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🧑‍🎨 | Tomoe Shinohara, a feat as a designer "When Kato-san wrestled ..."

Photo Tomoe Shinohara (Tokyo Sports Web)

Tomoe Shinohara, a feat as a designer "When Kato-san wrestled ..."

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In the variety show, he was hit by a professional wrestling technique on the idol who appeared as "Explosive Dad".

Artist and designer Tomoe Shinohara will make a live appearance on Nippon Television's "Sukiri" on the XNUMXrd.International Advertising Award "New ... → Continue reading

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Professional wrestling

Professional wrestling(Professional work)wrestlingIs a technique used in the game. Techniques for playing games as well as techniques for attacking your opponent (see "Match technique"See also).


Although wrestling techniques are mainly used in professional wrestling, the flexibility of the techniques used is high, and because it is a genre that has grown by absorbing various elements of martial arts, a wide variety of techniques can be seen in current wrestling.

In the world of professional wrestling, entertainment is required to excite the audience by receiving a technique, so unlike many martial arts, there are many techniques that prioritize appearance over damage to the opponent. Therefore, not all professional wrestling techniques are effective as actual martial arts. This is one of the reasons why wrestling is not martial arts.

Wrestling is the origin of ancient RomePankrationFrom ancient wrestling to the present, there are many techniques that have been inherited from them. Such techniques are modern in freestyle and Greco-Roman style.wrestlingWhen established, some were refined and some were thrown away. Then the wrestling technique remainedCatch wrestlingBased on technologyGrand Sumo,judo,karate,Thai'sMuay Thai, RussianSamboSpread from Japan to BrazilJiu JitsuFrom mixed martial arts such asThrowing technique(Suplex),Blow,Joint techniqueHas been diverted to the present. There are also many professional wrestling original techniques that are inspired by these techniques.

Due to the nature of professional wrestling, there are many tricks that are meaningless as an attack, tricks that can only be established with the cooperation of the opponent, and tricks that are performed with care because it is dangerous.

Wrestling techniques can be classified into the following eight basic categories.

  1. Batting technique
  2. Throwing technique
  3. Joint technique
  4. Strangler
  5. Flying skill
  6. Bathing technique
  7. Fall technique
  8. Special techniques that do not apply to the above (Poison fog,Flame injection,Air throw,Supernatural powerSuch as a move that attacks without touching the other party,Rick Flair(For purely passive moves like turnbuckle flips and face first bumps)

At first, each technique was individually set, and the main purpose was to attack or defend at the end to fall or give up, but in modern professional wrestling, throwing and solidifying, throwing and jointing, jumping and striking, jumping and hardening. There are many professional wrestling techniques that combine each feature. In addition to these,

  1. Avalanche-After hitting the opponent in the corner, visit
  2. Skewers-set up someone leaning in a corner
  3. Cliff (Naraku) Ceremony-Work from the apron to the outside
  4. Two Plato (Collaboration)-Working in partnership with partners in tag matches

And so on, the techniques to set up depending on the situation of oneself and the other are being developed one after another.

Techniques that aim to give up, such as joint and strangulation techniquesSubmission hold"Generally called. In addition, that wrestler'sDeathblow, About your specialtyFinish holdOr "finisher" or "finish move".

Although the name of the technique is different, it may have the same shape as the technique used by other players. There was a tacit understanding that other players shouldn't use the skills of others, and when they used it, it was called "law breaking skill". Therefore, by changing the way of holding, putting in an action before entering a technique, or screaming the name of the technique, it is claimed to be a different technique and is used proudly. Recently, the tacit understanding naturally disappears, and the number of athletes who use it magnificently (it is not a rule that you should not use it originally, there is no penalty), but before the technique to devise a way to hold it The players are making a self-appeal by putting the action into.

The wrestling techniques that have existed to this day are for highly skilled hangers, dropped angles for throwing techniques, extreme angles for joint techniques, adjustment of the part to be hit against the opponent for hitting techniques and jumping techniques, and hitting. At the same time, by combining sound effects such as strongly stroking the mat of the ring, even if the fixed shape looks the same, there are many things that the hand side can control the degree of damage to the opponent to some extent. .. EspeciallyAmerican wrestlingIn case of books orangleIn the process of “(referee,Diva,managerPeople who are not professional wrestlers (such as tournament guests)Finish holdThe ability to adjust the power is a particularly important factor for the finish hold, since the production that often stirs the audience by eating the technique equivalent to is often seen. Under these circumstances, "the receiver side makes a big rotation and is blown away"lariat,Chitin sinkSuch a technique as “a professional wrestling technique in which the higher the skill of the recipient is, the more beautiful the rules are” will tend to be unwelcome as a finish hold in American professional wrestling.

