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🎥 | Masahiro Matsuoka "Kaseifu no Mitazono" is on stage!Starring Honoka Yahagi, Yoshitaka Hara, and Seiji Rokkaku

Photo "Kaseifu no Mitazono" staged!

Masahiro Matsuoka "Kaseifu no Mitazono" is on stage!Starring Honoka Yahagi, Yoshitaka Hara, and Seiji Rokkaku

If you write the contents roughly
I would like to take good care of myself without forgetting to thank you for appearing in the 5th series.

The popular drama series "Kaseifu no Mitazono" starring Masahiro Matsuoka (TOKIO) will be staged ... → Continue reading

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BMW 5 series

BMW 5 series(BMW 5 Series)Germany OfAutomobileManufacturer·BMWAre manufactured and sold byPassenger car.


The 5 Series is a 5-seatersedanOrStation Wagon.EuropeThen.Segment EIt is a typical model of a passenger car classified into the size of.

Cumulative production reached 2008 million units in January 1[1]..The alphabet after the car name isi TheFuel injector,eIs an eta engine,t TheTurbo engine,d ThedieselRepresents.

初代(1972年 - 1981年)E12

The first 5 series. Said "Neue Classe"1800/2000Debuted as a successor to the system. A minor change was made in 1977, and the grille, bonnet, rear combination lamp, etc. were renewed, and at the same time, the fuel filler port was moved from the side of the rear license plate to the right rear fender.In Europe, the 3.5-liter 535i and the M535i with aero parts will be released at the end of the term.

Sales in Japan

To JapanBalcom Auto TradingWas importing.The earliest introduced model of a regular imported car was equipped with a fender mirror in accordance with Japanese regulations, but it was changed to a door mirror in the middle.

Regular import model in Japan
gradeSales periodengineDisplacementMaximum outputRemarks
5201973-1974Inline 4 cylinderSOHC1,990cc115 horsepowerAlthough it has the same twin cab specifications as 2002, it was slightly powered up because of its large and heavy body.
MTI was able to choose.It will be replaced with the 520i with a catalyst before and after the exhaust gas regulation due to the oil shock.
5201975-1979105 horsepowerIt has the same engine injection specifications as the 320i, but the output is lower than the 520 due to the catalyst.
530Inline 6 cylinderSOHC2,986cc175 horsepowerThe flagship model of the 3.0 Series equipped with the same 6-cylinder engine as the high-end sedan 5i.
It is based on American specifications.This was also canceled in a short period of time due to exhaust gas regulations that are becoming stricter year by year.
5181980-1981Inline 4 cylinderSOHC1,766cc100 horsepowerA 520-cylinder model that was introduced in turn with the 4i.
This is a port of the 318i engine to the 5 Series body and is not sold in other countries.
528In-line 6-cylinder SOHC2,788cc165 horsepowerA 6-cylinder model added at the end of the term.After all it is based on American specifications.

2代目(1982年 - 1988年)E28

2nd generation 5 series.6 Series(E24系)とプラットフォームを共用する。デザイン面では初代をリファインした感じが強い。当時、BMWは風洞設備を持たなかったために、風洞実験によって設計された同世代のAudi 100,Mercedes-Benz E-ClassCompared with, the delay in aerodynamics could not be denied.The high-performance M5 will be sold from this model.

Sales in Japan

As a Japanese subsidiary of BMW1981(ShowaWas established in 56 years)BMW Japanが輸入・販売を行っていた。518iA、528eA、533iAのラインナップが当初用意され、その後518iAが520iAに、533iAがM535iAへ変更されたほか、524tdA、M5が追加された。(末尾の"A"はオートマチックトランスミッション搭載の意味。その他アルファベットは上記参照)日本仕様は環境対策から全車キャタライザー(catalyst) With modelExhaust gas regulationsが遅れていた欧州仕様(触媒なし)に比べ一部を除きパワーダウンした仕様となっており、法規上の理由からヘッドライトの外径がアメリカ仕様と同じ4灯同径規格サイズのシールドビームが採用された。(欧州仕様など、その他地域の仕様は車体外側のLoビームが内側のHiビームに比べ外径が大きくなっている)また、M5は初代M6(E24)と同様にデビュー後しばらくの間は日本へ導入されなかったため、正規輸入された車両は非常に少ない。当時は正規ディーラー網が未整備だったこと、内外価格差が大きかったことなどからParallel importThe 528i (2.8L in-line 6-cylinder M30 engine ... commonly known as Big Six, 184 horsepower), M535i (catalystless home country specification, 218 horsepower), etc. were sold by parallel importers.All regular imported cars with Japanese specifications have left-hand drive, but a small number of right-hand drive cars manufactured at a factory in South Africa are also imported in parallel.

