who was training.She was at odds with Senzaki because she thought she had invited Senzaki (and then fell asleep before crossing the line) when she first met her for the momentum of her sake. However, as she learned about Senzaki, she was attracted to him and went out with him.However, in the serial drama version, due to the transfer of Senzaki to Fukuoka, she became a long-distance relationship, and since she had only exchanged by e-mail, her feelings for Senzaki were cold, so it was contrary to her own thoughts. I was in trouble with Senzaki's attitude, which made me feel like a boyfriend.After that, in discussions with Senzaki, he started over from his friends and reestablished a lover relationship, but he could not understand the work of a diver who could not be near an important person by throwing himself at the forefront of life, and love with Senzaki. However, he became aware of the burden of Senzaki and decided to support him. She gets engaged to Senzaki in "LIMIT OF LOVE Umizaru", but her trauma to Senzaki makes her jerky.But she, like Senzaki, she reminds her of his importance in the wreck of the Kuroba.
In "THE LASTMESSAGE Umizaru", she got married and became the wife of Senzaki.

1st movie

"Umizaru -Umizaru-"
2004/6/12In the whole countryTohoPublished in the system.Japan Coast GuardFull cooperation.
The catch phrase is "If you put it in parentheses, you can't save your life."


Senzaki joined the Japan Coast Guard until he changed jobs because he liked the sea.He was assigned to the Fukuoka Coast Guard Department in the XNUMXth Regional Coast Guard, but he felt bored working on the ground and on board, and was an elite group.DiverAiming forCoast Guard CollegeThe story begins when you enroll in the diver's course.The friendship, love, setbacks, trials, and growth of a young diver candidate called Umizaru are depicted.


Trainee of the Japan Coast Guard Academy training course diving technology course training
Daisuke Senzaki - Hideaki Ito
First-class coast guard XNUMXth Regional Coast GuardFukuoka Coast Guard Department
Yuji Mishima- Ken Kaito
Third Class Coast Guard Third districtBelongs to the Tokyo Coast Guard Station.
Qualified dive master.He is an elite graduate of the Japan Coast Guard Academy and aims to eventually be assigned to a special rescue team.He is a leader among trainees.He often competed with Senzaki for something, and even though he acted with other trainees, he did not get used to it.In contrast to Senzaki, he has a calm idea of ​​abandoning the buddy when he is in a difficult situation.In the latter half of the middle stage, Kudo drowned in the sea and died, so he stopped Senzaki, who is doing heart massage, and was furious, saying, "I'm dead, Kudo!".
Initially, he will form a buddy with Kawaguchi, but in the final training, he will form a buddy with Senzaki at the command of the source.In the final training, he was in a difficult situation due to an accident, but he was saved by the trainees who could not do rescue activities by the judgment of the source, and after that, he deepened the bond with Senzaki and the trainees.I also participated in a drinking party between the first half of 16 and encouraged Senzaki who was worried about not being dealt with by Ikezawa.
Hajime Kudo- Atsushi Ito
First-class coast guard XNUMXst Regional Coast GuardBelongs to the Nemuro Coast Guard.
It is also the first buddy in Senzaki.He had a strong desire to save lives and participated in the diving technology course because his father and his brother, who are fishermen, wanted to rescue themselves in the event of a marine accident.However, in training, he is inferior to other trainees in terms of technique, and he repeatedly fails in training, and he is forced to do push-ups about 50 to 100 times with Senzaki.She fell in love with Erica at first sight at the hospital where she was hospitalized with Senzaki due to a mistake during training, but she was not dealt with by Erica and was teased by other trainees.However, in the sea where he went diving with his friends and Erica, he died trying to help the drowned rescuer (at this time, the cry of a drowning child can be heard from a distance of the sea. Was seen).This death later gave Erica a chance to change her way of thinking about her work and Senzaki to have the idea that Kudo had to work hard.
Atsushi Kawaguchi- Murata Mitsuru
Third Class Coast Guard XNUMXth Regional Coast GuardBelongs to Maizuru Coast Guard.
Participated in the diving technique course because he wanted to take a bath first after the mission was completed.She becomes Mishima's buddy, but she also cares about Mishima.
Makoto Tsuchiya- Motoki deep water
Second-class coast guard Fourth districtYokkaichi Coast Guard
