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📺 | Yoshihiko Inohara "Tokuso 9" Episode 7, audience rating 9.3%! Johnny's fan delights with the appearance of "Sakuma" "Yuki Yamada returns ...


Yoshihiko Inohara "Tokuso 9" Episode 7, audience rating 9.3%! Johnny's fan delights with the appearance of "Sakuma" "Yuki Yamada returns ...

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"Tokuso 9 is waiting for Kaito-kun to return," he said.

The serial drama series "Tokuso 9" (TV Asahi) starring Yoshihiko Inohara. Season 4 is being broadcast from April ... → Continue reading

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Tokuso 9

"Tokuso 9』(Tokuso XNUMX) is2018/4/11からTV Asahisystem"Wednesday 21:XNUMXIt is being broadcast in the frame (Wednesday 21:00 --21: 54)Japan OfCriminal dramaseries.2006/から2017/"Metropolitan Police Department Investigation Department 9 Section XNUMX』The sequel to the series, starringYoshihiko Inohara[1]..The title inherits the world setting of "9 staff" and is named after the department to which it belongs is the "special investigation team" of a team of 9 people.

In this section,SIs season, "SP] Represents a special.


"Metropolitan Police Department Investigation Department 9 Section XNUMXThe starring role of Rintaro KanoTsunehiko WataseIt is a drama that restarted the title again when he died.

In S1, one year after the five members in charge of nine were separated due to a "certain incident," they reunited in a new department, the "Special Investigation Team," and the new member, Sakutaro Munekata (Satoshi Terao) And Ryo Shindo (Yuki Yamada) Is added[2]Along with his active appearance, he drew the truth of "a certain incident"[3].


Metropolitan Police DepartmentInvestigation DepartmentThe 9 staff members are the chief of staff, Rintaro Kano (act:Tsunehiko Watase), A unique detective, Naoki Asawa (act:Yoshihiko Inohara), Shiho Komiyama (act:Michiko Haneda), Kengo Murase (act:Kanji Tsuda), Yasushi Aoyagi (act:Fukikoshi Mitsuru), Hideaki Yazawa (act:Hiromasa Taguchi) Has solved a number of cases with rock-solid team play.After that, Rintaro left 5 to act as an advisor to the Counterterrorism Office.[Note 1]However, the remaining five members had settled a number of cases.However, in a "certain incident", a blunder was imposed and the 5 staff members were disbanded.[Note 2]..Each of the five members was relegated to a different jurisdiction and scattered.

A year later, Soujiro Kandagawa (act: Kotaro Satomi), the police chief, aims to resolve the case as soon as possible.Independent investigation teamInstructed to form.Sakutaro Munekata appointed as the group leader (act:Satoshi Terao), The former 9 members are reunited, Asawa will be the chief, and Ryo Shindo as a new member (act:Yuki Yamada) Was also added, and it was reborn as "Tokuso 7" with 9 people.

After that, the special investigation team arrested the mastermind who had driven 9 staff members to dissolution.There was no blame, and the special investigation team was not disbanded.Although he was wary of the First Investigation Division, he solved various difficult cases, but Munekata left the special investigation team at the cost of solving a certain case.

Nine months after that, the special investigation team was busy with sober work, but one day a murder case occurred at the place where they went for security.At that time, the second team leader was about to be elected.


Special Investigation Team, Investigation Division XNUMX, Metropolitan Police Department

Naoki Asawa(Naoki Asawa)
Performance- Yoshihiko Inohara(V6 / 20th Century[Note 3])
Career : Metropolitan Police DepartmentShinjuku Central Police Station Criminal Division
→ Metropolitan Police DepartmentInvestigation Department9係
→ Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Shibuya Central Police Station Criminal Division Chief (S1 Episode 1)
→ Special Investigation Team, Investigation Division XNUMX, Metropolitan Police DepartmentChief (S1 Episode 1-)
class : Police Officer(S1) → Assistant Inspector[Note 4](S2-)
The main character of this work.She has blood type A[ep 1]..Munekata first convened in the special investigation team and called out to the members in charge of nine.After resolving the first case, he has been appointed as the chief by Munekata.[ep 2].
Shiho Komiyama(Komiyama Shiho)
Performance- Michiko Haneda[5]
Career: Metropolitan Police Department Minami Aoyama Police Station
→ 9th Section, Investigation Division XNUMX, Police Agency
→ Chief of 9th Section, Investigation Division XNUMX, Police Agency
→ Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Futako Tamagawa Police Station Life Safety Division Chief (S1 Episode 1)
→ Special Investigation Team, Investigation Division 1, Metropolitan Police Department (S1 Episode XNUMX-)
class: Assistant Inspector
Blood type is O type[ep 1].. She has been married alongside her work after the dissolution of 9 affairs, and although she hesitated from the case of the dissolution of 9 affairs when invited by the special investigation team from Asawa, she felt comfortable through the cooperation of the investigation. Remember, join after the case is resolved[ep 2].
Proposed by Murase and consented[ep 3].
Yasushi Aoyagi(Yasushi Aoyagi)
Performance- Fukikoshi Mitsuru[6]
Career: Police Department Investigation Division 9 Section XNUMX
→ Chief of 9th Section, Investigation Division XNUMX, Police Agency
→ 9th Section, Investigation Division XNUMX, Police Agency
→ Metropolitan Police Department Materials Division
→ Retirement (S1 Episode 1)
→ Special Investigation Team, Investigation Division 1, Metropolitan Police Department (S1 Episode XNUMX-)
class: Assistant Inspector
Blood type is B type[ep 1]..After being assigned to the Materials Division, her love affair with Taeko was regarded as a problem by senior police officers, and she retired two months before the establishment of the special investigation team.He revealed the fact only to his partner Yazawa and was secretly looking for a place to re-employ, but due to the convocation from Asawa and the resignation request from Munekata, he declined the job offer of the research company and was a member of the special investigation team. Return to the police as[ep 2].
Hideaki Yazawa(Hideaki Yazawa)
Performance- Hiromasa Taguchi[7]
Career: Police Department Investigation Division 9 Section XNUMX
→ Chief of General Affairs Division, Suginami Minami Police Station, Metropolitan Police Department (S1 Episode 1)
→ Special Investigation Team, Investigation Division 1, Metropolitan Police Department (S1 Episode XNUMX-)
class: Sergeant
Blood type is A type[ep 1]..At the invitation of a special investigation team from Asawa, she refuses for a while due to consideration for her wife who wants her safe work[Note 5], Caring for him and responding to the convocation request.Also, she invited Aoyagi together, but at that time she was refused by Aoyagi.[ep 2].
Ryo Shindo
Performance- Yuki Yamada[8][9](S1 - S4 / S5第1話-第3話・第8話・第10話・最終話)(小学生:鈴木大和[10]〈S5最終話〉)
Career: Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Shinjuku Central Police Station Criminal Division (S1 Episode 1)
→ Special Investigation Team, Investigation Division 1, Metropolitan Police Department (S2 Episode 5 --S3 Episode XNUMX)
→ 謹慎(S5第4話 - 最終話)
→ 警視庁捜査一課特別捜査班(S5最終話 -)
class : Police officer
Blood type is B type[ep 1]..A new detective who joined the special investigation team at Nemawashi in Shibasaki.He met Asawa for the first time in a jewel robbery case he encountered before the transfer.[ep 2]For that reason, I often form a duo with Asawa at the time of the investigation.
His father, Shogo Shindo, was also a former police officer at the Setagaya Minami Police Station.Although he is active, he tends to be ahead of the game because he is impatient with his credit.Initially, he disregarded the steady investigation policy of other members including Asawa, but later, through the incident involving police officers, let's review it by understanding the ability of Asawa and the importance of the steady investigation policy. become[ep 4].
A friend in S5Mishimaを探る目的でカジノバーに潜入捜査をしていた。生活安全課の闇カジノ摘発で捕まり、取り調べなどがあることから謹慎となる[ep 5].
Yuma Takao
Performance- Mai Fukagawa(S5 Episode 1-)[11]
Career: Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Shinagawa Higashi Police Department Criminal Division (S5 Episode 1)
→ Special Investigation Team, Investigation Division 5, Metropolitan Police Department (S3 Episode XNUMX-)
class: Police officer
元々は品川東署刑事課の新人刑事。真面目で堅物な性格故に自由奔放な班員達に付いていけない事もある。S5第1話で品川東署の捜査に参加していた特捜班と出会う。その後、上司と揉めてしまい、「ここには置いておけない」と言われたことを機に異動を願い出ることを決め、特捜班に加わった[ep 5]。しばらく謹慎扱いになった新藤の代わりに班員達のお目付け役を任される事になった。
Seiji Kunikita
Performance- Nakamura Baijaku(S3-)
Career: Chief of the 6th Section, Investigation Division XNUMX, Metropolitan Police Department
→ Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department General Affairs Department Public Relations Section Chief (S3 Episode 1)
→ Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Investigation Division 3 Special Investigation Team Leader (S2 Episode XNUMX-)
class: Inspector
Public Relations Section Chief.While treating everyone with honorifics, he is inorganic and mechanical, but he has no eyes on Japanese sweets, and when he finds out that a victim's parents' house is a Japanese sweets shop, he first goes to listen and eats Japanese sweets. I was showing it.He has a section of mysophobia, pointing out that his surroundings are not tidy and refusing to touch the floor.Later appointed by Kanda River as the Chief of the Special Investigation Team, Investigation Division XNUMX, Metropolitan Police Department.[ep 6]..After greeting Asawa and others, tell them that they are not willing to investigate at all.[ep 7].
In the final episode of S3, he talked about causing false accusations in the case that 3 staff members were in charge of three years ago, and also making a self-defeat about the criminal's suicide, and started an investigation with Asawa and others for the first time.[ep 8].
In S3, the office of the special investigation team was mainly organized, but after Murase was hospitalized in S4, he began to participate in the investigation in combination with Komiyama.

