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🎥 | Crying… The meaning of the subtitle of “The 13 Lords of Kamakura” and “The Return of Yoshitsune”

From the 20th "Returning Yoshitsune" Yoshitsune (Masaki Suda) and Yoshitoki (Shun Oguri) – (C) NHK

Crying ... The meaning of the subtitle of "The 13 Lords of Kamakura" and "The Return of Yoshitsune"

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Yoritomo hugged his neck and screamed, "Kuro, I'm sorry," while asking him to tell us about his heroic stories on the battlefield with a sad and nostalgic look.

The 22th episode of the Taiga drama "The 13 Lords of the Kamakuraden" (NHK General TV, etc.), written by Koki Mitani and starring Shun Oguri, which was broadcast on the 20nd. → Continue reading

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    Heroic story

    Heroic story(Buyuden) is a biography of a person with excellent courage.Or a brave credit story[1]..Originally brave about the person in the RitsushidenepisodeThat.Even among ordinary people, it may be used by friends.

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