Eiji Nomura- Satoshi Tanaka
First-class coast guard Second districtFukushima Coast Guard affiliation
Yuta Yaegashi- Katsutaka Furuhata
First Class Coast Guard Affiliation of Nagoya Coast Guard, XNUMXth Division
Kohei Hayashi- Seiji Iinuma
Second Class Coast Guard, XNUMXrd Regional Coast Guard, Yokohama Coast Guard
Kazuki Sakai-Megumi
First-class coast guard XNUMXth Regional Coast GuardIshigaki Coast GuardAffiliation
Hibiki Nakahara-Shinya Sano
First Class Coast Guard Affiliation of Otaru Coast Guard Department, XNUMXst Regional Coast Guard
Masaya Watanabe- Aoki
First-class coast guard XNUMXth Regional Coast GuardKishiwada Coast Guard affiliation
Kensuke Gunji- Kengo Oguchi
First-class coast guard Tenth DistrictKagoshima Coast Guard Department affiliation
Shinji Tadokoro- Saito Ko
First-class coast guard XNUMXth Regional Coast GuardNiigata Coast Guard Affiliation
Tadahiro Muto- Tadahiro Aoki
First-class coast guard XNUMXth Regional Coast GuardUwajima Coast Guard
Instructors of the Japan Coast Guard Academy diving technique training
Gentaro- Tatsuya Fuji
First Class Coast Guard Chief Instructor / Diver.
Due to the accident described below, he treats the trainees with a strict attitude because he knows the horror of the sea, and trains the trainees.She also tells Senzaki that "there is nothing fun on the front line," and she often gets angry with the trainees. During the 50-day training, she orders, "In concentration, we always act in pairs. Without a strong relationship of trust, we can't be a buddy."In addition, in the final training in the marine training, it became a problem that the trainees were ordered to rescue the trainees by breaking the rules in order to save Senzaki and Mishima who had suffered a marine accident. Therefore, when the trainees went to the rescue, they strictly ordered, "Senzaki never abandoned the buddy! Believe in you and wait for help. Bring back anything alive!" I'm watching the rescue.At the closing ceremony, when completing all the diving technical courses, he ordered, "There is nothing fun on the front line, be prepared!"
During the diver's era, when a cargo ship sankSecondary disasterIn the past, he left Kyono, a buddy, at the site of a marine accident.This experience has led to rigorous guidance to her trainees.
Shigeru Bando- Tetsuji Tanaka
Second-class coast guard instructor and diver.
In the latter half of the early stages, he ordered "I call you a sea monkey because there are many idiots who get drunk and take off their squirrels. Please act modestly" and allow them to stay overnight.After closing the door, the trainees who started rampaging had a situation where they couldn't stop saying "Hey, you guys !!" The sheriff is a minister of the whole nation, be aware and be aware of it !! "
Shinji Otomo- Toru Nakane
Second-class coast guard instructor and diver.
Heroine and its affiliates
Kanna Izawa - Ai Kato
Fashion magazine editor.
Nurse Erika Matsubara - Karina
nurse.A junior and friend of Kansai.Contrary to Kansai, he is active in romance, and has a friendly personality, such as having a friendly relationship with trainees who had been ridiculed as "Umizaru".He is aware of his feelings for Kudo, but he manages to dodge that approach.She wasn't enthusiastic about the job of a nurse, but Kudo's death prompted her to change her mind about her job.In the first episode of the drama version, he participates in a drinking party between the early 1 groups.
Miyuki Sonobe- Noriko Watanabe
Editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine and boss of Kansai.
Utako Izawa - Mayumi Asaka
Tamaki's mother.She lost her husband, who works for a shipyard, in a marine accident.Her personality is cheerful, and even now she has lost her husband, and she is still her husband.She broke her leg and was hospitalized.In the drama version, she goes to Tokyo for a presentation of her hobby, ball gymnastics, and she learns about the existence of her lover, Senzaki.She didn't want her husband to feel the same because of her experience of losing her husband in a marine accident, and she was very opposed to the relationship between Senzaki and Kansai, but rushed to the scene of the marine accident. I decided to admit her relationship by seeing her daughter waiting patiently for the return of Senzaki.
More informations
Natsuko Nakasako- apricot
Japan Coast Guard Academy staff (cooking / serving staff).He knew the past of Gen, and he encouraged Senzaki, who was depressed by Kudo's death, after teaching him the past of Gen.
Masaki Igarashi- Kunimura Hayabusa
First Class Coast Guard Chief Inspector General of the Japan Coast Guard.
Although he has a relationship with Gen, he has a crush on the fact that Gen has abandoned Kyono.

