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🎥 | "Inuou" is amazing!Unraveling the culmination of rock musicals directed by Masaaki Yuasa

From the photo movie "Inu-Oh" – (C) 2021 “INU-OH” Film Partners

"Inuou" is amazing!Unraveling the culmination of rock musicals directed by Masaaki Yuasa

If you write the contents roughly
In the action that seems to be directed by Yuasa, the highlight is the boyhood Inu-Oh, who can't tell at first glance whether it's a human or a beast.

Director Masaaki Yuasa's latest work "Inu-Oh" (released) is Sarugaku (the progenitor of Noh) that existed in the Muromachi period when the two courts of the north and south were held. → Continue reading

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At first glance

Dog King

Dog King(Dog, year of birth unknown-- Oei20/5/9(1413/6/7)) isKanamiHiyoshiza who was active at the same time asdoctor.SarugakuKan'ami of Kanzeza as a master ofZeamiAnd divided the popularity into two.of"MichiamiAlso known as.


Although the year of birth is unknown, it seems that he is the same generation as Kan'ami or a little younger than Kan'ami from the time of activity.[Source required].

Mainly impersonationYamato SarakuOn the other hand, it is said that it well embodied the artistic style of Omi Sarugaku, which is based on the style of Kabuki, and gained widespread popularity.[Source required]..Temporary asylumYoshimitsu AshikagaI suffered from the disappointment of[Source required]Later, he was forgiven and changed the Ami name "Inuami" to "Michiami" after receiving a letter from Yoshimitsu's legal name "Michiyoshi".Until the last years, Yoshimitsu's love did not decline, and Oei 15 years (1408/)Emperor Gokomatsu Kitayama No.When I went to Japan, I worked as a Noh performer.In addition, the memorial service was always held on the XNUMXth, the anniversary of Kan'ami's death, to admire Kan'ami, the pioneer of Sarugaku Noh.[1].

Zeami highly valued Inuou, and in "Sarugaku Talk", "Inuou isUpper three flowersIn the meantime, it doesn't fall to Nakagami. " In the 20th centuryMikio TakemotoThesis "Study of Tennin Mai"[2]Incorporates Zeami's specialty of Inuou, "Tennin Mai"DanceThe theory that it was aimed at the enhancement of[3].

A work in which Inuou (Michiami) appears

  • Hideo Furukawa"Heike Monogatari Inuou no Maki" (2017, Kawade Shobo Shinsha)
Anime movie
  • "Dog King(Released in 2022) Based on the above novel


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