Metropolitan Police Department Investigation Support Analysis Center (SSBC)

Kengo Murase(Murase Kengo)
Performance- Kanji Tsuda[12](S1 --S4[Note 6] / S5第1話・第5話・第6話・最終話)(少年期:[13]<S4 Episode 3>)
Career: Chief of Investigation Division 9, Police Agency
→ 14 Chief, Investigation Division XNUMX, Metropolitan Police Department
→ 9th Section, Investigation Division XNUMX, Police Agency
→ Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Higashinakano Police Station Criminal Division Chief (S1 Episode 1)
→ Special Investigation Team, Investigation Division 1, Metropolitan Police Department (S1 Episode 4 --SXNUMX Final)
→ Metropolitan Police DepartmentInvestigation Support Analysis CenterDeputy Director (S5 Episode 1-)
class: Assistant Inspector
Blood type is A type[ep 1]..After receiving an invitation from her Asawa for a special investigation team, she asked the special investigation team to cooperate in investigating the case she was in charge of.[ep 2].. She joined the group because she had to be the chief, but she was dissatisfied when Asawa was elected chief.[ep 2].
Former member of the special investigation team, Rintaro Kano, sister'sMegumiWhen I was feeling sentimental, someone stabbed me from behind[ep 9]..After that, he regained consciousness, but his lower body became paralyzed due to the wound when he was stabbed, and he was admitted to Shirotsuka General Hospital for rehabilitation.[ep 10][ep 11]..The criminal who was discharged and stabbed himselfKeiji YagiArrested as a member of the special investigation team[ep 3].. Propose to Komiyama in the final episode of S4 and get consent[ep 3].
He left the special investigation team from S5 and is the deputy director of the Metropolitan Police Department's Investigation Support and Analysis Center.He visits the special investigation team in an incident and introduces his subordinate Mitsuya to the special investigation team.[ep 12].
Shohei Mitsuya
Performance- Koji Mukai[14](Snow Man) (S5-)
Career: Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Investigation Support Analysis Center Analyst (S5)

Former member of the special investigation team

Sakutaro Munakata
Performance- Satoshi Terao(S1-S2 / S4 Episode 3 <Recollection / Non-credit>) (30 years ago: <S2 Episode 4>)
Career: Kagurazaka Police Station[ep 13]
→ Chief of National Police AgencyAssistant Inspector General, Personnel Division[ep 14]
→ Retirement
→ Special Investigation Team Leader, Investigation Division 1, Metropolitan Police Department (S2-SXNUMX)
→ Retirement (S2 final episode)
class : Inspector
Special investigation team leader. He worked under Takamori, who was the Chief Inspector General at the time, until five years ago, but the death of Tadashi Sakuraba, a police officer who was enthusiastic about his wife in the form of being involved in the plot.[Note 7]Feeling responsible for resigning.He took over his bereaved family, Kotomi, and raised him with her wife.After his wife passed away, he returned to the police on the condition that "child-rearing was prioritized" at the request of Kandagawa, who had a close relationship with him.[ep 2].
The investigation of the special investigation team is basically left to Asawa, but occasionally he gives advice to help resolve the case.
Having fulfilled the purpose of making Asawa an inspector, he resigned to protect Asawa and left the special investigation team.[ep 15].

Persons involved in the special investigation team

Naoki Asawa(Michiko Asawa)
Performance- Noriko Nakaetsu
Patissier..After the dissolution of the old 9 staff, with Naokimarriagebottom.She is the daughter of Rintaro Kano.Her maiden name is Ishikawa, because her mother (Kano's ex-wife), who passed away after her divorce, returned her maiden name.
Taeko Kakiuchi(Taeko Kakiuchi)
Performance- Kumiko Endo(S1 Episode 1 / SP / S2 Episode 9 / S4 Episode 6)
Club singer.She is a lover of Aoyagi, and she still lives with Aoyagi.
Sanae Yazawa(Sanae Yazawa)
Performance- Hiroko Hatano(S1 Episode 6 / SP)
Yazawa's wife.manga artist.. She was pleased that her husband was transferred to the General Affairs Division, which does not conduct dangerous case investigations, due to the dissolution of 9[ep 2][Note 5]..I accept it while complaining when I happen to encounter it at the place of listening and know the facts[ep 16].
Kotomi Sakuraba
Performance- Rin Shono[15](S1-SP / S2 final episode) (2 years old:[16])
A girl who lives with Munekata. She escaped the difficulty of being hidden in a closet by her father, Tadashi Sakuraba, who realized her death five years ago, and her mother, and her parents became members of the gangster "Ryumarukai". After being killed by her, she is discovered by Munekata who rushed to her worries.She was then taken over by Munekata, and since then she has been raised by Munekata.She calls Munekata "Sakutan" and she calls Rinko "Mitita".
In Munekata's profession, it was easy to buy a grudge, and because he had a lot of time to leave him alone, he was entrusted to his deceased wife's relatives from season2.[17]However, in the final episode of S2, Munekata was no longer a police officer, so we were together again.
Tadashi Sakuraba (However)
Performance- Goro Yoshida(S1 Episode 1, Episode 6, Final Episode)
Kotomi's father.A former detective in the Criminal Division of the Nerima Police Department of the Metropolitan Police Department, he is a sergeant. He was suspected of forging evidence in an incident five years ago, and was killed by a member of the gangster "Ryumarukai" while his wife was hanged by himself.
Yoshimi Sakuraba
Performance- Yurie Suenaga(S1 Episode 1, Episode 6, Final Episode)
Kotomi's mother. Five years ago, she was attacked by a member of the gangster "Ryumarukai", which aimed to seal Tadashi's mouth, and was killed with her husband by being hanged by himself.
Reiji Miyahara(Reiji Miyahara)
Performance- Kenji Kaneko(S2 Episode 6)
The son of the cake shop "Bread and Cake Shop Miyahara" where Rinko worked.He is a pastry chef and is currently volunteering for a sweets class.He reunites with Asawa at the orphanage "Kibou Tsukushien".He didn't know that Asawa and Rinko were married.
Megumi Murase
Performance- [18](S4 Episode 3)
Murase's late sister.

Metropolitan Police Department

Naomichi Shibasaki(Naomichi Shibasaki)
Performance- Shimizu Shogo(S1)
class : Police officer
Criminal director. He disbands Asawa and his friends a year ago according to Takamori's instructions, and reunites with the nine members who were reunited as a special investigation team in the murder of Takamori's wife a year later.
Shinya Mineshima
Performance- Fukui Hiroaki(S2)
Chief of 14th Section, Investigation Division XNUMX, Metropolitan Police Department.
Akira Sakuma
Performance- Kaito Miyachi(Travis Japan/Johnny's Jr.)[19](S1 --S4)
Forensic officer. She is training abroad in Season 5[Note 8].
Tetsuji Inokari(Ikari Tetsuji)
Performance- Shiro Ito(S1 --SP[Note 9] / S2第4話・第10話 / S3第6話 / S4第11話 / S5第11話)(30年前:Seiwa Naito[20]<S2 Episode 4>)
Since I was in charge of the former nine, I had acquainted with Asawa and others, and I am still standing at the scene and cooperating with Asawa and others in the investigation.In addition, Munekata, who returned as the leader of the special investigation team, is called a "person on the desk" and says, "It is not a'bad guy', but it is not a'good guy'." Seems to know something about the past[ep 2].
In the 4th episode of S11, he was taken as an important reference for the case.[ep 17].
Sojiro Kandagawa(Kandagawa Soujiro)
Performance- Kotaro Satomi(S1 --SP[Note 9] / S2 Episode 1, Episode 4, Final Episode / S3 Episode 1, Final Episode / S4 Final Episode) (30 years ago: <S2 Episode 4>)
class : Police commander
The former 9 staff members are highly evaluated, and Munekata is appointed as the group leader of the special investigation team and entrusted with the rallying of the 9 staff members.
I am dissatisfied with the fact that the police investigation is forcibly stopped due to pressure from bureaucrats, etc. This is due to the intention that "a group of people is needed".
Rintaro Kano(Rintaro Kano)
Performance- Tsunehiko Watase(S4 Episode 3 <Recollection / Non-credit>)
Career: Chief of Investigation Division 9, Police Agency
→ Cabinet Counterterrorism Office Manager[Note 10]
→ Seconded to ICTC Counterterrorism Center[ep 18]
Former boss of Asawa, Komiyama, Murase, Aoyagi, Yazawa, and father of Asawa Rinko.Since Tsunehiko Watase, who played the role of Kano in the previous program, has passed away, only his name and recollections appear.