ス タ ッ フ

TV drama

"Umizaru EVOLUTION" (Umizaru Evolution)
2005/7/5 - 9/13Until every weekTuesdayFrom 21:00 to 21:54Fuji TV seriesでbroadcast..The first time is expanded by 10 minutes.
It's a sequel to the movie, and the main cast has been taken over.It was the stage of the movieCoast Guard CollegeAfter graduating from the diver training course at, he worked in the field for one year, and by resignation, the Yokohama Coast Guard Department of the Third Division (横 浜 市)BelongsPL type patrol boatThe story begins when you are assigned to "Nagare".
The catch phrase is, "I knew the courage because you were there. I gave my life because he was there."


XNUMXrd Regional Coast Guard Yokohama Coast Guard Patrol Vessel "Nagare" Crew
Daisuke Senzaki --Hideaki Ito
First-class Coast Guard Assistant Officer / Diver
Masaki Ikezawa- Nakamura Toru
Third Class Coast Guard Chief Officer / Diver
Special rescue teamAfter passing through the special training course of the Japan Coast Guard Academy, he was temporarily seconded to "Nagare".She is usually unfriendly and quiet, and has a stoic nature that does not lack daily training.She has a strong commitment to the work of the special rescue team.However, his wife, Naoko, calls him "Mah-kun," and Senzaki and his colleagues are agitated by Naoko's restlessness when she is about to give birth.Although he became a buddy in Senzaki, he didn't even hang on his teeth at first, but he began to teach Senzaki as he acted together in the field.When I suffered from central retinopathy and it became difficult to return to the special rescue team, I thought about quitting the diver, but I found value in raising Senzaki, and I decided to make Senzaki a full-fledged diver in the future. I decided to devote myself to raising and staying in "Nagare".However, during the offshore security activities, "Nagare" chased the cargo ship "Tristana" that was attacked by the pirates, and ironically, the pirates shot his neck with a bullet while rescuing the crew (the sound of the bullets, (Blood returned to Senzaki's face) and received emergency treatment hard on the patrol ship, but died of massive bleeding due to internal tibial artery injury (at this time, blood could not be stopped and the area was bloody. It was the sea).After this death, Senzaki had the idea that he had to work hard for Ikezawa, and he apologized with tears, saying, "I'm sorry I let Mr. Ikezawa die ...".
Tetsuya Yoshioka - Ryuta Sato
Second-class Coast Guard Assistant Chief Accountant → Assistant Chief Accountant / Diver.
He has a cheerful nori and has an easy-going personality to liven up the place with his friends.At the time of the first meeting with Senzaki, he also touches older Senzaki with a tame mouth, but after the hierarchical relationship with Senzaki is thoroughly enforced, he becomes a friend of seniors and juniors, and he continues to love Senzaki. He likes Rei of "Ocean's" and approaches Rei in some way.
In the middle of the drama, when he was fired to become a diver in Senzaki and Nagashima, he participated in the diving technique training in Kure, and after completing the training, he became a diver, and after returning to "Nagare", he became a buddy in Senzaki. , In the subsequent works, he will carry out the mission together as a buddy. After the "Nagare" ship was abandoned, he was transferred to Kagoshima with Senzaki and belonged to the Mobile Rescue Team.
Kenjiro Bessho- Hiroki Miyake
First-class coast guard assistant engineer / diver.
He has an open personality that likes off-color humor, and usually behaves casually to his friends.She often acts in "Oceans" with Senzaki, Yoshioka, and Nagashima.However, on the other hand, he is highly evaluated as a diver because he is the first to jump into the sea.
However, when I was in front of the scene, I felt that there was a mental and physical limit to continuing to be a diver due to factors such as the eruption of adrenaline, and I was afraid that Nagashima would be involved in a dangerous situation as it is, so in episode 5. Decided to work as a diving instructor and resigned as a diver and coast guard officer.
Takumi Yamaji- Yusuke Hirayama
First-class Coast Guard Assistant Telegraphist / Diver.
Like Ikezawa, he was temporarily seconded to "Nagare" from the Special Rescue Team through the Japan Coast Guard Academy special training course.A calm personality that is not the type that makes noise among divers.He has lost 49 times in a row. After the "Nagare" ship was abandoned, he returned to the Special Rescue Team and served as captain. He is also involved in the Kuroba-go grounding accident in "LIMIT OF LOVE Umizaru".
Kota Nagashima- Makoto Sakamoto
First-class coast guard assistant engineer / diver.
At the scene, he always longs for Bessho, who is always forming a buddy, both publicly and privately, and usually acts with Bessho.
Daigo Iwamatsu- Akira Sakamoto
Third Class Coast Guard Chief Accountant / Supply Manager
Kenji Miike- Motosuke Iida
Third Class Coast Guard Superintendent of Navigation, Boatswain
Shimokawa Iwao - Tokito Saburo
First Class Coast Guard Chief Officer / Diver.
He has a calm personality and cares about his friends, and as a captain, he bundles divers.He was originallyJapan Coast Guard AcademyAlthough he is a candidate for an executive from Japan, Yabuki of Buddy was seriously injured in a marine accident, so he continues to decline the request from the main office to take up the post of executive in order to wait for Yabuki to return to the diver.However, he divorced because of her affection for Rieko.He can only meet his only daughter, Yui, on the promised day, but every time he receives an emergency departure order, he breaks his promise to play with Yui.At the end of episode 8 and the beginning of episode 9, Ikezawa was shot in the neck with a bullet, and Senzaki shouted, "Why do you have to help those guys !!" It's our job to rescue them !! ", but he gets angry with" I can't do it !!!! ".
When Yui was involved in a pleasure boat capsizing accident, he was in an accident when he was rescued and became unconscious, but he recovered with Yui's words.However, at that time, she decided to retire as a diver and worked on land because she had a feeling that she disobeyed the coast guard officer's iron rule "going back alive" that "she may die for Yui". become. In "LIMIT OF LOVE Umizaru", he was involved in the Kuroba-go stranded accident as a specialist in the rescue section of the security and rescue department of the main office, reunited with Senzaki over the radio, and was involved in rescue activities as a commander of Senzaki.
In "THE LAST MESSAGE Umizaru", he became the chief of the rescue section of the main office and was in charge of dealing with the "Regalia" marine accident, and ordered Senzaki to "live and come back to anything."
In "BRAVE HEARTS Umizaru", he will join the Accident Countermeasures Headquarters as the Chief of the Rescue Division of the Japan Coast Guard, propose to land the plane on the sea, and direct the rescue activities after that.