Regular import model in Japan
gradeSales periodengineDisplacementMaximum outputRemarks
528eA1982 - 1988 Inline 6 cylinderSOHC2,693cc120 horsepower
(1987年 - 1988年のみ129馬力)
Equipped with an engine designed with an emphasis on fuel efficiency.The "e" at the end means the Greek word "eta".
Initially 3 stepsATHowever, it was changed to a 1985-speed AT from 4.
It was sold as 525e in Europe because its power is suppressed for its displacement.
518iA1982-1986Inline 4 cylinderSOHC1,766cc100 horsepowerThe Japanese specification was a 3-stage AT, and at the end of the period, the AT was 4-stage.
533iA1983-1984In-line 6-cylinder SOHC3,210cc180 horsepowerA model prepared for Japan / North America. In 1984, to commemorate the 3rd anniversary of BMW Japan, a limited number of 533 Walter Maurer-designed 100i were sold (alpin white body with gray gradation).The Japanese specification was a 3-stage AT, and at the end of the period, the AT was 4-stage.
524 tdA1984-1986In-line 6-cylinder SOHCdieselturbo2,443cc115 horsepowerBMW's first diesel model.It was treated as 518 numbers like 5i under tax law.
M535iA1985-1988In-line 6-cylinder SOHC3,430cc185 horsepowerMテクニックスポーツステアリングホイール、ビルシュタイン製スポーツサスペンション、専用デザインアルミホイール(装着可能なタイヤはミシュランTRXのみ)、前後オーバーフェンダー、機械式LSD(リミテッド・スリップ・デフ)、2本線のボディーストライプ、前後"M"エンブレム(リアのエンブレム表記は「M535i」)、オンボードコンピューター(多機能時計)を備えている。

In addition, the Japanese specification is only the grade "M535i" equipped with these equipment, and the grade "535i" that exists in the Western specifications is not officially sold in Japan.

Also, as a set optionBMW M.Front seat sports seat made, M technique aero kit (design bumper, side step, rear spoiler for front and rear), blacked out upper part of door outer molding and plated part of tail light, rear emblem from "M535i" to "M" mark only There is also a "sports package" that has been changed to.Only for Japanese specifications, a black elongated molding is installed in the center of the rear aero bumper.The sports package specification is a manufacturer's set option, but since these equipment could be purchased separately as "BMW M technique" optional parts, only M tech aero parts are installed at dealers etc. when mounting used cars etc. There were also vehicles that were sold as a result, and along with the relatively modest design of the base vehicle, inferior copy products made of FRP that imitated the model of this M tech aero parts were also on the market.

At the end of the term, the outer panel color is "Macau Blue" exclusively for M535, based on "M5i".Kidney grill"Edition XNUMX" equipped with blackout of exterior plating moldings other than the above, front and rear emblemless, buffalo leather seats (normal shape seats), etc. was sold for a limited time.

520iA1987-19881,990cc129 horsepowerSince 1987, all cars have a catalyzer (catalyst), so BMW introduced the light six model (inline 6-cylinder M20 engine-equipped car) for the first time, which had only specifications without a catalyzer until then.


Equipped with an in-line 6-cylinder DOHC engine and a 3,453cc engine. 5MT only. Is the engine installed in the M5?M1It is an improved version of the one with a maximum output of 286 horsepower (260 horsepower for the Japanese specification).The maximum speed reached 250km / h, and it was the fastest 4-door saloon in the world at that time.Blackouts of exterior plated moldings other than the kidney grille and front seat sports seats are standard equipment,BMW M.Since it is a custom-made vehicle, there are various specifications such as the presence or absence of M technique aero parts and headlight wipers, and the headrest of the rear seat is not installed.Like the original M6 (E24), there are many parallel imported cars because they were not officially imported at the time of release. It made its debut in 1985, but was introduced in Japan in 1987.

