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📺 | Bin Konno's original "Akira Higuchi" series!Season 2 will be broadcast as a serial drama this summer!


The "Forced Criminal Akira Higuchi" series based on the original work by Bin Konno!Season 2 will be broadcast as a serial drama this summer!

If you write the contents roughly
Also, I want young people to think that it would be fun to get old.

"Friday 8 o'clock drama" that is broadcast every Friday at 8 o'clock on TV TOKYO. July Cool's work is "The Police Agency Forced Criminal ... → Continue reading


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"young person] (Wakaito)Yojiro Ishizaka OfNovels.

1933/From October1937/Until AprilMita LiteratureWas serialized in a series, and became the successor of Ishizaka. 1937, as upper and lower volumeRemodeling companyPublished by.


North OfPort town OfMission school(Regrettable girls' schoolIs modeled[1]), a 28-year-old teacher Shintaro Masaki, is struck by the passion of a female student named Keiko Enami. On the other hand, Sumi Hashimoto, a colleague's teacher, warns that Masaki will be attracted by a female student, and Masaki is attracted by both Keiko and Sumi. Keiko is a private child who lives with her mother who runs a restaurant. Masaki arbitrated the quarrel at Eba's mother's restaurant and suffered serious injuries, but was tied up with Keiko that evening. Knowing this, Sumi was arrested at a meeting for his left-wing illegal activities at home.

ActressKazuko EnamiWas originally imitated as the role of Keiko Enami when it was made into a movie, so the stage name is related to this heroine, the daughter'sKyoko EnamiIs also the same. Also played Masaki in the TV dramaKoji IshizakaThe stage name is named after Yojiro Ishizaka.


Ishizaka became a popular writer when "young people" were well received, but the right-wing group captured a part of it,DisrespectAs the wording ofPublishing lawI filed a complaint for violation. Although it was not prosecuted, this case was indicted in the post-war "criminal charges and military offenses" and was described in many commentaries and encyclopedias.AnnouncementIs to put a person into false sin, which is not true[2][3].. this is,Shincho BunkoIt is the one that was erroneously described in the commentary (Seikisaburo Waki).[4].. A revised version was published in January 1939.

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