In other words, professional wrestling techniques also have the danger that if they are easily trained by unskilled people such as amateurs, there is a danger that they could injure the opponent. Is the most basic throwing techniqueBody slumEvenStan Hansen Bruno San MartinoThere is a risk of causing fatal injury to the opponent depending on the angle of dropping, as in the case of long-term withdrawal.Hammer blow,Reverse horizontal chop,Elbow BatEven a relatively simple striking technique like this can cause unexpectedly large damage to the opponent depending on how it is hit.Also,Great antonio ア ン ト ニ オ 猪 木As a result of having infuriatedGachinkoIt may have other dangerous consequences such as inducing.Antonio Inoki onceRoland Bock"Use tricks that are difficult to take passively"Seiji Sakaguchi Maeda HimeiThe remark to "acts to take on the professional wrestling road" especially shows this aspect of danger.

For this reason, growing professional wrestlers practice various throwing techniques and striking techniques on a daily basis, and try to avoid choosing complicated and difficult professional wrestling techniques as their own skills just by looking good. Is also required.

Batting technique

There are the following three types of batting techniques.

  1. Hitting mainly with parts of your body such as kicks, punches and chops
  2. Hold your opponent and then hit them on your knees or other part of your body to cause damage
  3. Grab a part of the opponent's body and hit the opponent on the ring with the momentum of throwing your own body (discarding technique)

Strike with a part of the body

Typical hitting technique with the head
Typical striking technique with hands, arms and elbows
In professional wrestling, it is a foul to hit a opponent with a fist, but it is often used during a match because the foul is not taken until 5 counts. On the other handMuay ThaiAs with, it is one of the few martial arts that allows hitting with the elbow.
Typical striking technique with legs
Kicking in professional wrestling is performed on the instep, sole, shin, knee, and thigh. In particular, the ancestor of the technique is a striking technique in which one knee is used as a stepping stone for an opponent who is bent down.Keiji Muto OfShining WizardIt is called "Shining-" from the name of.
Typical striking technique with shoulder
Typical striking technique with hips

Striking technique

Hit the person you lifted once against a part of your body. Alternatively, a part of the other person's body is fixed to one's own body, and one's body touches the ground.

Typical technique


It is also called a tumble technique. It is also classified as the throwing technique described below. Grab a part of the opponent's body and hit the opponent to the ring with the momentum of throwing out your body.

Typical technique

Throwing technique

There are several types of throwing techniques, and each has a name given to the situation when it is thrown.

  1. Hold your body and throw (-Slam)
  2. Assemble from the rear and throw it backwards (-Suplex)
  3. Assemble from the front and throw backwards (-Salt, -Suplex)
  4. Lift and drop from the top of the head (-driver, -buster)
  5. Lift and drop your back from the back of your head in the forward direction (-Bomb)
  6. Grab a part of the body and throw it (- whip)
  7. Special throw (throw with legs, throw under special circumstances)

However, these are just guidelines and are not strictly divided. In addition, some have been given a proper name by the technique.

Typical techniques are as follows.

Hold your body and throw

Mainly holding the opponent and throwing it from the back direction.

Typical technique

Assemble from behind and throw backwards

mainlywrestlingBack warp of (Suplex) Derived from.

Typical technique

Attach from front and throw backward

A technique mainly derived from the war-throwing of amateur wrestling.

Typical technique

Drop from top of head and face

A throwing technique that hits the opponent vertically from the top of the head or face. Since it is generally powerful, it often leads to a finish.

Typical technique

Drop from the back of the head in the forward direction

A systematic throwing technique called stamp hold. Often used by power fighters as a finishing technique.

Typical technique

Grab a part of the opponent's body and throw it

The technique of picking up a part of the body with an arm and throwing it. It is often used for offense and defense early in the game.

Typical technique

Special throw

The technique of throwing with the legs or when the opponent is in a special situation.

Typical technique
  • Huracan Rana
  • Frankensteiner
  • Corvata
  • Astro Scissors
  • Head scissors whip
  • Monkey flip
  • Shoulder through
  • Reverse suplex
  • Vacuum throw (actually, the opponent rolls by himself and does not physically throw)

Joint technique

Applying the principle of levers, the aim is to give up the opponent's reverse joint extremely. There are various techniques depending on the body part to be set.