National Police Agency

Tsukasa Jingu Momoko(Jinguuji Momoko)
Performance- Yuko Natori[21](SP)
Career : National Police Agency Criminal Affairs BureauCounselor
→ Chief of National Police AgencyCounselor
class : Police commander → Police officer
A female police officer who has been promoted since her last appearance and serves as Deputy Director General's Secretariat.She appears from the special and she brings her request to the special investigation team.
Tatsuo Mihara
Performance- Motosuke Iida(S2 / S3 Episode 1)
Career: Chief of Personnel Division, Commissioner-General of the Police Agency
→ Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Criminal Director (S2)
→ Deputy Director General, Criminal Bureau, National Police Agency (S3 Episode 1)
class: Senior Commissioner
Criminal director.Faculty of Law, University of TokyoAfter graduating, enter the National Police Agency.He is a junior at Kandagawa University.He is not happy about Asawa's special investigation team, and sometimes treats him as an obstacle, removes him from the investigation of the case, and dislikes Asawa at every meeting, but sometimes he takes a high-pressure attitude. Sometimes I asked him to resolve the case.He was later resigned due to responsibility for a certain incident.[ep 15].
I was transferred and now I'm back at the National Police Agency[ep 6].

Kanto Inspector's Office

Masumi Hayasegawa(Masumi Hayase)
Performance- Sachie Hara[22]
Inspector..Since he has cooperated with Asawa's investigation since the time of the former 9th clerk, he still has a cooperative relationship with the reunited 9th clerk.
Takumi Hirooka
Performance- Fuminori Shinkai

Legal officials

Masato Watanabe
Performance- Shiro Sano[23](S3 final episode / S4 episode 1)
Deputy Attorney General of the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office.He values ​​the prosecution's face more than the resolution of the case. In the final episode of S3, he learned of the movement of the special investigation team to re-investigate the case that Kunikita was in charge of, and advised him not to call Kunikita and investigate.He intended to cover up the facts when the case was resolved, but when he was told by senior management that he would allow a retrial, he looked like he had bitten a worm.[ep 8].. In charge of the investigation of Keiji Yagi, who was arrested and sent as a suspect in serial murder in the first episode of S4, and confronts the special investigation team for that.In the end, Yagi was released due to insufficient suspicion and advised Asawa that he would "regret".[ep 19].
Masayuki Nemoto
Performance- Yuki Meguro(S4 Episode 1 / Final Episode)
Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office.Early retirement planned[ep 3].

More informations

Tetsuya Takamori
Performance- Takeo Nakahara(S1 Episode 1 / Final Episode)
Career:National Police AgencySecurity bureauPublic Security Chief
→ Chief of the Commissioner-General's Office of the National Police AgencyInspector
→ Member of the House of Representatives[ep 14][Note 11]
→ Minister of Justice
He has shown a close relationship with the media, such as wearing a pair look with his wife, and has set the goal of "completely eradicating violence."However, in reality, his wife is a "masked couple" who has an affair with a young man, and is also adhering to the gangster organization "Ryumarukai", and the person who tries to expose the injustice he was involved in is "dragon". You can use the Marukai to pretend to be a suicide and kill yourself.Munekata and Kandagawa were aware of his back face, but could not conduct an open investigation due to lack of evidence of his involvement.
Five years before Munekata left the police, and one year ago, he concealed the truth of the two murders that caused the nine staff members to be disbanded, and even killed his wife, which was a labyrinth. By playing "a poor husband who lost his wife" by letting him in, he aimed to gain public support and tried to get a higher position from the Minister of Justice, but because the special investigation team revealed everything. arrested[ep 14].
Ajiro Shinichi
Performance- Saburo Ishikura(S2 Episode 1 / Final Episode <Recollection>)
Appeared in the first episode of S2.
In the skyscraper explosion incident, the criminal who initially pretended to be a victim involved in the explosion, actually gathered suicide applicants on SNS and manipulated them to plan an explosion accident.
He reported that his wife had been murdered at home 13 years ago, but was arrested on suspicion of murdering his wife and was arrested by a lawyer.Tetsuya MoritaDid not believe his statement and was convicted in court and was in jail for many years[ep 18].
Morita, who was guilty of himself, was killed by pretending to be an accident.Asawa, who noticed it and pursued it, was abducted and confined in a mountain lodge, but Asawa heard the story of Ashio and promised to "reexamine the case again."He escaped when he noticed that he was livestreaming the exchange and informing his colleagues.Sniper shot and died[ep 18][Note 12]..Later, Asawa independently investigated whether the case of Ashio 13 years ago was false acquittal, and then Munekata took over it, and made himself confess that the true criminal was a habitual criminal in the burglary currently in prison, and the case 13 years ago. Turned out to be innocent and falsely guilty[ep 15].
Keiji Yagi
Performance- Kento Shibuya[24](S4 Episode 1 / Final Episode)
Restaurant part-time job. Born in Kanagawa prefecture in 1992.Her parents are divorced early. His mother, who lived with him when he was 20NaokoHe was arrested and released on bail for shoplifting strawberries, but suffered from despair and strangled his mother (actually he had already died of illness before being strangled).
A lawyer who was actually a serial killer and told himself about his dreamsKatsutoshi OgawaAngry at him and his wifeMasamiWas stabbed to death and was seen entering the Ogawa family.Kana SawamuraWas stabbed to seal his mouth.After that, Kana's former dating partnerShinya HayashidaTo pretend to be suicide and kill and inflict sin[ep 3]..He was later arrested as a suspect in serial murder and sent to prison, but was released due to the efforts of the special investigation team and insufficient suspicion.He also stabbed him, dissatisfied with Murase, who once spoke a word when he was released on bail.
Keigo WadaThe perfume bottle of my mother's keepsake was broken and stabbed to death, but the truth was revealed by the special investigation team and arrested.[ep 3].
Performance- Takashi Kitadai[25](S5 Episode 1, Episode 3, Final Episode)
謎のバーの店長。首に蛇の入れ墨がある。窃盗と傷害の逮捕歴がある[ep 20].
Performance- Masato Yano[26](S5第1話 - 第3話・最終話)(小学生:武内翔太郎[27]〈S5最終話〉)
A clerk at a mysterious bar.Shindoの子供の頃からの友人で彼のことをプリンと呼ぶ。新藤は正成から三島が何者かに射殺されたと聞いた[ep 5]が、実際はまだ生存していると判明した[ep 20].
Performance- [28](S5 Episode 3 / Final Episode)


season1 / スペシャル / season2 / season3 / season4 / season5

season1 (2018)