3代目(1988年 - 1995年)E34

The 1988rd generation 3 series debuted in 5[2].. E32 type7 SeriesIt was a style with the same impression as.Cd valueAchieved 0.30-0.32, a dramatic improvement from the conventional type.Also,Medium classFollowing the (W124), the body rigidity was also greatly improved, but at the same time, the weight of the car increased and it was about 124 kg heavier than the W100, so the 518i, which was the previous mass-market grade in Germany, was cut off. The 535i is the final model equipped with a famous machine called Big Six.Appeared earlier735The 3rd generation DME (Digital Motor Electronics) control, which was also adopted in the above, has improved the output.

In 1991, 520i and 525i were changed to DOHC and 4th speed.ATIt became a 5-speed AT.The 535i is a 4-speed AT.

In 1993Minor changesAnd V8 cylinderDOHCWith the introduction of the 530i and 540i equipped with engines, the 6i equipped with an in-line 3.5-cylinder 535-liter engine disappeared. The V8 model was given a wide kidney grille as a measure against heat.In addition, all vehicles are equipped with driver airbags.

In 1994, the 6-inch model was also given a wide kidney grille.An airbag on the passenger seat side is also standard equipment.At the same time to 525i, 530i, 540iMAero parts, sports suspension, sports seats,BBS製2ピースアルミホイールなどを装備したスポーツパッケージが設定される。 5シリーズのサスペンション形式は、第3世代(1988年 - 1995年)E34の頃までは前輪がMacPherson strutsCeremony, rear wheelSemi-trailing arm suspensionWas adopted.

Sales in Japan

1988(ShowaIn 63), the 6i 525i equipped with an in-line 535-cylinder SOHC engine was first introduced in Japan. The 3.5i equipped with a 535-liter engine was equipped with an engine called "Big Six" that was also installed in the 7 series at that time.[3]).The models that have been officially imported into Japan are as follows.

Regular import model in Japan
gradeSales periodengineDisplacementMaximum outputRemarks
5251988-1991Inline 6 cylinderSOHC2,493cc170 horsepower550 million yen.1991(Heisei3 years)BMW JapanA limited edition car will be released to commemorate the 10th anniversary.It was equipped with limited colors, genuine leather sports seats, and special wood panels.
5351988-19933,430cc211 horsepower780 million yen An on-board computer next to the audio is installed as equipment only for the 535i.In addition to the time, date, outside temperature, average fuel consumption, and average vehicle speed, the anti-theft PIN can be set as desired.1991(HeiseiIn 3rd year), a limited edition car will be released to commemorate the 10th anniversary of BMW Japan.The content is similar to the 525i, but the front seats are power seats and a sunroof is also attached.1992(HeiseiIn 4th year), the 5i Sport, which has equipment similar to the M535 such as aero parts, sports suspension and sports seats, will be released for a limited time.The optional sunroof is an additional 20 yen.Among the regular dealer cars, there was also a car body equipped with Michelin TRX.At the end of the term, I was able to select the right-hand drive.
5201991-19961,990cc150 horsepower520 million yen.Only the right-hand drive is set. The difference in equipment from the 525i is limited to the alloy wheel, front fog lamp (later standard equipment), and single muffler.
5251991-19962,493cc192 horsepowerPrice 600 million yen1994(Heisei6 years) and the following year, specially-designed "selections" will be released.Exclusive body color, leather seats, wood panels,CD changerEtc. were equipped.
5301993-1996V8 cylinderDOHC2,996cc218 horsepowerThe power performance is not much different from the 525i, but it was equipped with a walnut panel and a wide kidney grille to create a luxurious feel.Side steps are standard equipment.
5401993-19963,981cc286 horsepowerThe price is 845 million yen.Climate control and cruise control that automatically circulate the outside air even when the engine is stopped were standard equipment on the 540i.The rear brake was equipped with a ventilated disc.
Touring (Station Wagon)
5251992-1996Inline 6 cylinderDOHC2,493cc192 horsepower1992Introduction started from. The huge two-panel sunroof was the biggest feature of the touring model. (Optional for 2i) However, it is undeniable that there was a problem in terms of rigidity, and it has never been adopted in subsequent BMW touring models.In Germany, there was a lineup from 525i to M520, but there are only two models introduced in Japan, 5i and 525i. The 540i has a right-hand drive only, and the 2i has a left-hand drive only. The 525i had a short sales period and was expensive at 540 million yen.
5401994-1996V8 cylinderDOHC3,981cc286 horsepower


The E34 M5 was a 1988-liter in-line 3.6-cylinder engine in 6.DOHC 5th speed on the engineMTDebuted with the combination of. The 17-inch wheel is an aluminum wheel covered with an aero disc, which is rare in commercial cars, and it has stability at high speeds and also has the role of discharging a large amount of brake dust that is often seen in European cars (aluminum wheel + wheel). The combination of covers will be laterToyota PriusBut it was done).