Kotaro Katsuta- Natsu Yagi Isao(Special appearance)
Captain of the Second Coast Guard.
A veteran fieldist with 35 years of experience. "Nagare" A man of the old-fashioned sea who acted solemnly as a captain and had a sense of responsibility that he was responsible for all the worksites.He has shown some understanding to divers when it comes to their growth.Tsuda, the boss of his career, also has the courage to express his opinions without hesitation, and his words and actions confuse Tsuda.He has a strong attachment to "Nagare," who has been the captain for a long time.
When Shimokawa became unconscious due to the overturning of a pleasure boat, Yui who was involved in the accident knew that he was the daughter of Shimokawa and still tried to resign from the coast guard officer and take responsibility for sending Shimokawa to the scene. However, Tsuda did not admit it, and after the "Nagare" was abandoned, he received personnel who respected Katsuta's intention to work as the captain of the patrol boat "Misaki".
Sewing studio "Lian Lian" staff
Kanna Izawa --Ai Kato
"Lian Lian" Designer
Kosuke Fuyushiba- Kazuma Suzuki
"Lian Lian" Chief Designer.Tamaki's boss.He is always a calm adult man and is loved by his surroundings.I am aware of Kansai as a woman besides her subordinates.He confesses to Kansai about her own thoughts, but finds out she doesn't care about Kansai and withdraws from her.
Sayaka Tsuji- Ryoko Kawase
Tamaki's colleague
Dining bar "Oceans" staff
Daisaku Higo- Ibu Masato
Master of the dining bar "Ocean's", which is a gathering place for coast guard officers.An understanding person who watches over Senzaki and others while making fun of Yoshioka and others with a blunt behavior after being hated by Senzaki and others as "Jijii".
Chika Mitsumori- Hitomi Sato
"Ocean's" employee.Kansai's senior.While he is a good counselor for Kansai, he can also be anxious about her love affair.
Rei Hoshino- Usami Asami
"Ocean's" waitress.It is attacked by Yoshioka, but it is treated lightly every time.
More informations
Rieko Ono- Kaoru Okunuki
Shimokawa's ex-wife.Feeling her limits in her life with her Shimokawa, who continues to be a diver without looking after her family, she divorces her, takes over her daughter Yui, and runs a flower shop.Despite the unavoidable circumstances, she has mixed feelings about Shimokawa, who has made a promise to play with Yui on her emergency departure order.
I was thinking of not letting Yui meet Shimokawa on the occasion of a remarriage story with a man who was a dating accountant, but when Yui was involved in an accident, I reconsidered to respect Yui's feelings. ..
Tadashi Ono- Ami Ichiki
Shimokawa's daughter.I yearn for her father, Shimokawa, but I'm not happy with her work, partly because I've had less time to meet her father.She is learning ballet.She hates Shimokawa's diving watch.
As soon as Rieko's remarriage made her unable to meet Shimokawa, she was involved in a pleasure boat capsizing accident while cruising in a ballet class, but she was saved by Shimokawa's life-threatening actions.
Naoko Ikezawa- Miyoko Yoshimoto
Ikezawa's wife.She calls Ikezawa "Mah-kun" and longs for it.Although she understands Ikezawa's work, she may be worried about Ikezawa's front line. She gets acquainted with Kansai and deepens exchanges on the occasion of Family Day at "Nagare".She had a child of Ikezawa, but she gave birth at the same time that Ikezawa died.After Ikezawa's death, she named her daughter, Mako, her name, which Ikezawa had in mind, and she returned to her parents' home in Chiba.
Utako Izawa - Mayumi Asaka
Mother of Kansai.Appeared in the form of the above-mentioned hobby ball gymnastics presentation.
Shinichi Yabuki- Fuse Hiroshi
Third Class Maritime Security Supervisor, Japan Coast Guard Headquarters Security and Rescue Department Specialist.
He used to form a buddy with Shimokawa, but he was injured at a certain marine accident site and it became difficult to continue as a diver, so he was assigned to work on land.However, he returned to the diver for Shimokawa who was waiting for himself to return at the site, participated in the diving technique course in Kure where Yoshioka also participated, and later returned to the site at the same time when Shimokawa retired from the diver. ..
Shinpei Tsuda- Toru Masuoka
Third Class Coast Guard Superintendent, Chief of Security and Rescue Section, Yokohama Coast Guard, Third Division. He is worried about the troubles that occur in "Nagare", but he is always blamed by the fieldist Katsuta.Shimokawa is a relationship between seniors and juniors from the time of the Japan Coast Guard Academy.
Hideo Uchida- Captain Taguchi(Episode 1)
The captain of the Panama-registered tanker "Asian Trip" that caused the capsize accident.In the event of a capsize accident, the sailor Mahal (Abedine) And I met Ikezawa and Senzaki at the scene.He begs Ikezawa and his friends to rescue the sailors first, but Ikezawa responds bluntly.Ikezawa had the intention of saying that it would be difficult to rescue Uchida, who was upset, with a newcomer, Senzaki, and then dared to push him out so that he would not run out. I was hung with gentle words.After the rescue of the sailors, he disappeared and was later found dead.
Masaya Tokunaga - Kazuki Haoka(Episode 4)
Sakae Tokunaga, the captain of the "Daiichi Ei Tokumaru" that sank due to the typhoonShin Honda)'S son, working part-time at a Chinese restaurant.He had had several fights with his father for not getting a regular job, but when he got a regular job he promised to get a watch that his father was cherishing.When his father's body was discovered, he didn't have the watch, so he continued to dive into the sea to find it, and Senzaki and his mother, Yoko (Yoko).Yoshie Otsuka)'S advice is not heard either.He did not trust the Coast Guard Officer, partly because he had stopped searching for his father's body.He couldn't find his watch because of a search for a watch later, but he changed his mind by getting a Senzaki watch instead and wearing it after he became a full-fledged watch.
Nagashima Meiko- Fuku Matsumi (Episode 5)
Nagashima's mother.
Kazuya Mitamura - Shinya Owada(Episode 6-7, friendship appearance)
Director of Security and Rescue Department, Japan Coast Guard.
When a suspicious ship appears, he will take command of the suspicious ship countermeasures headquarters.And if the suspicious ship ignores the stop order, she instructs to follow the coping procedure and gives a menacing shooting order to "Nagare".
Tadashi Uchimura- Kiba Katsumi(Episode 7)
Chief Inspector General of the Japan Coast Guard.He describes Katsuta as a real sea man in the same relationship as Katsuta.He interviews Ikezawa and Senzaki, who were in charge of threatening shooting on the suspicious ship at the inquiry committee for the suspicious ship case.After the hearing, he informed Katsuta of the decision to discontinue the "Nagare" ship.

