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🎥 | Hiroki Ino / Akira Kagimoto (Lead) W starring “NIGHT HEAD 2041-THE STAGE -…


Hiroki Ino / Akira Kagimoto (Lead) W starring "NIGHT HEAD 2041-THE STAGE -...

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In addition, Naoto's younger brother [Naoya Kirihara] will also be performed in the W cast, with Ryugi Yokota and Natsuki Osaki acting.

Broadcast in 1992, the shocking work "NIGHT HEAD" that caught the hearts of many men and women and boasted cult popularity ... → Continue reading

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Natsuki Osaki

Natsuki Osaki(Natsuki Osaki,1995/8/4[2][3] -) isJapan OfAn actor..Omnia affiliation.KumamotoI'm from


Going to Tokyo after passing the audition[3][4]..After that, she worked as a salon model, and since 2015 she has been active mainly on the stage.[5].

Weight 50 kg.Her nickname is "Natsukun"[3].

My hobbies are soccer, walking, watching movies, visiting curry shops,Karaoke alone[2][1]..He started playing the guitar when he was in the third year of junior high school and was in a band when he was in high school.[5].





  • Theatrical company syuen launching performance "Lapis lazuli-a helpless cat lied-" (June 6-26, Takada Baba Rabinest)[6]
  • Theatrical company syuen 2nd performance "God can't study" (February 2-5, Takada Baba Rabinest)[6]
  • The King's Affirmation ~ The King's Affirmation Song ~ (April 4-20, Theater Green BASE THEATER)[7]
  • Stage TAIYO MAGIC FILM 11th Performance "Sakura Sakukoro 2016" (October 10-1, Akasaka RED THEATER)[8]
  • Gilles de Rais (November 11-9, Yumemachi Theater, Asakusa Rokuku)[9]
  • Stage "Kinda Police Department likes Dorobo" (March 3-11, Shinagawa Prince Hotel Club eX)- Starring Phantom Thief Jack-Henri Role (W cast)
  • Miracle ☆ Stage "Sanrio Boys" ~ KAWAII Evolution ~ (July 7-15, Shinagawa Prince Hotel Club eX / July 25-August 7, Kyoto Theater) --Ichiro Itonaga[31]
  • Paradox Live on Stage(September 9-9, Shinagawa Prince Stellar Ball / September 9-September 16, Theater Drama City) -Yato Noue Nayuki role * Osaka performance canceled[32][33]


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外部 リンク

Ryori Yokota

Ryugi Yokota(Yokota Ryugi,1994/9/9 -) isJapan OfAn actor.FukushimaKawauchi VillageI'm fromBennuBelongs.


25 timesJunon Superboy ContestReceived the Jury's Special Award.

In 2015, the first movie "Wait in Udagawacho. 』AtWomen's menPlayed[1][2].9/28From to November 2017Fukushima Central TelevisionInformation program ofGojitere Chu!Appeared in the corner "Walking Journey of the Ryugi in Japan".He achieved a traversal of Japan on foot from Wakkanai in Hokkaido to Cape Sata in Kagoshima.

2017/Musical "Touken Ranbu" ~ XNUMX Years of Lullaby ~He made his debut as a 2.5-dimensional musical in the role of Sadamune Monoyoshi.

In October 2019, he was appointed as "Kawauchi Village Furusato Ambassador" in Kawauchi Village, Fukushima Prefecture, where he was born.


  • It features big eyes and a low voice.
  • The name of the fan is "Ryumar".Ryugi Yokota from the ideas submitted to the plan to think about the names of the fans of the official site commemorative event (held on February 2017, 2) and the names proposed in the Twitter tag of "#Ryugi Yokota official site commemorative event" It was selected by Ryugi Yokota, and when he proposed it on his blog, it was decided by the consent comments of many fans.He wrote, "Looking at the idea of ​​Ryumar, I really liked it and I thought it would be okay if I was a great gamer."[3] [4] .
  • January 2018, 1 Official site opened Ryugi Yokota OFFICIAL SITE.
  • Inspired by his father's close look at Kamen Rider, he aims to become a Kamen Rider.At the end of his blog, he always says, "I'll definitely be a Kamen Rider."
  • My favorite Kamen RiderKamen Rider Den-o.
  • To an actor I admireKen Sato,Tatsuya Fujiwara..For actors who want to co-starKento KakuAre listed.
  • Koki MitaniI long for appearing in the director's work.
  • His special skills are boxing, which he has devoted himself to for 11 years, and lion dance, which is a traditional performing art in Kawauchi Village.
  • He performed a lion dance at the "Junon Super Boy Contest".
  • My hobby is learning to dance while watching video sites (mainly)EXILE), Keyboard, games.
  • He belonged to the soft tennis club in junior high school and the light music club in high school.
  • Actor'sHiroki UtsumiIs a high school classmate.
  • I have a dog called Poco at my parents' house.
  • Cat allergy.
  • I have an older sister.
  • I like sweets.I especially like pudding.
  • I'm not good at spicy foods and horror.
  • Kawauchi Village's official character "Nature Village Head MoritarouI love stuffed animals.When she played the game of life together, she lost to Moritarou, who was promoted to the director.[5] (Nico Nama, Yoko Channel # 5)