In 1993, the displacement was expanded to 3.8 liters to improve the output.The tire size hasn't changed, but the wheels have been redesigned to be more general.And in the improvement in 1994, 6th speedMTと18inタイヤが採用された。後期型は出力の強化により、フロントブレーキが大径、4ピストン化された。

The maximum speed isLimiter(By the way, the number 250km / h was the first German car after the war in 250.V12It is the maximum speed of the saloons of both companies that was signed in a gentlemen's agreement with Mercedes-Benz when the 750i equipped with an engine was released).

Regular import model in Japan
gradeSales periodengineDisplacementMaximum output
M51988-1993Inline 6 cylinderDOHC3,535cc315 horsepower
1993-19963,795cc340 horsepower

4代目(1996年 - 2003年)E39

4th generation 5 series.Exterior design is a BMW designerJoji Nagashima。先代よりボディーサイズを拡大したが、空気抵抗係数(Cd値)は0.29-0.30である。アルミ製suspension(The rear suspension adopts an integral arm type <5 link> from this generation) to realize further stability and light handling, and is called ASC + T.Traction controlWas installed on the in-line 6-cylinder model. The V8 model is called DSC, which is an extension of ASC + T.Anti-skid mechanismEquipped with.

Passive safetyIn terms of, the initial modelAirbagThere were 4 airbags on the front left and right and side airbags, but eventually it became 10 airbags including the ITS head airbag.We are also active in introducing electronic control devices, with a rear-view mirror with built-in automatic anti-glare function and a rain sensor.WiperEtc. are equipped.


  • ダンパーの減衰力を落とす
  • 日本仕様に専用開発したオールシーズンタイヤ(Continental conti touring contact CH95)
  • タイヤの空気圧を1.8kgf/cm²に設定


また、日本仕様に専用開発されたタイヤのスピードレンジがH (210km/h)に設定されていたため、208km/hで作動するリミッターが装着される他、日本の道路状況に合わせ、ATはJATCO製(本国ではZF)となる。導入当初は直列6気筒モデルにはステップトロニックは装備されておらず、540iにのみ設定されていた。なお、前期型540iのATはGM製である。

In-line 1997-cylinder model in 6Station WagonTouring is added. In 1998, the transmission of the in-line 6-cylinder model was changed to Steptronic with manual mode.Variable valve mechanismVANOS has evolved into a double VANOS that operates on both intake and exhaust.At the same time, the standard tires will be changed from specially developed all-season tires to general summer tires. In 1999BMW M.The sporty "M Sport" with the exterior and interior designed by the company will be introduced for the first time.

In 2000Face liftThe model from 1996 to 2000 will be the first half, and the model after 2000 will be the second half.The big distinguishing point in the appearance of the latter period is domesticSquid ringsCalled "コ ロ ナ・リング」が初めて装備される。直列6気筒(M52)エンジンを一新して、パワーアップを図りつつ排ガスもクリーンになった。2.8リッターが廃止になり528iがカタログ落ちし530iが加わる。M52エンジンから進化したM54エンジンは当時世界最高水準のパフォーマンスを誇った。また、M54搭載車導入と同時に、ATは本国仕様同様のZF製へ切り替わる。

Sales in Japan

Regular import model in Japan
gradeYear of manufactureengineDisplacementMaximum outputPrice
Early type
525[4]1996-2000Inline 6 cylinderDOHC2,493cc170 horsepower543 million yen
5282,793cc193 horsepower613 million yen
5401996-2003V8 cylinderDOHC4,398cc286 horsepower798 million yen
528i Touring1997-2000In-line 6-cylinder DOHC2,793cc193 horsepower645 million yen
Late type
525i / 525i M Sport2000-2003In-line 6-cylinder DOHC2,493cc192 horsepower530 million yen
530i / 530i M Sport2,979cc231 horsepower610 million yen
540i / 540i M Sport1996-2003V8 DOHC4,398cc286 horsepower885 million yen
525i Touring2000-2003In-line 6-cylinder DOHC2,493cc192 horsepower578 million yen
530i Touring2,979cc231 horsepower661 million yen


The E39 M5 does not use the in-line 6-cylinder engine that was used until its predecessor, but the newly developed V8 engine.DOHCIt was equipped with an engine and had a horsepower of 400 horsepower.Transmission is 6 speedMTWas only.Exclusive exteriorAero Parts, Dedicated 18inア ル ミ ホ イ ー ルTailored with, the interior isleatherMet.The maximum speed isLimiterAlthough it was limited to 250km / h, it was possible to achieve a speed of 295km / h or more by releasing it.

gradeYear of manufactureengineDisplacementMaximum output
M51998-2003V8 cylinderDOHC4,941cc400 horsepower

5代目(2003年 - 2010年)E60/E61

"E60" is a sedan model code, and "E61" is a touring (wagon) model code.