ス タ ッ フ

Theme song


Each storyAirdatesubtitledirected byAudience rating
EVOLUTION 01April 200505 daysThe dawn of fateEiichiro Hazumi17.8%
EVOLUTION 022005/7/12The diver does not surface13.9%
EVOLUTION 032005/7/19Left-behind love12.1%
EVOLUTION 042005/7/26Find the thoughts that disappeared in the sea!Yoshinori Kobayashi13.7%
EVOLUTION 05April 200502 daysSudden farewell12.0%
EVOLUTION 06April 200509 daysSuspicious ship launchEiichiro Hazumi10.7%
EVOLUTION 072005/8/16Killed a personYoshinori Kobayashi12.9%
EVOLUTION 082005/8/23Ikezawa diesEiichiro Hazumi12.1%
EVOLUTION 092005/8/30In search of the lost summer12.6%
EVOLUTION 10April 200506 daysIn exchange for lifeYoshinori Kobayashi12.7%
EVOLUTION Final2005/9/13I will never let go of this hand13.8%
Average audience rating 13.2%Kanto area-Video researchCompany survey)


  • "Nagare" is the XNUMXth Regional Coast Guard in the originalFukuokaBelonging to the Japan Coast GuardPS type patrol boatHowever, it has been changed due to problems such as story development and shooting, and the convenience of development in the movie "LIMIT OF LOVE Umizaru".
  • OriconIt was ranked 3rd in the total "".
  • On August 2005, 8, when the final episode of the drama was filmed, an accident occurred in which two male staff members who were near the lighting fixtures installed on the water of the pool were electrocuted.[5].
Fuji Television Network, Incsystem Tuesday 21:XNUMX (Serial drama frame)
Previous programProgram nameNext show
Divorce Attorney II ~Handsome Woman~
Ö 2005.4.19 - 2005.6.28 Õ
Ö 2005.7.5 - 2005.9.13 Õ
1 liter of tears
Ö 2005.10.11 - 2005.12.20 Õ

2st movie

"LIMIT OF LOVE Umizaru-" (Limit of Love Umizaru)
2006/5/6In the whole countryTohoPublished in the system.Released on 315 screens in Japan, mobilizing 530 million people,performance incomeWith a hit of 71 billion yen, it became the number one box office revenue in the live-action movie category of Japanese movies released in 2006.
The Japan Coast Guard cooperated with the shooting by providing ships.We are giving a letter of appreciation for contributing to improving the image of the agency.In addition, the number of applicants for Japan Coast Guard Officer has increased dramatically since its release in manga, television, and movies.[7].
Originally as the originalKanmon StraitI was hoping for a location at.However, "In the Kanmon StraittrendNo permission was given to shoot, such as "It's early" and "If the Kanmon Strait is closed for shooting, it will hinder the vessels used".Kagoshima BayI changed it to.
For shootingMiyazaki Car Ferry"Ferry Himuka" etc. was used.This ship is oldKuetsu Ferry"AriadneAt the time of operation, the movie "White ship』(The main appearance in the play was the sister ship" Reinbo Love "), and it was a ship closely related to the movie.
The catch phrase is "Only love can save you."


Kagoshima moved to Mobile Rescue TeamMobile rescuerSenzaki and Yoshioka became.Although Senzaki had a long-distance relationship, he had a good relationship with Kansai and was about to get married.One day, a mobile rescue team is ordered to be dispatched during training.The mission is rescue activities on the ferry "Kuroba-go" that ran aground in Kagoshima Bay.However, the hull is flooded and tilted faster than expected.Senzaki, Yoshioka, and two people in need of rescue are forced into a desperate situation ...


Daisuke Senzaki (27) - Hideaki Ito
First Class Coast Guard XNUMXth Regional Coast GuardKagoshima Air BaseMobile Rescue Team / Mobile Rescue / Diver
Kanna Izawa (26) - Ai Kato
Sewing studio "Lian Lian" clothing designer
Tetsuya Yoshioka (24) - Ryuta Sato
Second Class Coast Guard Kagoshima Air Base Mobile Rescue Team, Mobile Rescue Officer, Diver
Megumi Honma (35)- Nene Otsuka
Kuroba-go shop salesperson.She is 5 months pregnant.She has a cheerful personality, and she had experience in a love study group when she was in high school, where she once discussed "Is there a love ending other than broken heart and marriage?" ..She gets acquainted with Senzaki when she suffers a minor head injury on the Kuroba, but she is left behind in a ship.
Shinichi Ebihara (41)- Fukikoshi Mitsuru
A passenger of the Kuroba-go and a used car sales company.He started his current job, hoping to start over with her wife, after being devoted to his wife and leaving with her daughter where he was not working.He was ignoring the evacuation advisory because he didn't want to throw it away, but he was left behind on board.He behaved violently and arrogantly, and had an attitude of rebelling against Senzaki and others, but touched on the unwavering feelings of Senzaki and Yoshioka, and said to the name of Daisuke Senzaki, "It's a name I'll never forget."
Takumi Yamaji (31) - Yusuke Hirayama
First-class Coast Guard, XNUMXrd Regional Coast Guard, XNUMXrd Regional Coast Guard, Captain and Diver
Isamu Kitao (38) - Ken Ishiguro
XNUMXrd Regional Coast Guard Kagoshima Air Base Mobile Rescue Team Captain / Mobile Rescue / Diver
A subordinate-minded person who has the calmness and skill to soothe passengers who panic in an accident and lead them.He unavoidably abandons the search when Senzaki and his friends try to oppose the withdrawal order left behind on the ship, leaving a cylinder on the ship and withdrawing.
Shiori Otobe (23)- Reina Asami
Kagoshima TVPress member.She was accidentally involved in the Kuroba stranded accident and will be the reporter for the accident.He was scared from beginning to end because he was involved in the accident, but he gradually watches over the course of the accident.
Katsuichi Shigetomi (32)- Takuma Sugawara
Third Class Coast Guard Kagoshima Air Base Mobile Rescue Team, Mobile Rescue Officer, Diver
Masaya Honmaru (28)-
First-class Coast Guard Kagoshima Air Base Mobile Rescue Team, Mobile Rescue Officer, Diver
Setoguchi Shigeru (28)- Hiroki Ebata
Third Class Coast Guard Kagoshima Air Base Mobile Rescue Team, Mobile Rescue Officer, Diver
Masaya Watanabe (25)- Aoki
First Class Coast Guard Kushikino Coast Guard, XNUMXth Regional Coast Guard Patrol Vessel "Koshiki" Assistant Engineer / Diver
Shinji Nashimoto (40)- Mitsuishi Lab.
Chief of the Rescue Division, Security and Rescue Department, XNUMXth Regional Coast Guard Headquarters
Sadayuki Katsuragi (47)- Ryosuke Miki
General Manager of the XNUMXth Regional Coast Guard Headquarters.Together with expert Shimokawa, he will work on measures against the Kuroba-go grounding accident.However, as Senzaki and his friends are forced into a desperate situation, they are forced to make a painful decision to order the withdrawal of the divers who are active in Shimokawa with the thought of breaking the bowels.
Keisuke Misawa (35)- Kanji Tsuda
Chief of the Rescue Division, Security and Rescue Department, XNUMXth Regional Coast Guard Headquarters
Masahiko Hattori (32)- Arakawa Ryo
Kagoshima TV Director
Tatsuro Yano (42)- Shinpei Ichikawa
Kagoshima TV Photographer
Shimokawa Iwao (43) - Tokito Saburo
Third Class Maritime Security Supervisor, Japan Coast Guard, Security and Rescue Department, Rescue Division Specialist

