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🎥 | Hayato Isomura "If you just say selfishness ... you'll bully me?"

Photo: From the movie "Holic xxxHOLiC" by Hayato Isomura, who plays the red spider (C) 2022 Movie "Holic" Production Committee (C) CLAMP ・ ShigatsuTsuitachi CO. , LTD. / Kodansha

Isomura Hayato "If you just say selfishness ... you'll bully me?"

If you write the contents roughly
On April XNUMXst, when he wants to erase his abilities and lead a normal life, one day he is led by a butterfly and arrives at a mysterious [Mise] (store).

The movie "Holic xxxHOLiC" currently being released, starring actor Ryunosuke Kamiki and actress Kou Shibasaki. → Continue reading

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      April XNUMXst


      • In the calendar4The first day of.

      April XNUMXst(Watanuki) ・April Sakuhi(Watanuki / Watanugi / Bud)

      • Of JapaneseLast name..In the past, cotton stuffed in kimono to protect against the cold during the winterLunar calendar November 4I was pulling out.From here, there is a surname that reads "Watanuki" by writing "April Sakuhi (April XNUMXst)". "April Sakuhi" is often found in Hokkaido and Toyama prefectures.[1], "April XNUMXst" is rare.
      • Saku April Yoshiaki(Yoshiaki Watanuki) -Guitarist.
      • (English edition)(Kimihiro Watanuki)-Manga "XXXHOLiC』(Holic) hero.
      • April XNUMXst August XNUMXst (Hozumi Watanuki)-Cartoonist,Utatan HiroyukiOld pen name.

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