The body size has expanded compared to the predecessor, but in order to suppress the weight increase,A pillarBeforefrontPartaluminumIt was made a structure.The engine originally installed wasInline 6 cylinderIs a diversion of the engine (M54) installed in the previous model,V8 cylinder TheValvetronicIt is a new model equipped with a 4-cylinder 2,000cc engine anddiesel engineThere was also.transmission TheMTBesides, new 6-speed for all enginesATWas combined.

Technically, it is equipped with a variable gear ratio power steering that changes the steering gear ratio according to the running speed, which is called "active steering".Anti-skid mechanismIt also had a function to automatically apply counter steer in conjunction with.Also called "dynamic drive",motorとstabilizerBy combining left and right during corneringrollA function has also been set to ensure ride quality and maneuverability. E6X ・7 SeriesFor the operation of in-car comfort equipment called i-drive, which was pre-equipped inComputerThe system was also installed.

The exterior design isEdgeIt was an image that was very different from the conventional BMW due to the heavy use of[5]..Although there are pros and cons to this, it is a decision and owner of BMW's internal management to make the design innovative.Quandt familyAlso strongly supported this new design[5]..This design isChris BangleThe work actually adopted by the design team in BMW, led by Italian designer Davide Arcangeli (Davide Arcandeli) Was due to[5]..However, David isAcute leukemiaDied before the launch of this model.


In 2005, the engine was renewed, and Valvetronic was adopted for the in-line 6-cylinder engine.magnesiumAttempts have been made to reduce weight and reduce fuel consumption by using alloys. The V8 engine has added 4.4 liters and 4.8 liters, which is an expansion of the conventional 4.0 liters.Around the same time, a head-up display was set as an option, and BMW Individual, a program that can be made to order with specially prepared body colors and interior materials, was also launched.

A minor change was made in 2007, and the design of the front grille, bumpers, and lights was changed, and the transmission was also improved, halving the time lag when shifting. The engine of the 530i was changed to improve the output.

Sales in Japan

2003(HeiseiSales began in 15), and the following year, the wagon "Touring" and the "M Sport" specification were added as a package option.In all the models sold, the transmission was set only for AT, and active steering was also sold as standard equipment.

E60/E61(2003年 - 2007年) / E60LCI/E61LCI (2007年 - 2010年)
gradeModelDisplacement (cc)engine最高出力(ps/rpm)最大トルク(kgm/rpm)transmissionDrive system
525i(2003年 - 2005年) / 525iツーリング(2004年 - 2005年)M54B252,493Inline 6 cylinderDOHC192/6,00025.0/3,5006 speedATRear wheel drive
525i/525iツーリング(2005年 - 2010年)N52B25A2,496218/6,50025.5/2,750-4,250
530i(2004年 - 2005年)M54B302,979231/5,90030.6/3,500
530i/530iツーリング(2005年 - 2007年)N52B30A2,996258/6,60030.6/2,500-4,000
530i/530iツーリング(2007年 - 2010年)272/6,65030.6/2,750
530xiツーリング(2007年 - 2010年)Four-wheel drive
540i(2005年 - 2010年)N62B40A3,999V8 cylinderDOHC306/6,30039.8/3,500Rear wheel drive
545i(2003年 - 2005年)N62B44A4,398333/6,10045.9/3,600
550i(2005年 - 2010年) / 550iツーリング(2006年 - 2010年)N62B48B4,798367/6,30050.0/3,400


The E5 type M4, which is equivalent to the 60th generation as the M5, isF1Newly developed V-type 10-cylinder with technical feedbackDOHCIt is equipped with an engine.The horsepower is 400 horsepower, which is 107 horsepower higher than the previous 507 horsepower.This number 507 is said to be the result of respect for the phantom roadster "BMW 507".However, it is not always in 507 horsepower mode, but at start-up it is in 400 horsepower mode for engine protection reasons, but by selecting the "P500" and "P500S" modes, 507 horsepower is generated.

