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🎥 | Big Hero 6.29's new adventure!Delivered on Disney Plus from the new drama series "Baymax!" XNUMX

Photo Disney + original drama series "Bay Max!" Will be exclusively distributed on Disney Plus from 6:29 on June 16 (Wednesday).

Big Hero 6.29's new adventure!Delivered on Disney Plus from the new drama series "Baymax!" XNUMX

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In the new trailer released, you can see Baymax disappearing from the front of Hiro and going out into the city as a "helping hero".

The new series "Big Hero 2014!" From "Big Hero 6" (29), which was a hit in Japan, will be released on June XNUMXth ... → Continue reading

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Bay Max

"Bay Max] (Original title:Big Hero 6, Big Hero XNUMX)2014/ OfThe United States of America Of3DComputer animationSuper hero movie.(English edition)OriginalMarvel comicsof"Big hero sixInspired byDon HallIs directed by Chris Williams.

Premiered at the 2014th Tokyo International Film Festival on October 10, 23, in the United States on November 27, 2014Disney digital 3DandRealD 3DIt was released in theaters in format.It was critically and entertainingly successful, with more than $ 6 million in box office worldwide, the highest box office revenue of any animated film in 5780.87th Academy AwardsThen.Feature Film AwardWas awarded.Also, the feature film of Walt Disney Animation Studios was released in Japan in December in 12.Lewis and the future thiefIt's been 7 years since then.

In 2017,Television Animationseries"Baymax The SeriesIs the United StatesDisney XDIs being broadcast on[3].


Walt Disney Animation StudiosIn production, it will be the 54th feature film of the company.

The original draft depicts 6 heroes, including the Japanese heroMarvel comics OfAmerican comicthe work"Big hero six"[4]..This is the first Disney anime movie with a character from Marvel Comics as the main character.

When making a movie, the world view and settings have been greatly modified from the original. After Disney acquired Marvel in 2009, when looking for a movie in Marvel Comics, the directorDon HallFound the same work in the database[5][6].

It was a work that was forgotten by Marvel staff because it was not very popular at the time of publication. It was the first work I knew about Hall, but I was fascinated by the title and Japanese elements.[7], Producer'sJohn LasseterThe story was changed to suit Disney animations and the script was created. In the original, it appeared as an initial team memberSunfireとSilver samuraiAbout at that time, Marvel Comics "X-Men20th Century Fox, which has made the series into a movie (currently under the Disney umbrella)20th century studio) Had rights and was not allowed to appear[8][9][10][11].

When making a movie, the stage of the workTokyoFrom TokyoSan FranciscoOf the future mixed withOverhead Ofcity"San Fransokyo" ("Soukyo" in Kanji notation[12]), And the team members became a mixed race team.Mech robotBig Hero XNUMX is also an artificial life form with a dragon-like face in the original, but in the movieNursing robotHas been modified to. The story tooSupernatural powerInstead of defeating evil by a hero with a hero, the emphasis is on the appearance of each member collaborating by utilizing their own abilities and the friendship and family love surrounding the hero.[13].

Many Japanese elements are studded, and many landscapes of Tokyo taken by the staff are incorporated, and Japanese three-dimensional signboards are also adopted.Big Hero XNUMX's head was seen when director Don Hall visited Japan for research.Hanazono Shrine OfbellIs the motif[14].IllustratorKoyama ShigetIs participating in the character design, and there are some vestiges in the corners of the battle mode of Big Hero XNUMX.[Source required]


Future city San Fransokyo[15]Hiro Hamada, a 14-year-old boy who lives in Japan, has a genius of science, but loses sight of his goal after graduating from high school without a dream and uses that talent for illegal robot fights. He lived a self-deprecating life of doing.His older brother, Tadashi, who couldn't see such a younger brother, belongs to him.University of TechnologyTake me to.See the many inventions of Tadashi's friends "Science Geeks" (Go Go, Wasabi, Honey Lemon, Fred) and the white, balloon-like care robot Baymax developed by his brother. Inspired by this, Hiro wants to pursue his dream of science by meeting his respected professor Robert Callahan.Jumping gradeDecide to enroll.

In order to enroll, he is a teacher of Tadashi at a university research presentation.RoboticsWe must make an original presentation that will provoke Professor Callahan, who is a leading figure in the field.With the cooperation of Tadashi and his colleagues at the university, Hiro completes the invention and gives a presentation at the recital.The microphone robot invented by Hiro is only about the size of a fingertip, but it has the property of attracting each other to form an aggregate, and it is attached to the operator's head.NerveIt was an epoch-making invention that the aggregate could be instantly changed into the desired shape by controlling it with a transmitter.The announcement was a great success, and Hiro was admitted directly by Professor Callahan.However, immediately after that, a fire accident occurred at the venue.Tadashi jumps into the flames to help Professor Callahan, who is left behind in the building, and becomes a person who never returns.Hiro loses not only his brother Tadashi, but also his respected Professor Callahan and Mike Robot at once.