  1. Shoulder and arm joint technique
  2. Leg joint technique
  3. Neck joint technique
  4. Hip joint technique

And there is a compound joint technique that combines a plurality of these.

Joint technique for shoulders and arms

Typical technique

Leg joint technique

Typical technique

Neck joint technique

Typical technique

Hip joint technique

Typical technique

Complex joint technique

Typical technique

Tightening technique

Use the power of your arms and legs to tighten your opponent and aim for a give-up.There are various techniques depending on the part of the body to be set.At first glance, it is similar to a joint technique, but it aims to block blood flow and damage ligaments by tightening specific parts of the body.In addition, stiffen your neckCarotid artery,tracheaThe technique of pressing (foul in professional wrestling) is "HangingIt is called a "feat."

Tightening technique to the head

Typical technique

Chokehold and tightening techniques on the neck and shoulders

Typical technique

Chokehold on legs and arms

Typical technique

Tightening technique to the torso

Typical technique

Compound tightening technique

Typical technique

Flying skill

Jumping skills are mainly divided into the following three types.

  1. Flying
  2. Diving
  3. Swan dive type


Rope work or jumping technique to be set up on the fly.

Typical technique


A jumping technique that is mainly carried out from the corner top toward the opponent on the ring or outside the venue. Flying skills to the outside are mainlyMexicoIs a professional wrestling developed independently inLucha Libre"(Or by a wrestler who learned professional wrestling in Mexico).

Typical technique
A typical outside technique

Swan dive type

Jumping from the apron side to the top rope and using the recoil of the rope to set off against the opponent in the ring. It is called this because it looks like a swan flying off the surface of the lake. at that timeWorld pro wrestlingWas live onYoshinori Tsuji Shinjiro OtaniIt is due to the so-called Swan Dive missile kick. In the English-speaking worldSpring board typeCall.

Typical technique

Bathing technique

A technique that exposes your weight to damage the opponent. Mainly good at heavyweight wrestlers. There are many techniques that can be derived from the diving type with a higher head using the corner.

Typical technique

Fall technique

PinfallA technique to go to

Typical technique
  • Solidify
  • Shrimp hardening
  • Hardened shrimp
  • Back slide (including upside down)
  • School boy (horizontal shrimp hardened)
  • Small package hold (packet packing, neck packing)
  • Jack knife
  • Rolling clutch hold (rotating shrimp)
  • Rolling cradle(Stiff rocking chair)
  • Huracan Lana Invertida(High-angle rearward rotation shrimp hardening)

Special skill

There is a special skill unique to professional wrestling.

Grab the opponent and turn to aim for paralysis of the semicircular canal
From the other partyTakedownTake away
Take the sight of the other party
Provocation technique, shameful technique
  • Summer salt kick


A technique to set an opponent who sits at the corner top or stands at the corner top. It was called the avalanche type because it visited from a higher angle. There are no variations other than the avalanche type, and the avalanche type is not attached to the beginning of the technique with the original naming. In English-speaking, a generic name for avalanche type suplexSuperplex(Superplex).Also, most of the techniques fall into the ring with the same body, but there is a derivative technique that hooks both legs on the rope so that it does not suffer the damage of the fall.Spider typeCalled. There is also a technique to set up while you are in the ring.

Typical technique

Cliff type

The technique of dropping the opponent at the corner top, apron side, or flower path to the outside. 1990sAll Japan Pro WrestlingThe so-calledShitenno WrestlingWas created during the offensive and defensive game. Only the type that drops from the corner top is a cliff type, and the type that drops from the apron side or flower pathNaraku ceremonySometimes distinguished. Since the impact at the time of landing cannot be absorbed, the opponent who has been set up pursues great damage.

Typical technique


A technique to set up while running against an opponent leaning against a corner.

Typical technique
  • Skeweredlariat
  • SkeweredElbow Bat
  • SkeweredDrop kick
  • Skewered shoulder attack
  • Skewered body attack
  • Skewered neal kick
  • Kneeling knee attack
  • Face wash
  • Calf branding (calf branding)

Two-platon type

mainlyTag matchTwo people work togetherCoalescingThat is.

Typical technique

Match technique

Rope work

Run toward the rope stretched on all sides of the ring, hit the rope from your back, and use the bounds to run. Some players perform a few round trips between ropes before the match (also serving as a warm-up).