Appearance work


  • Wait in Udagawa-cho.(Published February 2015)- Starring Tomoya Yashiro Role
  • Kanuma (produced in 2018)
  • I will never forget it (released May 2019, 5) -as Marco (Tetsuro Kamiya)
  • MANKAI MOVIE "A3!" SPRING & SUMMER (released December 2021, 12)- Starring Sakuya Sakuma Role
    • MANKAI MOVIE "A3!" AUTUMN & WINTER (released March 2022, 3)
  • Pastry chef and young lady (released May 2022, 5) -Kousaku Haru

TV drama

  • (April-June 2018,Kanagawa)-The role of Marco[6]
  • Daddy, I started (October 2019, 10, Episode 23,BS Nippon Television) -Chimera role
  • Do not you sleep?Three Brothers Koyamauchi (November 2019 Episode 11,Nippon TV) -The role of Taichi
  • I'm home! Three brothers Koyamauchi (October 2020, Episode 10,Nippon TV) -The role of Taichi[7]
  • It's a mystery Episode 11 (March 2022, 3, Fuji TV) --The role of black clothes

tv set

  • TUF NEWS LIVE switch! (August 2013,TV You Fukushima)
  • Domisora(August 2013,Fukushima Broadcasting)
  • Two and a half tatami records (July 2013,Fukushima Central Television)
  • 24-hour TV 36 Love saves the earth!What is Japan ...? ~ Shape of this country ~ (August 2013th and 8th, 24, Fukushima Central Television)
  • Marriage JOY in the style of Ryugi. ~ Fukushima Omote na Journey ~ (October 2013, Fukushima Broadcasting)
  • "Domisora" Ryugi-kun is enthusiastically instructed! (November 2013, Fukushima Broadcasting)
  • Sata Fuku & FTV Super News Year-end Special (December 2013, Fukushima TV)
  • JOYnt! (March 2014,Gunma TV)
  • Gojitere Chu!"Walking Trip of Ryugi Yokota" (October 2014-March 10, Fukushima Central Television)
  • BF meeting(October 2014-March 10,TV Asahi) Semi-regular
  • A cool man and a woman who wants to hear (December 2015,Fuji Television Network, Inc)
  • Happiness Pursuit Variety Women Who Want to Hear on Friday (June 2016, 6, August 23, 8, Fuji TV)
  • "24-hour TV 40 Love Saves the Earth" "24-hour Charity Baseball Tournament" (August 2017th and 8th, 26, Fukushima Central Television)
  • Shibuya Nooto(December 2017, 9,NHK)
  • ActorsNavi (September 2017, 9 # 6,TOKYO MX)
  • ZIP! (December 2017, 10,Nippon TV)


  • Mitsukoshi Theater Summer Vacation Musical "GoGo! Panda '72" (August 2013) -As Mitsuru Hoshino
  • Musical "Touken Ranbu"--The role of Sadamune Monoyoshi
    • ~ 2017 Years of Lullaby ~ (March 3, 4-April 4, 3,AiiA 2.5 Theater Tokyo other)
    • ~ Shinken Ranbu Festival 2017 ~ (December 2017-12, 8,Nippon Budokan other)
    • ~ Shinken Ranbu Festival 2018 ~ (November 2018, 11-December 24, 12,Makuhari MesseInternational Exhibition Hall, etc.)
    • ~ 2019 Years of Lullaby 2019 ~ (Replay) (January 1, 20-March 3, 24,Galaxy theater other)
    • ~ Utaawase Ranbu Frenzy 2019 ~ (November 2019, 11-January 24, 2020, Saitama Super Arena, etc.)
  • Musical "Good Evening School" (December 2020-12, 17,Honda Theater) *starring[8]