After Tadashi's death, Hiro closed his heart and stayed in the room, but the words he inadvertently activated Baymax and appeared.Baymax tried to heal Hiro's pain according to Tadashi's mission to "protect the mind and body of the injured," relying on the reaction of the only Microbot left in Hiro's hands. Start exploring the city.Hiro, who hurriedly chased Big Hero XNUMX in the city, arrived at an old warehouse with him, but in the warehouse, a large number of Microbots that should have been lost in the fire were being produced.The two are masked men Yokai who have a mystery there[16] Encountered, and while being attacked by a large number of microphone robots operated by a man, he escaped from his life.

From a series of events, Hiro infers that Tadashi's death was not an accident but a crime by a person who aimed at a microphone robot, and decides to confront a masked man to find out the truth of his brother's death.He incorporates a combat program into Big Hero XNUMX and upgrades it.Hiro approaches Yokai at the harbor, but in the face of his overwhelming power, he can only escape, and he manages to escape from the predicament with the help of his friends who are worried about Hiro and chasing him.

Hiros gathered at Fred's house.Fred speculates that Yokai's identity is businessman Alistair Krei, and that Clay tried to humble Hiro's microbot at a research presentation because Hiro refused to do so.Hiro didn't believe it, but when he learned that Big Hero XNUMX had scanned Humane, he tried to scan people all over the city and catch him.We have developed suits for each research, improved the armor of Big Hero XNUMX to be more combative, equipped with a rocket punch, and upgraded it with an enhanced scanner and flight function.

Hiro flies to the sky of San Fransokyo with Big Hero XNUMX as a test of flight function, and flies freely in the dusk.Baymax, who scans that Hiro's mental condition is improving, proposes to end care, but Hiro insists on catching Yokai, and based on the physical data of Yokai that Baymax was scanning, his When I searched for my whereabouts, I found out that Yokai was in a research facility on an isolated island, and boarded the research facility with my friends.そこでヒロ達は残されたHiros were left thereRecordingFrom the video, the substance in front of military and government officials by the large company "Clay Tech" operated by Clay in the past at this placeTransporterHowever, Clay pushed through the malfunction of the device and forced the experiment, and learned that an accident had occurred in which the test pilot became unknown.

Yokai appears there again and attacks Hiro and others.Hiro and his friends confront Yokai, who makes full use of the microphone robot, but they are at the mercy because they used their abilities as they like in the first actual battle.However, during the battle, Hiro managed to steal Yokai's mask.The identity was Professor Callahan, who was believed to have died in the fire.Although Professor Callahan was left behind in the fire, he survived using the Microbot as a fireproof shelter.Hiro is furious that Professor Callahan may have killed his brother as a result, and orders the professor to be killed by extracting care data from Big Hero XNUMX.The companions desperately tried to stop the runaway Big Hero XNUMX, and reinserted the care data card into Big Hero XNUMX, but Professor Callahan took the opportunity to disappear from the facility with Microbot.Hiro pushes the opposition and still pursues Professor Callahan, but fails due to a broken scanner.

Hiro returns home in disappointment and tries to pull out the care data card from Big Hero XNUMX again and put it in combat mode, but Big Hero XNUMX refuses and Tadashi sleeps instead, saying "to help a lot of people". Play back the recorded video when developing Big Hero XNUMX XNUMX/XNUMX.Realizing that he was wrong, Hiro apologizes to his peers, arrests Professor Callahan this time, and vows to use his talents to help others like his brother.Hiro and his colleagues learn from the remaining recorded footage that the pilot who went missing due to a transporter accident was Callahan's daughter Abigail, and find out that Callahan was trying to take revenge on Clay using a microphone robot.

Unfortunately, Claytech is holding a party to complete the new building, and Professor Callahan is trying to suck Claytech and Clay himself into a different world with a repaired transfer device.Hiro and his friends rushed to struggle with a large number of Microbots, but they maximized their abilities and succeeded in incapacitating them by sucking the Microbots into the transfer device.Steal the transmitter from Professor Callahan and prevent his revenge.The transporter continued to run wild, but it was reaching its limits and collapsing, and everything seemed to be over.

However, at that time, Hiro, who learned that Abigail was living in a different world when the enhanced scanner of Big Hero XNUMX sensed a life reaction in the back of the device, went to the back of the device with Big Hero XNUMX to help people like his brother. Jump into another world of.Then, he tried to rescue Abigail safely and escape, but on the way, Big Hero XNUMX was damaged by covering Hiro from the rubble, and finally Hiro was sent back to the entrance of the transfer device with the pod on which Abigail was riding with a rocket punch. Big Hero XNUMX disappears into another world and disappears.

