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🤖 | Netflix series animation "Spriggan" releases a masterpiece of key visuals


Netflix series animation "Spriggan" releases a masterpiece of key visuals

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It is one of the masterpieces drawn by Shuhei Handa, the character design and animation director.

From the Netflix series anime "Spriggan", which will be distributed worldwide from June 2022, 6 (Saturday), Kibi ... → Continue reading

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Animation director

Animation director(Sakuga Kantoku) isア ニ メ ー シ ョ ンWhen making one piece ofOriginal pictureA function designed for the purpose of unifying.For short"Animation director(Sakkan) "is sometimes called.Regarding the background picture, not the animation directorArt directorThe position called is supervised.About peopleList of anime peoplechecking ...

the purpose

TypicallyAmericaThen by characteranimatorBy assigning, the pattern of the same character is suppressed from being scattered.JapanNow, assign an animator for each cut.Therefore, even with the same character, there is a risk that the uniformity of the pattern will be lost for each cut, and the animation director is a position established to prevent this.Due to the production period, one TV animation has multiple animation directors and draws in rotation.[Note 1].

The main job of the animation director isLayout,Original pictureTo fix[Note 2]So, it is to unify the quality of the design and movement of the story in charge.So to speak, the person in charge of each drawing is an animator with appropriate skill and experience.If you want to modify only the layout, click "Layout drawing director(Layout animation director) ", if you want to modify only the original image,"Original drawing director(Original animation director) "may be written.

Due to the time constraints mentioned above, only the original image with quality problems will be corrected.Specifically, it corrects a pattern that deviates from the character design, or corrects an animator's original picture that is not sufficiently skilled.Some animation directors only make corrections, but in some cases they are added as original drawings in the story in charge, and in some cases the animation director himself draws all the original drawings by himself.[Note 3]There is also.

Cuts with no problem in quality are often used without any modification.Even if there is a cut with a problem in quality, it may not be sufficiently corrected due to circumstances such as a short production period.In addition, depending on the animation director, in order to bring out the individuality of an excellent original man, even if there is a slight difference in the pattern, it may not be corrected.

In the case of pachinko production, it is customary in the industry for the animation director to modify all cuts instead of having a higher budget than the TV anime series.


the 1960sFirst halfToei videoIt was established in Japan and was first produced by the animation director system.1963/Toei Animation work "Exterminate the Naughty Prince's Great Snake].

Basically, one animation director is in charge of characters, mechanics, visual effects, etc., but each is a specialized animation director (""Character animation director"Mechanic animation director"Effect animation director”)the 1980sIt has increased more.

In recent years, apart from the above-mentioned role-based animation director system, there are many cases where two or more, sometimes close to ten, animation directors are set up for one work (theatrical animation or one episode of a TV series work). became.This is not because he is focusing on drawing production, but mainly because the production period is short and many animation directors have to make drawing corrections at the same time.

Total drawing director

In the TV series, "Total drawing director"("Chief animation director"Chief animation director"Chief animator"Animation director”) May be provided.This is because TV animation is produced by multiple drawing teams, and an animation director often stands for each story.The purpose is to correct the difference in touch between multiple animation directors and improve the quality of the entire drawing while unifying the pictures of the entire series.The person in charge of character design mainly serves concurrently, but it may be assigned to each story.[Note 4], This is currently the mainstream.In many cases, the character's up face is corrected in a unified manner rather than in the distant view or movement.

Before the general animation director system became widespread, it was often seen that the animations in the TV series had different patterns such as the character's face for each story with different animation directors.The total drawing director system has reduced the variation in patterns, but on the other hand, the individuality of each drawing director and each animator has been diminished.As a result, there is also the problem that some people with little knowledge who describe it as a collapse of drawing have begun to appear to the extent that the characters are not similar to each other.[Original research?]However, even now, "Crayon Shin-chanThere are also animations that do not have a general animation director.


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注 釈

  1. ^ A 30-minute TV animation that is widely broadcast in Japan requires thousands of original pictures per episode, and it takes time for one animation director to supervise the drawing of all episodes and maintain quality. Is impossible.
  2. ^ The correction of the original picture by the animation director is called "correction by the animation director".
  3. ^ It is commonly called "one person original picture", and in this case, the original picture is not modified by the animation director.
  4. ^ Of course, in the entire series, the number of those positions is usually smaller than that of the animation director.

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