Episode 1 "Murder of XNUMX Years"
Episode 2 "Bride Disappearance"
Episode 3 "Murder City Planning"
Episode 4 "Underfloor Skeletonized Body"
  • Taizo Miyoshi (former Deputy Captain of the Metropolitan Police Department Transportation Task Force, a resident of the group home "Yu no Ki")- Masao Komatsu
  • Kanako Miyoshi (daughter of Taizo and Setsuko, freelance writer)- Yumi Matsuoka
  • Hajime Murata (remodeling contractor)- Takaaki Ito
  • Haruka Tsushima (in charge of certified care worker Taizo, a group home "Yu no Ki")- Miyu Sawai
  • Setsuko Miyoshi (Taiso's wife, died last year)- Kazuko Sakagami
  • Nakaharadori (termite fraudster, 5 criminal records, pseudonym "Yu Nishimura")- Koichiro Nishi
  • Kenta Nomura (former fraudulent companion of Nakahara)- Norikatsu Kodama
  • Takashi Yamakawa (Carpenter)- [36]
  • Hitoshi Kojima (Akihabara shopkeeper, commonly known as chick)- Mishima Yutaka
  • Toshihisa Akashi (Employee of "Mitsuda Home Clean", a store specializing in pest control and pest control)-
Episode 5 "Murder Harmonica"
  • Ryoko Mihashi (puppeteer)- Naoko Otani[37]
  • Nanako Sakai (Employee of School Children's Club "Shiroyuri Children's Center", commonly known as harmonica's older sister)- Yukiko Shinohara(childhood:[38])
  • Daigo Nishikawa (Akimachi Elementary School teacher, model of May doll)- Tamoto Kiyoarashi(childhood:Yuki Yamaguchi[39])
  • Mayu Nishikawa (Daigo's mother)- Atsuko Anan
  • Takashi Mitsuhashi (puppeteer, Ryoko's husband, died in an accident 4 years ago)- Namiki Shiro
  • Keita Shibata (baseball boy)- [40]
  • Kayo Takaoka (Staff of Asahioka Museum of Art)- Yuki Katsuragi
  • Yosuke Asai (Nanako's lover / painter's egg)- Shin Ishikawa[41]
  • Sakai (Nanako's mother and deceased)- [42]
Episode 6 "The Killing Intent of Red Flowers"
  • Rumi Kondo (Film Producer)- Ryoko Yui[43]
  • Junichi Udagawa (Shoe designer, retired from acting due to an accident during filming of the movie "Oath of the South Pacific") Ryo Segawa[37]
  • Toru Udagawa (starring in place of Junichi, who was supposed to be the leading actor in Junichi's younger brother, the movie "Oath of the South Pacific") Koura Miura[44]
  • Kyoko Satake (shoemaker)- Chizu Lee[37]
  • Ayumi Kaneko (actress who was supposed to play the heroine of the sequel to the movie "Oath of the South Pacific") Yuka Rikuna[37]
  • Yasuo Kunii (Director of the movie "Oath of the South Pacific")- Buffalo Goro A[37]
  • Taichi Himura (President of movie production company "Space Film")- Ikko Suzuki
Episode 7 "Killing Banknotes"
Episode 8 "Infinite Murder"
  • Yojiro Mizukami (President of toy company "Noni")- Danro[54]
  • Yasuko Mizukami (Yojiro's wife)- Funaki Sachi[55]
  • Hiroyuki Katayama (Yojiro's secretary)- Shin Saeki
  • Kota Wada (President of House Cleaning Company "IN & ON")- Masayuki Deai[56]
  • Nana Otonashi (employee of house cleaning company "IN & ON")- Izumi Okamura[57]
  • Sho Mizukami (Yasuko's stepchild, toy company "Noni" Sales Division Manager)- Ryu Morioka[58]
  • Nobuo Hirota (Genome Analysis Employee)- Shinichi Fukumoto
  • Yoshitaka Misawa (Managing Director of Toy Company "Noni")- Kazuyuki Tsumura
  • Hiroki Kanzaki (Employee of House Cleaning Company "IN & ON")-
  • Akira Kawabata (courier)-
  • Kimiyo Wada (Wada's mother, died two years ago)- Hiromi Kanaya
Episode 9 "Serial Killer X"
  • Shinichiro Sano (Itabashi Minami Police Station Chief, Superintendent)- Youzaburo Ito[59]
  • Takeshi Mimura (Itabashi Minami Police Station Criminal Division Chief / Inspector)- Kenzo Ryu[59]
  • Toru Marukawa (Chief of the gangster "Daitagumi")- Jun Era
  • Koichi Oda (Member of the gangster "Daitagumi")- Takahiro Tokawa
  • Tsuyoshi Ohashi (Member of the gangster "Tsukagengumi")- Toshiya Nakamatsu
  • Hitomi Kato (3rd year student at Keitoku University)- Haruka Miwa[60]
  • Tetsuya Ueno (building cleaner, former police academy student)-
  • Tomoko Yagi (elderly people living in a cultural house)- Yoko Imamoto
  • Masami Fujii (President of Prossum Agency)- Akira Kubotera
  • Shinji Nagae (an employee of a real estate company that managed a cultural house)- Ryohei Kunieda[61]
  • Hiromi Yamanaka (Employee of Prossum Agency)-
  • Yukie Kato (Mother of Hitomi)-
  • Daiki Egawa (elementary school student)- [62]
  • Shinji Yamahara (Member of the gangster "Tsukagengumi")-
The final episode "Murder at Three Times"
  • Yutaro Kawakatsu (Secretary-general of the Co-New Party)- Masaaki Daimon
  • Yoshio Adachi (Chief, Section XNUMX, Organizational Crime Countermeasures Department)- Tohru Yamashita
  • Shizue Takamori (TetsuyaWife of) - Kaori Fujii
  • Yuji Kawakatsu (Yutaro's son and secretary)- Satotaro
  • Yasuhiro Namikawa (Detective, Section 1 of the Organizational Crime Countermeasures Department, line of duty after a year ago, assistant inspector) - Yokoyama Kazutoshi
  • Tomoyuki Koide (Suspect of the case 5 years ago, died 1 year ago)- Cui Zhehao
  • Ippei Suyama (Member of the gangster "Ryumarukai")- Hiroshi Hosokawa
  • Akino Yamane (Miss Kyaba, died 5 years ago)- [63]

Special (2019)

2-hour special "The last case of the special investigation team"
  • Noriko Koyanagi (Prosecutor General of the Tokyo Higher Prosecutor's Office, a junior of Momoko's college days) Miki Yamamoto(High school students:Suzuki Miu[64])
  • Mamoru Sugiura (former Chief Prosecutor of the Tokyo Higher Prosecutor's Office, Corporate Lawyer of the Teito Ryumarukai, a gangster) Yuichi Haba
  • Shinsuke Tanozaki (Chairman of the gangster "Ryumarukai") --Takaaki Ito (Young days:[65])
  • Ryoka Sannohe (Ginza club mom Sugiura's affair partner)- Harumi Inoue
  • Misato Ishida (Prosecutor's Office, Tokyo Higher Prosecutor's Office)- Chihiro Yamamoto
  • Takahiro Sugayama (Chief of the Josai Branch of the Japanese-Arged Criminal Group "Teito Ryumarukai")- Kimihiko Hasegawa
  • Chinatsu Enomoto (Weekly Tide Journalist)- Yuki Tayama[66]
  • Takashi Honmiya (Executive of the gangster "Ryumarukai")- Shingo Kawaguchi
  • Shusaku Itagaki (student of engraver Yoshio Takegami)- Ota
  • Yoshio Takegami (Misato's father, high school art teacher, hanged 28 years ago)- Tasuku Uno[67]
  • Ryoichi Kuroyama (Prosecutor, who died 5 years ago)- Joji Kokubo
  • Hideyuki Ishida (Misato's adoptive father, police officer, deceased)- Yoshihito Tsuji
  • Naomasa Shimomura (former employee of Yunagi Bank)- [68]

season2 (2019)