As the seasons changed, Hiro began attending college.Hiro, who overcomes sadness with his friends and moves forward, notices that one day the rocket punch that Big Hero 6 entrusted to him is holding something.It was the care data card that was the brain of Big Hero XNUMX.Hiro completed Baymax on his own, reunited with him, and helped people today as BIG HERO XNUMX, the hero who protects the city of San Fransokyo with everyone.

And the story isEnd rollLater, Fred exclaimed, "I wanted my father to see me as a hero," said his father (the original author).Stan Lee)'S secret (that my father was also a hero), and the movie ends when he reunites with his father and confirms the bond.


Hiro Hamada
The main character of this work.架空都市サンフランソウキョウに住む14歳のロボット工学の天才少年A XNUMX-year-old robotics genius boy living in the fictional city of San Fransokyo[17] ..また、ヒロの声優を演じたライアン・ポッターはヒロと同じく日本人と白人のハーフであるAlso, Ryan Potter, who played Hiro's voice actor, is half Japanese and half white like Hiro.[18] ..She is 153 cm tall. She graduated from high school at the age of 13 and she didn't go on to college because she wasn't interested in college.IllegalI was enthusiastic about the robot fight. Since he lost his parents at the age of three, he has lived with his aunt and brother.彼の唯一の味方であり、理解者でもある兄のタダシの誘いでサンフランソウキョウ工科大学へAt the invitation of his brother Tadashi, who is his only ally and understanding person, he went to San Fransokyo Institute of Technology.Jumping gradeDecided to enroll, at a university research presentationpresentationSucceeded and decided to enroll, but immediately after that Tadashi was accompanied by a mysterious fireBack draftWill make you a person who never returns.In disappointment, he stayed alone in his room all the time, but when he happened to have a minor injury, he started up and had a mysterious relationship like a parent and child like a friend.There is a part of his feelings for Baymax that he overlaps with his late brother.
Thinking that the "Mike Robot" he invented is related to Tadashi's death, he and Baymax investigate the truth.Her image color is purple (powered suit color).
The color of the subtitles in the dialogue of Hiro's multiplex broadcast is yellow, which represents the main character.
Later, as mentioned earlier, I will wear a purple-based suit as a measure against the masked man, but other than being able to lock my limbs on the back of Big Hero XNUMX.Powered suitUnlike, there is no noticeable armament. Therefore, the battle depends on the ability of Big Hero XNUMX when wearing a powered suit, and mainly rides on the back of Big Hero XNUMX to command and navigate.
In the Japanese version of Comicalize, the first person has been changed to "I" and the cheeky side is increasing, while the dependence on Tadashi is also increasing, such as blaming himself for not being able to save him. In the movie version, Cass, who was an aunt, survives and appears as a mother. After the series of incidents caused by the masked man had settled, Cass was worried about his safety because he was determined to find Tadashi for a long time and he was away from home for a long time. I started to make Dharma dolls with (Minimax) and talk with Cass more than before. If you press otherLiquidwigInvented an octopus doll that puts out. I have come to think, "I want to be an inventor who can save someone. I want Tadashi to see me like that."BIG HERO 6 He is also active as a hero of San Fransokyo with Big Hero XNUMX and his friends who Hiro has revived with his own hands.
Hiro's invention
A mechanism for robot fights operated by Hiro. It has a wedge shape centered on a sphere called an electromagnetic bearing servo, and has the property of connecting to each other to form an aggregate. Combat is performed by combining these three, dividing, and rotating. A controller pad is used for operation.
A small mecha developed by Hiro. It was made in the form of a miniaturized mega bot.
The operation method has been significantly upgraded, and it is attached to the operator's head.NerveBy controlling with a transmitter, the aggregate can be instantly changed into the desired shape. The connection seems to be quite strong, hanging people and carrying heavy objects with plenty of room.
It was burnt down in a fire except for the one that was picked up by Hiro when Clay tried to take it away at a research presentation at the Institute of Technology. However, it was later mass-produced by Callahan and attacked Hiro and others.
The quasi-hero and mascot character of this work.A care robot developed by Hiro's older brother Tadashi to heal the mind and body.A male voice actor is speaking, but since it is a robot, there is no gender.However, it is classified as "boy Tsum" in the smartphone app game "LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum".
The color of the subtitles in the dialogue of the multiplex broadcast of Big Hero XNUMX is blue, which represents the quasi-hero and the main character next to the hero.
The first person is "I" and speaks politely to everyone. Although he is about 183 cm tall, he weighs only 34 kg.[19] .
There is air inside the white and soft body that makes you want to hug yourselffillingHas been done.You can change your body shape to some extent by moving the air in and out of your body, but if you make a hole in your body, you cannot stop the leaked air by yourself.The image color is white, but since I wear a red powered suit, there is also a red element.