It is one of the basic techniques in professional wrestling and one of the techniques that can be trained many times after joining a professional wrestling group. Since the inside of the rope is made of steel, it is dangerous if the person who is not physically trained does it, such as the skin torn or a bone fracture.


Technology to reduce damage when thrown or pushed down to the mat and protect parts of the body such as the head. In professional wrestling, techniques for improving the appearance of the technique are also required. Similar to rope work, it is a basic technique essential for professional wrestling that can be trained and trained many times after joining a professional wrestling group.


With both shoulders of the opponent pressed against the mat,refereeCounting 3 counts. Or, for that purpose, the act of pressing both shoulders of the opponent to the mat. A typical method of wrestling settlement.

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    Explosive dad

    Mecha x 2 cool! > corner > Explosive dad

    "Explosive dad"(Dad Bakuretsu)Fuji Television Network, Incseries OfEntertainment shows"Mecha2Cool!』It is a corner.


    TokyoNerimaA home drama-style guest talk corner set in the Kato family, who live in a single-family home.He is also a model of his father who made a guest appearance in the talk corner at the beginning of the program.Umemiya TatsuoIt was talked about that he was a strict father, and as a parody of that, he used a short control called "Cool Dad".1996/Start on November 11rd.Son's rant, to a daughter who does not keep the curfewGiant swingPunished by (the first giant swing was Yu, the eldest son).

    From the following week, the title will be changed to "Explosive Dad", and the set will be changed from the one at the time of short control to the one used until now.SukiyakiEvery time the guest talks to the people of the Kato family about the recent situation and enthusiasm for the new work while eating.The father (Kato) turned upside down in the wake of the guest's trivial remarks, and after the punch line taught the slightly unclear "Kato family lesson", he continued to the guest.Camel clutchAnd finallyGiant swingPunish and tighten with (in the meantime, the guest's song being turned is played).At that time, a record player will appear in the corner of the screen, but this isKyoko KoizumiThe single "Man's girl Woman's girlIt is a parody of the record player that appears in the PV.

    On the other hand, when the theory of "Kato-chan's pakuri" came out,Kato teaAppeared and performed "Kato Family Training" (Cha Kato's vulture father role (Cha Taro Kato)Planting treesIt's a pakuri).

    Ayako Kisa,Takashima AyaThe announcer of the company (at that time) was engaged in a camel clutch, and it was just formed.Morning Musume.(First appearance on variety show)Kaori IidaHas been licked bare feet and has just made her debutAya Ueto(At that timeZ-1As) and others were appearing,PiratesAfter receiving a giant swingNippleMany valuable scenes have been created, such as the fact that I was able to see.

    When turning a female performer who came in a miniskirt with a giant swing,UpskirtAs a countermeasureJerseyTrousers or blackspatsI was wearing it.

    The roots of this corner are the late-night program "TokuburiYou can go back to "Z".Kato's reaction after Kato made a giant swing in the contest was so interesting that he turned it into a corner and led to the current "explosive dad".

    In episode 24 (broadcast on July 2006, 7), "How much does Kin-chan do!?It turns out that the motif is the comedy of ".

    In addition, after the giant swing (the decrease is drastic), "the rest of the father"EnergyIs displayed.Bronchial asthmaIt's a pretty tough exercise for Kato, and when the remaining energy becomes almost 3 after about the third time, he is usually sweaty and breathless.

    When you open the bottom of the bowl, it's smallKeiichi Yamamoto(Sleeping Yamamoto plush toy. In the program, "Little mountainWas called. ) Comes out.This stuffed animal is "pM8With HamaguchiHonda MizuhoIt was used in place of Yamamoto who was hospitalized and absent at the time of the reunion ofMecha Japan Wrestling"Dump Yamamoto"Better number of units!Costume versions of each corner, such as "Smow Rider", were also produced and actually appeared in the corner.

