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🧑‍🎨 | The "Space Book Ship" bombing that is not a library in Satoyama, Shiga!More than 2500 books on mathematics, space, science fiction, etc. "aliens" ...

Photo Desks and chairs can be moved freely.Slowly add the voices of birds and insects and the sound of the wind to the BGM.You can listen to records depending on the time of day

A "space book ship" bombing that is not a library in Satoyama, Shiga!More than 2500 books on mathematics, space, science fiction, etc. "aliens" ...

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The story is that the people who come to play were once the crew of this spaceship.

Maibara City, Shiga Prefecture, east of Lake Biwa.May 5th at Suijo, which spreads out at the foot of Mt. Ibukiyama, one of the 15 famous mountains in Japan. → Continue reading

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CrewWhat is (Nori Kumiin)?boat,airplaneIt is a person who gets into such things as operations and operations.

EnglishThen the crew (Crew) Or crew member (crew member).

About the name

The crew is also called:

In any of the cases of "crew", "sailor", "sailor", "crew", and "airplane rider", in a broad sense, the person who gets into the corresponding vehicle and performs business without including the meaning of the class difference. Meaning, but especially "Captain"Or"CaptainWhen used in comparison with senior titles such as ", it is used in a narrow sense and includes the meaning of general class and lower class. In "crew", the meaning of class difference is almost eliminated.


"Sailor" in a warship explicitly refers only to the lower crew among the crew, "Noncommissioned officer"Or"SergeantIs distinguished from.also,MarinesA "passenger" whose main purpose is not to carry out operations inside a warship, such as the one on board a warship, is usually not called a "crew".submarineIn the case of, there is no special word and it is simply called "submarine rider" or "crew".

Whether it's a merchant ship or a warship, "sailor" has the least meaning of class difference, and in some casescontempt"Sailor" and ""Sailor'[1]It is used to avoid words such as.Since there are many women in modern times, "sailors" are rarely used.

scaffoldpaddleIn a small boat about the size of a ship, it has the meaning of a captain.船頭Is used.

Fishing boatIn the case of, it is simply called a "fisherman" in addition to the "fisherman crew".Even among fishermen, the manager of the fishery is often referred to as the chief fisherman, and the person engaged in the processing of fish on a plant ship such as a freezing processing mothership is often referred to by occupation such as "crew worker" or simply "worker".


aircraftThe term is often derived from ships, and since the aviation law is also based on the rules of ships, the classification of aircraft crew is similar.

For aircraft in JapanAviation law"Aircrew" is defined in the above, and it is said to be "a person who is on board an aircraft and performs aviation business".[2].

Aviation workerBoard the aircraftPilot,Aviation engineer,Aviation officer,AviatorThe crew is the "Cockpit Crew" who is involved in the operation.Flight attendantIs called a "Cabin Crew" because he is not a crew member under the Aviation Law but works in a cabin.Together, they are called "Aircrew."

The mainstream notation for pilots is "Pilot" or "pilot", but in old literature, there are also notations such as "airplane rider", "aviator", and "aviator".Naval Air CorpsThen.PilotTo avoid confusion with (Pilot), "Aviator(Aviator) ".

Space ship

Space shipIn the case of, it is not an error to call it a crew member,宇宙 飛行 士Often referred to as a crew or crew.

space shuttleThose who are involved in the operation inBoarding operation engineer, Those who are in charge of scientific experiments and are not involved in the operationBoarding technologistCalled.

US Aerospace Agency,Russian Federation Space AgencySo, the people involved in flight and the scientists in charge of scientific experiments are "regular crew members", and commercial space travelers areSpace flight personnelIs called and treated as a passenger.


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  2. ^ Article 69 of the Aviation Law

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  • Crew ――People who carry out their duties on vehicles related to the transportation of passengers such as trains, taxis, buses, and airplanes.
  • Marine worker --National qualification of seafarers
  • Aviation worker --National qualification of aviation
  • passenger,passenger --Use the term / concept of "passenger" for "passenger".
  • Boarding
  • Nautilus - GreekMeans ship or crew.


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