ス タ ッ フ

Theme song

  • "Precious'Yuna Ito
    Part of the video of the main part of "LIMIT OF LOVE Umizaru" is also used for the PV of this song.


  • Before the release of "LIMIT OF LOVE Umizaru"NHKIn addition to rebroadcasting the Kokubu version of the drama on satellite broadcasting,Kagoshima TV broadcast,Aomori TVThen, the Fuji TV drama was rebroadcast (Kagoshima TV broadcast also appears in this work).
  • The TV relay vehicle that appeared in the play actually exists as a large relay vehicleKagoshima TVIt is a large relay truck.
  • 2006 yearsBunharu Kiichigo Award(Golden raspberry awardIn the Japanese version of), it was selected as the 6th place.Also, when it was released in the United States, he laughed at me saying, "There is no idiot to propose for a long time in such a crisis situation."[8]Sometimes.
  • Professional work styleIn (broadcast in 2006), the origin of Umizaru, entitled "Coolly Burn Your Heart,"Maritime Sheriff OfHaneda Special Rescue BaseSquad LeaderYoshiyuki TerakadoAppeared, and at the beginning of the program, a video of the Fuji TV version of the Umizaru series was shown on the monitor behind the moderator.
  • The images of the inside of the ship, which is increasing in inclination due to flooding, were taken by tilting the camera or pulling down a table or chair with a thin thread.In addition, the scene where the passenger car loaded on the vehicle deck slides down is said to have slipped the passenger car in a jacked-up state.Also, many of the loaded vehicles that are not destroyed are owned by extras.Fuel leaked from a similarly collapsed motorcycle, and where gasoline traveled down the deck, I was looking for a sloping place on the actual deck.
  • The scene heading for the search for the "Kuroba-go" that sank at the end was shot in Okinawa.

3st movie

"THE LAST MESSAGE Umizaru-" (The Last Message Umizaru)
August 2008nd and 8th, 2Saturday PremiumAt the end of the broadcast of "Umizaru" and "LIMIT OF LOVE Umizaru", it was announced that the sequel "Umizaru-3" was decided to be produced.
Hideaki Ito,Ai Kato,Ryuta SatoAlmost the same cast appears, and Yuji Mishima's role as a special rescue team memberKen KaitoHas also appeared.For Ito's new partner roleMiura ShoheiAppeared[10].
Umizaru 2009 production blog opened on July 7, 15. Released on September 3, 2010[10]..The main shooting location isFukuokaKitakyushu.
May 2010, 5, the first in the history of Japanese movies3DThe release was announced. It was not 3D shooting, but 2D shot video 2D-3D converted, and the person in charge of the conversion wasQ Tech[11].
The catch phrase is "What do you leave for your loved ones?. "
This work is a completely original story not found in the original manga.
2010年9月18日に全国東宝系にて公開。日本国内の467スクリーンで公開され、公開初日3日間で3D版(277スクリーン)が動員65万5922人に対し2D版(190スクリーン)が動員28万4028人と3D版のシェアは74.1%であった。[12]. Also,PiaIn the first day satisfaction ranking (Pia movie life survey), it was ranked first and was highly evaluated by a wide range of generations, mainly women. On November 1, 2010, it was decided to release it in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, France, the United States, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, and BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India, China).
The number of spectators was 537 million, and the final box office revenue was a hit of 80.4 billion yen, making it the number one box office revenue in the Japanese live-action movie released in 2010. It is the second largest Japanese movie in 1 box office revenue.[9].


In September 2010, while a large typhoon was approaching,FukuokaA fire broke out at the natural gas mining plant facility "REGALIA", which was built offshore as a national project.Senzaki heads to the site with Yoshioka and Sakuragi, the chief designer of "Regalia", but an explosion occurs during the rescue work, leaving Senzaki and Sakuragi behind in the facility.While the helicopter and the ship are not close to each other, Senzaki teams up with a mobile rescuer, Hattori, who has just met, and finds a way to return safely.