1 waysMedicalA card of data is inserted and the person scanned by the radar on the headHeart rate-EEG-Blood TypeEtc. can be analyzed instantly. By scanning the amount of transmitters in the brain, it is possible to grasp the stress and emotions of the other party. By rubbing both handsAEDIt is equipped with a wide variety of functions, such as activating, and when it falls into the water, it becomes a floating bag to rescue people, and for those who have cooled their bodies, it warms the body by heating it.At first, it wasn't programmed, so I couldn't follow the traffic rules and couldn't understand Tadashi's death.In the Japanese version of the dubbing, it is a habit to say "Ah (the nuance of" Oya ")", and after having a goo touch with Hiro, release the fist and say "Barara Lara".
Power isLithium ion battery.. In the waiting state, it is stored in a red box that also has a charging function, and the air inside the body automatically expands in response to voices such as "pain" when a nearby person is injured. in appeared, "Hello, I'm bay is Max" for that person to a greeting with. After treatment based on the data, the operation stops when the other party says "it's okay". When the battery is about to run out, it becomes like a drunken person.
It is forbidden to hurt people and has no willingness or ability to fight. Punches and kicks just touch the wall lightly. His legs are short compared to his body size, so he cannot move fast. The skeleton isCarbon fiberBecause it is made of, it is sturdy and can lift objects weighing up to 400 kg. Even in the play, he is hugging Hiro many times and moving.
By measures against Hiro's masked mankarateInsert a battle data card that incorporates the above, and equip it with a powered suit based on green, which is close to gray.Later, it was replaced with a further enhanced red powered suit, which added a higher performance radar, flight capability, rocket punch, and space for Hiro on the back.At this time, if the medical data card is removed and only the battle data card is inserted in the card slot, both eyes will be dyed red, and a person who will make a merciless attack on the specified target and interfere with it will be included. If it does, it will cause harm regardless of the enemy or ally, and it will be in a runaway state.As a result, the medical data cardLimiterIt also plays the role of.
Clay Tech's new office blocks Callahan's actions to take revenge on Clay.Immediately after that, he finds Abigail, the daughter of Callahan, who has been unknown for a long time in a different world in the transfer device created by Callahan, but just before escaping from the different world, the powered suit is wrecked by hiding Hiro and Abigail from the rubble. Then, the only operable rocket punch returns them to the real world, but Baymax himself disappears into another world.However, it was later restored by Hiro because the medical data card was clasped by the rocket punch.
In the Japanese version of Comicalize, the interaction with Hiro is depicted in more detail, and he became one of "Hiro's important friends" through a series of incidents caused by a masked man.
A small Big Hero XNUMX that appeared in the Japanese version of Comicalize. Appeared from Dharma made for Cass who is worried about Hiro's safety. Of the messagerecording-regenerationIt has a function. Perhaps he understands the conversation between Hiro and Cass, he sees Hiro leaving his house in a hurry with Cass. Hanging on Cass' left shoulder.
Cass Hamada
Hiro and Tadashi's aunt, acting as two mothers.She runs a cafe "Lucky Cat" at their home.She is a good cook.
A gentle woman who is a little impatient but has a cheerful personality, and although Hiro has burned her hands many times, she never thinks about abandoning her. The name "mochi"Calico cat I have.By the way, Mochi is a rare male calico cat (because it was called "he" in the English version).
He appears as a mother in the Japanese version of Comicalize. Thanks to Hiro's growth and Minimax, I started talking to Hiro more than before.
Tadashi Hamada
The key character of this work and the inventor of Big Hero XNUMX.Hiro's older brother and a university student at San Fransokyo Institute of Technology.He is a good understanding of Hiro, and like his aunt, he has a gentle personality that he will not abandon no matter how bad he does, but on the day of the university research presentation, he jumped into the flame-filled presentation venue in an attempt to help Professor Callahan. Immediately afterBack draftGet caught up in and die.
In the Japanese version of Comicalize, he was involved in an accident, and when Hiro was trying hard to help himself, he left behind saying "I wanted to see the world created by Hiro" and was swallowed by the wormhole and became uncertain whether he was alive or dead. There is an original scene. Perhaps he was in a different space from Abigail, he couldn't find it in the wormhole with the Big Hero XNUMX life sensor, so he decided to continue searching for Tadashi. I was planning to continue my research at a welfare university after the university research presentation.
The color of the subtitles of Tadashi's multiple broadcast lines is green, which represents the third main character (Disney works often use green for the lines of Villas, such as "Rapunzel on the Tower" and "Beauty and the Beast." ).
GoGo / GoGo Tomago
A friend of Tadashi who attends San Fransokyo Institute of Technology.
Cool and blunt personality. Woman with short black hair. I always chew gum.
In addition to having high athletic ability, he has a driving technique that allows him to drive and shake off instead of wasabi when escaping from a masked man by car.
Electromagnetic at universitysuspensionWe are developing an anti-gravity motorcycle using. By attaching the wheels directly to the powered suitInline skatesIt is capable of ultra-high-speed movement reminiscent of the movement of, and can also be a slashing weapon that cuts substances under specific conditions.The color of the powered suit is yellow.