Episode 1 "Special Investigation Team New Incident"
Episode 2 "Correct Murder"
  • Mitsuyo Murakami (Employee of the editorial department of the publishing company "Ryobunsha")- Juri Mase[69]
  • Yui Makita (Employee of Sales Planning Department, Publishing Company "Ryobunsha")- Mayumi Ono[69]
  • Sachi Murakami (Mother of Mitsuyo)- Kazuko Shirakawa
  • Yoji Hasumi (Non-fiction writer, "Correct Murder" book)- Toru Kusano[69]
  • Yuko Sasaya (single mother, currently in prison)- Kumiko Hara
  • Takashi Saito (Employee of the editorial department of the publishing company "Ryobunsha") --Ikko Suzuki
  • Yuya Kajiura (Employee of the literary editorial department of the publishing company "Ryobunsha")- Takahiro Hirano[69]
  • Tsukasa Nemoto (unemployed) --Koki Murakami
  • Kenta Takada (Book Club Secretariat)-
  • Mamoru Fukuda (security guard)-
  • Yamagishi (Ohara Station staff)- [70]
  • Isozaki (Stationmaster of Otaki Station)- 短論
  • Toshinori Terada (elite bureaucrat, deceased)- Koji Watanabe[71]
  • Airi Sasaya (Daughter of Yuko)-
Episode 3 "The Last Game of Heisei"
  • Toshiro Takatsu (Shogi player, dragon general, Chisato's master)- Minosuke
  • Chisato Nagai (female shogi player)- Tsukioka Suzu(5th grade :)
  • Masanobu Hosoe (Chiri's lover who is aiming to become a professional shogi player)- Hiroshi Kinomoto
  • Noboru Takuma (Josai Itabashi Construction Worker)- Shinsuke Kato
  • Maria Miyamoto (Club "Ikebukuro Club East A" Miss Kyabakura)-
  • Riko (Club "Ikebukuro Club East A" Mama)- [72]
Episode 4 "The First Case of Reiwa"
  • Akiko Koseki (Mayuko's mother, inn "Kawamura" proprietress, 63 pure coffee shop "Tsuriganegusa" waitress under the pseudonym Kawamura Noriko, maiden name Akiko Kido)- Tagame Tamura
  • Shinsuke Sawada (Pure coffee shop "Tsuriganegusa" owner)- The beginning of Okayama
  • Mayuko Koseki (employee of advertising company "Hakuraidou")- Ruka Matsuda[73](childhood:Shiratori Tamaki[74])
  • Yoko Sawada (Wife of Shinsuke, a waitress at a pure coffee shop "Tsuriganegusa")- Mayumi Matsumura
  • Tsuyoshi Ninohe (President of real estate company "INOBET", suspect in the case that occurred in 63, former member of the gangster "Ryumarukai")- Toshimasa Niiro[73]
  • Akira Yamakawa (Goldfish scooping shop owner, suspect in the incident that occurred in 63, former member of the gangster "Ryumarukai")- Hidehisa Ebata[73]
  • Wakana Ogata (Secretary of the president of real estate company "INOBET")- [75]
  • Miyazaki (Detective 30 years ago)- Hiroyuki Yamamoto[76]
  • Yasue (Miss of manners 30 years ago)- Mizuki Higashino[77]
Episode 5 "Spontaneous Combustion Murder"
Episode 6 "Star-shaped murderous intention"
  • Koko Noguchi (owner of the apple pie shop "Noguchi")- Nobuko Akino
  • Yoshimi Muraoka (former apprentice of Noguchi, full-time housewife)- Mana Mikura[82]
  • Risa Fujimoto (worked at the pastry chef shop "Bread and cake shop Miyahara" and worked at the apple pie shop "Noguchi")- Kinoshita Ayumi
  • Toru Shimazaki (salesman at Tsurumine Department Store)- Koichi Sudo
  • Masaki Muraoka (Husband of Yoshimi)- Takashi Shigematsu[83]
  • Sakaide Suzu (former disciple of Noguchi, died in a fall accident 12 years ago)- Rio Orimo[84]
  • Torayoshi Karaki (3 criminal records of theft)- Ryota Nakanishi
Episode 7 "Tower Mansion Murder"
  • Etsuko Minagawa (Takuya's wife)- Atsuko Sakurai[85]
  • Takuya Minagawa (Tower Mansion "Sky Tower Minamishinagawa" Room 2010 Residents[Note 13]·Scenario writer) - Kondo Park[85]
  • Mina Ochiai (Winner of the 16th Scenario Contest)- Natsuhi Ueno[86]
  • Yosuke Higurashi (Tower Mansion "Sky Tower Minamishinagawa" Room 2009 Residents / Day Traders)- Yusuke Shoji
  • Maya Otsuka (Resident / Housewife of Tower Mansion "Sky Tower Minamishinagawa" Room 2011)- Saori Seto[85]
  • Risa (Coffee shop clerk)- Ayano Ota
  • Shiori (Coffee shop clerk)- Mai Otani
  • Akie (love hotel employee)-
  • Asada (employee of private lodging company "Nertmaru")- Ryo Nishi[87]
  • Kubo (security guard)- Keigo Unohara[88]
  • Suzuki (security guard)-
  • Osamu Kaneda (President of Real Estate Company) --Takeo Yamakita
Episode 8 "The murderous intention of a woman to feed"
  • Rin Saotome (Director, Product Development Department, AI Company "Future of AI")- Chiharu Niiyama
  • Hitomi Wada (Kota's secretary)- Jugo Hana
  • Kota Tajima (President and CEO of AI company "Future of AI"MiharaMy college friend)- Ryu Oura
  • Ami Kajita (Managing Director of AI Company "Future of AI")- Ise Shima
  • Misa Emori (Ex-wife of Kota, the representative of Emori Cooking School)- Kuze Seika
  • Moeka Kitamura (Employee of Public Relations Department, AI Company "Future of AI")- Megumi Kobashi
  • Keiko Soga (Nurse, Ohiro General Hospital)- [89]
  • Yaeko Soga (Keiko's grandmother died of a heart attack last month)- Yuko Fukui
  • Kenichi Isozaki (Doctor, Ohiro General Hospital)-
  • Miho Koike (Nurse, Ohiro General Hospital)- Kajiwara Minami[90]
Episode 9 "Asakusa Great Investigation Line"
  • Kohei Nakazawa (Owner of the apartment "Maison Hanakawado")- Nobuyuki Katsube
  • Harakutei Yanagizo (Rakugoka, real name "Yosuke Tamura") --Kenzo Ryu
  • Kenjiro Sugita (Taiyaki shop "Taiyaki too much" owner)- Shinichiro Matsuura
  • Sakiko Sugita (Kenjiro's wife)- Rena Mashita[91]
  • Kazuyuki Tajima (Detective, Investigation Division XNUMX, Metropolitan Police Department)- Miyazaki Tomu
  • Toru Shioda (Member of the gangster "Ryumarukai")- Akira Otaka
  • Minoru Sasaki (Detective, Investigation Division XNUMX, Metropolitan Police Department)- Shinji Kuroki
  • Ryoichi Suenaga (Representative of IT company "CIVILIA")- Yuya Endo
  • Yoshitsugu Katayama (freeter)-
  • Mayumi (Snack "Toyo" Hostess)-
Episode 10 "In the middle of the time difference"
  • Mari Sasaki (Lawyer, Sasaki Law Office)- What is Eri Mabuchi
  • Ayaka Mishima (Vice President of Mail Order Company "Tachibana Marketing")- Hitomi Miwa
  • Eisuke Tachibana (President of mail order company "Tachibana Marketing")- Takeshi Onishi
  • Takashi Tabata (Corporate Lawyer for Mail Order Company "Tachibana Marketing")- Satoshi Sakata
  • Kenji Moriyama (Ryuichi's grandson)- Takaya Aoyagi
  • Shogo Kawamura (Chief of General Affairs Division, Mail Order Company "Tachibana Marketing", Former Ryumarukai Member) - Kuronosuke Kagawa
  • Megumi Hamatani (Victim of scam 6 years ago)-
  • Ryuichi Moriyama (猪狩Friend, hanging himself 6 years ago)- Akira Matsuda
  • Masaaki Kondo (Detective, Shinagawa Police Department, Metropolitan Police Department)- Hayato Kusano
The final episode "The Trap of Justice"
  • Jun Sakurai (Judge, Criminal Division, Tokyo District Court)- Kyusaku Shimada[92]
  • Shinho Murano (Keisuke's son)- Hideyuki Kasahara
  • Norio Kobayashi (Lawyer, Norio Kobayashi General Law Office)-
  • Hiroshi Matsui (Lawyer / Former Prosecutor)- Koji Furukawa
  • Keisuke Murano (town factory owner, suspected indiscriminate murder 12 years ago, convict on death row) - Nomogami
  • Tomoaki Fukano (Chairman of the Tokyo District Court)- Seko Yomaru
  • Asama (listening enthusiast)-
  • Taku Arimoto (Mairen Real Estate Clerk)- Takashi Naha[93]

season3 (2020)