With the M button on the steering wheel, you can assign settings such as "shift speed", "engine management", and "EDC", and you can instantly call up the setup by pressing the M button.There is also a so-called hidden mode, and by setting the engine management to "P500S mode" while the DSC is off, the maximum shift speed can be changed from the original "5" to "6".The windshield on the driver's side is also equipped with a head-up display that displays engine speed, speed, navigation messages, etc., so you can feel like an F1 pilot.

The transmission is a 2-pedal MT that operates the clutch by flood control.Semi-automatic transmission7th speedSMGIs installed.7-speed SMG and 6-speed MT can be selected for the US specification, but only SMG for the Japanese specification.In addition, a start assist function will be added. 0-100km acceleration is 4.7 seconds.

Exclusive exteriorAero PartsSo, although the front fender has an open air outlet, there is no functional heat dissipation effect.The rear M spoiler is standard equipment in Japan, but it is optional overseas.Dedicated 19in around the legsア ル ミ ホ イ ー ルHowever, the M6 ​​wheel can be selected as an option, and the rear offset is overhanging, so the M6 ​​wheel is also popular among enthusiasts. Both M5 and M6 wheelsBBSMade.

The speed limiter operates at a meter reading of 270km / h.In EuropeWagonThere is also the M5 Touring, which is a specification, but it is not officially imported into Japan and the number of sedans manufactured is more than 1, while the Touring is rare with only 5000.

E60(2004年 - 2007年) / E60LCI(2007年 - 2010年)
gradeModelDisplacement (cc)engine最高出力(ps/rpm)最大トルク(kgm/rpm)transmissionDrive system
M5S85B50A4,999V10 cylinderDOHC507/7,75053.0/6,1007 speedSMGRear wheel drive

6代目(2009年 - 2016年)F07/F10/F11

  • "Concept 2009 Series Gran Turismo" was announced in February 2 and was held in March 5.Geneva Motor ShowIt was first unveiled at.The sporty looks and performance of the company's sedan as a grand touring car,SUVIt is supposed to be a fusion of usability. It features a rear hatch that opens in two stages, and has five doors.hatchbackYou can open the entire rear window like this, or open only from the upper end of the bumper to the lower end of the rear window and use it like a trunk room of a 4-door sedan.[6].
  • 2009å¹´5月22日、「Concept 5 Series Gran Truismo」の市販モデルとなる「5シリーズグランツーリスモ(=GT、F07)が発表された。コンセプトモデルと同様、2段階に開くテールゲートを採用し、エンジンはガソリンが2機種、ディーゼルが1機種用意されるとアナウンスされた。サッシュレスドアを採用している。
  • GT was announced for the Japanese market on November 2009, 11[7]..Initially, two models, the "535i" and "550i," were prepared.
  • 2010å¹´3月の開催されたジュネーブモーターショーにおいて、新型「5シリー(F10)」が初披露されるとともに、同車のハイブリッドモデル「コンセプト5シリーズ アクティブハイブリッド」が展示された[8]..Component F01 type7 SeriesThe car body has been further expanded than its predecessor.Also, like the 7 Series, it incorporates an energy regeneration system that turns the generator to charge the battery during deceleration, helping to improve fuel efficiency.UndercarriageFour-wheel steeringIn addition to being equipped with integrated active steering, which is a system, "Dynamic Driving Control" that changes the output characteristics and shifting pattern of the engine is standard equipment.Although it is an option for lower grades, "Dynamic damping control" that changes the damping rate of both expansion and contraction, and "Adaptive drive" that integrates dynamic drive and dynamic tamping and has an active stabilizer are also available. Has been done.
  • 2010å¹´3月13日、ツーリング(F11) Was announced[9].. The B-pillar is the same as the sedan, and the rear part from the B-pillar is designed exclusively for touring.
  • 2010å¹´3月25日、セダン(F10)が国内発表された[10]。当初は3.0直列6気筒エンジン搭載の「528i」と「535i」、4.4L V型8気筒エンジン搭載の「550i」の計3モデルが用意され、7月には2.5L直列6気筒エンジンを搭載する「523i」が追加された[11].
  • 2010å¹´4月、北京モーターショーにおいて中国向けに5シリーズのロングホイールベースモデル(F18)を発表[12]..The wheelbase has been extended by 140mm.
  • On August 2010, 8, the 4WD model "4i GT x Drive" was added to the GT.
  • 2010å¹´9月、ツーリング(F11)が日本で発売された[13]..The lineup includes the "6i," "523i," and "528i" equipped with an in-line 535-cylinder engine.
  • On October 2011, 10, it was announced that the 17i engine would be switched from the conventional 523L in-line 2.5-cylinder engine to the newly developed 6L in-line 2.0-cylinder turbo.[14].
  • October 2011, 10, "26i xDrive Touring" and "535i Touring" added[15].
  • On October 2011, 11, it was announced that the 28i engine would be switched from the conventional 528L in-line 3.0-cylinder engine to the newly developed 6L in-line 2.0-cylinder turbo.[16].
  • August 2012, 3,hybridLaunched the model "Active Hybrid 5" in Japan[17].
  • August 2012, 8, "29d Blue Performance" equipped with a diesel engine was added[18].Post new long-term regulationIt corresponds to.
  • On September 2012, 9, the engine of the 12i GT was improved.Increased maximum output and maximum torque by about 550%[19].. The "550i GT x Drive" has been discontinued.
  • 2013å¹´5月、本国においてフェイスリフトモデル(F07LCI/F10LCI/F11LCI)の概要が発表された。グリルやライト周りが変更されたほか、サイドターンインジケータがサイドミラーに移設された。また、550iはエンジンの出力が向上した。
  • On September 2013, 9, the face lift model was announced for Japan.[20].

