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🧑‍🎨 | A fantastic art space where cherry blossoms are in full bloom. Introducing the "Damien Hirst Cherry Blossoms" Exhibition and the achievements of the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art


A fantastic art space where cherry blossoms are in full bloom. Introducing the "Damien Hirst Cherry Blossoms" Exhibition and the achievements of the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art

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The Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art introduced this <Sakura> series for the first time in the world.

Photographed by Masaya Yoshimura © Damien Hirst an… → Continue reading


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Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art

Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art (French: Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain) IsCartierFoundation.simplyCartier FoundationAlso called.Paris OfMontparnasse(Paris 14th arrondissement)現代 美術 OfsponsorAnd thatMecenatThe activity isMercedes-BenzIt is evaluated as a scale comparable to[2]..Part of the building is open to the public as a museumCartier Foundation for Contemporary Art[3],Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art[4]Known as.

The wall that separates the site from the road, which is one of the features of the building, isQuai Branly MuseumInSeine riverIt's glazed like that along the way, togetherJean NouvelIs the design of[5]..In talking about Jean NouvelArab World InstituteAlong with the glass façade, the method is different, but it is a building that is noted as what characterizes his design.[6].


In 1984 the FoundationVersaillesAdjacent to(English editionStarted an art promotion project in the land of[7]..Founded by Cartier President Alain Dominique Perrin, the foundation was intended to serve as a forum for contemporary artists not only in France but around the world.[3].

Started construction of a new base in what is now Montparnasse in 1991[3]..The orderer of the building was an insurance company, not Cartier, but the design was left to Jean Nouvel, as Cartier said, as a tenant.[8]..Construction was completed in 1994[3], The museum also opened at the same time[9]..Botanist(English editionIn 1998, a green wall was also installed at the entrance.[7].

The 2014th anniversary of the foundation's establishment in 30 was featured in "Maison de Musée du Monde", and according to a special feature article, more than 30 special exhibitions were held in 100 years.[10]. thisMecenatIs also helping to improve Cartier's corporate image[7].


The above-ground part of the building, which has 7 floors above ground, a rooftop floor, and 7 floors below ground, is entirely covered with glass.The 1st basement floor and the 1st floor above ground are exhibition spaces, and the 2nd and higher floors above ground are offices.[11]..The total exhibition space is 1,200 square meters[7]..There are no stairs inside the building, and access to each floor is covered by three glass elevators inside the building.[9]..Two stairs are arranged along the outer wall of the back[12]..As a whole, it is designed without decoration.[9].

The glass wall that separates the site from the road, which is the structure that characterizes this facility, is a quick glance for those who walk casually, paying attention only to the glass wall, and it is difficult to notice the garden and the building behind it. It is noted that the façade is not a façade.[3]..Jean Nouvel once in the basic designFrançois-Rene de ChateaubrianIs near this place, which is said to have been planted byLebanon cedarInspired by[8][13]..Focusing on the fact that this tree stands away from the street, the building should also be kept away from the street.[8]..The wall is 8 meters high, and in the center of the front yard, which is 12 meters deep to the building itself.ChestnutTree stands[3]..The walls are not built independently, but are connected to the building by horizontal pillars extending from two levels high on the wall to support them so that they will not fall over.[14]..The glass wall that separates the building from the road created in this way also created a secondary effect of soundproofing.[8].

The garden that surrounds the building is a contemporary artist'sLothar Baumgarten Designed by "Botanical Theater ("Theater Botanicum) ”.The artist created this garden, which covers the entire site, not as a mere outdoor environment attached to the building, but as a self-made botanical theater.The garden created by receiving the architecture of Nouvelle[Source required]We've added some vegetation to the vegetation that was already on the premises, with a winding road in between, leading to the outer staircase on the back of the building.[15]..This garden is said to be the image of a medieval monastery garden[7].At the request of the author, the Cartier Foundation has not made any additions or deletions to the garden since its completion.The role of the architect, who leaves all the changes in the environment in the garden, including plants, at the mercy of nature, and spends time appreciating the growth and decline as a work, and also plays a role in the total image of the garden. The impression of this garden would not be possible without the environmental interpretation device of light and material of architect Jean Nouvelle, and the signs evoked by it give meaning to Baumgarten's garden.[Source required]

From its birth, the garden of collaboration between architects and artists still shimmers in the city of Paris as if to cheer up the exhausted city, and the large glass screen that reflects the changing sky and sunlight is inside and outside. Taking in the trees and changing the image every moment, he develops a continuous drama in the garden, which is a theater.[Source required]

The garden seen through the fence from the road side is also impressive, but the interior is even more fresh.A nostalgic landscape spreads out in the grove, and if you go to the backyard, you can see the scenery from the front garden to the outer road through the exhibition hall of the museum.From inside the museum, it is also interesting to see the garden as the background of the exhibited works.[Source required]

Large-scale entrance left and rightInstallationIt is a space where works are exhibited in a three-month cycle, and if you ask Jean Nouvel himself, "Nomadic space (nomadic space)espace nomade) ”[16]..This exhibition period is 2010Takeshi Kitano / Beat TakeshiIt may be extended depending on the response like an exhibition.[17].. The entire first floor has a high ceiling like a stairwell, and in the middle of the floormezzanineIs placed[12].

By the way, because it is entirely covered with glass, the inside can be seen as it is, but since a roll-up curtain is placed outside along the outer wall of the building, it is possible to shut out the line of sight by using this. structure[12].

The evaluation of the exhibition facility is that the ground floor is covered with glass and it is easy to take in outside light, while the basement floor relies on only three pieces of glass on the ceiling for outside light. It is a white-painted space to be hung on[18]..Also, the ground floor is not suitable for paintings because it is covered with glass that allows outside light to enter.On the other hand, "carte blanche (blank power of attorney)[19]As the exhibition is entirely at the discretion of the artist, it certainly offers an opportunity for invaluable challenges.

Examples of artists who exhibited

Since the 1990s, there are many cases where Japanese artists are taken up.[7].


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