A friend of Tadashi who attends San Fransokyo Institute of Technology.A large black man with dreadlocks.
The origin of the nickname is during mealsWasabiWas attached to Fred because he spilled it on his shirt.
Contrary to his strict appearance, his personality is meticulous and delicate.Even while escaping from the masked man by car, he stopped at a red light and turned on the turn signal.Fastidious diseaseOn topAcrophobia.
His invention is a laser cutter that can cut anything.He fights by making the electromagnetic wave laser blade equipped on the powered suit that applied and developed it appear from his arms.Wasabi's powered suit has only a translucent visor that covers the eyes with the head equipment, and there is no helmet.The color of his powered suit is green.
Honey Lemon
A friend of Tadashi who attends San Fransokyo Institute of Technology.A tall, blonde woman with glasses, she has a bright and self-paced personality.I often take pictures with my smartphone.
Her weapon, a chemical reaction expert, is a ball that causes all changes, including freezing and solidification, when hit.ボールはThe ballShoulder bagIt is made in a device of the shape.Although the device was lost in the play, no after-risk was mentioned.
By the way, when I wear the powered suit, I take off my glasses,contact lensIt is unknown whether it is a substitute for glasses or originally Date glasses.The color of her powered suit is pink.
Fred / Frederick
His real name is "Frederick".In the sequel "Baymax The Series", the full name turned out to be "Frederick Frederickson IV".Although not a student, Tadashi's friend who goes in and out of San Fransokyo Institute of Technology.A young man who is a university mascot character.He has a cheerful personality and is good at giving nicknames to his friends.
I love science fiction and superheroes.The house is rich and his room is full of figures and cartoons.
Kaiju Big Battelle (Kaiju Big Battel,Boston Museum of Fine ArtsVisual Arts School (en ) Students started in 1996 at a real showmonster A big fan of wrestling in a ring wearing a costume[20] .
The third monster-type costume he equips has functions such as jumping power enhancement and flame radiation.The color of his powered suit is blue.
I've been wearing my underwear for days without washing it, turning it over.This is the punch line for reunion with his father after the end roll.
Fred's houseButler..I don't change my expression at any time.He even serves as a practice table to check the performance of Hiro's powered suits.
Alistair Krei
President of technology company "Claytech".Establish the current position in pursuit of profit from the aspect of safety.Interested in Hiro's talent.Although he asked for the transfer of the rights to the "Mike Robot" invented by Hiro, he gave up because he refused, but he casually put one of them in his pocket and tried to take it away.This personality will cause disaster.
Professor Robert Callahan / Yokai[16](Professor Robert Callaghan / Yokai)
He is a professor at San Fransokyo Institute of Technology and a leading expert in robotics, and has produced various scientific theories and devices in the play.He also invented the electromagnetic bearing servo used for the mega bots and micro bots made by Hiro.タダシに誘われて工科大学に足を運んだヒロにTo Hiro who was invited by Tadashi to visit the Institute of TechnologyJumping gradeI recommended admission.
I'm distrustful of the profit-seeking of technology company president Alistair Clay.
It was thought that he would not return with Tadashi in the explosion accident at the research presentation, but he was the only one who protected himself by manipulating the large number of "microrobots" left at the venue and escaped.その後afterwardsKumatoriWearing the mask of, he mass-produces and operates the "Mike Robot" invented by Hiro himself, and confronts Hiro and others who have pursued the truth of the blast accident.Since the mask is a nerve transmitter, the "microbot" will stop functioning if it is removed or destroyed.
The purpose was to hate Clay, who caused the cause, when his daughter Abigail, who was participating as a test pilot, became unknown in the experimental accident of the top secret project "Silence Swallow Project" in which Clay was involved in the past. It was to take revenge.本作のOf this workDisney VillainsHowever, it is depicted as a rare "sad villain" in Disney, whose heart has been distorted by past incidents rather than selfishness.Eventually, he was arrested and Abigail was also successfully rescued, leaving him with a premonition of a reunion with his daughter.
Abigail Callaghan
Daughter of Professor Callahan.A test pilot of the top secret project "Silence Swallow Project" jointly promoted by the government and Claytech.He disappeared due to an accident during an experiment several years ago, but was rescued by the cooperation of Hiro and Big Hero XNUMX and survived safely.
It seems that he was absorbed in robot fight when he was little.
The appearance is different between the main movie and the Japanese version of Comicalize.
Mr. Yama
A robot that is also the boss of a yakuzaFighter[Avoid ambiguity]..A giant man with a bad mouth.He is defeated by Hiro's Mike Robot in Robot Fight, but when he confiscates Mike Robot and tries to double it back to Hiro using his minions, he is helped by his brother Tadashi and escapes.Both minions are arrested by the police.
Television Animation"Baymax / Big Hero XNUMX is back』Also appears.
Fred's Father
Fred's father, who is also a millionaire.He has a good relationship with Fred, but he seems to be extremely busy and cannot easily return home.His job is unknown.In the hidden room of the mansion, the costumes and equipment used when he was a hero remain.It is the same as my son to keep wearing pants for days by turning them over.
The model isStan Lee.