Episode 1 "Cross-border Investigation"
  • Ryuichi Kitamura (former Chief of Criminal Division, Chofu Central Police Department, Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department) Moro Shika[94]
  • Toyoharu Hayashi (Chinese restaurant "Mother dumplings" part-time clerk)- Nagaya Shigeya
  • Kenji Mouri (son of Kenichi)- Kazuki Haoka
  • Hideo Katayama (former police officer, Criminal Division, Chofu Central Police Department, Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department) Sakaki Hideo
  • Shizuka Arita (dancer)- Landlord Shizuka
  • Go Yukawa (President of event planning and management company "VIVID Planning")- Joe Hyuga
  • Kenichi Mouri (President of Chinese restaurant "Mother Dumplings")- Taro Suwa
  • Masaya Ueda (manager of model dispatch company)- Kouhei Takeda
  • Aoi (model)- Rie Tsuneyoshi[95]
  • Soma (Employee of event planning and management company "VIVID Planning")- Takashi Nagayama
  • Yosano (Senior Managing Director of Chinese Restaurant "Mother Dumplings")-
  • Ogawa (President of "BOURN")- Nishizawa Nita[96]
  • Oshima (Detective)- [97]
  • Kojima (Investigator)- [98]
  • Takiko Nakayama (Chinese restaurant "Mother Dumplings" clerk)- Keiko Nishi
Episode 2 "The Man Who Carried His Wife's Corpse"
  • Yoshikazu Hatta (basketball team coach Satomi's ex-husband)- Nagai University
  • Satomi Shibayama (Weekly Boom Reporter)- Hinagata Akiko
  • Yuji Makimura (Secretary of Seiichiro)- Kenichi Yajima
  • Shusuke Terakawa (Ojiyama Construction Employee)- Yuta Kanai
  • Tetsuo Kadokura (Editor-in-Chief of Weekly Boom)- Kenji Matsuda[99]
  • Seiichiro Kaito (Member of the House of Representatives, Former Deputy Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Nephew of the Prime Minister) Tokuyama Hidenori
  • Ryohei Odai (actor)- Shomachi Machii[100]
  • Tomoyuki Asai (Reporter, Social Affairs Department, Kanto Keisei Shinposha)- Taiju Okayasu
Episode 3 "Episode of Killing"
  • Yuriko Eto (Head Spalist)- Masahito(Girls' age:Girard Sara)
  • Emiko Shinoda (Koichi's wife)- Kaori Yamaguchi
  • Kaori Aoyama (French restaurant "le delicieux repas" employee)- Rei Sato
  • Saburo Kono (former detective of the Uehara Police Department, Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department) Yousuke Saito
  • Koichi Shinoda (Executive Officer of Ogiso Bussan)- Yasuhito Hida
  • Toshiya Kurihara (French restaurant "le delicieux repas" owner chef)- Yu Saito
  • Nakamori (Detective)- Takayuki Hamatsu
  • Jun Sasaki (former employee of "Western restaurant footrest")-
  • Ryoko Sano (neighborhood of the Shinoda family)- [101]
  • Ichiro Eto (Yuriko's father and deceased)- Aoki
Episode 4 "Castle of Murder"
Episode 5 "Murder in the 10th Year"
  • Kenji Kadowaki (TV program commentator, former detective of the Police Department Investigation Division XNUMX)- Satoshi Hashimoto[105]
  • Takao Wada (Nihonbashi Printing Employee)- Koichi Otake[105]
  • Saori Takeuchi (Employee of Sumimatsu Accounting Office, Former Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Higashi Akabane Police Station) - [105]
Episode 6 "The Murder of Four Colors"
  • Machiko Sakamoto (resident of the elderly care facility "Fukuroku Home")- Yamaguchi Fruit Forest
  • Yusuke Amano (Lifestyle Advisor)- Ryosuke Hashimoto[106]
  • Shinjiro Otani (Resident of the elderly care facility "Fukuroku Home", former chief of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) - Kintaro Hara[107]
  • Akiko Mishima (Director of Tsurugame Planning Department)- Onoue purple
  • Yuri Sakamoto (daughter of Machiko)- Atsuko Sudo
  • Shinya Otani (Son of Shinjiro, a bureaucrat of the Ministry of Finance)- Norihisa Sadoyama
  • Haruka Amano (Yusuke's wife)- Ayaka Nakata[108]
  • Kazuki Kanzaki (Director of "Fukuroku Home", a long-term care facility for the elderly)-
  • Misuzu Ando (Nursing care facility for the elderly "Fukuroku Home" caregiver)-
  • Takashi Ueda (Shinshu Orchard)-
  • Keiko Suzuki (resident of "Fukuroku Home", a long-term care facility for the elderly)-
  • Hisako Kato (resident of "Fukuroku Home", a long-term care facility for the elderly)-
  • Etsuko Yamada (resident of "Fukuroku Home", a long-term care facility for the elderly)- Michiko Tomura
Episode 7 "Death of Shoplifting G Men"
  • Reimi Aizawa (Security Company "Central Security" Security Security Division Employee, Shoplifting G-Men)- Elena Mizusawa
  • Tsukiko Omori (Housewife)- Rio Yamashita
  • Hiroshi Miyasaka (Jewelry store "BRIDGE" manager, maiden name "Mebeda")- Atsushi Hashimoto[109]
  • Soichiro Omori (Educational critic, Tsukiko's husband)- Atsuo Ochi
  • Mamoru Kataoka (Employee of Security Security Division, Security Company "Central Security")- Shin Shimizu[110]
  • Seiichi Taki (Police Officer)-
  • Rinko Matsuura (former nursery teacher and deceased at Sunflower Flower Nursery Center)- Miyuki Hiraguchi[111]
  • Hideto Matsuura (Brother of Rinako, an employee of the painting company "Takinogawa Sheet Metal Painting") Praise
  • Mitsuko (Staff of "Sun and Light Association", a self-help group of people who repeat shoplifting)-
  • Seiichi Yamamoto (former owner of Yamamoto Bookstore)- Nonaka Isao
  • Yuma Iikura (Akiyo's son, died in an accident 12 years ago)- [112]
  • Akiyo Iikura (cleaning worker)- Hiroko Nakajima
Episode 8 "Murder of W"
  • Rika Sakuragawa (NPO "For W" officer, tourism company "Altair Tourism" employee)- Ryoko Kobayashi
  • Junya Kosaka (President of Tourism Company "Altair Tourism")- Kazuyuki Matsuzawa
  • Mikiko Haseoka (Representative Director of NPO "For W")- Chiba Masako
  • Koichi Nunoe (Air conditioner cleaning company)- Kiyomi Aratani
  • Masayo Takemoto (belonging to NPO "For W")- Akazawa Mook
  • Mio Okazaki (Employee of Tourism Company "Altair Tourism")- Noa Kawazoe
  • Ryo Kuroki (Former Chief of Tourism Company "Altair Tourism")- Takashi Kodama
  • Shinji Nunoe (Son of Nunoe, suicide 10 years ago)-
Episode 9 "48 Hours of Offense and Defense"
The final episode "Episode of Killing"
  • Takeshi Isetani (Mamoru's older brother)- Hihio Iwanaga
  • Masanobu Nishijima (former 6 chiefs)KunikidaFormer subordinate / assistant inspector)- Shinnosuke Kazama[23]
  • Nishijima's mother- Yoko Takayanagi
  • Ryuji Ichimura (former 6 staff)- Masayuki Ito
  • Shiori Owada (former 6 staff)- [119]
  • Takayuki Konno (former 6 staff)- Tokuhisa Yamashita[120]
  • Kohei Yukita (former 6 staff)- Yuma Akagi
  • Yoshinori Inoue (Unemployed, Yuki's Stalker)- [121]
  • Mamoru Isetani (Arrested on suspicion of murdering his fiancé Yuki three years ago and committed suicide while acquitting) [122]
  • Yuki Sawayama (Bookstore "Books Otori" clerk, victim of the incident three years ago)- [123]

season4 (2021)

Episode 1 "Gray Suspect"
  • Katsutoshi Ogawa (Lawyer / Former Prosecutor)- Captain Taguchi(S4 final episode <recollection>)
  • Hiroshi Ogawa (son of Katsutoshi and Masami)- Kenta Kiguchi
  • Tetsuya Yamaguchi (Advertising agency employee)- Kimitaka Nakamura
  • Kana Sawamura (2nd year student, Faculty of Letters, Mitsuhara International University)- Karen Iwata(S4 final episode <recollection>)[24]
  • Shinya Hayashida (former dating partner of nursery teacher Kana)- [124][Note 14]
  • Masami Ogawa (Katsutoshi's wife)- [Note 14]
  • Naoko Yagi (Keiji Yagi(Dead mother)-Miwa Murai[125]
Episode 2 "Murder Designer"
  • Mao Suzuki (working at a food manufacturer)- Hikari Kajiwara(childhood:[126])
  • Kakeru Yuki (2.5-dimensional actor, real name "Shin Sato")- Kubota Hidetoshi[127]
  • Eiko Sugiyama (Café clerk, former chief designer of apparel maker "Mi-mo")- Nori Sato[128]
  • Toko Asakawa (Chief Designer of Apparel Maker "Mi-mo")- Kotoha Hiroyama[129]
  • Kumi Okano (Housewife)-
  • Ritsuko Suzuki (Mother of Mao, died 13 years ago)- Mihoko Kamo
  • Ichita Takahashi (Attendant of Yuki)- Horiyou[130]
  • Sachi Shibata (designer of apparel maker "Mi-mo")- [131]
  • Toshio Onoda (a man who earns access with Gaseneta)- [132]
Episode 4 "Prayer"
  • Akiko Sone (wanted criminal)- Chizuru Azuma[Note 14]
  • Masae Nishida (Manager of restaurant "Chianti Quattro")- Enjoji Aya
  • Yasuyuki Mizoguchi (male withdrawal, reporter of the incident)- Tomomi Kawai(S4 final story)
  • Yoshito Mizushima (Administrator)-
  • Ryu Kuriyama (Bad Group "Fire" Leader)- Ryo Shinoda
  • Momoko Sakai (Clerk at restaurant "Chianti Quattro")- Junko Hamaguchi[133]
  • Ryoko Mizoguchi (Yasuyuki's mother, died of illness two years ago)-
Episode 5 "The Blueprint for Killing"
  • Goko Moroboshi (wife of Gotaro Iwai Architects, Yuichiro) --Ryoko Yui
  • Yuichiro Moroboshi (Designer, Gotaro Iwai Architects)- Kawasagamon
  • Haruna Aoi (Himeya Clean Service Cleaning Worker)- Fumie Hamakawa[134]
  • Gotaro Iwai (President of Gotaro Iwai Architects)- Hidekazu Nagae
  • Yoshiyuki Komatsu (Designer, Gotaro Iwai Architects)- Yuki Ikushima[135]
  • Akemi Yamashita (Iwai's secretary)- Ryoka Neya[136]
  • Kaoru Sekine (Robbery / Design Office Manager)- [137]
  • Murakami (robbery / sightseeing bus driver)-
  • Toshihiko Miyamoto (robbery, former office worker)- [138]
  • Yuta Aoi (Haruna's son, died 10 years ago)- [139]
Episode 6 "Cursed Picture"
Episode 7 "Murder Puzzle"
  • Kaori Yoshida (Sanpo Shokudo Landlady)- Marie Machida
  • Ryosuke Takamiya (mathematician, former university professor)- Shinji Asakura
  • Kazuki Yoshida (Son of Tokaori Ishioka, an elementary school student who is good at mathematics) - [142]
  • Kazunari Shimazaki (Associate Professor, Jonan Polytechnic Institute)- Mutsumi Yoshioka[143]
  • Noboru Ueoka (Hangeure man, part-time job at a former funeral director)- Shusaku Uekawa
  • Seizo Otani (American professor)-
  • Masataka Ishioka (Mathematics researcher, died 8 years ago)- [144]
Episode 8 "Hedgehog in a Closed Room"
  • Yuki Miyakawa (Fumiko's daughter, withdrawal woman)- Misayo Haruki
  • Fumiko Miyagawa (Shorei Building Maintenance Cleaner)- Tajima Reiko
  • Satomi Naruse (Lawyer, Satomi Naruse Law Office)- Sachiko Matsuura
  • Riko Naruse (Satomi Naruse Law Office Lawyer, Satomi's Daughter)- Iku Arai[145]
  • Keigo Hashimoto (Izakaya Aji and the manager)-
  • Masayuki Kudo (Babel Urban Development Employee)- Koji Mitsumi
  • Shoko Tajima (Shorei Building Maintenance Cleaner)- Mayumi Sato
  • Toru Harada (Izakaya Aji and a former employee, hanging himself 15 years ago)- Koichi Miwa[146]
Episode 9 "Flying Suspect"
  • Sho Fukui (unemployed)- Seiya Motoki
  • Yoshiki Wakisaka (General Manager, Material Ordering Department, Saibi Housing Equipment)- Daisuke Nagakura
  • Risa Fukui (Fukui Seiken President, Sho's younger sister)- Kayano[147]
  • Kimihiko Morishita (Employee of Saibi Housing Equipment Service)- [148]
  • Saki Yamaguchi (Employee of Saibi Housing Equipment Service)- Miyuki Sato[149]
  • Hisato Makino (Parcooler)- [150]
  • Takashi Sakagami (Fukui Seiken employee)- Masaru Suwa
  • Emi Kitamura (Employee of the Second Section of the Most Beautiful Real Estate Personnel)- Mai Shinohara[151]
Episode 10 "Bomb Bus Tour"
Episode 11 "Complete silence"
  • Kimiya Maejima (freeter)- Tatsuya Kishida[155]
  • Mai Hirota (employee dispatch company "Fujiki dispatch service" employee, rental lover "Mami Kirihara", sister of Kimiya's mother)- Azusa Okamoto[155]
  • Keiichiro Nakahara (Administrator, Investigation Division XNUMX, Police Agency)- Yasuto Kosuda[155]
  • Taku Kato (an acquaintance of a security guard, Kimiya)-
  • Ryota Fujiki (President of Dispatched Labor Company "Fujiki Dispatch Service")- Nobu Morimoto
  • Satsuki Maejima (Kiya's mother)- Yuko Kimoto
  • Sakura Takanashi (Employee of Dispatched Labor Company "Fujiki Dispatch Service")- [156]
  • Asami (Kuya's lover, suicide last year)- Ai Aida[157]
Episode 12 "One Billion Wife"
Final episode "Scent of Hope"

