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ulma sound junction to appear in "NRMC10"

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The ulma sound junction will be held at Zepp Nagoya on Tuesday, July 7, "NR ... → Continue reading

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Admission ticket

Admission ticket(Nyujoken) is a type of ticket, which means that the ticket is required to enter the facility at a facility with some restrictions on entry.

In this section,Railway stationThe admission ticket for admission to and the admission ticket for admission to various facilities other than the railway station will be explained under different headings.

Admission tickets for various facilities

With admission ticket in paid facilitiesUse admission ticket, That is, a voucher that proves that you have paid the entrance fee. In addition, when restricting admission at free facilities, entertainment, etc., it may refer to the type of numbered tickets issued or invitations,election OfPolling place admission ticketand so on.

In generaltheater-Movie theater-concert-SportsThere are things such as watching games, even in JapanチケットOften called (ticket).Museum-MuseumVoucher for enteringAdmission ticket,Zoo-Botanical garden-amusement parkVoucher for enteringAdmission ticketThe voucher for enteringAdmission ticketThere is such a name.public bathhouse,SpaVoucher for bathing inBathing ticketCalled.

Admission tickets for theaters, movie theaters, competition facilities, etc. are often divided into two parts due to perforations. The ticket made in this wayStubIt is used to confirm seats and re-enter the facility, and it also serves as a receipt. The act of picking up such a ticket and the person in charge of doing itRice ball". Since it is surely cut off from the admission tickets of the visitors, the existence of this admission ticket is useful as the most accurate and easiest way for the staff to count the number of tickets Are[Annotation 1][1].

In recent years, instead of the traditional admission ticket that strips stubs,IC chipIncorporatedPrepaid CardWas also developed,2005of"Aichi ExpoIt was adopted from. Also,QR codeThe ones that use are gradually spreading. They are,SmartphoneIn some cases, a paper admission ticket may not be issued by incorporating it in.

For admission tickets, you can enter multiple timesTicket BookMay be set.

If it is decided to cancel the event or close the facility, the admission ticket will be refunded.

Admission ticket at a Japanese railway station

TrainAt the station for purposes other than boarding, such as seeing offTicket gateIssued when you enter inside. Generally, it is often the same as the lowest fare. However, a station where multiple companies and routes with different minimum fares can be used within the same ticket gate (Shared use station) Is set to the lower fare, or is issued at a different rate for each company, and the effect is the same while being treated as income for each.[Annotation 2]There is an example.

Some companies and stations have time limits, and for the purpose of explaining that, some stations that issue admission tickets only at the counter without selling at ticket machines are small local stations. It exists in the center.Long time agoTokyu Corporation(OldTokyu Electric RailwayEra),Nagoya Railway,Kinki Nippon Railway,Keihan Electric RailwayAt all stations, it was sold only at the counter.Businesses that do not sell the admission ticket itself (mostsubway,West Japan RailwayEtc.), but in some cases the lowest fare ticket may be used as an admission ticket for convenience.[2].. In the past, the lowest fares in HokkaidoticketThere was also a dual-purpose ticket in which the admission ticket was written together.

At stations with intermediate ticket gates, if the operators in charge of each station are different, in principle, an admission ticket issued by each operator is required. HoweverNational railwayAs a convention from the times,ShinkansenとConventional lineStations with different JR passenger companies (Tokyo StationEtc.) can be entered on both Shinkansen and conventional lines with an admission ticket issued by either operator.Conventional lineThird sector railwayAdmission tickets for the Shinkansen and conventional lines are required at the stations transferred to[Annotation 3].

The first ticket sales in Japan were1897(30th year of Meiji)Sanyo Railway(AfterSanyo Main LineLaidPrivate railway) Was said to have been.

Depending on the materialHard ticketIt is divided into "admission ticket" and "soft ticket admission ticket". Even today, with the automation of ticket gates progressing,Railway operatorThen.Hard ticketAdmission tickets are sold at the counter. Above allHard ticketThe ones made by (cards made of cardboard) are often issued as souvenirs,Railway fanNot only is it valued by tourists. As a changed demand, especially when the year, month, and day are in a numerical sequence (eg, March 12, 3),Hard ticketThere are many cases where admission tickets are bought in commemoration. On the other hand, commemorative admission tickets have also been issued at the opening of new stations, etc.CollectorAlso exists.

JRInGreen WindowBut I am issuing an admission ticket. Although it is classified as a "soft ticket", it is a super-durable thermal paper, so it is better preserved than a ticket vending machine ticket as an admission ticket that can be obtained at any time now that the hard ticket is abolished, and those who purchase it as a tourist memorial There is also.However, because it is a thermal paper, the quality is guaranteed by the paper manufacturer for 7 years, even though it is highly durable, and it may be even shorter depending on the storage condition.