Voice appearance

Role nameOriginal versionJapanese dubbed version
Bay MaxScott AdsitKawashima Tokuai
Hiro HamadaRyan PotterYutaro Honjo
Tadashi HamadaDaniel HenneyKotaro Koizumi
FredTJ MillerHideto Nitta
Go goJamie ChungMasumi Asano
WasabiDamon Wayans Jr.Yuki Takeda
Honey lemonGenesis RodriguezMai Yamane
Professor Robert CallahanJames CromwellAkio Kaneda
Alistair ClayAlan TuddickJunpei Morita
Cass HamadaMaya RudolphMiho Kanno
GeneralAbraham BenrubiJoji Nakata
Abigail CallahanKatie LowesKana Uetake
news casterBilly BushSoichi Abe
Police officerDaniel GarsonSakaguchi
Mr. YamaPaul briggsFumihiko Tachiki
Female bossCharlotte GraceianYuko Kaida
HeathcliffDavid ShaughnessySho Koneri
Fred's fatherStan Lee
Tamio Ohki
Appearance of other voices
Kazumasa KatsuraTaisuke NishimuraTakahiro MiyakeYoshiki Nakajima
Kabatake MasafumiOtsu AiriAimi TanakaNaoko Kaneta
  • In the Japanese dubbed version, the emotion recognition robot "pepperAppeared[22].

Japanese version staff

Theme song/Insert song

  • fall out Boy"Immortals" --Newly written insert song for this work
  • AI"Story (English Version) "[23] --Japanese release version ending theme


Producer Lasseter joined the production team from the belief that "movie stories come from research"RoboticsVisited some related facilities[20].. The production team who was looking for a cute robot image like never beforeCarnegie Mellon UniversityI learned about an inflatable soft robot for medical use and decided to apply it to Big Hero XNUMX.[20].. The production team is very inspired by Japanese anime films, including Big Hero XNUMX.Studio GhibliThe animated movie "My Neighbor TotoroI assumed something reminiscent of Totoro[20].. "In Western culture, technology has been portrayed as a hostile evil, for example, the director's hall.タ ー ミ ネ ー タ ーBut robots and computers are trying to take over the world, but in Japan, the opposite is true, and technology is seen as a path for a better future. This movie follows that idea. "[20].

The face of Big Hero XNUMX was decided by the director Hall when he saw the bell at the shrine during his trip to Japan. At first, I intended to put a mouth on my face, but I didn't put a mouth on it because of the idea of ​​character designer Kim, not words.Body languageI decided to express my emotions by blinking[20].. Kim saw on a Japanese mail order programrice cookerIn an interview, he emphasized how cute he was, and said that he emphasized cuteness in the character design of Big Hero XNUMX.[20].. Big Hero 3 has a cute and curious character setting, movement is restricted as much as possible, and cute movements are incorporated into the three models of infants, babies in diapers, and baby penguins.[20].

Big Hero XNUMX power suit was also initiallyGundamIt was wind, but it was changed[24].

The fictional city of San Francisco is located in San Francisco.Victorian style,Queen AnnA remake of San Francisco's iconic image with Japanese elements, such as adding Japanese details to the stylized building.[20](Example: Hiro's home). What impressed me during the production team's trip to Japan was the polite finish of the Japanese design that can be seen from the trash cans to the vending machines and sidewalk tiles, so it was based on the actual city of San Francisco. Sato added a Tokyo-like techno atmosphere[20].

The difficult movement of the microphone robots developed by Hiro to move as a group isantCreated by the special effects team with reference to the ecology of[20].. At that time, two Japanese staff members, Jun Watanabe and Hiroaki Narita, were enrolled in this special effects team.

In Disney animation, it is common to remake and consider it many times, but 40 patterns were considered in this work and in the first scene alone.[20].. During the production process, Hiro's cat Mochi was considered as a robot cat (flying boots) many times, but it was finally rejected because it did not fit the story. Rocket Cat in the Japanese market (DoraemonWith the success of (that), the marketing staff on the Japanese side who fell in love with the idea at first glance stuck to this, but in Japan (Doraemon movie) It was said that he gave up because there was just a promotion campaign[20].

According to art director Scott Watanabe, the cockpit of Dr. Callahan's daughter AbigailMasamune ShirowInspired by, the structure has a complex interior with a simple appearance[24].. The scenery around Hiro's home is in the Height Ashbury district (en) (hippieIn the area called the birthplace of the movementNikkeiThere was a community) and its surroundings (in Japantown)ShowaI referred to the old townscape where the atmosphere of[24].