season5 (2022)

Episode 1 "Masked Bullet"
  • Makoto Mizoguchi (part-time job)- [160]
  • Akiko Higuchi (Woman who worked at "K")- Reina Kurosaki[161]
  • Mori (Metropolitan Police Department administrator)- Yusuke Itagaki
  • Natsume (Director, Shinagawa Higashi Police Department, Metropolitan Police Department)- Satoru Kamata
  • Takashi Doi (Metropolitan Police Department Shinagawa Higashi Police Station Yashio South Park Former Police Box Chief) - Tomoya Shiroishi[162]
  • Ryunosuke Oda (Owner and chef of restaurant "Denenchofu Club")-
  • Naoya Tanizaki (Representative of "Tanizaki Finance")- Tatsuo Kuwahara
  • Osamu Ibushi (Zenkamono)- Tadayasu Sato
  • Taichi Izumi (Employee of Restaurant "Denenchofu Club")- [163]
Episode 2 "Abduction Live"
Episode 3 "Replay of Murderous Intent"
Episode 4 "Lucky Woman"
Episode 5 "Unknown Poison", Episode 6 "Promise"
  • Shunsuke Takiguchi (freeter)- Katsumi Hyodo[178]
  • Toru Neki (Video distributor Negizuki, neighbor of the Teramoto family)- Yosuke Ohmizu(Rubber girl)[179]
  • Mizuki Otake (cooking agency, pregnant woman)- Kanami Tagawa
  • Ryota Kuboike (Director of Real Estate Company "Pound Home")-
  • Soji Teramoto (Employee of real estate company "Pound Home", seller of poison "Noise")- Ryo Yokoyama[180]
  • Honoka Otake (daughter of Mizuki)-
  • Kanako Tomita (Housewife)- Akino Hano
  • Reo Kobutsu (former hangure / victim of Takiguchi's injury)- [181](Episode 5 only)
  • Wakaba Takiguchi (Shunsuke's younger sister, died of acute heart failure 2 weeks ago)- Kudo Mio[182](Episode 6 only)
Episode 7 "Subtitled Murder"
Episode 8 "The Maiden Detective"
  • 早坂長平(花屋オーナー・蘭子の父) - Hasegawa Asaharu
  • 早坂蘭子(高校生・乙女探偵「深世小夜香」) - Ikema Natsumi[191]
  • 村下正三(ツジワン商事 社員) - Kenichiro Tanabe[192]
  • 辻村幸作(ツジワン商事 社長) - Akinori Ando[193]
  • 迫水舞(フラワーショップ「シダの花」店長) - Asami Tomite[194]
  • 市川茜(ツジワン商事 社長秘書) - Nagasawa Nao
  • 早坂優子(長平の妻・蘭子の母・病死) - 西千春
  • 坂本幹也(株式会社イワサキ アートトランスポート 新規事業準備室 室長・元警察官) - Jiro Aya
  • 岩崎真治(株式会社イワサキ アートトランスポート 社長) - 木ノ本嶺浩[195]
  • 高橋啓介(警視庁立花東警察署盗犯係 巡査部長) - Ozaki Umune[196]
  • 木下絵里香(喫茶店店主・公平の妻) - Anno Konno[197]
  • 綾部豊(動画配信者・無職) - 守谷周徒[198]
  • 柴田(株式会社イワサキ アートトランスポート 社員) - 島村みやこ[199]
  • 木下公平(出張料理「デリdeシェフ」のシェフ・5年前自殺) - [200]
  • 久保美奈子(美幸と隼人の母・島田の中学の同級生・旧姓「西野入」) - Kana Harada[201]
  • 久保美幸(東京都立鈴原東高等学校1å¹´A組 高校生) - Sora Tamaki[202]
  • 島田和樹(BAR Spha tikaのマスター・自身の店で週に二度子ども食堂「しまだ食堂」を営業する) - Kubota Yuki[203]
  • 木戸口淳(派遣会社「キャリアクション」営業部長) - Hiroshi Yazaki[204]
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  • 黒岩豪(アプリ制作会社「スタースプリング」SE) - [206]
  • 久保隼人(美幸の弟) - [207]
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最終話「X DAY」
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  • 東山秀作(警察庁警備局警備企画課 理事官・新藤の父の元相棒) - Kazami Shingo[221]

ス タ ッ フ

Theme song

song:V6(avex trax)

song:20th Century (MENT RECORDING)

the term

* Describe the facilities, companies, organizations, departments, incident names, accident names, etc. that frequently appear in the story.

Special Investigation Team, Investigation Division XNUMX, Metropolitan Police Department
An investigation team newly established by Kandagawa for the purpose of "early resolution of cases".Known as "Tokuso 9".In the room9係There is a coffee maker that has been used since the times (Aoyagi was brought in).
In a murder case that occurred one year before the establishment, the suspect was arrested in cooperation with an investigator of the organized crime countermeasures department based on the crime prevention camera image, but it was later discovered that the image was forged, and further investigators He committed suicide (it turned out to be a murder in the final episode), and he was forced to disband by wearing a wet garment that the 1th person himself was involved in the fabrication.Komiyama and his colleagues were reluctant to say, "It may be the same thing as a year ago," but in the end, all nine staff members except Kano gathered and formed with the addition of newcomer Shindo. Later, Takamori, who was the mastermind behind the dissolution of 9 people, was arrested and humiliated.