At some stationsCommuter Pass"Regular admission ticket" similar to is issued. This is a station that does not have a passage that allows you to freely move between the front and back doors, and is issued to people who pass through frequently.[Annotation 4].

Admission to the station is divided into two purposes: "purpose of boarding ship" and "purpose other than boarding ship". The former requires tickets and the latter requires an admission ticket. JR Passenger Business Regulations Article 294 states, "If any of the persons listed in the following items intend to enter the boarding/alighting area for purposes other than boarding, you must purchase an admission ticket and carry it with you. (Omitted)”[Annotation 5].

Therefore, the commuter pass cannot be used in place of the admission ticket.A commuter pass is a type of ticket, and since the ticket is included in the tickets, it can be used only for the "purpose of the boarding ship" and for "purposes other than the boarding ship" (admission purpose such as transportation). Because it cannot be done.Article 147, Paragraph 6 of the same rule stipulates that "tickets cannot be used when entering or exiting the boarding area for purposes other than boarding ships", and many other railway companies There is a similar provision in.

IC card-type tickets such as Suica are also tickets, so in principle they cannot be used in place of admission tickets.However, from March 2021, 3, JR East started the service "Touch de Ekinaka" that treats transportation IC cards as if they were admission tickets.[6].

The entrance ticket fee (admission fee) is considered to be the order and safety of the station yard, and consideration is given to entry restrictions in the event of an abnormality. It is said to prevent congestion and accidental riding in the vicinity. It is difficult to distinguish between the purchase button for the ticket and the admission ticket on the old-type ticket vending machines, and there were cases in which the admission ticket was mistaken for a ticket and the passenger bought the ticket as it was. If the strict rules are applied, it is necessary to pay the fare equivalent amount again from the station where you entered.

On the accounting side, all tickets, regular tickets, and admission tickets correspond to "railway business operating revenue" out of the ordinary revenue (sales) of railway companies, but tickets and regular tickets are "passenger transportation revenue". They are classified into "non-regular fares / charges" and "regular fares / charges", respectively, but the admission fee is classified as "passenger miscellaneous goods" in "transportation miscellaneous goods", and the ticket refund fee and temporary personal belongings. It is classified as "passenger charges" as well as deposit charges and hand-carried goods charges.[7].

Also, there are no railroad crossings or passages nearby, "Railroad crossing without openingFor the convenience of passers-by, there are cases where a ticket called a "premise pass ticket" is issued to pass through the station ticket gate.This is a virtually free admission ticket.for exampleHokuriku ShinkansenImmediately after opening, before the completion of the overpassToyama StationOn a conventional line (Ainokaze Toyama RailwayThere is an example implemented for management)[8].. Even nowKobe Electric Railway OfShizome StationIt is issued at, and you can pass the railroad crossing inside the station ticket gate for free.

Memorial admission ticket

A commemorative admission ticket may be sold to commemorate the opening of the station[9].

Admission ticket as "Lucky things"

Some train stations, especiallystation nameIn the letterOmenThere are things that make you feel good, and some of these stations issue admission tickets as lucky items. Some stations have named for this effect.Mujin-ekiIn many cases, it is sold at a manned station nearby.

Named after the station name

Caused by a person

Incidentally,ticketFor an example inLucky ticketSee the column.

Relationship with "Eki-naka" facilities

In recent years, at major stations in metropolitan areasStation NakaThe number of cases where food and beverage/commercial facilities inside the ticket gates are opened is increasing.[Annotation 6]..Most businesses need an admission ticket just to enter the ticket gate,Odakyu Electric RailwayIf you can prove the use of commercial facilities and coin lockers, you can refund the entrance fee[10][11].Kintetsu OfYamato-Saidaiji StationSo, when purchasing at a ticket vending machine, an admission ticket and a discount ticket are issued, and if you present the discount ticket at the store, you can get a discount for the admission ticket price and in some cases a refund for the difference[12]. AlsoJR West JapanShin-Osaka StationThen, after entering the venue, show the entrance ticket to the bookstore on the premises, receive the discount ticket, and if you purchase over 500 yen, the price for the entrance ticket will be discounted[13].

In addition, the admission ticket is often limited in time to prevent unauthorized boarding (2 hours from the release at all stations of JR Hokkaido, JR East, JR Tokai, JR West and Kokura Station and Hakata Station of JR Kyushu. Kansai Private Railway There is almost the same system in some of the stations), and if it exceeds the limit, the admission fee will be added again.

Admission tickets at railway stations around the world 

At railway stations around the world, there are countries such as the United Kingdom, India, and Pakistan that restrict entry to the station premises with admission tickets.

Admission ticket at a British railway station

Entrance ticket to National Rail Station

British RailwaysAt the station, a platform ticket was widely used until the middle of the 20th century, and it took over the national railway network after privatization.National railHowever, tickets can be issued at most station counters. In recent years, mainly in the suburbs of major cities and main stationsTicket gateHas been created, resulting in new demand for admission tickets. It should be noted that admission tickets cannot usually be purchased at automatic ticket vending machines, but at the ticket issuing window. The price is 1pence per sheet, and many stations are valid for 10 hour. It is not necessary to purchase admission tickets at stations that do not carry out ticket gate operations.