Director Chris Williams said that he would like to see the fusion of Tokyo and San Francisco in the flight scene as a message to the Japanese, and "In the scene of watching the sunset after the flight, Hiro and Big Hero XNUMX I think I'll fall in love, "he said in an interview.[25].


Walt Disney Animation Studios TheBay MaxIn producing, we developed a new rendering software called "Hyperion".[26].. Directed with Chris WilliamsDon HallAccording to the report, Hyperion gives Big Hero XNUMX a clear glow, allowing light to reflect diffusely inside Big Hero XNUMX. Walt Disney Animation StudiosChief Technology Officer(CTO) Andy Hendrickson said it took two years and 2 million computing hours to develop Hyperion, and no one knew if Hyperion would work well when Big Hero 2 began production. talk[27].. The production of this movie required tremendous processing power. Three Disney rendering farms in Los Angeles and one rendering farm in San Francisco were connected to create a supercomputer consisting of about 3 computers with a total of 1 cores. For reference, the number of cores used in "Frozen" is 5. The automatic management system "Coda" controlled the information processed by the four rendering farms. Hendrickson explains: "When we make predictions, we render some scenes, that is, we turn some virtual worlds into photographs, which we call rendering. Looking at the predictions, we see these calculations. It turned out that we needed this extremely large machine to do it. Given the time and complexity, we needed a machine with 5000 cores. "" With the energy needed to run that machine. There was no Disney facility that could provide the cooling function alone. The machines were distributed to four facilities and all of them were reintegrated to complete one big machine. It took a lot of engineering work to run them all. I needed it. "[27].


In Japan, from October 2014, 1027 Tokyo International Film FestivalIn addition to being screened for the first time in the world, "Magical movies are born in this way-John Lasseter and Disney Animation" depicts the production by long-term close coverage (NHKNovember 2014, 11 =Transfer holidaybroadcast). In addition, official comicalization was carried out before the movie was released, and Disney was the first to work on serializing manga and lifting the ban on the story in advance of manga.[28].. The previous day's one-shot "Episode 0" was published on the official movie page and Weekly Shonen Magazine, and is currently serialized in Magazine Special. Episode 0 has been released for a limited time, and episodes 1 and 2 have been released on the official website of Shonen Magazine.

In Japan, it was released on 2014 screens nationwide on December 12, 20, mobilized 540 people, raised a box office of 46 yen, and the first week of the release was "Movie Yo-Kai Watch Nyan, the secret of the birth!』It was the first appearance in the weekend box office performance ranking second place.This is a Disney anime movie called "FrozenIs the second highest number after[29]。公開2週目の興行成績も2位となったのち、公開3週目にあたる2015年1月3日・4日の同ランキングでは妖怪ウォッチを抜いて1位となり、6億6999万2100円、観客動員50万5074人を記録した[30].. 4日時点の累計興収は41億4533万9200円Cumulative box office as of the XNUMXth is XNUMX yen[30]..Since then, it has maintained the number one weekend box office record for 8 consecutive weeks until the ranking on February 2th and 7th, which is the 8th week of publication. Cumulative box office revenue as of the 6th is 1 billion.動員は8万人を記録しているMobilization has recorded 79 million people[31]。公開9周目は2位、10週目は3位にまで順位を下げたが、アカデミー賞受賞直後の11週目(2月28日、3月1日)は2位に再浮上した[32].

The final box office record was 720 million people mobilized and box office revenue of 91.8 billion yen, the fifth place in the history of Disney Pixar movies released in Japan, and the second history following "Frozen" when limited to Disney movies. Was ranked[33][34].

South KoreaWhen it was released on, the main character's name "Hamada Hiro" was replaced by the name "Hero Armada", and the main character's brother "Tadashi" was also replaced by "Teddy".劇中登場する日本語表記の看板も英語表記に変更されているThe signboard in Japanese that appears in the play has also been changed to English.[35].

Even in the DVD rental ranking, it achieved the number one record for 6 consecutive weeks.翌週1位に落ちるも2週連続で3位をキープし、その後、再び2位にランク入りを果たしたAlthough he fell to 1nd place the following week, he kept XNUMXnd place for XNUMX consecutive weeks, and then regained XNUMXst place.[36].