Daisuke Senzaki (31) - Hideaki Ito
XNUMXth Regional Coast Guard Headquarters Mobile Rescue Team / Mobile Rescue / Diver
Senzaki Tamaki (30) - Ai Kato
Daisuke's wife.She used to be a designer before her marriage, but now she is a housewife.She has an eldest son, the ocean, with Daisuke.
Tetsuya Yoshioka (28) - Ryuta Sato
XNUMXth Regional Coast Guard Headquarters Mobile Rescue Team / Mobile Rescue / Diver
Koichiro Sakuragi (45)- Masaya Kato
Chief of East Asian Offshore Petroleum Development and Regalia Project Design. In the event of a fire in "Regalia", he goes to the scene to stop the function of "Regalia".He was left behind as a result of his actions prioritizing the prevention of the spread of damage to "Regalia" even in an emergency.It is a terrible atmosphere with Natsu and Kumeo who think that his idea of ​​giving priority to facility protection above all is wrong. He has absolute confidence in "Regalia" and a high level of elite pride. He has a stronger feeling for "Regalia" because the only work he was praised by his father, who died two years ago, was the design of "Regalia".He enjoys watching "Regalia" from the sky (on Google earth).
Nishizawa Natsu (27)- Kazue Fukiishi
"Regalia" resident doctor. Among the "Regalia" workers, he is one of the best in red, but he is a manly character who is good at kickboxing.He has a history of working in Regalia to escape his past broken heart, depending on his personality.Although he has a faint love for Senzaki, he gives up cleanly with his wife and children.
Takuya Hattori (24)- Miura Shohei
XNUMXth Regional Coast Guard Headquarters Mobile Rescue Team / Mobile Rescue / Diver
At the scene of the "Regalia" accident, he teams up with Senzaki, who he helped.Although he has been a diver for two years, he is calm and nimble, but he is overwhelmed by the fear of the approaching situation one after another.Before becoming a diver, he disliked the company and quit, and since he joined the Japan Coast Guard because his parents were convinced if he was a civil servant, he admitted that he had escaped to all circumstances, but with Senzaki. While acting, he is also showing growth as a diver.
Kumeo Kijima (22)- Takeda
Regalia worker.She has a humorous and straightforward personality, but she tends to be emotional.She has a faint feeling for summer.
Shimokawa Iwao (47)- Tokito Saburo
Chief of the Rescue Section, Security and Rescue Department, Japan Coast Guard.In the work, the rescue method was examined with reference to the accident at the natural gas plant off the coast of Norway in 1988.However,A similar accident that actually happened off the coast of Norway in 1988The number of fatalities in the work is 167, while the number of fatalities in the accident during the work is 394, and the details are different. It is considered to be.
Nurse Erika Matsubara (29) - Karina
"Sakamoto Clinic" nurse.A junior high school student of Kansai.
Shota Endo (45)- Katsumura Masanobu
General Manager of East Asia Marine Oil Development and Regalia Project Business Headquarters.
Ryozo Murakami (31)- Daijiro Kawaoka
East Asia Marine Oil Development / Employees
Hisataka Yoshimori (46)- Tsurumi Tsurumi
Cabinet Counselor.Official Residence Crisis Management CenterSo, he will spearhead the accident response.Shimokawa is urged to protect "Regalia" because he wants to put more emphasis on national interests than human lives and prevent national losses.
Takuma Naito (53)- Takeo Nakahara
Captain of the large patrol boat "Chikuzen" of the XNUMXth Regional Coast Guard Headquarters.
Isamu Kitao (42) - Ken Ishiguro
XNUMXth Regional Coast Guard Headquarters Mobile Rescue Team Captain / Mobile Rescue / Diver

ス タ ッ フ

  • Director-Eiichiro Hasumi
  • Screenplay-Yasushi Fukuda
  • Music-Naoki Sato
  • Executive Producer-Chihiro Kameyama
  • Production --Takaaki Kabuto,Masahiko Mizuguchi, Yoshishige Shimatani, Osamu Kamei, Akio Ogasawara
  • Producer-Hiroshi Usui, Chikahiro Ando
  • Associate Producers-Masaki Koide, Juichi Uehara
  • Line Producer-Akira Morii
  • Shooting --Akira Sako
  • Lighting --Kenichi Mizuno
  • Recording --Fumihiko Yanagiya
  • Art-Takeshi Shimizu
  • Decoration-Kazuyoshi Sawashita
  • Edit --Hiroshi Matsuo
  • Sound effect- Kenji Shibasaki
  • Diving Coordinator-Masanori Kaneshiro
  • VFX Supervisor- Norio Ishii
  • Scripter-Shizuko Arasawa
  • Assistant Director-Kazuhiko Kondo
  • Producer-Go Abe
  • Shooting cooperation-Japan Coast Guard
  • Sponsorship- Kaosuccess
  • Production-Fuji TV, Robot, Pony Canyon, Toho, Shogakukan,A team, FNS27 
  • Production Production --ROBOT
  • Distribution-Toho

Theme song

4st movie

"BRAVE HEARTS Umizaru-" (Brave Hearts Umizaru)
Production decided on September 2011, 9[14].. Published on July 2012, 7.It was planned to be completed in the previous work, but there was also a feeling on the production side that it was left behind, so Senzaki and Yoshioka who were assigned to the special rescue team, which is said to be the elite in the Japan Coast Guard, drawn in the final story of the original Jumbo jet "Boeing 747-400It became a story of carrying out rescue by landing on the sea.The stage of this work isYokohamaBecomes
The catch phrase is "Take your life and save your life."
August 2012, 8-September 25, at 9 theaters nationwide2032/Public (setting)OverheadThe trailer for the 16th movie "FINAL LIMIT BRAVE MESSAGE and LOVE HEARTS Umizaru" was screened at the same time as the main story.Produced based on the idea of ​​Hideaki Ito, it was shot in half a day by the same staff cast as the main story.[15][16].
See belowTroubleAs a result, Fuji TV has not produced a new work at the end of this work, and the contract was terminated in October 2017, so this is virtually this.Final workIt became.However, the first terrestrial broadcast was before the settlement.2013/9/21Was carried out.


Two years have passed since the explosion of the world's largest natural gas plant "Regalia".Senzaki volunteered and was at the forefront of the salvage scene with his junior Yoshioka in the "Special Rescue Team", an expert in salvage and engaged in the most dangerous cases.Under the guidance of Deputy Captain Shima, the two of them had tough duties every day, but they had a fulfilling life.Senzaki's wife, Kansai, was pregnant with her second child, and Yoshioka had a lover named Mika, a cabin attendant.At that time, while Mika's Jumbo passenger plane, G-WING2, was flying toward Haneda Airport, the engine burned and it became difficult to fly.While various rescue plans are being considered, the chief of the rescue section of the Comprehensive Countermeasures Office, Shimokawa, proposes an unprecedented landing in Tokyo Bay in a situation where the dusk is approaching and visibility is getting worse.Captain Muramatsu landed on Tokyo Bay while all over Japan was watching the unprecedented large rescue plan involving the special rescue team, Hattori of the 2th Regional Coast Guard who rushed to the scene, police and fire departments. Start descending towards.However, an unexpected situation awaited Senzaki and his colleagues.


