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🎥 | "Shin Ultraman" exceeded 3 million yen in 9.9 days! Start to surpass "Shin Godzilla"

Photo From "Shin Ultraman", which has made a hit start, a commemorative photo of "Shin Ultraman" – (C) 2022 "Shin Ultraman" Production Committee (C) Tsuburaya Productions

"Shin Ultraman" has exceeded 3 million yen in revenue in 9.9 days! Start to surpass "Shin Godzilla"

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The photo of Takumi Saitoh, Masami Nagasawa, Hidetoshi Nishijima, Daiki Arioka, and Akari Hayami, who play the members of the special sword, is a tribute to the group photo of the "Special Corps" that appeared in the first "Ultraman" broadcast in 1966. It is a composition.

Toho's box office record for the three days of the movie "Shin Ultraman" released last weekend was 16 ... → Continue reading

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    Special vs. member

    Masami Nagasawa

    Masami Nagasawa(Masami Nagasawa,1987/(Showa62 years)6/3 -) isJapan Ofactress.. Same real name.height168cm[1].Toho Performing ArtsBelongs. ShizuokaIwataI'm fromHorikoshi High Schoolgraduate.

    Father is exJapan national football teamso,J LeagueBefore entryJubilo Iwata(Yamaha Motor Soccer Club) Was the directorKazuaki Nagasawa.


    5th (1999), recommended by mothers and their friendsToho "Cinderella" AuditionApply for and out of 35,153 people2000/1/9At that time, she was selected as the grand prix at the age of 12 (the sixth grader in elementary school), the youngest in history, and entered the entertainment world. Released in the same yearCross-fire』In the movie debut (crank in: 20002/9, Screening 20006/10). After that, teen magazine "Pichi Lemon] Became a dedicated model. year 200012/11First drama "Secret ~Lawyer Mariko Sako's will creation file~" (TBS) Was broadcast.

    2001/, Serial drama "Pure Soul ~ Even if you forget me ~』(Yomiuri Television) First regular appearance. Along with that, he moved to Tokyo in the spring of the second year of middle school. Nakano Ward 2th Junior High School (currentlyNakano Junior High SchoolGo to)[3].. at firstChihiro OtsukaAnd they were living together.

    2002/ToNHKContinuous tv novel"Sakura].

    2003/IsRobocon] For the first time,27th Japan Academy AwardReceived the New Actor Award[Note 1].. The 27th Godzilla series released in the same yearGodzilla x Mothra x Mechagodzilla Tokyo SOS] And the final series of the following year "Godzilla FINAL WARSWas selected as a jury special award at the Toho "Cinderella" auditionChihiro OtsukaLittle beautyCo-starred in the role[Note 2].

    2004/,Avoid love in the center of the world] As a heroine.leukemiaPlaying the role of Aki who has alopecia due to the side effects of treatment, and volunteeringSkin headBecame[4].. This work was a blockbuster with a box office income of 85 billion yen, and received numerous movie awards including the 28th Japan Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. Released at the same time as "Saving love in the center of the world"Shochikuthe work"The need for deep breathingThrough,touch], [Rough ROUGH』Starring. Mainly shooting "Crying Out Love in the Center of the World"KagawaIn November 2004, he was appointed Ambassador of Kagayaki Kagawa.2006/Until spring)[5],2005/From August to NovemberJR Yamanote LineA car advertisement train was operated in[6][7].

    In 2005, the TV drama "Gentle time』(Fuji Television Network, Inc), "Dragon cherry』(TBS),The 56th NHK Red and White Singing BattleThen I served as a judge. From the same year, the cover of "Toho Calendar" has been displayed every year.

    In 2006Achievement is Tsuji"soNHK taiga dramaFirst appearance. In the fall of the same year,Yakushimaru HirokoThe movie, which starred inSailor suit and machine gunWill be a remake ofSerial dramaStarring in (TBS).The theme song of the same name was announced under the name of "Hoshiizumi" (role name in the drama).

