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🤖 | "City Hunter" A fragrance inspired by the "wedding" of Umibozu and Miki ♪ The latest goods are now available

Photo "City Hunter Hand Cream Ryo Saeba / Kaori Makimura" 1,320 yen each (tax included) (C) Tsukasa Hojo / Coamix 1985 Copyright License AI-900

"City Hunter" Umibozu and Miki's "wedding" fragrance is also available ♪ The latest goods are now available

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After that, media development is still being carried out, such as animation, live-action, stage production by Takarazuka Revue, release of spin-off comics, etc., and in April 2022, the production of a new movie version was announced. rice field.

From "City Hunter", "Hand Cream" inspired by Ryo Saeba and Kaori Makimura, and Hayato Ijuin (Umibo ... → Continue reading

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Live action

Live action(Jisha) is originally a live-action film or a live-action film, as it is.article,çµµExpressed inthe filmTo copy it to, etc.Record movieIs a word that refers to.

On the other hand,ア ニ メ ー シ ョ ン,CGSuch asImageIn contrast tophotographIt is also used as a word to refer to the video that was made, and this article will explain it as its meaning.

Live-action and anime

AnimeDirector'sOshii MamoruLive-action film directed bymovies"AvalonHe said, "I made it using live-action material.ア ニ メ ー シ ョ ンIs. "Even if you take a live-action shot, you can skip framesSlow motionThere is also a view that changing the timing with such things can be called animation, and it is expected that the definition of this word will change in the future.

However, since the animation itself is originally only one form of special technology, animation using live-action material is simplySpecial effects=SFXThere is also an opinion that it may be.

Oshii's view is thought to be due to the fact that in Japan there is a stronger tendency to separate the images actually shot as "live-action" in a way that differentiates them as genres rather than techniques when they are called animation and live-action.AmericaIn such cases, when animation becomes popular, it is quite common to visualize it on live-action media, and it seems that such a distinction is not so necessary).

Combines both animation and live-actionFilm directorAs,Hideaki Anno,Oshii Mamoru,Katsuhiro OtomoIs typical.

Problems with live-action works in Japan

ItMedia's talent in "Japanese drama is out of the question with a weak awareness of the TV industry"Dave Specter"Compared to the United States, Japanese dramas are out of the question. (Omitted) American dramas take a lot of budget and time to produce. Terrestrial broadcasting andDVDConsidering future developments such as conversion, we gather the best screenwriters and casts to make a highly complete drama. Of course, it will be interesting and it will sell all over the world. "

"Ultraman』, Etc.Sasaki MamoruAccording to the book "Portrait of a Postwar Hero-From" Bell Naruoka "to" Ultraman "", he made a statement that only the budget of the Japanese media has not progressed.Iwanami Shoten), Basically, not only live-action film but the entire Japanese video work is produced on a low budget, so the prosperity of the media of animation in Japan is basically low-budget and looks more like a live-action film. There is a lot to follow the point.

By the way, if you make it with a generous budget like Dave, it will sell all over the world, but things are not so simple. because,AsianThis is because the works that appear in the main are not liked in English-speaking countries. The worldwide hit "Power Ranger]Toei OfSuper squadron seriesThat's why only scenes such as heroes, monsters, and robots are used.[1].. Also in the United States, "Ultra seven"thanAustralia"Almost a Western cast shot inUltraman GIn some cases, the audience rating was higher.

On the other hand, animation andComicThen, the fact that the race cannot be identified by the appearance of the character is one of the reasons why it is selling worldwide, and these works that were hit worldwideHollywoodIt is said that making a live-action movie with such a thing has the advantage that buying the rights to those works saves the budget rather than spending a huge budget to think about the story (however, Japanese animation and comics). It costs a huge budget to visualize the movie as it is, so it is said that a remake of the Japanese movie J Horror is easier to make).

Reference document

Eiji Otsuka,Nobuaki OsawaAuthor "Why" Japanimation "Defeats" (Kadokawa Shoten[Kadokawa one theme], 2005)


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