Some train operators have stopped selling admission tickets at stations under their control. A user who originally needs an admission ticket at such a station will enter the admission ticket (free of charge) after requesting and obtaining permission from the ticket gate clerk. If it is not actually used, such as for collection purposes, it may be sold with the understanding that it is invalid at the discretion of the staff member. On the other hand, even at the station of a company that has not officially canceled the sale, the staff may refuse to sell the ticket because they do not know that the ticket is available. Not not.

  • Train operators that sell admission tickets at stations under their control

East Coast,East Midlands Trains,Northern Rail,First Scott Rail,Southeastern,Southern,Virgin Trains

  • Train operators that have stopped selling admission tickets

Ariva Trains Wales,First Great Western,Greater Anglia,Southwest Trains

  • Stations not sold regardless of the above

London Victoria Station,Charing Cross Station,Canon Street Station,Euston Station,Edinburgh Waverley Station

London Underground Station Admission Ticket

London UndergroundAt each station, every ticket will cost £1Southwark Station20 pence[14]) Is on sale. However, if there is no valid reason to enter the station, the sale may be refused.

Admission ticket at a railway station in Pakistan

Was a British colonyPakistanEven in Japan, entrance restrictions (Platform ticket) to the station premises are regulated.

Admission ticket at a railway station in Korea

Korea Railway Corporation(KORAIL) station (Wide area electric railwayExcept), admission tickets were once sold for a fee (500 won at the time of sale). HoweverCredit boarding methodAfter the sale was canceled due to the introduction of etc., it is now possible to issue tickets at station ticket vending machines free of charge. Also, at some stations, admission tickets for commemorative admission tickets are on sale (1 won per ticket).

Admission ticket at a railway station in Taiwan

Taiwan Railway Management BureauThen, the admission ticket was once sold for a fee (6 yuan at the time of sale). It was abolished on June 2013, 6, and the form was changed to lend a passport in exchange for an ID card.

Road Station Memorial Ticket

manyRoad StationIn souvenirs for commemoration of visits, the "Memorial Ticket", which is inspired by the railway commemorative admission ticket, is on sale. Initially it was called a "commemorative admission ticket", but since there is no concept of admission at a roadside station without a ticket gate or platform, it has been renamed to avoid misunderstandings.

The price is 1 yen (tax included) per sheet. Will it be sold at a specific station,Merger of municipalitiesWe deal with such things as commemorative and free distribution of purchase benefits.

Facilities that do not require admission tickets

In principle, no admission ticket is required at facilities that do not require admission. If there is no ticket gate at a railway station (eg, French Railways or Thai Railways), there is no admission ticket, and you can enter the station premises freely if you do not intend to board the train.Mujin-ekiIn the case of, there is no staff, and basically the admission ticket is not sold even at the automatic ticket vending machine.[Annotation 7]..In most cases, there is no machine that physically controls admission like a ticket gate with a door, so it is virtually allowed to enter the station yard or the platform without an admission ticket.HoweverCentral station management systemIf an automatic ticket gate is installed at the station where the ticket is introduced, an admission ticket may be on sale.[15].

In the amusement park, no admission ticket is required and there is a case where only the usage fee for each amusement facility may be incurred.[16],Fujikyu HighlandSome facilities have switched to free admission, as in.


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  1. ^ Once upon a time, the organizers had to set aside this stub for tax audits, which was mainly done by classical concert organizers. Since the price of the admission ticket is written on the stub itself, it was a mechanism to find the profit of the concert on the day by multiplying it by the number of tickets, which was indispensable for seeking rationality.
  2. ^ Before ticket gate separationWakayamashi StationIn the case of, while the counter was sold at the rate of JR West in the style of Nankai Electric Railway, which was entrusted with the business, the automatic ticket vending machine was sold at the company's rate by Nankai Electric Railway and was treated as income for each. ..
  3. ^ 2021Currently, at stations where the Shinkansen is under the jurisdiction of the JR passenger railway company and the conventional line is under the jurisdiction of the third sector railway company, the stations where the contact ticket gates that directly connect the ticket gates of the Shinkansen and conventional lines are installed are not exist.for example,Hachinohe StationThere used to be a contact ticket gate[3], On conventional linesAomori RailwayClosed due to transfer[4]..Exceptionally conventional linesJR West JapanJurisdictionKanazawa Station TheIR Ishikawa RailwayAlso sells admission tickets, but you cannot enter the Shinkansen ticket gate with this admission ticket[5].
  4. ^ It was also seen that employees of the stores inside the ticket gates purchased and used it, but in recent years, it is often admitted with their own employee ID card.
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