Daisuke Senzaki (33)-Hideaki Ito
A member of the XNUMXnd Special Rescue Team of the XNUMXrd Regional Coast Guard Headquarters.He had talked about the captain of the Mobile Rescue Team, but he kicked it and volunteered for the Special Rescue Team from the XNUMXth Division and was transferred.
Kansai Senzaki (32)-Ai Kato
Daisuke's wife.She devotes herself to raising children and loves her eldest son, the ocean.And she has a second child in her stomach.
Tetsuya Yoshioka (30) --Ryuta Sato
XNUMXrd Regional Coast Guard Headquarters Special Rescue Team XNUMXnd CorpsParamedic..Transferred from the XNUMXth Regional Coast Guard to the Special Rescue Team.
Mika Yabe (25)- Riisa Naka
Yoshioka's lover.Sydney AirportDepartureHaneda airportLine G-WING 206 flightCabin attendant..Around the end of the game, I cried and shouted in a sad voice, but I was able to rescue him safely.
Takuya Hattori (26) --Shohei Miura
Mobile rescuer at the XNUMXth Regional Coast Guard Headquarters.Moved from the XNUMXth Regional Coast Guard.
Takashi Muramatsu (36)- Hiroyuki Hirayama
Captain of G-WING206 flight.He decides to land on Flight 206, which is out of control.
Koji Isehara (45)- Kenichi Yajima
Director, Transportation Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
Shinjiro Dogami (50)- Yukijiro Hotaru
Tokyo International AirportAirport director.
Daigo Kakukura (45)- Satoshi Jimbo
Captain of the XNUMXnd Special Rescue Team of the XNUMXrd Regional Coast Guard Headquarters.
Takumi Yamaji (37)- Yusuke Hirayama
XNUMXrd Regional Coast Guard Headquarters Special Rescue Team XNUMXrd Captain.
Kuniaki Mitsui (37)- Tone Sakujue
Chief of Operations, Rescue Division, Security and Rescue Department, Japan Coast Guard.
Shuhei Tsuji (33)- Kubotsuka Shunsuke
Person in charge of Transportation Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
Shunsuke Ikenaga (11)- Tatsuomi Hamada
G-WING 206 passengers.
Yoshiyuki Sakai- Shinmaru Nakamaru 
Captain of the XNUMXrd Regional Coast Guard Headquarters patrol boat "Izu".
Atsushi Harada- Ogata Kanta 
Correspondent of the patrol boat "Izu" of the XNUMXrd Regional Coast Guard Headquarters.
Taiyo Senzaki (3)- Mt. Ooyama Rento
The eldest son of Daisuke and Kansai.In his previous work, "THE LAST MESSAGE Umizaru," he was 10 months old.
Kazuhiko Shima (43)- Takeshi Ihara
Deputy Captain of the XNUMXnd Special Rescue Team of the XNUMXrd Regional Coast Guard Headquarters.He thinks that rescue requires skill and calm judgment, and denies human emotions in the field.He is a stoic person who is strict with both others and himself.
Iwao Shimokawa (49) --Saburo Tokitou
Chief of the Rescue Section, Security and Rescue Department, Japan Coast Guard.

ス タ ッ フ

Theme song


全国450スクリーンで公開され、2012年7月14、15日の初日2日間で興収8億7,822万6,350円、動員68万3,977人(公開4日間では興収15億6,357万5,650円、動員122万3,437人)になり映画観客動員ランキング(興行通信社調べ)で初登場第1位となった[18]..The male-female ratio is 34:66, and by occupation, office workers account for 50.2%.In the second week of the public release, the revenue exceeded 2 billion yen and the mobilization exceeded 25 million.[19], Cumulative revenue of 3 yen and cumulative mobilization of 38 people in the 1,686rd week of publication, ranking first for 2,250 consecutive weeks[20]..In the 5th week of the public release, the cumulative revenue was 52 yen, and the cumulative mobilization was 9,374 people, regaining the top position.[21].. According to the data released by Fuji TV in October, the cumulative mobilization is 10 million people and the box office revenue is 570 billion yen.[22].

Trouble between the author and Fuji TV

October 2012, 10, original authorHideto SatoOn his Twitter accountFuji Television Network, IncIn addition to assaulting his office without an appointment, he stopped new transactions with Fuji TV and produced a sequel to the same work because books related to "Umizaru" were sold without a contract. Announced not to allow.On the other hand, at that time, he was the managing director in charge of the movie business of Fuji TV.Chihiro KameyamaApologized at the regular press conference[23].

On the other hand, Sato said, "I'm very sorry for movie fans, but I can't do business with that kind of thing in the future, so I can't get along with (Fuji TV)." While showing an understanding of the feelings of fans who want a sequel, he reiterated that he will not permit the production of a sequel.[24].. On February 2013, 2, Sato once again stated on his Twitter account that his relationship with Fuji TV had been completely cut off and that the relationship would never be restored.[25]..However, on June 2015, 6, it was revealed that Sato had settled with Fuji TV on the official website, citing the fact that an apology document was sent from the then director of the press, Kenji Nishibuchi. did[26].

On November 2017, 11, Sato stated on his Twitter that "all contracts for the live-action version of this work will end at the end of October of the same year, and it will not be broadcast or distributed on TV or the Internet forever." Reported[27].


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