    2007/April cool9Drama"Proposal DaisakusenThe first appearance and first starring in 9Tomohisa YamashitaAnd double starring). The average audience rating was over 15% in this cool, and the highest audience rating was over 20% (final episode).

    2008/Cool AprilLast Friends』(Fuji TV) starring.Ueno JuriIt co-starred with and recorded the highest audience rating of 22.8%.

    2011/January,PARCO TheaterAtYukiko MotoyaI took the first stage on the stage "" by the production and direction of. same year9/23Published “Moteki』, Challenged the sexy scene and broke new ground. At the completion party, he said about this, "I was very embarrassed because there was a cut that reflected only the legs and chest."[8].

    2013/,TaiwanDrama"ChocolateThe first challenge to an overseas drama.ChineseWill be shown.

    2015/, Appearance work "Haitown diary"But68th Cannes International Film FestivalWill be officially exhibited in the competition section of[9][10].

    2018/Cool AprilConfidenceman JP』(Fuji TV) starring. "9The appearance of the frame is "SUMMER NUDEIt's been about 5 years since. "Moon 9" starring "Proposal DaisakusenIt's been 11 years since then, and it's the first time to star alone.[11].. In November 2019, "Confidence Man JP RomanceWill be made into a movie with the title of "" and will be the second work in July 2020.Confidence Man JP Princess, Which will be the third work in January 2022.Confidence Man JP Hero EditionWas released.

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    * The leading work isTaiziNotation


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    • "Masami Nagasawa" (August 2001, 8)
    • "THE COMPLETE Masami Nagasawa" (November 2001, 11)
    • "First Love" (August 2002, 8)
    • "Tokyo Satomi Discovery Biography" (September 2003, 9)
    • "Summertime Blue" (March 2004, 3)
    • "IQUEEN Vol.1 Masami Nagasawa "CHANGE" [Blu-ray]" (March 2012, 3)
    • "IQUEEN Vol.11 Masami Nagasawa "MAX" [Blu-ray]" (October 2012, 10)

    Photo album

    • "Sora" (September 2001,Gakken
    • "Me" (April 2002,Home Company
    • "Girl Legend" (November 2002,Futabasha
    • "Summertime Blue" (September 2003,Gakken
    • "NO MEANING" (June 2007,Gentosha
    • "Drink Chai?" (August 2008, 8, Gentosha)
    • "Masami Nagasawa smart" (April 2009, 4,Treasure Island
    • "IQUEEN VOL.1 Masami Nagasawa" (August 2011, 8,Parco Publishing
    • “IQUEEN VOL.11 Masami Nagasawa” (August 2012, 8, Parco Publishing)
    • "A Beautiful Mind" (August 2021, 8, Takarajimasha)[147]


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    注 釈

    1. ^ Nagasawa said he was awakened to acting through this movie, and he still lists it as his favorite work.
    2. ^ The soundtrack CD of "Godzilla x Mothra x Mechagodzilla Tokyo SOS" contains "Mothra's Song" sung by Otsuka and the two. By the way, the roles of Nagasawa and Otsuka are "Mana" and "Hio", respectively.
    3. ^ Sawajiri Erika REAL ERIKAI made a request when I appeared. He has touched several times on his own radio program.
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    5. ^ With Ishizaki, he has a close relationship with his family and often eats together after becoming an actress. It was Nagasawa that created the catalyst for Ishizaki to enter the directorship business (Nobuhiro Ishizaki # EpisodeSee section).
    6. ^ "Yabetchi FC-Japan Soccer Support Declaration-". 1 January 2007. TV Asahi. |series=Is mandatory. (Description).. Nagasawa is performing an episode in which he was married by Masafumi Nakayama when he was in the first and second grades of elementary school. Nakayama later became an actressTomoko IkutaIkuta was also one of the people who recommended Nagasawa to apply for the audition.
    7. ^ "PanasonicIt was scheduled to be aired as "Drama Special", but on March 2011, 3Great East Japan EarthquakeDue to the self-restraint of advertising activities due to the outbreak, it was broadcast without sponsorship.
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