Sales in Japan

F07(2009年 - 2013年) / F07LCI(2013年 - 2017年)
gradeModelDisplacement (cc)engine最高出力(ps/rpm)最大トルク(kgm/rpm)transmissionDrive system
528i(2013年 - )N20B20A1,997Inline 4 cylinderDOHCturbo245/5,00035.7 / 1,250-4,8008 speedATRear wheel drive
535i(2009年 - 2013年)N55B30A2,979Inline 6 cylinderDOHC turbo306/5,80040.8 / 1,200-5,000
550i(2009年 - 2012年)N63B44A4,394V8 cylinderDOHC twin turbo407 / 5,500-6,40061.2 / 1,750-4,500
550i(2012年 - )N63B44B450/5,50066.3 / 2,000-4,500
550i xDrive(2010年 - 2012年)N63B44A407 / 5,500-6,40061.2 / 1,750-4,500Four-wheel drive
F10/F11(2010年 - 2013年) / F10LCI/F11LCI(2013年 - 2017年)
gradeModelDisplacement (cc)engine最高出力(ps/rpm)最大トルク(kgm/rpm)transmissionDrive system
523i/523iツーリング(2010年 - 2011年)N52B25A2,496Inline 6 cylinderDOHC204/6,30027.6 / 2,750-3,0008 speedATRear wheel drive
523i/523iツーリング(2011年 - )N20B20B1,997Inline 4 cylinderDOHCturbo184/5,00027.5 / 1,250-4,500
523d/523dツーリング(2012年 - )N47D20C1,995In-line 4-cylinder DOHCdieselturbo184/4,00038.7 / 1,750-2,700
528i/528iツーリング(2010年 - 2011年)N52B30A2,996In-line 6-cylinder DOHC258/6,60031.6 / 2,600-3,000
528i/528iツーリング(2011年 - )N20B20A1,997Inline 4-cylinder DOHC turbo245/5,00035.7 / 1,250-4,800
535i/535iツーリング(2010年 - )N55B30A2,979Inline 6-cylinder DOHC turbo306/5,80040.8/1,200-5,000
535i xDriveツーリング(2011年 - )Four-wheel drive
550i(2010年 - 2013年) / 550iツーリング(2011年 - 2013年)N63B44A4,394V8 cylinderDOHC twin turbo407 / 5,500-6,40061.2 / 1,750-4,500Rear wheel drive
550i(2013年 -) / 550iツーリング(2013年 - 2014年)N63B44B450/5,50066.3 / 2,000-4,500
ActiveHybrid 5(2012年 - )N55B30A-M2302,979Inline 6-cylinder DOHC turbo306/5,800
40.8 / 1,200-5,000


In 2011, the F10 type M5 was announced.[21].. The 4.4L V8 cylinder is equipped with a twin turbo. Equipped with a front air intake for M5, a diffuser, a four-out muffler, and a transmissionDCTWill be.The maximum output is 560PS and the power-to-weight ratio is 3.3kg / PS. 0-100km / h acceleration is 4.3 seconds.

