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🎥 | "Dragon" Hiroshi Tamaki's NG scene is also "The Way of the Househusband The Cinema" Will children get together with this?Nursery PR video

Photo "The Way of the Househusband The Cinema" Scene Photograph (C) 2022 "The Way of the Househusband The Cinema" Production Committee

The NG scene of "Dragon" Hiroshi Tamaki is also "The Way of the Househusband The Cinema" Will children get together with this?Nursery PR video

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In addition, gorgeous guests such as Kotaro Yoshida, Marika Matsumoto, and Yumi Adachi will participate.

From the movie "The Way of the Househusband" starring actor Hiroshi Tamaki, the main character Ryu (Tamaki) and Ryu's former brother Masa (Jun Shison) ... → Continue reading

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    Luxury guest such as Yumi Adachi

    Kotaro Yoshida

    Kotaro Yoshida(Yoshida Kotaro,1959/1/14 -) is JapaneseAn actor,Director.TokyoI'm fromHoriPro Booking AgencyAffiliation.Same real name.


    6 years of elementary schoolOsakaAfter spending time inHino cityGrow up in.After graduating from the dormitory systemSt. Paul High SchoolGo on to school.While in high schoolTroupe cloud OfShakespearecomedy"Twelve nightsAspire to be an actor[1].Sophia UniversityDepartment of literatureGerman Literature DepartmentWhile attending school, he took the first stage at the Shakespeare study group performance "Twelfth Night".Dropped out of the university.

    Troupe four seasons6 months in the group[2]Then,Shakespeare TheaterAfter working at Drama Kobo Riming and Tokyo Ichigumi,1997/To the directorYoshihiro KuritaWithTheatrical company AUNFormed and directed.ShakespeareGreek tragedyIt is useful as an actor who can perform the acting required for overseas classic works.Yukio NinagawaWas a regular of the works that he worked on.There were many appearances in Nagikawa's workTatsuya Fujiwara,Shun Oguri,Yokota EijiHave a deep relationship with.

    In 2013Naoki HanzawaIn 2014, he became the boss of Hanzawa.Hanako and Anne』In the businessmanDenemon ItoPlay the role of Yardmaster Kano, modeled after[3]..These performances attracted attention, and the number of appearances in video works increased dramatically.Tokyo sentimentalWill be the first starring role in[4].. In October 2016, as a successor to Yukio Ninagawa,Aya no Kuni Shakespeare SeriesBecame the second artistic director of[5].

    In private life, he married a general woman on January 2016, 1 (the fourth marriage including one common-law marriage), and held a wedding in February 1.[6].. On March 2021, 3, it was reported that the second child, a girl (eldest daughter), was born.[7].. He has an eldest son with his second wife.



    TV drama



    Web distribution drama

    Theater animation



    Liberal Arts Program




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