Evaluation of works


87th Academy AwardsAnimated Film AwardDon Hall, Chris Williams,
Roy Conli
42th Annie AwardFeature Animation AwardBay MaxNomination
Director AwardDon Hall, Chris WilliamsNomination
Character Design AwardShiyoon Kim,Jin KimNomination
Animation effect awardMichael Caschark
John Kosnik
David Hutchins
Henrik Fault
Peter Dimond
Storyboarding awardsMarc E. SmithNomination
Screenplay AwardRobert L. Baird, Daniel Gerson,
Jordan Roberts
Editing AwardTim MertensNomination
13th NationalVisual Effects Society賞
Feature animation section
Visual Effects Award (Feature Animation Award)Don Hall, Chris Williams,
Roy Conli, Zack Parish
Animation Character AwardBig Hero XNUMX (character name)
Colin Eckart, John Kahwaty,
Zack Petroc, Zack Petroc
CG model awardSan Fransokyo City
Brett Achorn, Minh Duong,
Scott Watanabe, Larry Wu
Environmental Creation AwardInside the portal
Ralf Habel, David Hutchins,
Michael Caschark, Olun Riley
FX / Simulation Animation AwardHenrik Falt, David Hutchins,
Michael Kaschark, John Kosnik
65th American Cinema Editors AwardBest Editor Feature Anime MovieTim MertensNomination
68st British Academy AwardsAnimated Film AwardBay MaxNomination
72st Golden Globe AwardsAnimated Film AwardBay MaxNomination
The 62th Golden Reel AwardFeature animation sectionBay MaxAward
51st American Film Sound Association AwardAnime movie sectionOriginal Dialog Mixer: Gabriel Guy
Re-Recording Mixer: David E. Fluhr
Re-Recording Mixer: Gabriel Guy
Scoring mixer: Alan Meyerson
Foley Mixer: Mary Jo Lang
Women Film Critics Circle AwardBest family filmBay MaxAward
Best Anime Female CharacterGo go(Jamie Chung)Nomination
Honey lemon (Genesis Rodriguez)Nomination
Best Dialogue AwardStop Whining. Woman Up! (Jamie Chung)Award
Broadcast Film Critics AssociationBest animated movieBay MaxNomination
15th Phoenix Film Critics Association AwardBest animated movieBay MaxNomination
Best original song"Immortals" by Fall Out BoyNomination
19th Satellite AwardsAnimation / Mixed Media Award
(Best Anime Movie Award)
Bay MaxNomination
Producers Guild of AmericaBest Producer of Theatrical Anime MoviesRoy ConliNomination
The 18th Toronto Film Critics Association AwardsAnimated Film AwardRunner-up
Nevada Film Critics Association AwardAnimated Film AwardBay MaxAward
Kids' Choice Awards 2015Animation movie sectionBay MaxAward
33 timesGolden gloss awardBest Gold Award in Foreign Film CategoryBay MaxAward[37]

Comic version

A Disney-approved comic version that was developed in Japan prior to the movie. Episode 0 is "Weekly Shonen MagazineWas published in the 2014 36/37 merger issue (released on August 8), followed by "Magazine SPECIALIt was serialized from the 2014th issue of 9 (released on August 8th). The drawing is.

Episode 0 was also distributed on the official website for a limited time from August 2014, 8[38].

Terrestrial TV broadcasting

2016/12/23IsNippon TVseriesof"Friday Road SHOW!』First terrestrial broadcast[39](Bilingual broadcasting / Teletext / Data broadcasting).

NTV Friday Road SHOW!
Previous programProgram nameNext show
Detective Conan Episode "ONE"
A small detective

(2016 12 年 月 日 9)
Bay Max
(2016 12 年 月 日 23)
Genius Bakabon 2
(2017 1 年 月 日 6)

TV anime "Baymax The Series"

Disney television animationBy production[40], Anime channel from 2017Disney XDAtUSBroadcast started at. Produced as a 2D animation unlike theatrical works[41].

Disney XD in Japan also broadcast a one-hour episode "Baymax / Returning Baymax" that connects the movie version and the TV series on April 2018, 4, and from April 5, 1, "Baymax The SeriesTo start broadcasting[42].

"Kim Possible』WorkedMark McCorkle,Bob Schooley, Nick Philippi as Executive Producer[40][43], Philippi also serves as the director of the series[40].. In the original language version, most of the cast will be a continuation of the theatrical work, but wasabi is from Damon Wayans Jr.Curry payton, FredTJ MillerからBrooks WeeranWill be changed to[3].

Theme park

Baymax Happy Ride

Tokyo DisneylandAn attraction that has been introduced in Tomorrowland.It is the world's first attraction with the theme of the Disney movie "Big Hero XNUMX", and the original music is used in the attraction.

Game version

"Baymax Heroes Battle] (Original title:Big Hero 6 Battle in the Bay) Is a side-scrolling story after the movieAction games.. Player characters can be selected from four players, Hiro, Wasabi, Fred, and Go-Go, and Baymax and Honey Lemon will appear as support characters.

On October 2014, 10 in the United StatesNintendo DS-Nintendo 3DSThe edition will be on December 12th in JapanBergsara LightweightOnly the Nintendo 3DS version was released.

In addition, PlayStation 4soft"Kingdom hearts iii] Also, 6 people, Hiro, Big Hero 6, Fred, Wasabi, Honey Lemon, and Go-Go, have appeared as Big Hero XNUMX.


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