  • KEN Produced 18th Performance "RED ~ New Theory, Kotaro Monogatari ~" (May 2014)
  • KBS Project act 15 Super sports soul chorus comedy "SING !!"(November 2014)
  • MOJO (June 2017-July, Shinagawa Prince Hotel Club ex)-Silver Johnny[9]
  • Blue Exorcist ~ Shimane Illuminati Hen ~(October 2017-10, 20, Zepp Blue Theater Roppongi / November 29-11, Shin-Kobe Oriental Theater) -Lucifer[10]
  • "Dragon, Dance with Wolves" -The Dead of Kusatsu- (March 2018, 3-April 21, Kii Kuniya Southern Theater TAKASHIMAYA)-Mr. Yoshida [11]
  • Taisho Roman Detective Tan -Six Maria Statues- (April 2018-4, 18, Theater 22)-Shota Kitahaya[12]
  • MANKAI STAGE "A3!"--Sakuya Sakuma
  • Sengoku Night Blood(August 2018-8, 16, Galaxy Theater) -Ranmaru Mori[16]
  • KING OF PRISM -Shiny Rose Stars-(February 2020-2, 20, TOKYO DOME CITY HALL)-Rui Kisaragi
  • Stage "Don't get married !? Three brothers in Koyamauchi" (March 2021-3, 3, Sogetsu Hall)
  • Kyogen performance "Kyogen Otoko-Summer Chapter [Mosquito Sumo / Call]-" (July 2021-7, 9, Cerulean Tower Noh Theater)
  • TAAC "The Dumb Waiter" (November 2021-11, 3, Sumida Park Theater Kura)
  • stage"Fire Force-Destruction Flower, Creation Sound-(January 2022-1, 18, KT Zepp Yokohama) -As Arthur Boyle

Voice drama

  • New sensation voice drama distribution service "Love good night call / isolation ward series"[17] --Yukinaga Kanzaki (May 2017-March 5)


  • "Ryugi Yokota First Photobook Ryugi" (Shufu to Seikatsusha, released on March 2019, 3)


BFB name

  • "Do you want to kiss? Do you want to be?" EDGE of LIFE, 2nd single "Love or Life" only version bonus track (released December 2014, 12)

Tokendanshi formation of XNUMX years[18]

  • 4th single "The Triumph of Victory" Tokendanshi formation of 2017 years (released on September 9, 27)
  • 3rd album "Musical" Swords Ranbu "~ 2017 Years of Komoriuta ~" Swordsman formation of 11 years (released on November 8, XNUMX)
  • 7th single "Beat" Tokendanshi formation of 2019 years (released on September 9, 4)


  • Inforest "SAMURAI ELO August issue" (June 8)
  • Oricon Entertainment Co., Ltd. "De ☆ View August issue" (July 8)
  • Shufu to Seikatsusha "JUNON September Issue" (July 9)


  • Appeared in Tokyo Boys Collection (March 2014)
  • "BF Conference" Fan Meeting (December 2014, 12, Nicofarre, Roppongi)
  • The movie "Wait in Udagawacho. World Premiere (July 2015, 7, Science Hall)
  • "Wait in Udagawacho." First day stage greeting (July 2015, 7, Shibuya HUMAX Cinema)
  • "Wait in Udagawacho." Movie release commemorative after-talk party (August 2015, 8)
  • "A cool man and a woman who wants to hear SP Cool midsummer talk show & handshake event" (August 2015, 8)
  • "Wait in Udagawa-cho." DVD release commemorative event "Waiting in Toranomon." (March 2016, 3)
  • Mario Kuroba 24th Birthday Party (July 2017, 7) Guest appearance at Tokyo venue
  • JUNON October issue handing over party (August 10, 2017)
  • Ryugi Yokota Birthday Event (September 2017, 9, Harajuku Strobe Cafe)
  • Mario Kuroba 2nd Fan Meeting 2018 (January 2018, 1) Guest appearance at Osaka venue
  • Ryugi Yokota Official Fan Site Opening Commemorative Event (February 2018, 2, Future SEVEN)
  • Smart Boys Presents Smart Boy Movie 9th "Hidden at Night Fukashi" Fastest Advance Screening (February 2018, 2, Japan-France Hall)
  • Ryugi Yokota School Calendar 2018-2019 (April 2018, 4, SHIDAX Culture Hall A)

Internet tv

  • A walking trip of Ryugi across Japan (Hulu)
  • Touken Ranbu 2.5D Cafe Satellite Studio ”(May 2017, 5,SHOWROOM) Appearance
  • Cast size channel (September 2017, 9,Nico Nico Douga) Appearance
  • "FRESH! 2.5D Official Channel" (November 2017, 11,FRESH_LIVE) Appearance
  • Midnight Kimagure Wolf (January 2018, 1, SHOWROOM)


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外部 リンク


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