    Family structure

    Tatsuo Kato (48 years old,HokkaidoOtaruBirthplace, electrical equipment industry)- Koji Kato
    NamiheiA stubborn father with a little beard and black-rimmed glasses. Kato, who plays in the final episode of 2018, is really 48 years old.
    Wife Yasuko- Yasuko Mitsuura
    An ordinary housewife.She acts as a facilitator.
    Eldest son, Yu (20)- Yu Hamaguchi
    A very ordinary yankee.
    Eldest daughter, Sarina (18)- Suzuki Sarina
    A very ordinary high school girl.loose socksでMini skirtWearing a uniform.
    Second son, Takashi (16)- Takashi Okamura
    Adopted child, his real father, Hirosuke NakaneRussiaThere is also a theory that he was born to Tatsuo's younger brother Hiroyuki (Yabe) and Akiko (template) as part of the rumor.
    Third son, Haru Shiji (Ijiharu, 1998-, formerCentralAffiliated child actor)
    He appeared in the setting that he was born during the continuation of the corner (first appearance is episode 13). He has been studying in soccer since his resurrection in 2006, and after returning from studying abroad, he respects him.Hideo HigashikuniharaIt was set to be an attendant of (Governor of Miyazaki Prefecture at the time of 2007), and appeared only in Idol collage using the photos at the time of appearance (second son (Okamura) said, he quit the office he was already affiliated with).his name is "How much does Kin-chan do!?FromFine weatherParody of.
    It appeared on the broadcast on April 2016, 4 for the first time in 16 years, and it became clear that his real name was "Kei Yamamoto".
    Second daughter Nozomi- Ishii Moeka / Third daughter, Hikari-/ Fourth daughter, Kodama-
    Triplets that appeared in episode 24 (2006).Her name isShinkansenIt is taken from.This is also from "Kin-chan no Doko", the three daughters of the Hagimoto family (Children) Parody. (In addition, in 2006 and 2007, it was a doll, and while Nozomi and Hikari were SEs with proper crying, only Kodama's voice waslarge treeechoWas dubbed).NozomiShinkansen N700 series, HikariShinkansen 300 series, KodamaShinkansen 0 seriesI have each toy in my hand. She has been a child actor since 2009 (episode 26), but only Kodama is obese.
    Since 2014, he hasn't appeared as well as Haru, and in episode 31, the current appearance of Nozomi (Ishii) and Hikari (Nakada) is shown in the photo, and Kodama (Aida) was not released as "NO PHOTO".
    Pet Tama (Cat)
    A member of the Kato family who is not fond of his family.In the first episode, her eldest daughter (Sarina) fell before the performance, and there was a happening that surprised Tama was hidden in the set.