F10(2011年 - 2013年) / F10LCI(2013年 - 2017年)
gradeModelDisplacement (cc)engine最高出力(ps/rpm)最大トルク(kgm/rpm)transmissionDrive system
M5S63B44B4,394V8 cylinderDOHCTwin turbo560/6,00069.3/1,500-5,7507 speedDCTRear wheel drive

7代目(2017年 - )G30/G31/F90


In addition to weight reduction, the car body has a lower center of gravity and a weight distribution of 50:50 in the front and rear, pursuing both excellent dynamic performance and comfort that allows easy long-distance travel.On the technical side, a number of driving assistance devices have been adopted.In addition to the accelerator and brake, the new 5 Series has adopted a function to support steering driving.


In April 2017, a long model (G4) with a wheelbase extended by 133 mm was announced for the Chinese market.[23]..In ShenyangBrilliant TrainIt will be produced at a joint venture plant with.

2017年6月、本国において5シリーズグランツーリスモ(F07)の後継モデル、6シリーズグランツーリスモ(G32)Was announced.

In May 2020, an improved new model was announced in the home country.In addition to the renewal of the exterior design, the equipment related to the driving support system and connected functions has been expanded.It has evolved to the same level as a full model change.

Sales in Japan

2017年1月12日、セダン(G30)が日本市場向けに発表された[24]..The introduction of five models, "523d", "530i", "540i", "530e" and "523i", was announced to the Japanese market.


On July 2019, 7, "26d xDrive M Spirit" and "523d xDrive Touring M Spirit" equipped with a clean diesel engine were added.[26]..The engine is a B47D20A in-line 4-cylinder 2.0-liter diesel turbo engine with a maximum output of 190PS.The price ranges from 750 million yen to 782 million yen.

On September 2020, 9, an improved new model was announced for Japan, and sales began on the same day.

G30/G31(2017年 - 2020年)
gradeModelDisplacement (cc)engine最高出力(ps/rpm)最大トルク(kgm/rpm)transmissionDrive system
523i Sedan / TouringB48B20A1,998Inline 4 cylinderDOHCturbo184/5,00029.6/1,250-4,5008 speedATRear wheel drive
523d sedan / touring1,995Inline 4 cylinderDOHCdieselturbo190/4,00040.8/1,750-2,500
530i Sedan / TouringB48B20B1,998Inline 4-cylinder DOHC turbo252/5,20035.7/1,450-4,800
530e sedanB48B20A184/5,000
29.6 / 1,350-4,250
540i sedanB58B30A2,997Inline 6 cylinderDOHC turbo340/5,50045.9/1,380-5,200
540i xDrive Sedan / TouringFour-wheel drive
G30/G31(2020年 - )
gradeModelDisplacement (cc)engine最高出力(ps/rpm)最大トルク(kgm/rpm)transmissionDrive system
523i sedanB48B20A1,998Inline 4-cylinder DOHC turbo184/5,00029.6/1,350-4,2508-speed ATRear wheel drive
523d xDrive Sedan / TouringB47D20B1,995In-line 4-cylinder DOHC diesel turbo190/4,00040.8/1,750-2,500Four-wheel drive
530i Sedan / TouringB48B20B1,998Inline 4-cylinder DOHC turbo252/5,20035.7/1,450-4,800Rear wheel drive
530e sedanB48B20A184/5,000
540i xDrive Sedan / TouringB58B30C2,997Inline 6-cylinder DOHC turbo340/5,50045.9/1,500-5,200Four-wheel drive
M550i xDrive sedanN63B44D4,394V-type 8-cylinder DOHC twin turbo530/5,50076.5/1,800-4,600


In August 2017, the high-performance model M8 was announced.[27]..This model is given a different codename, F90. It is the first M model sedan to use four-wheel drive.

With the 2019 5 Series price revision, "M5 Competition" has been added.The engine output is higher than the M5, the vehicle height is 5mm lower than the M7, and "TRACK" has been added to the drive mode selection.

F90 (2017-)
gradeModelDisplacement (cc)engine最高出力(ps/rpm)最大トルク(kgm/rpm)transmissionDrive system
M5S63B44B4,394V8 cylinderDOHCTwin turbo600/6,00076.5/1,800-5,6008 speedATFour-wheel drive
M5 Competition(2019年 - )625/6,00076.5/1,800-5,860


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