Broadcast schedule


  • October 2018, 4-December 11, all 6 episodes.
  • The program catch phrase is "From 9 staff to special search 9.. "
  • Episode 8 is soccerGiraffe challenge cup"Japan×ガーナDue to the broadcast (19:23-21:27), it will be delayed by 30 minutes (21:30-22:24).
  • The first, ninth, and final episodes are expanded by 9 minutes (15: 21-22: 09).
Each storyAirdatesubtitleLatte column[224]scriptdirected byAudience rating[225]
Episode 12018/4/11XNUMX years of murder9 Reunion special investigation team started! Jomon pottery murder 1 years ago !!Masaki FukasawaRokuro Sugimura16.0%
Episode 24/18Bride disappearsRinjo !! Cold trap in a luxury hotel Bride disappears murder case!Keiichiro Yoshida15.4%
Episode 34/25Murder city planningA villain in a kimono!Accusation !! Murder City PlanningChiaki Mabe14.5%
Episode 4502 daysUnderfloor skeleton corpseForensics VS Special Investigation Team Underfloor corpse !! Wife's will 31 promiseYukiko OkazakiTakazo Tamura13.8%
Episode 5509 daysMurder harmonicaI saw the doll !! Murder harmonica !? The secret of the angry womanAkiyo TakigawaRyoji Shinmura14.3%
Episode 65/16The murderous intent of red flowersSuspicion of red flowers Movie murder !! Chase Guzmania !?Rei Yoshihara13.2%
Episode 75/23Killing banknotes1 Yen Murder A Man Who Died Too Much !?Aoyama Masaru
Minami Yamamoto
Yasushi Hasegawa13.0%
Episode 85/30Infinite murderAkiko Iwase11.1%
Episode 9606 daysSerial killer XBeware of the entire area of ​​Tokyo Chase the mysterious serial killer X !! Expansion SpecialTomihiko TokunagaMitsunobu Hosokawa14.5%
The last episode of6/13Murder at three timesLast Incident 9 Dissolution ... The Truth of the Team Leader Final Special !!Masaki FukasawaRokuro Sugimura14.0%
Average audience rating 14.0%[225](The audience rating isVideo researchLook up,Kanto area・Household/real time)


AirdatesubtitleLatte column[224]scriptdirected byAudience rating
March 201907 daysThe last case of the special investigation teamA new journey ... a new chapter
Command from the police chief !!
Prosecution VS Police!Challenge the darkness of justice !!
Kamakura-Enoshima murder chain ... Targeted life
2 mm to death!Team leader moves
The last case of the special investigation team
Masaki FukasawaKosuke Suzuki13.0%
(Audience rating is based on video research, Kanto area, households, real time)


  • October 2019, 4-December 10, all 6 episodes.
  • The program catch phrase is "This is the strongest investigation team.. "
  • August 5White tower』\ Suspended due to the first night broadcast.
  • The first and last rounds will be expanded by 15 minutes (21: 22-09: XNUMX).
Each storyAirdatesubtitleLatte column[224]scriptdirected byAudience rating[226]
Episode 12019/4/10Special investigation team new caseNew chapter started !! Terrorism in Tokyo ... Suspect disappeared!The biggest crisisTomihiko TokunagaKosuke Suzuki15.2%
Episode 24/17Correct murderCorrect murder!I saw the woman who reviewed it !! The last train in Boso ... The overwritten truthYukiko OkazakiRyoji Shinmura12.3%
Episode 34/24The last game of HeiseiDiscontinuous murder !! A man with an alibi on an iron wall VS special investigation team !!Makoto Hayashi11.6%
Episode 4501 daysReiwa's first caseA woman who escapes !! Reiwa, the first caseYukiko OkazakiTakazo Tamura13.1%
Episode 5508 daysSpontaneous combustion murderAroma murder Unnatural combustion murder seen by a super housekeeper !! Wishes of a working motherChiaki MabeYusuke Toyoshima12.7%
Episode 65/15Star-shaped murderStar-shaped murderous intent !! 12 years of feud that women have hidden!Procession pie shopkeeper murder investigationAkiyo TakigawaKosuke Suzuki
Episode 75/29Tower apartment murderA strange corpse apartment minpaku murder !! Wife VS mistress 30 minutes blankMakoto HayashiNaomi Tamura11.6%
Episode 8605 daysThe murderous intention of a woman to feedExcellent company murder Witness is a nursing robot Hidden taste investigation !? Suspect is 6 womenTomomi Shimo12.2%
Episode 96/12Asakusa Great Investigation LineAsakusa Great Investigation !! The night I picked up 500 million ... Shitamachi Rakugo Murder !? Taiyaki and the wishes of the benefactorKazuhiro InabaMitsunobu Hosokawa14.3%
Episode 106/19In the middle of the time differenceGod of forensics !? Unscrupulous fraud !! Damage amount 2 million final chapterMarumo ShuKosuke Suzuki12.7%
The last episode of6/26Justice trapJustice trap!Departure ... Farewell Team Leader !! Final SpecialTomihiko Tokunaga13.8%
Average audience rating 13.0%[226](Audience rating is based on video research, Kanto area, households, real time)


  • October 2020, 4-December 8, all 7 episodes.
  • The program catch phrase is "The strongest nine to solve the case.. "
  • The first and last rounds will be expanded by 15 minutes (21: 22-09: XNUMX).
  • From May 5th to June 6thNew coronavirusBroadcasting "masterpiece selection" of "Special Investigation 9" and "Investigation Section 9 Section XNUMX of the Police Agency" due to the postponement of shooting due to the spread of infection[227].
Each storyAirdatesubtitleLatte column[224]scriptdirected byAudience rating[228]
Episode 1March 202008 daysCross-border investigationCross-border investigation serial murder !! 3 cities 3 mysteriesTomihiko TokunagaNaomi Tamura14.2%
Episode 24/15The man who carried the corpse of his wifeNew team leader appointed The man who carried the body of his wifeKazuhiro Inaba13.9%
Episode 34/22Killing omelet riceDangerous investigation phantom omelet rice !! Murder of a Western-style restaurantAkiyo TakigawaRyosuke Kanezaki
Episode 44/29Murder castleCrime student delivery magician VS 6 detectives !!Junpei Yamaoka
Episode 56/1710th year murderReopening new work! New development in the secret of the group leader !! A man from the past ... Murder in the 10th yearShinya MaruyamaYoshihisa Uehoriuchi15.0%
Episode 66/24Episode XNUMXA scene with too many traces of murder in four colors !! God of forensics VS woman running awayYukiko OkazakiTakazo Tamura13.8%
Episode 7701 daysDeath of Shoplifting G MenThe death of the targeted female shoplifting G-Men !!Akemi MoriyamaYoshihisa Uehoriuchi13.5%
Episode 8708 daysW murderInner enemy ... 1000 yen cheap leaflet investigation Mansion closed room murderHiroya TakaMitsunobu Hosokawa13.2%
Episode 97/1548 hours of offense and defenseImpregnable !! Battle with Soshi Suspect Special Investigation Team 48 hours of offense and defenseTomihiko Tokunaga12.7%
The last episode of7/22Episode XNUMX0.2% chance! Team leader vs special investigation !! New facts in the investigation notebookTakazo Tamura15.2%
Average audience rating 13.9% (Audience rating is based on video research, Kanto area, households, real time)


  • October 2021, 4-December 7, all 6 episodes.
  • The first and last rounds will be expanded by 10 minutes (21: 22-04: XNUMX).
  • In the final episode, V9 "Goodday !!Was used as an insert song.
Each storyAirdatesubtitle[229]scriptdirected byAudience rating[230]
Episode 1March 202107 daysGray suspectTomihiko TokunagaMitsunobu Hosokawa13.2%
Episode 24/14Murder designerAkiyo Takigawa13.7%
Episode 34/21Best dayTomihiko Tokunaga
Tetsuya Kanamaru
Takazo Tamura11.9%
Episode 44/28prayerYukiko Okazaki14.2%
Episode 5505 daysBlueprint for killingYoshihisa Uehoriuchi12.9%
Episode 65/12Cursed pictureJunpei Yamaoka13.2%
Episode 75/19Murder puzzleKazuhiro InabaYusuke Toyoshima13.9%
Episode 85/26Hedgehog in a closed roomAkiyo Takigawa13.0%
Episode 9602 daysFlying suspectKoshiro MikamiTakazo Tamura13.2%
Episode 10609 daysBomb bus tourHiroya Taka12.4%
Episode 116/16Complete silenceJunpei YamaokaKosuke Suzuki12.5%
Episode 126/2310 billion wivesShinya Maruyama
Mitsunobu Hosokawa
Mitsunobu Hosokawa12.9%
The last episode of6/30The scent of hopeTomihiko Tokunaga13.9%
Average audience rating 13.1% (Audience rating is based on video research, Kanto area, households, real time)


  • October 2022, 4-December 6, all 6 episodes.
  • 初回・最終話は10分拡大(21時 - 22時04分)。
Each storyAirdatesubtitle[231]scriptdirected byAudience rating[232]
Episode 1March 202206 daysMasked bulletTomihiko TokunagaMitsunobu Hosokawa12.4%
Episode 24/13Abduction liveJunpei Yamaoka10.9%
Episode 34/20Replay of murderous intentTomomi ShimoYoshihisa Uehoriuchi11.0%
Episode 44/27Lucky womanAkiyo Takigawa10.9%
Episode 5504 daysUnknown poisonHiroya TakaTakazo Tamura09.3%
Episode 65/11the TEAM11.4%
Episode 75/18Subtitle murderYukiko OkazakiMitsunobu Hosokawa09.3%
Episode 85/25Maiden detectiveShun NishimeShojiro Nakazawa11.0%
Episode 9601 days仮面の追跡者Takazo Tamura10.3%
Episode 10608 days再開発の罠Akiyo Takigawa10.9%
Episode 116/15判決の行方Hiroya TakaMitsunobu Hosokawa10.7%
The last episode of6/22X DAYTomihiko Tokunaga10.2%
Average audience rating 10.7% (Audience rating is based on video research, Kanto area, households, real time)


[How to use footnotes]

注 釈

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  2. ^ Incidentally,Investigation HeadquartersUnless it is a temporary organization department such as, it will not be dissolved except for organizational reform.
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