    Contents after 2002

    • In the broadcast on October 2002, 10 (Episode 12),Kiyoshi HikawaWas a guest, but he was surrounded by Hikawa's cheering squad.Kyoko InoueI was hit by a giant swing, and I became a troubled father who couldn't swing Hikawa.
      • The second son, Takashi, has Russian Jessica (mother) and Natasha (sister), who are said to be the family of his father, Hirosuke Nakane.Whenever he appears, he almost always behaves strangely.Example. The Kato familySukiyakiIf you find it, push the raw meat that is not in the pot into your pocket and run away.Such.
    • Broadcast on July 2006, 6CM parodyIt reappeared in "MUDA" (Tatsuo Kato only) and was looking for a resurrection hope.And on July 2006, 7 broadcast (Episode 1)Pear flowerWas revived as a guest for the first time in about 4 years.However, when Kato did a giant swing in the CM parody on June 2006, 6, he said, "It's tough at this age (10 years old at that time)", so it's difficult to do it in the regular corner like before. It seems.In the actual OA, I was short of breath on the first giant swing (at first)Fujinami TatsujiI denied that it was a mimicry, but I admitted it at the end), but managed to decide the giant swing three times.In addition, "stepping on the face", "buttocks", and new techniques (although I have done it before) "Electric massage"Also went out.
    • In the broadcast on March 2007, 3 (Episode 3), when a topic reminiscent of Yamamoto came up in a free talk between members immediately after the start of the corner, he said, "If I meet (Yamamoto) now, I might hit him." He casually showed an attitude that did not allow Yamamoto.At the end of the guestNaomi MatsushimaBelongs toShochiku entertainmentThe president of the Tokyo branch (at that time), Noriyoshi Namba (commonly known as Kozmo Namba) appeared, and even though he made a giant swing, he failed due to lack of energy and was hit back.To make it even more chaotic2006/7/19Was broadcast onRefreshed!!The opening line in the book was imitated by Matsushima and was dented as much as possible (ironically, this day was not only in this corner but also in "Your morning mess!There were many remarks reminiscent of Yamamoto, such as "I don't want to reduce the number of members anymore!"
    • In the broadcast on May 2010, 5 (Episode 1), he is a big senior of laughter.Tunnels Yajima beauty salonAppeared as ("Yajima Beauty Salon THE MOVIE ~Yume ga se Nevada~』Promotion), Fuji TV officersKoichi MinatoThe recording was done under extreme pressure for the crazy members, such as Mr. watching the recording.The final brawl is "Everyone』\ StaffMcCoy Saito Takaaki IshibashiHe rushed in and was swung by his best friend Kato.
    • Broadcast on August 2013, 8 (Episode 3) is "FNS 27 Hours TV Girls' Power Full Open 2013 The Maiden's Smile Creates Tomorrow!!This is the first corner in about 19 hours from 00:21 to 00:2.Live broadcastWas made[1].
    • Broadcast on August 2014, 8 (Episode 30) is an annual event.Nippon TV"24-hour TV"The back cover of"24-hour counter TVShould be done, but this timeEsper Ito "Deception" to "appear live in the head family"As a result of the event, a live-explosive dad was set up as a response in the event that Esper did something that could not withstand the camouflage and live broadcasting.In addition, the OP, which usually starts with a high-tension appearance, was a production in which Kato himself carried sukiyaki in a kappogi with low tension only this time.After the end of the live broadcast, we will shift to broadcasting on Zero TV as it is, and after disassembling Esper deception, we will be a guest again.Morning Musume. '14Was greeted and carried out. After confirming that the BPO "only has authority over TV broadcasting (no touch for online distribution)", he applied the same technique as before.also,Sakura OdaFrom (proclaiming a really cool fan)"It becomes a hot topic when kicked"The matter of the previous year was made into a story.
    • In the broadcast on November 2016, 11 (Episode 26), it was broadcast in the regular episode for the first time in about 31 years as a milestone of 20 years since SHORT COOL, and Sarina's son who came to Fuji TV also said " Appeared as "Kato's grandson".Not only this time, but also the face photos of 4 people who belong to Cent Force at the time of broadcasting were introduced while Giant Swing and Kato were chasing around.In addition, since there was a case three years ago, Aya Shibata was put on a "camel clutch that boosts luck" after clearly obtaining the consent of the person and the office who was watching the recording.Also, in this broadcast, Kato officially announced on TV that Yamamoto's return to Yoshimoto.
    • On February 2018, 2, the final episode will be broadcast as the 17th "End of Life" of the Mecha Ikeshu Katsu Project.Hiromi Kawata, Mayu Watanabe, Ami Kikuchi, who are closely related to the explosive father and Mecha-Mecha, challenge the "musical family" with Takeda who said "I want to do a musical as a member once" at the end announcement.In addition, my wife's secretly from KatoKaori-chan"Real Kato family" with three children appeared and was seriously confused.Mr. Toto, a classmate and childhood friend, also appeared as a provision of Ram Sukiyaki, looking back on the "History of the Real Kato Family" with the video of the past crazy cool, and also showing the "Real Kato Family Training" by five real families.In addition, Yamamoto appears as a "substitute father" for Kato who has become round.Finally, since SHORT COOL, Sarina, Yu, Takashi, and Yasuko have been given a giant swing, and Kato has been replaced by the real eldest son of the Kato family.3 episodes in total (including SHORT COOL).The number of guests is 5.The giant swing was 33 rpm.Also, in the last words of the corner, it turned out that the final episode of Mecha-Mecha was March 143st.

    Subtitle Corner Last Word


    1. ^ However, the three child actors who play the tripletsAppearance time limitTherefore, it was performed until 20:00.
    2. ^ Regular broadcast for the first time in about 4 years.
    3. ^ Takahashi Minami,Kashiwagi Yuki,Haruna Kojima,Haruka Shimazaki,Asuka Kuramochi,Mika Komori,Minami Minegishi7 people.During the giant swing, 48 AKB13 research students appeared and performed a dance.
    4. ^ Mori Sanchu,Camellia,Naomi Watanabe,Tomochi,Kanako Yanagihara, Kayoko Okubo.To this, with the corner regular MitsuuraBack programI can't perform because of batting withHaliselbonIt becomes 11 people including.
    5. ^ Rino Sashihara(HKT48),Oshima Yuko,Mayu Watanabe,Kashiwagi Yuki,Rena Matsui(SKE48), Minami Takahashi, Haruna Kojima,Tomomi Itano,Haruka Shimazaki,Yui Yokoyama,Sayaka Yamamoto(NMB48),Kawaei Rina,Anna IriyamaThree people.
    6. ^ Haruka Kudo-Yuki SatoOnly the remaining 8 people will appear due to the time limit. After 22:00Sayumi Michishige-Haruna IikuboAppeared only.
    7. ^ Hiromi Kawada-Ami Shibata-Maki Okazoe-Aika KandaThree people.


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