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🎥 | Judy Garland puts up costume for "The Wizard of Oz" at auction


Judy Garland's Wizard of Oz costume auctioned

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"I looked at our archives, vaults, etc., but I couldn't find them, so I thought it was up to me." "I was wondering what was in the trash bag, so I went inside. When I looked at it, there was a shoe box inside, and there was a dress in it.

The dress worn by the late Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz was put up for auction. In the same movie in 1939 ... → Continue reading

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Garbage bag

Garbage bagWhat is (garbage bag)?GarbagePut together袋That.It is used when dumping garbage at a garbage collection point.


Once in Japan, black and blue are also used to dispose of garbage at garbage collection points.polyethyleneYou can use a bag made ofsupermarketUsed inShopping bagEtc.ReuseIn many cases.but,Garbage problemBecomes more seriousthe 1990sSince then, the number of local governments that have been charging for garbage has increased.As a method used as a method of charging for garbageDesignated bag methodとSticker methodThere is[1]..In addition, some local governments have adopted a registration ceremony that requires a name to be registered when the garbage bag is taken out.PoliciesThere are pros and cons to the introduction from the point of view[2].

Designated bag method

Designated bag methodIs obligatory to use the bag designated by the local government for the garbage discharged to the collection point.[1]..It is said to be an effective method when introducing a pay-as-you-go waste charge.[2].

Designated bags are specified according to the garbage classification and disposal method set by the local government.When using, separate the garbage according to the garbage classification established by the local government, and if you use a garbage bag to carry it out to the collection point, put it in a designated type of bag so that the capacity is not exceeded, and collect the prescribed garbage. Send to the collection point every day.In Japan, bags are basically manufactured by companies entrusted by local governments.

In many cases, a part of the waste disposal cost is added to the paid garbage bag, but there are regional differences in fees because the situation such as maintenance and securing of incinerators and landfills is different for each municipality.[3]..However, it has been pointed out that the burden of waste disposal costs affects the environmental awareness of residents such as the recycling rate and waste reduction.[3].


As an example of a municipality that has a high price as a result of adding the above fee to the price of a garbage bagHokkaidoErimo Town(45 yen per sheet with 1 liters)[4], NagasakiSaseboThere is (45 yen for 4 pieces of 880 liters).However, Sasebo City distributes purchase assistance tickets only to citizens, and it is possible to purchase at the main body price of 840 yen after deducting the garbage collection fee of 40 yen.[5].


The designated bag isTransparentNoTranslucentOften this isSeparate collectionThe reason is thorough implementation, prevention of contamination of recyclable materials, and ensuring safety at the time of collection.[2]..On the other hand,PoliciesLack of protection orcat,CrowThere are also disadvantages such as being disturbed by[2].2004/From aroundCrowIncreasingly, yellow garbage bags are used as a countermeasure (for details, seeJungle Crow #Relationship with HumansSee).


On polyethyleneCalcium carbonateThere is a bag with the addition of.This is added for the purpose of mitigating sudden changes in combustion temperature in the incinerator and preventing wear of the incinerator.on the other hand,the 2000sSince then, it has progressed rapidlyDioxinAs part of measures to prevent the occurrence of waste, the incinerator itself is being improved in performance and garbage is incinerated at high temperatures, and there is no reason to add it as aggressively as it used to be.When calcium carbonate is mixed with polyethylene, it is necessary to increase the thickness of polyethylene because the strength is insufficient.Therefore, as a result, the heat calories per bag do not change so much for both the additive and non-additive products.

Garbage separation

The following isSapporoExample (standards differ depending on each local government)

Burnable garbage
Dirty paper (tissue-DiapersSuch)·Garbage-PlasticProduct ・leatherProduct ・rubberProduct ・vinylProduct ・carbon-ice pack-desiccant-Disposable body warmerな ど
Non-burnable garbage
Go into a garbage bagHome appliances(computer-tv set-monitor(CRT-liquid crystal) Is not possible) ・金属Product ・Glass-Bricks-block-Chinaetc.

Sticker method

As a method used as a method of charging for garbageDesignated bag methodIn addition to theSticker methodAlso[1]..It is obligatory to attach stickers sold by local governments to garbage bags.Oversized trashIt is often adopted for such purposes.


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