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📺 | Yamashita's starring drama "Honest Real Estate" is popular.


The drama "Honest Real Estate" starring Yamashita is popular.

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So far, the drama has dealt with themes such as "inspection," "accident property," "ground master," "land with construction conditions," and "pair loan."

Starring Tomohisa Yamashita is also active globally, such as appearing in overseas dramas (photograph, newsletter) Starring Tomohisa Yamashita ... → Continue reading


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    Land with construction conditions

    Accident property

    Accident propertyIn the broad senseReal estateTransactionsRentSubject to contractland-HouseAndApartment-ApartmentFor example, in the main part or common part of the property, the former resident mayDeathI have a history of doing. However, there are some things that are not called accident properties due to the cause of death, so the criteria for judgment are not clearly defined.


    The following cases can be listed as properties that are treated as accident properties.

    These are commonly calledPsychologicaldefectIt falls under the category ofGangsterWhen a criminal such as (or a suspected person) resides, despite the fact that there is no particular case that corresponds to the accident property before, "幽 霊It should be noted that there may be cases where the resident's retention rate is extremely poor due to rumors that have no scientific basis, such as "there is an issue", and the cases that do not directly correspond to the safety of the former resident.

    On the contrary, even if the previous resident has a history of death,solitary deathThere is no case like death or illness (although there are many cases where the line between suicide and suicide is ambiguous)Natural deathCaused byNight escapeA former resident due to a criminal case that does not correspond to life or death of human beingsArrestDue to factors such as beingA vacant houseThose that fall into the category of "corresponding to" are classified as psychological defects in a broad sense, but may not necessarily be treated as accident properties.

    Residential land and building transaction business law OfExplanation of important mattersInTermiteThe harm history ofLeak, Due to damage to the property itself such as earthquake or landslide damagePhysical flawIn addition to the above, it is said that the psychological flaw of the accident property should also be an item to be announced, but there is no clear provision for the retroactive period of that matter, and it is generallyCivil trialupperPrecedentIt is said that the treatment by Therefore, even in the past where an incident corresponding to an accident property occurred,RenovationIn the case of a property in which several generations of residents have lived without incident after passing through such circumstances, it may be a matter of dispute because the past accident case is discovered later. ..

    2020 year 6 month,Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismFor the first time, has put together a draft guideline on whether real estate agents should inform prospective tenants about "accident properties."The target is for residential use, not for offices.Cases that do not require notification are illness, natural causes, and accidental deaths associated with daily life.Cases to be notified are accidental deaths other than accidental deaths such as murders, suicides, falls from stairs, falls while bathing, and stuffy food, and if it is unknown whether the death was an accident or a natural death, it is left for a long time. When odors or insects occur.However, the conditions for homicide, suicide, and accidental death other than accidental accidents differ between renting and buying and selling.In the case of renting, notification shall be given for approximately 3 years after death, and it is not necessary to notify properties that have passed more than that.In the case of buying and selling, notification is required regardless of the period from death[1].


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